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Busan High School of Arts

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It’s 6am and the sun is already up. No not the massive hot ball of gas but Busan High School of Arts student council president, Park Jimin. Right now Park Jimin is in his 2nd year in high school. Yep, just on his 2nd year but is already the student council president. I know, senior students usually should be the president but you see BHSA has not had a student as brilliant as Park Jimin for decades.

How brilliant is Park Jimin?
1. BHSA’s top entrance exam student usually come from only either the Music Department or the Arts Department.
2. BHSA’s top Dance Department entrance exam student is almost always a student female.

But Park Jimin. Park Jimin topped the entrance exams. One, he’s from the Dance Department. Two, he is a he. And that says A LOT. It was a big news for the teachers, students and even the alumni whom normally don’t give a fuck about their former school since they are too busy in their own fields of work. After all, BHSA produces nothing but the best. Graduating from BHSA basically secures you of a spot in the industry.

Yes Park Jimin is brilliant, everyone believes that… except perhaps one man.

…Park Jimin.