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Born on the planet Rhigella to Lord Tyrol Tybournne and Lady Greya Valhalla O'Rourke as their only daughter and twin sister to Erik [Ben Drago] she is the Catalyst, the Wildcard, the Bringer of Chaos and Change. She has abilities known as Elemental Kinetics and is immortal. Not that she doesn’t die, but that she is always reborn.

In her recent history, she has found out that she and her brother were originally born as one being, to the Mother of their race, the Toblern Dragano, she who is known as Tearosa. Their mother was the one who was genetically manipulated to constantly bear children with the genetic traits for their race, thus they are always renewing the blood of their kindred with new members. As this One Being, she/he fought against the invasion of their brother race, the Laoth’mo’san. This race was genetically manipulated to be fighters and conquerors by the father of the being that created the Toblern Dragano.

It was during the last battle against the Laoth’mo’san, before the two races were permanently divided, before the Dimensions were overlapped during the Horizon Crisis, that she/he faced down a horde of Laoth’mo’san warriors on the planet Rhigella, a millennia before her birth there as a twin, and created the Blasted Zone, known as the Desert of Crystal now, with the energy that she/he channeled to destroy the opposing forces.

After that, it was decided that the two races would be split apart and reside in separate galaxies. This was accepted, but it was also determined that the One Being was too powerful to remain in that state and so was also divided, then placed in the womb of Greya Valhalla O'rourke to be born again as two children, splitting the power between them. These two children were then separated at birth, with Erik [Ben Drago] being taken away by the wizard Lazod Stryke Bantar to an unknown location. This happened after the Horizon Crisis and the overlapping of the Dimensions/Galaxies to create the Pentagonal Meta-Galaxy occurred.

With the Pentagonal Meta-Galaxy came the reuniting of the ancient foes, the Toblern Dragano and the Laoth’mo’san, and a reigniting of their wars and conflicts. The Laoth’mo’sans had developed a way to transport their ships via “Gating” in order to jump over long distances without having to worry about using FTL. They began using this on the planets of the Toblern Dragano, shifting them across the dimensional rifts into alternate galaxies and causing chaos among their enemy. Finally, other beings had enough of this chaos and stepped in, causing them to halt their disruptive shifting of planets and controlling the Gates that were left to enable all five of the galactic dimensions the freedom to traverse between them.

The Night of Chaos was the event of the last planet being Gated before the end of this Crisis. This planet was Aprillyn, gated to close proximity with Rhigella. The Toblern Dragano population fled the destruction this caused to their planet and headed to Rhigella, only to be met by the population of humans and Rhiegellians there with force. Unable to land anywhere but the Blasted Zone, the Toblerns lost nearly 90% of their population and all means of supporting themselves as they were used to. Instead, they became scavengers of their dead planet, now orbiting Rhigella in the outer reaches of the Kyrellyian Empire in the 3rd Galactic Dimension of the PMG.

Malaki grew up in the Desert of Crystal, desperately trying to be like her siblings and counterparts but unable to perform the same magics as them, not fitting into their system of hierarchy and scavenging, generally causing trouble of all sorts until she escaped and started living amongst the humans and Rhiegellians on the other continents of the planet. After many adventures, she discovered that she had the ability to create personal gates of her own that would allow her to travel to other planets, much like the Laoth’mo’sans had used with their ships. She helped her planet and people get in contact again with others of their race and from there they were able to begin the daunting task of reuniting the whole of their race and begin rebuilding their civilization.

After years of traveling amongst the stars, Malaki decided to take a look at what lay in the middle area where all the Galactic Dimensions came together, prompted by her encounters with the being who had started her race, Cordigx. He told her of her twin brother and how they had once been One Being with power so great it terrified those who ruled the civilized regions. She formed a gate after months of meditation and focus and allowed it to home in on where she thought he might be, the center of the PMG.

She reached this location, known to its inhabitants as the Valley of the Four Winds, or Valle Quattuor Venti, and discovered through more adventures that her brother, Erik Ben Drago, was the de facto Ruler of the Valley. Along with this, she also learned that the Gods of Horizon were actual beings, not just myths as she had heard about all her life. They were the original scientists and astronauts from the space station Horizon that had been ground zero for the Horizon Crisis, the event that created the PMG. Most of them now resided at the top of the Mountains of Horizon, a series of high cliffs at the far edge of the Valley.

The Valley turned out to be a system of valleys and oceans arranged in a Moebius loop connecting at two points to the Axis of Time. This artifact appears as a tremendously long, black pole rotating at high speed and can give access to any point in the timelines of any of the Galactic Dimensions in the PMG. Because of her gating ability, Malaki is one of the few beings that can navigate the Axis with impunity.

During all of her adventures, Malaki has always felt that there has been manipulations of her adventures and of other events in her life. Meeting Erik and comparing notes only confirmed this as he has felt the same way. Cordigx and Rhiork, an outcast Geneticist of the Savannish race, agrees and helps them travel to the T’Khallian Empire located in the 4th GD, following clues. When the leads seemingly vanish, they return to Earth 4, an alternate to the Earth that is home to the Guardians (Earth 3). This was where the leads had originated from.

At one point in her life, Malaki had been exposed to a form of vampirism when dealing with the D’Qr Toblerns, one of the many sub-groups that her race had split into after the Gate Wars. Earth 4 was where this strain had originated. The one who had manipulated her to be exposed turned out to be none other than Jan-Noir, last known member of the race of Sylvans, or Elves as they were called on Earth(s) throughout the Dimensions. He had caused her to be exposed so that she could pass it on to him, giving him the ability, in theory, to be able to face down the Ruler of the PMG, a mysterious being that traveled in a large caravan of giant CityShips around the PMG, controlling and manipulating the races to his own ends. In reality, the introduction of the vampiric strain of magic into his bloodstream caused Jan-Noir extreme agony, due to the high volume of iron in Malaki’s blood. Jan-Noir, as all Elves are, was allergic to iron.

Returning to Earth 4, Malaki was captured by Calixtra and her group of extraterrestrial terrorists and tortured to make her reveal the location of the entrance to the Axis of Time. At least, that’s what she thought she was being tortured for. The main person doing the torture then takes her back to the T’Khallian Empire, where she finds out that he is the King. She escapes and causes a revolution, calling Erik to come help her. Shit hits the fan, as it is wont to do with Malaki around, and she finds herself coming face to face, via sublight transmission, with the Ruler of the PMG. He then proceeds to reveal to her that she and Erik are his designs, weapons created to be used to destroy his enemies and be controlled by him.

This does not sit well with either Malaki or Erik and they use their considerable pull and connections to call together all who wish to fight against the Ruler. This includes the Laoth’mo’san race, which Erik has conquered and become the Rightful Lord over. The many sub-races of the Toblern Dragano, as well as many of the Human sub-races, join together to face this ultimate threat to the freedom of the PMG. The largest fleet of ships in the history of the PMG gather and travel to the 1st GD where the Ruler’s fleet of CityShips is currently located.

Upon reaching the CityShips caravan, they receive a request for a council with the Ruler under a truce flag. Seeing no reason not to talk, Malaki and Erik, along with leaders of the other races, land on the closest planet and set up their camp, waiting for the Ruler to land and meet with them to hear what he has to say. Much to everyone’s surprise, he arrives, escorted by a phalanx of Sylvan (Elven) warriors, and is none other than the King of the T’Khallian Empire. Malaki and Erik attempt to attack him, only to find out that Malaki is bonded to him and cannot harm him. In fact, while being tortured, the bonding had taken place and was a blood-bond. This meant that not only could she not harm the Ruler, but felt compelled to protect him from harm, much to her chagrin.

Jan-Noir is reunited with his people, whom he had thought were eradicated. The Council of Races declares that the CityShips become the home of the Sylvans and the Ruler abdicate his claim as such and return to his Empire, leaving the rest of the races of the PMG to rule themselves. Faced with the might of the races, he concedes the victory and returns to his sector of space. Malaki and Erik part ways again, with Erik returning to the Valley and Malaki taking up residence on Earth 3, with the Guardians there.

The Guardians are a group of superpowered humans genetically influenced by the T’Khallian Empire, though indirectly and secretly, that reside on and around Earth 3. They have developed a relatively cohesive world government and branched out into the surrounding systems, protected by their StarGuard branch of superpowered beings and the help of the Toblern Dragano. They have begun trading and traveling with the other Human sub-races of the PMG, except the T’Khallians in their own GD and the Confederated Kinship, located in the 1st GD.

Malaki’s decision to retire on Earth 3 is no real surprise, as she has many close friends here as well as several of her children who like to play superhero while they are still young. Young is a relative term, as she is just over 5000 years of age, having lived in several dimensions and time works at different rates in each of them.

Her favorite pastime is exploring different dimensions of Earth, as it is one of the main nexus points on the PMG timeline, thus giving it multiple dimensions and realities, all of them slightly different or wildly different from each other. When she feels the need to get out of her shell and mingle, she tends to go hang out at her bar, which is more of a resort and luxury hotel for the wilder side of civilization, the Smuggler's Blues, located on the 4th moon of T'Qyvius, a gas giant in the D'Qr system, 2nd Galactic Dimensional Sector of the PMG.