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Sweetheart Wait Just A Little Longer

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  My hands were shaking violently, mind blank, soul pounding in pain. The note in my hand falls to the floor, no you wouldn't . . .you couldn't just. . . "Papyrus," I yell frantically down stairs.

 Papyrus loud foots come close every pass second, and I could clearly tell he was pissed off, but I didn't care, all I wanted to do was find you and make sure you didn't do what you were planning to do. He forcefully throws open my door and growls, "WHAT THE FUCKEN HELL DO YOU WANT BROTHER?!"

 "call everyone Frisk's gone missing," I says keeping my voice from shaking. I didn't even notice that I was crying because I had my permanent smile pastered on my face.


"she left a suicide note boss. . . enless we find her soons she's going to be gone forever," I whisper softly holding back a sob. "I tried everything I could to help her! everything!"

 I shut my eyes and fist tightly trying to calm my magic which was now humming dangerously in the air. Papyrus hand rest on my shoulder and says softer then I've heard senses we were trapped undsrground, "I know brother, I know your tried but were going to find her trust me."

I nod in my some what shocked state, and Papyrus grabs out his phones and starts calling the others.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     YOUR POV

Rain drenches my pitch black clothes that are covered slightly in dirt and blood. Tears run down my face makeing my dark makeup run all over my face. 

 My hands tremble holding a gun weightless at my side. My emoshions were gone, dead like every monster I've ever killed. I don't even know why I'm crying, I deserve what I'm about to do. . . after what I've done. 

 Thought of everything I've ever done past threw my mind as I finshes my climb to Mt.Ebott. 

 When I reach the top of Mt.Ebott, the same ledge I fell into so many timelines ago. I pull out my soul, also a small knife I kept on me at all time and cut into it, makeing a cut not enough to kill me but to numb me while I do this. I didn't want to feel anything. . .not even a lick of fear.

I sigh softly when the numbing starts humming threw out my bones. I put my soul away and bring the gun to my head with a blank expression on my face. 

 I put my finger on the trigger when "Frisk! stop don't do this please!" Fell voice yells in front of me right as his form appears before me.

Fells black and red cloths get soked immediately from the heavy rain. He hand stretched out reaching towards me as he starts stepping towards me slowly.

With every step he takes I take one back pushing the gun closer to my head, "Stay the fuck away from me," my voice shakes as I speak. No he can't be here...not now.

 "Frisk can we talk about this please don't need to kill yourself, this doesn't need to happen," he says calmly voice wavering softly with fear and worry.

 "No! This is how it should be! I deserve every last drop of pain I'm going to give myself after what I've done!" I choked out starting to shaking violently.

 "we've all made mistakes-"

"NOT EVERYONE KILLS AN ENTIRE CIVILIZATION FELL," I roar loudly, about to pull the trigger.

 "Frisk...," he says in a distressed yet smoothing voice. He eye glows a soft red and they're full of something I couldn't describe and nor would I want to. 

My soul and heart beat loudly in my ears and tears start to stream down my face as waves of emoshions rush over my. Sadness, fear, pain, hate, guilt, shame, and so much more start to over come me but my, Determination is long gone never to return.

My knees start shaking and I clasp under my weight and drop the gun to my side sobbing.

Fell was at my side in a spilt second holding me agasint his rocking back and forth mummering thing's I couldn't hear over my sobbing.

 A strong, bony hand runs threw my hair breaking the tangles that already started to form. I could hear the soft hum of Fell's souls threw his shirt and I move closer to it as it calms me.

"I-i'm s-sorry," I stutter my voice small and gruffy.

"shhh sweetheart you don't need to apologises anymore I've already forgiven you," he was so full of sincerity that I almost started crying again but I didnt. I shiver against the cold wind and curled up against Fell father seeking his warmth, only to find every little finding very little. 

I didn't even notice that I've fallen asleep until Chara appeared.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FELL'S POV

You fell asleep sometime ago and the rain had lifted but I don't dare move, afraid to awaken you from your slumber.

 Luckily right before the others came, I got the gun that was locked in your hands, and threw it down the hell hole of the mountain that I onces called home.

 "My child!" Toriel's motherly yet dangerous voice yells, she comes running towards me with her hands covering her mouth. She knees in front of me putting a hand on your head tears spring to her eyes. "Is- is she d-dead...?" Toriel asked quietly her voice shaking.

I shake my head softly, "no tori she's not dead. . . I stoped her right as she was about to pull the trigger." 

Before Toriel could respond Undyne buts in, with a far less angry and energetic attitude then I've seen her be like in years. "Is the punk going to be fine bonehead."

"physically sweethearts fine. . . mentally she's all kinds of fucked up that might not be able to fix," I respond.

The air was tense, and everyone was thinking the same thing, 'What the fuck are we going to do with her.'

Asgore clears his throat and says in a deep solemn voice, " Toriel and I can take Frisk home with us, and we can take care of her from there."

"no," my voice was clear and sharp like a blade.

My gazes lifted from your sleeping form to the kings eyes, everyone knew I was the kings puppet back in the Underground, and they all knew I wouldn't dare challenge him but I will for you.

"its better if I say with her at her place. everyone will think I'm there as add protection because of the more anti monster attacks. also Frisk, and I are close it make more sense for me to be with her conserdeing she left the note for me to find not all of you. so that means none of you act like you now of what happened her tonight understand," I say with the same razer sharpness.

Everyone nods softly checking both of our soul for a split second understanding my very strong possessiveness and overprotectiveness all the sudden. 

Before I teleported to your house everyone said they'll be over tommorw and check in on Frisk to make sure I was taking care of you. Of coures I would. . . I failed at protecting you today but I won't the next time.

I teleported from Mt.Ebott into the living room of your house heading up the stairs into your bedroom, setting you softly in the bed. You were still in your sopping wet clothing so I use a little of my magic (with out looking at you which was really hard to do) and changed your clothes.

I put the covers over you and give you a small kiss on your forehead before pull up a chair next to your bed. Slightly falling asleep.