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What Happened at the Major International Airport?

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“Hey guys?” Jared lifts his head from where it’s resting on Connor’s chest and turns to look at his boyfriends. “Would it be totally crazy for three teenagers to navigate a major international airport independently?”

“Uh – Jare? What are you talking about?” Evan tips his head back to make eye contact with Jared, trying to figure out if he’s joking or not.

“My mom’s got lots of frequent flyer miles that are about to expire and spring break is coming up. She said they’re ours if we want them. I don’t know how far we could go, but anywhere is better than here, am I right?”

“Fuck yeah you are. I don’t give a shit where we go, but I want out of here.” Connor runs a hand down Jared’s arm, tangling their fingers together. “Let’s see what flights we can get.”