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The Reunion

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The Annual Hogwarts Reunion was slated to be the best party of the summer. Everyone from her graduating class attended, it didn't matter how far away her former classmates lived. The occasion was a great opportunity to catch up with her childhood friends, something that Hermione was terrible at doing in her day-to-day life.

She had been looking forward to it all week but now that it was the day of the party, Hermione was having second thoughts. She was in the middle of an important case. Her client's landlord recently discovered that his tenant was a werewolf and as a result, her client had been evicted. The hearing was on Monday and she was still not ready. Hermione needed to finish going through her notes, the private investigator's notes, past cases, and prepare her defense.

"I know that look on your face." Her receptionist stood in her doorway, shaking her head.

"What are you talking about?"

"You're considering missing the reunion party," Alice said.

Hermione swept her arm across her cluttered desk. "Look at all the stuff I have to go through before Monday. Pansy will understand if I explain it to her."

"You get cold feet every summer. And every year, you're always happy that you ended up going."

Alice was right, not that Hermione would ever admit that. How many weekends had she worked through because she had nothing better to do? At lunch, she heard her coworkers giggling over the guys they were dating, planning weddings, and baby showers. Sometimes, she wished that those things interested her. It was all anyone cared about these days. But Hermione couldn't change who she was and work had always been more important to her.

Too bad her paperwork didn't keep her warm at night.

"This is the last thing I'll say on the subject. I know everything that is on your desk because I placed them there. You can afford to take the weekend off, so go to the party and relax. You deserve it," Alice said, closing the door behind her.

Hermione waited until her assistant's footsteps faded before standing up and walking towards her window. She shielded her eyes against the bright sun and looked at the street below. People were already leaving the Ministry and disappearing into the handful of restaurants across the street. Hermione bit her lip as she considered her next move. How behind would she be if she took the night and tomorrow off? She could come in on Sunday and prepare her case. It would only take a few hours, tops. Alice had already compiled everything for her and she had an intern going through old cases, seeing if there was anything they could use in the hearing.

Grabbing her wand and her bag, Hermione made her decision. Her colleagues paused their work as she walked past and made her way to the elevator. Alice was right in nudging her to go to the party. It was about time that Hermione stopped spectating and became an active participant in her own life.

The reunion was the perfect place to do that.