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Karaoke Kraze

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It’s nearly 7pm on a Saturday night in June as the three best friends all stand around one of the mirrors in Lucy's bathroom.  Sure there are others they could use in her changing area but it's always more fun when they get ready together. 

This is the first time in about 3 months since they’ve been able to hang out like this; each busy with college.  But every summer break when they're all back home in Magnolia their focus is on catching up and having fun like there were no cares in the world.  And tonight was no exception, nothing was gonna stop them from heading to their favorite hangout spot; the Fairytail Karaoke Bar & Nightclub.


"Lucy quit hogging the mirror!" Levy whines, "It’s not like you need it." 

Her friend was right; the beautiful blonde could turn heads just wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.  Over the years her girlfriends just put up with all the attention their friend received because they knew her better; she's never really cared for any of the guys who've worked up the courage to ask her out.  Not because many weren't handsome or rich since most of them were, but mainly because they only looked at her appearance and that's not what she was looking for in a real man.

"Levy your just as adorable." She pinches her friend’s cheek eliciting a squeal from the girl.  "Besides, you've already got a boyfriend so who are you trying to impress?"

Humph! She crosses her arms, "So, maybe I like it when guys still check me out!"

"Uh, you Naughty girl!" Lucy shrieks

"Isn't Gajeel gonna meet you there tonight? Or are you trying to make him jealous?"

Levy smirks, "Maybe...   It makes the night games even spicier."  Cana and Lucy's jaws drop; their mousy, bookworm little friend sure has changed since she started dating this guy.

"My hero!" Cana puts her arms around Levy’s shoulders.  "Where have you been all this time!"

Levy blushes. "So, um, he's gonna have a few friends with him too."

"Oh yeah, are they hot friends?!" The brunette wiggles her eyebrows

"I’m not sure whose coming.”

"Well I hope so, maybe Lucy here will finally get some action!"

Tch  “You might be getting too much action Cana!  Try settling down for once."

Placing a hand on her hip, she cocks it to the side, "Oh please, life's too short, I'm still young, and I wanna have fun." She retorts in a serious tone.

Levy and Lucy look at each other smirking when all three start singing and waving their hands in the air, "Oooh, Girl's just wanna have Fu-un, Ooohh girls just wanna haaave fun!" Erupting into a giggling fit at the end.


Turning back to the full length mirror, “So, do you guys think this is too revealing?” Lucy inquires of her friends as she smooths down the skirt and checks herself over.  “I still wanna be able to dance without anything bunching.”  

“If anything I think it’s not revealing enough,” Cana not so coyly replies as she pulls at the halter top and poke’s at Lucy’s breasts. “Show off more of these!”

“No way, I don’t need those falling out!” Sigh, “They are such a pain sometimes.”  Turning back to the mirror she poses a couple more times.  The simple but elegant red halter top dress she chose was cut in the middle and with her sizable boobs, plus an open back, there was plenty of skin up top to reveal.  The skirt was loose fitting, good for dancing, but a little short barely reaching her mid thighs.  Lucy worried it was too short but as long as she was careful she should be okay.  With a pair of black 5inch heels at the end of her long silky white legs the girl was stunning.  


As Lucy and Cana primp and strike poses in the mirror Levy’s cell phone rings. “Hey Gajeel… Yeah we’re leaving in a few to head to the club… Alright we’ll save a booth… How many?.., okay.  What time are you guys…  We’ll see you there… I Love you too.  Bye.”  

She turns around to let her friends know about the group when she sees them making kissy faces at her. “Ooh I love you Gajeel.”  Cana wraps her arms around herself and starts to imitate the sounds of sloppy kisses.

“Cana!” She shrieks; her face heating up as images of her and Gajeel making out pop into her mind.

“Ah” Lucy points out giggling, “She is thinking about it!!”

“Guys quit it!  You better not mess with me tonight, I don’t wanna be embarrassed!”

“Oh lighten up Levy!” Lucy teases her friend, “It’s just us in here.”   “So, what’d he say?”

“They’ll get there around 8:30-9, and there’s 5 of them so he said find a big enough booth.”

“I don’t think we’ll all fit in one booth, but I’m sure Mira will just give us the VIP section, I’ll call on the way there.”

“Sooorry, Miss influential,” Cana snickers

“Whatever, we’re all friends and she always takes care of us.”

“Then why are we still standing around in here! I wanna get my drink on!”  The brunette puts her arms around her friend’s shoulders and leads them out of the room.

“I’ll text Gajeel on the way there to find us in the VIP section.”

“It’s Time to party girls!” Lucy squeals



As the black Bentley limo pulls up in front of Club Fairytail, one of the security guards named Al Connell opens the car's door for them.  Lucy instructs her driver Capricorn that she’ll call when they’re ready to leave.  He nods and wishes them a good evening as the three girls exit the vehicle. 

“I can never get used to riding in that thing.  Lu I don’t know how you mind the attention.” 

She shrugs her shoulders, “I just grew up with it being normal.”

“Well I looove the attention,” Cana grins and waves her fingers at a few decent looking guys staring at them.

“Come on,” Lucy drags her drooling friend towards the door’s bouncer. “Hey Elfman!”

“Hey girls; back for more I see.”

“You know it!”

“Mira’s already got the VIP section ready for you guys.  Is there anyone else in your group still coming?”

“Yeah, my boyfriend Gajeel, do you remember him?”

“The guy with the facial piercings?”

“That’s him,” Levy blushes, “and four more of his friends will be with him.”

“I’ll direct 'um to you guys when they get here.  You girls have fun tonight.”  He opens the door for them.

“Thanks Elfman.”


They head straight for a roped off section that has a reserved sign next to it.  A girl with short white hair reaches them just as they are about to sit down.  “Hi Lisanna, how’s everything going with you and Bixlow?” 

“We’re doing great, he finally proposed to me last month.”

“Really, congratulations!”

“Thanks.  So what can I start you off with?”

“I think our usual’s, right?” Lucy looks at the other two and they nod, “Oh and could you bring us the karaoke book?”

The girl smiles, “Already got it.”  She hands the book to Lucy. “I know your routine already, Karaoke then dancing.  I’ll be back shortly with your drinks.”

“You’re the bomb Lis!” Cana yells after her.      

Lisanna puts in their orders with the bartender, her brother-in-law Laxus.  It doesn’t take long since he also anticipated their usual’s and soon the girls are half way into their first round. 


“So what should we sing?” Levy asks with the paper and pen in her hand, “We’ve got about an hour till they get here so we need about 7-10 songs.”  She enjoys hanging out when they come here to sing, but she rarely participates, saying that Lucy has the nicest voice and Cana, well Cana just likes to be a part of any action. 

The three girls huddle around the song book and start pointing out songs for Levy to write down.  Mostly fun ones to sing but Lucy pick’s a couple of slower love songs as well.  Her friends tease her that those are All hers as usual.  She tries to plead for them to at least sing back up, but they reply no guarantees.  “Fine,” she huffs, “I still don’t know why you won’t sing them with me.”

“Because we can’t pull them off like you. Duh!” 


Lisanna returns with their second round and they hand her their list of songs.  This section has its own karaoke set up so Lisanna programs the songs for them.  Cana and Lucy eagerly grab the mics and stand up in front of the screen ready for the first song to come on; ‘Love Shack’ by the B52’s. “Okay you got the girls part.”  Cana winks at Lucy who giggles, “Kay.”

        C- “If you see a faded sign at the side of the road that says 15 miles to the…”

        L- “Looooove Shack!  Love Shack, yeah, yeah.  I’m headin down the Atlanta highway… Lookin; for a looove getawayyy.  Headed for the looove getawayyy.”

Both girls start imitating 70’s & 80’s styles of dances like the disco finger, the bump, and of course the ‘Love Shack’ dance move; bopping around and having a blast with the music. Even Levy can’t resist, joining them during the choruses.

        C- “Knock a little louder, baby.”

        L- “bang, bang, Bang, on the door baby…”

        C- “I can’t hear you.”

        L- “Bang, Bang, Bang, on the door baby…”

        C- “Knock a little louder, sugar.”

        L- “BANG, BANG”

        C- “On the door, baby.”

        L- “BANG, BANG”

        C- “On the door baby!.”

        L- “BANG, BANG!”

        C- “Your What!?”

        L- “Tiiiinnn roof, Rusted.”  “Love Shaaack, that’s where it’s at.  Love Shaaack, that’s where it’s at.”

        C- “At the Lo-o-ove Shack…”

Levy starts clapping enthusiastically as the two girls plop down on the couch and gulp their drinks; luckily Lisanna anticipates their routine and is already on her way with the next round.  Over the next hour they sing to their hearts content, even growing a small crowd of mostly guys cheering them on. 


Gajeel and his friends all pull up around 8:25pm and head into the club.  Elfman opens the door and directs them to the VIP section, “Just follow the singing, I can hear Lucy right now.” 

“Who’s Lucy again?” Questions Gray

“She’s one of my girl’s best friends.”

“Are they nice, Juvia hopes she will get along with them?”

“Oh yeah, their cool, you already know Levy so just talk to her if not.  I’m pretty sure the other two will be dancing most of the time anyways.”

Their playboy friend Loke starts to drool, “Are they hot?!”

“Gehe, you’ll like Cana, she’s just like you, loves to party and isn’t looking for a serious relationship.”

“Sounds like my kind of woman!”

As the other four in the group just chat along the way, Natsu’s pace slows.  Silently wrapped up in his own thoughts, soaking up the words and her voice wafting through the air; ‘So this is Lucy we’re hearing....My God her voice is just so beautiful….’

        “… Two by two their bodies become one……. I see you through the smoky air.  Can’t you feel the weight of my stare…  You’re so close but still a world away…..  What I’m dying to say, is that I’m crazy for you.  Touch me once and you’ll know it’s true.  I never wanted anyone like this….”


Gray turns to say something to Natsu when he realizes his friend is trailing behind, “Oi Natsu, you coming?” Looking more carefully he sees the dazed expression in his best friends face. “Dude, what’s the matter with you?”

“Her voice is just…. There are no words to describe it…”

“Huh?  Oh you mean that Lucy chick whose singing, you don’t even know what she looks like; she could be ugly...”

Natsu cuts him off. “With a voice like that….”  He looks at his friend, “You don’t gotta wait up for me I’ll catch up.”

        “Slowly now we begin to move. Every breath I’m deeper into you… Soon we two are standing still in time.  If you read my mind….”

“Whatever man.  We’re heading to the bar first to grab our drinks.  I’ll see you at the table.”

“Yeah sure,” Natsu mutters as he continues towards the voice, drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

        “It’s all brand new, I’m crazy for you.  And you know it’s true…” 


Making his way through the small crowd she finally comes into view.  His heart stops and feet plant locked to the floor.   He can’t believe what his eyes are trying to tell him… This girl, with the entrancing voice is drop dead gorgeous too!  A striking blonde with a flirty little red dress; his favorite color by the way, holding the microphone to her luscious looking pink lips… and those long…silky smooth legs…  “Wow…” he softly breathes out leaving his lips parted.  Her big bright brown eyes sparkling when the lights hit them; he listens spellbound as she drags out the last line.

       “…I’m crazy, crazy for you…”