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~Marcos pov~

It was just another boring day at school, going from class to class, taking a couple tests, and of course following Star around into trouble. We were sitting in our last class for the day, taking a pop quiz when the ground started to shake and the air became warmer. I became worried and looked at Star who just looked annoyed when I realised what was happening. A few seconds later the top of my desk caught on fire and a figure materialised out of the flames. I looked up and saw none other than Demon Prince Tom standing on my desk with a Diet Coke in his hand and his triple sunglasses on trying to look cool again. It's been over a year since the last time this happened so I was kinda surprised this happened again. "Hey Star" his voice was slightly deeper but not too much. "Hi Tom..." She seemed annoyed at his presence which I'm sure he picked up on because he turned his attention to me. "Hey Marco, when you gonna be outta class?" I blew my hair out of my face and looked him in the eyes, trying to see if he was trying to pull a trick on me or something. "Uh in about..." I turned to look past him at the clock "10 minutes, why?" He seemed to fret over something before replying "I need to talk to you, privately" he disappeared in a mess of flames which made me jolt back slightly, I turned to look at Star for help which she just shrugged her shoulders at me. I sighed and waited for the bell since I finished my quiz early as usual.

I walked to my locker and got my stuff before walking outside to see Tom leaning against the building. "So what did you need to talk to me about?" He looked around at all the students and sighed. "We're gonna need more privacy than this." I nodded and started to walk the short distance to my house, pretending to not notice Star who thought she was 'secretly' spying on us behind the bushes.

We made it to my house in one piece and even got up to my room before Star pulled me aside. I turned to her and even though Tom could hear everything we said she still tried to whisper. "Marco, he wants something big from you and I don't know if you should do it." I stared at her before replying "Every time he talks to us he wants something Star." She looked at me like I just told her the key to the universe before slinking off to pretend spying again. "Ok so Tom, what do you need?" He looked kinda guilty before mumbling something that I couldn't hear. "What?" He cleared his throat and stood up slightly "I need a place to stay for a bit." I shook my head instantly "No." "Please" "Nope" "Marco please, you don't understand." I kept shaking my head "I don't wanna understand." He snapped and caught on fire "MARCO DIEZ, YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME!" I jumped away from the flames and got in a karate stance just in case. "And that's why I say no." He seemed to calm down a little bit while taking deep breaths. "I got kicked out" he deflated as he said that and sat down on my bed before continuing. "My parents kicked me out of the Underworld because they said I was to soft for a demon. So I have nowhere to stay." I looked at him searching for a lie in what he told me but finding none. "But aren't you the Prince?" "Yea but they kicked me out until I turn 18 and if I'm not fit to rule by they're standards I'm out for good." I was shocked to say the least. "Can they even do that?" "They're the rulers the Underworld, of course they can." He said annoyed. I snorted and told him I would have to talk to my Parents and Star about it. He nodded and followed me downstairs to where my parents were on the couch. "Mom, dad, I'd like you to meet Tom." Tom gave a slight wave and my parents looked at us for a second before breaking out in big smiles. "Oh honey we're so glad you finally found someone, and he's quite handsome too." My mom said "Si but Tom, you better treat my son right." My dad said scoldingly. I felt my face heat up quickly and I'm sure Toms was turning a darker red as well. "No. No no no no no. We're not together, Toms just a friend." I couldn't help how rushed I sounded as I tried to explain to my parents. "Oh. Sorry boys we thought you were together, anyways what can we help you with?" I sighed and asked my parents if Tom could stay with us for a little while. They seemed to think it over for a bit before replying. "It's fine with us but he has to sleep in your room and make sure Star is ok with it as well." We nodded at my fathers words and rushed back upstairs in search of Star.

We didn't have to search long since she was ease dropping on us from behind the plant at the top of the stairs. She crossed her arms and frowned at us, I was starting to get worried she'd say no before she smiled and nodded. "We're all gonna have movie marathons and Tom, Oh My God you have to try Marcos nachos." She kept rambling as we made our way into my room again. "You ok? Do we need to go get your stuff from down there?" I said as I pointed downward. "I'll be fine and no Skeleton horse will bring my stuff" no less than five seconds later the ground rumbled and we heard the clopping of hooves outside. We once again rushed down the stairs to help Tom with his stuff. He very delicately picked up a cage with what looked like his rabbit inside it and proceeded to carry it back upstairs. Star and me grabbed whatever we could while I convinced her not to try to use her wand to teleport it all to my room.

After about five trips from each of us we got all of it up there and slumped down against the wall sighing in exhaustion. All of a sudden my phone started ringing and Tom snickered at my space unicorn ringtone. "Shut up! It's catchy." I quickly answered and was surprised to hear Jackie on the other end. "Hey Marco, is Star there?" I became flustered and hurriedly handed the phone to Star who smiled evilly. She grabbed my phone and took off still giggling. "What was that all about?" I felt my face heat up slightly but still answered truthfully. "That was Jackie, the girl I've had a crush on since I was young." His face seemed to contort in anger then confusion and then finally he smirked. "Hmm, I'll have to hook you up sometime then." Already having experienced this with Star a shook my head no and told him about what happened when Star tried.

Later that evening after I told him some of the adventures I went on we got up and started moving his stuff around my room to place where he wanted it. It was already dark when I realised we only had one bed. "We could go ask Star to make another one" "Ok but where would we put it?" He had a point and I knew it was inevitable, at least for tonight he had to sleep with me. "It's ok, you can sleep with me at least for tonight. We can try to figure something out tomorrow." He nodded and went over to play with his bunny while I got to work on my homework.

It was to easy and before long I had finished all of it with time to spare before bed. "Hey, are you going to school with us tomorrow?" He put his bunny up and came to sit down next to me on the bed. "I'm not enrolled." "Well we can enrol you or you can spend those eight hours doing whatever." He shrugged and said he'll think about it. He seemed upset but I didn't want to pry so I asked something that I knew would cheer anyone up. "Psst, you wanna watch a funny movie and eat nachos?" He looked at me and raised his eyebrow in question. I grabbed his hand and dragged him down stairs to the kitchen already going through a list of funny movie in head.

While I made nachos, I recited a list of the funniest movies I knew, he picked two to watch and went upstairs to look one up on my laptop. I finished the giant plate of nachos and carefully made my way up to the room. I kicked open the door and he jumped at the sudden sound. I chuckled and set the plate down on the table in front of us while he started the movie. He seemed reluctant to try my nachos but eventually picked one up. He popped it in his mouth and I watched his eyes widen as he chewed. "These are amazing Marco, oh my god." He grabbed a handful and stuffed them in his mouth while I laughed as cheese dripped down his chin.

After the first movie we had finished the plate of nachos and were yawning tiredly. "I'm tired, wanna go to bed now?" His ears drooped slightly and he nodded. I grabbed the dirty plate and took it down to the kitchen before getting in bed beside Tom. It felt awkward sleeping next to someone but it was also comforting in a way. "Good night Tom" he snorted and mumbled a good night to me as well before we both drifted off.