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Unbroken Redux

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He should have known, he should have known that the Mord’sith was not to be trusted.

She was too calm, too calm by far, and still, yes… much too still - and not just because they had tied her to a tree.
No-one could possibly stand that still while such a powerful spell was flailing about their heads - at least not with that level of tranquility (a tranquility marred only by a trademarked superior smirk) no one that is, but one Cara Mason - Mord’sith extraordinaire, this time with a second helping of ‘sith - courtesy of one Darken Rahl and his extra evil, powerfully magicked, sisters-of-the-dark upgraded, Agial of anguish.

It’s the smirk that should have tipped him off, but at that point he was too invested in the spell to properly pay attention to the victim. Even when said "victim" had been covertly slinking out of her ties for the last 5 minutes.
Note to self, Zedd thinks, do not use rope to tie a Mord’sith, they are just too experienced with knots.

At some point the skies darkened and the world started to spin, that’s the moment that Cara - now freed from her binds – chose to leap at him with murderous intent only to be stopped by Richard who met her mid-leap with a full body tackle that slammed the both of them back into the tree.
There was a flash of white light and then the world faded away.




Only to be replaced by a wedding.

Zedd is suddenly overcome with a feeling of vertigo and for a moment he concentrates only on standing up right.
When he finally manages to retain his bearings he is astounded to see Dennee, alive and beautiful with her long blond tresses contrasting with her 'Confessor’s blacks'.
She looks to be officiating over the ceremony and Zedd takes a moment to try and widen his vision form its fuzzy tunneled perspective.

Is.. is that Kahlan? It can’t be, but it is.
The Mother Confessor is decked out in a beautiful wedding dress that looks like a cross between her Confessor regalia and a royal gown. Her hair is made up but the majority of it is still flowing freely down her back.

In front and facing her stands… Zedd nearly faints.

Cara. Only not.
And slowly the wizard's vision expands to include the disturbing sight of a dozen Mord’sith in full leather attire as well as another dozen Confessors, all in black, standing in attendance all around them - making sure that the crowd doesn’t get to close to the intended couple.
Cara is wearing the traditional D’haran red vest over tight black breaches and high boots. Her braid is long - almost as long as Kahlan’s wild locks - though it is not twisted at the crown of her head in the traditional Mord’sith manner. Her Agials however are very much present and strapped to her left thigh.

"Wizard? Is everything all right?" Cara asks impatiently.


Kahlan clears her throat. "Everyone’s waiting," she stage-whispers at him.

Zedd blinks. In the background birds chirp.

"This is the people’s palace, what are we doing here?"

"I think Zedd’s gotten into the Ambrosia a little early," Kahlan tries to cover for him.

"Grandfather…" Zedd hears from the sidelines and his eyes widen when he sees Richard standing with a look of concentration on his young face. "The Ring…"

"It’s in your left sleeve," Cara says as if she is talking to an especially dim witted child.

Zedd shuffles through the garment as if in a dream, eventually his fingers touch on metal. Slowly he pulls out a golden band topped with a brilliant red stone.

Cara takes the ring and mechanically puts it on the Mother Confessor's finger. "With this ring I bind my nation in peace, wealth and might - with yours."

Dennee steps forward. "In the eyes of The Creator, you are now joined as spouses and diarchs for all eternity, your lands are now as one."

The two woman shuffle for an awkward moment and eventually settle on a chaste kiss to each other’s cheek. In the background Zedd can hear bells ringing and a crowd going wild.

This… Zedd thinks, might be a problem.