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and I heard as it were the noise of thunder

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The rain poured down the winding mountain road in a deluge. After what felt like hours Victoria Chase pulled up to the gates of Mount Massive Asylum. ‘Huh. No one at the gates.’ she thought. She stabbed out her cigarette, dimly aware of how pissed Taylor and Courtney would be if they knew she was smoking again. She bought them at gas station on the way up, she couldn’t help it, she needed something to calm her nerves. Lightning flashed and the asylum was illuminated for a split second. Victoria snorted as she saw the size of the building, ‘Such an imaginative name.’ she thought sourly, ‘Mount Massive, sounds like something Taylor would come up with in a dnd game.’ Waiting for the rain to subside she pulled up the email her editor had given her before sending her all the way the hell up here.

To anyone who reads this, I worked for two weeks as IT support for Murkoff Technology at Mount Massive Asylum.

I tried to just forget it, but I can’t. This shit is hella fucked up, have to keep it short, probs being monitored.

The doctors are running experiments on patients, talking about dream therapy, the scientists say they found something in the mountain, waiting for them.

Some of these people fucking die and they don’t give a shit, made me sign a buncha NDA’s. But fuck this, people are dying and Murkoff’s making money.

Victoria hadn’t been too excited to investigate, she thought it was a prank, but then again, Victoria Chase always got the story. Besides, the place looked way too creepy not to have nothing wrong with it.

The rain finally stopped and Vic got out of her car, looking around for another way in, she was an investigative journalist for fucks sake, she could handle this. She went through an unlocked side gate, from what she could tell, the building looked abandoned. She quietly went up to the front door, locked, sighing, she looked for another way in. Pulling up her camcorder she zoomed in in some of the windows. Off to the left she saw an open window on the second floor. She glanced around, finding a pile of crates, pulled herself up onto the ledge and mentally thanked Dana for dragging her to pole dancing classes. She edged along till she got to the window and climbed in.

Vic found herself in an office which aside from regular clutter didn’t seem to be too bad. She walked towards the door and opened it carefully. The hallway had frosted windows, preventing her from seeing down into lobby. She stepped out of the room, still creeping along slowly. A clatter from down the hallway drew her attention, as did the strange metallic smell that came with it. Slowly, Vic walked forward, camera held out on front of her. As she approached the door the smell grew stronger and she knew- blood- thick and heavy; taking a deep breath she opened the door.

The first thing she saw was a body hanging just inside, she jumped back and stifled a scream, the smell of blood overpowering her senses. ‘Holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck.’ she kept repeating to herself, slowly she began to back away. Fuck this, she was getting the fuck out of here, turning back to the office she saw a figure down the hallway, all she could see of him was that he was covered in blood.

“BAD BAD BADBADBAD!” he screamed at her. Vic stood frozen in fear as he began to charge her. Move dumbass! Her brain shouted at her, she turned and ran into the room with the hanging man, ignoring the body she slammed the door and fumbled in the dark till she found the lock. “BADBAD!” the man screamed as he slammed against the door. Vic jumped back in shock and fearfully brought her camera up, flicking it over to infrared.



The room was a disaster, shelves and tables overturned, blood everywhere, Vic could feel it stick to her shoes as she walked forward. She rounded a shelf, the infrared light of the camera giving everything a ghostly glow and…dear god no. Victoria stopped, the sound of the door slamming man out of her mind, the smell of the blood forgotten. In front of her was an entire bookcase covered with body parts, heads, arms, guts, everything. Vic took a shaky breath- and threw up.

No fucking way was this real no fucking way, she retched a few more times, got up onto much shakier legs and walked ahead, sometime while she was throwing up the door slammer got bored and left. The silence was creepier than the slamming.

Near a window in the corner of the room was another dead man, this one wearing what looked like SWAT gear, his body on a fucking pike, like some modern victim of Vlad the Impaler. Swallowing back bile, she forced herself to walk past-FUCK!

“He-help.” the impaled man croaked, reaching out a hand that brushed Vic’s shoulder. “The the variants, they got have to get ou-” the last word never came as the man slumped forward.

Victoria had seen a lot of fucked up shit in her job, war, revolution, horrendous car accidents; but fuck she had never seen a man die in front of her before. She stood there for a moment. ‘Fuck them.’ she thought angrily. Steeling herself, she walked over to...whatever the fuck they impaled him with and stomped on it. After a couple kicks it came free and the body fell to the ground. Vic grabbed the man by his shoulders and pulled, after several minutes the man’s body came free of the spike. Trying to ignore the blood seeping out of his wounds Victoria reached down and closed his eyes with shaky hands. She knelt beside the dead man as tears began to fall down her face, she didn’t even know this guy but...fuck. Wiping her eyes, Vic got up and made her way out of the room, thankfully a pile of furniture and boxes was between her and the door she came in so if slamming man was still there he wouldn’t see her. She continued down the hallway before coming to a dead end, looking up she saw an open air vent. ‘Fuck.’ jumping up, Vic pulled herself into the it. She clambered along on hands and knees till she saw the opening at the end, dropping down, she could see she was at the opposite side of the lobby now. She had to get down there.

Rounding a corner, she came to a row of bookshelves, placed parallel to the walls like some makeshift barricade. Finding a narrow space between two of them Vic squeezed between them and began to scoot slowly.

“LITTLE PIG.” Victoria almost pissed herself as she felt a beefy hand grab her arm from behind and roughly pull her away from the bookshelves. She screamed in terror when she saw her assailant, a giant, he didn’t even look human, his arms were wrapped in chains and holy fuck did he not have lips? A massive hand grabbed her by the throat, hoisting her in the air and she was sure she was going to die as her eyes began to darken. She heard rather than felt her back hit the frosted glass as the giant-thing threw her like a doll, still screaming she hit the lobby floor and fell unconscious.

As Victoria came to she became aware of someone kneeling beside her.

“Thank God you’re here.” the man said, “My name is Father Martin and you, you my child are my disciple. He gingerly touched her camera, “God has sent you with the power to record my message.” He rose, to Vic it looked like he was wearing a giant cross on his shirt weird robe thing he was wearing. “Bless you my child.” he said, before turning to leave as she fell unconscious again.