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The Sweet Taste of Peaches

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"And they lived happily ever after." Sarah finished. She turned to her husband lounging shirtless on the big bed. "Well?"

"Not bad for a complete lie. I did like the sex scenes. Though I would be shocked if I didn't, considering." He told his wife, giving her a teasing smile.

She threw a shoe at him and he practically fell off the bed to avoid it. "Ass. Just tell me what you think without the smart remarks."

She hit save on the computer and closed her laptop, then stood and stretched.

Jareth watched her move with admiration for her body. She wore only a tank top and shorts, and when she stretched up, a creamy expanse of skin appeared between the bits of clothing. He was tempted to touch. He never could get enough of her.

He pushed his dirty thoughts to side, for the moment. "And you stayed up most of the night writing this fairy tale why?"

"I felt inspired. Besides it's fun. People like to read it. I like to write it." She sat down on the bed beside him.

"You really need to explain this all to me again. Why would you spend time writing made up stories about us?" He moved closer and waited.

"Fine. But first, for the record. It's not completely made up. I AM Sarah Williams, the Goblin Queen who was a human, and I AM a witch I might point out. I met and married you, The Goblin King, and you really are good in bed, and love peaches so much we have that huge orchard."

"Well, you got me there, love. I'll give you that much." He answered dryly. "Now, please continue with the "why" part?"

She let out and exasperated sigh. "See, remember when they made that movie? The one based on the story I wrote about our meeting? "

Jareth rolled his eyes. "Oh that. The only thing I liked about that is that the gentleman who played me, not only did he have an almost unsettling likeness to my person, he made sure the film heavily featured his version of my best bits." He tipped his hips forward so she would know exactly what he was talking about.

Sarah snorted and laughed. "Tell me about it." She reached out and took hold of his best bits, which she was very fond of. "Maybe I should look him up and see how his dick really compares to yours."

He grabbed her, threw her across the bed and straddled her. "Don't even think it my queen. Or is that my witch? The only bits you will be attending to are mine. Now finish telling me about all of this so we can get to that."

Sarah laughed as he tickled her here and there, making her wiggle to try and get away from his wandering fingers. "Alright alright."

She pushed him off and sat up. "Anyway, So there is this thing called fan fiction, and people, mostly women, which is not exactly a mystery as to why, started writing stories using the same characters as the movie. Which are really us, but they don't know there really is an us. There are websites on the internet to share them. I thought it would be fun thing that I could do, and they would never know who I was. My screen name is even Sarah The goblin Queen, and nobody is the wiser."

"Hmm." Jareth said, thinking. "Well, I really think I am going to have to read some of these so called stories. I want to make certain I'm being portrayed correctly. So...are there more like yours?" He used one finger to trace her full firm tits over her shirt.

"Oh yeah, Goblin King, some are so dirty. You would love them. Way dirtier than mine. The naughty little stories you inspire, with those impressive impressive bits of yours. Well not yours, his. But you know what I mean."

Jareth licked his lips hungrily looking at his wife. He cupped one breast, and tweaked her nipple through her shirt."I think we should read more later. Now, however I believe you need some inspiration."

"You sure are horny this weekend." She sat up and let him pull off her shirt, then lay back and watched him unbutton her shorts and take them off for her, and her panties with them.

"It's not often we get away anymore. It was a fantastic idea to keep a home above. The children can spend time with Uncle Toby, and we can be alone so I can fuck you senseless for 4 days and nights." He replied as he divested both of them of their clothing. When he was done he went back to pleasing his wife.

"Oh yes you can." She said. She waited until he preoccupied with sucking at her hard peaks, then with enough leverage flipped him over so he was laying under her. "Or, maybe I will fuck you senseless."

"In the words of my wife. Oh yes you can." He grabbed her hips and pushed up. Grinding his hard cock against her.

She moaned at the contact, the head of his dick was just the right angle to hit her clit and it caused her body to shiver and thrust.

She leaned down and licked his small nipples which for a man, were incredibly sensitive.

"Sarah..." he groaned as she nibbled. She kissed a trail down his body and grabbed his erect shaft. Slowly she started to pump him as his hips rotated and pushed upward.

"Damn it woman." He said. "Just suck me already. I need your mouth on me."

"Oh, if you insist." She winked at him and did as he asked. She licked at the head first for a moment then took him in her mouth as far as should could manage. After all the years they had been together she had become very adept at getting most of him in.

Her tongue swirled and flicked around the head, watching his face as she worked him. His mouth open and groaning, his fingers wrapped around the bar at the top of the headboard as he bucked up. He took one hand from the bar and wrapped it in her hair. Holding her head still as he pumped into her mouth. He knew she liked it like that.

Sarah stopped for a moment and just held him there, the head of his dick was bright red, and he was practically shaking with restraint. She squeezed and massaged his balls, then took him back in her mouth, knowing it wouldn't be long until she would be tasting his hot fluids.

"Fuck!" He yelled as he came, his back bowing up. She had to swallow several times to take it all, yet a few droplets of his come dribbled out from between her lips.

She gave him a hard suck as he emptied himself on her tongue, getting it all, and let his cock slip out her mouth. Her green eyes gleamed into his as she flicked her tongue over her lips to removed the remnants of his orgasm from them.

"My witch..." He sighed. His body relaxed into the mattress. "Have I told you you how much I worship you?"

"Ha. You just love me for my supreme blowjob skills, Your Majesty."

She crawled over him and sat on the bed, her legs splayed out in front of her.

"That and your sweet little cunt." He gave her lazy smile and rubbed her back, his other hand wandering down to give said part a satisfied pat and squeeze. She was dripping wet, he observed. He dipped his fingers between her folds and brought them to his mouth to suck her juices from them.

"Yes, sweet as a peach." He waggled his eyebrows at her. "No that was not a lie either."

His fingers on and in her pussy had made her clit throb. "Well, I may have taken some liberties but those words I borrowed from you." She squirmed around on the sheets. She couldn't help herself, and she watched his eyes follow her hand hungrily as she slipped it down her stomach and played with herself, stroking her slit with her fingers. He loved to watch her bring herself to release.

"You stole them you mean. I didn't hear to ask for permission." He said as she moved her hips in time to her own ministrations.

"Ohhhh..." She closed her yes and leaned back, rubbing harder. Her clit was erect and she twirled a finger around it. She took a finger and slid it into herself.

He could not just watch anymore. "Let me help you with that dearest. It's only fair, and I know how important that is to you." He shifted to lay flat.

"Come me taste you." He offered helpfully as he propped his head up on an extra pillow.

Sarah didn't need to be asked twice. To say he was talented with his incredibly long tongue was an understatement. She got up and swung her leg over his head, facing his feet, and backed up until her pussy was over his face. She supported herself by placing her hands on his thighs, and she leaned back and moaned loud when his tongue began to lap at her nether lips.

Jareth hummed happily as he took the tip of his tongue and speared between her folds, licking up her wetness from perineum to clitoris. He used his thumb to put pressure on her clit, and stuck his long tongue inside, knowing exactly where the perfect spot was. He licked it over and over, her ass quivering as she moved her hips up and down.

Sarah sat up and pushed her ass down, fucking herself on his tongue. " Oh shit. Jareth. Fuck."

She grabbed at her breasts and twisted the tips hard, the sensation adding to her pleasure.

Jareth stopped and pulled back a little to catch his breath. "Trying to suffocate me precious?" He joked. "Still, not a bad way to go."

"Shut the fuck up and get to work." She told him, slapping his hip. She was close and he was wasting time.

"You have a filthy mouth, my queen." He said, enjoying the light sting her hand left behind.

Sarah turned her head and looked down. "And you love it." She slapped his hip again. "What did I just tell you?"

"Yes, dear." He said in a high pitched cartoon voice.

Even in her precarious position, she barked out a laugh. "If you keep doing that I'll lose my balance and your tombstone really will say "Death by suffocation while tongue fucking my wife." You want that to happen?"

He just chuckled beneath her and got back to it. He tongued her gladly, her juices all over his lips and chin. He went back to her hard little bud and flicked at it, swirled his tongue around, then wrapped his lips around the nub and sucked. He felt her movements quicken, so he returned to putting pressure on her clit with his thumb, and pumping his tongue in and out of her dripping opening.

A few moments more and Sarah's thighs clamped around his head, her walls clenching his tongue. He rubbed faster on her clit in just the rhythm she loved and her body shuddered above him. "Jareth!" She screamed as she came all over his face and he lapped up as much as he could.

Her release spent she laid forward, her forehead on his thighs. She stared at his once again painfully erect cock that was bobbing in front of her eyes, in time with their heavy breathing, as her heart rate slowed to normal.

"Think you enjoyed that as much as me." She said, kissing the tip of it.

He jumped a little, his erection ultra sensitive at the moment. He placed a gentle kiss on her ass and scooted up. "I'm thrilled you are so observant, precious. Ow!"

She had bit down gently on the inside of his thigh then licked it to soothe the spot.

She turned and straddled him the other way. "Don't be rude, and I won't have to punish you." She poked him in the chest.

"I would think you would be happy with me at the moment. Besides you have no room to speak about rude. You just told me to, and I quote, "shut the fuck up." If that isn't rude I don't know what is." He replied. He reached up and grabbed her tits, massaging them.

"Mmmm...I am." She answered enjoying his touch. "You always make me happy. When you are between my thighs, if nowhere else."

He loved it when she took such control. She was the only one who held power over him. Conversely, he also knew she liked it when he took command of her, when he pleasured and played her body as as only he could.

He rolled to the side urging her to slide off. "Now love, are you ready for more?" He asked her playfully. "Or are you worn out?"

Sarah shook her head. "Never. Well, maybe sometimes, but this is our long weekend and I fully planned on us boinking as much as possible. It's nice not have kids interrupting all the time, not having to work in a quickie in the shower to get some privacy."

Jareth sat up and leaned back on his hands. "Once in a while that doesn't work either. Remember a few months ago when you forgot to lock the bathroom door. I'm still not convinced that poor goblin maid isn't scarred for life. She still can't look at either of us in the eye." He answered, smiling at the memory. It had been amusing.

"That wasn't the shower though. That is what you get for bending me over the sink in full view of the unlocked doorway." She reminded him.

"Ohhh..that was fun." He said wickedly and idea forming. "Get on your knees, wife."

"Hey, I'm not blowing you again. Well not now." She answered indignantly.

He rolled his eyes again. "Not on the floor, on the bed."

"Ahh, Okay. Gotcha. Will do." She got on her knees, hanging on to the headboard. She spread herself wide, waiting for him. She shook her ass. He was momentarily hypnotized by her bouncing cheeks.

"You do have the most glorious ass." He told her as he grabbed a handful of flesh in each hand. Her backside was the perfect size to fit one luscious mound in each splayed hand.

He pushed them apart and let them go, to watch them jiggle, then gave her a swat.

"Hey!" She scolded. "That's not why I'm in this position you know."

He grinned. "Yes I do know that, but since when do you not like a good spanking."

He spread her open again, and stuck two long fingers inside her soaked pussy and worked them in and out, making her moan. "I would say you are more than ready for me."

The king grabbed himself in his hand and pushed against her soaked sex, going forward slowly, sliding inside of her. Her walls gripped him, pulling him in.

"Fuck, you are so tight." He said through gritted teeth. The feeling over her inner walls surrounding him almost making him lose it then and there.

Sarah sighed with the satisfaction of knowing what she did to him. The feeling of him filling her, his large cock stretching her, was something she would never tire of. Her body knew his presence within it well, and accepted him completely. They were pieces of of a puzzle.

"Are you ready?" His voice deep with need.

"Gods yes." She answered. "Do it. Fuck me. Hard."

He began to move in and out, starting slow but picking up the pace as she adjusted to him. He grabbed her hips to give him more control.

Sarah panted and groaned with each thrust, his body slapping against hers. She let go of the headboard so she could play with her nipples as he fucked her.

Jareth tipped his head back as he pivoted his hips back and forth. The friction of her inner muscles rubbing against the head of his dick making his whole body tremble. It was almost painful, it was so pleasurable. He rammed into her as hard as he could, and Sarah was almost constantly moaning at that point.

Both of them became covered in a fine sheen of sweat as they pounded their bodies together.

He knew exactly what she liked. He snaked one hand under her and with two fingers pinched her clit. She screamed and came immediately around him.

When her body bore down on him, it was too much. He could not stop his own climax that he had been trying to keep at bay for as long as he could. Now there was no stopping it. It was a freight train and he had to hold on to her ass as his upper body bent back and his hips went forward as his orgasm rolled over him.

He roared to the ceiling as he emptied inside of her in long, fulling spurts.

He slid out and she fell forward, panting. He sat back on his knees and looked down at her a moment, then let himself fall on the bed beside her, completely exhausted.

"Holy crap." Sarah mumbled into the pillow. "That was good. It's been a while since it was that good. I mean it's always amazing, but once in a while its even better than amazing."

She turned her head and looked at Jareth. His hips were turned towards her but his upper body lay flat on the bed, and his eyes were closed. "You going to be okay?" She teased. "You look like you might pass out." She reached down and gave his softening, yet still fairly impressive cock, an appreciative squeeze.

"Heh. Wench." Jareth began as he threw an arm over her. "We knocked that out didn't we? We can have another go, but let's rest a bit. I'm not as young as I once was, but I can still manage."

Sarah pushed herself up and turned over. "Oh I think you can more than manage. After all, we've been here 2 days and we've banged one out, what, a dozen times? I'd say you have a bit of life left in you."

He moved closer and added a leg to the arm he had thrown across her, pulling her in close. "It seems I might. You, dearest are as fabulous a fuck as you always are. I am extremely lucky."

"Flattery will get you everywhere." She said, and he laughed. "I must say, I'm even more inspired to write more dirty stories."

"May I nap first? I would enjoy it if instead of you over there hunched at your computer, if you would stay here with me. Then maybe I will inspire you some more, but dinner before that. I need to keep up my strength with you around."

"I suppose." She wasn't all that tired even after being up most of the night, but this was Jareth's lazy weekend. He rarely was able to get in more than a few hours of sleep a night in the underground. She always had to force him to take these weekends a few times a year so he could relax, but when they got there he took complete advantage. He would spend the entirety of the weekends away reveling in sex with his wife, food, sleep, and aboveground tv.

She didn't mind spoiling him a bit, he was an amazing king, husband and father. "I'll order pizza. We can pig out in bed, then we can work it off, then I'll write while you watch your show. I know you can't miss your favorite fairytale drama."

"Sounds like a plan." His voice was fading. "I want peach pie for dessert, magic one up will you my love? For some reason I have a craving for it."

Jareth got even closer and laid his chin on the top of her head. "Now let me go to sleep. I'm tired and you are keeping me up." He closed his eyes.

"I'm good at keeping you up." She replied, poking him.

He slapped her behind. "Shut up dear, I'll punish you later. I love you madly and completely but you are far too talkative at the moment."

"I love you too, sir." She giggled.

"Such cheek, witch." He joked back as he dozed off.

After he was out, she carefully slipped out of his arms and threw on her clothes.

She called for pizza to be delivered in an hour, and with a little magic a peach pie appeared in the warming oven in the kitchen. The castle kitchen always kept them fresh for the king, and it was no trouble to bring it over to them above.

Feeling inspired once more, she smiled and turn her computer back on. She took a last long satisfied look at her snoozing, content husband before getting back to work writing more tales of her adventures with her randy Goblin King.