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The Sweet Taste of Peaches

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The king walked her back until she was against the peach tree, kissing her, touching her. He moved to her neck and tasted her there, finding she was much like the fruit that had began this. She was sweet, her skin plump and juicy. He had to have this woman, and she was giving herself over to it. To him.

He ran his hand over the front of her corset, and the magic unlaced the stays, the laces falling open to his touch. He threw the ribbons down and pushed the corset off, pulled the tunic underneath out of the waistband of her skirts and pushed it up. He stopped and pulled off his gloves with his teeth, throwing them down next to her clothing.

His hands sought out and found her firm full mounds. They were perfect size, enough to fill his hands and a little more.

Sarah watched him remove his gloves, her eyes dilating, the action of their slow removal incredibly sensual. She looked up and saw he was watching her looking at him. When that was done he slid his hands over her bare flesh. She moaned as his long slender fingers cupped her breasts. They were soft, but the pads of his thumbs were rough, so when they passed over her nipples the sensitive tips hardened and peaked instantly at his touch. "Ohhh." She breathed.

She could feel a gush of wetness between her legs like she had never known before. Her late husband had certainly never affected her this way. He had no care if she was aroused or not.

The king could scent her rising desire for him, his kind having an extra sensitive sense of smell. It spurred him on, energized him. He stopped kissing her long enough to pull the tunic over her head and throw it in the pile of clothing beginning to form.

Sarah felt a chill as she was bared to the waist. She opened her eyes to meet his, and they were almost black. He stopped and looked at her. "How lovely is the female form in it's natural state, and I daresay, you are the most lovely form I have ever seen."

She thought he would kiss her again, but surprised her by dipping down to his knees. He undid the clasp that held his cloak together at his neck and lay it on the ground. Then he moved back to her and began to untie her skirts. She blushed again. She raised her hands thinking she should push him away.

'Don't be afraid now." He implored, looking up into her face. "I swear to you, there is no need. You are in no danger. Give in to me and you will be made to understand what it is you want to know. If at anytime you really wish me to stop, I will. I may have done some awful things in war, but I am no cad who would rape a woman." He took her hands and kissed each one.

She nodded, relaxed and let him continue. Once the skirts were undone he pulled them down over her hips and she stepped out of them. All that was between her and complete exposure where her thin cotton knickers.

"What if someone sees?" She asked, looking around, biting her lip.

He smiled and kissed her flat belly. "No one will see but me, Sarah. I have made sure of it. Magic, remember?"

He did not immediately move to take the thin cotton pants off. He placed his hands on her hips and moved close, kissing her stomach and her ribs, moving up, touching his lips to the bottom of her breasts, going further and taking her nipples one by one into his mouth and sucking them, watching her face all the while as her eyes rolled back in pleasure. Her hands sought his shoulders for support.

"Oh my..." Sarah said as his toyed and sucked at her breasts. He did not paw them like she was used to, but reverently, delicately gave each attention one at a time.

As he explored her, while Sarah was preoccupied, he gently pushed the last of her clothing down her legs, lifting her small feet each in turn to remove the pants. She was naked before him. He worked back down the plane of her torso until his mouth was just above that most sacred place. The seat of a woman's passion. Hers had a small thatch of dark curls, he rubbed his cheek against her there, the curls were soft and damp with her essence. He turned his head to place a light kiss on them. Here she was even sweeter.

When his lips first came into contact with her most intimate place her eyes flew open and she looked down at him. She had heard these sort of activities whispered about, but was told only the most base females, like prostitutes, did such things.

"What are you...?" She tightened her legs together in apprehension.

He leaned his chin against her thigh and looked up once more. "Sarah, I promise, you will enjoy this. I know what people say, but believe me, such things are completely normal. In many places this sort of lovemaking is refined to an art form, the art of pleasing your lover with your mouth and hands."

"Am I to be your lover?" She asked the king.

"What do you think?" He answered. "Here. Come here." He guided her to the ground and laid her on his cape.

As she watched he removed his boots and tunic. He was so very pale and his skin glistened in the light of the rising moon. It only made him more stunning in her eyes.

He laid down next to her and kissed her some more, which she liked very much. His long sensual hands ran over and over her body, encouraging her, stroking her, loving her.

He moved down again, kissing her here and there. He sucked, licked and nipped at her breasts, and with soft pressure to her knees pushed her legs open as he went to crouch between them. His mouth on her abdomen going lower.

When his lips pressed against her center this time, she was expecting it. He used his thumbs to open her there, and looking at her face, his tongue flicked over her small bud at the top of her slit.

"OH!" She cried as her back arched. He smiled against her.

"You see now, my dearest Sarah? My witch? This is only the beginning." He wrapped his lips around the small bundle of nerves and sucked softly.

The feeling he was causing within her were nothing she had even known or heard of. She felt a fire rising within her, and she wanted it. She needed it. She had known before that she was missing something, but now she knew. This is was she was missing. This was the feeling that society had told her was not ladylike, or should be wanted, or even sought after. She wanted it, to seek it out and find it. To feel this pleasure he was giving her. In this moment in time, she didn't care if it made her loose or shunned, if the whole world saw. If she could have him doing this to her, making her feel this way, none of it mattered. All she needed, all she desired was right her under the peach tree with this lover she had taken on a whim.

The king, as he gave her pleasure, used one finger to find her tight opening and slid it inside. She was so snug and wet, and ripe as the peaches hanging off the tree above. It did not matter to him if she wasn't a maiden, he was not one to put priority on such things. Maidens made boring lovers. He put another finger alongside the first, then a third, working her well.

He wanted her more than he had ever wanted anyone. The taste of her sex was making him grow thick and hard. He was tempted to rip off his pants and take her, but first he wanted to experience her release this way. He could tell she was close but the clenching of her muscles around his fingers.

Sarah was whimpering and panting as she felt a wave of that inner flame rising and threatening to overtake her. Her hips thrust up against his mouth. She reached down and instinctively grabbed his head pushing his mouth closer, as her body begged for release.

When her climax came, she screamed, and her voice echoed through the trees, she had no care for who might hear it. Wave after wave of sweet satisfaction rippled though her very being, making her writhe and arch. As it began to subside she felt him move up slowly. He kissed up her body until his lips were on hers. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back as hard as he had kissed her until they had to stop or pass out from lack of oxygen. His weight on her was welcome, and comforting.

He lay his head upon her shoulder and spoke. "That Sarah, is what passion should feel like for a woman. Never accept any less from a man you lay with. your fulfillment is as important as his."

He put his head up to see her face, wondering what she was thinking.

"I don't think I could accept any less now." She answered, touching his hair. "I just wish I knew your name, so I could scream it like you said I should. It didn't feel right screaming out "Oh king, oh king, how you please me" at that moment." She giggled.

He laughed too not being able to help himself. It felt odd to laugh after not having anything to find joy in for so long. He was glad of it. He stroked her face and her hair as she had been doing to him.

"Jareth, my name is Jareth. Please use it wisely, for it gives you power. Repeat it to no one."

Her eyes brightened. "So if I were to say, Jareth, I wish you to please me again, you would be forced to?"

"You are rather wanton. aren't you, girl?" He said. She was quickly embracing her feminine power, and he was reveling in it. Men and women were equal in power in his world. He hated to see women forced to kneel to men in this place. Yet he used to enjoy that everyone bowed to him. It wasn't about being male of female for him then, it was just his lust for power over all creation that had drove him to such desires. The more he had achieved, the more he wanted. "You've no need to compel me, I shall please you until you beg me to stop, if you so wish it."

"I wish it." She answered. "So much. But I ask of you a favor."

His eyes narrowed. "And what would that be?" He braced himself for wishes of jewels and riches, power and magic the females of his kind always asked for. Political maneuvering was often done in the bedchamber.

Sarah ran her small hands over his shoulders. "I wish it that you would show me how to please you too."

Shock rippled though him. He felt something he had never felt. The coldness wrapped around his heart began to thaw, and he felt the desire to keep her for more than this night. Tenderness, a growing need to make her happy, not just to take for himself, but to give back to her.

The power she had been given with his name, she turned it around and used it only to give him more power over her. He could make her do anything now, yet he would not.

"No one has ever wished that before." He said. "Why do you want such a thing? You could wish for many things besides that. A fine home, beautiful clothes, a king's ransom in jewels."

"I have never had a need for such things. What would I do with all of that?" She waved his words away. "But, you said, sir, a woman's passion is special. A man's passion should be equally special."

His expression changed for happy to melancholy, and he rolled off and sat up. She sat up next to him concerned at his sudden withdrawal from her. He looked into the distance to his lonely castle.

"I know first hand what a man's passion can do. It can drive a man to do horrible things. To want to gather more power to himself until no one can touch him." He wrapped his arms around his knees, and laid his chin there.

She moved behind the king and sat close, her arms around his waist as her legs slipped around him so he was sitting between them. She leaned against his warm body and kissed his back.

"Maybe that's the answer." She reasoned. "Find a woman willing take some of a man's power, and he to take some of hers, and temper both. Make her stronger, and him softer."

He closed his eyes. How was this woman doing this to him? He should not give in to this. This need to please her, to want to love her. "You are a witch aren't you? With your own magic."

Sarah grinned and kissed his shoulder. She placed her chin there to look at the castle spires rising in the distance as he was doing. "Maybe. Does it matter? A witch might be what you are looking for." Sarah felt powerful, and free. He had loosed something within her. She felt like a witch.

He turned in her arms looking at her face. "Maybe it is." He smiled at her, a soft, crooked little smile that touched her heart.

"Now, are you going to do what I wished?" She asked as she touched his chest and her hands started to explore him.

He took her face in his hands and kissed her more. He was becoming addicted to the taste of her lips and her kisses. Her hands were moving over him, finding sensitive spots. Her small fingers passed over his nipples and followed the trail of fine hairs on his stomach to the waist of his pants, and fiddled with the fabric.

"Can," She was having a time saying what she really wanted. She was feeling forward, but still, she had never asked for such a thing. This was all so new.

"Are you trying to ask me for my pants?" He joked lightly, trying alleviate her discomfort.

The blush reappeared over her cheeks, and he found he loved seeing it, vowing to tease her more. She had a light dusting of freckles over her nose and it charmed him.

"As you wish." He said and pushed them down and off, then threw them to the side where he clothing was.

He sat there in front of her, still and naked as she. Letting her take him in. Not making sudden moves, waiting for her to act.

Sarah stared at him. He was beautiful all over. She could not say she had seen many naked men, just her father accidentally once, changing her younger brother, and of course her husband. Jareth, he was like a wild creature of forest, long limbed, with that pale skin. He was lean but his muscles were well toned. She let her gaze go lower. His member was long and thick. She had a desire to reach out and touch it. It was erect, reddened and engorged, curving upward towards the sky. She knew that she had made him excited and it made her feel even more powerful.

"You may...touch me. If you want." He breathed slowly, watching her close.

She did. She slid her hands down his belly and with one hand took hold of him. His breath hitched and he shivered. "You are sensitive." She observed.

"Very much so." He replied, he laid a hand over hers and guided it, showing how to stroke him. focused only on her hand on his erection. He removed his hand and she continued to stroke him as he showed her, not too hard, just a little pressure. He moaned at the sensation and his eyes closed before he could help himself.

It had been many many years. Long ago, he had taken a human woman on occasion, but they had been taught to just lie there and let him do what he wanted, so it proved to be a miserable failure to try. He learned to please himself if he absolutely needed release, thinking about past lovers that had practically begged him for his attentions when he was king in his world.

She kept going adding her other hand. She took hold of the sac underneath and rubbed it carefully. His hips jerked up, and he leaned back on his hands. "Gods." He said. "Sarah..."

She felt her power over him growing so she moved closer, fascinated by his reaction. She knew what happened to a man, that he produced semen and that was how babies were made. But before she had just closed her eyes and not looked. Her mother told her that too. That a man's climax was ugly and base, something proper women shouldn't see.

She was mesmerized by his reaction. His cock began twitch and his moans increased in frequency.

"Sarah, has been far to long since I have another. I don't know how long I can...maintain control." His body bucked a little more.

Her eyes flicked up to his face for a moment but she was too intent on watching what was happening below. A small amount of his semen leaked out of the tip, and she wondered what he tasted like. Until now this was something she had never considered. Her mother, if she were alive, would be horrified she even had the thought. She bent over and her tongue touched him and he gasped.

He watched with wonder as she took him in between her lips and he almost let go right then and there. Jareth was not expecting this. Not from a human female. The act was so taboo in much of the human world a woman could be flogged or stoned for doing it.

She wrapped her lips around his shaft and sucked, like he had done to her. She wanted to know the taste of him too. All of him. Everything. He glowed in the moonlight. And the glow, with every move she made burned brighter.

Jareth cried her name and spilled onto onto her tongue as she pumped him, drinking him in. He was slightly salty, and sweet. Nothing she was expecting. His hands were on her shoulders, gripping her as his release continued and abated.

When Jareth had finished, he lay down on his back and caught his breath. The glow that occurred during climax of his kind, lessened and dimmed until he was back to his original pale shade.

He was hardly able to move his body. The warmth that had filled him had melted all his reserves, the frozen walls around him gone. He felt raw and exposed for the first time in all his long life. He was completely unsettled and he had only know this girl a few hours.

The witch had done it. The beautiful dark haired witch who he had originally planned to tease a bit, and scare back over the wall to her village in hope she would not come back and remind him of all he lost, all he wanted and could never have, and all he had destroyed with his lust for power.

Sarah straddled him and looked down upon him. "Are you alright?" She asked. He seemed different now.

He reached up suddenly, pulled her down to him and kissed her.

Jareth was unwilling to say anything in case he would say too much, so he kissed her and kissed her needing to keep his mouth occupied.

He rolled her until she was beneath him. He had to have her. "I need you." He growled. He was fully hard again in minutes just being close to her.

Sarah knew what was coming. It was certainly no mystery. It brought to her mind how her mother told her about what would happen on her wedding night. "It will hurt Sarah." She said in whisper. "But, only once if you are lucky and he is gentle. Relations between a husband and wife are for his pleasure, and for you to have his babies. Nothing more. It is a woman's lot in life. To endure this humiliation to bring life into the world."

She had lain under her husband staring at the ceiling, as he plunged into her a dozen or so times, shuddered a little and rolled off to fall asleep. The first time had hurt the worst it ever did, but thankfully had not lasted long, and it never did.

Being married, it was the only time she was grateful for her monthlies, because he stayed far away then, making her sleep on the floor in front of the fire. She really didn't mind, the rug there was soft and it was warm. She wove a blanket for herself out of fine wool.

Her husband never had cared for her pleasure at all, not concerned if she was dry and it hurt. She hated to admit it, but she was happy there had been no children. He had kept asking her why, accusing her of being barren. She didn't know why. Maybe a small gift from Heaven for her. She thought she wanted children, but not with him. It didn't feel right to have children with someone she really didn't like all that much as a person. He drank too much and as with most men in the village he rarely bathed. She liked to be clean and he had often complained about her using too much soap and water for herself.

She pushed all the thoughts of her past out of her mind and opened her legs letting herself relax. It was the duty of a wife, her mother had said, to open her legs for a man. To keep him happy. The king was not her husband but she had chosen to lay with him, so she would finish what she started. He had been so gentle with her so far, at least he wouldn't purposely hurt her.

"Sarah." She opened her eyes at his voice. "Look at me."

She did. She held his eyes with hers and felt him push into her. She was worried at his size, but as she has attended several childbirths, knew the adaptability of the female body. Even if it hurt it would not injure her.

He was gentle. He lifted her hips and entered further, as far as he could, and it didn't hurt at all. She felt very full but no pain came. He had made her more than ready earlier, had prepared her.

Jareth adjusted her against him and picked up her legs, laying them over his shoulders. He saw the apprehension in her eyes. He knew she was thinking that the act would not be pleasurable for her, but he intended to change her mind and show her how lovemaking should be.

Then he began to move.

Sarah opened her eyes. It was so different than she had thought it would be. He would thrust, and rotate his hips, and change angles. She wondered what his was doing until he hit a spot inside that made her tingle all over and rotate her hips against his.

Jareth smiled. He knew the exact moment he located the area within her that would bring her to orgasm, when her hips rolled against him. "Ahh..I think I have found what I was looking for." He told her, giving her a cheeky grin.

Sarah gripped his arms as he held her in just that spot and moved even faster. The friction, the angle, was just so that the passion he had stoked before came back full force as he pumped into her. Her hands flew above her head and she moaned loud, grasping the fabric of his cape and twisting it.

Her hips thrust down as he pushed in and up and she was quickly climbing back up, the fire building tenfold with each move of his body inside of hers.

"Jareth.. " She hissed his name out as she tried to breathe. What he was doing, she had not known even existed.

"Scream it." He commanded of her. "Scream my name, and I will give you what you are seeking from me."

She screamed his name. She did not know the magic of the castle grounds shielded her cries from being heard outside of them and she didn't care.

Yet, only he could hear her. She screamed for his pleasure only. As he wanted it. No one should ever hear this woman scream in pleasure but him.

Her climax was much more powerful than her first. Her muscles tightening and releasing and she cried his name over and over until she was hoarse.

Jareth watched as she came undone under him. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her crying out his name the sweetest sound of all. It caused him to let himself go and join her. Filling her, moaning her name in concert with her screaming his as he gave her everything she needed.

He want this woman to be his and only his. He was a possessive man, he had no intention of sharing her.

He let her legs go and laid his body over hers once more. He kissed the tears from her eyes, cheeks and lips. She sobbed quietly as he soothed her body with those long fingers.

When the crying was done and all was quiet she watched him with wonderment. "I had no idea that it was supposed to feel that way."

He laid beside her and pulled her close. "I did not think you would after telling me of your husband. Now you do. That, Sarah, is what the passion between lovers is supposed to be."

She wiggled up to be face to face with the mysterious lover she had taken. "But we are not married. Isn't this wrong?"

He understood her concerns. "I suppose among your people it is. I am not one of you Sarah. Marriage isn't sacred in the same way as yours. We marry more for political reasons than for love. When I married it was to join my kingdom with another."

Sarah shot up of the soft bed he had made of his cape. "You're married?! How could you do this?! You've made me a harlot!"

He sat up and held her tight as she fought to get away. "Sarah, You are not. Stop. It is fine. My wife, Deora, she died long ago."

She relaxed a little but was still concerned what this night meant for her. Her mind raced. What if she became with child? What would happen to the baby and to her? Would he take care of them? Would he move her into his castle?

She had to ask. "What will happen now?"

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Honestly, I do not know. This whole thing was so, unexpected."

She nodded. "Would you tell me what happened to your wife?"

His arms tightened around her and he kissed her head. "She was murdered. It's true I did not love her but...she carried my heir. My son. She was good woman and did not deserve such an end. They were both taken. I found the killers and hacked them to pieces, but in truth, it was my own actions that caused the killers to take revenge upon me. I only have myself to blame."

A deep sadness seeped into his voice, and her heart went to him. She decided to tell him her deepest secret.

"I...killed my husband. Not on purpose, but he was sick, and suffering so. I didn't not love him either, but I tried to save him. I gave him some herbs I had found but they were the wrong ones I think. A few hours after drinking the brew, he started convulsing, and he died in my arms. They are right about me I killed him.' She looked down at her hands, letting the tears fall.

Jareth saw her crying began again, and he rocked them both gently. He was touched she would share that secret she had held within so long that had been obviously eating away at her. "It was an accident. You shouldn't feel guilty for trying to save him Sarah. That sickness, I remember it, it killed so many. There was little that could be done to save anyone who got sick. I have magic but I am not a human healer. If your potion killed him it likely just saved him from more days of suffering before dying. Please, love, free yourself from the guilt. You have suffered enough.'

Sarah sniffled and got control over her emotions. She scooted away and turned so she could face him and take his hands. "Only if you let go of yours. No matter what you did, those people made the choice to take the lives of your wife and child, of innocents, and it was wrong. You also have paid for your past, I think. I know you have been here as long as my family can remember. You have been here, isolated and alone. Away from your people for how long?"

"A long time. Far more years than you can imagine, Sarah." He answered sadly, his voice thick with longing for his home.

She smiled through her tears. "Then maybe we should both stop wearing our pain and our guilt like a shield keeping us from moving on."

He cupped her chin. "How are you so wise, little witch? Why do entrance me so? Why do I want you to stay with me?"

She was stroking his arm and his words stopped her movements. She stared at him "You...want stay with you?" Her voice squeaked.

He swallowed hard. "I think I could love you, witch. I think I already may. Would you...accompany me back to my castle and sleep with me in my cold bed, and warm it up?'

She did not answer for a several moments. He began to regret asking her, scared she would refuse him.

She nodded slowly. "Yes, I will come with you. I have always wanted to see the inside your castle. Even with the monsters."

He chuckled. "There are no monsters, there are goblins who make a great deal of noise to make humans think there are monsters. The most they do is make a terrible mess and drink far too much ale."

"Goblins are real?" She exclaimed.

He chuckled."That they are, love, that they are. Keep hold of me and close your eyes and you will see some."

She did as he asked and for a brief second a suffocating feeling came over her, but it was gone before she could reason why. When she opened her eyes at his urging, she found herself sitting in the middle of a huge soft bed on a thick fur coverlet.

Her clothes were stacked neatly on a nearby chair with his clothes next to them, his cape slung over the back.

He got off the bed and picked her up with no effort. He pulled the blankets back and when he had her settled her crawled in next to her and covered them up.

They cuddled together kissing and whispering. When she began to yawn he passed a hand over her eyes. "Sleep my little witch, and we will talk more in the morning. I will have a fine breakfast for us brought up."

In moments she was having the sweetest dreams he could give her and he curled around her protectively.

He felt lighter, better than he ever had. It would be the first night since being banished the nightmares would not plague him.

Hours later, when he woke, she was not there. He thought maybe she had sought out the bathing chamber, but she was not there either.

Something was wrong.

With dread he approached the doors to his balcony and pulled them open.

He stood stock still as he looked out over his lands. His true lands. He was home. Finally home.

The brief moment of elation died when he realized, she, his witch, was a world away and gone from him.

The king fell to his knees in despair. "No! No! Why! What have I done!"