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S-Laid Hanging

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Skinny and I were pretty confused. Luke never showed up to class today and the teachers were pretty annoyed at him. I would have never though a preacher's son would skip school. We decided to go over his house and bring him some bread to see if he's sick or something. Skinny thought it was a good idea to go through a shortcut through the woods and we had some trouble finding our way out of it because that idiot got us lost. At least the trees blocked the burning sun and cooled us off a bit. I suggested we followed the river because the preacher's son lives in a house near it. It took us about 20 minutes until we found ourselves in front of the shanty house. It was so quite. "Damn, I would've expected Lukey's folk to be yellin' verse at the top of their lungs" says Skinny as he wipes away sweat from his forehead. I looked at him with a teasing grin, "Lukey?" The way Skinny's face flushed with red made me clutch my stomach from laughter. "That's so cute. When did y'all give each other nicknames" I said while arching one of my eyebrows. Skinny looked away and blushed harder, "let's just go in already". When I walked closer to the door I felt a huge wave of mourn and sadness. Before I could tell Skinny anything, he knocked on the door three times. We waited for a while. When the door opened we were greeted with the guy that interviewed Skinny a couple days back. The strange thing about him was that his eyes were red, almost as if he's been crying. Skinny went ahead and broke the silence. "Good evenin' , sir. Is Luke here?" He held up the small bag with bread in front of Micah's face. "He wasn't in school today so we brought his some bread just in case he's sick. Thought it might make him feel better." Micah didn't say anything for a long while so Skinny and I felt a bit uncomfortable. He spoke after a minute or two, "Come inside. There's something you two need to know."