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Dear Lula

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From: Caroline Bingley <>
To: Louisa Bingley <>
Date: 12 November 2016, 20:23
Subject: RE Charlie

Dearest Lula,

Yesterday I totally forgot to tell you but turns out Mary would be in line to the Greek throne if they hadn’t abolished the monarchy like in the 60s or so. Like, she’d be the 50th or something, but still. That’s why Henry can rent a flat on the NQ without having to work at all, they’ve got their mum’s inheritance. Cannot believe I’m friends with the aristocracy.

Even though, it’s v tragic. Their mum died in a car accident and since then Henry hasn’t talked to their dad, who remarried just a few months after to his mistress (Mary did use the word “mistress”, all very aristocracy-y). Mary does talk to him but says this Christmas will spend it with their aunt. Also, she won’t be getting her inheritance until she finishes uni, so I guess it’s her dad who’s paying for all her clothes now.

I know we’re sort of rich and all, but I feel so uninteresting. Like with Ian and his hot amazing parents? Even if they both kicked him out of their respective homes, which is sort of why he dropped out of uni. Mayra thinks it’s very romantic, the way he has to work at the pub until he makes it as a musician, but only because she thinks he’ll make it, and big, and soon.

Not that I’d want to have to work.




Date: 13 November 2016, 19:32
Subject: Trouble in paradise

Dear Lula,

Will not believe this, Mary and Ned got into a fight. He said he regretted having the party, she said nobody had forced him and also, nothing bad happened after all so what was the big deal, and he got mad. Well, I don’t think he actually got mad-mad, like I was in my room and could hear her through the adjoining walls (though not the actual words) but not him.

To give them a bit of privacy (truly) I left my room and then at that same moment he left hers as well and we met at the corridor, and before closing the door he looked inside at were Mary was and said (very seriously): See you tomorrow.

And she didn’t say ANYTHING back.

But a bit after he’d left the flat, Mary came out and found me in the kitchen and started venting: he’s so self-righteous, so inflexible. He blamed Mary for not taking things seriously. What things, though?

I know what he means, just don’t think he was right this instance.

Frances didn’t come out of the room at all.

On another note, I’ve started talking to some guy on Tinder. He looks alright. Not super-funny but who’s looking for funny anyway.

Love xxxxx



Date: 13 November 2016, 20:45
Subject: RE Trouble in paradise


Who said anything about meeting anyone?!

Not yet anyway.

(Despite of the fun you make of me, lots of) Love,



Date: 15 November 2016, 23:11
Subject: RE Trouble in paradise

Dear Lula,

We just finished the first series, I am so in love. Cannot believe John doesn’t want to watch it, I swear it is not “for girls”. Has a lot of politics and fighting and the girl is also naked, if that counts for something? And he makes you watch football all the time.

I borrowed the second book and will start it tomorrow.

Love xxxx,



Date: 17 November 2016, 16:32
Subject: RE Trouble in paradise

Dear Lula,

Anyways, nothing much has happened since we talked. Mary and Ned are still not talking (which means they haven’t broken up either), I’m still talking to that guy Elton on Tinder, though he is a bit insistent on meeting already in person (!!!) and today we’re going to Ian’s pub. Ned’s said he was coming on the FB group, and Mary is obviously going, so we’ll she how it goes.

Oh, Frances and Mary finally talked about it though. Obviously Frances is siding with Ned, but because she’s so mild about it Mary hasn’t even realised. Still, I think Frances was a bit shocked to see that Mary was having a hard time with this, I suspect she thought Mary wasn’t really into Ned.

Let you know how it goes, though I think it’s going to be an uneventful one.

Eternal love,



Date: 18 November 2016, 14:44
Subject: So last night was last night?

Dear Lula,

Last night was v fun, actually. It turns out today’s Henry’s birthday (Scorpio, I know) and he didn’t want to celebrate it or anything (says he’s too old because he’s turning 22) but obviously Mary wasn’t gonna let it pass, despite her current situation. Which also, is good now. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Anyways, Mary’d bought a cake and made Ian serve it to us on the table at the pub when it turned midnight, and it was so fun. Frances didn’t come (obviously) and neither did Hal or Mia, but maybe because we were just a few or because all the guys were taken, I had a great time, in fairness. After we closed the pub down (!!!) we went somewhere else, one of Henry’s favourite clubs, and none like I’d been before. At first I didn’t like it because they played the sort of music you cannot dance to, you know which music I’m talking about, but after a while I started to enjoy myself. Like, nobody looked good or worried about looking good and everybody was simply goofing off. The subject of the email is actually a song by the Buveurs Désolés and since it’s on Spotify they asked the DJ to play it (Mayra did) and he did, and we went a bit mental. I thought it fit today’s email hehehe.

I asked Elton to meet on Tuesday, after Russian!!!

So, I was saying, Mary and Ned made up while we were still at the pub. I don’t know if they talked about it or what, but fact is that he apologised, then she apologised, and soon they were kissing and all was right as rain. And while Ian was working, I got to gossip with Mayra and she’s a bit too much, you know, but also knows a lot of stuff about music and books and it was fun, like she’s a bit of a nerd but also a cool person. Julia and Henry got off, again. Probably nothing went on with Bel in the end? She wasn’t there anyway.

What a mess of an email, I’m sorry Lula, sister of my heart, will you be able to forgive me?

I am a bit bored now. Mary went for birthday lunch with Henry and hasn’t been back yet, and Frances is still at mass I think? I don’t know, I think she’s at church but no idea of what she does there.

Maybe I’ll read for a while.



PS: What about your Saturday?? How was meeting up with the girls again???


Date: 18 November 2016, 22:46
Subject: RE So last night was last night?

I didn’t say he was old, he said it. I know you’re in the prime of your life.

Love to my older old sister,


Date: 19 November 2016, 08:22





Date: 20 November 2016, 15:37

Dear Lula,

So, how was your first night at your new house? Cannot believe John’s parents bought you a sofa and a matching chaise longue, but glad that they are at least passable. Even if not the ones you would’ve picked. Why didn’t she just simply ask? It’s not like she’s gonna live there (is it?) (joking).

Anyways, how’s the unpacking going? I’m sure that when I’m there, in barely three weeks, it’ll look instagram-ready.

Why yes of course I’m trying to diverge from the fact that I have a date in a couple of hours. So nervous.

Call you immediately afterwards.




Date: 22 November 2016, 10:26

Dear Lula,

I recalled who Elton reminded me of, you know John’s cousin from Oxford? Your John I mean. The one who manages to bring every conversation to how much he makes a year? This one. He’s asking to meet again. He’s in fact assuming that I want to meet him again, and I don’t know what to do. Mary and Frances say I shouldn’t. But he wasn’t bad looking, you know, so. I’m just telling him I’m busy for the rest of the week, see if he persists (not playing hard to get, just being it).

And we’ve got the rooms booked for tomorrow!! So nervous!!! Will write if there’s connection at all.