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Dear Lula

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From: Caroline Bingley <>
To: Louisa Bingley <>
Date: 6 October 2016, 18:12
Subject: RE My new house

Dear Lula,

How lovely! Dying to see it in person soon. When are you signing the contract?

The pub was quite fun, even though they’re not the crowd we usually go with, you know? All of them are hipster-ish. Well, not Frances or Ned, obviously. I didn’t tell you though, that they also came to the pub.

At first it was empty but then it got full and by when we left it was mad. I’m still hoping the new plan with L will work (and he still hasn’t added B on FB) but still, it was nice seeing there is indeed plenty of fish in the sea (3 guys I think in total tried to chat me up). The friend though? M’s brother’s friend/flat-mate? the band’s vocalist? So fit it was insane. But Mayra snitched him first, and by the end of the night they were kissing behind the bar, so, all very professional and hygienic. N and M were weird at first but as the night went on it got better and I don’t know, they sat together and talked a lot (no touching!).

I was definitely bored sometimes, but not too badly.

Also, Joana said yes and she’s coming for dinner on Wednesday.

I’m leaving as we’re gonna watch an episode of some series Mayra recommended to us in M’s room, and F’s made vegan muffins (so M can eat them).


Caroline xxxx


Date: 7 October 2016, 18:23
Subject: RE My new house

Oh yeah, I didn’t say anything about him did I? Henry was great. Like, at first I thought he wasn’t very handsome and he’s quite short (which Mary is also) but he is v witty and fun and dresses really well, and also knows how to pronounce French. I know: with N and M and then Mayra with Ian (the hot singer), but no, he didn’t try anything with me, not that I was interested. I expect M’s said something about Liam, like, I think they tell each other EVERYTHING. Also, at first it seemed like he and Ned wouldn’t get a long, but by the end of the night they were friends.

I didn’t post any photo on insta because I didn’t take any, no-one was taking them, so it felt weird to be the only one.

Also, do you like this song? I thought it was quite good!



PS: The series was about a hot vicar, cheeky Mayra.


Date: 7 October 2016, 18:49
Subject: !!!


I just talked to L on FB.


He asked about me inviting Joana tomorrow and said he thinks Charlie’s setting himself up for a broken heart, since Joana’s leaving in little more than four months.


I said I could not de-invite her now, and he agreed, but I said I thought he was right and would say so to Charlie.


Do you get what that means?

I’m gonna do some reading for class now, hopefully I can concentrate.




Date: 9 October 2016, 14:11
Subject: Charlie & Joana

So, it’s an hour until Joana comes and Charlie just calls and asks if he can come here and pretend he’s just casually checking in on me. I SWEAR. I’ve forbidden him to come ofc. Can you believe him?

I’ve walked myself into a trap though: on the one hand I’ve promised Charlie I’ll help him and will try to find out where she stands with him, on the other, I sort of said to L that I would try to stop Joana and Charlie from happening. M is of the opinion that they have to sort it out by themselves, Charlie and Joana I mean. She actually said (verbatim): “he just needs to shag her out of his system.”




Date: 10 October 2016, 09:22
Subject: RE Charlie & Joana

Dearest Lula,

I just saw you liked the picture I posted on insta <3

It went well. We did our task and then I said, all casual, if she wanted to stay since it was Frances’ turn to cook (as if there were others) and we were all having dinner together. It took much convincing, like:

Me: You should stay.

J: Oh no, I don’t want to cause trouble.

Me: No trouble at all, we have more than enough food.

J: But I can’t, thank you.

Me: Oh, you’ve got plans?

J: No, I mean, I, sorry, you’re friends, and I…

Me: You don’t want to stay with us?

J: No! Of course I want to stay with us—you!

And then M started like: So why aren’t you staying?

And F: I did cook for four (she almost spoils it)

And J still was: But I feel bad…

At which point M went and said that in England it was considered rude to refuse an invitation to dinner when you were already in the house, and of course, she stayed.

F had made some really good risotto with only vegetables and we had some wine (minus F). I pretended Charlie hadn’t talked to me since the party and I asked her if they’d seen each other. Turns out they had once, accidentally (M kicked me under the table at that point), but they had just talked for the duration of the bus ride.

So, F just asked her how she liked the city and how was she getting along with English, bless her. I was trying to get her to say more things about Charlie, though I also mentioned in passing how well he gets along with L’s sister, as if to suggest future romance. M at first also talked generally but in the end went directly at it: So, did she have a boyfriend in Barcelona? (She doesn’t) Did she fancy anybody here? (She doesn’t know) What did she think of Charlie? (He is very nice and kind to her) Every time she asked something, J got nervous and had a sip of her drink, so poor thing was a bit drunk by the end of it.

Conclusion? The fact she blushed makes me think she does like Charlie (M agrees), but the girl is difficult to read, I swear. She didn’t want to giver herself away one way or the other. That, or she’s a total doormat.

She gave us each two kisses before she left (the Spanish way) and seemed less shy and happier. I felt bad letting her go by herself so tipsy, and since it was late we got her an uber. I mean, in all fairness, if it weren’t for the fact she’s from another country and that complicates things in the long-term, I think she and Charlie would make a nice couple. Although there’s also that awful friend of hers. At the end I said maybe we could do something again on the weekend and she had to go and say: Oh, I’ll tell Bet too.

Yeah, no.

Need to go to class, talk to you tonight on the phone?




Date: 11 October 2016, 15:49
Subject: RE Charlie & Joana

Dear Lula,

I met with Charlie today at the union, told him all of it, word for word. I also told him what we talked about yesterday, how this is destined to fail and that he shouldn’t get too excited about it. Don’t think he listened, maybe you could talk to him?

Still, he was so happy and grateful that he invited me to the pub with them on Saturday. Them meaning LIAM. I’ll bring M with me, I guess, for moral support.

And you know how Joana told us they had met on the bus? Apparently they weren’t alone, L and Bet were there too. I don’t want to talk about this subject with Charlie, but managed to ask him if something had happened or if there was something going on between them and he had no idea what I was talking about, apparently he’d mentioned something about a double date to L and he’d gone mental, said he’d never date B.

Am I crazy? Maybe I imagined all of it?



PD: Ned is here !!!


Date: 12 October 2016, 12:14
Subject: RE Charlie & Joana

Dear Lula,

Oh yes. So Ned came to pick up F yesterday to go get some tea, but F was at the shop where she volunteers and M said she could go instead. I know. They came back like four hours later and (sit down) he kissed her goodnighhhhhhhhht!! M said it was a tiny pecky kiss, but on the lips, so I say they’re dating—she’s not so sure, they haven’t got any date planned.

I’m done with classes today so I’m heading to Arndale to buy an outfit for tomorrow. I’ll send you pictures!



PS: I think I’d definitely go for the minty green in the living room over the damask wallpaper, it reminds me too much of nan’s. Speaking of which, how was lunch with her last week? She gets bored of our talks after a minute and hangs up on me! Can you believe it?


Date: 12 October 2016, 21:31
Subject: RE Charlie & Joana

You know what I like most about living by myself? I can buy jaffa cakes whenever I want to and eat them all in one go and no one says anything about it.



PD: Not that I have just now.