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Dear Lula

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Halls (Victoria Park)
Caroline Bingley, 17, first year International Business with French
Mary Crawford, 18, first year Law
Frances Bertram, 18, first year Global Health

Rented House (Didsbury)
Charlie Bingley, 20, Caroline's brother, third year Business & Sociology
Fitzwilliam 'Liam' Darcy, 20, Charlie's best friend, third year Biochemistry
Ela Deshmukh, 20, third year Biochemistry
Edward Ferrars, 20, third year Computer Science
Frank Churchill, 21, third year Business & Sociology, Buveurs Désolés bass player

Rented Flat (Northern Quarter)
Henry Crawford, 21, Mary's brother, graduated in Philosophy & Politics, Buveurs Désolés leader & guitarists
Ian 'Will' Willoughby, 20, English drop out, singer of Buveurs Désolés

Owned House (Victoria Park)
Edmund 'Ned' Bertram, 20, Frances' cousin, third year Religions & Theology
Mia Bertram, 19, Frances' cousin, second year History of Art
Julia Bertram, 18, Frances' cousin, first year Dentistry
Hal Tae, 20, Edmund's best friend, third year Religions & Theology

Rented rooms in shared-house (Rusholme)
Bet Benítez, 20, Erasmus from Barcelona, third year English
Joana Jardins, 20, Erasmus from Barcelona, third year English


Halls (Fallowfield)
Mayra Deshmukh, 17, Ela's sister, first year English
Bel Thorpe, 18, Mayra's flat-mate, first year English

Halls (Victoria Park)
Jamie Fashanu, 19, second year Computer Science, Buveurs Désolés drummer



Louisa 'Lula' Bingley, 23, Caroline and Charlie's sister, engaged to John Hurst



(Hon.) Richard Fitzwilliam, 21, Liam's cousin, four year Medicine