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Indescribable Events

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It's four in the morning, and Kageyama's mother is frantically clinging onto him with a scary grip, with her lips pursed and eyes honed onto the gash she created out of fury, oozing on his arm.

And though he knows it's such a stupid thought, his first realization is: I won't be able to play volleyball properly tomorrow.

Maybe it's because volleyball is his top priority- probably because he has nothing else valuable up there. Other than his friends. But due to his lack of social interaction with anyone outside of the team, he's never actually befriended anyone else, or even simply made acquaintances as he's sure others do not like him. He's fine with that, because it means less people will bribe him to share his lunch, like some dumbass-midget he knows.

So, volleyball and friends are somewhat of the same thing to him. Like a square and a rectangle. Volleyball is considered his friend, but friends aren't considered as volleyball.

Clinging onto that rather particular and humorous thought, Kageyama nearly misses the slam of a phone, shattered on the floor, below the clenched first of his mother's veined hand. "Tobio!" She screeches. "Why aren't you taking this seriously! If others see this, they'll know something's wrong!" She snarls. "It's your idiotic father's fault-"

She begins to rant.


He obscures his bitterness thoughts of her hypocrisy, as he carefully stares at her with an indifferent persona, and a blank mask. Yes, he knows he'll receive shit for it, she hates it whenever he makes such an expression, because apparently, it's him attempting to try and one-up her by not feeling 'respect and shame'. But he'd rather her see this countenance, instead of the disgust churning within him as that might spawn more trouble.

And it's not as if it's his father's fault, she was the one who didn't consider that his black eye would make a cut that would be visible on his arm unless if he covers it with long sleeves, look worse. She should've taken the black eye he gotten from his dad into her thought process before she made her move.

His left eye, though the swelling died, looks visibly nasty as it's crusted with puss and botched with his tender, purple skin etched deep with frightening and abnormal darkened veins, still looks worse than it really felt. His mother, though constantly paranoid that others will somehow find out about the blatant child abuse that stirs around in this household, still puts the image of a perfect marriage with a genius and prodigy son to risk.

And that's why she even bothered to care. Tonight, her anger and her inhibition center of her mind was clouded due to the buzz of the eight glasses of wine she drank an hour earlier-

Therefore just the fact that Kageyama didn't do the laundry caused her to plummet down the cliff of punishments. She probably had a really stressful day, though, in her defense.

Ergo, that's why she attempted to swing one the empty glass bottle at him, only for him, to instinctively raise an arm to defend his face. His reflexes, after years of volleyball, is probably the only reason why there's not a large shard of glass protruding out his face.

"If we call the hospital...surely they might find traces of wine in your cut...." She snaps, wringing her hands to herself. To Kageyama, if one's going to do something that'll surely shame others, then they might as well do it without the fear of being judged by others. If not, then they're just cowards.

But isn't he one, for refusing to stand up to his parents?

He really, really should've thought this through. He shouldn't have ran away. After all, it's fucking freezing outside, but that's somewhat fortunate because it's numbing the sharp throb that felt as if he wanted to cut off his arm rather than live through it, to a dull pressure. But unfortunately, he's wearing his Lilo and Stitch t-shirt that has zero-to-no protection against any sort of weather, and navy shorts that are covered in blood.


Really, he's used to bandaging his own wounds, so why is today, he felt such justified anger [when really, he probably deserved the beating because it was somewhat his fault for not telling his parents he was going to stay after], that he decided to run away?

And without anything?

Like at the most he could've at least grabbed a carton of milk. And, maybe another bottle of peroxide because he's getting worried he didn't disinfect his wound enough. He doesn't need an infection, it'd slow the healing process, which will prevent him from playing volleyball sooner.

All he has with him is his phone.

Which is useless because he has around only zero friends on there, and even though that's an exaggeration, nobody's going to be awake at four in the morning.

His fingers gripping useless on the thin device, he fumbles with it in his only good hand. He doesn't use his phone much, but even he's aware of Siri. 

And, since his hands are numb ad his fingers are constricting and refuse to cooperate like the rest of his life, he rasps out a few commands while his voice croaks from crying in the bathroom to himself earlier, and from just simply screaming at Hinata too much because that idiot ate all his lunch.

Not that he's fond of sharing his food with Hinata. Maybe Kageyama does like the idea of friends just a little bit, even though he's fairly quite inexperienced at this and Hinata is stupid.

"Hey, Siri," activating at the sound of his voice, Siri cheerily chirrups to indicate she's alive. "Call...Hinata Shoyou," even though he may not be using the actual contact name he put down for HInata [which is, 'Shrimp on Steroids' followed by multiple shrimp emojis], Siri recognizes the actual name and tinkles to life.

Sighing, he waits for Siri to obediently do her work when: 

"Calling, Tsaltyshima."

"Wait, what? No, SIRI-"

Tsukishima glares at the luminescent screen. 

Kag Jong Un. 

He doesn't need a call from Dictator III at four in the morning. However, feeling rather suspicious because it is four in the morning, he reluctantly picks up the call. However, he instantly regrets it, as he hears the other end-

"Fuck, no, Siri, stop, ugh-"

"King. What do you want?" He snarls into the speaker, not attempting to use the lilting timbre he usually conducts on Kageyama whenever he's mocking him. He'll do that later. "If you haven't noticed, you'll see me in two hours and there's no reason for you to call me right now." 

"R-ight." A stiff, indignant voice responds coldly. 

"Don't sound so arrogant when you called me first." Tsukishima hisses, careful not to wake up his brother. "Now, what do you want?" He adds vindictively, while collapsing back onto his bed, feeling sluggish from the abrupt wake-up call. Dammit Yamaguchi. Because even Tsukishima respects his friend's wishes, he decided to keep 'Status Quo' from Highschool Musical as his general ringtone. 

Good thing nobody ever calls him. Because he has no friends.

"N-nothing...I-h just wanted to call Hinata-" Tsukishima frowns. The other boy's voice is clipped and there's the obvious shakiness underneath his tone. He can easily identify the chattering of his teeth. 

"What are you doing?" He finally demands outright, getting somewhat annoyed, yet definitely curious at this turn of events.

For a moment, Kageyama really doesn't answer, and he had to pull his phone away from his ear to make sure he's still online and hadn't hung up. "Nothing. Go back to bed."

"Hey, King, stop treating me like a commoner who shouldn't know things. Where are you anyways?" Tsukishima blinks blearily, fully awake as he hears a roar and a distinctive honk in the background. Funny. He also hears a similar sound taking place outside the thin walls he has right now.  

"Um. I'm really not sure, that's why I called Hinata in the first place-"

"You're lost." He sums it up.


"For fuck's sake, King." Tsukishima scowls, struggling to maintain his lifting volume. "I-can you see a street name?"

"I'm standing next to this road, and a sign. It says Galley Pike?"

At that extremely familiar name, Tsukishima jackknifes upright on his bed, feeling despair and pure annoyance settle in him. Now, he's not a jackass, even though he's sure that he portrayed his image as one to Kageyama. So he wasn't planning on letting Kageyama die on him, even though he really wants to. And that takes a lot of effort, therefore, that should at least convey he's a good person, in his opinion.

But, this...

Last thing he needs is to inform Kageyama that he lives in the apartment complex he just said, and then invite him over. Quickly, Tsukishima struggles to yank open the blinds, ignoring Kageyama's muttering on how he should hang up and call Hinata.

Oh God.

There, standing like an absolute dumbass, is Kageyama, just below him and next to the apartment community's sign, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of shorts in fucking winter. And are those sandals?


So now if he really does tell Kageyama to fuck off, that boy's going to freeze to death because he has a white girl's chance in a horror movie that he'll be smart enough to even find his way back to his house.

And he has an even lesser chance, of making it halfway through Tsukishima's doorstep without being chopped in half and fed to his dog, Ichigo.

Tsukishima really doesn't mind Kageyama, but after their first encounter, something about the genius, just ticks him off to the point where he really considers just sicking Ichigo on him.

Really, he might be distant and perhaps arrogant to people, but Tsukishima doesn't actually try and berate and purposefully go out of his way just to push other people down, but for some reason, with Kageyama, Tsukishima's first impression of him just stuck. An arrogant asshole. And really, Tsukishima cannot stand his own kind, therefore, he finds himself berating Kageyama, calling him out, and desperately trying to discourage him. He wants to be the first to shatter his pride.

Yet Tsukishima lost to him on the very first day.

And he'll acknowledge that Kageyama's trying, that he's actually really a dork underneath that cold exterior built from just years of isolation and probably really bad parenting [seriously, an adult should not raise their kid to be so oblivious to how others see them], but still.

It's as if Kageyama's personality-rebirth as a kid who's trying their best to fix themselves, is just emphasizing Tsukishima's laziness on court, and his lack of motivation. As if his existence's sole purpose is to just constantly show Tsukishima in a bad light, so no difference as his old personality as the King of the Court. Kageyama, just existing, pisses him off. Because in every way possible, that kid makes him feel inferior even though Tsukishima has yet to even toss him a chance of winning a verbal battle between them, out of pity. That fucking kid.

And yeah, maybe that same kid is standing outside looking like he's lost [he is lost], in fucking negative degrees weather, but some sense of just disgusting self-preservation, wants Tsukishima to just send the lost boy to Yamaguchi, who actually lives in the apartment right next to them.

Then again, Yamaguchi actually needs sleep, and Tsukishima will be damned to ruin his closest [and probably realest, and only] friendship he has.

Yes, he's now fond, and he believes friends, with everyone else on the team, and actually, he and the other first-years have taken up each others' company with all of them hanging out with Yachi, and eating lunch together rather in their respective groups-

But still.

Nobody else will ever receive as much favor as Yamaguchi will, from Tsukishima.

And so, thinking rather sourly, this is for you, Yamaguchi, Tsukishima leans out his window, and shouts, "Hey, dumbass, why the fuck are you outside of my house?"

Tripped on a rock my ass. There's no way a fucking rock on the sidewalk could cause a graze this deep. And a rock doesn't explain why his eye looks like it died and decided to one day come back to life. Tsukishima would guess gang-fight, but he doubts anyone would approach Kageyama, who unconsciously wears a rather scary countenance to others, and looks as if he'd kill a family and then spit on a puppy. Even though he's pretty sure the only person Kageyama would ever punch is Hinata.

"You know, you've done a really shitty job." Tsukishima whispers, stroking the skin around the laceration, his fingertips carefully dancing around the blood.

"Shut up."

"You really are horrible at everything, you can't even take care of yourself." He snorts, as he begins to dab on peroxide, which causes Kageyama to cringe. At this, Tsukishima produces a noise of irritation, as he tightens his hold on Kageyama's wrist. "Keep moving," he breaks off his intense concentration of Kageyama's bloodied arm, and leans in to face Kageyama until their proximity are no longer two separate ones, but conjoined-

"And I will fucking spray this shit into your eyes." He finishes, and is satisfied when Kageyama flinches. 

It's five already, and Tsukishima's pretty sure he's not getting sleep for the rest of his night. If he's not getting shut-eye, then he might as well make do with Kageyama's, with that bottle of peroxide out of unrighteous revenge.

"You're an asshole."

"I will kick you out, bruised eye or not."


"Pretentious asshole." He bites, while nudging his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. "Also, shut up before I feed you to Ichigo."

"And how's a dog named 'Strawberry' going to hurt me?"

As if on cue, a Saint Bernard comes stumbling in a drunken manner, his tongue lolling out and his figure knocking over the water that Tsukishima was going to give Kageyama, onto the floor.

"He's huge."

"He comes from a tall family." He smirks. Yes, to Kageyama, Ichigo is quite big, but to Tsukishima, who's taller than him, the dog is rather average height.

"Jerk. You're only a couple inches taller than me."

"No wonder you fail to look down on me. And also, shh, we wouldn't want my family to wake up to such vulgar language, now, do we?"

"Fight me."

"Why would I want to fight a king, who uses his knights in a form of self-preservation? It's simply pathetic to cut down his defenses like that." Tsukishima sneers, and with his back turned to Kageyama as he grabs the gauze, he misses the flicker of hurt that had crossed the shorter boy's features.