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Light knew how people acted when they were in love. When people were in love, they trusted each other, they believed each other, they would do anything for each other.

And they did not accuse each other of being mass murderers.

Most people - the boring people - would react to love like that, he was sure. People tended to be predictable and boring. But L was not boring. Light wondered how he would react to being in love. It would be an interesting little experiment, even if it did not stop L from suspecting him. It might even be fun. Light smiled and absentmindedly wrote another name. He didn't even realize it was doing it. His hand was just so used to the movement, and his mind was just so eager to kill.


L was so pretty. Light wasn't quite sure what it was. The thick black marks beneath his eyes, etched by years of sleep deprivation? The eyes themselves, glassy and dark and easy to catch staring? Those long, pale, bony fingers? All of those things were ugly; the whole is more than the sum of its parts. He was so pretty, and yet so strange. Light treasured every glance; tucked them into his mind where he knew he could find them later, when he would need them.


Light leaned back and rubbed his head against the bed. There was quite a persistent itch at his crown (he loved the fact it was called that) and he couldn't exactly get rid of it with his fingers, seeing as he was firmly handcuffed. Ryuk cartwheeled past him in an apple-starved state of uncontrollable convulsion. This had been going on for days now and Light no longer found it amusing. Even if he had, laughing would be extremely suspicious.

"L?" he said to the ground. If L was there, he might be able to distract himself from the crushing boredom with a conversation.

And of course L was there. He always was. Light could picture him, crouching there on those pretty feet, his wide eyes darting from screen to screen to screen. "Light-kun," he replied, in that awful mangled voice that sounded like some kind of glitch. "What is it? Do you require anything?"

Light sighed and looked up at where he assumed the camera to be. There were probably multiple cameras, actually, but this was the most likely position. "I am lonely."

A computerized, quiet laugh hummed through the speakers. Definitely not sincere. "What do you expect me to do, Light-kun?"

"Please visit me."

"...I cannot risk an attack."

"I'm handcuffed and unarmed!"

"Kira does not need to be armed to kill."

"That would be a problem," Light sighed and slumped against the bed, "if I were Kira."

"You are Kira. The killings stopped as soon as you were imprisoned."

Ryuk started to contort on the bed. It was rather distracting. "Okay... You don't have to come."

"Is there anything else you would like, Light-kun?"

He paused. "Can I hear your voice? Please?"

There was the sound of knocks and clicks and bumps, and then L's voice, his wonderously smooth voice, was back. "Is this better, Light-kun?"

Light couldn't stop himself from smiling. "Yes. Much better. Thank you, Ryuzaki-kun."

"Much better? Hmm. Does Light-kun enjoy my voice?" There was a hint of a smile in the words, and Light grinned back. If it was a genuine smile that he could hear, perhaps his plan was already starting to work.

"Your voice is like music," he assured the detective. No reply came, and Light pretended he didn't miss the sound.


After a few hours of sleep, Light awoke. It was always hard for him to sleep with the handcuffs on. There were two options: lie on his front and cut off his breathing, or lie on his back and have the cuffs cut into his spine. Most nights he chose to cut into his spine. The bruise would probably look interesting.

When he sat up, he noticed that at the door, along with his breakfast (or, rather, daily few slices of bread) was a bowl of sugar cubes. After eating the bread, he let the sugar dissolve in his mouth. It tasted like how he imagined L would taste. He attempted to be as dignified as possible, but that was hard when he was shoving his face into a bowl and hoping he could grab some sugar in his teeth.

But he made sure he looked dignified when he stared straight at the camera and smiled.


The next day (or more accurately, period of wakefulness: there was no way to measure time here) when Light woke up, he rolled onto his side and was greeted by wide, glassy eyes. It took him a moment to figure out what was going on, and during that moment a sugar cube was pressed to his lips.

"L?" he began, but was cut off by the sugar cube being pushed in. He swallowed it as fast as he could, then cleared his throat.

L was crouched on the floor, balanced on the balls of his feet like usual, with a bowl of assorted candies held between his knees and chest. His dark eyes were focused on Light, and Light smiled at him. Being friendly would keep suspicion low.

"What are you doing here, Ryuzaki-kun?" he whispered.

L glanced from side to side. "You seemed to be having trouble eating yesterday," he said in his usual emotionless monotone. "I thought Light-kun might appreciate a visit from me."

"Why are you giving me candies?" he wondered.

L shrugged, and Light watched the thick white material settle over what must be a terribly malnourished body. "Would you prefer a strawberry bootlace or a caramel?"
"Uh... Strawberry bootlace?"

L looked into the bowl, then looked up at Light. "Light-kun," he said gently, "could you please sit up on the edge of the bed? I wish to sit with you."

Light obediently shuffled into position, his movements made awkward by the handcuffs. Once there was space, L hopped up onto the bed and perched on the edge next to Light. He extracted a strawberry bootlace from the candy bowl and dangled it over Light's waiting mouth. He ate it gratefully, and then smiled at L. "Thank you," he said quietly.

L stared at him with that childlike, curious gaze, then nodded. "Would you like me to remove your handcuffs?"

Light considered the possibilities. If he said yes, L would suspect that Kira just wanted to get free. If he said no, L might suspect he was being deliberately submissive in order to draw suspicion away from him. "Okay." Surely anybody would say okay, Kira or not. The cuffs fell away, and Light beamed. "Thank you so much, L-sama."

"Would Light-kun like another strawberry bootlace?"


L did not offer Light the candy bowl. Instead, he plucked out a strawberry bootlace and pressed it against Light's mouth.

As Light chewed, his arm snaked around L's waist. It was a movement carefully calculated to seem innocent and friendly, and it totally was innocent and friendly. Light had no ulterior motive. He just wanted L to love him so he would be easier to defeat, which might count as an ulterior motive if he was being pedantic. He brought his hand to a rest on the curve of L's hip.

L suddenly got up, tugging at his shirt. The candy bowl spilt all over the floor. "Enough, Light-kun!" he announced, and promptly left.


Later on, three guards arrived and put the handcuffs back on. Light smiled at the camera and licked sugar from his lips.