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The Exception to the Rule

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Jughead sat in his usual spot in the Blue and Gold offices staring at his laptop, trying (desperately) to think of anything other than Betty Cooper.

It'd been a week since he walked her home and they'd kissed, Betty thanking him for her burst of clarity.

They hadn't talked about it, and frankly that wasn't weird.

Jughead understood, exactly how she felt. Whenever they were with each other, which was constantly, they both felt a sense of peace.

Peace?! Jughead Jones?! He shook the thought.

Turning his attention to the blank chapter in front of him, he realized that "work" was a fruitless effort. He closed his laptop and slid it into his bag.

Slouching back into his chair and tugging at his beanie, he rested his hands on the back of his neck allowing himself to think of her.

She was intoxicating in all aspects of the word, everything about her was dizzy, warm and perfect to him. Jughead wasn't into booze, on account of his dads struggles, but he was beginning to understand what addiction might feel like.

He was never interested in girls, or anyone. He'd always thought that it, sex, was reserved for other people. People that were willing to chase after it, people that would let it become the only driving force in life.

Jughead hated the thought, so his impression of love and sex was forged early on. And having Archie as a best friend instilled this notion in his brain at a very young age. That kid was always chasing some girl.

Jughead too had known Betty his whole life, but only recently he found his thoughts enveloped by her. He'd never had anyone consume his thoughts, let alone a girl. But she wasn't just any girl, she was the brightest surprise of his young life. The warm sun in an otherwise cloudy sky that was his childhood. Given all of this he knew Betty, to what seemed like a tee. Jughead was no fool, nor was he a coward and he knew that if he wanted to keep her all to himself he would have to tell her, everything...always.

That thought scared him more than anything.

Betty rounded the corner to find him sitting there, right where she knew he'd be. Though he was a creature of habit, his mysterious nature always kept her guessing. She stopped at the threshold of the Blue and Gold to stare, for a moment, at the young man she'd grown so fond of. With his back towards her she could see the broadness of his shoulders, his large hands resting on the back of his neck with slim fingers laced and thick black waves escaping from under his trade-mark crown.

God, she found him so effortlessly handsome. He having only recently emerged from Archie's shadow, she truly saw him. He was tall, dark, smart and handsome. And from what her gut was telling her...all hers.

She tilted her head to the side and raised an eye brow, looking at his raven hair and thinking of herself running her hands through it, gripping onto it in the heat of passion. She inhaled deeply and let out an audible moan.

He spun around in his office chair with a smile "Hey Betts"

"Uh...Hi J-Jug" She stammered, shuffling forward closing the door behind her. He noticed her awkward steps and stood, crossing the room in three long strides

"You ok?" he smirked. She was normally so graceful and he wondered if maybe she was lurking in the doorway, thinking of him.

"Oh! Yea! Totally...Have you been waiting for me long?"

'my whole life' he thought dryly. "Not at all, I was just trying to get another chapter done in my book"

"Any Luck?" She asked dropping her back pack and cardigan onto her desk, next to his bag

"Not exactly" He shrugged

"Writer's block?"

"Not exactly"

"....Okay...what's up?" She asked stepping towards him, searching his face for some kind of clue or answer to questions she didn't even know she had.

This was it, This was his moment to let it all out. All the thoughts, fears, feelings and day dreams he's had since they kissed last. He could spill them out to her like he had in his head, reciting it. He trusted her more than anyone. But when he opened his mouth, nothing came out. He was shocked at his inability to form words. Jughead always had something to say, ranting about some injustice, and prided himself on his vocabulary. But now, when it really counted, all words escaped him.

She saw the distress on his face and grabbed his hands "Jughead, What's wrong?"

He looked deep into her eyes, willing words to come, finally He spoke "Nothing's wrong, Betty. I just....could you...or will you...uh. Really what I'm trying to say is....Can I, Can I call you mine?" His voice getting quieter near the end of his "sentence" until it was almost a whisper.

Her heart skipped in her chest, Jughead Jones was speechless. It was so very out of character and adorable. She smiled, tilting her head to the side "Jughead, I'm y-y..."

He didn't need for her to finish that, capturing her lips with his own. He knew, or rather felt what she needed and wanted and that was good enough for him. His instincts had been right and she was HIS girl.

They break apart breathless, still holding hands neither of them stepping away, basking in the afterglow. But Betty was far from done with him. She ran her hands up his hips and across his stomach. Then up his chest to his shoulders and back down to the "S" on his chest tracing it with a fingertip "I like this" she whispered looking back up to him, through her lashes.

"I like you" He sighed horsely hooking his thumbs into her belt loops, pulling her flush against him. She sighed in delight and kissed him gently at first but it became clear they were hungry for more. There was more passion and fever between them then they knew what to do with.

They both knew the other had any clue what to do next but Betty loved the feeling of loosing herself in his arms.

Jughead was surprised by his own confidence. She was sending out messages through her moans, body, and breathing that he recognized, understood, and acted on.

Their tongues danced together with such ease, each of them reading each others bodies and somehow knowing where to move next.

He broke away from her mouth, lightly tugging on her bottom lip and started placing kisses up her jawline to her ear, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine. He nibbled and sucked at her flesh as he traveled down her neck to her bare shoulder, she tasted like honey. She bucked her hips into him in response, he took note and repeated the process.

He slipped his hands under the thin straps of her top and bra allowing them to fall down her arms.

"Juggie..." She breathed.

He couldn't handle her calling him that. A once endearing nickname that was reserved for a small few, now sounded horse. Like a growl full of need, it sounded like a plea. It was the perfect combination of too much and not nearly enough.

Her hands were planted on his chest but were creeping their way up slowly to hook around the back of his head, pulling him closer to her, locking onto his lips again.

His hands now resting on the small of her back and ass their kiss deepened, he can feel himself melting into her. Tasting every inch of her sweet mouth.

With his hands firmly placed he started backing up pulling her with him, hoping to feel that ugly office couch behind them. When he finally feels it on the calves he flops down abruptly, breaking their kiss.

She giggles, looking at his how seated position "We should probably get some work done before school's finished"

Jughead knew Betty didn't care about the work, she was just trying to be a "good" girl. But he knew better.

"Yea? Work, huh?" He said looking up through a loose curl that had fallen in-front of his eye.

She felt her knees weaken looking into his baby blues. He smiled at her, and she was hooked. He had her heart hook line and sinker.

He reached up grabbing her fingers lightly, tugging her down to him. She straddled his lap without a second thought pressing her lips to his in one smooth motion. He groaned into her mouth, moving his hands up under the back of her shirt.

Nothing felt off limits, they were in each others hands, trusting they were free to explore without fear. They both sank deeper into their kiss loosing all sense of the "real world"

Betty roamed her hands down and back up his arms to his strong shoulders then up his neck and into his dark hair, pushing his beanie off, it tumbling down beside them. Grasping two hand-fulls of his thick hair she tugged, harder than she intended. She thought that and loosing his "security blanket" would trigger a pause. But Jughead hardly noticed that or the pain, grinding himself to her with a moan of approval.


They both froze, breaking their kiss, Jughead peaked around Betty to see Veronica standing in the doorway of the Blue and Gold. He looked back at Betty, who looked terrified.

"It's ok Betts, It's just Ronnie" He smiled, looking into her wide green eyes. He quickly pulled is crown back on, helping Betty slip her straps back up over her shoulders. She smiled coyly at him, mouthing 'thank-you' he winked back.

"JUST Ronnie?!" Veronica spat back

"Hey Ron, What are you doing here?" Betty asks standing, tugging her shirt down and turning to face her best friend

"Um, Earth to Cooper, You asked me to meet you here. After here I am...after school...We're still going to Pop's, yes?" The raven haired beauty asked an eye brow raised. Betty had completely forgot and clearly lost track of time, in a big way.

"Yes! Sorry Ronnie! Just let me grab my things"

"Jug, you're welcome to come too, I asked Archie to meet us there" Veronica said.

"Sure, But only if you're treating"