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Harry Potter, Master of Hogwarts

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Chapter I – A Summer of Sin.

Hermione was sitting in the back of her dad’s car, twiddling an altered galleon with ‘EG’, her mother’s initials, on it. She couldn’t understand why Harry had slipped her the coin through Narcissa, because it essentially enabled her to control her mother in any way she wanted. This would be fine if she didn’t get on with her mother, or they argued frequently, but her relationship with her mum was more like best friends now, instead of just mother and daughter.

Through Harry’s harem, she was now a mother of her own, to ten children, and three of her fellow members were soon to be in labour with more. Ginny and Romilda had gone into labour moments after departing the train at Kings Cross, she was thankful that the Weasleys practiced some muggle customs, such as phones.

“How are your friends doing Mione?” Emma asked as they rounded the corner in to their driveway.

“Stable, but their contractions have begun” Hermione said quickly, unfastening her seatbelt.

“I must say it seems odd that two different friends of yours are giving birth at the same time. It’s almost as if, they were knocked up at the exact same time.” Her dad said as they got out of the car.

“Jim!” Emma almost yelled at her husband. “Don’t use such crass language!”

“’Knocked up’ isn’t crass Em.” Jim Granger remarked. “If I had said the ‘f’ word instead, that would have made it crass language.”

“Please don’t argue over something petty please” Hermione whined. Her parents were happily married for years, but tended to argue over the little things, like semantics, details and insignificant matters.

“Sorry dear, wouldn’t want to upset our pregnant daughter now, would we?” Jim joked as they walked into their small detached house, on the outskirts of Oxford.

“Dad! I’m not even three months pregnant yet!” She complained, dragging her cases into the house. “A little stress isn’t dangerous yet”.

“Can’t take any chances” Emma said, taking the cases from her and piling them at the bottom of the stairs.

“Ugh, I’ll be in my room if you need me” Hermione grunted before rushing upstairs and closing her bedroom door behind her. Her room was almost immaculate, it was clearly not lived in for several months, but there were the same piles of books, scattered around the room, and parchments covering the desk, as well as certain areas on the floor. “Just how I left it!” Hermione breathed before lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, where she had previously taped a moving picture of her, Ron and Harry, from their second year.


Harry, Tonks, Narcissa and the young Lilith Black were seated around the long dining room table, eating dinner in absolute quiet, with the little baby’s giggles and gurgles being the only noise. It had been a week since he had returned from Hogwarts, and had been living with Narcissa for one week, with Tonks watching their every move. Due to her interference, Harry and Cissa had been ultra-secretive with their relationship, kissing, hugging and caressing when Tonks was occupied, but never sleeping together, out of fear of being caught.

“So Cissy” Tonks said after several minutes of uncomfortable silence. “Who’s the father of ‘Lilith’ Malfoy?”

“Lilith Black, she was born after I divorced Lucius” Narcissa said sternly, but keeping an amused face whilst feeding Lilith. “And he’s not the father, thankfully.”

“So you’ve finally seen that marrying him was a mistake, good for you” Tonks snarled, her hair flashing fiery red. “But you’re dodging the question, what are you hiding?”

“What do you think she’s going to say? You’re trying to put your aunt down, despite how you are clearly happy she split from Malfoy, so why try to put her down more?” Harry interrupted, standing up and looking directly into Tonks’ eyes.

“Because she was so loyal to that bastard for at least thirteen years, even after birthing another bastard Malfoy, she stuck with him.” Tonks snarled, standing up and staring back at Harry. Narcissa shielded her daughter as the two butted heads across the table.

“So what?” Harry yelled, restraining himself from using the coin, knowing it would cause too many questions, plus he didn’t really know Tonks. “Be thankful she’s switched sides, with Voldemort back, we need someone of her power on our side. As I understand, it the Black family fallen into darkness in recent years, with Bellatrix being a prime example.”

“That bitch is NOT a Black!” Tonks yelled. “She gave up the name when she married Rodolphus!”

“By that logic, neither are you!” Narcissa waded into the conversation. “Andromeda married into a muggle family, against the family wishes, she gave up the Black name as well!”

“We’re more like the Black name, than you are, even with cutting ties from that snake-fucker Lucius!” Tonks yelled, her wand appearing in her hand, as Narcissa followed suit. Suddenly the table was thrown across the room, as the two witches began duelling; Harry ran to one side and protected Lilith, knowing he was unable to use magic whilst outside of Hogwarts. Suddenly the duellists froze, Tonks stared at Harry shielding the baby with surprise on her face, as little Lilith caressed his face affectionately.

“That explains it” Tonks breathed, her eyes focusing on the baby’s eyes, next to Harry’s, noticing immediately they were the same. “So Lilith Black is really Lilith Potter. You cheated on your husband with a minor!”

“I didn’t cheat!” Narcissa nearly screamed at her niece, she composed herself before speaking, moving toward Harry and Lilith as she did. “It’s not cheating when there is no love in a relationship, but being so young you can’t understand.”

“Then enlighten me, tell me how someone so stuck up as you, had sex with the Boy-who-lived, and mothered his first child, when he’s only fourteen.” Tonks remarked, crossing her arms and leaning most of her weight on to her right leg.

“I’m not sure why I did it, but one moment I’m my old, icy self, the next I feel an incredible urge to find Harry and fuck his brains out.” Narcissa began, pacing in front of Harry, sitting on the floor cradling a crying Lilith.

“He used the imperious curse on you?” Tonks asked, looking down at Harry, who furiously shook his head.

“I only learnt about the Unforgivables last year, Professor Mood… I mean Barty Crouch junior, disguised as Moody, taught us about them in our first Defence Against the Dark Arts class.” Harry said in a soft tone, whilst he caressed Lilith’s black hair, trying to nurse her into a peaceful sleep.

“As I was saying, I felt the urge, and I obeyed it.” Narcissa said firmly, getting the topic of conversation away from Harry. “And when we made love, it was the first time in my life that I actually enjoyed sex. Yes it was wrong for me to fuck a minor, but I genuinely felt loved as I did. And despite my vague memory of the event, when I learnt I was pregnant, I knew that it wasn’t Lucius, that there was someone out there actually loved me, and I hence divorced him.” Narcissa knelt down and helped Harry to his feet, as Lilith drifted off to sleep in his arms.

“But I thought Harry was with the Granger girl, and that she was pregnant with his child as well.” Tonks puzzled for a moment. “So you’re in a three-way relationship with Miss Granger as well?”

“There are more witches that Harry has taken into his heart, he loves every one of us, we all love each other and,” Narcissa said defiantly, pushing the neckline of her dress aside to reveal the inked ‘HP’ and the lightning bolt over her heart. “We love him!”

Tonks was stunned by the revelations, in the past week she had learnt little about Harry, other than the stuff everybody already knew. But in the last half an hour she had learnt the key facts that had eluded her; Harry was Lilith’s father, Narcissa and Harry were in love, and that the Skeeter bitch had been right all along, there WAS a harem in play at Hogwarts, and Harry was the head of it. She still didn’t know however; who else was a part of it and what had caused so many witches to flock to Harry’s bed.

“What are you going to do now Tonks?” Harry asked, as Narcissa wrapped an arm around his waist. “You’ve got the evidence you need to throw my reputation into the media fire, Skeeter had created with that blasted article.” He felt Narcissa give him a reassuring squeeze at the mention of the article that had started this mess. “You going to report to Fudge, give him the evidence he needs to besmirch my claims that Voldemort IS back, that me and Dumbledore are up to something with this ‘claim’?”

Tonks looked at Harry, then Narcissa, then Lilith in his arms, seeing how close they were, and realising that the other witches must feel the same way.

“I, I need to think about this, make sure I’ve got everything sorted in my head before I make my decision. Good night Mr Potter, Lilith, Aunt Cissy. Sorry for wrecking your dining room.” Tonks said quietly, before turning and hurrying upstairs.

“Use the coin!” Narcissa hissed urgently, when they were sure Tonks was out of earshot.

“I’m not forcing her to forget everything, and act natural while we show our love more publically.” Harry hissed back.

“I’m not saying that!” Narcissa breathed, gently taking Lilith out of his arms, and holding her close to her chest. “I’m saying, use the coin for what it is MEANT to be used for. Show her the same love you show the harem, and maybe she’ll come over to our side naturally.”

“You saying the Book will help me convince her?” Harry said in a hushed tone, as they heard movement upstairs.

“The book is ashes covering northern England Harry, but its copy, and the version in your head live on.” Narcissa said in a low tone, as they began to walk upstairs.

“It’ll take more than the control coin to convince her.” Harry whispered.

“Then use more than it to compel her” Narcissa smiled at Harry’s obvious solution. “Use something else from the book, to make her understand our point of view.”

“Like what?” Harry hissed as they entered Narcissa’s room, locking the door behind them and Cissa cast ‘Muffliato’ on the door, so they could speak at a regular volume.

“Accio Spellbook” Narcissa said, and the copy of the Spellbook of Desires shot across the room, from Harry’s trunk and landed in her arms. “Let’s have a look, we’ve got plenty of time to convince her, it is a weekend, and I know from experience that the Minister takes the weekends off.”

Harry and Narcissa then spent the entire night, flicking through page after page of spells, potions and all manner of implementing a wizard or witches’ sexual perversions, trying to find one that would help them persuade Tonks to keep their secret.


Hermione, meanwhile, was not having everything quite so easy. Despite the luxury that many children desire, of having her parents essentially caring to her every need, they were literally making sure she could do nothing for herself. This frustrated her to no end, until finally she decided that she had to bind her mother to the control coin, and use it to give her a bit of space.

Hermione knew she couldn’t use magic outside of school, so ‘Stupefy’ was out of the question, and she remembered the book explicitly outlining that the subject had to be unconscious for the binding to take place, which also ruled out binding her mother whilst she slept. She had no choice but to do it the old fashioned way, with a heavy object, though it would take a bit more explaining than a quick stunner, it would land her in less trouble with the Ministry.

She waited until the following Monday, when her father would be at work in London, and her mother would be alone with her in the house to enact her insane plan. Under the pretence of cleaning the kitchen, she mopped the tiled floor, except for the area by the door, where she applied a thin layer of olive oil, to make her mother slip and bang her head against the kitchen work surface. Hermione felt the plan belonged in Home Alone, not reality, but she knew it would knock her out long enough to bind the coin to her.

“Mum! Could you come and inspect my work!” She yelled down the hall.

“Coming dear!” Emma yelled back. Hermione slipped the coin into her hand as her mother entered. “Oh it looks wonderful dear, I…whoa!” Emma slipped as planned and hit her head on the wooden kitchen side, knocking her out instantly as she fell to the floor. Hermione quickly cleaned up the oil from the floor and her mother’s slippers, before lifting up the back of her top and pressing the coin into the small of Emma’s back.

After the bonding, Hermione managed to get Emma into a sitting position, and grabbed a frozen bag of peas and pressed it to her head, as she started to come around, the control coin safely back in her pocket.

“Easy mum” Hermione breathed gently, applying the frozen bag to the bump on her mother’s head. “You slipped on the wet floor, my fault for not warning you about it in advance. I’m sorry.” Emma smiled weakly as she woke up.

“My fault Herm, I should have checked before entering.” Emma said slowly, as she sat up, and held the icepack to her sore head. “Not the first time I’ve slipped on this floor if I’m honest, it’s almost becoming a habit.”

“So, does that mean I did a good job in cleaning the kitchen?” Hermione said smiling, trying to get the conversation away from the incident.

“I’d say you’ve done a wonderful job Mione, but you really shouldn’t have, not in your condition.” Emma said as she was helped to her feet. Hermione slid her hand into her pocket and squeezed it.

“I’m fine with doing manual tasks, it won’t endanger the baby!” She muttered as her mother walked back to the living room. Emma froze, received the orders and turned.

“Actually, I think it is okay for you at this early stage, it won’t harm the baby yet” Emma said smiling, before walking out of sight.

“Holy shit!” Hermione muttered, “I’ve enslaved my mother!” She felt a twinge in her pussy at the thought. “And I’m turned on by it! What the fuck is wrong with me?” She hurried back upstairs and quickly tucked the coin under her pillow, as her horniness grew. ‘Must think of Harry!’ she thought, trying desperately to tear her mind off her mother as she began to finger herself. She whipped off her top and slid out of her jeans before massaging her breasts and continuing to finger herself.

She tried to think of anything she could; Harry’s cock in her ass, his cock impregnating her three months ago, the harem orgy in the Room of Requirement, her numerous bouts with Fleur. But no matter how hard she tried, images of her mother naked appeared in her head. A twisted scenario where her own mother knelt down and licked her pussy filled her head, and the vivid imagery quickly brought her to orgasm. When the pleasure had faded away, she quickly realised what she had just done, and she was repulsed by it.

“Why do I have sexual cravings for my mother?” she muttered to herself, ‘is it a weird pregnancy craving I’m having, that I desire my mother eating my pussy?’ She flew to her desk, sitting in the chair and pulling out a muggle library book on pregnancy, flicking to the section on ‘Cravings’.

For most women, pregnancy food cravings fall into just a few categories: sweet, spicy, salty, or occasionally sour. Surveys show only a scant 10% of pregnant women crave fruits and veggies during pregnancy, with a desire to gobble down foods such as peaches, blueberries, or broccoli not high on the “must have” scale.

“What about desiring your own mother to eat your pussy?” Hermione snarled in a low tone at the book, as she continued to read.

If you do find yourself craving any non-food item, experts say see your doctor immediately…

‘Oh that’s just great, I got to tell some quack that I’m experiencing an overwhelming sexual desire for my mother’ Hermione ranted in her head. ‘As if I don’t have people staring at me enough at home because I’m a bookworm, now I got to add incestuous whore as well.’ She leaned back in her chair, her eyes fixing on Harry’s smiling face staring down at her.

“I know, I’ll write to Harry, maybe it’s a side-effect of the book” she said excitedly, quickly pulling out a piece of parchment and a quill and scrawling a note to Harry.

She then quickly redressed, sealed her letter in an envelope and hurried out of the house with a quick ‘bye’ to her mum, before rushing to the local church. She had discovered after her first year that the local church included an Owlery, used by the magical community in the surrounding towns. She hurried into the bell tower, and on to the church roof, where it was concealed from muggle eyes.

“Afternoon Miss Granger” the vicar said greeting her like he usually did. “What’s it today?”

“Letter to my boyfriend, nothing special” she gasped, quickly trying to catch her breath.

“Ah a boyfriend eh? Anyone local?” The vicar chuckled as an owl landed on his arm, and he gave it a treat, before it took Hermione’s letter and flew off.

“Not local no, but rather famous” Hermione said, finally getting her breathing under control. “Harry Potter” The vicar went pale.

“Blimey Miss Granger, you are certainly lucky” he said beaming at her, and shaking her hand roughly, his hands were cold and clammy. “Is what the Prophet says about him true? Does he have a harem of unwilling witches?”

“No vicar, it’s just me” Hermione lied, feeling guilty about lying on a church roof to a man of God. “That story was malicious rumour by Skeeter, to throw mud on his chances of winning the Triwizard Cup.”

“And is the dark lord really back?” He quickly asked, as she turned to leave. She simply nodded and hurried down the stairs. All the way home she felt like she was being watched, and it unnerved her to no end.