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We All Write In A Pokemon World

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“This is so great, Lotus! Now that you know Surf, we can finally travel out to Cianwood City and get that medicine (andalsobeatthegymleader) so we can heal Jasmine’s Pokemon!”

My Quagsire croaked and smiled up at me. I assume it was a smile. It’s about the only expression I’ve seen on her.

Ah, how naive and foolish I was. Growing up in Johto, I’d gone to the beach with my mom quite a few times, but was never able to go very far into the water because of the Tentacool that inhabited the waters offshore. Anyone who went in without a Pokemon for protection was just asking for trouble.

As it turns out, any trainer who ventured into the water without either some good repels or a few dozen doses of antidote was just stupid.

And that’s the story of how I had to carry my poor Quagsire to shore after failing to shake a particularly curious school of the little slimy jellyfish fucks.

Goddamn Tentacool.