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Kallen The Black Knight

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Date: Friday September 1st, 2017 

Location: The Riverheights Hotel

Room 94

Tokyo Settlement

Time: 8:00 PM

I can't believe I ever could get into this situation. I knew Milly loved me, I knew from the very moment she saw me six months ago she wanted me... desired me... hungered for me... however, despite every time my heart pumps... skips a beat... the sight of beautiful sexy curves the... everything about her. My loyalty and love is for Raynare alone, at least that's what I thought, but when I told Ray my feelings for Milly she said that it's fine... that she would share me with Milly. An even more surprising development is that Milly even roped Shirley, Akeno and Sophie into this. I simply sigh at the sight before me, Milly blocking the door in front of me along with Shirley and Raynare -all three are naked and seductive.- I'm just glad both Sophie and Akeno are on a mission right now.

I shake my head and sigh again, "Milly are you sure about this?"

Milly merely smirks, "Of course Kallen," Milly licks her lips. "Now then I'm the dominate one in this relationship!"

I smirk myself, "Not on your life Milly Ashford! Anyway," I turn to both Shirley and Ray. "You two support this?"

Ray gives me an evil smirk while Shirley just blushes, then after a few more seconds nod in unison. I give the three a wide lecherous grin, "So who's first?"

Milly seductively walks forward, "First Kallen, take off all your clothes."

I blush crimson as I comply to Milly's commands. It takes me several minutes before I remove everything. Shirley shyly blushes while Ray licks her lips. It's surprising that Shirley -Considering how shy she is- is the first one to lunge forward and pin me to the King sized bed, knocking the breath out of me. Before I can close my mouth, Shirley thrusts her tongue into my mouth and begins sucking... licking and thrusting wildly. I wrap my arms around her and take control of the kiss, afterwards we begin thrusting and bucking into each other... our arousal for each other is causes us to begin to moan wildly. Suddenly I hear a humph from Milly before she saying in a snippy voice, "No fair! Ray, we should punish Kallen severely for this!"

Ray growls, "Defiantly Milly! Shirley move over it's our turn!"

Shirley groans while we're still kissing then pulls her tongue out of my mouth and cranes he neck to look at Milly and Ray, "Only if you two pleasure us both!"

Both Ray and Milly snigger, then without saying any words they move over to the bed. Shirley moves over to allow Ray to crawl onto the bed and up to my face. As soon as we're at eye level, Ray smiles mischievously then she lowers her head to my breasts. Ray then takes one hand and begins messaging my left breast and tit while she plunges her mouth onto my right breast and begins using her tongue to lick, suck and massage my tit, causing me to cry out in ecstasy. Milly also climbs onto the bed, "Kallen spread your legs for me."

I oblige, with this she then attacks my clit and violently begins licking, sucking, nibbling, thrusting and pumping with her tongue. I cry and moan in further ecstasy. Shirley manages to navigate and climb up to my eye level and licks her lips -Signalling she wants to invade my mouth again- I open my mouth, thus allowing her mouth and tongue entrance. After this we begin sucking and licking inside our of mouths with our tongues. I moan in ecstasy inside Shirley's mouth and wrap my legs around Ray, causing Milly to indulge even more in pleasuring my clit with her tongue.

The Three of us begin simultaneously bucking, thrusting and moaning in unison. Ray suddenly stops pleasuring my breasts only to move her hands on ether side of them and the pushes them together in order to then thrust her mouth onto my tits, from there she uses her tongue to massage them simultaneously.

Suddenly I hear the door open and then I hear Akeno's voice, "OH! this is hot and steamy! Don't mind me and Sophie because we're going to join in, please don't stop. With that as the three of us keep screwing both Akeno And Sophie undress, leaving nothing, but their seductive naked bodies to arouse the three of us.

Both Akeno and Sophie seductively glide over to us. Once they both reach us, they both climb into bed with us. Sophie moves behind Milly and thrusts her womanhood into Milly's ass and begins thrusting and bucking. Meanwhile Akeno crawls towards and in front of Sophie and artfully straddles Milly then the two thrust their tongues into each others mouths and begin sucking on each others tongues while simultaneously bucking and thrusting into Milly in unison. All this is too much for me as cum then orgasm. Milly begins drinking my cum as it comes out. This only serves to entice Milly to plunge her tongue deeper, causing me another orgasm.

Shirley suddenly begins to cum then moan as our tongues lick, suck, crease and massage in unison.


We pull away only to see Becky and Chloe pushing Marika Soresi and Liliana Vergamon -All four naked- Into the room. Becky smirks triumphantly, "Kallen can you break these two sluts?"

I smirk, "Of course love!"

It won't take me long to break Vergamon and Soresi!

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Location: The Riverheights Hotel

Room 94

Tokyo Settlement

Time: 8:00 PM

It doesn't take long before both Vergamon and Soresi are thrown onto the bed. I manage to pin both girls onto the bed before I thrust my wet pussy onto Vergamon's exposed clit and begin thrusting and bucking into her, after which I thrust my tongue into my new lover while my fingers pleasure her breasts. Vergamon tries to protest, but I fuck her harder and faster, suddenly I hear Soresi snarl, "That's my girlfriend bitch! and-"

Before Soresi can utter another word I stop pleasuring Vergamon with my fingers and tongue and quickly thrust my tongue into Soresi protesting mouth. my fingers then begin pleasuring Soresi's breasts and tits. As I forcefully suck on Soresi's tongue, Akeno captures Vergamon's lips and forcefully begins screwing her with vigor. Without warning I feel a wet tongue injected into my anus and then... pure unadulterated pleasure.

In a giddy voice I hear Becky giggle, "Ray's gotten jealous if your wondering who's pleasuring you just now. Milly you mind helping Kallen break Soresi?"

Milly giggles, "Sure, first I'll pleasure her clit!"

A minute or so later Soresi manages to semi-gasp, thus causing me to pleasure Soresi's mouth and tongue even more. After a few more minutes I stop, then quickly lower my head to Soresi's breasts, after which I violently begin altercating between her luscious breasts as I suck, lick and massage them lustfully with my tongue and mouth. Soresi tries to resist by kicking and thrashing, but it only makes me and Milly fuck her more. Vergamon also tries resisting, but it's no use, suddenly both me and Vergamon cum simultaneously. Now that our clits are now wet with each other's cum, I begin thrusting harder and faster into Vergamon's pussy.

I'm glad both Becky and Chloe don't use Allure because I wish to break them the old fashioned way. Soon these two will be my personal servants and will care about nothing but to pleasure me. I suddenly have a wicked idea, I stop what I'm doing and scoop both Vergamon's and my cum from our clits with my fingers -Causing Vergamon to moan with pleasure into Akeno- and move them above Soresi's mouth. I smirk, "Soresi suck!"

Soresi's eyes widen and hesitates before grimacing and begins to suck and lick the cum off my fingers -Individually.- While this is happening I simultaneously begin to thrust and buck my wet soaking pussy into Vergamon again, surprisingly she voluntarily wraps her legs around my waist and begins bucking and thrusting with savage vigor into me. A split second later we begin thrusting and bucking in unison.

Inexplicably Soresi becomes aggressive and begins swirling her tongue around my individual fingers with obsession. A few minutes later -After she licks my fingers clean- she pulls away and smirks, "Me and Lily are addicted to each others juices, I want more!"

I seductively smirk at my newest conquest, "Ah, Ah, first tell me what you know about Cornelia's plans first!"

Soresi glares at me and snarls, "Never! I rather die than betray Britannia! I may like to fuck, but my allegiance is to-"

I quickly shush her and smirk, "Oh Soresi you don't know how wrong you really are!"

At this, I return to ravaging my newest future servant.

One Month Later...

Date: Saturday, October 1st, 2017

Location: The Riverheights Hotel

Room 94

Tokyo Settlement

Time: 8:00 AM

It has taken us a entire month, but both Vergamon and Soresi are now addicted to me -Hah who knew the ever defiant Marika Soresi would be the first one to be sexually addicted to me. Now she makes any excuse to have sex with me, knowing this I made a few rules: 1: No sex in public (especially during class) 2: No sex when I'm on important business and 3: Don't even attempt to seduce me in front of anyone except if I give the ok (example: It's ok while in the presence of my harem).

Anyway, both Vergamon and Soresi are currently fucking each other, at the same time I'm pleasuring Vergamon's clit with my tongue while simultaneously -And in unison- pumping my fingers into Soresi's clit's inner walls.

An hour later we stop and pull away, after taking a few minutes to catch our breaths I seductively crawl up to Vergamon's face and thrust my cum filled tongue into my lover's mouth, from there we begin sucking on each others tongues. Soresi not liking that her object of sexual addiction and lust ignore her, she quickly moves to my pussy and begins pleasuring it with her tongue. I lustfully wrap my legs around Soresi and begin bucking and thrusting into her.

As me and Vergamon tongue suck with lust we begin seductively thrusting and rubbing our breasts together. After a several minutes we pull away only for me quickly move to her breasts and suck, lick and coat both her tits with my saliva. Vergamon begins thrusting her ample chest back and forth so we can satisfy our lustful desires even more.

Two Hours later we stop to catch our breaths again. I sigh, "Now before we go back to pleasuring each other again, Marika tell me what Cornelia's plans for the JLF at Narita are."

Soresi simply smirks both lustfully and hungrily looks at me before replying, "Mistress Kallen, Cornelia plans to..."

Chapter Text

Two hours later...

Location: Tokyo Settlement

Classified B lack Knight's Base

Time: 10:00 PM

"So That's what Cornelia's planning!"

I nod, "Correct Zero. If the Britannian's manage to eliminate the JLF at Narita then the bitch will be coming for us next, not to mention it will cripple our efforts to liberate Japan due to the fact the JLF for all their infectiveness was the only group standing as a legitimate threat to Britannia for seven years."

"Damn straight," I turn to Becky. "It's true Kallen so now we have to save the JLF's useless asses. The only real gems in that pile of shit is Tohdoh and his holy swords."


"Damn it! we have to do something!"

Zero sighs, "Of course we do Tamaki that's what we are discussing right now."

Chloe raises her hand, "Before we continue, Marika managed to capture a Britannian soldier, Valletta Nu I think her name was. Anyway we should discuss saving the JLF first."

I nod and smile wickedly, "We have four days to prepare for the impending Britannian assault on the JLF, luckily I've come up with a solution and your going to love it...

Three hours later...

Location: Tokyo Settlement

Classified B lack Knight's Base

Kallen's Room

Time: 1:00 PM

"Get in bitch and pleasure my mistress!"

I smirk at Marika tossing in Villetta -Whom is as naked as a jaybird- Onto my bed. I look over to see Lelouch staring at our newest fuck toy like a predator, I match his predatory gaze with my own. Villetta glares at us with hate filled eyes, however this doesn't deter us. I crawl onto the bed and pin a pissed off Villetta down, after which Lelouch moves up to my ass and plunges his cock into my anus and begins pumping -Causing me to moan in ecstasy.-

For breaking Villetta I called in Milly, Shirley, Lily, Sophie, Becky, Chloe, Ray and C.C. I move my clit onto Villetta's and begin thrusting and bucking into it with vigor. I then lower my head to her breasts and quickly thrust my mouth onto one of them and begin to alternate between her tits as I suck and lubricate them with my salivating tongue. Both Milly and Ray quickly move to both sides of her neck and begin licking and coating it with their salivating hot tongues. Shirley suddenly moves in and thrusts her tongue into Villetta's mouth and begins sucking and lubricating her tongue with lust. Both Becky and Chloe begin incestuous sex with each other. The first thing they do is begin to suck on each others tongues. Sophie crawls up to were Villetta and Shirley are kissing, upon seeing Sophie, Shirley pulls away, once done Sophie trusts her tongue into Villetta's mouth. Milly suddenly stops what she's doing and glides over to me. I stop pleasuring Villetta and turn to face Milly, in seconds she thrusts her wet tongue to my mouth and we begin to lustfully tongue suck.

With lust, passion, devotion and true love for each other we suck, lick and massage each others tongues and mouths. both Shirley and Ray suddenly takes advantage of Villetta's exposed breasts and moves in and begins simultaneously and in unison begins sucking on her (Villetta's) breasts and tits. Lily feeling left out seductively purrs, "Lulu fuck me impregnate me!"

Milly smirks, "Take the slut Lulu, claim her!"

Lulu chuckles, "with pleasure, Lily pleasure me!"

Without saying a word Lily rushes up to Lulu and begins to please her master with lustful vigor. Lustfully moaning, C.C. crawls up to me and Milly and thrusts her tongue into my mouth, after witch we begin to tongue suck. With lustful intent, Milly swiftly begins sucking on my breasts while lubricating my tits with the tongue -Her saliva is hot and sticky.- I moan in ecstasy before I orgasm then cum onto our new sex toy (Villetta). Despite the pleasure, Villetta still manages to struggle, however in a matter of mere months she will beg to be fucked and serve me like Lily and Marika do already.

Ah I can feel Lelouch's cock hardening as her trusts and bucks into anus as I continue to fuck Milly and C.C.


All of us stop what we are doing -Lulu pulls his hardened cock out of my ass- So we can see what's going on. We are all in total shock to see Claire, Akeno and Rias tossing a naked Suzaku into the room -The Three girls are naked as well- I smirk in delight...

 Location: Tokyo Settlement 


Classified B lack Knight's Base

Kallen's Room

Time: 1:10 PM

Upon seeing Lelouch, Claire manages to recover and march's up to Lelouch and kisses him on the lips, after this the two begin thrusting their tongues into each other as they passionately kiss each other. I smirk and decide to pleasure Suzaku, So I saunter over to him and grab his arm and throw him onto the bed. After this I begin sucking his cock and pleasure it with my tongue. Both Claire and Lulu comes over and crawls onto the bed only to pin Claire to the bed and thrust his cock onto Claire's hungry open mouth. As this is happening, I begin pleasuring my new lover with zeal. After a while I move from Villetta so the girls can fuck her senseless. C.C. crawls over only to pleasure my pussy with my tongue. It doesn't take long before Suzaku is cumming into me, I begin drinking his cum with lustful vigor.

A hour later...

Time 2:10 

I stop sucking and allow a blushing Suzaku to thrust his now hardened erect cock into my anus and begin moaning in pleasure as he thrusts and bucks into me. After a bit I look up to see Milly stop pleasuring Shirley's clit only for her to seductively move up to me and thrust her cum filled tongue into my own cum filled mouth. -Shirley begins fingering her clit and begins to moan wildly- The cum and semen from Suzaku's cock swirls and swishes and combines with Shirley's juices from Milly's mouth to create a beautiful taste of pure exotic pleasure.

As we thrust and buck into each other C.C. picks up speed, causing me cum into C.C's mouth, this in turn causes me to thrust my tongue deeper into Milly's mouth. Both our tongues pick up speed as moan in lustfully ecstasy. After a while Milly moves down to my breasts and begins sucking on my tits with obsession. I look over to see Rias and Akeno sucking on each others tongues while simultaneously pleasuring each others clits with their fingers -Causing them to moan into each others mouths.- Suddenly I gasp as C.C.'s wet sticky tongue begins pleasuring my clitoris while Milly uses her tongue to coat both my tits with saliva, unable to take it any longer, Shirley stops fingering herself and seductively and sensually slurps and sucks her cum covered hand clean before rushing over to me, only to thrust her tongue into my mouth, once done we begin sucking on each others tongues with relentless enthusiastic vigor.

Twenty minutes later...

Time 2:30

After taking a break, I move up to Villetta -Who is completely lathered in cum and saliva and panting both heavily and furiously- Only to thrust my tongue into my soon to me sex addicted servant and begin pleasuring her tongue and mouth with cum/semen filled mouth.


I pull away and snap my head to the door to see Mary, Euphie, Oldrin, Toto and Sokkia come in -All naked,- after reaching the bed, Mary smirks, "We'll how do you like Suzaku? I Geassed him to serve both me and you Kallen. He will do anything we command him to do!"

I smirk, "Marika, suck on my left breast. Lily, suck on my right breast, I want both of you both to lubricate and pleasure my breasts with you tongues. Shirley, pleasure my clit with you tongue. Lelouch you mind if I suck on you cock.  Suzaku I want to suck on your cock as well, the rest of you can continue fucking Villetta senseless."

Lulu smirks, "Kallen I will make you orgasm like you've never before!"


Location: Tokyo Settlement

Classified B lack Knight's Base

Kallen's Room

Time 2:35

It doesn't take long before I'm sucking and licking Lulu's cock while the others begin fucking me as I have specified. I can feel Suzaku's cock in my ass pumping in and out which causes me to suck, lick and pleasure Lulu's erect cock with obsessive vigor. I enjoy fucking my lovers willing or not. Anyway, I can feel both Marika and Lily pleasuring my nipples with their tongues, I moan as both girls suck on my breasts as they pleasure my tits. As I suck on Lelouch's cock I become determined to please and pleasure him so I speed up by thrusting back and forth while simultaneously licking the entreaty of his erection. Suddenly Lulu cums into me, after which I drink his cum and semen with enthusiasm.

Suddenly I'm violently pulled from my god's cock by the head, it takes me seconds to recover only to see C.C. thrust her mouth into my master's cock only to pleasure it with her mouth and tongue. Upset I move up to Lulu's cock, but it turn to C.C. and thrust my tongue into her ear and begin licking, this doesn't last long because she stops sucking only to pull out. Once done I move to one side of Lulu's cock and C.C. moves to the other. After this we thrust our tongues onto his cock, then slide our tongues into each others mouths so we can both pleasure our shared lover's dick while pleasuring the inner walls of our mouths. Our tongues dance across our lover's cock as we simultaneously and in unison tongue suck.

As we continue to fuck, we begin moaning into each other. After a bit C.C. and I and pull away stop only for her to suck on our lover's cock again. I take this opportunity to move down to C.C's clit and plunge my tongue in and begin pleasuring it with lustful obsession.

One hour later...


Now is the time I return to fucking Villetta. Lulu, Marika, Lily, Suzaku C.C and I pull away from each other only for me to move up to Villetta and thrust my tongue into my sex toy. Surprisingly Villetta reciprocates by kissing me back and forces her tongue into my mouth; After which we begin sucking on each others tongues. The saliva from our tongues mixes together as we pleasure each other. After awhile I pull away and smirk, "Have you fucked others before, now remember my sweet you can't lie to me, Both Mary and Lulu will make sure of that!"

Villetta eyes widen then slowly nods at my words, "Yes, the... truth is that I am an... actual prostitute, I actually used my body to help myself get as far as I did. I've literally have sex with every man and woman in the Purist Faction excluding Lord Jeremiah, for whatever reason he won't fuck me senseless at all. I know this is hard to believe but as far as I'm aware he still a virgin."

I shake my head, "I afraid your info is out of date. Jerry is currently with my friend Sayoko and she's already carrying his child, they even plan to get married, the date is still undetermined."

Villetta's eyes widen, "Wait, Lord Jeremiah is a traitor?!"

My eyes narrow into slits, "Just for that bitch I'll fuck you so hard you'll have multiple orgasms and your only desire will be for me to ride you and not stop!"

Surprisingly Villetta spreads her legs and smirks, "Bring it!"

Suddenly I hear Mary moan with pleasure, I look over to see Lulu shoving his cock into her vagina while simultaneously she's (Mary's) making love to Claire -Both Girls are seriously into sucking each other's tongues.- With out warning I feel someone lick my neck, I crane my neck to see Sokkia's lust filled eyes staring at me. The thing about Sokkia is that I never once had to turn her into my fuck toy to gain her allegiance like I did to Lily and Marika, Sokkia was -And still is- loyal to me from the very beginning. She genuinely loves me with every fiber of her being, however this didn't stop me from taking her and turning her into my lover along with Toto. Speaking of Toto, just like Sokkia, she also fell in love with me -I never took her simply as my sex toy and I never will.- Both Toto and Sokkia were official girlfriends as well as lovers before I ever met them in 2010. Both Sokki and Toto are heavily and thoroughly addicted to each other to the point were they are caught -On a regular basis- Having sex every single time when they think no ones looking -Even going so far as fucking each other stark naked in an empty class room during school hours.- Both girls personally enjoyed helping me fuck and break both Lily and Marika. Speaking of those two, both girls became lovers staring in 2009 and then official girlfriends in 2010.

Anyway, Sokkia shoves her tongue into my mouth and begins pleasuring me, I quickly recover and kiss back. Several minutes later we stop and simultaneously smirk at Villetta. Sokkia rushes up to Villetta's clit and plunges her tongue inside and begins pleasuring both it's outer and inner walls. As soon as Villetta begins moaning in pleasure, I rush up and ram my tongue into her mouth and begin to suck and lick with ruthless vigor. Not wanting to be out done, Villetta begins thrusting and bucking into both me and Sokkia. Out of nowhere I hear Sokkia gasp, I quickly pull out of Villetta and see Toto sucking on Sokkia's tits with obsession -I was so busy with screwing my new toy that I didn't even pay attention to anything else. This is a testament to how fast Sokkia and Toto will start fucking each other.- Suddenly Villetta grabs my head and turns it to face her and forces me to start suck on her breasts and tits.

After several minutes of pleasuring Villetta, we return to sucking each others tongues, suddenly Suzaku pulls me out of Villetta and roughly rams his cock into my pussy and begins pumping with lust filled eyes into me. Without warning Villetta thrusts her tongue into Suzaku's mouth, after which the two begin sucking on each others tongues. Villetta is close enough to me that I can grab and pleasure her breasts once more. With out hesitation I begin sucking and licking on Villetta's breasts and tits again.

I moan as I feel Suzaku's semen pour into me, this causes me to fuck Villetta harder. Suddenly I hear Mary shout, "FUCK YES LELOUCH! you've finally impregnated me because I feel you semen inside me!"

All I can think is cool, Claire is already been impregnated by Lelouch. Nunnally will be jealous because she's trying to convince him to stop using protection while they both have sex. Truth is that if Lelouch never used protection than Nunnally would of already been pregnant. I personally never use protection because before Lelouch -And now Suzaku- I always had sex with women. Earlier today, I took a pregnancy test and discovered it was positive -This however won't stop us from fucking each other senseless.- I know it's unfaithful, but as Becky says, "It isn't cheating when your partner knowingly consents to you having sex with another person. To translate (using the situation I'm currently in with Suzaku): Before today, Lelouch and I had a discussion about me screwing Suzaku. We came to an agreement: I can only take Suzaku as my own if he is geassed -Lelouch doesn't trust Suzaku at all- And Nunnally will not be allowed in the same vicinity of one of my orgies -Both terms I agree to whole hardly,- However Mary managed to convince Lelouch that Nunnally can be present while she (Mary), Claire, Ray, Chloe, Becky and me are in the room.

Chloe despite being 18 legitimately has a very motherly persona over all and is a very close friend to Nunnally and is like a third mother -Sayoko is a second mother- figure to her (Nunnally). Nunnally is especially close to Becky, both girls genuinely view each other as sisters in all but blood. Both Becky and Chloe are the only two people -Besides me, Milly, Shirley, Sayoko, my mother, Naoto and Ray- That Lelouch implicitly trusts with Nunnally's life and safety (it will be awhile before he trusts Jeremiah.)

Anyway, the more Suzaku thrusts his cock into me, the more I thrust and buck into him with lustful vigor. Suzaku's semen flows faster into me, causing me to pump my pussy harder and faster into Suzaku's harden erect cock to the rhythm of his thrusting. While Suzaku and I are pumping into each other, I simultaneously and in unison suck so hard on Villetta's tits that her breast milk pours into my mouth. With in seconds I begin drinking her milk with lust and determination -Villetta moans with absolute pleasure and lust.-

The way things are going, our orgy will last until tomorrow with out stopping.

Chapter Text

Geass being used (example): "Die"

Now switching to Lelouch's perspective...

Date: Friday October 13, 2017

Location: Narita Mountains,

Chiba Prefecture, JLF Outpost

Time: 1:00 PM

With in seconds of waking in to the cabin, I listen to two JLF men talking amongst themselves:

JLF Soldier 1: "Sector 5, nothing to report, right the next scheduled report will be in two hours."

JLF Soldier 2: "Of course there's nothing to report, this area is controlled by the Japan Liberation Front, no one can just stroll in... Huh?!"

Only now do they notice my presence, idiots. Both bolt up, just as one of then men speaks I hold up one hand, "Relax I only came talk," I then use my geass. "I want you to ignore my presence and get me in contact with General Katase as well as report to both General Katase and me if the Britannians show up."

After they've been geassed, both men salute me in unison and proclaim, "Understood Zero"

I then contact Kallen on the radio, "Q1, secure the area and I want you with me, when I contact General Katase via video conference."

Five minutes later...

With Kallen by my side I smirk as I begin phase two of my plan, "Ah, General Katase, it's good to finally meet you," "Zero how did you get a hold of this line?"

I smile under my mask, "General it doesn't matter, what maters is that I can help you drive the Britannians off this mountain and help you escape! "

The General frowns, "Zero what is your ulterior motive in this? I'll be glad for the help, but what do you get out of all of this?"

I chuckle, "For me General, it's two fold; I wish to question Cornelia about a few things of a personal nature then capture her for my own purposes. General Katase, it is in your own best interest that we co-operate in this endeavor."

General Katase growls in irritation, "Unfortunately Zero your correct... very well then... what will you have us do?"

Twenty-five minutes later...

As me and Kallen step out of the cabin we see C.C. staring off into the distance. I cough to get her attention. C.C. then turns around and raises an eyebrow, "You know I've been wondering about something Lelouch, why are you Lelouch?"

I stare blankly at her and shake my head, "I don't have time to discuss philosophy with you C.C."

C.C. just ignores my comment and continues, "You changed your family's surname to Lamperouge, but you kept Lelouch, the name that was given to you at birth, how sentimental, you can't let go of the past"

I snort, "Well CC swings to the other extreme doesn't it? It's not a human name!"

CC suddenly turns to me, "Lelouch do you know why snow is white?"Both me and Kallen stare at C.C. in confusion, however she ignores us and continues. "Snow is white because it's forgotten what color it's supposed to be. By the way Lelouch, I'm no longer working for your father nor I am in contact with Marianne, I want nothing to do with the Ragnarok Connection due to the talk I had with Kallen three hours ago; she has convinced me to abandon Charles's plan."

Both me and Kallen are stunned into silence but yet again C.C ignores us and continues, "I am here to tell you about the fact that your mother is still alive-"

both me and Kallen are shocked and blurt out in unison, What? impossible!"

C.C. shakes her head grimly, "Oh really Lelouch? because I gave her geass. Your mother's geass allows her to cross over in to another persons mind, in short she can transport her conscience into another person's body. This happened when she was gunned down by V.V. When she was shot she transported her conscience into Anya Alstreim's body."

A hand shoots to Kallen's mouth in horror, "Dear God!"

Still C.C. grimly nods, "Lelouch your mother is willingly helping Charles enact the Ragnarök Connection"

Kallen looks down we found this out years ago, but we didn't know Lelouch's mother was still alive."

C.C. sighs, "I see..."

Fifteen minutes later...

Location: Narita Mountains,

Chiba Prefecture

"Are you really going through with this?"

I nod, "Yes Ohgi I am. Anyway our opponent is Cornelia, who's forces are the best Britannia has to offer."

Ohgi clinch's his fist briefly "Then why aren't we actively cooperating with the Japan Liberation Front?"

I chuckle, "What was that? Ohgi don't you believe in me anymore?"

Offended, Ohgi steps forward with resolve in his eyes, "What do you mean I'm the one who asked you to be our leader! Don't you remember?"

I nod, "Then there is only one answer to give."

Ohgi' sighs, "Right."

Five minutes later...

As we watch my sister's forces descend upon this mountain, I sigh, "It's begun!"

Suddenly Ohgi run's ahead and gasps; Tamaki begins gaping like a fish, "Huh what the hell? You've got to be kidding Zero! Those troops coming in have this whole area totally surrounded, there's no way out!"

I shake my head at Tamaki, "We've already been cut off our only chance now is to fight"

Inoue face drains, "What! we can't fight the Britannians"

Yet again Tamaki opens his mouth, "Let me get this straight, were surrounded and you want us to fight them head on!"

Sugiyama contorts in anger, "Tamaki's right we'll be fighting against Cornelia. Her forces are far stronger than any we've encountered!"

I resist the urge to face-palm, "Sugiyama you are correct, it would be a miracle if we win this!"

Ohgi just now manages recover from the shock of seeing my sister's forces, "Zero What are you saying?"

I sigh, "Ohgi, even messiah's need to perform miracles in order to be acknowledged! Therefore we'll have to produce our own miracle don't we?"

Being the idiot he is, Tamaki rushes forward before blurting, "Now pulling this off won't be cheap, the price could be our lives, I knew it was insane to make you our leader, it should be me!"

I shake my head at Tamaki's retarded statement. I pull my gun out and aim it at the fool, then turn the gun around so the handle is facing outward, "Our path of reatreat has been cut off. If you think you can win without me; then shoot me, someone? anyone! since you've joined the Black Knights, you have two choices, you may live with me or you may perish with me!"

Everyone is in shock. I smirk, "What's wrong? challenge me and try to take me down!"

After a few minutes Tamaki snarls, "Alright fine do what you want"

Sugiyama sighs in anger, "We accept you as our leader Zero"

I smirk in victory, "Thank you very much Sugiyama... all of you."

Twenty minutes later...

"Right all preperations have now been compleated! Black Knights prepare to move out! We the Black Knights will launch a suprise attack from the summit of the mountain, per my instructions you will charge down en masse to Point Three and the intent of this operation is to capture Cornelia, Second Princess of Britannia. Our breakthrough route will be opened by the Guren Mark II. Kallen use penetrating electrode number three, settle things with one blow!" "Right Zero! Output confirmed, Radiant Wave Surger levels ready and holding... Activating gauntlet now!"

Ten second's later...

I hear rumbling, then Kallen's voice joyful voice over the radio, "It worked Zero!"

Several minutes later I can see a massive landslide begin to sweep down the mountain.

Ten minutes later...

"Cornelia has only limated renforcement's headed her way. Smash right through them!" We begin cutting the Britannians in our way to peices. I use my Gloucester -I stole one using my geass almost a month ago- To shred the enemy Sutherlands to bits as we head down the mountain.

Seventeen minutes later...

As we are finishing up the Britannians at Point Three, a real badass comes charging in and takes out one of our frames, "Zerooo- Is Zero here? then if he is, then face me, come forward and fight Jeremiah Gottwald!"

I laugh,"Well, well if it isn't the leader of the Purist Faction himself! I love too stay and catch up, but but I don't have time right now, and by the way, say hello to the orange farm in the afterlife for me will you!"

I then hear Jeremiah muttering curse words under his breath then, "What! Or...enge?!... DIE!"

Seconds later Lord Jeremiah charges at me, but Kallen jumps in front of me and knocks the gun from Jeremiah's Sutherland hand,

Suddenly we hear Villetta shout, "Lord Jeremiah!"

in anger Lord Jeremiah snaps at Villetta, "Stay out of this! this is my dual!"

Villetta splutters... "But look at it! I've never seen a Knightmare like that before! Is it possible that the Elevens have-"

Lord Jeremiah scoffs, "Are you saying the Elevens are capable of such technology!"

After these words Jeremiah tries to take Kallen out, but she easly manuvers around him. I laugh, "Lord Jeremiah your life will soon take to courses: one you die right here and now or you will survive this battle, but will be reduced to cultavating an orange farm... Orangeboy!" "What? Orange, that's it for you Zero!"

Jeremiah atempts to hit Kallen again, but she get's out of the way again, "It's fast is this the thing that took out Shepard's unit?" Kallen suddenly moves in, causing Jeremiah to gasp, "Oh hell there's something in it's right hand, however if I just keep my distance!"

I laugh, "Good move Jeremiah, but no luck on your part!"

Kallen extends her radiant wave surger and face-palms Jerry's frame, then all Kallen says before she fries the frame is "Sorry."

In a panic Villetta shouts, "Lord Jeremiah eject"

However Jeremiah berates her, "No Zero's right in front of me, he's standing right here! Damn it the auto eject, don't you dare activate, I can still get Zero, I know it, I know I can still get him!"

Fortunately for Lord Jeremiah the auto-eject activates, thus saving his life. Several minutes later, Kallen manage to destroy another two frames, however, four Sutherlands successfully escape.

(1) Suddenly Villetta contacts me via private channel, "Master, You have to save  Lord Jeremiah! I know I'm not supposed to contact you, but you told me to tell you if something's important no matter the situation.  Lord Jeremiah was a guardsman  at the Ares Villa and is fanatically loyal to the vi Britannian line.  It will be in your best interest to save  Lord Jeremiah life."

Pissed off I respond to Villetta, "Why didn't you tell me this before NOW?! After this battle is over I'm going to punish you!"

Villetta responds gleefully, "Yes master, I'm looking forward to it!"

After this I disconnect from Villetta's channel and contact Kallen and playback the message Villetta sent me. When Kallen responds, I can hear the rage in her voice, "That stupid slut, I'll.... never mind... I'll make the necessary arrangements to save Jeremiah , don't worry love."

Kallen hangs up and I sigh and shake my head. Anyway as we are about to move on, I spot our fellow classmate Miya I. Hillmick and her father Andrew trying to hide amongst the tree's. This shocks me to the core however before I can react Miya spots us and steps back. Seconds later I get a hold of myself, determined I go up to her and turn on my frame's speakers, "Mam what are you and this man doing here?"

Miya looks terrified, "My-my- dad and I were on vacation, hiking, p-please don't hurt us!"

I sigh, "Mam I will not harm you or your father, the Black Knights don't do that!"

Miya's eyes go wide, "Black Knights!"

I sigh, "Listen mam, we'll cover you while you escape this mountain-"

Suddenly I'm interrupted by Tamaki, "But Zero the operation!?"

In a rage I snap at Tamaki, "P5 shut up I will not intentionally allow civilians to be harmed whether they are Japanese or Britannian!, B5," B5 is Naomi Inoue. And B6, " That's my sister Claire. "Escort the young miss and her father safely out of the area!"

Seconds later all three acknowledge my command, "Yes sir!"

Suddenly a Sutherland comes into veiw and aims a gun at me, "Your time is over Zero!"

No way, Kewell escaped. With a growl, I snark, "Kewell your-"

However Kewell interrupts me, "I managed to escape prison no thanks to you and now you die!" Miya suddenly makes a run for it, unfortunately due to her idiotic action, Kewell spots Miya and her father. In a crazed state Kewell turns his frame's gun on the two, "What are Britannian's... traitors to the Homeland... DIE!"

In a snarl I rush forward and open fire on Kewell, "Oh no you don't!"

However he dodges me, but is killed by Claire -She shoots him through the cockpit block- I sigh in relief, "Thanks, B6, now get them out of here!"

Seven minutes later...

Now that both Miya and her father is safe, I contact Kallen, "Alright Guren Mark II, move to Plan Point, well breakthrough the rest of their line and take Cornelia!"

Ten minutes later...

"Huh Maybe we should get Q1 and Q10," Q10 is Toto Thompson. "Over here?"

I sigh, "No P5 if we break formation now, our plan is ruined!"

Saeko Busujima's voice suddenly come over the radio, "Zero, Cornelia is under attack down bellow!"

I quirk my eyebrow, "Which team made the move?"

Saeko sighs, "It's not our people, it looks like the JLF!"

I smile, "Thanks N7, Saeko Busujima. "Now continue with the plan."

Twenty minutes later...

Just as planned we manage to trap Cornelia at Point Nine. Now that my sister is where I want her, Kallen moves into attack and screams, "Cornelia!"

My sister snarls, "Lowborn scum!"

Cornelia tries to impale Kallen with her lance, but Kallen easily moves out of the way. When Cornelia's back is turned I open fire, "Can you hear me Cornelia? This is checkmate!"

As soon as Cornelia hears my voice she snarls in pure hatred, "Zero!"

I chuckle and snark "Shall we celabrate our reunion? Of course you'll have to surrender to us first and after that I have some questions. And in case you're wondering your renforcement's wont get here in time, I've won Cornelia !"

Cornelia laughs, "Your a fool Zero This one, if I take this one," Pointing to Kallen. "I'm free and clear!"

Cornelia opens fire on Kallen again, but she easily sidesteps Cornelia. Cornelia sneers at Kallen, "You've got some moves!"

Cornelia then fires her slash harkens at Kallen, but Kallen caches them; Cornelia then tries to impale Kallen again, but she catch's Cornelia's lance with her surger arm and fries it. Cornelia is forced to eject her entire left arm, because of the surger; I then fire at Cornelia's other arm and destroy it.

Cornelia is enraged, "Coward attacking from behind!"

I laugh, "Really and your own methods don't show acts of cowardice?"

Suddenly the Lancelot bursts through a part of the landslide blocking Cornelia closet exit. This surprises Cornelia. Despite Suzaku showing up, Cornelia growls at him, "Special Core, who authorized you?"

Seconds later, Tamaki remarks, "Hey isn't that the Lancelot? you know the one from Shinjuku and Lake Kawaguchi."

I smirk, "So it's him again! Q1, K1," K1 is Marrybell mel Britannia. "Q2," Q2 is Oldrin Zevon. "Q3," Q3 is Rei Miyamoto. and Q4," Q4 is Sokkia Sherpa. "You know what to do!"

All the girls shout in confirmation, "Right!"

Kallen moves in and the Lancelot goes on the defensive, however Rei and Sokkia come out of nowhere and attacks from behind, pinning the Lancelot on three sides; Mary uses her sniping position and waits for an opening.

Cornelia takes this oppertunity to attack me, but I sidestep her. Oldrin moves in from the side and rams right into Cornelia and turns on her radio, "Stay away from Zero you bitch!"

The Lancelot then tries to shoot Kallen, but unfortunatly for him, this is exactly the opening Mary needs, Mary takes the shot and hit's the Lancelot in the head, causing him to fall to the ground. Kallen, Sokkia and Rei move to Cornelia Gloucester and forces the hatch open.

Rei then proceeds to drag Cornelia out. I look at the Lancelot and for good measure I move in, "Q1, Q4, destroy the Lancelot's legs!"

Without even hesitating Kallen and Sokkia aim their gun at the Lancelot's legs and fire.

Smirking in triumph I activate my radio, "To all Black Knights mission a success hook up with General Katase and help the JLF mop up the rest of the Britannians."

Four minutes later...

I come out of my frame and murch up to Cornelia. Despite knowing the truth about mother, I still want to confirm something, "Princess Cornelia, you will tell me what you know about Lady Marianne's death, then you will tell your forces to pull out of Narita."

In a geassed state my sister nods, "Understood Zero, I don't know who killed Lady Marianne all I know is that she told me to remove her protection and that father ordered Schneizel to transport the body out of Ares Villa, that's all I know Zero." I then hand Cornelia a radio. "All forces this is Viceroy Cornelia, all forces pull out! we've sustained enough casualties already, all forces will return to base immediately!"

Cornelia then returns to normal, once she hands me back the radio. "Zero, you will pay very dearly for this!"

I sigh, "Shut up Viceroy!"

 One Hour later: 


(2) Because of the battle, it has taken us awhile to scour the battlefield for Jeremiah, however we finally found him walking with a wooden stick loudly cursing Zero for his misfortune. Smirking, I order Villetta to meet Jeremiah. He becomes ecstatic as soon as he sees his 'comrade,'  however as soon as I descend from my Knightmare Jeremiah loses it as soon as he see's me and is restrained by both Villetta and Sokkia. I smirk and take off my mask, which causes Jeremiah eyes to widen. I smirk again, "Jeremiah, its nice to meet you face to face and yes I'm a Britannian"

 Seconds later, Jeremiah snarls, "So I see Zero, you sell your own country out? And You even turned Villetta into a traitor as well. What does a traitor like you want from me?"

I smirk, "Your allegiance!"

 Jeremiah snarls, "Never!"

I chuckle, "Not even for Lelouch vi Britannia?  Yes Jeremiah, I am Prince Lelouch!"

Jeremiah eyes bulge and then snarls, "How dare you-"

I ignore Jeremiah and continue, "Remember when my supposed 'father' called off the investigation into my mother Marianne's murder? remember how I, a mere nine year old boy confronted Charles zi Britannia in his throne room as was exiled to the Soviet Union? I remember his word's like if they were yesterday....



 Date: Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Location: Holy Britannian Empire

Throne Room

Time 1:00 PM   

"Announcing Prince Lelouch vi Britannia: 17th in line to the Britannian Imperial Throne! and Princess Claire li Britannia: The 5th in line to the Britannian Imperial Throne!"

A few seconds goes by after announcement before me and Claire enter only to march towards the throne with determination. As we walk, we can hear several hushed voices are talking about my mother's murder:

Voice 1: "I heard Lady Marianne was killed inside of the Imperial Palace!"

Voice 2: "There no way terrorist's could of gotten in there"

Voice 3: "Which means the real assassin's must-"

Voice 4: "Shhh; beware my friend you'll regret it if anyone hears that kind of talk around the palace"

Voice 5: "And yet the boy remains; even though his mother is dead"

Voice 6: "It's over; and the Ashford Family; who stood behind them is finished as well"

Voice 7: ""And his sister; the princess?"

Voice 8: "I understand she was shot in the legs and that she lost her sight"

Voice 4: "Blindness caused by trauma though wasn't it?"

Voice 6: "Now she can't be married off for political gain."

Voice 1: "Why is Princess Claire with Prince Lelouch?"

Voice 4: I don't Know."

Once we reach the throne, we kneel respectfully. I'm the first to speak, "Hail you Majesty; my mother the Empress is dead."

With indifferent eyes, father responds, "Old news what of it?"

We're shocked. Without thinking I blurt out, "WHAT OF IT!"

Claire gasp, "You can't be serious?"

Emperor Charles merely frowns, "You two sought an audience with the emperor of Britannia simply to form me of that? send the next ones in! I have no time for these childish games!"

Father's response only serves to anger me and Claire, and with his words we straighten our postures. This act causes the two royal guards standing beside Emperor Charles to cross their pikes. With pure venom I snap, "FATHER!"

Father lifts up a hand and the two guards stand to attention; declaring "YES YOUR MAJESTY!"

Both me and Claire stand our ground and glare directly at 'Father' with hate filled eyes. Without warning I suddenly explode, "WHY DIDN'T YOU KEEP MOTHER OUT OF HARMS WAY!? YOUR THE EMPEROR; THE GREATEST MAN IN THIS NATION; IF NOT THE WORLD! YOU SHOULD HAVE PROTECTED HER! AND NOW YOU DON'T EVEN VISIT NUNNALLY"

In absolute rage the Father snarls "I HAVE NO USE FOR THAT WEAKLING!"

Me and Claire are horrified. This leaves me gasping in pure shock, "That weakling?"

Claire yelps in shock despite holding her ground, "But Lady Marianne- What kind of father are YOU?!"



Everyone gasps. The Emperor grits his teeth and becomes extremely livid; however, I ignore this and continues, "I'VE HAD IT! I'M SICK OF THE FIGHTING AND SCHEMING TO WHO WILL SUCCEED YOU! I HAD ENOUGH!"


In terror I fall backwards, while the Emperor bolts up, "And what of you Claire li Britannia, what are your positions?"

Claire glares daggers at the Emperor, "I here by renounce my claim to the throne as well your majesty! Also, GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU PRICK!"


 Flashback ends... 


 Jeremiah's eyes widen, "You really are him... you really are... Master Lelouch..."   Jeremiah suddenly begins prostrating himself in front of me before he continues. "Please forgive me Lord Lelouch I-"

I raise my hand, "Lord Jeremiah Gottwald, stand up. It is I who should be apologizing to you! If I had of know your true allegiance, then I would have contacted you sooner and I would have used another person to take the fall at my debut! The only reason I found out about your allegiance to the vi Britannia line is because Villetta told me just after my subordinate ejected you from your Sutherland."

 Jeremiah stands up with tears in his one good eye, "You highness... think nothing of it... what are your orders?"

I sigh, "First we need to get you fixed up. A Goa'uld sarcophagus should do the trick, I'll explain later.  Anyway after that, I  want you to..."      

  Two hours later...

Location: Narita Mountains,

Chiba Prefecture, Underground JLF Base

Briefing Room

Time: 3:00 PM

Now that everything has settled down I have a chance to talk to Miya. I sigh before walking up to her, "Mam how are you feeling? is their anything I can get you and your father?"

Miya shakes her head, "No Zero not really"

I shrug, "Very well then, once we check you and your dad for injuries and repair them if their are any, will release you and your dad back to the Tokyo Settlement."

Tamaki -Whom is standing beside me becomes shocked, "Hang on Zero, you can't be seriously considering letting these Brit's go especially since they've seen this place!"

I face palm, "P5 you idiot, they're civilians that accidentally go caught up in this mess, and besides were going to evacuate here anyway!"

"But Zero their Brit's!"

I grab Tamaki by the collar and throw him against the wall and with a deadly quiet and deadly serious voice, "You will not hurt this girl or her father, she from now on, is under my personal protection and that protection extends to her father, and besides I don't care if the innocent civilians are Britannian or Japanese; all innocent life must be protected! and if you attempt to harm or kill this girl or her father, you will find that, just as I stated before 'the only ones, who should kill are those prepared to be killed!' I say this because touch this girl one iota and woe betide you Shinichirō Tamaki, you will die by my hand!"

Tamaki gulps, "Un-understood Zero!" I release Tamaki. "Good now then Q1 come with me to see General Katase."

Kallen simply nods. Suddenly I feel my sleeve being tugged at. I look over and see Miya staring at me with awe and lust in her eyes. I briefly look over to see Kallen smirking and licking her lips in anticipation of turning Miya into her personal sex slave. Anyway, Miya smiles shyly at me, "Zero, thank you!"

I nod, "No problem."

Ten minutes later...

"General Katase,it's nice to finally meet face to face so to speak."

General Katase merely nod, "It is Zero, so let's just get straight to the point. I want you to give me Viceroy Cornelia."

I shake my head, "No,"

Though angry, General Katase manages to keep his cool, "Zero what do you mean 'No' were supposed to be allies!"

I smirk maliciously under my mask,"General Katase, I will give you Viceroy Cornelia, but I want something in return, nothing in this life is free!"

General Katase eye twitch's un controllably, "And what pray tell is that Zero?"

I smirk, "What I want is simple, I want to get into contact with the Six Houses of Kyoto, do that and Viceroy Cornelia is yours to do as you please."

General Katase clinches his fist, "Very... very well... Done!"

My smirk widens, "Now then lets talk about a possible alliance with each other..."

One hour later...

Location: Narita Mountains,

Chiba Prefecture, Underground JLF Base

Base Infirmary

Time: 4:00 PM

Luckily we have Shizuka Marikawa as the Black knights head doctor right now because she is the only doctor in this base that's willing to help the two Britannian's that's currently in this base's infirmary. Dr. Marikawa is currently checking over both Miya and her father for any injuries. I sigh, "Dr. Marikawa how is the young miss and her father?"

Shizuka smiles, "Their fine Zero, they had some cuts and bruises, but nothing too serious, I can release them now if you want."

I nod, "Very good then do so," I turn to Miya. "Mam, in one hour we can release you back into the Tokyo Settlement."

Miya smiles, "Thank you Zero, I... you are nothing what the Britannian government says you are, you... thank you for what you have done for me and my father."

I genuinely smile, "No problem mam."

"Dr. Marikawa, your the women that my friend Lelouch works for, he has told me a lot about you and how you've helped out the Japanese people in Shinjuku, so your a member of the Black Knights huh... don't worry I promise you I won't say anything about you."

"Thank you Miss Hillmick, I appreciate that."

One day later...

Now switching to Kallen's perspective...

Date: Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Location: Ashford Academy

Girl's Dormitory: Kallen and Raynare's Room

Time: 1:00 PM

"So Milly you, Ray, Nina, Sophie, Kaede, Arisu, Shirley and C.C. wanted to talk to me"

Milly nods and smirks lecherously before marching up to me and kisses me on the lips while simultaneously and in unison slips a hand into my panties and begins fingering my clit tenaciously. I begin moaning as I swiftly take control of the kiss. After a several minutes we separate to catch our breaths only for C.C. to grab me and thrust her tongue into my mouth. In seconds we begin sucking on each others tongues, one of my hands slips into C.C. panties and I begin pleasuring her clit with my fingers. I take my other hand and thrust it into Milly's panties and begin pleasuring her clit as well. All the while Ray moves in and begins licking and kissing my neck.

Several minutes later me and C.C. stop kissing -So we can catch our breaths- Only to see Shirley licking her lips before thrusting her tongue into Sophie's mouth -At the exact same time she begins bucking and thrusting into Nina- And begins tongue sucking, -All the while pleasuring each others clits with sexual lust and bliss.- Kaede and Arisu are by this time completely and utterly consumed with fucking each other senseless as they both moan erotically. Suddenly Ray takes over from C.C. and we begin pleasuring each others mouths with our tongues. C.C. unexpectedly proceeds to unbutton my shirt and removes my bra only to suck on my breasts. Suddenly with unprecedented speed Arisu pulls C.C. out of the way only to begin sucking on my left breath. Perturbed -But unhindered further- C.C. moves in to suck on my right breast. unhappy, Kaede suddenly pulls down both Arisu's pants and panties and bends down only to pleasure her (Arisu's) ass with her tongue.

One Hour Later...

Time: 2:00 PM

After an amazing hour of blissful fucking all of us are naked, sweaty and sexually aroused to the point of giving ino our every desire ad sexual fantasy with out restraint. One of the primary things I've noted so far is that Arisu is completely and utterly devoted to me in every possible way -Including sexually.- Arisu genuinely believes that her very existence is to serve and please me in anyway possible, a sentiment shared by Ray. As for Kaede, she's surprisingly even more devoted to me than Arisu and Ray combined. Speaking of which, As we lay in the bed, I smirk with glee has both me and Kaede cum as we thrust and buck harder and faster as our clits rub against one another. Not being able to handle not being inside me, Shirley climbs onto the bed and rams her tongue into my mouth, once done we begin pleasuring our mouths inner walls with our tongues.

As I simultaneously fuck both Kaede and Shirley, I decide to move things along and plunge one of my hands into Shirley's clit only to massage her clit with my fingers -Causing Shirley to moan in ecstasy.- Suddenly Sophie pulls Shirley out of my only to kiss me and suck on my tongue. Angry, Shirley moves behind Sophie and begins fondling her breasts while simultaneously kissing and licking Sophie's neck. This causes Sophie to swiftly wrap her arms around me and then proceeds to thrust and buck into me with obsessed vigor.

Ten minutes later...

Time: 2:10 PM

"Fuck give me more Milly!"

With lustful glee Milly smirks at me, "Of course sweetie. Oh Kallen moan for me again tell me you desire more!"

I smirk back at Milly, "Of course I do Milly!"

At this Milly grins evilly -Causing me to blush- before sexually putting her finger to my lips, "Don't worry Kallen your going to enjoy this!"

At this Milly quickly plunges her tongue into my clit and begins pleasuring me with renewed vigor and lust. C.C. moves' behind me and begins fondling my breasts while Kaede and Arisu begin sucking on my breasts. C.C. fondling my breasts -Simultaneously pleasuring my neck with her tongue- while both Kaede and Arisu suck on them causes the milk from my breasts to flow into both girls mouths. Seconds after this Ray thrusts her tongue into my mouth, thus causing us to suck on each others tongues. Meanwhile Nina, Sophie and Shirley begin having unadulterated sex with each other. As both Kaede and Arisu moan as they drink my milk, Suddenly they begin simultaneously licking my nipples -Causing me to both moan into Ray's mouth and cum into Milly simultaneously- with lustful passion.

Being who she is Arisu completely drunk with ecstasy, so much so that she's ravaging my breast with both her mouth and tongue. As time goes on I completely fall into blissful ecstasy only caring about fucking my lovers without exception or remorse.

First Lemon Ends

Two hours later...

Time: 4:10

Location: Ashford Academy

Girl's Dormitory: Marrybell mel Britannia

Second Lemon Begins

After several hours of fucking my lovers then afterwards going over reports about our operation at Narita with Mary; I along with Ray, Nina, Sophie, Nina, Kaede and Arisu was invited to Mary's room for a then unexplained reason. Any now that we've entered her room I spot Toto and Sokkia having full blown sex with each other, their cum and sweat cover's there bodies. Mary and Oldrin are completely into pleasuring each other to the point of not noticing us enter. Suddenly I cough to get the girls attention, a minute or two later the girls stop and look at us. Mary smiles perversely at us, "Ah you can strip first before you guys can pleasure us."

I smirk and proceed to take my clothes off. Several minutes later me Ray, Nina, Sophie, Nina, Kaede and Arisu are all naked as a jaybird. Suddenly out of nowhere Nina grabs me and throw me onto the bed and thrusts her tongue into me, After which we begin sucking on each other tongues. Seconds later we begin pleasuring each others clits with are hands and fingers as we thrust and buck into each other. Our breasts slide up and down as well as push into each other as we suck on each others tongues. We also start thrusting our nipples into each other in order to eventual cause an orgasm. I'll admit this is the second time I ever had sex with Nina. The First time was back during the Lake Kawaguchi Incident...

Lemon Ends



Location: Lake Kawaguchi

One of the Storerooms

Time: 8:00PM

"An Eleven!"

Damn Nina Now the -

Suddenly one of the JLF goons grab Nina and throws her to the ground and screams, " "NOT ELEVENS, WERE JAPANESE DAMN IT!?"

After this Milly comes to Nina's Defence, "Yes were aware of that!"

The thug wipes his head towards Milly, "THEN CORRECT HER, WERE NOT CALLED ELEVENS!?"

Shirley also comes to Nina's defence "Fine we'll correct her!"

The thug becomes even more agitated, "HOW DARE YOU SPEAK LIKE THAT TO ME! YOU THREE COME WITH ME TO THE NEXT ROOM AND I'LL TEACH YOU A REAL LESSION!?" The thug quickly grabs Nina by the arm and continues screaming at Nina. "I SAID GET UP NOW!?" "NO LET ME GO" Nina begins screeching. I have about enough of this so I quickly stand up, "Stop it!"

The thug assaulting Nina spins around, "WHAT'D YOU SAY? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?"

I clinch my fist, "Leave Nina alone right now! I am Second Lieutenant Kallen Stadtfeld of the Soviet Spetsnaz First Battalion!" Every one in the crowed gasps (except for Milly and Shirley), but I ignore them and continue. "You WILL take me to you commanding officer right now!"

The thug glares at me before smirking, "Fine take this Soviet bitch along with this Brit slut," Pointing to Nina." "To the commander!"

Ten Minutes later...

Location: A Hotel Room

Time: 8:10

"Do you think we would really take you to our commander? Fat chance bitch's! Me an my two friends are going to turn you two into our cock followers and beg to drink our semen!"

I raise an eyebrow, "Is that all?"

This enrages the three thugs, but before they say a word I sexually walk up to the middle thug and unbutton his pants, then I pull them down only to pull down his boxers to expose his dick. I then proceed to do the same thing the the other two. I then tun my back to them only to form two shurikens (instead of lightspears) and quickly spin around and assassinate two of the assholes. The third guy goes for his gun only to topple over (caused by his pulled down pants), I smirk and form another shuriken and within seconds send the shuriken directly into the fucker with a satisfying thunk!

After this I turn towards Nina, "Nina lets go, explain later!"

Twenty minutes later...

Location: Kusakabe's 'Office'

Time 8:30 PM 

It's taken as awhile, but we've managed to make it to Kusakabe's makeshift office after killing most of the JLF goon squad . Anyway after silently killing two guards with my lightspears/shurikens we enter Kusakabe's room only to find Kusakabe and all of his men dead and Princess Euphemia li Britannia standing in front of Lelouch/Zero. I quirk an eyebrow -While Nina squeaks with fear and scoots behind me- I sigh, "So Zero what happened here?"

Zero/Lelouch sighs, "I killed them Miss Stadtfeld! and yes I know who you are. Anyway we should get out of here soon!"

I turn to Princess Euphemia questioningly, she sighs, "I wanted to know why Zero killed Clovis. I demanded to see Kusakabe shortly after you and Nina left the room," Euphie suddenly blushes at me. "Also It's god to see your alright Kallen."

I nod, "I know your wondering how we got here, well it took me an Nina awhile do to the fact I had to use stealth to kill Kusakabe's goons. Also did you get your explanation for your brother's death?" Also can the you and Nina meet me later for a private discussion later?"

Both Euphie and Nina nod. Sighing, Euphie clears her throat, "Sure Kallen. Anyway about Clovis, Zero said it was because of the Shinjuku Massacre"

Suddenly Lelouch/Zero clears his throat, "We should leave soon!"

I nod, "Lets go!"

Two Hours later...

Location: Ashford Academy

Girl's Dormitory: Nina's Room

Time: 10:30 PM

"So Kallen why did you want to see me and Princess Euphemia in my room?"

I turn around to see a blushing Nina and march up to her and kiss her on the lips. Minutes later I pull away and smirk, "Nina you aren't leaving this room until you've become addicted to me sexually!"

I then take off all my clothes, after witch I smirk again -Causing both Euphie and Nina to go as red as my hair. Nina begins stuttering however I ignore her, "Now Nina strip and pleasure me! And no you can't get out of it ether! and Euphie, if you pleasure my breasts then you can drink all the milk you want!"

Quicker than a cat Euphie takes off her clothes and blots to my breasts with a perverted smile, "Yes Mistress Kallen, my existence is only to please you!"

I smirk yet again as Euphie begins drinking my breast milk, "Nina come to me!"

Nina begins shaking her head, "Sorry Kallen I-"

I interrupt her, "Nina you belong to me now, Euphie grab her!"

With unprecedented speed, Euphie pulls away and pins Nina to the bed. Panicked Nina yelps, Why are you two doing this to me?"

I smirk, "You see Nina, two days after the Shinjuku Massacre I along with several others raided a Trust facility only to be attacked and infected with a very particular virus. This Virus fused with my Nekomata, Human and Fallen Angel DNA and transformed me into a new being. The Virus was a fusion of Vampire and succubi DNA. Since then I've been testing my new powers. For instance Euphie here was my first test subject/victim. I first met her when I was walking past the Government Bureau. Hell she even jumped out of the Bureau window into my arms. Anyway after we spent most of the day together Euphie asked me to take her to Shinjuku to see what her prick of a brother did to the place. I took her there only to Secom to my growing sexual desires. The first thing I did was grab her and insert my tongue into Euphie's mouth and realise my pheromones which caused Euphie to become very compliant to my desires. In no time at all I had Euphie sucking my breasts. This is the first time I discovered that If people drink from my breasts they will become my very willing sex slaves. Euphie's breast sucking quickly escalated into full blown sex between us. After four hours of nonstop sex I turned her into a vampire. After Euphie fully turned and woke up, as soon as she seen me she grabbed me and fucked me senseless. Ever since then Euphie and I fuck and pleasure each other whenever we can. Why do you think Euphie entered this school? Euphie is completely and utterly enslaved to my will and will do anything I command, even blucher her entire family if I command it, right Euphie?"

Euphie nods and smiles with a malicious smile, "Yes Mistress Kallen, anything to please you!"

Nina goes whit as a ghost and starts to struggle, Stay...stay... away from me"

Suddenly Euphie interrupts Nina by licking her neck, "Nina you taste sooooo good, you will become my mistress's slut soon enough! Now whore strip!"

Suddenly Nina stops struggling, "Yes of course."

After several minutes Nina is completely naked. After this I grin lecherously, Nina come to me and drink my breast milk and become my newest fuck toy!"

Nina nods, "Yes Mistress!"

Flashback ends...

Date: Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Location: Ashford Academy

Girl's Dormitory: Kallen and Raynare's Room

Time: 4:10 PM

Lemon starts

After that day Nina completely became my thrall especially since I turned her into a vampire. Now she only concerns herself with pleasuring me. Speaking of which After several more minutes of pleasuring the girls we stop to catch our air only fore me to climb over to Nina and thrust my tongue into her mouth and begin sucking and massaging her tongue with my own. As we suck on each others tongues Mary moves in an begins sucking on my left breast while Oldrin begins sucking on my right breast. Sokkia quickly moves in and begin pleasuring my pussy with her tongue, while Toto climbs underneath Sokkia and begins drinking from her breasts.

After awhile of fucking I begin simultaneously orgasm while cumming into Sokkia, this causes Sophie -Whom up until now was having sex with Ray- Moves up to Sokkia and Nina to whisper something into their ears. both Nina and Sokkia stop pleasuring me and both move away only for Sophie to spread her legs and begins rubbing, thrusting and bucking into me with obsession, I smirk before I give in and do the same for Sophie. Minutes later we begin scissoring one another, suddenly Sokkia dives in to pleasure my clit -While me and Sophie are still scissoring one another- This causes me to moan with pleasure and lust. Nina -Unable to contain herself- Rushes forward and thrusts her tongue into my mouth. Seconds later, we begin sucking on each other's tongues with lustful vigor.

Pouting, Ray darts up to me and begins licking and sucking up and down the middle of my breasts while simultaneously fondling them with her hands as both May and Oldrin drink from my breasts. The results of multiple girls pleasuring me causes me to orgasm then cum into both Sokkia and Sophie. After this we completely give into our lust for each other and fuck each other for the rest of the night.

Two Days Later...

Date: Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Location: Ashford Academy

Girl's Dormitory: Kallen and Raynare's Room

Time: 5:10 PM


It's odd that Rias would call me Milly, Shirley, C.C, Ray, Kaede and Arisu to her room the way she did. Anyway once were through her bedroom door, the first thing I see is Rias and Sona both completely naked and having sex; Without thought I slip my hand into my panties and begin pleasuring myself. My fingers begin to massaging my clit, after several minutes I begin loudly moaning in pure ecstasy. This causes both Sona and Rias to sop fucking and look our way; I can see cum combined with each others juices poring out of their mouths as they pant and continue to ride each other -Despite no longer kissing each other.- Rias suddenly smirks and licks her lips and is about to say something only to be stop due to me bolting over to her and ram my tongue into my new lover/slut's mouth.

In seconds we begin dominating each other as we suck on each others tongue's; As we continue to screw, Rias continues to ride Sona -To Sona's glee. It doesn't take much to realize that by now Sona is nothing more than a fuck toy waiting to please her master (who ever is fucking her that the time). Several minutes later I've successfully strip naked and now both me and Rias begin scissoring each other while Sona drinks from my breasts -I can fell her hot wet salivating tongue on my tits as she alternates between pleasuring my breasts and tits.- Out of nowhere I hear quickened footsteps before bare breasts are violently pushed against my back.

Second's later C.C. moans into my ear, "Oh my little slut you and I are going to have so much fun!"

After this C.C. thrusts a strap-on into my ass -Wait where DID she get that thing anyway!- and begins bucking and thrusting as fast as humanly possible in order to turn my into a sex crazed mess. In no time at all C.C.'s plain has worked like a charm and all I can think about is pleasing Rias, Sona and C.C. Suddenly Kaede and Arisu charge towards us before plunging their respective tongues into both Rias and my clits - for me: Kaede and for Rias: Arisu.

Unable to handle it any longer Milly, Shirley and Ray charges up to us. In a split second Shirley plunges her tongue into my mouth and begins pleasuring me -I return the favor.- Milly rams her own tongue into Rias's mouth and the two be begin to suck on each others tongues. Ray -With a strap on (C.C. must of give her one)- manages to force herself into Rias's ass and begins thrusting the strap on in and out of her (Rias).

Four hours later...

Time: 9:10 PM


After four straight hours of fucking each other's brains out, we finally take a rest until a nasty thought comes to my mind. I suddenly grab Shirley and thrust my tongue into her mouth and begin pleasuring the inner walls of her mouth with my tongue while simultaneously thrusting my fingers into her clit and begin pumping with savage vigor.

Suddenly, a magic circle appears, the circle is of Sitri clan. Both Shirley and me stop what we are doing and watch as Tsubaki Shinra, Momo Hanakai, Reya Kusaka, Tomoe Meguri, Tsubasa Yura, Bennia and Ruruko Nimura -All completely naked- step out of the circle. Within seconds, all the girls climb on to the bed will lust in their eyes.  Suddenly Rias chuckles, "I called them here to pleasure us."

At Rias's words Tsubaki smirks and grabs Sona and thrusts her tongue into Sona's mouth and the two begin tongue sucking, their saliva pours out of each other's mouths. While they are sucking on each others tongues they simultaneously rub their bare breasts against each other erotically. By this time both Momo and Reya are scissoring each other while Bennia licks Tsubasa's clit with her tongue -Causing her to moan in pleasure. By this time, unable to handle it anymore, Ruruko suddenly grabs me and thrusts her tongue into my mouth and begins both lustfully and eagerly licking my mouths inner walls erotically. Seconds later, take charge and begin dominating her with my own tongue.

While me and Ruruko fuck each other, I simultaneously signal Shirley to come closer and spread her legs so I can thrust my clit against hers. Smirking lustfully, Shirley complies. As we rub each others clits against each other, both of us wrap our legs around each others abdomens. With obsessive desire and lust we begin to erotically thrust and buck with speed all the while me and Ruruko pleasure each other with lustful vigor.

The orgy continues for the rest of the day until tomorrow...

 Next Day 

Date: Wednesday October 18th, 2017

Location Black Knights HQ

Shinjuku Ghetto  

Time: 4:00 PM 


I smirk,  "Thanks to you girls, the Battle for Narita was won. Now my little sluts, It's time for your reward, Now let me pleasure you all... take off your clothes. and lets have another orgy!"

All my personal sluts smirk with lust in their eyes.  It doesn't take long before Mio Naruse, Maria Naruse, Yuki Nonaka, Kurumi Nonaka, Chisato Hasegawa, Zest, Saber/Arturia Pendragon/Rin Tōsaka/Sakura Matō/Taiga Fujimura/Illyasviel von Einzbern,  Rider/ Medusa, Caster/Medea, Leysritt, Sella,  Ayako Mitsuzuri, Yukika Saegusa, Kaede Makidera, Kane Himuro, Otoko Hotaruzuka, Luviagelita Edelfelt, Miyu Edelfelt, Kuro/Chloe von Einzbern, Mimi Katsura, Tatsuko Gakumazawa, Suzuka Kurihara, Nanaki Moriyama, Caren Hortensia, Bazett Fraga McRemitz, Nanami Moriyama, Hibari Kurihara, Yuno Gasai, Emilia Hermit, Claire Harvey, Karen Kisaragi, Sakura Kirishima, Liddy Steinberg,  Erica Candle, Reitia Saintemilion, Charlotte Dimandias, Souffle Clearrail, Claudia Lowetti, Nesat Olfred, Nakri Olfred, Vitaly Tynyanov, Houki Shinonono, Cecilia Alcott, Huang Lingyin, Charlotte Dunois, Laura Bodewig, Kanzashi Sarashiki, Tatenashi Sarashiki, Chifuyu Orimura, Madoka Orimura, Squall Meusel, Autumn, Honne Nohotoke, Kiyoka Aikawa, Clarissa Harfouch, Natasha Fairs, Maya Yamada, Tabane Shinonono, Ran Gotanda, Madoka Orimura, Squall Meusel, Autumn, Honne Nohotoke and Kiyoka Aikawa strip naked and prepare to pleasure me; their red rimmed eyes -telltale signs of being geassed- glow brightly as we begin yet another orgy...