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Golden But Not In The Good Way

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It began as a dream.

He was in a quiet grotto deep in the forest. Surrounded by aspen trees.

The first sensations were soft touches, whispery gentle breezes, gentle touches of the sweetest forest spirits.

Ford Pines slept and that was his first mistake.


Deep suffocating darkness, the kind that held one down, suppressed all hopes, all dreams all thought. It held him in stasis, restrained but aware, unable to move but watching all.

And then the sweetest voice came from the infinite dark... soft, warm, thick and masculine... it called him from his prison, drew him up, and out, into the new, modern world.

When his amber eyes fixed upon the visage of his saviour, he saw deep soft brown eyes, a lonely, fractured soul, a soft, gentle young man who'd hidden everything under a thick shell of scientific indifference.


And it was then, that the exiled dream demon fell in love.


Of course this young, scientific mind was ripe for the taking. He was idealistic, fresh from his educational facility and looking for the breakthrough that would make him famous. It was as easy as taking candy from a baby, this Stanford Pines. He was innocent and infinitely seducible, and Bill was just his type.

The dream demon laughed to himself as he watched his prey.

It certainly helped that Stanford Pines was young and attractive himself. Already Bill's mind was filling with all the nasty scenarios he could contrive for the scientist. Handsome, innocent and open to experimentation... he was nearly the perfect companion for himself. The only trick now was to convince Stanford to join him.