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Oh My God I Think I Like You

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He didn’t contact him right away. Even if Yuri was 99.9% sure those hashtags were directed at him, he wasn’t going to go crawling to JJ like some kind of pathetic moron. Besides, the more he looked at them, the less clear they became. Maybe they didn’t mean anything? Anyway, Yuri had told Yuuri that he would think about what he wanted. So far, he wasn’t exactly sure.

He had a lot to do, anyway. Training had really amped up; the Grand Prix Finals were looming just over the horizon. With gold at Skate America and- Yuri did still bristle a bit thinking about it- silver at the Trophee de France, he already had his place there. As if there was any doubt. So yeah, he didn’t exactly have time to worry about what JJ was doing, what JJ was thinking, what opinions JJ had about the nature of their relationship now or in the future.

This all changed when he read the article.

So maybe he had been googling JJ’s name, and maybe he had even taken the time to sign up with this Montreal news site and then translated the page from French. The effort had turned out to be necessary, though, when he skimmed the article and read the quote from JJ. Even if it had been taken out of context somehow, it was still...completely unacceptable.


what the fuck is this leroy


“After all, this will most likely be my last year of competing.” ????????


Hello there, kitten. Keeping up with me?


Don’t ignore the question, ass


Are you really retiring?


I am 26, Yuri.

What the fuck. Yuri resisted the urge to throw his phone against the wall of the cafeteria. JJ had always been there, ever since Yuri had debuted in Seniors. Even if he had hated his guts at the time, JJ had been a constant presence in his skating career. If he was just going to go-


You really going to miss me that badly, kitten? I’m flattered.


Miss your dick in my ass, you mean? Hardly.


Mmmm, i didn’t say it, but if you bring it up


You think i’m just sitting around sadly, waiting for you to fill me up?

Just the thought of that sent a jolt of something hot through him. Yuri was starting to regret starting this conversation in such a public place. Arina and Denis, two of the younger skaters, were sitting at a table just a few feet away, laughing as they ate their sandwiches. Yuri tried to shift inconspicuously in his chair, then decided fuck it and stood up, leaving his lunch behind as he exited the cafeteria. He didn’t look at his phone again until the door closed behind him in the single toilet, and he had flipped the lock.


As much as i like that image, i doubt it. I know you’re insatiable. You going home with a lot of men, then?

Yuri could say yes, because it would serve JJ right, asking something like that. What business of his was it who Yuri went home with? However-

He also couldn’t see the harm in telling the truth. And the truth was no. He wasn’t going home with anyone, not now. When Yuri thought about it, he realized it had been over a year since he had had sex with anyone other than JJ at all. Could that really be fucking possible? Could he have been having these stupid feelings even longer than he realized?


Not exactly.


You must have a lot of toys, then. You’re such a hungry little cockslut I know you’re not jerking off without something up your ass.

Fuck. Yuri could almost hear JJ’s voice, close in his ear, saying these things. He palmed himself through his leggings, feeling the length of his hardening cock. How could that douchebag say these ridiculous things and get Yuri so hot, so fast?


No answer? Don’t be embarrassed, it’s sexy as hell. Or are you just too busy with your hands?

He was just try to tease him, Yuri knew. Rile him up. JJ probably didn’t think that Yuri had actually closed himself up in the closest toilet, achingly aroused already. Making a decision, Yuri pulled down his his leggings just enough to pull out his erection, ridiculously hard and red and standing straight up. He gave it one good stroke, which sent shivers of delight throughout his entire body, then switched his phone over to the camera.

He took about seven shots before he got one that he really loved- his cock pressed up against his smooth abdomen, a tiny bit of precome leaking out of the end, one delicate hand wrapped around it. It looked really fucking sexy, Yuri had to admit to himself. He took a breath and sent it to JJ.


Yeah, I have a lot of toys. None of them here with me, unfortunately.

Yuri leaned against the sink and stroked himself lazily as he waited for a reply.




use your fingers

There was a bottle of hand lotion sitting by the sink, and Yuri was already reaching for it. It was almost empty, and he had to unscrew the cap and beat it on his hand a few times before he could get any. He pulled his leggings down to his knees, then turned to face the mirror so he could lean an elbow on the countertop. He examined himself for second, tugged a little down on his shirt so that his collarbones were more exposed, licked his lips so that they were wet and shiny.

He ended up taking quite a few pictures while having two fingers just pushed past his hole. When he finally got the right angle, he grinned and sent the picture. He looked sexy but not completely vulgar, heated but not sweaty and messy. He knew that JJ technically liked him sweaty and messy, but there was in person and there were pictures. He wasn’t going to send a picture of himself looking completely gross and fucked out to Jean-Jacques Leroy.


I wish i was there right now. I’d get down on the floor and lick your ass open, you look so fucking hot. You taste amazing.

Yuri groaned as he read that, remembering the last time JJ’s mouth had been on him. He did at least know how to put his tongue to work. Yuri balanced his phone back against the mirror, so that he could see it if JJ sent him any more messages, then went back to fingering himself. He pushed two fingers in slowly, loving the slight burn. It was one of his favorite parts of sex, weirdly enough, the tiny bit of pain when he was first breached. Yuri wrapped the other hand around his cock and started to stroke it. Of course, his two fingers were nothing compared to JJ’s cock. He closed his eyes, starting the fuck into himself harder as he pictured JJ coming up behind him, kissing his now sweaty neck, tugging on his hair like he always did. JJ was obsessed with his hair.

He’d pull Yuri’s fingers out, gently, then raise them up to suck them into his own mouth, because JJ was a dirty fuck. Yuri loved that. He started to jerk himself harder, imagining JJ finally pushing his big cock past his stretched out rim, when he heard his text tone go off again. By the time he managed to open his eyes, the screen was just starting to go dark again. Fuck! He needed to know what JJ was saying, needed to read his filthy words, or maybe he had ever sent a picture-

Yuri let go of his cock, just for long enough to grab at his phone and unlock the screen, but his movements were clumsy. His hand knocked into it too hard and before Yuri knew what was happening, his phone had been knocked off the countertop and was headed straight for the tile floor.


His fingers were yanked from himself in record time as he dove to catch it, but it was too late. His phone hit the floor with the worst noise Yuri had ever heard. He knew before he turned it over what he was going to see, but some part of him hoped the damage wouldn’t be as bad as it it sounded.

He looked.

“Fucking damn it,” he said, running his fingers over the shattered screen. Cracks spread out from the corner to the middle of the screen like a spider web. He unlocked his phone to see the text he had missed.


Where are you, Yurio!!! Break’s over. We need to touch up some points of your FS so we don’t have any more problems like Paris!!!

Really? Really?

A picture came through a few seconds later, JJ’s dick with his hand wrapped around it, a little drop of precome at the top. All things he would have found very sexy a couple of minutes ago, but it was all distorted by fractured glass and Yuri had gone very, very soft.

He tapped out a quick message to JJ explaining the situation, hating the feel under his fingers as he typed.


I’m going to have to leave it to you and your hand. Sorry.

Yuri’s one more pic for the road.

A few days later, a box showed up on Yuri’s doorstep. Inside was a package of tempered glass screen protectors and a phone case- a black phone case that said JJSTYLE! on it in glittery gold letters.

He trashed the case, but pocketed the screen protectors with a small smile on his face.

“I don’t know what you were hoping for from this,” Yuri said when he finally accepted the Skype call, after staring at the phone for a few moments where his brain went completely blank. “But I am babysitting.” Emi climbed up over the back of the sofa and stuck her head right on his shoulder so that she could better see the (newly repaired) screen. JJ raised his eyebrows, then wiggled his fingers in a wave to her. Emi wiggled back.

“I know you,” she said.

“I’m sorry,” JJ said. “I don’t...Russian. What did she say, Yuri?”

“She said your head looks very big,” Yuri said. He reached over his shoulder and pulled Emi into his lap in a single, practiced move. She dissolved into giggles as he wrapped two arms around her. “It barely fits on the screen.” JJ just smiled, and Yuri found himself biting his lip to keep from smiling too much back. He looked away.

“Can I call you back in a little bit?” he asked. “I need to give her a bath and then put her in bed, and then if you still want we can talk. If you wanted to?”

“Sure, no problem.” JJ directed his gaze back at Emi, flashed her one of his King JJ smiles. “Spo-koy-noy no-chi, Emi,” he said, somehow managing to mangle almost every syllable. The thought cute entered Yuri’s mind before he could even stop it, and he ended the call quickly so to prevent JJ from catching him blushing.

Getting Emi down was...difficult. First she wanted bubbles in her bath, which turned out to be a mistake not only because she made a huge splashing mess, but because it made it next to impossible to get her out. Yuri wasn’t able to achieve this without her throwing a fit (causing water to go everywhere again) until the bubbles were almost completely gone. Then she wanted a story, then another story, then a snack, then they had to brush teeth again, then, “Can we please, please watch Elsa, just a little bit?” They ended up watching Let it Go six times on his phone before Yuri finally put his foot down.

“You’re going to stay in bed,” Yuri said, looking down at the tiny girl pouting under pink sheets. “I know you’re tired. You’ve been up since like six AM.”

Emi hugged her little stuffed dog tight and wiped at tears that Yuri wasn’t entirely sure were there. It honestly made him feel awful, and he maybe understood why Viktor and Yuuri spoiled her so much. Watching her cry, real or fake, made him feel like a goddamn monster.

He turned out on his heels and shut the bedroom door behind him. Yuri took about two steps before he turned back, cracked the door open just a little. He whispered through the crack. “I’ll just be in the living room. If you really need me. But please, try to go to sleep.”

When he finally fell onto the sofa and pulled out his phone again, he felt exhausted. His hair was a mess, pulled into a bun, and there were still wet spots all over his shirt. He made the call anyway.

JJ picked up on the first ring, and Yuri tried not to read too much into it.

“You look like a mess,” JJ said, and Yuri scowled.

“She’s spoiled as hell. She’s sweet, too, but I don’t know how they put up with her every day. I think I’d die.”

“Kids are all like that,” JJ said. “They’re fun, though. I miss my brother and sister being small.”

“I forgot you had siblings,” Yuri stretched his feet out, pulling the soft cream blanket that hung over the back of the sofa on top of him. “Do they come to your competitions? I don’t remember seeing them.”

“When they were younger, they went to all of them. My parents homeschooled all of us and so we traveled around together. Tristan quit skating before going into seniors. Now he does, uh, BMX racing? We go to his competitions sometimes. It’s fun.” JJ was sitting in a bed. He was shirtless from what Yuri could see, and, knowing that JJ was a complete nudist at heart, Yuri questioned if he was wearing anything at all. “Chloe still skates. She just took silver at the Cup of China, you know. We didn’t have any of the same assignments this year, so we didn’t get to watch each other. I wish we could have.” He sighed. “So did your phone fixed, or am I coming at you in a million different pieces?”

“I got my screen replaced in like a day,” Yuri said, sounding almost offended. “What kind of barbaric person do you take me for?”

“And you got my present?” He was smirking, looking as obnoxious as Yuri had ever known him. It was cute, which was simultaneously awful and something that made him feel a little bit lightheaded.

“Thank you for the screen covers. I threw the rest of the trash out where it belonged.”

JJ laughed, and stretched his arms up. The flexed slightly as he leaned back more against the headboard. Yuri turned his head slightly and smiled.

“Isn’t it like three in the afternoon there?” Yuri asked. He wished JJ would lower the camera just a little bit. He didn’t want to do anything; he just wanted to know.

“I’m sick today,” he said, coughing a little for dramatic effect like an idiot. “Can you make me feel better?”

“Ugh, not in this house,” Yuri said. “It has probably seen enough nightmarish shit in it’s time with these two. They’re so gross.” He knew for a fact that Yuuri and Viktor had fucked on the couch he was sitting on; he had walked in on them once and had spent the last two years trying to erase that image from his mind.

“You talk like such a prude, sweetheart,” JJ said, in a low, familiar voice. “Like I don’t know how gross you want it.”

“You better not be touching your cock,” Yuri said. “I’m not getting you off right now.”

JJ held up both hands. “Everything is above board. No sex. I get it.” He paused. “But maybe... when you come to see me in Moscow…?”

“You do realize that’s like a seven or eight hour train ride,” Yuri said.

“I know,” JJ said. “I looked it up.” Something about that sent a little thrill through Yuri.

“Why do I have to come meet you there?” Yuri asked. “Why don’t you come here instead?” He had meant it more as a comeback than an offer, but as soon as the words slipped out, Yuri realized what exactly he had said. JJ, in St. Petersburg. JJ, here. JJ, in his space, in his apartment, in his own bed.

“Well, I wanted you to come because- well, because if this is going to be my last season, I liked the idea of you there watching me skate,” JJ said, and he wasn’t making direct eye contact with the camera for once. There was something really earnest about his voice, something that curbed Yuri’s natural instinct to bite back at him. “But if that won’t work, then- okay. Yeah, I’ll come to St. Petersburg after the Cup.”

“I’m still going to be watching you skate,” Yuri said, softer than he really wanted to let himself be. “I can’t think of anything that would keep me from watching.” He coughed, toughened it up a bit. “I mean, you’re going to have a pretty easy time getting gold. Everyone else assigned to Rostelecom sucks.”

There was a lot that they didn’t discuss that they probably should have. For how long, where JJ was staying, why?

“I probably need to go soon,” JJ finally said. Yuri tapped his phone to see that it had been a surprisingly long conversation, and his phone battery was almost dead.

“Me too,” Yuri said. “Viktor and Yuuri will probably be home soon.”

JJ sat up, and for a second the camera moved in a way that let Yuri know that he was, in fact, wearing pants. Blue mesh basketball shorts. Somehow that was kind of sexy, too.

“Yeah, I have to go take a shower,” he said. “I’m meeting Bella for a late-lunch, early-dinner thing.”

The name caused Yuri to pause. “Oh. You…” Don’t sound jealous, you stupid fuck. “You two still hang out?”

“Isabella has been one of my best friends for a long time,” JJ said. “And one of my biggest supporters. We still hang out pretty often. I didn’t see a reason to lose that relationship just because our romantic one didn’t work out.” He said it so plainly, as if he and his former fiancee had just mutually decided to part ways. As far as Yuri knew, though, that was not what happened. It had been splashed all over the skating gossip blogs for weeks, and Yuri had followed all of it with a fervor that, in hindsight, should have made him a little suspicious.

“But you were engaged. She cheated on you!” Yuri said, then immediately realized he sounded way over-excited. He tried to dial down his tone. “Right?”

JJ rolled on his back, taking his phone with him. “I mean...I guess? If you want to get technical about it, I guess some people would call it cheating. I know what all the news and gossip said.” He shrugged. “We were in an open relationship and she fell in love. And that person wanted her to herself. And they’re still together, and honestly a great couple. We were too young to get married, anyway. I was just-” He turned his head back, once again making what passed for eye contact with Yuri. “I get really passionate about the people I love. I guess it’s kind of a flaw. I just want to make them really, really happy.”

“I don’t know how you could forgive something like that,” Yuri said, quietly, into the sleeves of his sweater that he had tugged halfway up his hands. “I know I couldn’t.” He didn’t know what he was doing. Trying to communicate relationship expectations before communicating the desire for a relationship. It was dark in the living room, the only light coming from his phone screen and the low burn in the gas fireplace set into the stone wall.

“I don’t think you could share at all,” JJ said with a grin. “I think you would want me all to yourself.”

“Damn right I don’t share,” Yuri said, and he wanted to ask him what JJ had pretty much asked him the other day. If he was sleeping with other people. He was trying to work up how to phrase it when he heard a key in the front lock.

“I have to go,” he said quickly, realizing only after he had slammed a finger down on the ‘end call’ button that he had barely given JJ time to say goodbye.

“Yurio, we’re back!”

Yuri could instantly tell from the volume and tone of his voice that Yuuri was absolutely plastered. Sure enough, a moment later he came stumbling into the living room giggling and holding on to his husband’s arm for balance. A dopey smile spread across his face when he saw Yuri.

“My angel!” he said. “Where is she!”

“She’s in her bed? Piggy, it’s past 11. She’s not down at the park.” He watched Yuuri take Viktor by the sleeve and tug him down the hall. He cracked the door to Emi’s room and peeked in.

“She’s asleep!” Yuuri proclaimed, a little too loudly. Viktor clapped a hand over his mouth gently, and closed the bedroom door with his other one. Yuuri wasted no time in wrapping himself around his husband like an octopus, infinitely more disgusting while drunk than he was sober, which was somehow something that was possible. “I was just checking on her,” he mumbled as Viktor led him to the bedroom. “She’s so cute. I missed her.”

“I know, my love,” Viktor said. He reappeared a few minutes later, after presumably getting Yuuri undressed and in bed.

“Do you need me to take you home?” he asked Yuri, who was pulling on his coat and scarf.

“It’s okay,” Yuri said. “I can take the Metro.”

“It’s no bother,” Victor said, slipping back into his own woolen, gray Chesterfield. He had a smile on his face, something dangerous that made Yuri wonder exactly what Katsudon might have let slip while tipsy. “It will give us time to talk.”

Goddamnit, Katsudon. He’d said something. His drunk ass had definitely said something, and now that knowing smile was practically shining off of Viktor’s face. Like there was nothing he would love more than to get Yuri into a small, locked space like a moving car so that he could grill him to his heart’s content.

“Really,” Yuri said. “I’m good.” As he left the apartment, he pulled out his phone again.


Pretty quick exit


Should I be offended?

Yuri rolled his eyes, and began tapping at his phone as he waited for the elevator.


Shut up


And text me a pic of your dick in those shorts