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I'll Always Find You in the Drift

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We thought we'd won.


In a way, we did. It cost seven of the best pilots their lives, and the last four Jaegers, but they did it. They closed the Breach, the wormhole to the anti-verse. The kaiju threat was forever stopped. The world rejoiced.


But humanity has always been its own worst enemy.


Celebration gave way to a mad rush to possess anything from the world of the kaiju. Blood. Bone. Even the poisonous kaiju blue. The Gottlieb-Geiszler proposal pushed the limits of bio-engineering, reverse engineering, cybernetics, neural-bridge tech, and more to the extreme. Suddenly, there were people with more mechanical parts than organic. Machines with AI so powerful, they thought they were human. Science bounded forward at light speed while people struggled to catch up.


It didn't take the worst of them long.


Most of the world was still punch drunk from V-Kday when it started. The first omnics rolled off the line. The first cyborg was used for enforcement. The first kid wanted their DNA changed to get blue skin, bio-lights, fangs. Next thing we knew, the criminals that thrived in the destabilization the Kajiu War created were using cutting edge science. Crime syndicates rose to prominence across the globe with legions of bio-spliced monsters that could have been the offspring of the kaiju themselves. The Gang Wars ripped the fragile peace apart.


At the bottom of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, two long dormant omniums came back online. They spit out armies of military onmics, some as big as the recently defeated kaiju to conquer the world. No demands, no reason. Just death on an unimaginable scale. No one could stop them.


A self created apocalypse. The world was desperate.


We needed heroes.


We needed Overwatch.


To fight these new monsters, humanity built its own. Thirty years after the last Jaeger walked on Earth, a new generation lifted them from the ashes. Overwatch built the massive robots anew, faster, stronger, with deadlier weapons. They were four million pounds of force and fury, built for one purpose: protect humanity from extinction.


A new breed of pilot was needed for these faster, heavier armed machines. Pilot Enchantment Sequencing took ordinary men and women and turned them into super soldiers. Turned me into a super soldier. Enhanced strength, reflexes, senses, regeneration. Then we stepped into a Jaeger. Didn’t matter that we were basically superheroes, the neural load a Jaeger placed on a single pilot's brain would destroy them. The burden had to be shared, just like back in the glory days. Two pilots, right hemisphere and left hemisphere, split the mental load and made it possible to fight when connected mentally through the Drift.


The Drift… a neural bridge that melded two human minds into one organic super computer. Two sets of memories, two people sharing a mind with each other, and the mind a giant machine. Three becoming one. The deeper the bond, the better you fight.


When you put on the drivesuit, stepped into the cradle, and Drifted... you became more than flesh and bone, metal and wires. You became a force of nature.


Overwatch rallied the scattered resistance of humanity and gave them something to believe in again. At the height of the Omnic War, a hundred Jaegers scattered across the globe, the last hope of humanity, battled legions of omnics for the fate of the world.

My name is Gabriel Reyes. I died in a Jaeger. I was reborn in the Drift.