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Reflected Legacy

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42 ABY

He hated this planet. Even though he'd grown up here, he felt absolutely no love for Tatooine, despite the fact that he'd returned to the forsaken wasteland on several occasions, mostly to look over whatever Ben Kenobi had left for him to rebuild the Jedi Order.

And what a success that had been.

"Dad? You there?" Ben Skywalker's voice came over the transmitter. Luke couldn't help but grin at his son's bored tone. Like father like son.

"Yeah, I'm here," he replied.

"It's so hot here! How did you ever survive growing up in this place?"

He chuckled. "Sometimes I wonder that myself. Have you finished checking over the Falcon?"

"Yeah, twice. Amelia just went to check a third time," Luke wanted to smile at that—he could practically see the eye roll—but truthfully, he was worried about his great-niece more than he was willing to say. Han and Leia were like parents to her despite their age. "It's just like we figured; locked up tight and stored away. They haven't been here since they contacted you."

Luke didn't like the sound of that. Han and Leia never left the Falcon alone for long. It had become their home, almost a member of the family in its own right. "I'm almost to the Dune Sea. I'll check the hut over and be back before nightfall."

"With Aunt Leia and Uncle Han right behind you." Luke grinned at the ever more sarcastic voice. "Right after you chew them out for not answering your calls."

At that, Luke did laugh. "Ben, you know as well as I do that no one chews your aunt out any more than—" He cut off as he rounded the last of the rocky curves leading to the large expanse known as the Dune Sea.

"Dad?" Ben asked worriedly.

"It's not here..." Luke commented, checking around to make sure he'd found the right place. Yes, the path he currently followed should lead directly to the old hut Ben Kenobi used to live in. He'd been there often enough. Instead of the small but sturdy home made out of stone and various cheap metals, a rather large pit had appeared in its place, now slowly filling with sand.

"What's not there?" His son asked, probably wishing they'd set up a video feed.

"The hut! I've been here a dozen times. This is the right place but it's just...vanished!"

And that's when Ben's sarcastic sense of humor came through yet again. "Of course. Why would we expect this to be easy?"