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The Truth Is but a Lie We Are Told at a Young Age

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The beginning of my story is a complicated one, one that not many understand. I myself do not even understand what I am or what I could possibly become, but that has not stopped the dirty looks I have received from everyone on the ark. I can hear the whispers all around me, some saying I am just a dangerous animal, or I was a abomination that should have been killed before I had even took my first breath. I have learned to block those hateful comments, as well as the other malicious comments that have been said to me and at me. It is not my fault that I am something I do not understand, and other people do not understand, but do you know what that makes me, special. I am special and others do not understand, and I do not want them. 

I know I am an alpha, but I am something other than just an alpha. The other alphas are aggressive, but not nearly as aggressive as I can and could become, it is like something takes over my body, and I do not understand. I take more medication than any other on the ark, and it does not seem to help. Medical does not understand why the medication does not help, but it helps the other normal alphas.  

I am an anomaly, no one understands. But what do I care, I am dead in less than a month. The ark punishes everything the same it does not matter the crime, or the reason why. I am dead because I wanted to save everyone and I stupidly told my best friend, and my best friend told his father. His father the chancellor, along with guards then came and collected my father from our home in the middle of the night. I knew, I just knew my father was a dead man walking, because just before he left with the guards, he slipped me his watch and told me he loved me. I wanted to scream, but I was frozen. My father was dead, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. 

I knew who caused my father's death, and I was going to going to get retribution for my father, even if it cost me my life. So with that in my mind, I rushed to where they float the criminals of the ark. I reached the airlock just before the chancellor pushed the button, the button that would kill my father immediately. And I yelled that I would tell everyone, but before I could do anything one of the guards struck me with a shock baton. The shock did not immediately put me down, like everyone had expected, and before I could get up again, the guards unfroze. I then felt the shock of not one, or two shock batons, but three at full force, I could not tell you what happened next for I do not remember. 

When I come to I find myself in a cell, I could only assume I was in the sky box, where they house juvenile offenders until they turn eighteen. All of this happened two years ago, and I had only a month of life left to live. But what is a life, when one is caged like an animal and treated like one.  

The door to my cell opened, and several guards rushed in and told me to face the wall. I did not immediately comply, for if I was going to be killed now I would be sure to take a couple guards down with me. So when the guards saw that I did not immediately comply, they rushed me thus beginning my death toll. One guard was killed right away. That gave me an opening to kill another guard as the guards froze having not expected this. Of course the guards had expected the aggression, but not to this extent.