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Chapter 1: Giants Fall

“Don't you be afraid
Of giants in your way
With God you know that anything's possible
So step into the fight
He's right there by your side”

-Francesca Battistelli



            Aria was startled awake when a bucket of cold water was thrown on her. “What the hell was that for?” she exclaimed, as she sat up and wiped her wet hair from her face, she saw a snickering Sheriff and a smirking Guy on the other side of the bars. In a flash everything came back to her, the fight between the gang, and Guy. How she had misjudged an attack from Guy, which had resulted in her being taken as a hostage.

            “Good you are finally awake, now we can talk about how you will tell me what I want to know” The Sheriff said to Aria.

Aria just looked at The Sheriff in confusion, “Tell you about what?”

            “Robin Hood of course! What else would I want to know about, how to cook a chicken, or what the weather is like? A clue, no!” The Sheriff replied.

“You already know so much about him. What could I possibly tell you that would be of any use to the two of you?” Aria stated, like she would tell that vile man anything!

            “Flattery will get you no where outlaw” The Sheriff snarled, “Now tell me what I want to know before I loose my temper.” The Sheriff turned towards Guy before continuing, “This is why women will never amount to anything Gisborne, they think flattery will save them” he gestured towards Aria.
“Point taken m’lord” Guy stated with a look of indifference on his face.          

            Aria tried to keep her face passive at the blatant jab towards her sexes intelligence, but something must have shown through as Guy looked at her and discreetly raised his eyebrows in amusement.


            “Now then woman, tell me where your precious leaders hideout is, where he plans on striking next, so on and so forth.” The Sheriff asked Aria again, trying not to loose his patience with the lack of intelligence this outlaw was showing.


“Do you honestly expect be to betray my family? A clue, Sheriff, no! Honestly I would have thought you would have figured this out by now, we will NEVER betray each other. But then again, men like you don’t seem able to grasp the concept of loyalty. Find your information elsewhere, as you won’t be getting it from me!” Aria stated definitely, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at The Sheriff. She was half tempted to tell him to fuck off but figured it would only land her in more trouble, so Arian decided to keep her mouth shut.

            Guy had to give her props; the only other woman to stand up to The Sheriff was Marian. It was quite amazing to see The Sheriff flustered all because of some woman. Well, not just a woman, but an outlaw he thought to him self.


            The Sheriff smirked at Aria’s answer, causing her to question as to what could be so funny. “I was rather hoping you’d say something like that. It makes my job so much more fun!” The Sheriff clapped his hands and grinned like a little child before continuing to speak. “I have been wondering what to give the people of Nottingham for a Christmas gift; and now I know, a public punishment. For their enjoyment you see, and of course mine. You shall be publicly flogged in the square in two days time. Enjoy your stay girlie, Gisborne and I have plans to make in your honor.” Then, gesturing towards Guy to follow him, left the prison.


            ‘Publicly flogged’? Aria thought to herself, once the men left, shuddering at the thought of everything that might include. She knew that when men were flogged they usually wore only their breaches and were chained, or tied, to a pole while the torturer choose a whip and applied the “appropriate amount of lashes” to the man.

Aria had told Robin not to worry about her, and to not attempt in rescueing her. Could she even bear the thought of the man she loved risking his life to save her’s? No. Never! This was a situation she had to resolve on her own. Aria wasn’t sure she would be able to survive a flogging planned by The Sheriff, she needed strength and a clear head. Her emotions would do her no good right now, taking a deep breath and exhaling, she bowed her head and started to pray.

            “Dear Lord, please give me the strength and courage I need to face this trial I am to go through. I know I can’t do this on my own, please give me the knowledge I need in order to over come this. I know you are always with me and never give us more than we can handle, we might bend but we won’t break. Please don’t let Robin do anything rash and keep him safe above all else. Amen.”


            Aria felt her self-calming down and a sense of peace falling over her. This was all in God’s hands and she needed to have faith that everything would work it’s self out. A song lyric came to her at that moment that talked about God having a bigger picture in mind that we (his children) couldn’t see. We don’t have to change the world, but just trust in him. We needed to remember that he is our creator and is working out his plan though us, with this thought Aria set to devising a plan of escape.