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Isak was nervous. Like, really nervous. What the fuck had gotten into him when he had suggested to watch porn together? He had imagined it to be a cool and mature and hot, but now he just didn’t know what the fuck he should do. Should he look for a movie and then play it for Even? Should he just let Even look for something? And what would they do once the porn started playing? Just jerk off next to each other? Jerk each other off? Fuck? He had no clue and he couldn’t believe that he couldn’t even blame anybody – not even Eskild – for this disaster, but only himself.

But Isak had learned, that when Even was around, most things turned out okay. Mostly more than okay. Isak had had endless insecurities about sex, about talking about sex, about relationships and nudity and everything else that he wasn’t really used to – and when he was with Even, things that he has pictured to be pure torture turned out fine. So he told himself not to overthink it and just trust Even, well, and himself, to somehow manage. And he would have some time to figure it out anyway, because he had to sit through that weird movie – what kind of title was momento? – that Even was writing his paper on.

After taking a quick shower, there was the brief moment where he considered dressing up for Even, and by dressing up he meant putting on some jeans or maybe like a button down shirt. After about two seconds of considering, he put on some grey sweatpants that smelled like they had been washed at least in the last few weeks and a hoodie, as always. Of course he had always loved sweatpants – who didn’t – but not that he was having sex on a regular basis, he enjoyed them even more. That weird designer dude that had told the world that whoever wore sweatpants had lost control over their life obviously had never struggled to get his hot boyfriend out of a pair of skinny jeans while being hectic and horny.

When the doorbell rang, he had been browsing through 9gag, acting as if he hadn’t been waiting for his boyfriend to finally come rescue him from his boredom.

He couldn’t help but smile when he opened the door. Even returned that smile and stepped inside, giving Isak a quick kiss.

 “Hey Baby”, he said in an excited voice, while hanging up his jacket and toeing off his shoes.

He wore a pair of black sweatpants and a plain white T-Shirt, with an unzipped dark red hoodie thrown over it. It was probably one of Isak’s favorite outfits on his boyfriend. Even managed to look hot and stylish in almost anything, and Isak took great pleasure in looking at him.

“What?”, Even asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Nothing. Just like looking at you.”

Even’s smile grew even wider and he kicked the door shut while pulling Isak in for another short kiss. Isak held on to the sides of Even’s hoodie, pulling him closer, while Even’s hands were stroking his lower back.

“I brought you something”, Even announced and held up a package of corn.

“What the fuck?” Isak frowned and stared at Even in disbelieve.

“Did you ever have homemade popcorn?”


“We’ll make some for the movie!” Before Isak could say anything, Even had already walked past him into the kitchen, not without smacking Isak’s butt playfully on the way.

Isak followed him in the kitchen, where Even had already put a pot on the stove.

“Come here, I’ll teach you how to make it”, Even told him and got some butter and sugar.

“It seems to be a lot of work. You know you can just buy Popcorn in the supermarket right?”, Isak asked, while he hopped onto the counter next to the stove, where Even was melting a big piece of butter in the pot. They spent most of their time in the kitchen like this – Even cooking, while Isak sat on the counter and watched. And of course, Even tended to move between Isak’s legs now and then, stealing hot kisses and grinding against him a little bit – before returning to his food, leaving Isak whining and complaining. They both loved it.

“Yeah, but it’s so much better when it’s homemade. I added it to the list yesterday and we still had some corn left so I thought I better start working on it now”, Even winked at him and poured a good amount of sugar into the pot.

It did smell delicious, Isak had to admit, even though it was just melted butter and the sweet scent of sugar.

“Do I even want to know how long the list is by now?”, he asked, his voice a little resigned.

“Probably not.”


Even started moving the butter and sugar mixture around with a spoon, until it was some sort of paste.

“It looks weird”, Isak nagged, which made Even roll his eyes:

“You’ll love it, I promise.”

“If you say so.”

“When the butter is melted completely, you can add corn”, Even explained, taking the package from the counter, “like enough so that the floor of the pot is completely covered.”

“Why are you explaining this to me? We both know I won’t be able to make that myself.”

“If you listened, maybe you would!”

Isak just rolled his eyes, watching how Even shook the pot around slightly and then placed the lid onto it.

“See? Done.”

Isak smiled at him and leaned over, his chin tilted up for a kiss. Even was more than happy to oblige, pressing his lips lazily onto his boyfriends. Isak tilted his head a little, opening his mouth and pushing his tongue against Even’s, slowly deepening the kiss.

They both jumped when the first corn popped inside of the pot.

“Jesus Christ!”, Isak stared at it, startled.

Even couldn’t help but laugh at his boyfriend’s reaction.

“That’s the best part”, he explained, “when it starts popping.”

He hold up one finger to tell Isak to wait for it, and then the corn started popping some more. Even shook the pot around a little, letting Isak look through the glass of the lid, where the white popcorn flew around with loud pops.

“Pretty cool, huh?”

“Pretty cool”, Isak agreed, smiling.

“Can you get me a bowl or something?”

“Yeah”, Isak jumped off of the counter and started looking for one, “do you want a beer?”


Now that he had a 20-year-old boyfriend, Isak was never short on beer. Even always made sure to bring some over, and he had also started to buy some for his friends.

Even waited for the last corn to pop, explaining to Isak how important it was to wait for the right time, because you want all of them to pop, but if you wait too long, they’ll burn.

It was pretty much the moment where Isak knew he would never be able to make that himself, because he wasn’t even capable of telling the right timing for removing pasta out of boiling water.

Even moved the popcorn, that did smell delicious, to the bowl and they moved to Isak’s bedroom.

Even settled on the bed, pushing the pillows around to make it comfortable, while Isak hooked his Laptop up to the TV and logged into their shared Netflix Account.

Even had always had a Netflix Account, but last year he had created a profile for Isak, with a pretty long “must see” list already set up. He had handed Isak the password – suckmydick247 – on Christmas as a present.

Isak started the movie and crawled into bed next to Even, who held out the bowl for him:

“You have to try it while it’s still hot.”

Isak nodded and grabbed a handful, while he was settling his head onto Even’s stomach:

“Oh my god that’s good.”

“Yeah?”, Even asked, his hand already playing with Isak’s hair. He always thought of himself as a person who had a good amount of self control and discipline – at least when he was at a clear and normal state – but Isak’s hair was something that made him weak immediately. Whenever Isak was in reach, he just had to do something to it, stroke it, run his fingers through it, pull on it.

“Yeaaah it’s so fucking good”, his boyfriend moaned, reaching for more popcorn, “fuck.”

“Should I be worried that you make sounds like that when you eat popcorn?”

“Mh? Why?”

“You sound like that’s much more pleasure then anything I have ever done to you.”

“Maybe it is.”

Even answered by pulling on Isak’s hair a little, who just laughed and snuggled closer, concentrating on the movie.




“Okay, so the whole point was that the story is told from the back to the front?”

“Yeah. It’s like storytelling in reversed time. Which is really awesome, because you would think that that’s not interesting anymore, but it still has the same effects like normal storytelling, right? Like, excitement and wondering about the end and about the great solution – it’s all the same, even though the story is told completely different. That’s what’s so amazing about the movie.”

Isak smiled while he listened. He loved listening to Even talk about movies. Sure, sometimes he was annoyed by it, when Even forbid him to watch the newest Kevin James movie or gave his Netflix List an update without checking with Isak fist – but still, he loved to see how Even was excited about stuff. And it also impressed Isak that he knew so much about movies. About actors and directors and writers and screenplay and lighting and timing and shit like that.

“Yeah. I thought it had to be boring because we already knew how it ended, in a way, but it was still interesting how everything turned out and stuff.”

“Mh. Really good storytelling. And there was so much unexpected stuff in there. Of course, that’s only possible because of his amnesia and stuff, but it’s still interesting that they were able to create a movie that has similar elements as usual, and tell it in reverse time.”

“So my paper will be about that?”

“Yeah, I thought I’d explain how the storytelling in reversed time was used and what elements were the same as normal storytelling and which elements were like new to the movie.”

Isak nodded: “Sounds like I’ll get a 6.”

“Sounds like I’ll get six blowjobs.”

Isak laughed and leaned up to Even: “Guess we’ll see about that.”

Even buried his hand in Isak’s hair once again, pulling him a little closer while he pushed his tongue into Isak’s mouth, enjoying the little moan he felt vibrating against his lips. He felt his boyfriend tilt his head a little more to give Even better access, while he was moving to sit on Even’s lap, slowly grinding down.

They broke the kiss, breathing a little heavier than usual and Even raised his eyebrows at Isak:

“So. About that other movie we wanted to watch.”

Isak nodded, blushing a little and moving around awkwardly on Even:

“Mhm. I don’t really know. Like, what you want to watch. And like, what to do while we watch it and stuff. Sorry. I know it was my idea, it just-“

He shrugged, blushing even more, and looking at Even as if to apologize.

“Don’t worry about it”, he simply told him, “we’ll figure it out together okay?”

“Okay”, Isak agreed and exhaled slowly.

“I don’t know how this will go down either. We’ll just see what happens. Minute by minute.”

Isak flinched: “Minute by minute is so fucking romantic, you can’t use it in this scenario.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t know, it seems weird. It’s not a catchphrase that you can use all the time, it has meaning.”

Even rolled his eyes: “Who’s the romantic now?”

“Whatever”, Isak climbed off of Even’s lap, who missed the weight and warmth of his boyfriend almost immediately, and lifted the laptop up to the bed:

“So, what should I look for?”

“Just anything. Doesn’t matter. Maybe look for rimming if you want.”


The first video was a fail – one guy was really hairy, which was a huge turn-off for Isak. They still watched a little, but Even was dying laughing at the sounds the other guy made because they apparently reminded him of whale noises. Which of course was the most ridiculous comparison Isak had ever heard, but he couldn’t watch the movie after that without giggling.

They moved on to a movie that was about fingering, but got bored pretty quickly.

“It’s like nothing’s happening. Like, at all”, Isak complained.

“He’s still on the first finger and we’ve watched for what felt like an hour.”

“And he’s not even looking like he’s enjoying it.”

“He looks like he’s wondering if he left the stove on.”

Isak started laughing and clicked the video away, looking for a new one.

He actually started having fun. Which had not been the purpose of his suggestion – he had hoped for a much hotter and steamier atmosphere, a really hot movie and really hot sex – but this was way better. Because it was sweet and intimate and not awkward at all. They talked about what they found funny or weird in every video, and Isak felt the whole tension that had built up just leave his body. He was just having a good time with his boyfriend, exploring their sexual fantasies, which was pretty cool.

“You think he’s like a dancer or a gymnast or something?”, Even wondered, tilting his head and squeezing his eyes to see what was actually going on.

“Probably. Nobody can bend like that”, Isak said, a little impressed.

“I don’t get why they do it in that position, anyway. What’s good about it?”

“The angle seems weird.”

“Yeah. He won’t come like that. I mean not unless – there we go. What kind of porn is this, I bet he’ll last like a minute longer, and then what?”

“Maybe the other one will just keep going”, Isak shrugged.

“Ugh, no. Pick another one.”




They found a movie that actually was hot eventually. It was two guys, both very hot, and a lot of foreplay. The banter and joking had stopped at one point, and both Isak and Even were staring at the screen.

Even was lying on his back, Isak was sitting next to him, taking in all the kissing and touching going on in the movie. One guy moaned deeply and Isak felt that he was not really unaffected by it anymore.

“Baby?”, he heard Even’s voice behind him and turned around:


“Blow me.”


“Come on.”

Even reached for him and pushed him down a little. Normally Isak would complain about that, but somehow it felt okay right now. He pushed Even’s shirt up a little, and started kissing and licking the exposed skin, keeping his eyes on the screen.

He pushed Even’s sweats and boxers down and started licking his dick, placing a kiss here and there, before taking him into his mouth just a little. He heard the panting from Even and decided to go slow, since he was not going to let Even come like this. Even’s hand moved to his hair again, but he didn’t push him down or anything, just played with his curls while he watched either Isak bobbing his head a little, or the blow job going on in the movie.

“Iss? Stop.”

Isak let Even slide out of his mouth and looked up to his boyfiend, raising an eyebrow in question.

“Lie down on your back”, Even told him in a low voice, and Isak obeyed, moving up on the bed, lying down.

Even started undressing his boyfriend, until he was lying naked on the bed, and stared at him for a few moments, before he bent down to meet Isak’s longing lips for a deep and wet kiss.

“Lift your hands above your head.”

The words were barely a sound, more a breath against Isak’s neck, and he followed the request, lifting his hands up.

Even sat up on his lap and reached for Isak’s scarf that was lying next to the bed, tying Isak’s hands together. He just tied it in two simple knots, nothing Isak couldn’t escape from or anything, but Isak still stared at him with wide eyes, clearly turned on by it.

“You should really buy a bed with a headboard.”

“Don’t make fun of my bed, you have a fucking bunk bed. I can’t even ride you without hitting my head in that thing.”

Even laughed a little and grinded down, turning Isak’s laugh into a moan:

“Since I can’t ty you to anything, I’ll just tell you that I want your hands to stay where they are.”

Even stared at him, and both his word and his gaze pretty unyielding, which made Isak nod in response. He turned his gaze away from Even and onto the screen again, and saw that Even’s eyes followed his own.

They guy in the movie was getting fingered, and it looked like they were heading somewhere with it pretty damn soon. Isak spread his legs in anticipation, lifting up his hips to meet Even’s and create some kind of friction between them.

“What do you want, Baby?”, Even asked him, already reaching for the lube.

“Your fingers inside me”, Isak breathed out, keeping his eyes on the screen, while spreading his legs a little further, lifting his hips, basically telling Even with his whole body that he was so ready for him.

Even slicked up his finger and moved until he was between Isak’s legs, his finger already touching him:

“Leg up.”

“Ugh, Babe, no…”

“I said leg up.”

Isak stared at Even again, who raised an eyebrow, while slowly pushing Isak’s left leg up to his chest. Isak wasn’t exactly a fan of this. He knew it gave Even better access, and he knew Even loved seeing him like that, but it was exhausting holding his leg up like this. Sometimes the stretch was painful when they did it like this, and he also felt as if it took Even longer to find his sweet spot. But for now, he let Even decide, and so he obeyed and held his leg up for him. Isak’s mind went blank when Even didn’t start with one, but with two fingers, stretching him more than he was ready for.

He bit back the moan, grinding his teeth in pain, pushing his head back into the pillow, before looking up at Even again, who was not looking at him, but still at the screen. Isak turned his head too, and noticed that the guys in the movie had chosen a similar pose – only that the bottom had both of his legs up on the top’s shoulders – and Isak was pretty sure that Even would probably want to mirror that. They had never done that before and the thought made Isak shiver – both in excitement and a little with fear, because damn, that angle looked like it could get really really deep.

“Don’t hold back Baby”, Even told him, giving him a kiss on his knee, “I want to hear you.”

Isak just kept panting in return, as Even worked his fingers in and out, scissoring them a little, feeling around for the right spot.

Isak was squirming beneath him, he was so turned on, so fucking hard, and all he wanted to do was just touch himself to speed it all up, but he didn’t dare to move his hands down. He loved the movie they were watching, he loved giving head, loved kissing and grinding and now this – he was more than ready to come, and he knew that he would if Even would hit the right spot. Which he would, eventually. He always did.

“Fuck, you’re so hot”, Even told him, bending down to kiss Isak, placing his leg over his shoulder, which changed the angle and made Isak half-moan half-scream Even’s name.

“That’s it, Baby”, Even whispered against Isak’s mouth, biting his lip, licking into his mouth, then moving down to his neck and started sucking. He moved his fingers a little and -

“Fuck, Even, stop – aaaah – stop or I’ll come”, Isak moaned, arching his back and turning his head from one side to another in pure pleasure.

“Mh-mh you’re still too tight baby”, Even told him, his voice now softer, worried, not at all bossy and demanding. He moved his fingers a little, so that he didn’t hit Isak’s prostate so hard, and added a third quickly.

Isak breathed hot air against Even’s lips, not capable to respond anything, turning his head again, just to see that the guy in the movie was already getting what Isak so deeply needed right now.

There was a lot of moaning and panting going on, but Isak almost couldn’t hear it over the blood rushing through his veins and his racing heartbeat.

“Even, I – aaaah, god, fu- aaah fuck!”

“Beg for it”, Even told him, eyes dark with lust, hitting Isak’s spot once again.

“Please, Even, gooood please.” Isak moved his other leg around Even, trying to pull him closer, pull him into position, pleading and sobbing and screaming and moaning a mixture between his boyfriend’s name, oh god, and just wordless nonsense.

When Even removed his fingers and got more lube, Isak whined, a high noise that Even loved so much, lifting his hips up for more.

Even put Isak’s other leg on his shoulder, too, bending him, while he reached down to line himself up.

Then he started pushing in, swallowing Isak’s load moan with his own mouth.

“Okay?”, he asked, and Isak nodded, his eyes squeezed shut, and moved his hips against Even as a sign to keep going. Isak enjoyed that Even always asked. No matter what, he never pushed in without clearing up that Isak was ready and he wouldn’t hurt him. Sometimes Isak lied, because he was just too damn impatient to wait around for what felt like forever, while Even was teasing and torturing him with his fingers. But Even always seemed to notice, and even though he still started thrusting when Isak gave him a green light, he was always extra careful. Not that Isak had never been sore after some of that action, but Even always made sure to keep the pain to a minimum.

“Fuck you’re so tight”, Even breathed, pressing his forehead to Isak’s as he started moving inside of him.

Isak screamed, biting down on Even’s neck, trying to silence himself. He was so out of breath that he felt like was going to pass out. It was almost too much, Even was almost too close, too deep, too everywhere. At the same time, Isak wanted it to be closer, deeper and more.

Even pushed himself up, resting his hands on either side of Isak’s head and picked up a quick pace, and the different angle made Isak scream again. His whole body was trembling with pleasure.

“Ohhh god Even”, he moaned, “touch – aaaaah fuck – touch me, please!”

“I won’t”, Even told him, thrusting in deeper, almost making Isak cry, “if you want to come, Iss, you gotta do it like this.”

“You fucking ki- aaaaaah – kidding me?!”

Even smirked at him, raising an eyebrow as he pushed into Isak particularly hard.

Isak made a noise that was half moaning, half sobbing, lifting his hips to meet Even’s to follow his request.

He lifted his hands and put them over Even’s head, placing the scarf that held his wrists together around Even’s neck to pull him close again. He didn’t really care that Even had told him not to move his hands, because he was on the edge of coming and he wanted his boyfriend’s lips on his right fucking now.

Even just moaned in pleasure at Isak’s action, bending down to kiss Isak’s lips, breathing against them hard and heavy.

“I’m so – ahhhh – close”, Isak tried to catch his breath, pushing his head up to meet Even’s lips.

“Me… too...” The answer was evenly breathless, and Even kept his mouth on Isak’s while he started to thrust even deeper, angling just right so that Isak screamed against his mouth when he came all over both of their stomachs.

Even followed immediately, moaning Isak’s name.

Isak felt him come inside him, which made him moan even more, dragging his orgasm out.

Even buried his face in Isak’s neck, completely out of breath, while Isak’s legs slipped off of his shoulders and were now wrapped easily around his waist.

“Fuck”, Isak said quietly, still breathless.

“Yeah”, Even agreed, lifting his head up to kiss Isak softly on the mouth, lazily licking into it, pushing his tongue against Isak’s.

They broke the kiss pretty quickly, because they were still fighting for breath.

“Sorry”, Even murmured, and before Isak could ask what he was apologizing for, he felt Even pull out and grimaced and whined in pain and protest.



“Too deep?”


“Not ready to use words?”


Even laughed a little, giving him another kiss: “Let me get something to clean you up.”

“Just use some tissues, don’t go”, Isak whined, pulling him closer with the scarf that was still around Even’s neck.

“Tissues will hurt you if you’re sore”, Even told him, but he let Isak steal another kiss, dragging it out while he reached up to untie the scarf around Isak’s wrists.

Isak let his arms sink down next to his body while Even got up, put some boxers on – Isak wasn’t sure if it were his or Even’s –and headed for the bathroom.

He came back with a little wet towel and started by cleaning the cum off of Isak’s and his own stomach, before kissing Isak’s knee playfully.

“Spread ‘em, let me clean you up”, he said, voice all soft and gentle.

Isak just let his legs fall open, lifting his hips a little, one hand buried in his own hair in pure relaxation. A couple of month ago a scenario like this would have been the most embarrassing thing Isak could possibly think about, now he just watched Even’s caring and concentrated face as he cleaned him up with gentle touches, trying his best not to cause Isak any pain.

“All done.”

When Even bent down to kiss him lightly right there, he didn’t squirm or pull away or even blush, he just smiled at him, warm and gentle, before stretching out his legs and reaching for Even, who sunk down next to him:

“You really need to wash these sheets baby”, Even said, rubbing the towel over a wet stain. Isak couldn’t tell if it was lube or cum and he couldn’t bring himself to care:

“Just pull the blanket up and quit nagging.”

“I’m just saying, there are stains everywhere”, Even complained, but reached for the blanket anyway to wrap both himself and his boyfriend in it.

“They’re not everywhere”, Isak murmured, eyes already closed, “I’ll wash them tomorrow.”

The truth was, he just didn’t really care because he didn’t find it disgusting to sleep in a bed that showed obvious signs of sex happening. But yes, maybe Even was right, and not caring had gone a little too far this time.

He waited for Even to get comfortable and then placed his head on Even’s chest, moving his hand up into his boyfriends hair:

“That was so good. How are you so good?”

Even chuckled quietly, Isak could feel it more than he could hear it, a little vibration of Even’s chest against his cheek.

“You were pretty damn good yourself, Baby.”

“I stopped watching the porn at some point though.”

“Yeah me too”, Even agreed, “but it was pretty hot right? To have it on while we were doing it.”

“Yeah”, Isak nodded, yarning.

“Was it too deep with your legs up?”, Even asked.

Another scenario that Isak had to work hard to get used to. Because Even always wanted to know if Isak had liked or disliked certain positions or things that he did, and sometimes he couldn’t wait until the next morning, but had to talk about it right after, when Isak was still unsure if he could ever move again of if he may have died and gone to heaven.

“No, it was fine”, he told him, “it’s good with my leg on your shoulder when you finger me, it’s annoying if I have to hold it up myself.”

“Good to know.”


Isak lifted his head a little and smiled at Even, before leaning up and stealing a kiss. Then he snuggled against his chest again:

“And thank you for the homemade Popcorn. It was so good.”


“Yeah. I’d kill for another batch right now.”

He felt Even chuckle again, before he started shifting and moving around under Isak, who whined in response:

“Keep still, what are you doing?”

Even moved away from underneath him, getting up:

“I’m making you popcorn.”


Isak stared at him, watching how Even pulled his sweatpants up, and then how he stood there, bare chested, just the black sweatpants hanging low on his hip. His boyfriend looked like a fucking piece of art like that.

“My man wants popcorn”, Even said, leaning down to kiss Isak’s forehead, “so I’m making him popcorn.”

 “Nooo but you’ll have to clean the pot and heat the stove up and… it’s just too much work, come back to bed.”

Isak tried to grab Even, and when he got up again, he held out his arms and hands like a fucking toddler hoping to get picked up.

Even just smiled at him:

“It won’t take long. And I don’t mind, if it makes you happy.”

“Are you running for some kind of boyfriend of the year award that I don’t know about?!”

Even laughed and ran his hand through his hair: “Be right back.”

Isak shook his head in disbelieve, watching his boyfriend walk out of his room to make him fucking popcorn in the middle of the night.

He was too tired to follow him, though, so he just laid back in bed, enjoying the smell of Even lingering on it and sighed in pure pleasure. This was exactly how life was supposed to be...



Of course. Right now was the perfect time for Eskild to come home. Isak didn’t even have time to roll his eyes, because two seconds later, Eskild already peeked through the open door of Isak’s room. Isak was very thankful that his Laptop already went dark, he didn’t even know at what point it had shut off. Eskild grinned at him:

“Hey baby gay, what’s up?”

Isak was too relaxed to complain about the nickname, so he just shrugged:

“Nothing much. How was work?”

“Good. There is this really hot guy from Germany who keeps coming in. I’m not sure if I should hit that though. But he is-“

He jumped when there was the sound of corn popping in the kitchen:

“What the fuck?!”

“That’s just Even.”

“What the fuck is he doing?”

Isak couldn’t help but grin, maybe even a little proud, because fuck, he did have the best boyfriend ever: “He’s making me popcorn.”

“He’s what?!”

Eskild stared at him, both eyes and mouth wide open:

“You just fucked and now he’s MAKING YOU POPCORN?!”

“Who says that we just fucked?!”, Isak protested, but he already knew this was a lost cause. If anybody in this world could read him like a book, it was Eskild.

Who rolled his eyes, gesturing towards the bed:

“You’re not grumpy, you’re naked, and there are clothes lying around everywhere. You didn’t even bother to put the lube away.”

“Who says I’m naked?”

“Are you?”



Isak couldn’t help but laugh, lying back in his pillows and grinning at Eskild:


“Fuck yes. I can’t believe he’s making you popcorn in the middle of the fucking night.”

Isak couldn’t really believe it himself, so he just smiled and stretched slightly, while Eskild was shaking his head in disbelieve.

“Eskild! Hey!”

Even’s low voice made Isak look up again. Even hugged Eskild happily, a full bowl of popcorn in his hand. The smell of butter and sugar hit Isak immediately, and he lifted his hand a little to signal Even to come and give him his popcorn. Sadly, his request was ignored, because Even held the bowl out for Eskild:

“Want some popcorn?”

“Fuck, I can’t believe you’ve actually made popcorn”, Eskild repeated, and took some, “wow, this actually is really good.”

“You can have some more, just get another bowl from the kitchen”, Even suggested, which made Isak make a whining sound, holding out his hand again.

“Isak, seriously, you already got dick tonight, and now you’re getting popcorn! It wouldn’t kill you to share a little!”, Eskild told him.

“As long as we’re sharing the popcorn and not the dick”, Isak answered, which made Eskild and Even laugh.

While Eskild moved to the kitchen to get himself another bowl, Isak put his boxers and a shirt back on and finally got his bowl of popcorn, along with his boyfriend who started kissing Isak’s shoulder while he was snuggling next to him.

“You’ll never have to share my dick with anybody”, he told him quietly, his mouth warm through the light fabric of Isak’s shirt.

“Good, because I’m not sharing”, Isak told him, mouth full of popcorn.

Eskild came back, dressed in soft sweatpants now, an empty bowl in hand. The bowl wasn’t really needed though, because once he sat down on the bed, he didn’t really get up again.

So they just shared the bowl of popcorn, and Eskild and Even talked about the got German guy that Eskild had his eye on, as well as Even’s finals and his university choices, while Isak just laid there, eating popcorn and enjoying the company. He wasn’t bothered by Eskild anymore. He had realized at some point, that it wasn’t bothering him at all, all the over-sharing and the closeness, he just hadn’t been really comfortable with himself enough to enjoy it.




A little while later, after all three of them had brushed their teeth in synch in the bathroom, Isak was snuggled against Even’s chest once again.

Even’s hand was in his hair, softly stroking through it, and Isak had to control himself not to move against his hand and purr like a fucking kitten.

“Thank you for being the best boyfriend ever”, he told Even quietly, “but you’ll have to stop at some point. Like, I can’t compete with you.”

“You can’t what?”, Even asked, and Isak could tell he was grinning.

“You’re just too perfect. Making me popcorn and stuff. You do so much stuff for me, and you have to stop, because I can’t compete with you”, Isak told him. He tried to sound amused, but he was pretty serious about it. Even was perfect, always telling him how much he loved him, doing romantic shit all the time, while Isak was too lazy to wash his damn sheets once in a while. He couldn’t compete with the level of loving and caring Even showed, and it scared him, because he wanted to be the perfect boyfriend too – he just didn’t stand a chance next to someone like Even.

Even’s hand moved to Isak’s face, caressing his cheek, a brow and lips:

“You know exactly what kind of meds I take”, he said quietly.


“You always make sure to have a glass of water ready for me in the morning when I take them. You always charge my phone and set my alarm before we go to sleep because I always forget that. You sit through every lame movie with me, even like documentaries with subtitles and what not. You hate taking selfies, and yet you sent me one every time I ask you to.”

Isak felt Even’s hand at his chin, felt the slight pressure and lifted his head, so that he could look at Even, who smiled at him:

“When I sleep alone, I always wake up at some point, because I kick my blanket off when I sleep. Whenever I’m with you, that doesn’t happen, which is why I know that you wake up to cover me with my blanket every fucking night we’re together.”

He lifted his head, placing a soft kiss on Isak’s lips, his hand moving back into his hair:

“There are a lot of ways to show somebody that you love them”, he whispered, “homemade popcorn is just one of them. You don’t have to compete with me, but if you did, I’m 100% sure we would be even.”

Isak brushed a few strands of hair out of Even’s eyes, trailing his brow with his fingers before moving them down to his cheekbone:

“You think so?” he asked quietly.

“I know so.”


Isak leaned up to give Even one more kiss before he rested his head on Even’s chest again:

“Good night.”

“Night Baby Boy.”

Isak didn’t have the energy to protest and just moved his head against the hand stroking his hair. And fell asleep.