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Jettobasugan (Old Version)

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Bright lights flashed outside the alley. Calls and jeers came from the large crowd. A small girl was curled up into a ball her bright orange jumpsuit barely hung onto her body with how worn and how many frays it had. Small red splotches dotted the brightly colored material that still blinded you under it multitudinous layers of dirt and grime. Her blue eyes were filled with fear as she curled into herself even more as more people joined the growing angry mob outside the alley.

Why, why was it always her the small girl wondered? Interrupting her thoughts came the thunk of a drunk man who had just collapsed next to her scaring the girl. A small eep escaped her and from the entrance to the alley she heard the calls that had been fading return, someone must have heard her! A not drunk man came down the alley calling her all sorts of profane names. He called for her to come out, to stop hiding like a coward and face her punishment. The trash can she was hiding behind was violently shoved away.

"I FOUND HER!" The man yelled to the rest of the mob who began flooding the alley.

---------Hours Later---------

The small girl sat crying her entire outfit was ruined. Stained with blood, littered with holes, and covered in dirt she looked like a bona fide street rat. She muffled her sobs with the small plush fox she had hidden during the attack. The small girl attempted to get up only to fall uselessly back down with a yelp as she realized her leg was trapped under a pile of heavy trash they had knocked down. She immediately started to panic she couldn’t escape she couldn’t defend herself she was going to die. She never noticed the man in the white mask watching her. After a few more minutes the girl fell asleep exhausted. The man jumped down and swiftly removed the garbage from her leg which turned out was unharmed it had just been stuck. With a quick push he was back on the rooftops and then out of sight.

When the small girl awoke again she immediately noticed the missing weight that had been pinning her leg to the ground before. Not daring to question it she grabbed her plush fox and dashed off. As she tore through the streets she could hear the insults the jeers and the deplorable names called her way. She also could almost taste the peoples hate as she passed them the only reassurance was that she knew they wouldn’t dare attack her in daylight like this. As she came to the old building that looked like it would fall over any second relief flooded her senses. To anyone passing by it would seem like she was dancing around on the stairs but in truth she was only stepping on the spots that made no questionable squeaks or groans. She arrived at the top after only a minute. As she walked quitely down the hallway balcony thing, she ran her finger along the rail letting it create a dull ringing sound. As she arrived at the last door a nasty faded green with tons of graffiti on it she reached out for the handle before stopping. She leaned down and looked at it. The villagers albeit not ninjas loved to set up traps for her wherever they could and some were quite good at it. After deciding that the door handle was safe she grasped it and turned it. What didn't register in her six year old mind was the fact that the door was unlocked and her first step in was a extremely painful one. The loud sound of metal clamping down over flesh sounded throughout the small complex as well as the accompanying scream. She looked down at her leg reluctantly and almost burst out crying not from the pain as she was now just numb (not for long though) but from seeing what had caused her the pain. They had set a bear trap a metal spiky bear trap for her as if she were some animal. The numbness only lasted a few seconds before the pain came roaring back to life with a vengeance. She collapsed on her butt and began to try to manhandle the metal contraption off. In reality she was only making it worse as the metal teeth of the cruel creation dung into her soft flesh even more.

The small girls movements became more and more erratic as she couldn’t get the bear trap off no matter how she twisted and turned it or her leg. Her senses became hypersensitive and every little sound became a million gongs at once in her ears, every little brush of skin against her own clothing became thousands of needles raking down her body, her sight became blurry and red as she fought harder and harder to get it off. Then something dashed out in front of her. It was one of those masked ninjas the ones who could get away with beating her up the most as she could never tell Jiji what they looked like due to said masks. Her panic and mania increased tenfold. She was completely unaware of her eyes turning a solid vibrant blue (the same electric blue as her pupils) and then having white and gold stripes start spinning in a spiral pattern. She was aware though of the words that seemed to plant themselves on her tongue and seeing as she was trapped she did not stop to prevent them from coming out.

"Nejirete henkei suru!" She yelled. The metal began to twist as though it was clay but sadly it only made it worse as the metal was no longer in its original shape. Now the once openable mouth of the trap was now molded together and pressing down harder then ever into her fragile leg. A hand on her shoulder startled her out of her panic. Her eyes also returned to their normal vibrant blue pupils but the change did not go unnoticed by the masked individual. As she whipped around to face the individual her leg decided it had held up enough pressure and not a split second later a clear spine chilling crack could be heard. The scream that came from her was heart wrenching and the masked person pushed her to the ground.

"Hold still Naruko and I can get this off. Im not going to hurt you anymore than I have to, to get this thing off." The masked person spoke calmly. The blonde known as Naruko froze. The voice she had heard it before. But where? She couldn’t remember but something told her this person meant no harm and usually her instincts were pretty spot on so she stilled. The man as she could now see was wearing a dog mask began to do hand symbols. A small clanking sound echoed through her practically empty apartment as the metal device hit the ground. As the metal hit the ground her world started to spin and go black. The last thing she saw was her apartment door being closed and the bear trap being picked up by the dog masked man.

---------A Few Hours Later---------

"Sandaime-sama I found Naruko struggling with this around her leg! This is unacceptable I'm 19 almost 20 now let me adopt her! This is cruel!" The same masked man yelled desperately at the leader of the hidden leaf village.

"Okay." The old leader replied.

"Im old enough though and this is a deplorable way to treat sensei's daughter if only they kne~" the masked man paused "wait what?"

"If you had listened to me Dog-san you would have heard me say yes." The old man said taking a drag of his pipe. " You are right and I have always hated the way the villagers and even some of our own ninja treat the girl. It make me wonder why I protect this place full of hateful fools in the first place." The Sandaime replied to the younger man.

"Thank you Sandime-sama I won't let you, Sensei, Kushina-san, or Naruko down!" The man bows deeply before leaving.

--------The Next Day--------

"Hello Naruko." A man with spiky silver hair asks the small child who appears frighteningly small in the big hospital bed and incredibly fragile surround by the pristine white of the sheets and walls.

"Wo ou?" (Who are you) The girls broken speech is immediately apparent. The spiky haired man worries that her injuries caused it. But nonetheless he can still decipher it.

"My name is Kakashi Hatake. I'm gonna be taking care of you now." He replies cheerily.

"Iar! No like e hate ean!" (Liar! No like me, hate, mean!) She yells at him. Kakashi looks sadly at her deciding not to argue as that would not get him anywhere. Instead he just takes a last look at her before walking out of the room to go speak to the head of the hospital about the girls speech.

Where Kakashi finds the head of the hospital is chatting with the Hokage.

"Hira can you check for any head injuries on Naruko?" Kakashi began.

"Why?" Hira the head of the hospital asked.

"Her speech was about the level of a toddlers."

"And that’s my problem how?" The woman asks indignantly The hokage turns and glares at the woman before sighing and rubbing his head with frustration.

"It isn't a head injury." The hokage sighs.

"Huh?" Says Kakashi dumbly.

"She can't speak properly because she has had no one to talk to." Kakashi's jaw drops at the extent that the abuse over the years was beginning to show after only a few hours.

Kakashi had his work cut out for him big time.