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Crossover Ronpa

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???: Well, it's certainly a... unique plan.

Monokuma: Oh, you think? Stop, I'm blushing.

???: But how exactly do you plan to do it? Bring people from other realities to compete in a mutual killing game?
Monokuma: Pshaw, it's simple once you understand the rules of particle physics, and astrophysics, and pretty much every other type of physics.

???: It shouldn't be possible. But I should know by now not to doubt you, I suppose.

Monokuma: There's a good little minion. Now shhh, the device is bringing in our first player!





Welcome back to Despair High


???: Hello~ Rise and shine, sleepyhead.


I can hear somebody speaking, but even after opening my eyes, it takes a while for them to focus on the person speaking.


Purple Haired Girl: Ah! About time.


Hayato: Huh?


Purple Haired Girl: Yeah, I'm talking to you. How ya feelin'?


Hayato: Groggy.


Purple Haired Girl: Eh, you'll walk it off.


Hayato: Where... where are we?


Purple haired girl: [Shrugs] Dunno. I just woke up here, same as you. Name's Neptune by the way.


Ultimate Main Character



Hayato: Hayato Suzuki.


Ultimate Average Guy
Hayato Suzuki


Hayato: Any idea how to get out of this room?

Neptune: [Looks away] Nah, puzzles ain't my style.


Hayato: I guess that means you're leaving it up to me?


Neptune: [Thumbs up] If you're offering.




This looks like your run of the mill school dorm. But...

[Look at beds.]


There's two beds in here. One with blue sheets, one with pink.


Hayato: Are we supposed to... share a room?


Neptune: What, like in the biblical sense? [Winks] Sorry hombrȇ, you're not my type.


Hayato: No, I'm talking about the two beds.


Neptune: [Smug] Oh, sure...


Hayato: I'm serious!


Man, this girl...


[Look at door]


[SFX: Rattle]


Yep, locked.


Neptune: [Annoyed] Gee, why didn't I think of that.


Hayato: I could do without the sarcasm, thank you.


[Look at desk]


There's a note on the desk.


Neptune: Ooh, what's it say?


Dear participants 1-A and 2-A

You have been selected for the Multi Dimensional Mutual Killing Game.

But this killing game has a twist!

Two participants are heavily encouraged to work together in order to escape the school.

Hayato Suzuki, the Ultimate Average Guy, and Neptune, the Ultimate Main Character, the two of you will be a team.

If either of you successfully graduates from the school, both of you will be allowed to return to your own worlds. And to spice things up even more, if you get caught, only the person who does the actual killing will be punished! It's a win-win situation for the team member who does nothing!


Signed, your loving headmaster, Monokuma


Neptune: Mutual killing game? What's that?


Hayato: It's bad news. I've heard legends of the mutual killing games that went down during the tragedy.


Neptune: The.. tragedy?


Hayato: You know, the worst, most tragic, most despair inducing event in the history of mankind.

Neptune: [Confused] And you lost me.


Hayato: Wait, are you serious? You've never heard of the tragedy? What are they teaching you kids nowadays?


Neptune: [Annoyed] First off, I'm older than you. Way older, by like, a billion years. [Confused] and second, if their was any sort of tragedy, I'd know about it. I am CPU of Planeptune after all.


Hayato: What's a Planeptune?


Neptune: We... aren't in Planeptune?


Hayato: Nowhere like that exists. You're clearly delusional.


Neptune: Doesn't exist my tushie! I'm pretty sure I know where I live, Hayato.


Hayato: I'm telling you, I know my geography fairly well, and unless it's some rural European town that nobody's heard of, there's no such place as 'Planeptune'.


Neptune: You're-a-peein'? Gross, dude.


Hayato: What, does Europe not exist in whatever world you came..from...


No... that can't be right...


Neptune: Hayato, you're sort of trailing off, there.


The Multi Dimensional Mutual Killing Game...


Neptune: Hello? Earth to Hayato?


Neptune never heard of the tragedy....


Neptune: You're freakin' me out, dude.


And she comes from a place that doesn't exist...


Neptune: You know what, screw it, I'm bustin' this door down myself.


And she's never heard of places that do exist...


Hayato: You're from another dimension.


Neptune: [Annoyed] Oh, come on, again?


Hayato: Again?


Neptune: Yeah, this ain't my first rodeo. I've jumped dimensions like nobody's business.


Hayato: You've got to be kidding me.


Is this girl for real?


[Look at desk]


Hayato: Aha! Here's the key.


Neptune: Not exactly well hidden, huh?


[Look at Door]


Hayato: And... unlocked. You ready to go?


Neptune: [Thumbs up] Ready when you are, champ!


[Exit room]


Once out of the dorm room, Neptune and I run into another pair, just leaving their own room


Gruff looking boy: Yo. You wake up here too?


Imposing girl: It would seem that we are not the only people here. Tatsumi.


Hayato: Hey there. I'm Hayato Suzuki. The letter in our room called me the 'Ultimate Average Guy'


Neptune: And I'm Neptune. The Ultimate Main Character.


Gruff looking boy: Kanji Tatsumi. Ultimate Seamster.


Ultimate Seamster

Kanji Tatsumi




Kanji: [Mad] What? You got a problem!?


Hayato: N-No! Of course not.


I should probably watch what I say around this guy. He looks like he could break me in half with a flick of the wrist


Imposing Girl: I am Satsuki Kiryuin. The Ultimate Student Council President.


Ultimate Student Council President

Satsuki Kiryuin


These two are certainly... a pair of characters. If this is a real mutual killing game, then I should definitely watch out for them


[Move to Cafeteria]


[Talk to Blond Cyborg]


Is this guy... a robot?

Blond Cyborg: Do you need something?


Hayato: No, just making the rounds, introducing myself. My name's Hayato Suzuki. I'm the Ultimate Average Guy


Blond Cyborg: It's nice to meet you, Hayato Suzuki. My name is Genos. I've been given the title of Ultimate Cyborg.


Ultimate Cyborg



Hayato: So, you really are a cyborg?


Genos: Correct. I was almost killed when my town was destroyed. I was built a new body so I could take my revenge on the cyborg that killed my family.


Sheesh, this guy's had it rough.


[Talk to Eyepatch girl]


Eyepatch girl: Who goes there?


Hayato: Uh, my name's Hayato Suzuki, I'm the Ultimate Average Guy.


Eyepatch Girl: Rikka Takanashi. Owner of the Tyrant's Eye.


Ultimate Chuunibyou

Rikka Takanashi


Rikka: Are you the one who trapped me here?


Hayato: No. I was kidnapped just like you.


Rikka: Very well. You may live another day, but should you dare cross me, you will know the full force of my power.


Hayato: I'll keep that in mind.




[Move to Main Hall]


[Look at gate]


This must be the school gate. It's barred off with a vault door, just like in the stories.


[Talk to gothic lolita girl]


Hayato: Hey there.


Gothic lolita girl: Whadda you want?


Hayato: Just introducing myself. I'm Hayato Suzuki.


Gothic lolita girl: Stocking.


Hayato: What?


Gothic lolita girl: My name. It's Stocking.


Ultimate Sweets Addict

Stocking Anarchy


That's not a name!


Stocking: If your done bothering me, can you kindly fuck off?


Hayato: Uh, sure, if you want...


[Talk to Man in lab coat]


Hayato: Uh, hello?


Man in lab coat: Hmm? You're brave enough to approach the mad scientist of madness, Houoin Kyouma?


Ultimate Mad Scientist

Houoin Kyouma


Hayato: The who of what?


Houoin: [Poses] The mad scientist of madness! The one with knowledge no human should be privy to, and will engulf this world in chaos! Fuhahaha!


It's probably a bad sign this this is far from the weirdest person I've met today.


Hayato: Well, I'd better get going, lots of people to meet, y'know?


[Talk to masculine girl]


Masculine girl: Do you need something?


Hayato: I'm just getting to know everyone. My name's Hayato Suzuki, the Ultimate Average Guy.


Masculine girl: Miyabi. I am the Ultimate Evil Shinobi.


Ultimate Evil Shinobi



That's one hell of a title.


Hayato: So you're, like, a ninja?


Miyabi: Correct. Though I am still technically in training.

[Talk to armoured boy]


Hayato: Hi there.


Armoured boy: Oh, hey.


Hayato: I don't think we've been introduced. My name's Hayato Suzuki. I'm the Ultimate Average Guy.


Armoured boy: Jaune Arc. Ultimate Lucky Student.


Ultimate Lucky Student

Jaune Arc


So, they're really going for a 'Hope's Peak' sort of vibe then. But why ultimate and not Super High School Level?


Jaune: But I've never really been that lucky, like, ever. Must be an ironic title.


And once again, nobody gets the Hope's Peak theming. It's almost a shame.


[Leave area]


[Move to A/V room]


[Talk to man with sketch pad]


Hayato: Hello.


Man with sketch pad: [Looking down]....


Hayato: I said hello.


Man with sketch pad: I heard you. I just see no point in responding.


Hayato: My name's Hayato Suzuki.


Man with sketch pad: Is it?


This is getting ridiculous.


Hayato: What's your name?


Man with sketch pad: Rohan Kishibe. [Looks up] Now please leave me alone.


Ultimate Mangaka

Rohan Kishibe


It's not like I'd ever get anywhere with him. I may as well just do as he asks.


[Talk to sweet looking girl]


Hayato: Hello there.


Sweet looking girl: Um, hello...


Hayato: My name's Hayato Suzuki. What's yours?


Sweet looking girl: Madoka... Kaname...


Ultimate Magical Girl

Madoka Kaname


This girl's way to innocent to be stuck in a mutual killing game...


[Talk to Unassuming boy]


Hayato: Hello.


Unassuming boy: Oh, hey. Name's Koyomi Araragi. Note on my desk called me the Ultimate Oddity Expert.


Ultimate Oddity Expert

Koyomi Araragi


Hayato: Oddity?


Koyomi: Y'know, legendary creatures. Vampires, Zombies, that sort of thing.


Hayato: You believe all that stuff exists.


Koyomi: Well, between you and me, I'm a vampire myself. Used to be one, at least.


You know what. I'll believe anything today. This is fine.


[Leave Area]


[Move to Gym Entrance]


[Talk to Red haired girl]


Hayato: He-


Red haired girl: Heh, what business do you have with the future queen of hell, Satania McDowell?


Ultimate Demon

Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell


Hayato: ...


Satania:[Smug] Hmph, to afraid of my vast evil to speak? I don't blame you, Mortal!


Is there a single normal person in this damn school!?

[Talk to generic looking man]


Hayato: Hey.


Generic looking man: Huh? Oh, hi.


Hayato Suzuki: I'm Hayato Suzuki, nice to meet you.


Generic looking man: Kimhito Kurusu.


Ultimate Nice Guy

Kimhito Kurusu


Kimhito: Man, is there anybody here my age? I feel like a creep, trapped in here with a bunch of teenagers.


[Talk to Anxious looking girl]


Hayato: Hey there.


Anxious looking girl: …


Her lips were moving just now, but I didn't hear anything...


Hayato: Are you okay?


Anxious looking girl: …


Once again, I couldn't hear a thing.


Anxious looking girl: ...Tomoko.


Hayato: Huh?


Anxious looking girl: My name...Tomoko...Kuroki


Ultimate Hikikomori

Tomoko Kuroki


Hayato: Well, it's nice to meet you, Tomoko.


Tomoko: [Nervous smile]...


Not much of a talker, huh?


Chapter Text

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*


???: Ahem, ahem. Testing 1 2 1 2. Can everybody hear me?


Oh no...


??? Good good! Could everybody please come to the gym ASAP for an important meeting?


This is bad...


[Move to Gym]



Kanji: Yo, Mr Kidnapper, I know your in here so show your damn face!


Satsuki: Pointless shouting will get you nowhere, Tatsumi. I suggest you shut up.


Neptune: Yo, if it ain't my main man Hayato. Where've you been, buddy?


Hayato: Oh you know, making the rounds. Getting to know everybody.


???: Excuse me, may I please have your attention?




???: Thank you so very much


Just as I was dreading. Up onto the podium bounced a black and white teddy bear.


Monokuma: Hello there, my little inter dimensional travellers and one boring dude from this universe.


Ouch .


Houoin: Hmm? Could it be that the organisation has crafted a sentient toy? Those fiends!


Rohan: Don't be an idiot. Clearly it's remote controlled.


Monokuma: Bzzt sorry, the correct answer is 'None of the above'. I am the headmaster of this school, Monokuma.


Madoka: School? This is a school?


Monokuma: Correct, It's one of those fancy pants 'students of all ages' schools that works as an elementary school, middle school, high school and college all in one.


Tomoko: So why... did you bring us here?


Monokuma: What did you not read your note? Well, in that case, let me explain! Welcome to the first ever multi dimensional mutual killing game!


Stocking: That doesn't answer much, dumbass. Just what is a mutual killing game?

Monokuma: Oh, it's just a little something an old friend of mine made up about fifty years ago in the name of Ultimate Despair. Trap a bunch of unassuming teenagers somewhere with no hope of escaping, then tell them that if they ever want to leave...


[Close up on Monokuma]

Monokuma: They'll have to get away with murdering another student.


[End close up]


Jaune: M-Murder!?


Monokuma: Did I stutter? M-U-R-D-E-R. Murder.


Koyomi: No way... You actually think we'll kill each other?


Miyabi: Can you say for certain that we won't? Clearly the bear has this all planned out.


Monokuma: That's right. Nobody knows what other people are thinking. Can you say for certain that a bunch of people you've never met couldn't possibly be a killer?


Kimhito: But this is insane!


Genos: It is certainly unexpected. But every human has the capacity to hurt others for personal gain.


Satania: Hah! You cowardly humans just love to think that everybody is uniform. That if you wouldn't do something, nobody could.

Rohan: Does that mean you have no problem taking the life of another, Satania?


Satania: Of course. My evil knows no bounds, manga artist.


Monokuma: Oooh, clearly I picked a bunch of winners, this aught to be fun. {Exit}


And just like that, Monokuma left us, scared and confused, wondering if anybody was plotting to kill us.


It was a feeling of true despair.




16 Students Remain

To be continued...


Chapter Text

Team A: Hayato & Neptune

Team B: Kanji & Satsuki

Team C: Genos & Rikka

Team D: Stocking & Okabe

Team E: Miyabi & Jaune

Team F: Rohan & Madoka

Team G: Koyomi & Tomoko

Team H: Satania & Kimhito



Rule 1: Students may only reside inside the school. Leaving school is an unacceptable use of a student's time.


Rule 2: Between the hours of 10:PM and 8:AM, Nighttime will be in effect. During Nighttime, the cafeteria doors will be locked, and the schools water supply will be cut off.


Rule 3: Sleeping anywhere other than the school dorms will be considered sleeping in class, and will be punished accordingly

Rule 4: With minimal restrictions, you may explore the school at your own discretion.


Rule 5: Violence against headmaster Monokuma is strictly forbidden, as is destruction of school property.


Rule 6 A: Anybody who kills another student will become blackened, and will graduate along with their team mate, provided they are not discovered.


Rule 6 B: If a blackened student is discovered, their team mate will not suffer any consequences.


Rule 7: You may kill any student other than your team mate. Team killers will be punished.


Rule 8 A: If two team members from different teams are dead, the surviving team members will form a new team.


Rule 8 B: If a single team member is missing from an odd number of teams, the remaining team members will form a three person team until an even number of students remain.


Chapter Text

After Monokuma left, for a while, everybody just stared at each other. 'Who'll betray me first', that's probably what everybody was thinking right now.

Of course, there were some people who seemed completely unfazed by the revelation that we'd have to kill somebody to leave.


Rohan: [Annoyed] Well, what are you all standing around for?


Houoin: Huh?


Stocking: [Bored] You pansies are acting like you've never had to kill someone before.


Kanji: Well, yeah. Most people haven't.


Jaune: [Looking away] Not another human at least.


Rohan: [Smug] Well you'd better start preparing then. Unless you intend to spend the rest of your lives here.


Neptune: I ain't staying here, but I'm not killing anyone to get out, either.


Hayato: Neptune's right. If we find the mastermind, we can all leave here alive.


Satsuki: The mastermind? You mean the person keeping us in here, correct?


Hayato: That's right. If we find them, then we can go free. That's how these killing games work.


Satania: 'These' killing games? But the bear said this is the only one.


Koyomi: No, he said this is the first 'multi dimensional' killing game. Which means there could have been others, just not with the whole 'pulling people out of alternate dimensions' shtick.


Kimhito: But still, pulling people out of different dimensions? Is that even possible?


Genos: Under normal circumstances, I would say no. However it seems whoever controls this 'Monokuma' is a very powerful individual, though I'm sure they would be no match for sensei, if only he were here.


Houoin: And travelling dimensions is no problem for a mad scientist of my calibre, it would seem that the mastermind and I are kindred spirits. If we had met through any other means, we would likely be powerful allies.


Satania: Perhaps they are a demon, seeking to steal my birthright as ruler of hell.


Rikka: Or some fool who wishes to make an enemy of the Tyrant's Eye.


Tomoko: Can somebody please throw themselves on the rails of the chuuni train?


Of course, the obvious answer would be somebody trying to revive Ultimate Despair. But I can't think of anybody left who was a member of that group.


In other words, I had no clues as to who the mastermind was, and everybody else comes from worlds where Ultimate Despair never existed.



A few moments after everybody left the gym, Monokuma announced that Nighttime had started, and everybody went back to their dorms.


Neptune: Night, Hayato.


Hayato: Yeah, g'night.


This was the first time I'd ever shared a room with anyone, let alone a girl. Under normal circumstances, this would be something special.


Instead, I spend the night wondering if somebody was going to break in and kill us both.



*Ding Dong Bing Bong*


Monokuma: Good morning everybody! It is now 8:00 AM, and nighttime is officially over! Make sure to live every day as if it were your last, cause in here, you never know!


What an amazing way to start the morning.


Hayato: Neptune? Are you decent?


Neptune: It's not like Monokuma gave us any pj's dude, I slept in my clothes.


Hayato: Well, you can never be too careful, you know, I'd rather not get labelled as a peeping Tom on my first day here.


Neptune: Eh, don't worry about that. You seem like a nice enough guy, an accidental peep won't bother me.


This girl's way too relaxed.


*Knock Knock*


Miyabi: Excuse me, may I come in?


I unlock the door to let Miyabi in


Miyabi: Good morning, both of you.


Neptune: Mornin'


Miyabi: Do you mind if I have a word with the two of you?


Why is it that everything she says makes me feel like I'm being scolded by a teacher?


[Talk to Miyabi]


Hayato: What do you need to talk about?


Miyabi: Satsuki has asked me to help gather everybody in the cafeteria. She wishes to hold a strategy meeting in order to find a way out of here.


Neptune: Huh, guess you can always count on those class rep types to be organized.


Miyabi: Yes, it seems that way. If you could both please make your way there as soon is you are ready. {Exit}


Neptune: Well, I'm already dressed, so ready when you are, I guess.


[Move to Cafeteria]


Neptune and I were the last people to arrive in the cafeteria. Well, except for...


Satsuki: It seems some people are refusing to come.


Madoka: Rohan wouldn't even get out of bed, he doesn't seem like the type who does what other people tell him.


Kimhito: Satania's the same, she 'refuses to dine with you insignificant humans, ka ka ka.'


Kanji: Ain't it kinda dangerous, leaving those two to themselves? I mean, out of all of us, they seem like the ones to watch out for.


Jaune: You can't think like that. Being suspicious of each other is exactly what Monokuma wants.


Genos: There's nothing wrong with being on your guard. It's acting irrationally based of your suspicions that will cause problems.


Koyomi: As long as they don't attack anyone, we should just leave them be.


Satsuki: I agree. Now, let us begin with our strategy meeting.


Neptune: Okay, but, it's not like anyone found the mastermind out overnight.


Tomoko: It's probably... somebody from this world.


Miyabi: Then Hayato, perhaps you have some sort of clue?


Hayato: Sorry, all I can say for sure is that it's somebody from Ultimate Despair. The people who caused the Tragedy fifty years ago.


Neptune: Oh yeah, you did mention that when we first woke up. What did you call it, 'The Worst, Most Tragic, Most Despair Inducing Event in the History of Mankind'?


Hayato: That's right. Fifty years ago, a woman named Junko Enoshima brainwashed the reserve course at Hope's Peak academy into murdering the students of the main course, then committing suicide, then she set her sights on the rest of the world. She used the same brainwashing techniques on some of the surviving SHSL Students, and they basically brought on the end of the world. We've recovered, for the most part, since then, and Ultimate Despair was destroyed.


Satsuki: But our captor intends to bring it back.


Genos: Maybe even through all of our worlds.


Kanji: Huh?


Genos: Think about it. If the mastermind wanted to bring back this 'Ultimate Despair' then why would they force people from outside of this world to play the killing game?


Koyomi: They want to send all of our worlds into despair? Then why would they bring us, most of us just seem like a bunch of nobodies.


Tomoko: Nobody would fall into... despair if I died.


Kimhito: I mean, I've got some people back home who care about me, but...


Madoka: I'm the same, sure, my friends and family would be sad, but I don't think I'd go as far as to say they'd fall into despair.


Koyomi: And yet at the same time, you've got Satsuki, who's the de facto ruler of her school, Genos, S-Class superhero, and Rohan, the author of, apparently, the most popular manga in his own world. If they died, there'd be an uproar.


Satsuki: Then it is good that I have no intention to die here.


???: You're 'intentions' aren't worth shit here.


That snide comment drew everybody's attention to the doors to the cafeteria, and, of course, standing there was...


Rohan: Your would-be killer doesn't care about whether or not you intend to die, only that you will. That's how a killer thinks.


Kanji: And how the hell would you know?


Rohan: Because to me, reality is everything. In order to write a killer, you need to understand one. I've interviewed criminals of all kinds in order to understand how they think, and not one of them cared about whether their victim 'intended' to die or not.


Stocking: Your manga must be pretty damn good if you put that much effort into researching shit.


Rohan: I have been given the title of Ultimate Mangaka for a reason.


Rikka: I have been wondering about our titles. Is that something to do with Ultimate Despair?


Hayato: Sort of, students at Hope's Peak were all the best at something, but they were called Super High School Levels, not Ultimates.


Houoin: Perhaps the mastermind combined the Super High School Level titles with Ultimate Despair?


Genos: It would make sense. Not all of us are high school students, so the Super High School Levels wouldn't make any sense for me, Kimhito, Rohan, or Houoin.


Kanji: So, since they kidnapped some adults along with us high schoolers, they couldn't use the same title this 'Hope's Peak' place did.


Rohan: [Annoyed] Congratulations, you solved the one mystery that didn't need solving.


Satsuki: It's better than nothing. If you have nothing to add, then leave.


Rohan: I'm not here for your little meeting. I'm here because most humans eat to survive, in case you weren't aware.{Exit}


Koyomi: What a dick.


With nothing else to talk about, we all ate our breakfast in relative silence and went our separate ways



[Moved to Hayato and Neptune's dorm]


Even in a situation like this, I can't just sit around on my own


-Begin Free Time-


[Move to Entrance Hall]


[Talk to Tomoko]


Tomoko: What is it? Do you... want to hang out?


Should I spend some time with Tomoko





Tomoko: I don't get... why you'd waste time on me...


I spent some time with Tomoko... but it's more like we sat in silence while she stared at me.


I think the two of us got a little closer.


Tomoko: I still don't get it...


Hayato: What's wrong?


Tomoko: There's loads of other girls here... why spend time with me?


Hayato: I wanted to get to know you, that's all.


Tomoko: [Distressed] But w-why? Why me of all people?


She seems rattled, is she really that unused to people talking to her?


Hayato: Hey, calm down. If you don't want to talk, that's fine.


Tomoko: Don't want to... talk?


Tomoko: [Angry] Oh, now I get it, you're just pretending to be nice to me so that when you give up on me it'll seem like it's my fault!


Hayato: Huh?


Tomoko: You think you're the first person to try to make me feel like garbage? Cause you're not, everybody I know tries that!


Hayato: Tomoko, I-


Tomoko: Can it! I bet you've got dumb bitches crawling all over you back home, and you wanted to add me to your harem, didn't you?


Hayato: …


Tomoko: Well screw them, and screw you! I'm outta here.{Exit}


What the hell was that? It's like she was a completely different person just now...


I get the feeling I should just leave her be for now.



[Moved to Hayato and Neptune's dorm]


And with that, the second day at this school drew to a close. With no more clues to the mastermind's identity, it's hard not to wonder if we'll all make it out alive.


Chapter Text


*Ding Dong Bing Bong*


Monokuma: Good morning everybody! It is now 8:00 AM, and nighttime is officially over! Make sure to live every day as if it were your last, cause in here, you never know!



That morning announcement's already getting on my nerves, and I've only heard it twice...


[Moved to Cafeteria]


Satsuki: Good morning, Hayato.


Hayato: 'Mornin.


Just like yesterday, everybody except Rohan and Satania are here. Everybody else is crowded around... something, in the middle of the room


Monokuma: Oh, Hayato, good to see you.


Hayato: Whadda you want?


Monokuma: Is that any way to speak to your headmaster? Youths these days, no respect for their elders.


Kanji: 'pparently he's got somethin' to tell us.


Monokuma: But it just wouldn't be fair if I told all of you, but not the others.


Rohan: Is that so?


It seems Rohan and Satania decided to grace us with their presence this morning.


Satania: What is it you called me here for? You had best not be my time!


Monokuma: Wasting time, oh no, I would never! I have something very special to tell you all!


Stocking: Just hurry up and get the fuck on with it, will ya?


Monokuma: My, such language is ill befitting a young woman such as yourself.


Houoin: Just tell us your message and begone, agent of the organization.


Monokuma: Fine, fine, but you won't get anywhere, rushing through life like that. I've prepared something very special, the last ingredient of this murder mystery pie, the all important motive!


Rikka: Motive?


Monokuma: Well, that's what every good detective novel has, the guy with the trench coat and cigar always tells the room the motive before they even get to the killer's identity, so the reader can work it out for themselves before they turn the page.


Koyomi: So what is it? Our motive?

Monokuma: I'm getting there, hold your horses! If you would all follow me to the A/V room, your motives are all waiting there.


[Moved to A/V room]


Monokuma led us to the A/V room, where a box was waiting for us on one of the desks.


Monokuma: In there, you'll find a DVD with your name on it, please take it, and watch it.


Everybody was skeptical, but we all knew disobeying Monokuma was a bad idea. I took the disc with my name on it and fed it to the DVD player.


After a few moments, the screen came to life, and I saw three unfamiliar girls.


Purple haired girl: Hey, Neptune, it's me. I hope you get this message.


Did this girl know Neptune? Come to think of it, they do look similar, are they related?


As soon as I thought that, the names of the girls came up on screen underneath them.


Nepgear: Planeptune's doing just fine, if you were worried, Compa and IF have been helping me out with my duties as CPU Candidate.


Compa: GeGe's been super good, and the other CPU's have been helping her out in secret.


IF: They said it'd be unfair if Planeptune lost shares just because you'd gone missing.


Nepgear: But even so, I really hope you can come home soon, Neptune. I miss you, we all do.


IF: If it'd just been a day or two, we would've just thought it was you being you, but to be honest, we're getting a little worried now.


Compa: Please, if you get this message, come home soon, okay Nep Nep?


After that, the screen faded to black, and the DVD ended.


After looking away from the screen, I noticed that everybody seemed confused.


Kanji: Did I get the wrong DVD?


Jaune: I didn't know any of the people on my tape.


Rohan: Monokuma's trying to appeal to our morality.


Satsuki: If we see just how much our teammates friends miss them, killing somebody to save them will seem less wrong.


Tomoko: So, the people on the DVD were Koyomi's friends?


Miyabi: Those people certainly seemed to miss you, Jaune.


Jaune: [Dejected] Just... don't, okay?


Satania: Hmph, if you believe Kimhito's harem will convince me to kill in his name, you are sorely mistaken, Monokuma.


Kimhito: [Smug] At least my friends care if I come back.


Satania: [Shocked] Y-You! I have no friends, only minions.


Houoin: Damn bear. If you've done anything to Mayuri, I'll-


Stocking: Don't worry. Everybody in the video looked fine.


Satsuki: If Monokuma hurt the people waiting for us, the motive wouldn't be much use.


Still, everybody waiting for Neptune looked so... sad.


I want to get her back to them, but to kill somebody to do it?


I can't do something like that.


[Moved to Hayato and Neptune's dorm]


I keep thinking about that video.


I should spend some time with somebody, to get my mind off it.


- Begin Free Time-


[Move to Cafeteria]


[Talk to Satania]


Satania: You wish to spend time with me?

Satania: [Smug] Don't make me laugh! Why would I spend time with a mere human?


Should I even bother trying to spend time with Satania?





Satania: [Embarrassed] Well, I suppose I might be able to spare some time for you...


I spent some time helping Satania with odd jobs.


I think the two of us might have gotten closer


Satania: [Smug] Very good, Hayato. You make an excellent minion.


Hayato: I'm not your minion, Satania.


Satania: And yet you serve me so happily.


Hayato: What can I say, I'm a helpful person.


Satania: [Happy] There's no need to play coy, Hayato. Serving me is in your best interests.


Hayato: Is that so? Care to explain how, exactly?


Satania: [Smug] As future queen of hell, any and all of my servants will be treated as second only to myself.


Satania: [Smile] You would be part of the afterlife's upper echelons.


Hayato: Sorry, but I have no intentions to visit hell.


Satania: [Confused] Eh? B-but you're missing out on the chance of a lifetime! Being friends with me would grant you amazing status!


Did her personality just do a complete 180?


Hayato: Friends? I thought you wanted me to be your minion?


Satania: [Panic] That's what I meant, minion. The future queen of hell has no need for friends.


Hayato: Sure thing.


I can't help but feel sorry for her. Maybe I should play along until she trusts me a little more.


But her personality's way too draining. I'll play minion for her some other time...


[Moved to Hayato and Neptune's dorm]


I still can't stop thinking about that video...


Neptune: Hey, Hayato?


Hayato: Yeah?


Neptune: About the video...


Hayato: Mine, or yours?


Neptune: Yours. I just want you to know....


Neptune: [Determined] No matter what you saw in that video, don't do anything you'll regret.


Hayato: I promise. You too?


Neptune: Yeah. Promise.


This is... the first time I've seen Neptune this serious.