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“Jisoo’s bringing a friend. You can bring someone, too, if you want.”

Yoongi shuffled his phone to his left ear while he shoved a pair of swimming trunks into his suitcase. “I’ll be fine, mom. I’m around my friends all the time.” He stood up, satisfied with his haphazard packing job. “It’ll be nice to be away from them for a week.”

He loved his friends, his roommates of three years, he really did. But he also loved when he wasn’t consistently dragged out for drinks, loved when he wasn’t forced to wrap pillows around his ears to drown out the sound of 2am hookups, loved when he wasn’t the constant peacemaker and go-to decision-maker. He loved Hoseok and Jimin with his entire being, but he needed a vacation.

“Okay, well if you change your mind-”

“I won’t.”

“-you can always bring one of your friends or maybe someone you’re interested in…”

She probably thought she was being subtle, Yoongi thought, but subtly wasn’t exactly either of their strong suits.

“Mom, I’ll be there at eight tomorrow morning.” He heard a sigh on the other end of the line. “I’m excited to see you.”

She sighed again, but this time he thought he heard a smile in there somewhere. “You too, Yoongi. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


He was greeted first by Holly.

Yoongi sometimes worried his family’s dog would forget him and he’d have to earn the fluffy, brown dog’s affection with every visit home, but that had yet to happen. He didn’t make it home half as much as he knew he should, but Holly was always there to greet him with a fervently wagging tail and five too many licks to his face.

“Holly holly holly holly holly,” Yoongi chanted while he rubbed the dog’s belly. That earned him a small bark of recognition, causing his mom to appear from what he assumed was the kitchen of the beach house they were living in for the next week.

“Ah, you’ve grown taller since the last time I saw you,” she said with a warming embrace to Yoongi’s shoulders.

“You always say that. And I’m always the exact same height.”


The usual rundown of catch up questions and repeated insistence on Yoongi eating something out of the way, Yoongi sat on the back porch with his bare feet propped up on a cushioned chair with hideous palm trees printed on them. The morning air was surprisingly warm even though they were so close to the water.

On most days, Yoongi preferred holing himself inside with his laptop and his headphones. As much as he liked the isolation and quiet of his apartment in the city where he attended grad school, it wasn’t exactly relaxing. That laptop was full of half-written lyrics; those headphones carried incomplete beats to his ears. Even on Summer break, he never really took a break. Sure, Jimin and Hoseok dragged him out for drinks and movies, but the first year of his master’s program was on the horizon, and if he was to finish his original portfolio without actually losing his mind over the next two years, he had to seize every opportunity to compose. So while he found comfort in blackout curtains drawn closed, a candle burning on his desk, Yoongi looked forward to his family’s week long beach vacation every year.

He forced his brain to shut off and his body to relax under the summer sun.

“Your sister will be here in a few hours. She had to wait for her friend to get off work.”

“Hmmmmm,” Yoongi hummed in response, eyes closed as he tipped his head up toward the cloudless sky. He would get sunburnt if he stayed like this for much longer into the afternoon, but for now he was happy to let the sun warm his skin.

That would explain why Jisoo didn’t ask to carpool with him even though his twin sister went to school just 30 minutes west of Yoongi’s gradschool.

“I thought I could cook a nice dinner for everyone to celebrate the first night,” Yoongi’s mother said cheerfully.

“You don’t have to do that. We can just order something in.”

“There will be plenty of days for take out but only one first night of seeing my son and daughter for the first time since new year’s.”

She didn’t say it to make Yoongi feel guilty, but he felt guilty all the same.

“Okay, mom. I can help.”

“I’m not making ramen, Yoongi, I don’t think you’ll be of much use to me.”

Unable to open his eyes against the bright sky to give a hearty eye roll, Yoongi opted instead for a small grin, genuine and content.


A few hours and an accidental nap later, Yoongi sat inside with pink, sunburned cheeks. He was impressed with the layout of this house. Some years they scored better than others. He’d never forget the year his mother’s bookstore struggled to make a profit. Both Yoongi and Jisoo insisted they cancel the annual beach trip, but their mother refused. She was proud, Yoongi knew where he got it from, and there was no way she was going to let their finances get in the way of something she’d prided herself on providing for her family. So they went, as they always did, but they stayed in a condo with no air conditioning, one bedroom, and a broken sink. A mother with any other kind of character probably would have broken down, turned around, just gone back home. But Yoongi’s mom, bless her heart, laughed so hard she cried that first night. They played cards on the floor and drank cheap, off-brand soda. They spent far more time on the beach that week than inside the house. Yoongi got sunburned then, too.

But this house was anything but small and rundown. The couches were nicer than what he knew to be furnished in his own apartment complex, and Yoongi wasn’t sure if he’d ever seen a tv quite that big before. He was melting into the soft cushions of the couch, trying to ignore the slight burn of his cheeks, when his sister arrived.

He heard Holly before he heard anything else. The dog’s expert hearing must have picked up on the crunching of gravel in the driveway because the small dog was barrelling across the house to the front door. He didn’t bark, he was trained better than that, but he let out an excited huff or three as the doorknob turned.

“HOLLY!” Yoongi heard Jisoo yell into the previously quiet beach house. He winced on instinct, though really Yoongi expected to be used to the noise for how long he had lived with one very excitable Jung Hoseok.

“Why do you all always greet the dog before you greet me?” Yoongi heard his mother say.

“Sorry,” Jisoo replied with a small laugh. “I’ll try again.” She paused and Yoongi thought he heard shuffling and then an apparent knock on the front door. “MOM!”

He winced for a second time and turned around to prop himself on his knees and ook over the back of the couch toward the door. He wanted his wince to be on display.

“Really, Yoongi? I’ve been here five seconds. You can’t look that annoyed with me already.”

“I can and I am,” Yoongi said with the scrunch of displeasure left on his face.

“Good to see you too, brother.”

Jisoo moved a few steps to her left to sit down her bag which revealed the very tall man standing behind her. Yoongi wasn’t sure how he didn’t notice him before. Blinded by his wince.

“You guys know Seokjin.” Jisoo vaguely gestured between her friend, their mother, and Yoongi.

“It’s good to see you again,” Yoongi’s mother said warmly with a hand outstretched in greeting.

Again? Yoongi knew of Jin, but he didn’t think they’d met before. He knew random things about Jisoo’s college best friend. They met at a karaoke bar, though Jin was a year older than her. He was getting his MBA from the same university as Jisoo. He made Jisoo lick all of her shots out of a bowl on the floor like a cat at a party one time. She threw up on him in inadvertent retaliation.

None of those tidbits of Kim Seokjin conveyed to Yoongi the odd combination of the long and broad of his torso and legs with the soft and round of his cheeks. His lips (those looked soft and round, too) parted in a smile to reveal straight, white teeth.

Honestly, Yoongi was surprised Jisoo hadn’t eaten this guy alive yet.

“You, too, Mrs. Min.” He turned towards Yoongi. “I think this is the first time we’re meeting? It doesn’t feel like it, Jisoo’s told me a lot about you.”

“All of the worst things, I assure you,” Jisoo chimed in as she hauled her bag back onto her shoulder.

“Nice to meet you, Yoongi.” Jin bowed slightly. Yoongi nodded his head in reply.

“His face isn’t usually that red,” Mrs. Min said with a vague wave in Yoongi’s direction as she led the new houseguests toward the bedrooms. “Oh. And by the way,” she stopped in the middle of the living room, “there are three bedrooms so it’ll be boys in one room and Jisoo in the other.”

Mrs. Min kept walking down the hallway towards the bedrooms, but Jisoo and Seokjin were planted firmly in their places. Jisoo’s face was one of annoyance.

“She knows we’re not dating, right?” Jin whispered.

“You’re the guest, I’ll sleep on the couch,” Yoongi offered.

“Nonsense. We can all have a bed. MOM!”

“Stop screaming let’s just walk back there, jesus.” Yoongi liked to think his ability to manage having Jimin and Hoseok for best friends was directly related to a lifetime of dealing with Jisoo.

The trio came to a step inside of the first bedroom where two twin size beds swallowed the small room. There was a nightstand in between the two beds, a fairly spacious closet, and generic paintings of sailboats and shells on the walls.

“Jisoo, the other room has a tv to help you fall asleep,” Yoongi’s mother said to her daughter.

He watched as the sharpest edges of annoyance dropped from her face. “Thanks, mom. Can’t Jin just sleep in there with me?”

“House rules, you know that,” her mother replied.

“Yeah, back at home when I had a boyfriend over when I was like 15. Jin is just a friend and we’re adults.” Yoongi found himself wincing again. He figured pointing out that they were adults, older and far more capable of late night debauchery was probably the exact opposite of how Jisoo was likely to convince their mother to change her mind. “We’re not dating or anything,” she finished weakly.

“House rules,” was Mrs. Min’s only reply: short, stern, and to the point. “Your room is across the hall,” she said on her way out.

Yoongi looked toward the bag he left on the bed closest to the door when he got here earlier that morning. He had already claimed a bed, folded his clothes in the set of drawers in the closet. He wondered if Jin would rather sleep here instead of under the window.

“I really don’t mind sleeping on the couch,” Jin tried a second time.

“Shut up,” Yoongi and Jisoo said together.

Jin pouted for only a second before a small grin took its place instead.


Yoongi confirmed with Jin that the bed near the window was okay, apologized again for the inconvenience of having to room together, and settled back into the cushions of the living room to further relax his mind with completely mindless television. Jin and Jisoo chatted quietly on the couch adjacent to his, seemingly equally content to indulge in silly dramas.

He wasn’t sure how much time passed while he was thinking of nothing important at all (no time signatures, no hooks, no chords or baselines), but when Yoongi snapped out of his drama daze, his sister and her friend were nowhere to be seen and something savory had swept into the living room.

Drawn by the prospect of dinner, Yoongi padded into the kitchen where he saw Jisoo sat at the dining room table with a glass of wine and Jin stood stirring the apparent cause of the mouthwatering aroma. Surprisingly, Yoongi’s mom wasn’t in the kitchen. Only the broad expanse of Jin’s back sipped the dark sauce and adjusted the seasonings.

“Don’t look so startled, baby brother,” Jisoo said with a teasing lilt to her voice. Yoongi stopped complaining that Jisoo always used the fact that she was technically born two minutes earlier against him.

“Where’s mom?” Yoongi just stood there, still startled, staring at the back of Jin’s neck.

“Reading on the patio.”

As if sensing Yoongi’s confusion, Jin turned around to explain. “I told her I wanted to help make dinner and she let me take over after some skillful convincing.” He punctuated his words with a lick of the wooden spoon in his hand.

“What he means is he started with compliments and borderline flirting and then resulted to whining and begging,” Jisoo supplied. She mimicked Jin’s actions with her own arch of the eyebrows and pointed sip of her wine glass.

“Same difference.”

Yoongi didn’t mention that his mother specifically talked of making them this nice dinner for the first night in the beach house, didn’t mention that she barely let either of them near her kitchen. He simply took a seat beside his sister and watched in slight confusion at the thought of Jin flirting with his mom and in slight wonderment at him navigating the kitchen.

He looked at home enough that Yoongi wasn’t totally sure the meal would be a disaster, so he exchanged worried glances toward Seokjin for scrolling through his Twitter feed. Just as he fought back a grin reading Hoseok’s live tweeting of an apparently disastrous bowling date, he heard, “Yoongi. Taste.”

Yoongi peeked up at the voice to see glazed, dark meat sitting in a pool of sauce in the dip of a wooden spoon held in front of his mouth. Yoongi looked up with a slight narrowing of his eyes. When he did nothing but intensify his gaze, Jin moved his left hand to cup under the spoon to catch any fallen sauce.

“I’m not going to poison you.”

Yoongi was less concerned about being poisoned and more concerned that a stranger wanted to feed him. But he played along anyway. “How can I know that for sure?”

Jin rolled his eyes and brought the spoon to his lips, licking a ring of sauce from the rim. “See? Still alive.”

“Could poison even work that fast,” he grumbled weakly as Jin lowered the meat back toward his mouth. Yoongi made quick eye contact with Jin one more time, mostly a visual surrender that it was fine to bring the spoon the rest of the way to his lips. When the scratchy surface touched the sensitive flesh of his mouth, Yoongi closed his eyes and opened his lips, allowing Jin to fully feed him the bite.

He chewed slowly, focusing on the flavors and textures on his tongue rather than Jin’s expectant figure in front of him. Yoongi hummed and nodded once as he swallowed. When he finally opened his eyes, Jin looked smug.


“It could be worse,” was his only response.

“That was lackluster for someone who looked like they literally just came in their pants. Here, let me try,” Jisoo said.

While Jin walked back to the pot to retrieve another piece of meat for Jisoo to try, Yoongi turned toward his sister and mouthed “gross.”

“You’re the gross one,” she whispered back, just quietly enough for Jin not to hear.

Yoongi wiped the scowl off of his face just in time for Jin to return. He handed Jisoo the spoon and allowed her to feed herself, which did not go unnoticed by Yoongi, and Jisoo nodded enthusiastically as soon as the meat touched her tongue.

“Yummy, Jinnie!” she praised.

Jin smiled fully and brightly with a pointed look over at Yoongi and walked back to the stove with a bounce in his step.

“I think I’m going to have a glass of wine, too,” Yoongi declared.


Unsurprisingly, dinner was good. The meat was tender, the sauce was flavorful, and the rice was cooked more perfectly than Yoongi had ever managed. He still wasn’t completely sure why his mother allowed Jin to cook her all-important first night meal, but if the blush on her cheeks when Jin winked at her over his wine glass was any indication, she was under the influence of charm .

“Did Yoongi ask to help? He offered to help me earlier,” Mrs. Min asked Jin halfway through her second helping of stew.

“No, he was just a taste tester,” Jin replied. He looked toward Yoongi. “You could have helped if you wanted to.”

“Yoongi’s specialty is ramen, not rice,” Jisoo contributed.

“You’ll have to make me some before the week is over.”

Yoongi felt his pulse quicken just slightly at the mention of the end of their beach trip. It had only just begun; he didn’t want to be reminded of how quickly he’d be back to worry and stress.

He chewed his bite of beef slowly before responding, “Ramen isn’t vacation food. We should eat better than that.”

“Maybe I can teach you to make something more decadent.”

Cooking wasn’t exactly Yoongi’s favorite pastime. He was good at making a handful of dishes he liked to eat and otherwise he just picked at whatever Hoseok and Jimin had leftover in the fridge.

“Good luck, Jin. He once set our microwave on fire.”

“Why is this suddenly a Min Yoongi roast? I’m just sitting here trying to enjoy my stew,” Yoongi said with a pout.

“So you do admit it’s good?” Jin said with a grin Yoongi could hear in his voice without having to look up from his glass of wine to see it for himself. He took a deep gulp instead of answering.

In hindsight, perhaps Yoongi shouldn’t have had any amount of alcohol after the sunburn dehydrated him. Long after the plates were cleared from the table, he sat with his third glass of wine, failing desperately not to laugh at Jin’s stupid jokes that weren’t funny. He wasn’t funny. It was only Jin’s own laughter at his silly puns that made Yoongi’s cheeks rise and his mouth to crack into a grin. He looked down shyly every time his smile betrayed him, knowing that his cheeks were impossibly red from a combination of the wine, his sunburn, and secondhand embarrassment.

After what felt like the hundredth round of laughter at something ridiculous Seokjin said, Yoongi got up from the table to declare his need for sleep. He had gotten up early that morning to make the drive to the beach house and probably should have gone to bed two hours and three glasses of wine ago.

As he stepped around the table to deposit his glass in the sink, Yoongi stopped at Seokjin’s chair, put a hand on his shoulder and said, “Thank you for dinner.”

Yoongi kept walking toward the sink, so he didn’t see the look of surprise Jin shot toward Jisoo or the shrug of confusion Jisoo sent back. And he certainly missed the small grin Seokjin smiled into his glass as he finished his own final sip of wine for the night.


“Ow fuck-”

Yoongi woke from his stage one sleep to the sound of Jin unceremoniously banging his shin against the side of his bed. Before Yoongi’s wine-filled mind could stop him, he groaned in frustration at being woken up.

“Shit, sorry.” Yoongi wondered if Jin always cussed this much. In fact, who was this guy who flirted with his mother, demanded him to eat as he fed him, told stupid jokes that weren’t funny, and apparently swore a lot when he was hurt, or drunk, or tired, or some combination of all three.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi grumbled.

He heard a weight plop down on the bed beside him before Jin answered, “I’m fine. Nothing a horrific bruise won’t fix.”

“Hey, Jin?”


“What did one bruise say to the other?”

“What?” Yoongi thought he heard amusement in the older’s voice.

“Have a swell day.”

Yoongi admittedly expected to hear that squeaky laugh fill their shared room but instead he was met with silence.

“I wish you could see how much I’m glaring at you right now,” was the response he ended up getting.

“I wish you could see how much I don’t care that you’re glaring at me right now.”

“I wish you could see how much I’ve already closed my eyes to go to sleep.”

“I wish you could see-”

“SHUT UP,” Jisoo yelled from her room across the hall.

Yoongi and Jin may not have known much about each other, but they did both know Jisoo, and they certainly knew that was their cue to go the hell to bed.


The morning met Yoongi with one Min Holly sleeping at his feet. The fluffy, brown dog caused comfortable warmth to radiate through Yoongi’s body leading him to in no way to want to get out of bed. Not even the smell of breakfast being made could convince Yoongi to get up, but at the faintest sound of dog food hitting a ceramic bowl, Holly jumped out of bed so violently Yoongi was forcibly shaken awake.

Of course, because this was his luck, Seokjin walked in the room as soon as Yoongi sat up in bed, hair standing in eight different directions and face puffy from sleep.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” Jin chimed as he carded through the clothes still folded in his suitcase.

“How are you so awake?” Yoongi asked, voice deep and gravelly with sleep. Jin had stayed up as late as he had and had consumed even more wine.

“I like to workout in the morning. Jisoo and I went for a run on the beach.”

Yoongi tried rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Jisoo? Min Jisoo? My sister Min Jisoo?”

Jin giggled lightly. “Yeah, she agrees to be my gym buddy and I agree to be her club buddy. It’s a good system.”

Yoongi couldn’t really imagine Jin in a club. He couldn’t really imagine his sister there, either, now that he thought about it.

“Do you mind if I use the shower or were you planning on getting in?” Jin asked, outfit and towel in hand.

“You can go ahead. I’ll eat first and then wash up.”

As Jin left their bedroom, Yoongi grabbed his phone and scrolled through his groupchat with Hoseok and Jimin. There were more details of Hoseok’s bowling date, which apparently went quite well despite his ridiculous live tweets. The guy was sweet and funny and only slightly overly competitive. Yoongi wasn’t expecting to see a message of his own amongst the conversation of thick thighs and bunny smiles.

hobi hobi hobi : he really was cute though, guys, i hope he isn’t weirded out by how often i went to the bathroom
jiminie jiminie jiminie: i’m sure he likes you, too. next time just don’t order the chilli cheese fries
hobi hobi hobi: we shall never speak of the chili cheese fries incident again, deal?
jiminie jiminie jiminie: HOSEOK ALMOST SHIT HIMSELF
j iminie jiminie jiminie: okay now deal.
hobi hobi hobi : -.-
genius genius genius: how funny am i
jiminie jiminie jiminie: 10% intentionally funny 90% accidentally funny
hobi hobi hobi: it’s more like 30%, 70% but yeah what jimin said
hobi hobi hobi: why?

He never responded, must have fallen asleep before even seeing his friends’ answer. Sober Yoongi felt silly to be insecurely seeking validation just because a mostly-stranger didn’t laugh at his admittedly bad joke. He typed out a quick response before finally getting out of bed and heading toward the savory smells of eggs and sausage.

genius genius genius: 100% reason to remember the name

Breakfast was delicious, and the amount of water Yoongi downed sufficiently refueled his body from yesterday’s dehydrating punishments. By the time Yoongi got up to place his empty plate in the sink, Jisoo and Mrs. Min had decided on heading to the beach in the afternoon and shopping in the evening. Yoongi agreed, more than willing to let everyone else make the hard decisions and plans on this trip.

If he needed water in his body to feel less dead, Yoongi also needed the steady stream of a hot shower against his back to feel fully alive. He allowed the warmth of the steam to unfurl his muscles and the pressure from the shower head to massage his scalp. The water was technically too warm for the remnants of sunburn on his cheeks, but Yoongi didn’t mind the sting. When he emerged from the bathroom with the rest of his skin tinged as pink as the apples of his cheeks and towel slung low on his hips, he heard random exclamations of WAHH and NO coming from his bedroom.

Yoongi cracked the door slightly to ensure Jin wasn’t being somehow attacked or something, and what he found instead was the older with DS in hand hunched over on his bed. Jin’s eyebrows were knitted tightly in concentration, and Yoongi thought it possible the device would snap in his hands from how white his knuckles looked. He didn’t question why Jin was sitting in their room alone with the door shut instead of hanging out in the living room as it seemed his inability to stop the sometimes tiny sometimes boisterous noises of disappointment and victory were answer enough.

He finally pushed through the doorway once Jin gave what appeared to be a final sigh of defeat with a frustrated toss of his DS onto the bed. Jin looked up after a quick jump of his shoulders, apparently startled by Yoongi’s arrival.

“Ah, you scared me,” he said with a hand clutched to his chest.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt your...gaming session.”

“Why do you sound like a ninety year old? Do you not play games?”

Yoongi walked over to the dresser sitting snugly in the closet to pick out his swimming trunks and a t-shirt. He would have brought his clothes with him into the bathroom, but he didn’t expect Jin to be occupying the bedroom when he returned.

“I used to a lot when I was younger. I don’t have much time for it anymore.” When Yoongi had the self-respect for destressing these days he tended to just take a long bath or read manga.

When he turned back around with an outfit tucked safely under his still-damp arm, Yoongi saw Seokjin staring at what was previously his back and what was currently his chest. He stared back unabashedly with a pointed raise of his eyebrows.

“There’s a Wii in the living room. We should play tonight while your mom and Jisoo go shopping.” Jin’s eyes looked innocent, but Yoongi couldn’t help but to hear a slight suggestiveness to Jin’s words. Maybe he was making it up because he was half naked in front of a near stranger.

“I was planning on going with them. Were you not?”

“I wasn’t sure if it was a girls only thing or not.”

Yoongi sputtered a laugh and shook his head. “No, we usually decide as a group what we’re going to do on these trips and everyone just tags along.” The air conditioner kicked on and Yoongi realized how cold he was, slightly dripping from his shower and still only wearing his towel.

“I’m going to get dressed and hang out in the living room. You can get ready for the beach in here if you want.”

By the time Yoongi was dressed and settled comfortably into the overly soft cushions of the couch, Hoseok had texted him.

hobi hobi hobi: how’s it going?
genius genius genius: good. It’s only been one night, but good so far
hobi hobi hobi: are jisoo and your mom doing well?

Yoongi smiled at his phone. His best friend was almost as much a part of his family as he was.

genius genius genius: yeah, hobi, they’re good. maybe too good actually jisoo’s friend was flirting with mom
hobi hobi hobi: oh god is she officially a cougar
genius genius genius: gross shut up
hobi hobi hobi: who did she bring who is this mysterious woman flirting with MY mrs. min
genius genius genius: don’t call her /yours/ you weirdo. and it’s a him not a her. jin? I don’t know if you’ve heard her talk about him or not
hobi hobi hobi: maybe. what’s he like besides the flirting thing
genius genius genius: he might be flirting with me too i don’t fucking know. he seems nice enough though
hobi hobi hobi: wow did he come on this trip to hook up with all of the min family at once :0
genius genius genius: okay we’re done talking about this have you texted bowling date guy
hobi hobi hobi: :”””””””( no i’m still too embarrassed
genius genius genius: well buck up buttercup and ask him on a second date
hobi hobi hobi: :”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’””””””””(

“Ready for the,” Jisoo announced herself in the living room with a dramatic twirl, “beach?!”


“We have to work on your enthusiasm, little brother.”


Yoongi remembered to apply sunscreen this time. All of his exposed skin was covered in an uncomfortably sticky layer of spf. He was nothing if not determined to enjoy this trip without constant headaches and peeling from stupid sunburn.While the sun was definitely out and threatening to turn his pale skin to a rosy red, it actually wasn’t too blisteringly hot outside, especially down by the water.

They set up towels, chairs, an umbrella, and a set of speakers in the sand. Yoongi’s mother packed a cooler full of drinks, snacks, and as Yoongi found out as he reached in for a bottle of water, airplane bottles of moscato.

Jin and Jisoo laid out on their towels, Jisoo already in her bathing suit and Jin in a tanktop and shorts, allowing their skin to be warmed and tanned by the sun. Yoongi kept a hat on, yet another protective layer, and sat with a book propped in his lap in a chair beside his mother.

Luckily, no one set up camp close to them, so Yoongi allowed only the crashing of waves to wash any tension from his mind and body. He was so focused on the words in front of him and the sound of water meeting land that Jisoo had to kick his foot to get his attention.

“Ow--was that necessary?” He looked up from his book.

“I called your name like five times. You don’t even have headphones in, how can you tune me out that well?”

“Years of practice,” Yoongi said with a matter-of-fact grin.

“You know, I walked right into that one, didn’t I?” Yoongi nodded. “We’re going to get in the water, do you want to come?”

Just behind Jisoo, Jin was taking off his tank top and stretching out his arms up over his head. He was turned toward the water, trunks riding low on his hips, and Yoongi found himself unable to look away from the way Jin’s muscles moved beneath his skin as he continued to stretch his arms.

Jisoo snapped her long fingers directly in front of Yoongi’s face.

“Jesus--was that also necessary?”

“Apparently. Eyes up here, buddy.” Jisoo pointed to her own eyes, which Yoongi didn’t point out made no logical sense given where Yoongi had been looking.

“Uh, no, I’m good to stay here for a while. I’ll get in when I get overheated.”

Jisoo rolled her eyes. “Suit yourself.”

Yoongi watched as they trudged off toward the shoreline, Jisoo elbowing and poking Jin the whole way. He wasn’t surprised they were best friends; they fit together nicely. Jin seemed to almost soften Jisoo’s usual bite, usual bark and Jisoo seemed to understand when to prod and when to praise Seokjin. They seemed to have fun together, especially evidenced by the screams making their way across the sand to Yoongi’s ears.

“How are you feeling,” Yoongi’s mom asked, sensing he was looking more toward the water than his book.

“Good. Relaxed, as always when we’re at the beach.” Yoongi looked over at his mother and offered her a small, genuine smile.

“I’m happy. I was worried this year not even the beach could pull you out of your own head.”

Yoongi watched as a family of four set up their towels and toys a few feet away. He thought he knew what his mom meant. Yoongi had fallen behind on returning texts, phone calls, even emails in the past few months. He was working frantically, manically, to get ahead on his thesis so he maybe wouldn’t have to work so frantically, manically once his second year came around. It was probably an irrational plan, especially when he didn’t know his committee or if his proposal would be approved, but it was the only way Yoongi knew how to focus his brain during summer break. Idle thought wasn’t exactly his best friend.

“It’s exactly what I needed, mom. Thank you for arranging it as always.”

“Of course.” She looked out toward the water. “I hope rooming with Jin isn’t too much of an inconvenience.”

They both watched as Jisoo climbed onto Jin’s back as a human shield against an oncoming wave. “It isn’t, at least not yet. I still don’t know why you didn’t want them to room together. I really don’t think there’s any chance they’re going to be hooking up in our house.” Yoongi wrinkled his nose at the thought of his sister doing anything other than bickering with literally anyone else in the known universe.

“Oh, I know. I mean Jin’s gay, so there was really no chance of that. I just didn’t want to set a precedent. You guys are at the age now where you’re going to be bringing people home, staying over for holidays and trips. I’m not ready for shared bedrooms.”

Yoongi only vaguely heard the end of his mom’s explanation, as he couldn’t help but to focus on the news that Jin was interested in guys. He didn’t ask his mother why she felt comfortable with her very out and very gay son rooming with someone who wasn’t straight. Yoongi thought maybe antiquated heteronormativity habits died hard. He figured he’d save her the heart attack of telling the story of Jin ogling him after his shower this morning. At least he thought it was an ogle. Seeing what Jin looked like shirtless, Yoongi wasn’t quite sure why he would be looking at his own back when all that was going on.

He could see his mother eye him hesitantly out of the corner of her eye before she said, “Anyone you’re thinking about bringing over for-”

“Welp, looks like I’m ready to get in the water.” Yoongi hopped out of his chair, slung off his shirt and hat, and headed away from his mother. If she wasn’t ready for shared bedrooms, he certainly wasn’t ready to talk about boyfriends, or his lack thereof.

Yoongi chose his screaming sister and her even louder screaming best friend over his mother’s prodding questions. And when Jisoo splashed him with freezing cold ocean water before he had the chance to fully submerge his torso, Yoongi questioned that decision and every decision that brought him to this cold, shivering fate.

“You know what I think, Jinnie?”


“Yoongi looks like he needs a hug.”

“Ah, I think you’re right. That scowl definitely translates to ‘please hug me.’”

And before Yoongi had the chance to threaten them both with death, both Jisoo and Jin launched their freezing-cold-ocean-water soaked bodies toward him. He stood with arms restrained at his sides as he was overwhelmed with goose bumps all over his skin. Jisoo pulled away rather quickly, sensing she was pushing her luck, but Jin lingered a beat longer, wrapping his arms tightly around Yoongi’s torso.

He didn’t think about the sensation of warm body heat mixed with frigid water, didn’t think about Jin’s breath on his neck, definitely didn’t think about any of that in combination with his new knowledge that his sister’s best friend, his temporary roommate, wasn’t straight.

Definitely not.


Yoongi felt pleasantly exhausted by the time they left the beach. Between three too many waves forcing him tumbling under the water and taking a long walk down to the pier for snow cones, he felt a late afternoon nap was in order.

After unpacking the cooler and beach bags, Yoongi quickly rinsed off the sand and sunscreen from his skin, changed into comfortable sweats, and laid down in his bed. He still felt sluggish from his hangover and in combination with the energy the sun sucked out of him, Yoongi only got through two swipes of his Twitter feed before he felt himself slipping into sleep.

What felt like only ten short minutes later and what was in reality an hour and a half later, he woke from a gentle shaking of his shoulder.

“Yoongi,” Jin sang lowly while he roused the younger from his slumber.

“Mmmmm,” Yoongi grumbled in response.

Jin giggled at his difficulty in waking up. “Come on, it’s time for shopping.”

“You guys go without me I need to sleep more.” Yoongi rolled over so his back was facing Jin’s failing attempts at waking him up.

“Come on, you said yourself everyone should tag along,” Jin offered. He traded his shaking for rubbing soothing circles into Yoongi’s back.

Before Yoongi could stop himself, he let out a soft sigh at the touch on his sensitive skin. He thought he heard Jin giggle again and the ministrations continued for an indeterminate amount of time as Yoongi slipped in and out of sleep lulled by Jin’s long fingers scraping gently along his white tshirt.

He fully woke up when Jisoo walked into their room, talking at full volume, unaware Yoongi was sleeping.

“Is something wrong, why are you all-”

“Sh!” Jin cautioned, using the hand not drawing lazy circles across Yoongi’s back to point at his curled up form on the bed.

“Oh,” was all Yoongi heard his sister say. He didn’t open his eyes in the hopes Jisoo would leave and he could continue his nap, but the sound of her voice switched from annoyed confusion as to why they weren’t ready to leave for the outlet mall to soft realization and wonderment at Jin’s hand on Yoongi’s back.

Never one to let Yoongi derail her plans, Jisoo bent down on his bed to mimic Jin’s earlier strategy of shaking his shoulder.

“You won’t be able to sleep tonight if you-”

“I’m up, I’m up,” Yoongi interrupted. He sat up, causing Jin’s hand to fall from his back, and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Nice nap?” Jin asked from behind him.

“Yeah,” Yoongi mumbled, avoiding eye contact as he climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom to brush his teeth.

No matter how hard he scrubbed, Yoongi couldn’t shake the feeling of the ghost of Jin’s hand on his back. And when he met the others in the living room, he swore Jin was now the one avoiding meeting his eyes.

“I call shotgun,” Jisoo declared. “Sleepyhead and master masseuse over here can sit in the back.”

“Masseuse?” Mrs. Min questioned as they shuffled out the door.

“Uh, a stupid nickname I gave him after he gave me the worst back massage I’ve ever had in my entire life,” Jisoo responded.

Out of the corner of his eye, Yoongi saw Jin cast his eyes down at his shoes, tips of his ears a rosy pink.

Yoongi knew she was lying.

“You need more practice!” Yoongi’s mom joked, giving a pitying pat to Jin’s shoulder.

Yoongi knew his sister was lying, but he didn’t know quite know why .


Long after he returned home having spent way too much of his money on clothes and accessories he did not need, Yoongi laid in bed staring up at the ceiling. In hindsight, perhaps he shouldn’t have taken that nap. He was now hopelessly awake well after midnight, afraid to scroll through his phone or watch a youtube video lest he wake up his roommate.

He sighed, long and heavy, and heaved his body onto his side, facing Jin’s bed. Before Yoongi was completely settled into his new position, he heard Jin’s voice carry over to him in the darkness.

“Yoongi?” Jin’s whisper was low and quiet, but it wasn’t thick with sleep to Yoongi’s surprise.

“Shit, did I wake you up?”

“No, no, I wasn’t asleep. You sound restless.”

“Can’t sleep either?”

“I don’t know. I should be tired, but I’m not. I probably shouldn’t have gotten coffee at the mall.”

Yoongi hummed in response, feeling equal parts comforted that he wasn’t the only one struggling to fall asleep and awkward that there was another waking form in the room he was now expected to communicate with.

“We could play the Wii to tire our eyes out,” he found himself saying.

“Do you want to?”

“Why not? I’m desperate.”

“Oh, so you only want to hang out with me because you’re desperate for sleep? Thanks a lot.” Yoongi thought he was joking, but it was hard to tell in the dark.

“We’ve never hung out before, how can I know if it’ll be fun?” Yoongi got out of bed and walked over to turn on the light. They both squinted at the sudden brightness. Once his eyes were adjusted, Yoongi saw Jin sitting up in his bed, blanket wrapped between his legs so that one leg was bare and one was tucked warmly into the comforter.

“I challenge you, Min Yoongi, to not have fun in my presence,” Jin said seriously.

“Challenge accepted. I will not at all have fun in your presence,” Yoongi deadpanned in return.

“Shut up and go get the Wii set up.”


Seokjin was really fucking bad at Wii Sports. The beach house was only stocked with the most basic of games, so they settled for a tennis match, both sitting on the floor in front of the tv to reduce the amount of noise likely to wake up Jisoo and Mrs. Min.

By the third time Yoongi accidentally smacked his knuckles into Jin’s arm, they decided to put a bit more space in between them for their own personal safety. They sat on either side of the tv with Holly watching diligently from the couch behind them. No amount of distance resulted in Jin being able to win, however, as three losses in a row sent Jin pouting and red-faced from how little he was able to let out his frustrations by screaming.

Yoongi couldn’t help but to laugh at his despair.

“You were right. I am having fun. Seeing you lose is the most fun I’ve had all day.”

Jin slapped Yoongi’s arm and rolled his eyes. “I think I’m so bad at this because I’m actually good at tennis in real life.” He leaned back and propped himself on the palm of his hands.

“Is that a humble brag Kim Seokjin?” Yoongi teased. He didn’t feel any less awake, but the comfort of hanging out in the quiet of the house seemed to relax Yoongi enough to feel like he could fall asleep if he wanted to. He kind of just wanted to keep talking to Jin.

“Hey, I’m serious. Real life tennis skills don’t translate here.”

“If there was a basketball game I could test that theory.” Yoongi mirrored Jin’s position by leaning back on his palms.

“I knew Jisoo played basketball growing up, but I didn’t know you did, too.”

“Hmm,” Yoongi hummed, “I don’t know why you would, I can’t imagine my childhood is a heavy topic of conversation between you two.”

“You’d be surprised,” Jin looked over at him. “Jisoo talks about you a lot. I mean you guys did spend your entire lives together. Like I know you broke your wrist when you were twelve and you wrote your first song when you were fourteen. I know your favorite movie is Inception.”

Yoongi just looked back at him questioningly.

“It’s kind of weird to meet the actual person that matches up with all of these random stories I have in my head,” Jin said with a smile.

“Yeah? Disappointed?”

He expected teasing in return, but what he heard instead was, “Not at all.” Jin shook his head. “You’re sarcastic like Jisoo but more serious, like you’re tucked into yourself a lot.”

Yoongi wasn’t expecting that, and his expression must have conveyed it because Jin immediately started to backtrack. “Ah, sorry, we’re strangers, I shouldn’t talk like I know anything about you, really.”

“No, it’s okay. You’re not really wrong.” Yoongi was maybe least ‘tucked into himself’ when he was with his family. If Jin got that impression of him even when he was most comfortable, he wondered what the older would think of him if they had met at school or at a bar or something.

As if reading his mind, Jin continued, “I didn’t mean it in a negative way. It seems like your gears are always turning, you just don’t always say what you’re observing and thinking out loud. Jisoo’s the opposite, she never shuts up.”

Yoongi let out a small laugh. “That’s true. You seem like a middle ground between us.” He hadn’t quite thought about it in that way before just this moment, but as it came out of his mouth, Yoongi found it to be true. “You seem just as extroverted, but you’re calm and calculated, too.”

“You think you’ve pegged me down after two days?”

“I’ll get back to you at the end of the week. Maybe you’ll surprise me.”

“I’ll surprise you by winning this next game. Winner takes it all.” Jin sat back up toward the tv and grabbed his controller.

“Takes what exactly?”

“I don’t know. Bragging rights?”

“Good enough for me. You’re on.”


An hour later Yoongi was tucked into his comforter, cheeks actually sore from how much he had to stifle his laughter at Jin losing for the millionth time. It turned out when Jin was unable to loudly express his frustration, he resulted to just rolling around on the floor, quietly groaning.

They put away their controllers and turned off the console once the clock hit 2am, deeming their plan to let video games tire them out only semi-successful, as mostly Jin had just raised his blood pressure more than anything. As they walked back into their shared bedroom, Jin placed his hand on the center of Yoongi’s back, and circled his fingers across the expanse of his skin a couple times, bidding Yoongi a good night and pleasant dreams. The fact that Jin was still thinking about how easily Yoongi fell asleep earlier in the day with Jin’s hands on his skin made Yoongi’s cheeks heat up. He didn’t really understand why Jin felt so comforting , but he did, he so easily put whoever was around him at ease.

As the ghost of Jin’s hand on his back lulled Yoongi to sleep, he decided he was grateful he had to share a room with Seokjin.


The following day went much in the same way with a trip to the beach in the afternoon. Jin suggested ordering pizza in and having a movie night for their evening plan, and everyone agreed happily. That’s how Yoongi found himself squished on a loveseat with Seokjin, Jisoo sprawled out across the couch, and Mrs. Min sitting in the recliner. Yoongi tried demanding Jisoo share the couch with one of them, and Jin tried his own strategy of just laying on top of her, but nothing quite convinced her to give even one cushion to either of them. Jisoo argued she could only enjoy the movie if she was completely laying down, watching with her head sideways on the couch cushion. She only allowed Holly to lay by her feet.

“Mom, discipline your daughter,” Yoongi pleaded with his mother.

“She’s an adult now, she can do what she wants.”

“Ha!” Jisoo exclaimed with satisfaction.

Yoongi rolled his eyes and settled in next to Seokjin on the loveseat. Their weight naturally pulled to the center of the sofa, causing their thighs and shoulders to push together. Yoongi used his arm rest to try to pull his weight back toward his side of the couch, but as soon as he let go, he sank right back to the middle. Jin laughed lightly, and placed his arm on the back of the couch behind Yoongi’s head.

“There. You kind of have more room now.”

“I can sit on the floor if you want,” Yoongi whispered as the movie started.

“This doesn’t bother me if it doesn’t bother you.”

Yoongi nodded in approval that it was okay. It didn’t bother him, not really. He felt used to Jin’s presence in the few short days they had spent together. He still didn’t understand how the older managed to feel so familiar to him so quickly, but Yoongi stopped trying to question it when he woke up this morning and looked over at a very-asleep Seokjin, yet again with one leg bare and one leg blanketed, and Yoongi’s mind supplied him with nothing other than contentment, as if this is exactly how his morning should have gone. Maybe it was that sensation of having known about Jin’s existence for several years, knowing stories and trails of his personality through Jisoo’s anecdotes over holiday dinners and evening skype calls. Now he just had a face and a form.

A form that Yoongi found himself sinking into as the movie went on. He should have expected that he would slide into Jin the longer they sat together with Jin’s arm raised onto the back of the couch, but Yoongi’s mind had the audacity to act surprised when he registered just how snugly he was tucked into Jin’s side.

At a particularly funny scene, Yoongi knocked his head back in laughter just as Jin leaned his own head into Yoongi’s with a fit of giggles. He knew from the past few days that Jin had a habit of leaning his whole body into whoever was next to him as he laughed, often reaching out to lightly slap his own leg, or the leg or arm of whoever was around him. Yoongi hadn’t been on the receiving end of this before tonight, and he found that Jin’s hand on his leg, with his giggles sounding in his ear was nothing less than overwhelming. He was surrounded by Seokjin, his warmth, his skin, his voice, and his touches.

“Pizza break,” Jisoo declared as she hit pause about halfway through the movie. Jin and Jisoo moved into the kitchen to get a second helping of pizza while Yoongi and his mother stayed in the living room, still full from their previous serving.

“Steal the couch,” Mrs. Min whispered, gesturing hurriedly toward the large couch in between them.

Yoongi chuckled at his mother’s scheming, but he shook his head. “I’m okay.”

He didn’t miss the way her eyebrows shot up questioningly.

Yoongi pulled out his phone and browsed his groupchat instead of exploring the meaning behind his mother’s gaze.

jiminie jiminie jiminie: guess who has two thumbs and got an a in all his first semester summer classes
hobi hobi hobi: your brother
jiminie jiminie jiminie: shut up be happy for me !!!
hobi hobi hobi: i am happy for you !!! good job jiminie i am proud of you
jiminie jiminie jiminie: thank youuuuuu

Yoongi made sure Jin and Jisoo were still occupied with their pizza before praising his bookworm best friend.

genius genius genius: congrats jiminie your hard work paid off. also aren’t you both in the same apartment right now why are you chatting on here so much
jiminie jiminie jiminie: one, thank you, two, you should be happy we’re keeping you in the ~loop~, three, hoseok is out with bowling guy right now <<3333
genius genius genius: another date so soon :000 keep me in the ~loop~ on how it goes

Yoongi pocketed his phone when he felt the familiar sinking of his weight toward the middle of the loveseat as Jin sat down. This time, Yoongi tucked his feet up under his butt so he could reposition himself with at least a small amount of distance between himself and Jin. He didn’t miss the small look of disappointment on Jin’s face as the unpaused movie brightened up the dim living room.

Jin kept his arm down by his side for the duration of the movie, and Yoongi began hiding his head in Jin’s shoulder every time he laughed. It shouldn’t have felt as intimate as their previous position, with Jin’s face pressed so close to his, breath tickling his ear as he laughed, but maybe because Yoongi himself was initiating the action, he felt warmth radiate through his body every time his cheek made contact with Jin’s shoulder. More than once he lifted his head from his laughing hiding spot to see Jin looking over at him, fond smile on his face. In those moments, Yoongi half wanted to bury his face back into his skin, half wanted to fling himself out the window, fully chose to turn back toward the tv and try with all his might not to ask Jin to look at him with that much affection always.

This didn’t feel like the same guy who implored him to “Yoongi. Eat.” on that first night or the guy who seemingly stared at his bare torso just yesterday. Yoongi sensed maybe Jin was attracted to him, but now he allowed himself to think maybe Jin was starting to like him as a friend, a person he knew and liked. That made Yoongi feel light, content, as if he had been seeking Jin’s approval without even realizing it.

As the ending credits rolled up the screen, Yoongi heard Jin’s whisper close to his ear, “Do you want to go on a walk with me?”

Yoongi nodded quickly, hoping to strengthen and lengthen this happy feeling. He was surprised when Jin asked the others if they wanted to accompany them, as he assumed the whispered invitation was only for him, but when both Jisoo and his mother quickly said no, he thought perhaps Jin knew they would let them go out alone.

The evening air was cool on his bare arms and legs. Yoongi didn’t bring one of the light jackets he packed along for the trip since he had felt almost overly warm sitting on the loveseat with Jin’s body heat right next to him. Even so, as they walked along the shore toward the lights of the pier, Jin stuck close to Yoongi, shielding him from the oncoming wind and bumping their shoulders together lightly.

“It’s a nice evening.” Yoongi didn’t think the silence sounded particularly awkward, but Jin’s attempt to break it was.

“Mhm,” he hummed in return. “How are you enjoying your first Min family vacation?” Perhaps his attempt at small talk was no less stilted, and Yoongi cringed as soon as the words left his mouth. He hoped Jin couldn’t see in the darkness of the evening.

“I feel ridiculously relaxed, like too relaxed. I’m so used to working and studying that this amount of doing...nothing...feels kind of weird.”

Yoongi let the sound of waves crashing on the shore fill the silence while he realized he mostly heard about the parties and late wine nights and weekend trips to neighboring cities when Jisoo talked about Jin. He didn’t know much about his school or work.

“Where do you work?”

“At a local radio station.”

Oh. He wasn’t exactly expecting that.

“Aren’t you getting an MBA? Is the radio station just a short-term thing?”

“Not exactly. I want to work for a music company when I graduate. I’ve always been really interested in how companies market and promote their artists, and one of my advisers in undergrad encouraged me to start at a place like a radio station just as a foot in the door. I coordinate artists’ appearances and live performances, so I get to work as kind of a middleman between the station and the artists’ company.”

“That’s really cool,” Yoongi said honestly. He was so used to thinking about music from the viewpoint of the artist that he didn’t often consider what it would be like to work on the business side of the industry.

“Entertainment companies need more people like you,” Yoongi said right as a wave crashed closer to their feet than either of them was expecting.

Jin screamed and quickly navigated his way around Yoongi, leaving the younger to feel the brunt of the cold wave travel up his leg.

“Ahh,” Yoongi sighed. “It’s so cold. You threw me under the bus, you jerk.” Yoongi reached down into the shallow water and flicked his wet fingertips in Seokjin’s face.

“No!” Jin protested, running ahead away from Yoongi’s retaliation. Baby, Yoongi thought, but he smiled anyway, jogging quickly to catch up with the older who resumed his position on the shore line.

Jin bumped their hips together to get Yoongi’s attention. “What were you saying about companies needing me?” His voice sounded amused, like he just wanted to hear Yoongi compliment him out loud.

Yoongi didn’t give him the benefit of looking him in the eye when he spoke; he looked ahead to the pier. “I just mean you have such good interpersonal skills but you’re also not heartless.”

“Can you confidently say I’m not heartless?”

He couldn’t help but to look over with surprise at Jin’s question. “Pretty confident. You’ve been nothing but nice to me since you’ve been here when you could have easily ignored my existence or gotten mad over the room thing.”

“Hmm, you gave me no choice but to like you, I was defenseless.”

Yoongi chuckled at how absurd that seemed. “I don’t think anyone has ever said anything close to that about me. I tend to repel people.” That was a slight exaggeration, but he typically made few attempts to maintain relationships, so people tended to just drift away from him. Slowly and painlessly, but drifted nonetheless.

“Don’t be self deprecating. You’re funny and cute and slightly mysterious, what more could a guy want?” Jin added on two beats too late, “in a roommate?”

“Someone interesting?”

“You’re only not interesting when you center your small talk on fishing for compliments.”

“I’m not-”

“Fine, Min Yoongi, I’ll take the bait.”

“You don’t have to-”

Jin put out his arm to stop Yoongi in his tracks and turned the younger to face him. “You’re passion for music is interesting, your inability to admit when someone else is right is interesting, how bad you are at telling jokes is interesting, how much you love your mother and your sister is interesting, how little you say what it is you notice is interesting, the way you scrunch your nose when you’re annoyed is interesting, how much you make me want to kiss you is fucking interesting.”

Yoongi was still trying to process Jin’s unexpected compliments when his brain fast forwarded to the last bit, the part about wanting to kiss him.

“Wait, what?”

“Can I kiss you?” Jin asked directly, his eyes undeniably falling to Yoongi’s lips, evident even in the dark. “If it’s weird because I’m your sister’s friend or if it’s weird because we don’t know each other that well or if you don’t like me at all, you can forget-”

“Shut up.” Yoongi pulled Jin in by the back of the neck and softly, almost hesitantly met their lips together.

He pulled away quickly to give Jin a chance to change his mind, but he was only able to put a few centimeters of distance between them before Jin was placing his hand gently on Yoongi’s cheek and guiding him back to his lips.

Yoongi let himself enjoy it this time; he noted the softness of Jin’s lips, how much bigger they felt against his own. He relished in how slowly Jin kissed him as if he was content to stand in the wet sand until the sun began to rise. Yoongi felt more impatient, and as he reached up to place a hand on Jin’s hip, slipping his fingers beneath his shirt to splay his palm flat against the goosebumped skin where his waist met his hips, Yoongi parted his lips.

He didn’t have to ask for permission or tease Jin into following his lead; no sooner did he move to deepen the kiss did Yoongi feel Jin’s tongue against his own. He unconsciously squeezed the skin under his hand and Jin honest to god, in the middle of an open public space, moaned.

Jin moved his hand down Yoongi’s throat as they continued to enjoy the feel and taste of each other’s mouths. He let his hand explore Yoongi’s pulse point, his collarbones, allowing his thumb to brush briefly over Yoongi’s adams apple. When Jin reached up to place his hand back on Yoongi’s cheek it was less gentle and more firm, more of a guiding of Yoongi’s mouth on his own.

Sensing an increase in intensity from Jin, Yoongi pulled away, albeit reluctantly.

“We should probably not do this here,” he said, a little more breathless than he would have liked.

“Are you saying you want to keep doing this?” Jin’s hand was still on his cheek. He was now rubbing soothing circles with his thumb, gentleness back in place and perhaps even more adoring than before.

“I’m saying I’d so much like to keep doing this that I want us to be alone.”

Jin made a sound Yoongi didn’t think he’d heard from him before, something between a growl and a whine. He quickly grabbed Yoongi’s hand, turned them away from the pier, and led them back to the beach house.


They didn’t say anything to each other on the way back to the house. Yoongi’s head was too full of how warm Jin’s hand was in his own, how much he wanted to spend the whole night with Jin’s mouth on his, and how stupid they were probably being for hooking up on his family’s beach trip. The stupidity didn’t feel like a warning, something he should take heed of, but rather something that set him afire.

Min Yoongi always did the right thing. He put others before himself. He followed the rules. He worked damn hard. But every year during this one week at the beach he let himself not think about work or stress or making decisions. This year, he was going to be stupid.

So he let Seokjin lead him to their shared bedroom, happy to see both Jisoo and Mrs. Min had retreated to their own rooms. He let Seokjin pull him in for a kiss just as soon as the door was closed and locked. He let Jin push him up against the door, pressing their hips together. He let Jin make him whine low and quiet, only for him to hear.

“Can I be honest with you?” Yoongi panted when Jin rolled his hips into Yoongi’s one too many times.

“Hm?” Jin hummed against Yoongi’s neck where he was kissing and licking and sucking every centimeter of skin he came across.

“I want nothing more than to suck your dick right now,” Yoongi whispered right against the shell of Jin’s ear.

“Jesus christ, Yoongi.”

“Please,” he begged.

“Yes, fucking, of course.”

With no other prelude or ceremony Yoongi dropped directly to his knees right in front of the door to their room. He made quick work of Jin’s shorts, pulling them down swiftly to fall down at his ankles. Yoongi for just a moment felt embarrassed by how much his mouth literally watered at the sight of Jin’s dick pushing against the fabric of his boxers, but his shame seemed to completely leave his body as he unabashedly nuzzled his face against Jin’s clothed cock.

“Jesus christ, Yoongi.” Jin’s voice sounded more strained than Yoongi thought possible.

“You said that already,” he teased with a grin up at the older as he placed a quick kiss to Jin’s bare thigh.

“Who the hell are you,” Jin squeaked out while Yoongi pulled his boxers down to meet his shorts pulled at his feet.

“I’m,” Yoongi licked a stripe from his balls to the head of his dick, “ interesting, remember?”

“Jesus Chr-” Jin’s mantra was silenced by Yoongi completing sinking his entire mouth down on Jin’s cock. Usually he’d like to take his time, draw this out, make Seokjin beg and whine for him, but truthfully Yoongi wanted nothing more than to feel Jin come undone on his tongue. So instead he hollowed his cheeks and sucked while his tongue constantly swirled around the most sensitive spots of Jin’s dick all the while his hands roamed Jin’s thighs, his balls, the base of his shaft.

“I’m going to come,” Jin warned with a tightening hand secured in Yoongi’s hair.

Yoongi only hummed in response, encouraging Seokjin to come in his mouth, and when Yoongi felt Jin finally release on his tongue, he swallowed happily.

When Yoongi pulled away, he rested his forehead on Jin’s hip, overwhelmed by the arousal still coursing through his body and the reality of what had just happened.

Jin reached down to pull up his shorts, leaving Yoongi to rest his head on the door behind him instead. As soon as Jin’s clothes were back in place, he knelt down with Yoongi.

“Hey, are you okay? We can stop if you want to, we don’t have to do anything else.” He reached up to cup Yoongi’s cheek.

Yoongi smiled a tired smile, but a happy one. “I’m okay. I just really needed that, I think.”

“You needed that? I’m the one who came, goof,” he said with a light slap to Yoongi’s arm.

“Yeah, but it’s good for me, too,” Yoongi said still grinning.

“Come here.” Jin pulled Yoongi up and led him to his bed. He pushed down on Yoongi’s shoulders, encouraging him to sit on the edge of the bed.

“You don’t have to,” Yoongi began to say, but Jin shushed him both literally with his mouth and figuratively with a palm to the bulge in his shorts. Yoongi immediately moaned into Jin’s mouth at the contact, desperate for friction and for release.

Arousal at its peak from giving head alone, Yoongi knew he wasn’t going to last long when Jin took his time teasing his mouth up and down Yoongi’s thighs and balls. He was trembling, whining as quietly as his body would allow by the time Jin finally, finally wrapped his mouth fully around Yoongi’s cock.

He felt so relieved by the warmth and the feeling of Jin’s tongue flicking against the tip that Yoongi fell backwards on the bed, unable to keep himself propped up with his palms. He wanted to look at Jin’s perfect mouth glide up and down his cock, but only had the energy to throw his arm over his eyes and focus solely on the sensations of Jin’s tongue.

Within minutes he was chanting quietly, “I’m going to come, I’m going to come, I’m going to come,” and the feeling of finally letting the coiling low in his stomach unfurl was as close to euphoric as Yoongi thought he was ever going to get.

Jin kissed his way back down his thigh toward his knee as he shuffled to stand back up. “I’m going to get us some water,” he whispered.

Yoongi was grateful to be left alone for a moment to collect his thoughts. He just hooked up with his sister’s best friend, a guy he has only known for three days, in a house he shares with his mother, on a trip where he will have to share a room with him for the next four days. All signs still pointed to stupid, but Yoongi still couldn’t bring himself to care.

And when he fell asleep that night in Jin’s bed while the older rubbed lulling circles across his back, he without a doubt, with no hesitation, was okay to let himself be stupid.


When Yoongi woke up, he was alone. He was still in Jin’s bed, wearing only his boxers, but Jin was nowhere to be found. This was probably a favorable way to wake up, as Yoongi’s mind might have short circuited if he woke up with his sister’s best friend spooning him.

Yoongi flipped onto his back and let out a long, steadying breath. He still didn’t feel that guilty or full of regret, he was mostly just nervous. Did Jin just want to hook up for the rest of the week? He wasn’t opposed to that at all...but he already found himself genuinely liking Jin. Yoongi wasn’t really up for a cliche summer beach fling, but was he really up for maybe dating his sister’s best friend?

As if Yoongi summoned her with his own thoughts, Jisoo opened the door to his bedroom.

“Hey, we’re leaving for the water park in like thirty minutes.” Jisoo’s jaw hung open after finishing her thought. She blinked once, clamped her jaw shut, and said more quietly, “get ready.”

She turned around painfully slowly and retreated back to the living room in what Yoongi assessed to be shock. There’s no way him laying in Jin’s bed went unnoticed. She had clearly seen him napping in the bed closest to the door just a couple days prior. Yoongi groaned and buried his face in his pillow. They could always say they decided to switch beds for some reason, and there would be no way to prove that they were lying, but Yoongi knew Jisoo had already made her mind up of the truth. Now what the hell was he going to do about it?

Firstly, he avoided. Yoongi picked up his phone and scrolled through his groupchat, happy to see date number two with bowling guy went a bit better. Apparently they went to a dance showcase where Hoseok consumed exactly no food. Bowling guy leaned his head on Hoseok’s shoulder during intermission and they had already set up a plan to go see a new movie the following weekend. Hobi seemed happy and Yoongi was happy for him.

Yoongi wondered briefly what a regular date with Seokjin would have been like. What if they had known each other at university or they were coworkers or something. Would they hit it off? Were they even compatible outside of this context, outside of this place where both of their guards were down, where the ease and breeze of a summer vacation caused them to laugh more easily, to enjoy each other without worry. And did any of that matter if Jisoo was currently murdering Seokjin for hooking up with her brother?

Secondly, he braced himself for impact. Yoongi showered and dressed without encountering anyone in the hallway or Jin in their room. So, when he rounded the corner to the living room, he had no idea what to expect, but he was ready for Jisoo to claw his eyes out or use all of his secrets against him or disown him completely. What he found instead was Mrs. Min reading silently in the armchair and Jin and Jisoo laughing at a Youtube video on the couch. Even when Jisoo looked up from her phone to make eye contact with her brother, Yoongi sensed no animosity. She smiled, full and genuine, and elbowed Jin just slightly so he would look up, too. Once he did, she directed her gaze back down to the video.

Jin offered him a small smile, one that looked just as nervous as Yoongi felt, and Yoongi didn’t hesitate to give him a grin in return. He would never admit to anyone who asked that his stomach somersaulted right then, right there, but he was grateful to his mother who interrupted their frankly disgusting smiling fest to ask if they were ready to leave.

Jisoo called shotgun as she always did and if anyone noticed Jin taking Yoongi’s hand in his own in the silence of the backseat, no one said a word.


Yoongi realized about halfway through the afternoon that he was, in a way, on his first date with Seokjin. His sister and mother decided to spend the majority of their time at the waterpark on the lazy river and when Jin pulled on his hand and begged that he go on all the tall rides with him, Yoongi was powerless to say no.

On the way down the third horrifically tall slide of the day Yoongi decided never to underestimate the power of a Kim Seokjin pout. He was having fun, though. At least now he could rationalize a reason for his stomach twisting as he experienced drop after drop.

Besides the hand holding in the car, Yoongi was surprised and slightly relieved to see that Jin kept his distance. He didn’t try to kiss him or cling to him in any way. Jin still leaned in too close when he laughed and bumped their hips together to get his attention, but Yoongi didn’t feel overwhelmed with the attention Jin gave him. He was just happy to see Jin’s smile.

“Why are you such a bump on a log today?” Yoongi asked Jisoo when they returned to where all of their belongings were strewn across four lounge chairs.

“What? I’m not allowed to just laze around? You do it all the time, don’t be a hypocrite.” Jisoo wasn’t exactly the smoothest at acting natural when Yoongi sensed pretty easily that she was giving Jin and Yoongi the space she thought they might want.

He was grateful, but still didn’t know how to breech the subject of what was going on between them, so he open instead for, “Switch places with me? Let me be lazy, you go play.”

She eyed him wearily. “You sure?”

“Yeah, Soo, go.” Yoongi settled into the chair she just occupied so he could talk to his mother. He watched as Jisoo said something to Jin that resulted in a game of rock, paper, scissors and then suddenly they were racing toward the wave pool.

Yoongi realized the symmetry of the situation: Jin and Jisoo playing in the water while he sat lounging beside his mother. At the beach, though, Yoongi was only marveling at Jin’s ridiculous back muscles; this time, he wanted to hold his hand and make him laugh. Only a couple days had passed, but he’d be lying to himself if he didn’t admit he was growing quite fond of Kim Seokjin.

“You and Jin seem to be getting along well,” Mrs. Min said as she put the book she was reading down on her lap.

Yoongi could barely make out Jin’s silhouette in the wave pool, but he smiled to himself at the mere thought of how much Jin would scream if a wave hit him in the face. “Yeah, he’s funny.”

“Didn’t you distinctly think he wasn’t funny before?”

“Even when he fails at being funny that’s still funny.”

His mother chuckled. “That’s true.” She offered Yoongi a bottle of water, which he accepted gratefully. “I guess you don’t get many opportunities to just hang out with new friends like this with how busy you are.”

And that was true, too. Yoongi rarely branched out to meet people outside of his current circle of friends and when he did much of anything other than hang out at home it was a beer at the bar or a pickup game of basketball.

He hummed in agreement.

“Jin’s good for you. I haven’t seen you smile this much in a while.”

“I always smile when I’m with you, Mom,” he said with over exaggerated cheesiness.

“Oh, shush. You know what I mean.  Now you don’t look relaxed because you’ve emptied your head, you look actually happy.

Yoongi thought about his mother’s words. Did he just alternate between stressed and distracted-from-stressed? He wasn’t sure what would happen when he went back to school, but Yoongi hoped he could hold onto the way this trip made him feel for as long as possible.

“Thanks, mom. I do feel happy,” he said honestly.

When Jin and Jisoo returned from the wave pool, Jisoo looked back to her normal self and Jin’s face looked a pretty shade of pink from how much he’d been laughing. Yoongi looked around to his mother, eyes closed in ultimate relaxation to his caring sister never failing to make everyone laugh and finally to the newest person in his life capable of making him smile, even when he purposefully rung out his soaking swimming trunks directly on Yoongi’s bare leg.

“Ah! Cold, cold cold,” Yoongi protested, laughing despite himself. “This is like the eight millionth time you’ve doused me in cold water since this week started, what do you have against me Kim Seokjin.”

“I like to see you squirm,” Jin said with a wink he knew only Yoongi could see.

Well. That took an unexpected turn for the flirtatious. Jin seemed content to give Yoongi physical space after their hookup, but he didn’t seem above shamelessly flirting.

Yoongi, bolded only by Jisoo’s announcement that she was going to take their mother for one final lap around the lazy pool before they left, sat up in his lounge chair, causing his face to sit right in front of the dip where Jin’s hips met his thighs. He looked up at Seokjin with coquettish eyes, grinning and inching his torso forward a millimeter at a time towards Jin’s crotch.

“Okay, you win. Point taken, I’m never flirting with you in public again, you’re too powerful.”

Yoongi laughed at his success. “Come on, let’s start packing our stuff up.”


On the trip home Jin’s hand didn’t find his, but his head did fall to Yoongi’s shoulder. Jin looked exhausted from all the activity of the afternoon.

“Hey,” Yoongi whispered into Jin’s hair.


“Do you want to show me how to cook that meal tonight?”

That perked Jin up. He lifted his head from Yoongi’s shoulder and smiled at him brightly. “Yes, definitely. We might need to go to the store.”

Yoongi couldn’t help but to grin back. “That can be arranged.”

Much to Yoongi’s surprise, Jin leaned forward and kissed Yoongi on the cheek. He moved back to the younger’s shoulder immediately after, allowing Yoongi to hide his blush against the top of Jin’s head.

“Show me everything,” he whispered.


“Okay, I’m going to show you how to make my mom’s famous chicken,” Jin announced as they made their way into the grocery store down the street from the beach house.

“What a catchy name,” Yoongi deadpanned as he grabbed a small buggy.

“Shush, it’s an amalgamation of several things. The sauce is creamy and slightly spicy and the rice and chicken are seasoned heavily. Just trust me, it’s really good.”

Jin guided Yoongi around the grocery store, tossing things from the recipe in the buggy along with a few extras Yoongi was pretty sure weren’t on the list.

“Do you prefer dark meat or white meat?”

He bit down the urge to say ‘your meat,’ deciding to eye the array of chicken options in front of him instead. “Hmmm, I don’t really have a preference. Either can work in different kinds of dishes. Here,” Yoongi reached across Jin to grab a pack of chicken thighs, “this is on sale.”

They stood side by side, shoulders and arms touching as they assessed the pack of chicken to ensure it wasn’t on sale because it was poor quality. Jin held one side of the package while Yoongi held the other.

“Would this live up to your mother’s standards?” Yoongi asked.

“Yeah, I think she’d go for it.” Jin placed the pack in the buggy. “You’d like my mom, I think.”

“Think so?”

“Mmhm. My parents’ house isn’t that far from your uni, actually. We could get my mom to make you this for real. From the horse’s hands...or however you’d apply that saying to someone making their own recipe.”

Yoongi tried not to overthink an invitation to meet Jin’s parents, to hang out with Jin outside of their beach week hiatus from real life. He tried not to overthink it, but he felt that lightness return again.

“I’d be honored.”


As they both worked to place the groceries on the conveyor belt, Yoongi got the distinct feeling that they were doing this all out of order. They’d never gone on a date, held hands in public, asked each other out, yet they shared a room, shared a bed, shared orgasms and now meals and grocery trips.

It should have felt wrong, but maybe that’s exactly why it worked.


“Okay, you’re going to do all the work, I’m just going to tell you what to do.”

Yoongi raised an eyebrow in JIn’s direction, unable to think of his words in an innocent way.

“Get your head out of the gutter, we’re cooking,” Jin said and then whispered closer to Yoongi’s ear, “though keep that idea on the backburner.”

Yoongi allowed a small sputter of a laugh to leave him and then he grabbed the veggies to begin his prep work. The dish was pretty easy to prepare, there was just a lot of chopping. Jin told him to dice this, cut that, quarter those.

The older talked while Yoongi worked. He told Yoongi about his family, about his work at the radio station, about his family’s dog. Yoongi hummed in acknowledgment and asked a question here and there, but for the most part he listened. The more he learned about Jin, the less he felt like he knew Jin at all. Each new story was unexpected from the rest. All Yoongi knew was that he wanted to know more.

Once the vegetables were softened and the meat was browned, Jin instructed him to pour in the rest of the chicken stock and the rice to allow the rice to cook and then they would be done. Yoongi wasn’t sure if it was because he had Jin’s company or if he was just undeniably content on this vacation, but he liked preparing the meal. He always liked working with his hands; Yoongi wasn’t sure why he hadn’t taken up cooking before. Something about the repeated action of the chopping and measuring felt cathartic.

When he turned around after putting the last of the prep dishes in the sink, Yoongi’s sister and mother had Holly in hand and were heading for the side door adjacent to the kitchen. “We’re going to take Holly for a walk down to the pier. If dinner’s ready before we get back, go ahead and start eating.”

“Are you sure?” Yoongi asked.

“Yep. Don’t worry about us, we’ll eat when we get back,” Jisoo replied.

“Okay. Jin do you want to go with them? I can keep an eye on the chicken,” Yoongi offered.

“Oh, no you don’t. Kim Seokjin do not trust him with that stove unattended. You have may have taught him to slice some onions but I’m confident he would burn this entire place down if he’s left alone for too long.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stay.”

“We’ll bring you back dessert from that taffy place,” Mrs. Min offered.

“Thanks, mom, that sounds great.”

Jisoo attached Holly’s leash to his collar and led the way down the stairs to the water. Once Mrs. Min closed the door behind them, Yoongi walked back over to the pot to check on his dinner.

He went to reach for the lid to give the dish a peek, but Jin barreled over to him before he had the chance. Jin stood behind him and swatted his hand away from the pot. “If you open the lid, you let out all the steam. The rice won’t cook properly.” Jin literally sounded winded from how quickly he raced over to the stove to ensure Yoongi did not commit this crucial error.

“Ah, okay, sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Jin said, and he placed his chin on Yoongi’s shoulder while he tried to assess the viscosity of the sauce through the translucent lid. “We’ll check on it in fifteen minutes. No touching of the lid before that, understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Yoongi said, mocking the seriousness in Jin’s voice.

“Don’t be rude, I’m just trying to teach you.” Jin punctuated his words with pokes to Yoongi’s sides, causing him to squirm away from Jin and sputter laughter.

“Tickling is a no-go,” Yoongi said once he’d created enough distance between them he wasn’t worried Jin was going to tickle him again.

“Noted. What’s your favorite not no-go?”

“That’s the weirdest way anyone has ever asked me what turns me on.”

“I’m just full of surprises, aren’t I?” Yoongi didn’t convey just how accurate of a statement that was.

“I’ll try anything once.”

“Also noted,” Jin said. Yoongi wondered if the rice wasn’t going to be finished in ten minutes and if they still had the house to themselves how Jin would have responded to that differently.

They were still standing several feet apart when Jin asked, “Can I kiss you?” The rice wouldn’t deter him from this at least.

“You don’t have to ask for permission,” Yoongi replied.

“I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I want this,” was the only way Yoongi knew how to convey in that moment that Jin wasn’t crossing a line or reading the situation incorrectly. He liked being with Jin, liked talking to Jin, liked kissing him and teasing him. He simply liked jin.

So Jin stepped forward and gave him exactly what he wanted. Jin tasted of the carrots he couldn’t stop himself from snacking on as they prepped the vegetables and Yoongi wanted to memorize the way his skin tingled as Jin’s hands moved from his lower back to his sides to the back of his neck. The kiss wasn’t heated; they both knew there was a time crunch, and Yoongi didn’t mind. This felt right, lazily kissing in the kitchen while they waited for dinner to finish. He still didn’t understand how Jin made him feel this way so quickly, but at this point Yoongi was just grateful to feel this way at all. He didn’t want to question it.

They enjoyed the feeling of tongues gliding together and teeth scraping on lips until the rice was ready. Yoongi was seriously concerned Jin was going to accidentally bite his tongue off when his entire body jumped at the sound of the microwave timer.

They walked over to the simmering pot and Jin allowed Yoongi to do the honors of removing the lid. The entire kitchen was filled with an intense aroma of spices; Yoongi’s mouth watered. Jin grabbed a spoon to gather a bite that included every element of the dish. He held the spoon to Yoongi’s lips. Yoongi opened his mouth quickly and willingly without Jin saying a word.

It was fucking amazing.

The sauce was rich with flavor, the rice was cooked just right, and the chicken was the juiciest he’d ever tasted without it being fried. Yoongi couldn’t stop nodding as he chewed, wanting to convey to Jin that it was a success. After he swallowed, Yoongi licked his lips to catch sauce that had pooled around his mouth. As soon as he did, Jin’s mouth was suddenly on him again. Jin kissed him deeply, clumsily tossing the spoon back into the pot and pushing Yoongi against the counter. He moved from Yoongi’s mouth to his neck, allowing his teeth to scrape against the sensitive skin.

Since Jin was preoccupied with other parts of Yoongi’s body, he took a moment to say, “What was that for?”

“I wanted to taste it, too,” Jin said, lips never detaching from his neck. He punctuated his words with a swirling of his tongue where his neck met his collarbones.

Yoongi puffed out a laugh. “You could have just gotten your own bite, you-” His words were cut off by a moan that surprised even himself when Jin bit down on his neck.

“Yeah, but it tastes better on your tongue, baby.”

Yoongi practically melted at the pet name, pulling Jin back up to his lips to kiss him hard and deep.

“How do you manage to make food sexy?” Yoongi asked once they finally pulled apart.

“I don’t know, I’m overwhelmed by how much I want to fuck you any time you’re doing literally anything.”

Well, that was forward. He shouldn’t have been surprised, considering Jin had him pinned against the kitchen counter with his tongue in his mouth just ten seconds prior.

“Trust me, I would want you to, if we were anywhere else at any other time where I actually had lube and a condom and no threat that my family could return at any second.” Yoongi rested his forehead on Jin’s shoulder, trying to come down from just how aroused he was, trying to not think about how much he wanted to feel Jin fuck him into a mattress. “Mind settling for I’m-seventeen-and-my-parents-will be-home-at-five level stuff?”

Yoongi didn’t look up to meet Jin’s eyes as he said it, looking down instead and the visible bulge in his pants. He reached out and palmed Jin’s erection through his jeans.

“Ahh, nothing is settling when your hands are on me, Yoongi, trust me.” Yoongi blushed at his words, grateful his head was still hidden from Jin’s gaze.

“Come here.” Yoongi turned off the stove and led Jin to their bedroom. He closed the door but not all the way so they could hear if Jisoo and Mrs. Min returned home. He would rather them know and be able to stop and act natural than close and lock the door and have both his mother and sister aware that they were hooking up. “Lay down with me.”

They settled into Yoongi’s bed this time. Yoongi knew they shouldn’t take their time, but he couldn’t help to just kiss Jin for a moment, to feel Jin’s lips on him. His mouth was always soft and his tongue fit perfectly against his own.

Yoongi broke the kiss briefly to reach down and grab a towel from the floor. He spread it out in between them for easy cleanup. When he connected their lips again, Yoongi began roaming his hand over Jin’s arms, his chest, down to his waistline. He teasingly let his fingers dip down further, causing cute gasps to come from Jin, before he started unbuckling Jin’s belt and sliding his pants and underwear off completely. He wanted to take it slower, wanted to make it better for him, but he knew they didn’t have the time.

Jin caught on to Yoongi’s plan and mimicked his own roaming and removing. Without breaking the kiss, they both wrapped their hands around each other’s cocks, eliciting a joint moan into the other’s mouth. Yoongi smiled for just a moment, thinking about how silly they probably looked trying to make this work and to do this quickly, how desperate they both sounded. They were adults, for fucks sake, but beach week hookups caused for desperate measures.

The slide could have been slicker if they had lube, but Jin’s hand felt amazing nonetheless. He twisted his wrist at the exact right moment, he reached down to cup his balls enough to make Yoongi moan, and he never stopped kissing Yoongi even once, letting Yoongi’s mind imagine what the swirling of his tongue would feel like if his mouth was on his dick right now.

And Yoongi was fairly confident he wasn’t doing a bad job either judging from the soft sounds coming from Jin’s lips. His voice was so much lighter than Yoongi’s gruff moans, he sounded breathless and needy and Yoongi hoped some day soon he could hear what Jin sounded like when he wasn’t forcing himself to be quiet.

And with that image in his head, Jin’s tongue teasing his mouth, and one expert twist of Jin’s wrist, Yoongi was spilling onto the towel and moaning out a strained “Shit, Seokjin.”

He looked over at Jin to see a soft smile, an adoring look that made Yoongi’s stomach tighten in an entirely different way from that of his orgasm. He distracted Jin from seeing the blush on his face by kissing him more urgently than before.

When Jin’s hand on his shoulder started to tighten its grip and his breathy sounds increased, Yoongi pulled away from Jin’s mouth and asked, “Can I finish you off with my mouth?”

Jin’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his skull.

“Do you even have to ask? Yes, jesus.”

Yoongi laughed at Jin’s eagerness and settled in between his legs. He sunk down all in one go and immediately hollowed his cheeks.

“Fuck, I’m going to come,” Jin warned as soon as Yoongi brought his hand to the base of his shaft to cover what his mouth couldn’t. “Aahhh,” Yoongi heard as he swallowed Jin’s come and gave the tip one last final lick before he knew Jin would get overstimulated.

Jin sat up and pulled Yoongi to him, kissing him one final time before they needed to get dressed and get back to the kitchen.

“Promise to let me do that properly once this week is over,” Yoongi said when they finally pulled apart and began to dress.

“Wait.” JIn paused with his shorts halfway up his thighs. “Are you telling me that’s not your best?” His jaw hung open and his eyes were wide.

Yoongi laughed, for what felt like the hundredth time tonight, at how genuinely bewildered Jin looked. He didn’t think he’d ever giggled this much during sex before. “I have more tricks up my sleeve,” he said with a left of his eyebrows.

“You’re going to be the death of me, Min Yoongi.” Yoongi wanted to say something lame, like Jin was ‘the life of him’ or something, but he settled instead for kissing Jin’s cheek chastely.

“Come on, we should actually eat.” Yoongi put the towel in the hamper in the corner of the room and vowed to do laundry first thing tomorrow morning.

Jin grabbed Yoongi’s hand as they walked out of the bedroom and made their way back to the stove. He poured them both a serving of dinner and sprinkled leftover scallions on top of each.

“Here you go, a delicious meal you made all on your own,” Jin praised.

“With your guidance,” Yoongi added.

And he did have to admit, food tasted better when you knew you made it yourself. They ate deliciously, joking about how many times Yoongi almost screwed up the entire thing.

With only a quarter of their bowls left to eat, Mrs. Min and Jisoo returned home, a tired Holly in their wake.

“Dinner is served!” Jin greeted them by raising his bowl in the air.

“It smells amazing in here,” Mrs. Min noted.

“It tastes amazing, too, trust me. Yoongi did a great job.” Jin smiled at him sincerely and Yoongi looked down at his bowl before he had the chance to say something ridiculous like how much more amazing Jin was.

“Thanks for dinner, Yoongi,” Jisoo said as she sat down at the table with her own bowl.

“Yeah, thanks, sweetie. And Jin, too, for showing him how to make it. You two make a good team.”

Yeah, they did.


By day six of beach week, Yoongi and Jin were so obviously smitten with each other, Jisoo and Mrs. Min hit a breaking point.

They were all laying on the beach, as it was their last full day at the beach house before they all had to drive home the following day. Yoongi and Jin had spent the last couple of days stealing small glances and flirtatiously joking with each other whenever possible. They still spent just as much time together as a group, and they did nothing other than kiss slowly and lazily behind the closed door of their bedroom, but the change in atmosphere between them was probably evident to anyone within a fifty mile radius.

So when Yoongi offered to help Jin reapply his sunscreen, Mrs. Min sighed long and deep and said, “Okay, Yoongi and Jisoo are switching rooms tonight.”

“What?” Yoongi said at the exact same time as JIsoo said “I’m not sleeping on his bed, who knows what’s been going on in there.”

“Wait, what?” Yoongi repeated, looking at Jisoo this time.

“House rules, Yoongi,” was all Mrs. Min said. So he knew that she knew and Jisoo definitely knew and none of them had said anything about this out loud yet until this moment and Yoongi felt like he wanted to be buried completely under the sand.

“There are two beds in my room, too. Jin can just come sleep in there and Yoongi can have the other room to himself,” Jisoo offered from her beach chair. The sun was shining brightly today, but luckily it wasn’t too hot.

“Didn’t you say they couldn’t sleep together at the beginning of the week? How are you just changing the rule now?” Yoongi asked.

“The rule didn’t change, you two changed,” Yoongi’s mother replied.

Yoongi looked over at Jin who seemed embarrassed, but when he looked back at Yoongi, his expression read agreement. They had changed, hadn’t they? From kind of strangers who knew just snippets of each other’s lives to actual friends, people who enjoyed each other’s company and got along well.

Maybe it was the calming sounds of the ocean always outside their door, but inside the beach house Yoongi and Jin could get to know each other in a way they couldn’t have otherwise. They fell together easily, into each other’s beds and into each other’s hearts.

“Sorry, I feel like I’m causing way more trouble than you usually have on these trips.” Jin sounded worried.

“Nonsense, Jinnie, This is the happiest I’ve seen Yoongi on any trip we’ve ever taken,” Jisoo said. Yoongi looked over at his sister. He expected her to be angry, especially after she caught Yoongi in Jin’s bed, but he never found anything other than sincerity in her expression. “I’m happy you came with us.”

“Thank you for having me.” Jin bumped his hip against Yoongi’s and gave him a grin.

“You two are lovely together, and I hope you actually do start dating, but you’re definitely switching rooms tonight,” Mrs. Min said more sternly than Yoongi was expecting.

They both wiped the puppy love looks from their eyes and Jin even took a step away from Yoongi.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Go on a walk with me?” Yoongi asked Jisoo.


They headed toward the pier. “On a scale of 1 to your brother likes your best friend, how weird is this for you?”

Jisoo sputtered out a laugh. “It is kind of weird,” she admitted. “But you two are good together. I didn’t consider it before, but seeing you together, it makes sense.”

“Does it?” Yoongi wasn’t sure it made sense even to himself.

“Yeah, baby brother. You’re both kind of ridiculous when you want to be, but you’re also both really hardworking and dedicated people. And you push each other’s buttons really easily. You’re probably a match made in hell, but I’m along for the ride.”

Yoongi knew that was Jisoo’s way of giving her approval. “I didn’t mean for this to happen, just for the record.” He needed her to know this was just as much of a surprise to him as it was to her.

“Why are you being so dramatic? It’s not a big deal, honestly. Jin’s a great guy and you’re obviously really happy when you’re together. As long as neither of you ever talk to me about your sex life or call each other pet names in front of me, we’re good.”

“So you’re saying I can’t call Jin my sweetie pie boo bear?” Yoongi gasped.

Jisoo immediately reached down to the where the water met the shore and flung as much water at Yoongi as her hands could carry.

“Okay, okay, stop!” Yoongi pleaded as he ran from her water attack. The only good thing about this week ending was how few opportunities anyone who was annoyed with him would have to splash him with freezing cold water.

Once they headed back toward their beach chairs, snow cones in hand, Jisoo looked over at her brother and said, “Obligatory ‘don’t hurt my best friend or I’ll kill you’ speech.”

Yoongi nodded.

“And I’ll give the same to Jin. Just,” she dug her elbow into his side, “communicate with each other. You’re both terrible at saying what you mean.”

“Okay, okay, enough with the relationship advice. We’re not even properly dating. Who knows what’ll happen after tomorrow.”

“See, you’re already doing it. Just talk to him tonight. Make sure you both know what you want out of this.” Jisoo gave him an ‘I told you so’ look. “What would you do without me?”

“Have a peaceful and relaxing life.”

“Shut up.”


That night, long after dinner was finished and the dishes were cleaned, they all sat in the living room watching tv. Yoongi opened his groupchat which he had admittedly neglected too often the past few days to fill his friends in.

He first caught up on the updates. Bowling guy had apparently texted Hoseok several times since their second date and had even sent him a few songs he liked. They were mostly love song ballads, which weren’t exactly Hobi’s taste, but he took it as a good sign anyway. Jimin was enjoying the break in between his summer semesters and was planning a trip back home to see visit his parents the following week. Yoongi wondered as he read through Jimin and Hoseok’s bickering whether Jin would like them.

jiminie jiminie jiminie: you’re coming home tomorrow, right yoongi?
genius genius genius: yeah. I’m leaving around 9am
jiminie jiminie jiminie: have fun? feeling refreshed?
hobi hobi hobi: DO YOU MISS US
genius genius genius: yes and yes
hobi hobi hobi: wow i was expecting a bit more excitement
genius genius genius: here’s something exciting for you
genius genius genius: i may or may not have hooked up with jisoo’s friend jin
genius genius genius: twice
genius genius genius: and it wasn’t just a hookup i kind of like him. a lot.
jiminie jiminie jiminie: WHAT
hobi hobi hobi: WHAT

Yoongi tried his best to explain, but he ended just promising to give them the full story when he got home tomorrow. They emphasized how much they wanted the full details, to which Yoongi rolled his eyes, but he was looking forward to being back with his best friends and roommates soon. Time away from them was nice, but time spent with them was comfortable and familiar in the best way.

“Final breakfast together in the morning?” Mrs. Min confirmed as she got up from the armchair to head to bed.

“Yeah, mom, sounds good,” Yoongi responded. Jisoo and Jin nodded in agreement.

“House rules, don’t forget.” She pointed at Jin and then at Yoongi.

“Yes, ma’am.”

They were sitting back on the loveseat, a fitting spot to spend their last night together. Yoongi imagined they’d have other nights to remember after this week was over, but nothing would feel quite like how his stomach flipped when Jin held his hand while the sound of waves crashing sailed in through the open window.

“My boss just texted me about working tomorrow. I’m going to go call him and kindly request he fuck off,” Jisoo announced.

“Why is he texting you this late?”

“I guess someone unexpectedly canceled. Sucks for them, but there’s no way I’m working when I took this whole week off. Just because I’ll technically be back in town doesn’t mean I can fill in.” Jisoo looked frustrated, and Yoongi felt sorry for the guy who was about to be on the receiving end of that.

“Give him hell,” Jin encouraged.

There was nervous silence after Jisoo closed the patio door behind her. Holly hopped up to sit on the arm of their loveseat and Yoongi gave him a few scratches behind his ears while he tried to think of what to say. He knew he had to make his intentions clear before they left tomorrow or he’d fuck this up somehow.

“Um,” was all he got out before silence filled up the room again.

“It feels weird, right? Knowing we’re leaving tomorrow?” Jin tried to fill in the space for him.

Yoongi nodded in agreement, still not sure how to word what he wanted to say.

“I was thinking since we’re leaving on a Friday and there’s still so much of the weekend left before I have to go back to work on Monday that if you weren’t doing anything maybe we could go see a movie or something on Saturday? I could come to you, you don’t have to drive to me, don’t-”

Yoongi cut off Jin’s words by kissing him, just one light kiss on his lips. “Yeah, Jin, let’s do that. I’m free until Monday, too.”

Jin smiled a blindingly perfect smile and Yoongi again got the sense that they were doing this all backwards. He was fine to skip the first date, skip the middle bits and just ask Jin to move in with him and be his new roommate and maybe fuck him every now and again. That sounded like a plan.

He didn’t say any of that, though, just put his head on Jin’s shoulder, allowed the warmth of Jin’s hand in his own to radiate through his body, and basked in the last few hours they had together before he had to shuffle off to his now solo room.

When Jin leaned his head against the top of Yoongi’s and kissed his hair, Yoongi let his eyes slip closed. And when Jisoo found them both asleep on the loveseat a while later when she came back inside, she put a blanket over them, silently praising Yoongi for finding a loophole to the house rule.