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Jane pursed her lips as she eyed the colorful steel bar that the ride operator closed shut over their laps. She still wasn’t quite certain about all of this. This whole human fair was nice so far, getting to sample all the sugary treats and cakes that the humans had to offer. But she still didn’t see the appeal in a ride that took you around in circles in the air.

“Are you sure this is what humans do for fun, Gamzee?” Her voice definitely didn’t waver when she asked.

“Aw, come on, sis. No need to look all motherfucking stressed out there.” Her gaze snapped over to her human friend, finding him with his usual goofy grin. “It’s just a ride, it’s supposed to be fun. I rode these all the time when the carnival came to town when I was a kid.” The idea of ‘carnivals’ didn’t exactly arouse pleasant associations in the cerulean blooded girl. He seemed at ease, though.

Then again the strange human was normally like that, so she wasn’t really certain that counted for much.

The ride lurched and the troll girl jerked a bit. Gamzee just laughed easily.

“Chill, Jane-sis. It’s just the ride starting up. Just relax.” He set the back of his hand on top of his thigh, palm open upwards, still smiling at her in his endearing, dopy sort of way. “You wanna hold on to something while we’re riding? I won’t tell no motherfuckers if you do.”

Jane considered his offer a moment, but not much longer than that, as the ride began turning and they started to leave the ground. The cerulean blood nodded quickly and laced her fingers through his, clutching on to him tightly.

“Yeah, holding on to something sounds good,” she blurted out quickly. Gamzee just chuckled and closed his fingers around her hand. And off they went.

It was… actually sort of nice, once it got started. Just a steady, smooth motion around and around the wheel. Gamzee’s hand was warmer than hers, but it felt good. Going up and up and watching the scenery, then back down and around all over again. Eventually, she sort of got into it. Calmed by the motion and the sights, she leaned over slightly and rested her head on Gamzee’s shoulder. She was somewhat certain that her horn was poking him in the cheek or the side of his head. But if it did, he wasn’t complaining any.

Then, on the third rotation up the car suddenly came to a stop. Jane shot up straight when she realized what had happened, blood pusher beating fast.

“What? What’s going on? Why did we stop?” She was looking left and right, and then made the mistake of looking down, and sat back quickly in the car. “What happened? Why are we stuck at the top, we’re so high up!”

“Easy, easy. Just take a breath, sis.” Gamzee put up his hands placatingly, eyes wide. “Someone’s probably just up and getting on the ride down below is all. We shouldn’t be up here all too long.” Jane stared at him suspiciously, but his honest expression placated her slightly. She crossed her arms, still slightly uneasy with being trapped at the top. Beside her she heard a sigh, and suddenly an arm was around her shoulders. “I’m sorry, Jane-sis. I thought you’d be up and having more fun than this. Didn’t bring you on here just to freak you out. Honest.” His hand rested on her opposite shoulder, loose and open. “Can I make this up to you somehow?

Jane considered his words quietly, looking between his, for once, somber face, and her own lap.

”… Well, I DID sort of want to try out some of that deep fried ice cream we saw.“ His grin returned to him, and she couldn’t help but smile back at the sheer sincerity of it.

“Motherfucking done, sis. Soon as we’re back on the ground we’re gonna get some of that deep fried ice cream in you.” Jane couldn’t help but giggle. He did have an odd way of putting things. But, in a good way.

Slowly, she leaned back into him, and relaxed against his side. He was too thin, she thought. His shirt was such a tent on his skinny frame that she was certain it dipped in a few inches before her side finally met his through the fabric. She was going to make sure he got some of that ice cream, too. And plenty of other sweets if she had any say in it.

“… You know, it’s really not so bad up here,” she murmured. “You can almost see the whole place from this height.” From their vantage point, the people below milled about like insects, and the colors of the carnival stood out brightly against the green grass.

“Yeah. That’s for motherfucking sure. Shit goes on for ever, almost.” Jane let out a gentle ‘hoo hoo’, and he rumbled with soft laughter in return… he really was warm.

The ride creaked again and before she knew it, they were headed back down. It came to a halt at the bottom and the two of them were finally let off the ride. Jane breathed a sigh of relief as she stood up and out of the car, and Gamzee followed suit when she made her way down the railing.

“Well, that was fun. Kinda,” Gamzee chuckled. He shoved a hand into the pocket of his pants and used his thumb to motion over to where all the food vendors were lined up and selling their confections. “So, you wanted to get that deep fried ice cream?”

“Oh yeah, let’s.”  Jane meandered over to him and slipped her hand through the gap between his arm and his body over the pocketed hand. He turned to look at her with surprise, but all she did was rise up onto her toes, and pressed her lips against the edge of his cheek when it came into her range. “But, I don’t think it was really all that bad.”

Jane giggled as red darkened Gamzee’s face, even though her own was dusted with cerulean in kind.

“Come on, then. Let’s get going.” Still blushing, her human grinned his usual grin and let himself be led along by her. Withdrawing his hand from his pocket so he could better hold on to her arm as they made their way to where the food was.