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His grin and the look in his eyes

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“ Is this about Jimin again ?”

Jin froze, not sure of what he had just heard. He looked up from his phone and stared at the door of the maknae's room. He was almost certain that it was Taehyung's voice. But what would he be doing there at two in the morning ? After an exhausting show ?

Jin looked around to check if someone else was in the hallway, but there was no one to see. He glanced back at the door, hesitating, then came a little bit closer and listened carefully.

“Don't be so childlish about this. You know how it works”

He didn't like evesdropping. Amongst all the members, he was one of those who respected privacy the most. They were always together and he knew that they needed their time apart, alone. Their rare moments of intimacy needed to be protected.

He could hear them talking, Tae's irritated voice and Jungkook's pouting one, but could'nt understand what they were saying. Jin came closer but stepped back abruptely when he noticed the sound of footsteps.

"If you plan to keep going on about Jimin, I'll leave !"

Tae's threat probably worked, the door didn't open. But it had been enough for Jin, whose heart was racing because of the idea of being caught spying.

He took his phone back and left with a last glance at the door.

What were they doing ? Okay, he knew what they were doing, they were arguing. But about Jimin ? And in the middle of the night ? Couldn't they wait the morning ? Was Jimin so important that they couldn't let a few hours pass ?

He was lost in his thoughts when he arrived at the lounge of the hotel. So lost that he wondered for a minute what he was doing here before remembering that he was really hungry.

He began to walk to the vending machines but for the second time tonight, he stopped.

Jimin was sitting at a wooden table, eyes on his phone, not paying attention to what was around. Jin hesitated but again, his curiosity was stronger and he approached his friend. Maybe he would knew why the two youngest were bickering at each other

“ Hi” he said.

“Hey” Jimin replied without looking at him.

Jin didn't know what to do. He wanted to go straight to the point but feared that the younger would brush it off by saying to mind his own business. He really would like to eat though, then sleep, and he knew that he couldn't without figuring this thing out first.

He sat down, trying to seem confident, and put his hand on the table.

“Tae and Jungkook are arguing”

“I know” said Jimin with a neutral face.

“They're arguing about you .”

“I know”

Jimin was still focused on his phone but he was now grinning and Jin could have sworn he saw a light in his eyes.

“ Wait, how do you know ?” the boy asked, finally looking up from the screen.

'I passed by Kookie's room on my way here. I heard Tae's voice. He said your name.”

“I know.”

Again with the grin. Again with the light. He bowed his head once more but this time, Jin ran out or patience. He took Jimin's phone from his hands and stared at him.

“Don't you dare look at your phone when I'm waiting and you clearly know what's going on !”

Jimin laughed. It was a genuine giggle, as if he was really happy about the situation.

“It's not funny !They shouldn't be agruing now. It's nearly 2:30, they should be sleeping, resting. They'll be exhausted tomorrow.”

“ Look at that, Mommy Jin all worried about her little birds”

“ Respect your hyung would you ?! And tell me what you did this time !”

Jin was almost yelling. Luckily, there were only two other people in the lounge, who however glanced briefly at them, annoyed. Jimin looked at them and shook his head. He then put his hand on his friend's shoulder.

“ Okay, I'll tell you, but would please stop shouting ? You're drawing way too much attention.”

The older one nodded, already relaxing. « Wait » he said. He then got up, went to pick some ramen at the vending machines and returned to sit at the table with a fuming cup of noodles in his hands. He mumbled when he realized he had forgotten his personnal chopsticks, but quickly forgot about this when he saw the brown impatient eyes. He waved in their direction. « You may proceed. »

“How kind of you. » retorted Jimin sarcastically. « Well, do you remember tonight's show ?”

“ Yes of course. My memory isn't that bad !”

“ Do you remember something in particular ?”

“ Well... » Jin narrowed his eyes while thinking. « It was great. ARMY seemed to enjoy. Joonie almost fell off the stage though, and I'm pretty sure Suga just gave up dancing at one point. But besides tha-”

“Hyung, help me on this would you ? Do you remember something in particular concerning the two members of our band that you want me to talk about ?”
“Oh. Hum.. Kookie seemed upset I think ? And V... well it's hard to tell, you kinda were all over him during the entire show .”

“Exactly .”

There they were. The grin. The light in his eyes.

“ I'm not... sure I understand...” Jin whispered, hesitantly.

“Then think more.”

“ Are you... implying that it's why he was pissed ? Because of you and Tae?”

“I'm not implying anything, I'm blatantly saying it. You know how Jungkookie can be, especially with Taehyung. All possessive and everything. He's a child, he doesn't like when he's being deprived of his human stuffed koala. He pouted for the entire evening, didn't talk to anyone.”

“ Okay but that still doesn't explain why they are arguing now, in the middle of the night. They could have waited tomorrow, especially since they already haven't been with each other for several hours. A few more, what does it change ? Unless of course, there's more...”

Jin looked expectantly at the dark-haired boy who laughed soflty.

“ Let's say that I may or may not have known that V would come to Kookie's room so that they could talk. You're wrong on something, a few hours does change everything for them. My room is the one just next to our maknae's so I may or may not have waited patiently for V to come, and I may or may not have been purposly touching his butt when Kookie opened his door.”

The grin was out again and so was the light in his eyes. Jin shook his head and winked several times, trying to store all the informations and their consequences. He was eating, as silently as he could in order not to miss anything from what Jimin was saying, but stopped to ask :

“But... why did you do that ? Not that there is something wrong, but why would you deliberatly create a feud between them ?”

“Because I'm tired of Jungkookie being an ass. If he wants Tae for himself, he better just say it once and for all. I'm getting fed up with his longing looks and his not-subtle-at-all jealousy. And since I can't use my sexy body for my own happiness, let me at least use it for others'. “

Jin looked at his half-finished noodles and put them aside. Okay, that was a lot to take in in a short amount of time. He already knew the two youngest were close. Hell, you had to be blind not to see it. They were constantly together, touching, hugging, holding hands. But he always thought it was innocent friendship, or dedicated fanservice. What Jimin was telling him, this was a whole other level of closeness.

“Do you think... he loves him ? Like not the love we all share with each other but... you know, love as in « in love with » ?”

“Oh, I'm actually sure of it. Their eyes don't lie. And I doubt that the other hyungs haven't notice anything. Even you, if you dig enough in your memory, you'll realize that I am right. I'm not forcing things that are not supposed to happen here, I'm just helping my friends. Now, if you are done with your ramen, could we go to sleep ? It's almost 3 and we have schedules tomorrow.”

For once speechless, Jin nodded. He threw the cup in the trash and they headed back to their rooms. In the desert hallway, Jin, who had remained silent since they had left the lounge, turned to Jimin as they reached his door.

“ Aren't you afraid of going too far though ?” he asked, pointing his head towards Jungkook's room, from where they could still hear low voices.

“ What do you mean ?” The younger one frowned.

“ Well, aren't you worried that Kookie will hate you at the end ? Or I don't know... that Tae might have enough of his jealousy, or that he simply doesn't return his... feelings ?”

The word came out with difficulty, Jin was not used to the idea yet. But as if he had heard him, Tae's voice rose in the silence.

“ Let me at least sleep with you. I feel lonely in my room and you're warm.”

Jin knew even before looking back at his friend that he would see them. The grin and the light in his eyes. He couldn't help but smile too. Jimin opened his door and chuckled.

“ Don't panick Mommy Hyung, I'm sure your little birds will be just fine. You just have to trust the power of my sexy body .”

“I'll try to then. Now go to bed. Good night Jiminie .”

“Good night hyung.”

In the following days, Jin started to notice more and more contact between the two young boys. They were close before, but now, they seemed inseparable. They were doing everything together, had always their hands on each other, you couldn't spend more than five minutes with one of them without the other joining. The oldest had to admit, if it was Jimin's sexy body's power, then it was indeed magic.

He could see the latter wandering around them, watching them when they were not looking with his satisfied grin and the light in his eyes, even clapping in his hands quietly when he thought they were cute.

Those times of peace were not to last though. Two weeks after the hotel incident, Taehyung and Jungkook got into a huge fight in the dorm. They thought they were alone, or maybe they just didn't care, however they yelled at each other with all their strength. Fortunately, there were only Jimin and Jin there, reading in the common room, and Hoseok, who joined them with an astounded look on his face.

“V and Kookie are aguing.” he said.

“ We know” retorted Jin without lifting his head. “We're not deaf”.

“ Jimin, I think I heard your name”

“I know”.

The oldest had no need to look at his friend's face. He could hear just in his answer the grin and the light in his eyes. He sighed, deeply, and shook his head.

“What did you and your sexy body do this time ?”

It took almost four complete days for things to calm down again. Jin had come to accept the idea of his two friends being in love with each other. To be completely honest, he didn't know how he hadn't realized it before as obvious as it was. He joined Jimin's fanclub and both of them tried to push the two boys to each other by every way they could. They were a super secret team.

That's why Jin came to knock on Jimin's door on this particular night. He had his pillow in his hands and collapsed onto Taehyung's empy bed as soon as his friend opened him.

“Can I sleep here ? Joonie and Suga are still at the studio, Hobi is nowhere to be found, I feel alone, and my room is just next to Joonie's and our maknae's...”

“Are Tae and him still fighting ?”

Jin shivered as he remembered the noises he had just heard.

“Hum... not exactly...”

Jimin looked up from his phone with a curious expression on his face.

“ Do you mean they... ?”

“Yeah...” replied Jin while burrying his face in his pillow.

“Told you the power of my sexy body would work”.

He looked up and stared at his friend. He was now grinning and Jin could have sworn he saw a light in his eyes.