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With A Side of Cherry

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 "Class, we have a new student joining us today." announced a male teacher, Mr. Walleigh as he gestured for the new student to enter. Her long, cherry red hair fluttered as she stepped towards the podium and in front of the class, her blue eyes glued to the floor. She was wearing a dark brown leather jacket, black t-shirt, and dark blue jeans that were tattered at the end slightly. She was wearing a pair of cherry blossom pink sneakers that were scuffed from constant wear and tear. Mr. Walleigh placed a slight hand on her shoulder and smiled. "Say hello to Cheritana."


 "Hi Cheritana~" greeted the classroom, her gaze flickering up slightly and then back to the floor.


 "She is a little shy, but I'm sure you all will get along splendidly with her." Bending down slightly he pointed to a row of tables to her right. "You can sit in that empty seat near the middle. Right next to Yonk."


 Looking up slightly again, she looked at this 'Yonk' that Mr. Walleigh had directed her to. Yonk had short, platinum hair that just barely covered his ears. His violet eyes were boring into her, almost reading her soul. He was wearing a white hoodie with a dark purple undershirt, a matching pair of dark purple fatigues, and a pair of black combat boots with a purple pattern near the heel. "You just gonna to keep staring at me or something?" Yonk spat out, resting his head on one of his hands.


 Shaking her head hastily, she sat down in the seat next to him.


 "Cheritana, huh? How about we shorten that name for ya." Yonk suggested, waving his hand slightly in a lackluster attitude. "I'll call ya Cherry."


 "Wouldn't be a surprise to me in the least. Everyone I've met has nicknamed me that." Cherry curtly responded, narrowing her eyes at him and crossing her arms. "If you were going for originality, you failed that by a landslide."


 "Heh hah. Fiesty one, aren't ya?" He leaned back in his chair, swinging one leg over the other and resting his elbows on the back of his chair. A grin stretched on his lips as his violet eyes locked onto her. "I like that."


 "Glad to have won your approval there, Yonk." Cherry sarcastically snarled under her breath.


 "Today is a free day, class. You have great timing, Cheritana." Mr. Walleigh smiled, stepping behind his desk and sitting down in his cushioned swivel chair.


 "If I had such great timing, then..." she muttered, locking her gaze to the floor. Quickly shaking that thought away, she focused on scanning her surroundings.


 'Mother taught me how to check other individuals without actually peering into their souls... if only she were here now.' Her thoughts drifted to a darker place in her mind. 'No. I can't let these dark thoughts blind me from my goals. It's these thoughts that are preventing me from accomplishing that.'


 'I have to start anew, but I can't forget. If I forget the reason I'm even here... then what would be the point to all this suffering?'


 "Cherry." Yonk practically yanked her from her thoughts, causing her to cast a glare towards him. "What's your next class?"


 "Magic Sciences. Why?" Cherry asked, reaching into her pocket to dig out her written schedule.


 "I think we're in the same classes. Almost like the school board WANTED us to be in the same classes."


 "What gives you that idea?"


 "Just a hunch, really." Just as Cherry was going to ask him further questions, the bell rang and forced her attention towards the P.A system. "Just stick to me and there won't be any problems, got it Cherry Bomb?"


 "Cherry Bomb?" she grumbled out as he casually walked by her. Hastily following behind him, Cherry focused only on Yonk as he walked down the hallway to their next class. "Who's the teacher?"


 "Dr. Gaster. He's a scientist from the Monster Society. He seems like he doesn't have emotions to me. Guy never shows it." Yonk explained, stopping in front of a locker and turning the dial a few times. "You're going to need a notebook. Dr. Gaster throws a lot of interesting theories at ya that ya can't resist but question or look further into." Grabbing a red, 5 subject notebook, Yonk tossed it towards Cherry who snatched it out of the air. "Nice catch there, Cherry Bomb. I bet Dr. Gaster's assistant will be happy to meet ya."


 "Who's his assistant?"


 "Trust me, it's better if you meet him yourself. The dude's a headtrip." Yonk gestured with his free arm to follow him. Stepping into a rather large classroom, Cherry eyed the few students who were waiting in their seats. Their gaze wandered over to her, causing her to go rigid for a moment as she continued to scan her surroundings. Spotting someone turned towards a computer monitor, Cherry noticed that his face was a pale ivory color. He had two cracks on his face, one jutted up from his eye and to the top of his skull, and the other descending from his other eye and to his mouth.


 "You must be Cheritana Teknianu." he matter-of-factly spoke.


 "Yes, sir." Cherry replied with a hint of discomfort in her voice.


 "Excellent." Finishing up what he was typing, he turned to face Cherry and nodded to Yonk. "I see you have made acquaintance with Mr. Rhapsodi. That is good. He will assist you in catching up with our lectures. You will need to learn everything in this class to understand any of it."


 "I would imagine so, sir." she replied rigidly again.


 "Go ahead and take a seat next to Mr. Rhapsodi. Class will begin momentarily." Dr. Gaster returned to his monitor, typing furiously on his keyboard. Taking a chance at glancing at Yonk, Cherry was met with the most stone-cold stare she had ever seen in her life. Yonk turned abruptly and paced towards a desk near the front of the classroom. Sitting down, he locked eyes with Cherry, his violet eyes seemed like a magenta shade with the way his eyes bore into hers.


 "Is... there a problem?" she nervously inquired, rubbing her right arm in an equally nervous pattern.


 "What's so special about YOU?" Yonk snarled out, Cherry taking a small step backwards from his threatening glare. "Dr. Gaster is exceptionally cold to all of the students. But with YOU? He acts all chummy with ya!"


 "Chummy? Hardly. I can sense his status within the monster community. Not only that..." Cherry began.


 "sup, kiddo?" called an all too familiar voice. Turning around, Cherry met the gaze of a smaller skeleton, his pinpricks of lights in his eyesockets locked onto her. His blue hoodie was cleaner than usual to her, his shorts were replaced with a pair of black jeans, and he was wearing a pair of blue sneakers. "sorry i'm late, dr. gaster."


 "I will allow THIS tardiness, Sans. Do not abuse the privilege." Dr. Gaster responded, stepping up to Cherry and placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Though I do not normally believe in such things, I have faith in this one."


 "A-Am I m-missing something here?" Cherry stuttered, her eyes blown wide at the unusual gesture from Dr. Gaster. He smiled down at her, then proceeded to walk back to his desk. Her entire body froze up, her eyes glued to the spot in front of her, her brain struggling to comprehend the strange gesture from a monster that according to Yonk, is rather cold towards the other students. "Wha-... I-... huh?"


 "heh heh. cat got yer tongue there, cherrypie?" Sans chortled, grabbing a nearby chair and pulling it up to sit in front of her.


 "Mr. Snowdin, could you explain to me what that was just now?" Yonk seemingly demanded, his tone dry and serious.


 "sorry, kid. can't tell ya what the old man was doing." Sans leaned forward, pressing his hand on top of Cherry's head and ruffling her hair slightly. "as for this? cherry here is my adoptive kid. been looking after her for 6 years now."


 "Adoptive? Your parents aren't home often, are they?" Yonk turned his questioning to Cherry, her eyes dim and foggy.


 "I don't want to talk about it." Cherry mumbled. She distinctly heard a very low rumble coming from Sans, then immediately recognized it as a sort of growl. "I understand you are curious, but this is a subject I do not want to discuss with you right now."


 Yonk was about to respond when the bell rang, signalling to the class that it was about to start. Dr. Gaster stood up in front of the class, his eyes gazing over every student as they sat in their designated seats. "A new student has joined the class. Ms. Teknianu, if you would?" he started her introduction.


 Standing up, Cherry brushed her bangs from her eyes and looked over the class. Each student appeared to have one distinct similarity; they all had unnatural hair colors and rare eye colors. "I am Cheritana Teknianu. I hope we get along well." she announced, her voice blunt. Sitting back down, she thumbed open a page in the notebook Yonk had given her, immediately proceeding to write down information she could research later.


 "Today we'll be discussing unique properties of magic. Sans, if you would please demonstrate for the class?"


 "sure, doc." he responded, standing up and stopping in front of the class. Holding out his hand, he summoned a single bone that levitated in his palm. "each person has their own form of magic. it is far more common for pixies to possess magic than it is for humans. as you can plainly see, my magic is composed mostly of bones. magic is based primarily on the person's personality."


 "Each human and pixie has been identified of having one of seven traits as their primary. Depending on the primary trait, depends on the resulting magic."


 A student with slightly curled, purple hair raised her hand.


 "Yes, Ms. Iaatu?"


 "If it isn't really probable for a human to possess magic, why tell us any of this? Where's the relevance?" she inquired, standing up and gesturing to the class and herself.


 "cause i actually met a human that possessed magic. it's a slim chance, but it's definitely possible. it all hinges on their willpower." Sans explained. Cherry raised her hand next, her eyes boring directly into Sans's skull. "yeah, cherrypie?"


 Standing up, Cherry now focused her gaze on the class. "If magic is based on the personality of the person as well as their willpower, magic could range from the simplest of things; such as bones, to more complex creations such as weaponry, correct?"


 "Yes." Gaster confirmed.


 "If that is the case, wouldn't it be EQUALLY as possible for anyone to tap into their willpower and generate their own form of magic?"


 "My god..."


 "I never thought of that!"


 "Who is this girl?"


 Standing up from his seat beside her, Yonk turned towards the class. "There would be a flaw in this system. If everyone could tap into that magic, it would simply spark yet another war. People would become jealous of one another and all it would lead to is genocide." he barked out, his eyes shifting from the class and glaring at Cherry. "Only a fool would allow such a thing to happen."


 "Which is why the human race isn't capable of manifesting magic without some form of assistance from another magic wielding individual." Gaster remarked, stepping slightly towards Cherry and looking down to her. "Mr. Rhapsodi is correct. If everyone had the ability to use magic, it would simply lead to massacre."


 "What I am simply saying is this; if it is just as probable for a human to tap into large amounts of their willpower, and the type of magic would vary based on their primary trait, this would mean that anyone with a strong enough will to combat the odds would be considered as a hybrid and possess magic. That is what the legend had foretold. And if the legend is true..." Cherry began.


 "You still believe in that fairy tale? BAH HAHA!" squawked a student with dark green hair. Soon, the entire class started laughing at her musings.


 "It's not a fairy tale if it's true!" Cherry's eyes flashed a crimson light for a brief moment, her fists balled up slightly. "What the guardians sacrificed to preserve our world stands before us! But people like you are just blind to that sacrifice! And it's not just the Eternal Guardians from the time of the Council War that I'm referring to..."


 Sans stepped up cautiously to Cherry, slinging an arm over her shoulders and pressing her into his ribcage. "c'mon kiddo. we can't go and have ya freak out on us." he attempted to soothe.


 "Tell me, class; did any of you notice the flash of light when Ms. Teknianu yelled?" Gaster spoke, crossing his hands behind his back. A series of 'yes' rang out amongst the classroom. "What we just witnessed was a form of magic; untamed and unformed. Ms. Teknianu was actually correct when she said that it is just as probable for a human to use magic as it is for pixies. This would make her a hybrid if she were to tap into her willpower and manifest her unbridled magic into a concentrated form."


 "Dr. Gaster, just what would that concentrated form BE?" Yonk inquired, turning his gaze from Cherry over to him.


 "It would depend on the primary trait. That lesson will be reserved until tomorrow." Gaster turned his attention over to Sans; who was peering deeply into Cherry's soul. "Sans."


 "yeah doc?" Sans quickly responded, looking up at him from his seat.


 "Remember to bring in the trait scanner tomorrow."


 "will do." Gaster nodded curtly, then brought his attention back to the class.


 "Back to the topic at hand; the various properties that magic may retain, balance between common elements. These elements consist of fire, water, and nature type magic. Fire magic divides into subsections of magic; flames and temperature elevation. Flame magic is fairly self-explainatory; conjuring pillars of fire. Temperature elevation is just as self-explainatory; raising the temperature in the area to weaken the target. Water magic divides into hydro magic and ice magic. Hydro magic manipulates regular water and suspends it in a designated area. Ice magic manipulates water molecules and freezing them almost instantly, granting the wielder the ability to use the ice in a manner of methods. Nature magic divides into wind and earth. Wind magic manipulates the air around the target, using it to the wielder's advantage. Earth magic uses rocks, dirt, essentially everything solid to the wielder's every whim."


 Yonk stood up, bringing everyone's attention over the silver haired boy. "So, what you are telling us is this; magic balances between the user's personality, trait, and element."


 "Correct. Well done, Mr. Rhapsodi."


 "That doesn't explain why mom's magic was so complex..." Cherry mumbled under her breath. Then, it hit her. Standing up, her eyes shone bright with determination. "If one of the core pieces of magic projection is based on the user's personality, isn't it true that the user's emotions may have some sort of alteration to the magic?"


 Gaster's eyes went wide, then panned over to Sans. His eyesockets were dark, his normal comical smile was nothing more than a flat line. He then brought his gaze back over to Cherry, whose eyes were sparking slightly with unbridled magic. "Very good, Ms. Teknianu. Yes, magic can easily be affected by the user's emotions. Should one be feeling strong emotions while projecting magic, it is entirely possible that the output from the initial cast would be strengthend or weakened depending on the emotion felt."


 "that's why it's important to keep a level head when using magic. if someone's angry and trying to, oh i don't know... use a bit of fire magic to boil some water... that person may cause an accidental explosion from their emotion." Sans stated.


 'That would account for a lot of things I still don't understand... There's still a lot more questions I need answered. I just have to wait for the right moment to ask them.'