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Spider-Man: HomeCumming! ( Tom Holland x Ryan Reynolds)

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*Disclaimer: It is a work of FICTION and the author does not claim any knowledge about the private lives of the characters nor is the story meant to imply anything about their sexuality. It is 100% RPF*

Tom thought Ryan had it all...

He was older, sexy as hell and always seemed to have a mischievous glint in his eye. When they'd met months before on the Marvel studio lot there had been an instant easy chemistry, the older man had then asked the younger man out to lunch with him. They talked about acting and Ryan had imparted some advice to the up and coming actor... But their date had been mostly thinly veiled flirting and sexual innuendos that had turned on Tom so much he was touching himself as soon as he got back to his place that day. And again that night. Thinking of all the ways he wanted the stud. He couldn't get Ryan off his mind. He knew then and there he'd have to have this man. And on the night that would change his life forever, the premier of Spider-Man:Homecoming he got to have him as his cherry "on top" *wink wink*

So when he showed up at the premiere unexpectedly... Tom knew he'd have his chance. And now they were here.... Up in Tom's hotel room...


"Uhhhhhh!" Tom bellowed, his back arching as Ryan slid deep and hard. He felt the change in pace, the urgency as Ryan plunged deeper and his strokes came faster.

Tom lifted his long sensuous legs from the bed and let them dangle in the air. He spread them wide while reaching between his legs to grab his leaking cock. Ryan leaned down and began kissing along Tom's jaw, eliciting soft moans from the boy, Ryan laid himself flat against Tom, still giving him just enough room to stroke himself as Ryan thrust with more measured intensity. Ryan began to swivel his sexy hips and dig deep to hit Tom's prostate. Tom began moaning even louder, the new angle hitting all the right spots, he felt tears welling up in his eyes. The pain, the pleasure. It was all too much. He buried his blushing face into the pillow and let out a scream so loud the entire hotel probably heard. Ryan wanted to blow the young man away. Mark him for life. Make sure he would never forget this night. His lips kissed at Tom's cheeks, he grabbed Tom's face and cupped his cheek. It was a possessive move but one he was sure turned the horny boy on even more.

"Uh.... ooh, ohhhh!" Tom moaned, legs shaking and toes curling. He didn't know whether to stay in the moment or just cum right then and there. Ryan smiled devilishly down at him..."You like that?" Ryan teases. Tom gasps at the question. Wide eyed, looking at the stud on top of him. Ryan began nibbling at Tom's bottom lip as he jabbed inside the young hottie harder. "You like that?" He asked more forcefully, with an intense look in his eyes, piercing right into Tom's soul. Tom nodded fervently, his free hand reaching back and grabbing onto the sheets so hard. Knuckles turning white. He let out a chocked "Oh my god... Yessss... I do!! I Love it aaahhh"... Ryan lifted up, looking down at Tom with lust filled eyes as he snapped his hips a little harder. Tom threw his head back and let out a guttural groan as he wrapped his smooth legs around Ryan's waist, heels interlocking as he rocked back , needy, against every thrust. Ryan breathed hard, took in the sight of Tom gasping and looking back at him.

Sweat matted Tom's hair to his head and his mouth was open, freely releasing groans. Ryan's hand roamed Tom's defined chest.

"Like that?" Ryan asked breathlessly. His voice low and silky smooth, slowing down his strokes for a moment. Tom nodded a response, trying to grasp onto words as his body tried to grasp onto any drops of oxygen. Ryan pulled out almost all the way and waited before slamming back in.

"Aaaaaaah Ryan!!!" Tom moaned, tipping his head back, ankles hooking even tighter against Ryan's back, preventing him from pulling too far out. The boy was absolutely insatiable for cock. "I like it" Ryan said, voice deep and dreamy, shallow thrusts making Tom's back arch just a little more under Ryan. "I like being in you" Ryan groaned out. Tom's eyed welled up again looking up at the gorgeous man that was making him come apart, mouth agape because he wasn't able to find that part of the brain that controlled speech.

Ryan's dirty talking was the sweetest torture. "I like fucking you hard" Ryan whispered and that yanked a tight groan from Tom that made Ryan smile for a second before his own thrust forced him to close his eyes and slow down for just an instant.

"Fuckkk meeee ughnn" Tom whimpered. Biting his lips. He exhaled hard before pleading, "Baby, please.... fuckkk meeee" Tom keened. His eyes full of deep need, begging for release. Ryan held onto Tom's beautiful face, his face dangerously close to Tom's. He swallowed each of Tom's ragged breaths, lips just barely grazing Tom's as he worked into Tom a little harder. Tom's mouth opened into a silent moan. His spine was tingling and his legs were tightening around Ryan. Ryan felt Tom shuddering and there was no denying they were both nearing that point where they wouldn't return.

"Ryan...oh my... " Tom gasped, lips quivering, his throat dry and his body drenched with sweat.

Ryan keeps fucking into Tom, so incredibly deep. Ryan’s hips undulate as he thrusts in, and the rub of his cock inside Tom is the sweetest, most mind-numbing pleasure Tom has ever experienced.

Ryan leans in face inches away from Tom's “Did you believe me?” Ryan says in a deep half whispered tone dripping with lust, speeding up his thrusts. “When I told you that I would fuck you this good?" he punctuates his "good" with a thrust so perfect it makes Tom's eyes roll back in his head as he lets out a loud cry of pleasure, unable to hold himself together anymore.

“I want you to cum for me. Can you do that baby boy?” Ryan asks in between ragged breaths as he gives a particularly mean thrust. Tom can only cry out in response, eyes rolling back into his head. He doesn’t have any words left, can’t articulate anything, but he fists his fingers in the short hairs on the back of Ryan’s neck, tugging lightly.

Tom can tell they’re both close, in the way Ryan's thrusts have become erratic, and the way his hair is damp with sweat. Tom can’t even believe he’s lasted this long, and as much as he wants Ryan to be deep inside him, fucking him forever, he also desperately wants to cum. He wraps his trembling hand around his aching cock. He jacks himself off rapidly, his hand moving in a flurry, pre-cum dripping everywhere.

Ryan begins fucking into him mercilessly, beckoning him on with grunts of “Cum baby, cum, shoot it all over your fucking stomach!” Tom groans, and buries his head in the space between Ryan’s neck and shoulder and let's out an uninhibited scream of pure ecstasy. He was completely overwhelmed by so many emotions and the indescribable pleasure he was feeling every time Ryan thrust inside him. He's about to come undone any second now and he knows it. "Oh Ryan... oh my're gonna make me cummmmm! Tom manages to gasp out. Ryan whispers "Cum for me beautiful. Show me how you come undone..." And nibbles Tom's ear. It’s just all Tom can take.

"Oh! I'm gonna cum! Aaaaahh I’M GONNA CUMMMMM" Tom cries out, eyes screwing shut, burying his face into Ryan's neck. Tom feels himself tighten rhythmically around Ryan’s thick cock as his orgasm hits him in waves. Torrents of pleasure. Every muscle in his body tenses, and he wraps his free arm around Ryan’s neck, he lets out a choked scream as he bursts all over himself, cum spraying over his sweat covered stomach and chest. He couldn’t put it into words if someone asked him. Cum continues to drip over his trembling hand and unto his stomach. His whole body quakes and his legs shake. He claws at Ryan's hair and Ryan crushes their lips together into a searing wet kiss and Tom can see stars.

As he spurts over their bellies, he feels like he’s been wrecked and he doesn't care. "That's it! That's it baby" Ryan grunts as he starts pumping faster into the boy. "You're so fucking hot. Cumming like that for me. Cumming on my dick like that baby boy..." Ryan's words make Tom flush down to his chest.

"Tom" Ryan mewled, screwing deeper and thrusting quicker. "Oh, oh, oh," Ryan. managed to get out, his own body quaking because he had held back for too long. He came deep inside Tom, trembling and letting out a string of profanities.

"Fuuuuuuckkkkk!" Tom whimpered and held on to Ryan's strong arms. Ryan grasped Tom's face pulling him in for a delicious wet kiss.

"Let's do that again sometime soon Spidey" Ryan says letting out a hearty laugh. Planting a soft kiss over Tom's sweaty forehead.

Now that's a Home-cumming!