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Inside out

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josh is good at playing the tough guy.

he's very very good.

it's not something about his height, because he's not a tall guy, but he has enough power in his build and demeanour to seem imposing.

people whispers in awe about how cool his tattoos are, girls (and boys, let's be honest, they're not fooling anyone) giggle between them while giving him coy glances.

because he's something to look at, guys. when he's not smiling, his expression dances a bit on the stern side, complimenting the tough-guy image he gives.

josh is very very good at playing the strong one, tyler thinks as he observes him carefully.

but he's not.

he really isn't, actually.

they're sitting together at lunch, their friends and other people that tyler doesn't remember befriending crowding them animatedly. josh has his arm wrapped possessively around his shoulders, making the others sigh in quiet jealousy.

a little smile plays on tyler's lips. a mischievous one, because, he knows.

"oh, i'm so clumsy." tyler whispers, a sad pout on his face as he looks at the pencil he just dropped.

it takes a little less than a second for josh to drop at tyler's feets and retrieve the stationary.

there's a stunned silence around them as they watch the scene playing. because, well, the adoring expression on josh's face is a bit of a surprise.

"here, love." the older man hums tenderly.


they're gaping now, little surprise now transformed into a full-blown shock.

because, the very punk and very tough josh has love-sick eyes trained on his very pastel boyfriend, just about ready to do whatever the colored boy desires.

tyler bites his lips, trying very hard to not explode in laughter at the crowd's faces.

yes, josh is good at playing the tough guy.

the thing is, his petite boyfriend has him totally whipped.