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Inside out

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    "what are you doing?" the stranger asks. it's a nice voice, josh thinks. soft and velvety, a bit like cotton candy.

it's really nice.

"that kitten," josh points at the tiny and trembling cat huddled in a box. "she's been abandonned, i'm taking her back home with me."

  the stranger nods, a quiet wonder on his face. it's a pretty face, josh decides, caramel and clear and looking very very soft. the boy looks soft actually. just like cotton candy.

he's an eye candy, pastel and very pretty.

"the two of you make a strange picture." tyler points out, lofty smile on his lips.

"you're a strange one yourself, tyler joseph." josh grins, cradling the kitten on his chest.

the candy colored boy blinked. josh thinks he must be surprised, judging by the way his pink lips formed a 'o'.

it definitely is a nice mouth, josh realises.

"you know me?" tyler asks. he shifts softly, painted pink nails tapping at the tan of his arm.

he is very very pretty.

"who doesn't?" josh jokes, smiling brightly. it makes tyler crack a cute and breathy laugh, so josh compted it as a success.

"now you're just playing me, joshua."

he knows my name, josh thinks with a little cheer inside his head.

on the outside... he's just as cheery, beaming down at the smaller boy. "i'd never play you tyler," he starts, petting absentmindedly the kitten who started mewling. "though i wonder why a sweetheart like you knows the big bad and very punk me?" he fake-gasps, bright eyes going bigger.

this time, tyler's laugh rings clearly and beautifully like a bell.

josh's heart didn't skip a beat you guys.

"the only punk thing about you is your looks," tyler points out teasingly, making a vague movement to josh's piercings and tattoos.

he's not wrong, because josh is a litteral walking sunshine who's personnality is as colorful as tyler's aesthetic.

"y'should be worried though, i could eat you up!" josh narrows his eyes, teeth exposed in a fake growl that had tyler's bubbly laugh dance around them once again.

okay, josh's heart totally skipped a beat.

tyler gives him a sweet smile when he has calmed down. it's small and still a bit shy at the edge, but it's pretty, just like the pastel boy himself.

"y'know, i wouldn't mind." tyler mumbles, cheeks going red. josh tries to will his heart to stop beating so fast, he's a bit scared that tyler could hear how loud it is.

"yeah?" he breathes out, taking some steps toward the small boy. the kitten starts purring on his chest, but josh can't quite hear him right now.

he's too busy losing himself in tyler's big doe eyes.

"yeah." tyler nods softly. and it's all that is needed before their lips meet in a brief peck. then another, sweet, nice and slow, full of quite wonder and candied curiosity.

tyler tastes like cotton candy too, josh realises.