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Winter's Rise: The Age of Reclamation

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The Spirit World was a diverse place, its population from all the corners of Earth. The people didn't care who you were now, the only deciding factor in hierarchy was power. When you came into its existence you were reborn with a set amount of power, designating you for whatever was in your future. The only way of changing this we're from gaining believers, which was hard to do unless you directly influenced the Living enough to make them aware of your presence. This was a power exclusively held by the top three classes. The Earth Gods, The Beasts and The Gods of All. So in this world, if you were stuck, you were stuck.


It was densely populated, few areas free from sprawling cities and palaces. These few were only empty for three reasons. One, it is a sacred site. Two, there’s an extremely powerful magic hiding it. And three, something so powerful lives at the place that to disturb it could cause millions of deaths. Or in other words a place of The Ancients.


One of these places was The Grove, a place that fell under all three categories. It was unreachable to anyone who dared search for it, it being in a dimension that was known as The Realm of The Gods. A place that was a part of the Spirit Dimension, but was metaphysical, alike conscience or a Soul, but only able to reach it if you know it. Like the Spirit Dimension, or World, to The Dimension of the Living.


The public all knew about it, along with the other God Cities. To them it was the burnt ashes of woods, long ago destroyed by the casualties of war. But to those who lived there it was paradise, a lush forest filled with trees the size of skyscrapers occupied by The People of Spring, who rebuilt it as a safe haven for their God, who was still recovering from the very war that had brutalized their home so long ago. In the center of it all stood an Ancient Tree taller than Mount Everest, the only one not burnt to the ground Before. It was a Temple to the people, the place were their God, Spring, lived.


Footsteps echoed through the tree, it's echoes sounding all the way through the wood to the branches as they reached to the stars. The source of the noise was a average looking man with curly brown hair and dark green eyes. He pondered recent events, to the average eye he looked no older than 30 but every sprite that had laid their eyes upon him knew that he was an Ancient, one of four at that. In his mind he saw his Brother, who had tricked the realm, laughing, throwing snowballs, carving ice from the thin air with his shepherds crook, mischief dancing in those deceivingly young blue eyes.


Winter you cunning bastard, he thought.


He chuckled quietly as he opened the door to the World Room. It's heavy door barely the weight of a grain of sand to him.


Hiding in plain sight, tsk tsk.


As he entered the room his gaze was immediately drawn to the large stone globe dominating the room as it flickered to life, casting a yellow glow onto the wooden walls. As a yellow mist covered the stone it morphed into the colors of The Spirit World, revealing its inhabitants as well.


Spring took a deep breath recalling languages of old, “Pārkkum kal, eṉakku eliyās, spiriṅ jeṉaral vēṇṭum.”


At his command the mist brightened, quickly shifting colors as the stone beneath it spun. An image appeared before him, showing Spring what he sought. His gaze wandered as he saw them around a long table, food and ale before them, talking. North chatted with Aster over the strength of the alcohol while Winter and Toothiana idly chatted. He studied his counterpart, wondering how he could fit in with the jolly bunch.


How can he hide his Nature?


It was something the Four were created with, their personalities made set in stone. Fall was more akin to a thoughtful person, Summer a Joyful child, Spring a nurturing mother or father, and Winter a cold, ruthless tactician. They shouldn't be able to change their way of thinking, it made them predictable, as it should be since it was apart of the system of checks and balances that was forged when they were created. Winter had found a loophole, a way around their Curse.


Spring, contemplating his questions, froze when he noticed something. Aster was making occasional glances at Winter while he returned them, challenging the lagomorphs gaze. When Winter looked back at Aster he gave him a seductive smirk, to which Aster hurriedly turned away suddenly enraptured at the fat man's process of crafting booze. Winter seemed bothered for a second, his eyes clouding for a fraction of a second as he looked down at the table, but then smoothly and easily turned back to the Tooth Fairy continuing the conversation of gossip easily.


His General was interested in Winter, embarrassingly so.


Well that needs to be fixed.


“Tūkkam, pārkkum kal.”


Spring left the room as the Globe followed his command, turning off. As he left he began preparing a convincing case and way to inform his old friend of the coming war and to redraft him in it.


Though he didn't have a choice anyway. Spring would need all the allies he could get for this.



Pārkkum kal, eṉakku eliyās, spiriṅ jeṉaral vēṇṭum: பார்க்கும் கல், எனக்கு எலியாஸ், ஸ்பிரிங் ஜெனரல் வேண்டும் or Seeing stone, I want Elias, Spring General.

Tūkkam, pārkkum kal: தூக்கம், பார்க்கும் கல் or Sleep, viewing stone.