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The Lightning Strike

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The dark night sky cries. Raining heavy tears and hail. That breaks and shatters glasses, windows, windshields. The ground shakes. Sirens ring. Lightening hitting electric wires that explode like fire works and soon the city is in complete darkness. "Have we been here before?" One asks "My memory betrays me, I feel I have but cannot remember.", Another answers. Screaming in forms of thunder and pants of gush winds. All creatures take cover. Is this the end? Perhaps this is just a dream? A nightmare? The works of the Elders? The lapse to the limbo time loop. Yet the people still scream out to a higher being. "Until you've lived a thousand times" A lightening strikes two. Two souls that were bind by the red thread of destiny. "What if the storm ends ...and I don't see you" And they awaken to the terror of something missing but can't place a finger on what "would you wonder ever again?"