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I need you all the time

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For someone like Kim Taehyung, who had been eagerly waiting his entire life for this moment, it was as if everything around him had slowed down.

He couldn’t hear the murmur of the crowd as they hurried past, paying his stock still body no mind as he stood and stared, eyes wide.

His heart thump-thump-thumped as a pair of equally shocked brown eyes locked onto him, their owner sitting in a dirty alley next to a clothes store.

‘I’m yours.’ He smiled to himself, head over heels already and not even caring.

His stomach flipped around nervously as the boy smiled back shyly at him, light pink dusting his cheeks.

He fidgeted in place for a brief moment before running straight to him, nerves brushed aside for the moment.

Taking the other boy’s hands in his, he squealed, squeezing.

“You’re so cute! What’s your name?”

Looking confused, overwhelmed and embarrassed all at once, the boy with the perfect chubby cheeks blushed and looked down.

But he squeezed back, and Taehyung could see the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

“I’m Park Jimin. What’s yours?”

Plopping down right next to him with no space left in between, Taehyung never let go of his hands.

“My name is Kim Taehyung and I’ve waited a long, long time for you.” He smiled cheerfully, eyes soft.

The black haired boy, Jimin, looked up at that, a question on his face that he maybe just couldn’t find the right words to ask.

Taehyung answered anyway, words both gentle and excited as they stumbled from his lips.

“We’re soulmates!”

And maybe humans weren’t supposed to be able to feel the bonds that tied people together, not like his kind could, but as Jimin stared at him in surprise, he swore that was a lie.

Because then Jimin grinned at him toothily and laughed, eyes crinkling at the corners as he said, “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

And he laughed too, feeling like they’d known each other for much longer than they had, his whole body warm and weightless.

“I’m sorry I’m so late.” Taehyung leaned back against the wall of a clothes store that was much too expensive for what was sold inside.

His soulmate leaned back as well, hesitantly migrating towards his body.

When he did nothing but scooch closer, the other boy relaxed and let out a slight sigh as their sides touched.

A comfortable silence lazily swirled around them, the talking of the crowd out beyond the alley just background noise.

He smiled when he felt a head meet his shoulder a while later, soft little puffs of air meeting his jacket.

“It’s fine. I’m just glad I got to meet you, Kim Taehyung.” Jimin murmured against him, half asleep.

He tangled his fingers in soft hair, running gently through it as the weight resting on him slowly became heavier and heavier until tiny little snores could be heard.

“Me too.” A soft whisper hung in the alley, suspended between two bodies curled close together.

‘I’m going to take care of you, I promise.’

Because even a fool could see the dirt staining his soulmate’s skin and the threadbare clothes clinging to him.

There was a reason why the two of them had met here, in this dirty alley between a clothes shop and food court.

None of them were good, but none of them mattered right now, either. He tried to brush those thoughts off.

Unless Jimin decided to tell him why, all that mattered right now was staying with him; taking care of him.

All that mattered was the warm weight of his soulmate leaning on him.

Softly smiling, he let out a happy sigh.

There was still so much they had left to discuss, about themselves, the bond connecting them, how Taehyung wasn’t even a human…

He wasn’t that worried.

It might have been the pure happiness and affection running through him, but he felt like everything would turn out alright.

He suddenly groaned, eyes scrunching up in a grimace.

He could just imagine all the teasing he would get from the others when he mentioned he had met his soulmate, who was a human no less!

He already knew the others were going to absolutely spoil Jimin when they met him and welcomed the boy into the pack, excited and enthusiastic about this sudden new member who was bonded with one of their omegas.

Still, his lips turned up even as he threw a hand over his face.

He felt like Jimin would like them, too.

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Jimin woke up to warmth wrapped over him like a blanket.

Yawning and rubbing his eyes, he tried and failed to think back to a time where he’d felt as relaxed as he did now.

He smiled as he looked to the person laying half on top of him, features calm in sleep.

Kim Taehyung, who had said they were soulmates so cheerfully and sincerely that Jimin had no other choice than to believe him.

He wasn’t in the business of doubting people who came up to him with a smile and then somehow made his tense and tired mind quiet down.

Whatever his new… acquaintance, friend? He didn’t quite know what to call them.

Shaking his head slightly, he slowly poked the other on the nose and giggled.

Whatever Taehyung was, he definitely wasn’t a liar. That much he knew.

And it wasn’t as if he was in the habit of believing anything people said, it was just… He had a very good feeling about the other boy, and no reason to doubt him.

Jimin didn’t want to dismiss this warmth.

If taking a chance on Kim Taehyung, who had stumbled upon him and declared the two of them soulmates… If that was foolishness, then so be it.

He was young and lonely and had nothing much left to lose.

Hooking their fingers together, Jimin smiled.

‘Let’s be friends.’

He startled as his hand was suddenly squeezed, drowsy eyes now open and looking at him.

He squeaked, frozen.

But all Taehyung did was smile at him, looking so fond that he had to look down, suddenly finding the dirt and gravel much more interesting than he had first given it credit for.

A cheerful good morning was thrown his way, and his head shot up curiously.

“But it’s evening! Not morning!” He checked the sky and sure enough, it was way past early.

The brown haired boy with the boxy smile just chuckled, and if he weren’t also stroking his knuckles gently, Jimin might have been afraid he was being laughed at.

“Who says? All those people out there shopping? The sun? Whenever I wake up, I say good morning, so it’s morning. That way I’ll never have to say goodnight! I’ll just say good morning!”

Jimin put a hand to his stomach as a storm of little giggles fell from his throat, eyes crinkling up into a smile to match the one on his lips.

“Then, then… good morning!” He exclaimed, only to collapse onto the other boy as laughter stole him away again.

A large warm hand made its way to his back and began slowly rubbing up and down as he hiccuped through the after effects of his mirth.

It made him feel all tingly and safe.

“You good, sweetheart?” He looked up and found Taehyung staring at him, unmistakable affection written plain on his face.

He flushed pink, a bit giddy. He’d never had alcohol before, but wondered if this is what adults meant when they said the word drunk.

“Yeah!” He practically shouted, nerves too excited to be anxious for once.

“Good!” Taehyung shouted louder than him, paying no mind to the people who briefly looked down the alley at them.

And for maybe the first time, Jimin’s mind wasn’t on other people either.

Just on the boy next to him who was enthusiastically blowing him kisses with both of his hands.

He laughed, trying to hide behind his own hands.

But every few seconds, his brown eyes would peek out only to find that the torrent of kisses was never ending, and he would grin and go back to hiding.

“Where’s my Jimin? I can’t find him!” Taehyung exclaimed, eyes wide as he looked all around the alley.

Jimin wiggled a little excitedly before pouncing on his defenseless friend.

“Here! Here! Jimin’s here!” He bounced on top of the other, wide smile overtaking his face.

The other boy gasped before cheerfully winding his arms around Jimin’s waist in a hug.

“I found my little Jimin! Here he is!”

Tiny giggles floated into the air as he happily buried his face into the warm neck in front of him.

His fingers clutched the soft jacket he was laying on.

He didn’t know why he was acting like this, but…

He felt small. Only, in the best way.

And Taehyung didn’t look weirded out, in fact he looked at Jimin like he was someone to be treasured, someone precious.

He looked at Jimin so softly, and it made him feel so safe.

The warm hands holding him were like a fluffy blanket being wrapped around his body.

He decided to stop worrying for once in his life and just enjoy being around someone who made him happy.

“TaeTae is warm.” He murmured into the other’s neck, content to lie there for the rest of forever or until he got hungry; whichever came first.

A nose pressed itself into his hair and the other’s deep voice washed over him like gentle waves.

“So is Jiminie.”

They could figure out whatever this was later. Right now all he wanted was to just lay here for a little while longer, caught up in the warmth pressing into his skin and straight down to his heart, too.

As long as he wasn’t alone, as long as he was happy, did anything else really matter?

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Taehyung slowly and sleepily cracked open an eye, only to see the evening sky steadily turning darker.

Tightening the arms he had around his soulmate, he pressed his nose into Jimin’s soft black hair.

His soulmate in all honesty smelled pretty awful which was no surprise considering how they met.

But underneath the scent of grime and sweat, there was something that was purely Jimin.

It was the faint hint of apples and some kind of flower. And maybe it wasn’t a scent he would’ve normally noticed before now, but on Jimin it made him want to cuddle closer and never let go.

It was innocence and sweetness and home all at once and he wanted to just drown in it, wanted to memorize it so he’d never forget it.

All wolves put a great amount of faith into scent.

Because someone’s scent could never lie, no matter how they may try and mask it. Emotions, moods, even falsehoods… They could all be sensed, if one paid enough attention.

And for an omega like him, a wolf whose senses were all enhanced, whose job it was to sniff out trails and trap the pack’s enemies within their own words, he paid a great deal of attention.

Omegas were scouts and diplomats both, the first to arrive on the scene and the last to leave. They were who was sneaking up behind you in the cover of moonlight, quick to strike and even quicker to kill.

They defended their pack stubbornly and rarely backed down from a confrontation.

Once they caught a scent, they chased it down until it was dead or dealt with.

Needless to say, there was a reason why every pack scrambled to have at least one omega among them.

‘Speaking of pack…’ Taehyung grimaced and stuck his tongue out.

He really needed to get in touch with his. They may be used to his random bouts of wandering, but he usually didn’t wander so far and for so long.

The only reason he had come this far past their territory was because he had been curious, a trait of his that often got him in more trouble than it was worth.

He looked down at the boy dozing on top of him and smiled.

This time, he’d found something.

No doubt that everyone would want to meet Jimin and get to know him, in their territory where they could protect him, their first and only human pack mate.

They didn’t often associate with humans, for both species’ protection. Humans were labelled too fragile, and wolves kept away in fear of discovery and persecution.

Of course, they could blend in, but beyond that… Some things were bound to get lost in translation.

Taehyung sighed.

He couldn’t get in touch with the others until he told Jimin the truth.

It definitely wouldn’t go well if one of his wolves showed up here, too excited to wait and not even noticing when Jimin inevitably gets overwhelmed. Because where one wolf goes, the whole pack follows.

He dreaded even the thought of that scenario.

Deciding to just do this before he made excuses, he gently started to shake Jimin awake.

Seeing his soulmate sleepily open his eyes and pout at him, still tired, did something to his heart.

He was actually a little worried he had just died inside, but in a good way if that was possible.

“Jimin, I have something I need to tell you.” He could hear both how serious and nervous his voice was, and hoped the other boy didn’t notice.

His soulmate climbed off his lap to settle right in front of him, anxiety written in his eyes as he started to pick at his fingernails.


He slowly grabbed the other’s hands, giving him plenty of time to move away. But Jimin just gripped his fingers tightly.

“It’s nothing bad. Or at least, I hope so.” He rubbed soothing little circles into skin that was as much for his benefit as the other boy’s.

Feeling the grip on his hands tighten even more, and seeing Jimin move to open his mouth, he clenched his eyes shut and just said it.

“I’m a wolf!”

A silence spread throughout the alleyway after that, one that seemed to last an eternity to the two connected by their hands.

Taehyung was so tense, he almost missed the small, hesitant brush against his cheek.

Opening his eyes, he saw confused brown eyes staring back at him.

He took a deep breath and exhaled.

“Let me show you, please.” And he waited until he got a bemused nod before standing up, breaking the connection between their skin.

The transformation was, as always, seamless. It was what he was born to do, and he had done it so many times before that it hardly registered he was now in a different body.

It was still his body, just in a different form.

“Taehyung?” Jimin questioned breathily, clearly scared. His skin was pale and he was shaking slightly, arms wrapped around himself.

He whined, dropping as low to the ground as he could, not making eye contact.

But the minutes wore on, and Jimin’s breathing was picking up more and more.

Taehyung was caught between two instincts. Go to Jimin, or stay and wait.

What would make the situation better? What would make it worse?

‘I don’t know!’

He was running out of time.

So he decided to listen to the urge running through his veins, his body, his heart.

He slowly, ever so slowly, walked over to Jimin until he reached him.

Looking up at his soulmate, he paused before gently butting his head against the other’s stomach.

He stayed there waiting.

Until Jimin’s breathing gradually slowed and his trembling hands touched his head.

Until Jimin dropped down to hug him, tears dripping into his fur.

He returned the embrace as best he could and licked the other boy’s face until the tears stopped and slightly hysterical giggles bubbled up.

“Taehyung. You’re really Taehyung?” Jimin asked, buried in fur.

He nodded.

“Okay. Okay. Taehyung, I… I really wasn’t expecting that, you know?” His soulmate’s shaking had all but subsided now, and he was relieved for it.

“Next time, warn me you idiot, okay?” And his soulmate sighed out a big breath of air, body finally relaxing.

He softly put his paws on the black haired boy’s chest and leaned up to lick him right on the lips, barking cheerfully when Jimin frantically wiped it off and glared at him.

But then he smiled, eyes crinkling up in what was rapidly becoming his favorite Jimin expression.

“You do make a beautiful wolf, though.”

He was shocked for a few seconds, then his tail started wagging as he pounced on his soulmate, sending them toppling to the ground.

He rubbed himself on Jimin enthusiastically, chest feeling warm as small hands started to run through his fur and laughter filled the air.

It was odd when you considered that they’d only known each other for less than a day, but… They had a soul bond connecting them for a reason.

It felt like they’d known each other for years. Like they’d skipped past the getting to know you stage and started right at best friends.

But every soul bond worked differently, and Taehyung thought that theirs was perfect anyway.

“Thank you for telling me.”

Jimin looked into his eyes and smiled.

He touched their noses together affectionately before nuzzling into the neck below him.

Being with Jimin was as easy and simple as the breeze brushing through his fur.

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Kim Taehyung was a werewolf. He’d seen it with his own eyes and yet he was still questioning if all of this hadn’t somehow been some sort of fantastical dream.

But no, Jimin was awake as the other boy transformed back into a human, shooting him a grin.

He’d already tried pinching himself, and was left feeling relieved and bewildered when it didn’t work.

This wasn’t in any way what he’d had in mind for how his Thursday would go.

Yet, according to the fluttery feeling in his stomach that was electricity and butterflies both, he was excited.

Taehyung was someone the likes of which he’d never encountered before, cheerful and excitable one moment and then soft and careful the next.

If he was a wolf, what did it matter, except that his fur was really really fluffy?

Jimin remembered those words from the start.

“We’re soulmates!”

More and more, he found himself liking the sound of that.

So he smiled back at the boy with the boxy grin and chuckled.

“My soulmate sure is a showoff.”

Watching as Taehyung laughed, cheeks turning red and eyes sparkling, he felt happy.

“You’d better get used to it, darling.”

He giggled at the pet name, body feeling weightless.

“But there’s still some things I need to tell you about. And I bet you’re curious, right? About my family.” Taehyung beckoned him over, smiling.

Jimin suddenly found himself very curious indeed, and wasted no time hurrying over and plopping down next to the other boy.

Taehyung put an arm around him and pulled him closer until their bodies were mushed together.

He relaxed into the hold, brown eyes inquisitive.

“First, I should probably tell you about positions. There are three: omega, alpha and beta. But these aren’t like the human terms for wild animals. They’re like job descriptors, and tell other wolves what role you have within a pack, or family.”

Jimin listened intently, but soon piped up with a question.

“Do you get to choose your position?”

Taehyung nodded, mouth quirked up.

“Yeah, but it’s more accurate to say that the position chooses you. Wolves usually just go into the one they’re good at. The wilderness and fights for territory are quick to teach you what you can and can’t do.”

He grimaced at the thought of fighting, of violence, but did his best to push thoughts of those nature away.

Taking the brown haired boy’s fingers in his and fiddling with them, he listened attentively as Taehyung continued on.

“Anyway, first up is omegas. They’re scouts and diplomats, the ones that patrol territory and represent their pack in any sort of official discussion. Typically, an omega will have much greater senses than the other positions. Every pack has at least one omega to them, or they can’t be called a pack.”

He felt a gentle squeeze to his fingers and smiled.

“Next, alphas. They’re the ones that lead the pack and make sure everyone is happy, that no infighting is going on. It’s a very difficult position to have, which is why there are so few compared to omegas and betas. A pack doesn’t need one to survive, but a good alpha can be the critical foundation to saving a group from breaking and splintering apart.”

Taehyung started running thumbs up and down his fingers as he took a breath.

“Finally, betas. This is what the majority of wolves can be classified as. They’re a pack’s protectors and fighters, the ones who persistently guard their pack mates until they no longer can. A normal pack would be made up of mostly betas with only a few omegas and an alpha.”

Jimin watched as the other boy let out a relieved groan, clearly glad to be done with the explanation.

Meanwhile, his thoughts turned over and over in his head, fascinated.

He couldn’t believe that there was a whole society of beings that he’d never even known about. Well, he could see why it’d be kept a secret. He couldn’t imagine a positive scenario if the human race learned of the existence of sentient wolf shifters.

Still, it was interesting to hear about werewolves and how much they differed from legends.

He could remember a time back when he was little, reading page after page of fairytales.

There’d even been a time where he’d imagined himself as a wolf, so that he wouldn’t be as frightened of what was in his house. Of course, it hadn’t worked. And his fear had led him here, to this alleyway where he met his soulmate.

He felt as if Taehyung could be scary enough to make his parents believe in those old stories of wolves again, if he asked. The ones where humans were eaten and then spat back up, teeth and bones.

So maybe he was still a bit bitter.

But he didn’t like feeling that way, or thinking things like that.

The past should stay in the past. So then why wouldn’t it?

“Jimin?” Taehyung’s deep voice brought him out of his head. It was like a soothing balm applied to his nerves.

He tried to smile, but it didn’t quite work right, he felt it.

“Sorry.” He said, just standing there rubbing the back of his neck as he stared down at the ground, moving his toes up and down, up and down, up and down.

“Did you know that scorpion grass flowers are called forget-me-nots? I never knew, until my pack mate Yoongi told me. Why would humans name them that?”

He shrugged.

“I bet it’s because they had so many blue flowers already, they had to make up a name to tell those ones apart from the rest! Because you can have irises, hydrangeas, harvestbells… but forget-me-nots have their own special name!”

Suddenly, he found himself speaking up and making eye contact.

“They aren’t just blue. Forget-me-nots.”

Taehyung genuinely gasped, eyes wide.

“Really? What’s your favorite color?”

Jimin smiled, eyes crinkling.

“I love the pink ones!”

He soon found himself spun around in a tight hug, his wolf’s excitement apparent.

“Ah! Those sound so pretty! You have to show me them sometime Jiminie, okay?”

A plethora of giggles fell out of his mouth as he snuggled further into the other’s embrace.

“Okay, TaeTae!”

Taehyung gripped his legs securely and lifted him up, and he squealed as he wove his arms around the other boy’s neck.

Their foreheads came to rest on each other as they stared eye to eye.

“Jiminie, I have to call my pack soon to let them know I’m safe. They’re probably worried about me. Is it alright if I tell them about you?”

He whined, eyes starting to tear up.

“Don’t want TaeTae to leave! Don’t leave!”

He startled as tender kisses were pressed to his nose, cheeks, forehead and eyes.

Taehyung then pressed their noses together, a smile on his face.

“TaeTae would never leave you, sweetheart. Never. I promise.”

Jimin settled down, smiling back and feeling all floaty.


More kisses were rained upon him and he laughed, squirming.

“Okay, I can tell them about you?”

He nodded somewhere into Taehyung’s face, breathy puffs of air escaping as he wiggled.

A nose was pressed into his hair as he was finally freed from the onslaught of kisses.

“Thank you. Would it be okay if one of them wanted to come and meet you?”

He paused, humming.

On one hand, TaeTae’s family! On the other, TaeTae’s family.

It turned out that he was too curious to let his nervousness win out as he nodded again.

A bright grin was flashed at him and he instinctively copied it, letting out a proud little noise.

Taehyung chuckled, spinning him around again.

“They’re going to absolutely love you, Jiminie.”

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The loud blaring of a cell phone could be heard ringing throughout the room, the occupant of the nest of blankets groaning as he was rudely awoken.

He drowsily detached himself from the people clinging to him and reluctantly made his way over to the dresser, yanking it open and sorting through the random assortment of things inside until he unearthed the phone.

Hitting the accept call button, he yawned sleepily.

“Couldn’t you have waited until I was done napping, Taehyung? My soulmates are so warm…”

His pack mate’s deep voice echoed through the phone and he had to grin at the exasperation he could hear in it.

“Glad to know you weren’t even worried about me, Jungkookie! I’m so relieved!”

He chuckled.

“What’s the point in worrying when you always come back? Although, why are you calling? Did something happen?” His expression turned serious and his eyes sharp as he thought of all the trouble their omega could have come across by himself.

A few seconds of silence passed by.

Jungkook frowned.

“What’s wrong, Taehyung?”

It wasn’t like his pack mate to be this way. Usually, whenever Taehyung had a problem, he had no issues sharing with the rest of them.

But he soon found out why the other had been so hesitant.

“I met my soulmate, Kookie.” Taehyung said it softly with such awe, as if he couldn’t believe it.

Jungkook found himself grinning and his eyes sparkling.

He was so happy for Taehyung, the last one in the pack to find his soul bonded partner. He knew the other boy had been going out more and more, further and further, searching.

The omega had been waiting for this moment for years, and finally it had come.

It felt amazing to think that they might now have a complete, full pack.

A giddy feeling rose up in him as he thought about what their new member might be like.

“What are they like? Where did you find them? Why haven’t you brought them home yet?”

Taehyung laughed and cut him off before he could ask any more questions, which was probably for the best.

“Calm down! His name is Jimin, and he’s actually the reason why I’m calling instead of just bringing him with me. Jungkook, he’s human.”

All at once, he found himself understanding.

Their omega had found his soulmate in a human, someone who was completely ignorant of their kind and of the soul bond.

Not to mention how fragile humans were compared to wolves. No wonder Taehyung was approaching this situation so delicately.

“Did you tell him?” He wanted to pace, but held back in case he woke his sleeping partners. They really didn’t need anyone else finding out about this before the other’s soulmate was ready.

He breathed a sigh of relief when Taehyung explained how Jimin had taken the news. All things considered, it was a miracle the boy hadn’t run off screaming.

As his pack mate started gushing about his soulmate and how adorable and shy he was, Jungkook suddenly found himself grateful to Namjoon for suggesting they all carry cell phones with them when they went out, just in case. Sometimes the omega’s worrying paid off.

He didn’t think Jimin sounded like the kind of person to take being introduced to a whole group of overprotective wolves all at once very well.

And he already knew everyone was going to be overprotective of Taehyung’s little soulmate. Jimin was so young compared to them, who naturally lived much longer lives than humans. To a wolf, he was like a pup.

This was another reason why it was so rare for humans to be paired with a wolf. Unless they consented to the turning, or a bond ran particularly deep, they never lived long.

People weren’t meant to carry that sort of heartbreak with them. It was just cruel, one half of a bond living without the other.

Jungkook desperately hoped that Taehyung wouldn’t have to face that kind of loneliness.

Really, all they could do was treasure what time they did have, no matter how short it seemed.

“He said it’d be fine for someone to come and meet him. I was wondering if you would?”

Although happy at getting the chance to meet Jimin, he was a bit taken aback. Surely someone like Yoongi or Jin would be better?

“I think you’re the perfect one for this, Kookie. You know what it’s like to feel lost.”

He frowned.

“Is Jimin alright?”

Taehyung sighed, and Jungkook could picture how he was running a hand through his hair like when he was feeling restless.

“I don’t think Jimin’s been in a good place for a while.”

Feeling a pang in his chest, he thought, ‘Yeah, I know what that’s like.’

He mustered up a smile for a boy he was soon to meet and who he was already feeling a little protective over.

“Don’t worry, Taehyung. We’ll just have to show him that there’s always a home for him here, right?”

Getting directions from his pack mate, he hung up and before he left, kissed both of his soulmates on their foreheads.

Hand on the door, he was stopped by one of his alphas.

“Don’t go too far, okay, Jungkookie?” Hoseok flashed him a bright smile and brushed their cheeks together.

“I won’t.” He nuzzled back before leaving, feeling content.

It took a while to get to where Taehyung and his soulmate were, but he managed to find them after taking a few wrong turns and backtracking.

As their omega’s scent of fresh, clear air hit him, he smiled as he came upon the two of them cuddled together and holding hands.

His first impression of Jimin was that he was small.

Then, as Taehyung eagerly waved him over and the black haired boy looked up curiously at him, he smiled a bit wider.

His revised impression was that Jimin was someone he wanted to get to know.

Sitting down with them, he wiggled his fingers in a little wave.

“Hi, I’m Jungkook. It’s nice to meet you, Jimin.”

It was cute how a tiny hand waved back at him shyly.

“Hi. You’re TaeTae’s family?” As an embarrassed blush rose up on the other boy’s cheeks, Jungkook found himself wanting to reassure the other that he didn’t care and no one else in their pack would either, that he could be as childish as he wanted.

Instead he took one of those tiny hands in his and loosely held it.

“Yeah, and now you are too. I hope you’re ready to be spoiled rotten, little one.” He winked and felt his heart melt when giggles fluttered out of Jimin’s mouth.

He was already so gone for this boy.

“Jiminie is family?”

He smiled softly and pulled the other boy into a hug.

“Yep. You’re not ever going to get rid of us, I’m afraid.”

A hand clutched at his back.


This little human was going to be the death of all of them, Jungkook swore.

“Where’s my hug, Jiminie?” Taehyung was pouting, lower lip sticking out as his arms were held open.

Their new pack mate had no hesitation as he jumped onto the omega, the two of them seeming to try their very best at merging into one.

Watching the two of them, he grinned before mischievously pouncing on both of them, sending everyone crashing to the ground, limbs all tangled up.

A beat passed, and then they all laughed, their faces turning red.

Jimin was a whirlwind, one he was excited to introduce to the rest of the pack.

Chapter Text

“It’s getting dark.” Jungkook said, frowning as he looked to Jimin, who was happily playing with the wolf’s fingers.

Taehyung mirrored the expression, a bit worried as he fluffed up his little soulmate’s hair.

Did Jimin even have a place to call home? Or did he just sleep out on the streets?

The pack would welcome him with open arms, but… Was he ready to meet them?

He’d taken to Jungkookie extremely well, enthusiastically asking him questions and even going as far as cuddling up against his side.

It made him long to see Jimin with the rest of his family.

He supposed they would just have to ask. If Jimin said no, he didn’t know what they were going to do, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to leave him to fall asleep in this grimy alleyway. Just the thought of it made him uncomfortable.

“Jiminie, pretty soon it’s going to be night time. Do you have somewhere to sleep?” He let his fingers fall from soft hair to the other boy’s neck, lightly tracing patterns into the skin.

“Jiminie goes to bed in the park. It’s scary when it’s dark, so Jiminie has to climb the trees.” His soulmate nervously twisted his hands, voice small.

Jungkook stared at him from over Jimin’s head, expression hard.

He nodded once, gently lifting his soulmate into his lap and turning him around to face him.

But the black haired boy wouldn’t look at him, face anxious.

Taehyung enveloped him in a hug, and felt a face bury itself into his neck.

“Oh, sweetheart. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Me and Jungkookie and the rest of the pack like to camp outside sometimes. It can be fun, especially when you pour ice cold water on your friends to wake them up! Well, until they wake up, but that’s a story for another time.”

He smiled when he heard a giggle muffled by his jacket, and softly carded his fingers through black hair.

Jungkook crept over and playfully grabbed Jimin’s arm so could move it up and down.

Their human pack mate laughed and tackled the other, landing against his chest.

“And you know what, Jiminie?” Kookie leaned down and waited until the other boy moved closer.

“I used to be scared of the dark too. Until I found out that my family is stronger than anything that’s in it, strong enough to even make the nightmares run away.”

Taehyung watched as their beta linked pinkies with his human, a tender smile on his face.

“So, it’s okay to be afraid. As long as you know that Taehyung and I will always be there to keep you safe.”

Jimin smiled happily and nodded before pressing a kiss to the other’s chin.


He scooted over and wrapped his arms around the both of them.

“If Jiminie wanted, we could take you to our home, where the rest of our pack is. You could stay there with us if you wanted. That way you wouldn’t have to sleep in trees anymore!”

Jungkook nodded when Jimin looked between the two of them.

“Then you’d have six wolves to watch over you!”

He kissed the back of his soulmate’s head.

“Jiminie wouldn’t be a bother?” He felt his beta nuzzle noses with the other, saying of course not.

“TaeTae?” And Jimin turned to look at him, brown eyes still hesitant.

He smiled reassuringly, intertwining their hands.

“The others will love you, darling.”

And the both of them breathed out a silent sigh of relief as Jimin nodded, looking nervous but hopeful.

Taehyung swore to himself that the trust he’d been given wouldn’t be misplaced, not ever. He was going to make his little human happy.

As two wolves left a dirty alleyway hand in hand with their new pack mate, they each felt a tight squeeze to their hands.

And they squeezed back.

As they walked the way there, they noticed Jimin becoming more tired the farther they went.

They had each tried offering to carry him, but he had stubbornly refused.

He simply gripped onto them even harder, face determined.

And so they eventually came upon a house deep into the forest, dozens and dozens of flowers filling up the front yard.

“We’re here.” Taehyung said, stopping before they came to the door.

He looked down at Jimin, whose face no longer looked determined but was apprehensive instead.

“Are you ready?”

All his soulmate did was nod shortly, before pulling the both of them up the rest of the way to the door.

Jungkook patted him on the head briefly before opening it and stepping inside, calling out, “I brought Taehyung back!”

Yoongi, lured by his soulmate’s voice, stopped as he set his eyes on Jimin, who tried to hide behind Taehyung.

“Why is a pup here? Where are his parents? Don’t tell me you two kidnapped him.” The older beta’s face was not impressed.

Jungkook laughed.

“Actually, this here is Taehyung’s soulmate.”

As Yoongi’s eyes widened, Hoseok came running.

“Did I just hear that right? Taehyung found his soulmate?” Their alpha was practically vibrating in place, excitedly glancing at Jimin, who hid his face shyly behind his hands.

Their alpha’s shouting drew out their other remaining pack mates, and soon there was a cluster of wolves littered in the doorway, all staring at Jimin.

Taehyung found himself both fond and proud as his soulmate hesitantly stepped out from behind him and faced the others.

“Um, I’m Jiminie. TaeTae is mine, okay?” And even though it was mumbled, they all heard it loud and clear.

Hoseok squealed, looking five seconds away from wrapping his soulmate up in a hug.

“Nice to meet you, Jiminie. I’m Namjoon. I’m sure Taehyung is in good hands.” Their other omega said, smiling warmly.

Jimin smiled back, relaxing a little.

“My name is Seokjin, but you can call me Jin if you want. Let’s get you out of the door dear, hm?” The pack’s second alpha gently took his soulmate’s hand and led him inside to the living room, everyone else following.

Jimin looked to be in awe as he stared at Jin, a bright pink blush staining his cheeks as he sat right beside the wolf on the plush couch.

“I’m Hoseok, your angel, your hope! Nice to meet you!” At first the human shrank a little into Jin’s side as he heard the loud voice, but as he peeked up at Hoseok, he giggled at the goofy grin he saw.

“I’m Yoongi. Come to me when these idiots get to be too loud, alright?” The beta came over to ruffle Jimin’s black hair, smirking at the big brown eyes that looked at him curiously.

Jungkook let out a war cry and ran over to jump on Yoongi’s back, laughing when he was spun around and then pecked on the lips.

“You brat.” Yoongi complained, mouth quirked up as he kissed the other wolf again.

The rest of them whistled and clapped teasingly, smiling.

Jimin stared bemusedly.

“Those are my soulmates for you. They’re always getting the others riled up.” Jin said, playfully tapping the human on the nose.

Jimin giggled, his face scrunching up.

“Welcome to the family, dear heart.”

The two of them laid together and watched as the others made fools of themselves, Jin yelling out harmless insults once in a while just to make the little human next to him laugh.

As Jimin was swept up in the warm feeling of happiness that filled the house, he never noticed as he fell asleep, thumb gradually making its way to his mouth.

Looking up at Taehyung who had a soft look of amazement on his face as he gazed at his soulmate, Seokjin chuckled.

“I think it’s this one’s bedtime.”

The omega smiled.

“Yeah.” And he scooped up Jimin into his arms, cradling him like he was spun glass.

Jin sighed contently and got up, making his way over to teasingly smack his soulmates for leaving him out of kisses, to which they immediately remedied.

As Taehyung put Jimin down on his bed and curled up next to him, throwing his arms around him, he nuzzled happily into the other’s neck.

Falling asleep hearing his soulmate’s heartbeat was a feeling he couldn’t really explain.

All he knew was that he wanted to hear it every night, for forever.

Chapter Text

As Jimin came awake, the first thing he noticed was the warm weight encasing his body.

Blearily opening his eyes, he sat up and smiled at Taehyung, whose mouth was wide open in sleep.

Tenderly brushing some hair out of the other boy’s face, he floated there in a kind of awed disbelief.

He was really here, at Taehyung’s home, with his family.

They had all been so nice and welcoming towards him, had made him feel safe like his soulmate did.

Even when he had felt so small, they’d never looked at him with anything but warmth.

It made him a little embarrassed thinking back to how childish he’d acted, but at the same time he liked it.

Being taken care of like that… It made him feel really bubbly.

And he knew it wouldn’t happen, but he was still nervous of going out to the others and them thinking he was weird.

It was irrational, he knew, but most of his fears were.

Just to prove that small niggling thought in the back of his head that said he’d never find a home wrong, he quietly got out of bed and made his way to the bedroom door.

He’d had that stupid thing in the back of his head what felt like all his life, telling him he’d never be happy, that no one would ever like him for who he was, that there was a reason his parents hadn’t wanted him.

‘But none of that is true, and you’re not going to hold me back anymore.’

All those missed chances and opportunities, lost because he was too wrapped up in his own insecurities and fear.

Well, Jimin wasn’t going to miss this one. Not this time.

‘It’s time I started being brave. This much, I can do.’

Smiling, he put his hand on the doorknob and opened it.

The voice in the back of his head was silent as he made his way into the kitchen, where Jin and Hoseok were talking as the scent of breakfast filled the air.

“Good morning, sleepyhead! You’re up early!” A cheerful grin was shot at him from over the table as he sat down.

Jin turned away from the sizzling pans to flash him a smile.

“Good morning, Jiminie. I hope you slept well.”

Blushing a little at being called that, he shyly nodded.

“Ah, but you don’t have to call me that. My name’s actually Jimin.” Fiddling with his fingers, he watched as they both paused.

“Do you not like being called that?” Hoseok asked him, expression open.

He fidgeted in his seat.

“It’s not that I don’t like it, but, um… It’s just that I felt really small when I introduced myself as that.” He mumbled towards the end of his sentence, brown eyes finding the table fascinating all of a sudden.

Jimin startled when he felt arms pick him up and place him in someone’s lap, embrace snug and warm.

He looked up to find Hoseok gazing down at him, a caring smile on his face.

“So you don’t feel small right now?”

He shook his head, ears turning pink.

The alpha gently pressed a kiss to his forehead and then winked at him.

“Got it! Don’t worry, you can be as little or big as you want and we’ll still love you the same!”

Feeling a buzzing sort of happiness in his chest, his eyes crinkled up into a smile as he wrapped his arms around the wolf in a hug.

“Thank you.”

He felt the embrace around him tighten as the other cooed at him.

“Anytime, sunshine.”

Jimin laughed when another pair of arms lifted him up from Hoseok, the wolf whining how unfair it was.

Jin only smirked, hugging their human closer.

“Jimin is mine now. You can’t have him.”

He clung to the other alpha like a koala, grinning when he saw Jin stick his tongue out.

“Ah! That’s it! Hold on sunshine, I’m coming to rescue you!” Hoseok jumped up and ran over, only to nearly trip as the other wolf smoothly sidestepped him.

They ran, trying to catch each other, and eventually Jimin came down from Jin’s hold only to mischievously grin at both of them and begin trying to catch them.

All the shouting and laughter made Namjoon come into the living room, exasperated as he took in their mayhem in action.

“You three have too much energy for this early in the morning…”

Jimin jumped onto the omega’s back, the wolf automatically steadying him.

“Good morning, Namjoon!”

The wolf chuckled.

“Good morning, love. It’s good to see you so excited. Did you sleep well?”

Jimin nodded into the other boy’s neck, humming happily.

“I did. What about you?”

Namjoon smiled and walked over to the couch, their human contently curling into his side.

“Well, Hoseok kicked me and woke me up three times during the night. Of course, he stayed asleep.”

Jimin grinned.

“You don’t look mad over it.”

The omega sighed fondly.

“He’s my soulmate. It’s hard not to love him.”

Looking down at his hands, he flushed pink.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

He felt a hand on his head and peeked up at the other to see fond eyes looking back.

“You’re cute, Jiminie.”

Squeaking, he hid his face in his arms.

But he smiled when the hand on his head moved to ruffle his hair.

“Sunshine! Breakfast’s ready!” Hoseok yelled out from somewhere in the kitchen, Jin joining in to add, “It’s going to get cold if you three don’t hurry and wake up!”

As he and Namjoon made their way to the table and sat down, plates already made full of food in front of them, the last three wolves to wake sleepily rubbed their eyes as they appeared.

“I need coffee.” Yoongi mumbled, looking half dead as he stumbled around.

Jungkook took his arm and guided him to a seat, settling in right in the middle of him and Seokjin.

“Jimin!” Taehyung excitedly yelled as he ran over, hair sticking up everywhere.

He laughed at the way his wolf looked, still sleepy but energetic all the same.

“Good morning, Taehyung!”

The omega cheered and slid into the seat beside him, throwing an arm around his waist.

“It is now.” The other boy said, wiggling his eyebrows weirdly as he grinned.

“Stop!” Jimin smacked him on the shoulder, helplessly giggling.

“Never.” Taehyung just wiggled his eyebrows even more, body not even feeling it when tiny fists hit on his chest.

As Jimin started tearing up from laughter, his face red, Jin spoke up.

“Alright Taehyung, enough. Let the poor boy eat in peace before he combusts.”

“Yes, my alpha.” The omega teasingly said, saluting the other.

He sent a grateful look to Jin and got a warm smile in return.

As they ate breakfast together, friendly bickering and playful fights breaking out, the wolves never leaving their new pack mate out, Jimin couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.

It was the best meal he’d ever had.

With Taehyung’s warm arm around him, he felt as if he’d finally come home.

Chapter Text

Jimin had taken a long shower after breakfast, embarrassed at how filthy he was. The warm water was heavenly and relaxing, but when he stepped out to dry off he found his old ratty clothes gone and in their place new ones.

Blushing and smiling as he picked them up, he quickly changed.

The shirt hung down to his thighs and the sweatpants were very loose, but they were comfortable.

Toweling his hair one last time, he made his way out of the bathroom only to startle as he ran face first into a chest.

“Ah, you’re so cute, Jimin! My clothes suit you!” Taehyung lifted his soulmate and spun him around, a cheerful grin on full display.

He lightly laughed, enjoying the feeling of being held.

“I guess it was time to get rid of my old ones, huh?”

The wolf set him down only to intertwine their hands together.

“Yeah! And guess what? Yoongi went out to get you some new clothes! He should be back soon. Aren’t you excited?” Taehyung babbled enthusiastically, swinging their arms.

Jimin was taken aback and frowned worriedly.

“Oh, are you sure it’s not a bother? I can pay you back, somehow…”

He stopped talking as his wolf made a strange sound, sort of like a buzzer going off.

“Nope! You’re family now, Jimin, and we’re going to take care of you!” Taehyung smiled at him.


He gripped the hand holding his tighter and nodded slowly.

How had he gotten so lucky to have met someone as kind as Taehyung?

“Thank you.” He said, eyes shining.

His soulmate just laughed and tugged him into the living room, where Hoseok and Namjoon were having what looked to be a serious conversation, while Jungkook and Seokjin wrestled on the carpet.

“And bring Taehyung to patrol with you tonight, alright? I thought I picked up the scent of something out by the edge of our territory…” Hoseok’s face brightened as he caught sight of Jimin, cutting off anything else that might have been said.

Namjoon turned to shoot the two of them a smile, face amused as he watched his alpha melt into a puddle from their human’s cuteness.

The pack leader ran up and hugged Jimin, cheerfully rubbing their cheeks together as he grinned.

“You’re too adorable, sunshine! Stop attacking my heart!”

He giggled as his eyes crinkled.

“Kookie, save me!”

And in a matter of seconds, he was lifted into a pair of strong arms, the beta sending Hoseok a smug grin.

“You have been saved, fair Jimin. Does the knight get a kiss for his brave rescue?” Mischievous eyes looked down at him.

He leaned up and pecked the other boy playfully on the nose, tightening his grip on the other’s body.

“The prince thanks you, valiant knight Kookie.”

His soulmate pouted off to the side, dramatically miming being heartbroken.

He smiled and beckoned his wolf with a finger.

“Would the prince’s dragon please come forth?”

And Taehyung rushed to his side eagerly, eyes expectant as he leaned in.

Chuckling, Jimin pressed his lips softly to his wolf’s cheek and whispered in his ear sweetly.

“You’re the best protector I could ask for.”

Taehyung beamed, cheeks blooming a faint red as he looked at Jimin adoringly.

Hearing Hoseok bemoaning his lonely fate of having no Jimin kisses, he grinned and called the last three wolves over as Jungkook refused to put him down, the beta only smirking down at him when he tried to wiggle free.

Huffing as he was surrounded by the remaining wolves, he gave his best glare at Kookie, promising revenge.

Jungkook just laughed, the jerk.

“Me first!” Hoseok exclaimed, thrusting his face towards him.

He giggled as he kissed the alpha gently between the eyes, amused at the way the other boy’s eyes stayed open and stared at him.

Seokjin then just pushed Hoseok out of the way to take his place, smiling angelically as the sounds of the other alpha’s complaints could be heard.

He reached a hand out and teasingly bopped the other on the nose before touching his lips to Jin’s chin, shooting him a cheeky smile.

The other just laughed as he moved over so Namjoon could take his turn.

Dark eyes regarded him affectionately as he reached for the other’s arm and gently kissed his hand.

He sighed happily as Jungkook carried him over to the couch and laid there with him, the others joining them where they could fit.

Laying there and being surrounded by the warmth of his wolves, he smiled.

Lazing around like that, it wasn’t long before Yoongi came home and stumbled into the living room, laden down with bags.

The beta waved a greeting when he spotted him.

“I got you some clothes, Jimin. Sorry if you don’t like them, I just got a little of everything.” The wolf rubbed the back of his neck and averted his eyes to the side.

Sliding out from Jungkook’s arms, he walked over and kissed Yoongi on the cheek.

“Thank you.” He smiled.

The beta’s eyes widened, then he chuckled and put a hand on Jimin’s head.

“You’re welcome.”

As he was handed the bags, Jimin thought that even if Yoongi seemed the most aloof, he was actually very sweet.

It was like the wolf didn’t know what to do or say around him, and therefore kept to himself.

He knew what it felt like to shy away from other people, too nervous to say anything.

He hoped as he got to know Yoongi more that he would get to see the other laugh and smile fully.

Looking through the clothes, he paused as his eyes caught something that was a soft pastel blue.

Pulling it out, he ran his hands over the fluffy sweater, hugging it to his chest.

“Sorry, I got you some things that I thought you’d look good in. You don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to…” Yoongi trailed off, watching as their human pack mate excitedly bounced in place.

“It’s perfect, Yoongi! I’m sure I’ll love whatever you picked out!” Jimin beamed, fascinated by how fluffy the material was as he ran his fingers all over it.

The beta coughed, the tips of his ears coloring.

“I’m glad you like everything so far.”

As he discovered several little bows and headbands, he squealed and threw his arms around the wolf in a hug.

“Thank you, thank you!”

Yoongi hesitated for a few seconds before relaxing and reciprocating the hug, the corners of his mouth turned up.

“Stop thanking me and go try on your new stuff already, kid.”

Jimin laughed and nodded, throwing a smile to everyone else before running up the stairs to Taehyung’s room.

The beta shuffled over to the coach and flopped down onto Jungkook who was laying there.

“Ah, seriously, that kid…” Yoongi mumbled into the arm he threw over his eyes.

A few chuckles were heard as Jin, who was sitting against the coach on the floor, poked the other wolf in the stomach.

“Face it, you’re already gone over Jimin, aren’t you, sugar?”

Kookie wrapped his arms around his soulmate and leaned down to teasingly whisper into his ear.

“You can’t fool us, honey.”

Yoongi bolted upright and turned betrayed eyes onto both of his soulmates, face bright red.

“What the fuck, you two promised not to call me those damn names anymore!”

The others all burst out laughing when both Seokjin and Jungkook gave their partner questioning eyes.

“You actually believed us? Wow.” Kookie smirked, pressing little kisses into soft black hair.

Jin chuckled and cupped Yoongi’s cheek tenderly.

“Darling, you should know by now that we delight in flustering you.”

As Hoseok started gasping for air as he saw just how red the other wolf had gotten, the rest of them all leaning on each other from laughing, Yoongi turned to look at them and glared.

“Fuck you all, you’re dead to me.”

Namjoon grinned, his dimples showing as he supported his hiccuping soulmate.

“You’re cute when you blush, Yoongi.”

As the beta started struggling to get to the omega, Jungkook stood up, still holding him and began walking up to their shared bedroom, Jin following right beside him as he held his pouting wolf’s hand.

“Fight me, you brat! We’ll see who’s laughing then!”

Taehyung smiled as the shouting grew faint when the three of them entered their room, getting up to leave the others who were still chuckling amongst themselves as he headed up to Jimin.

Knocking on his door, he called out, “Jimin?”

It soon opened, his soulmate enthusiastically pulling him in while toothily grinning.

“How do I look?”

He took in the pastel blue sweater and light blue jeans, a bow with little anchors in Jimin’s hair.

Taehyung’s eyes softened.


His human beamed and led him over to the bed, sitting and gesturing for him to lay down.

He rested his head on Jimin’s lap and closed his eyes as gentle fingers ran through his hair.

He fell asleep like that, lulled by the scent of apples and some flower he still didn’t know the name of.

It was warmth and happiness and love. It was Jimin.

Chapter Text

“Jinnie!” Jimin shrieked, limbs flailing everywhere as Taehyung and Jungkook mercilessly tickled him all over, grins on their faces.

Seokjin came over and lifted their human into his arms, smiling as a head tucked into his neck.

“Alright, that’s enough you two. Leave poor Jiminie alone for now, alright?”

He had to let out an exasperated sigh when the both of them just started trying to tickle each other, competitively glaring at each other now that their other pack mate was no longer between them.

Those two were always playfully fighting over something, it didn’t matter what it was. And when they inevitably pulled the rest of the pack into their competitions, it usually fell to him to sort everyone out.

Not that he minded, not at all. He was the pack’s alpha for a reason.

Sometimes he just wanted to whack his wolves over the head when they started going crazy and spreading chaos everywhere they went.

But even then, he wouldn’t change them for anything. They were his family, even if they drove him mad from time to time.

And he could admit that he joined in on their mayhem once in a while.

Eyes fond as he carried Jimin to the kitchen, he thought that their human pack mate was surely a kind of trouble all on his own.

All of them already wrapped around his little finger, and he didn’t even realize.

Patting Jimin on the head when he whined as he was suddenly set on the counter, Seokjin smiled.

“Do you want a snack, Jiminie?”

Brown eyes suddenly lit up as the black haired boy vigorously nodded.

He tilted his head to the side, waiting.

“What do we say when we want something?”

Jimin bounced excitedly as he said the answer, “Please!”

The alpha grinned and clapped his hands before pressing a kiss to the other’s forehead.

“That’s right! I’m so proud of you for remembering, dear heart!”

His pack mate blushed a pretty pink, suddenly shy as he hid behind his hands.

Jimin was just precious, he thought, a tender feeling welling up in his chest.

He wanted to protect the other boy, wanted to always see him happy and smiling.

He swore he would, and he imagined that everyone else would be right beside him in that promise.

“What kind of snack do you want, Jiminie? Apples, peaches, grapes?” He paused as the other turned to face him with big eyes.

“Carrot? Please?”

He was a bit surprised at hearing a vegetable, but soon flashed a smile at their human.

“Of course I can fix you some carrots. Jiminie’s such a good boy, asking nicely.”

He saw Jimin smile proudly to himself as he turned to open the refrigerator and get a few carrots out.

As he started slicing them into small pieces, he heard a little giggle and looked over only to see Namjoon making silly faces much to the entertainment of their pack mate.

Putting the sliced carrots on a plate, he laughed when Jimin started making faces back.

“Here’s your snack, Jiminie.” He put the plate in front of the other boy, grinning when one was immediately snatched up to be eaten.

“Thank you, Jinnie!”

He pinched the other’s cheek, a little whine sounding out.

“You’re welcome, dear. Now slow down, alright? Your carrots aren’t going to disappear.”

Satisfied when Jimin started eating at a more reasonable pace, he turned to face Namjoon.

“And what were you doing outside?”

A few leaves and some dirt were smudged on the omega, his hair all mussed up.

Namjoon sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, an embarrassed smile on his face.

“I was trying to find a good place to read, but I ended up tripping down a hill.”

Seokjin sighed, mouth turned up at the corners.

It was hard to remember sometimes that Namjoon was someone dangerous, capable of making someone dig their own grave with only a few well-placed words.

It was only around them that he showed the rest of himself, a person who was equally clumsy as he was thoughtful.

“This is why I tell you to be careful when you go out. You’re going to make my hair turn grey one day, Namjoonie.”

The omega laughed, his dimples showing.

“I’m sorry, Jin. I’ll do my best to watch where I’m going next time.”

Nuzzling their cheeks together, he smiled back.

“Now, go take a shower. Mud is definitely not something I want to be smelling inside the house.”

Namjoon grinned and brushed his side gently against Jimin’s before heading to the bathroom.

Humming contently as he went to do the dishes, the faint crunching of carrots a calm background noise, Jin basked in the feeling of peace that washed over him.

After Jimin was through with his snack, he started joining in on the humming, their voices mixing together pleasantly.

A few minutes later, when he was done with the dishes, he turned around and took his pack mate’s hand when the boy wiggled his fingers insistently at him.

“Do you want to come with me to my room?”

Jimin beamed cheerfully, nodding enthusiastically as he leaned into Jin’s body.

Softly squeezing the hand he was holding, he smiled and led the other boy up to his and his soulmates’ shared room.

He entered and saw Yoongi splayed out on the nest of blankets on the floor, reading only to look taken aback as he saw them coming in.

“Yoongi!” Jimin squealed and threw himself next to the beta, cuddling up as close as he could to him.

His soulmate chuckled and wrapped an arm around their human, a soft look in his eyes.

“Hello, Jiminie.”

Seokjin settled in on Yoongi’s other side, leaning his head on the other’s shoulder contently and closing his eyes as they continued talking.

Jimin curiously looked at the book the other boy had been reading, lighting up as he saw the pretty flowers inside.

The beta noticed and smiled.

“I like learning about flowers. Did you see the ones out front? I planted those.”

The human gasped, eyes wide in amazement.

“Really? But there are so many!”

Yoongi hummed.

“I didn’t plant them all at once, you know. It took me a few years, just finding a flower some days and bringing it back home.”

“Jiminie loves flowers!” The black haired boy smiled, his eyes lighting up.

The wolf nodded once.

“Yeah, they’re beautiful, aren’t they? Would you like to hear about some?”

Jimin grinned at the other and happily agreed, feet kicking back and forth in the air.

Yoongi’s eyes brightened and he flexed his fingers before beginning to read, face relaxed.

Soft little breaths could be heard as Jin fell asleep, lulled by his soulmate’s quiet voice.

The beta only smiled to himself and continued reading, Jimin eagerly and attentively listening as he snuggled into the wolf contently.

Chapter Text

Jimin startled from his spot next to Yoongi, the beta stopping in the middle of his reading as the door flew open, Hoseok grinning as he ran in.

“Sunshine! I missed you!”

The human giggled at that, getting up to give the other a hug, basking in the warm and safe feeling of being held.

“Hobi is silly!” He didn’t even notice the nickname as the alpha laughed, spinning him around and making him giggle even more.

“Really? I’m what?”

Jimin squealed, eyes crinkled up into a smile as tiny hands smacked the other boy’s chest.

As Hoseok lifted their pack mate into his arms, he playfully winked.

“I think Jiminie is the silliest.”

Winding his arms and legs around the wolf’s body, he leaned up and butted their noses together.

“Nuh-uh! Hobi is!”

Little kisses were rained upon Jimin as their argument continued, their human squirming and wiggling happily as they headed out the door and towards the backyard.

Yoongi smiled and closed his book so he could turn to lay facing his still fast asleep soulmate.

Reaching out, he gently brushed his thumb against Jin’s cheek.

The sound of Jungkook and Hoseok laughing could be heard even with his door closed, and he re-positioned them so that they were laying facing each other, chuckling whenever playful yelling and faint giggles sounded out.

The warmth from his soulmate made him want to just close his eyes, so he did, burrowing against the other’s body.

“I love you.” He whispered softly, curling his fingers into Jin’s shirt.

Suddenly, arms came to wrap around him and a pair of lips pressed softly against his own.

“I love you, too.”

Yoongi kept his eyes closed, utterly relaxed.

“Stay with me, please?”

Seokjin lightly laughed, pulling him even closer until the beta’s head was resting under his chin.


The two of them stayed there and dozed on each other, smiling.

Jimin screeched as both Hoseok and Jungkook stood smirking as Taehyung jumped on him and began tickling him mercilessly.

“TaeTae, no! Please!”

His soulmate just grinned at him mischievously, not stopping until his eyes started tearing up as he laid there panting.

Then the omega pressed their foreheads together and chuckled.

“My Jiminie is just too cute not to tease.”

He pouted and poked the other boy on the nose.

“No, TaeTae! Not cute!”

His soulmate’s eyes were shining as he looked down at him, grinning.

“Oh? Then what are you, sweetheart?”

Jimin pressed against the wolf’s chest until Taehyung let himself fall to lie down as his human sat on top of him, toothily smiling.

“Jiminie is ferocious!” He cutely stumbled on the word, but managed to say it as he proudly put his hands on his hips and looked down at the other boy.

The omega cheerfully smiled back.

“I already knew that! My Jiminie is the best, such a brave little boy!”

Their human pack mate flushed pink as he plopped down on Taehyung to kiss him on both cheeks.

The wolf intertwined their hands and stared at him with warm, adoring eyes.

“I’m so proud of you.”

Jimin beamed giddily and left so many kisses on his soulmate’s face that they both started giggling after a minute.

Taehyung sighed happily and moved to sit up, hands moving the black haired boy to his lap.

As Jungkook and Hoseok moved in and began playing with his human’s fingers, making him giggle, his whole body just felt floaty from how happy he was.

Here, with Jimin in his lap and the rest of his pack close by, everything felt right.

He wanted to stay with everyone like this for forever.

And he knew there would be days where he didn’t feel like smiling, days where he just felt like not getting out of bed at all.

Maybe it was silly to wish for happiness.

But he felt like as long as his family was here with him, everything would be alright.

They would all support him and find his smile again for him.

So Taehyung tightened his arms around Jimin and laughed with him as the beta and alpha both randomly got up and started dancing, making ridiculous faces at each other.

He liked being silly, anyways.

As the both of them looked to Jimin to ask who won, the boy bounced and smiled.

“Kookie!” Little fingers wiggled demandingly.

Jungkook wasted no time in scooping the human up and tossing him up a bit only to catch him, kissing his head.

His soulmate giggled, brown eyes sparkling.

Hoseok stood off to the side, arms crossed and pouting dramatically.

Taehyung went over to him and captured him in a back hug, resting his head on the alpha’s shoulder.

“Aw, Seokie, don’t be jealous. I’m sure Jiminie will give you a hug if you ask.”

Hoseok chuckled, breaking out of his hold and turning to face him.

“I’m just mad Jungkookie beat me. Ah, that brat, I’ll get him!”

He grinned, leaning up to nuzzle their cheeks.

“Tell me if you need any help.”

His alpha grinned back and laughed, agreeing.

“Kookie?” Jimin looked up at the beta curiously, not even noticing as his thumb made its way into his mouth.

Jungkook, who still had their little human in his arms, smiled as he opened a door and brought them into the backyard.

“I thought it’d be fun if we played out here!”

He stared around excitedly, eyes fixed on all the big trees.

The wolf brought a hand to his chin, gently turning it to face him.

“But you can’t climb the trees, okay Jiminie? You might fall and get hurt.”

As Jungkook stared at him seriously, he nodded, even if he had wanted to try.

He smiled when he got a pat on the head and the wolf looked at him proudly. Kookie even called him a good boy!

The warm feeling in his heart was way better than some lame trees, any day.

“Alright, Jiminie, try and catch me!”

He laughed happily and ran as fast as he could, fingers always just shy of reaching the other boy.

A few minutes later, he gave one last burst of speed and panted when he finally grabbed hold of Jungkook’s shirt.

“Kookie!” He grinned when the beta threw his weight on him and made them fall down, tangled together.

“Jiminie.” The wolf propped a hand under his head and looked at him sweetly.

He hid behind his hands and then peeked out, giggling helplessly when he saw the other still staring at him.

“My little one is all giggly, huh?”

Jimin’s eyes crinkled up when he was gently pulled closer.

“Kookie!” He was unable to defeat the army of giggles that rose out of him, face red from both running and laughter.

Jungkook just looked at him fondly and smiled.

Chapter Text

Namjoon held Jimin’s hand as he and his soulmate led the human back into the house, Jungkook still grinning from how they’d just appeared and stolen him.

As they settled onto the floor of the living room, Hoseok placed Jimin in his lap and smiled sunnily.

“What do you want to do, Jiminie?”

Their human pack mate pondered in silence for a few moments, eyebrows scrunched together as he thought.


Big brown eyes stared at them pleadingly.

His alpha shook his head, frowning as he rocked Jimin back and forth gently.

“I’m sorry, sunshine. We don’t have any coloring things.”

The human scooted back and cuddled into the wolf, disappointed.

Namjoon made a note to ask later if someone could take Jimin to town for some toys and other supplies. They just weren’t currently equipped to take care of someone as little as the other boy sometimes was.

And with how easily Jimin slid into this kind of mindset, he thought that it would soon become something very frequent indeed.

Well, big or small, it was Jimin. They would love him no matter what.

That was just what family meant.

“Ah! I know!” Hoseok suddenly lit up, looking down at their human with an excited grin.

“Why don’t you draw on me? I bet we have a pen or marker somewhere around here!”

As twin pairs of sparkling eyes turned towards him, Namjoon laughed and got up to go look, cheers ringing out behind him.

His soulmate was just the type to suggest something like this, too eager for it by half.

He softly smiled as he searched through drawers.

He remembered when they first met, the both of them too scared and angry at the world by far, but when their eyes had landed on each other…

The two of them had run to each other, desperate, as if the other would disappear into thin air any second.

Of course, then he’d tripped, bracing himself for impact.

But his soulmate had caught him, and then smiled and laughed.

“You’re a clumsy one, huh? Well, that’s fine! I’ll just have to be there to catch you!”

He had been so embarrassed he couldn’t look the other in the face.

“But please be more careful, okay?”

A hand had taken his and then they’d wandered, coming to know each other as they went. They’d refused to join any pack that offered, disdainful of all the hierarchies and power plays within them.

That was the very reason they’d each run away from their former packs in the first place.

The two of them had been young and rebellious, sticking only to each other as rogues as they travelled the fringes of neutral territory.

Until an older wolf stumbled onto them one day and then just never left.

“Name’s Yoongi. I guess you two brats are stuck with me now.”

Eventually, they’d come across his two soulmates, an alpha and a beta, and their group of three became five.

“So you’re our third soulmate? We’ve waited for you a long time. My name is Seokjin, and this is Jungkook. Now come over here and hug us!”

Over time, they naturally fell into being a pack. But not like the ones they’d all came from. They were like a family.

And all of them had been happy, wandering by day and sleeping as wolves under the stars.

But then they’d found a little wolf, injured and growling whenever they came too close.

He’d been weak from malnourishment and fever, and when he eventually slipped into unconsciousness, they’d all just decided to take care of him.

A few days later, when he was finally awake for more than a few minutes, he’d introduced himself quietly.

“I’m Taehyung. Thank you for saving me.”

He hadn’t said very much at all the first few months he’d been with them, but as time went on and they made no move of abandoning him or forcing him to talk, he slowly opened up.

The first time he smiled was when he laughed as Jungkook and Seokjin started playfully bickering, Yoongi in the middle and sighing in exasperation.

“You three are funny!”

One day, they’d all found a house in the middle of the woods and made the decision to stay, at least for a little while.

But now here they were, a complete pack with Jimin finally amongst them, this house their home.

Namjoon grinned when his fingers closed around a green marker.

His pack mates cheered once again as he came back, handing the marker over to Jimin.

“Thank you, Joonie!” The black haired boy chirped, already drawing something on Hoseok’s arm.

He kissed their human’s head.

“You’re welcome, love.”

The alpha looked at the both of them affectionately, beaming.

“And what exactly are you drawing on me, Jiminie?”

Jimin giggled and continued coloring.


Hoseok lightly chuckled, eyes bright.

“Thank you! I bet I’ll look super pretty when you’re done!”

Namjoon thought that Hoseok was beautiful all the time, but especially when he was happy.

When his soulmate looked over to him and then smiled softly, he thought that his alpha understood at least a little of what he hadn’t said.

He smiled back and took the arm Jimin wasn’t drawing on, intertwining their fingers loosely.

Namjoon leaned over and kissed Hoseok lovingly, the both of them laughing when their pack mate whined as his coloring was disturbed.

“It’s alright! Here, nothing happened to your drawing!” His wolf gave his arm back and bounced the human a little.

Jimin toothily smiled at them and then reached up to draw a tiny heart on both of their cheeks, eyes crinkled up adorably.

The two of them looked at each other over the black haired boy’s head as he went back to coloring contently.

Hoseok grinned at him and mimed taking the heart from his cheek and throwing it at him.

He reached his hand out and caught it, putting his closed fist to his chest and then opened it to let the heart meet his.

Namjoon could feel his dimples showing as he beamed at his soulmate, still so in love even after all these years.

They’d come a long way from those two kids who had cursed at the world and stood lost, purposeless.

Hoseok looked at him like he was winter snowflakes and hot chocolate both, beautiful and wonderful and sweet.

“Hobi, Joonie, look!” Jimin pulled their attention away from each other and onto him.

As they saw the multitude of flowers decorating the alpha’s arm, they smiled.

“Wow, they’re so pretty, Jiminie! You’re such a good drawer!” He pressed a kiss to the boy’s head, who clapped happily.

Hoseok cooed and hugged their human to his chest, nuzzling him.

“My little sunshine is amazing!”

As Jimin giggled and started squirming as kisses were pressed all over his face, Namjoon sighed contently and watched the two of them warmly.

He was right where he wanted to be in the world, and had no plans of getting up.

Chapter Text

“What do you want for lunch, Jiminie?” Taehyung cheerfully smiled at his little soulmate who was kicking his legs back and forth as he sat at the kitchen table.

Big brown eyes shined excitedly as his human wiggled in the chair.

“Chicken nuggets!”

He frowned, disappointed that they didn’t have what the other boy wanted. They didn’t have very much of anything, to be honest, as they usually just went out and hunted in their other bodies. It was too much of a hassle to go into human towns to acquire food when they ate as much as they did.

But now that Jimin was here, it looked as if they’d have to go shopping much more frequently.

Taehyung didn’t even want to know how Yoongi and Seokjin came into possession of the money they’d used to buy his soulmate’s clothes. The rest of the pack certainly didn’t know enough about human society to even think about how things required currency to be bought.

For wolves, if you wanted something, you took it. Whether by subtlety or strength, they knew how to hunt their prey.

Human society was so confusing. It baffled him as to why they all lived so close together, how they always lied about what they truly wanted, not to mention the way they feared anything they couldn’t understand…

Just thinking about it all was frustrating him, so he huffed out a breath and then turned to Jimin, a smile soon returning to his face.

“We don’t have chicken nuggets. But guess what? I can make you shapes and flowers to eat!”

The black haired boy’s mouth parted in surprise before he grinned, yelling out yes.

Taehyung chuckled, digging out the cookie cutters that had probably only ever been used once. He then gathered all the necessary ingredients for the simplest human recipe he knew. Well, practically the only thing he knew how to make, even if it was a little embarrassing to admit.

Softly smiling as he made sandwiches, peanut butter with raspberry jam, he made a note to himself to pick up a recipe book the next time they went out.

He wanted to be able to make all sorts of meals for Jimin to try.

“Ta-dah!” Turning around, he presented the plate proudly and with a flourish as he set it down on the table.

The other boy looked at him with shining eyes and a big smile.

“Thank you, TaeTae!”

He sat down across from his soulmate, mirroring the expression.

Seeing Jimin ooh and aah over all the different shapes, he laid his head in his hand and chuckled.

“Go slow, sweetheart. They’re not going to run away from you.”

The black haired boy nodded happily and started eating slower, little hums of enjoyment escaping from him.

“Good boy! Jiminie is so good, listening like that.”

His soulmate squirmed in place, looking down with a small smile.

Leaning in a bit more, he reached across the table and tapped the other’s nose playfully.

“You’re wonderful. Amazing, brilliant, shining…” He lavished words of praise on Jimin, planting delicate kisses on the other boy when he started to blush bright pink.

Cupping both of his soulmate’s cheeks, Taehyung smiled sweetly while staring into bright brown eyes.

“You’re who I want to spend forever with, you know?”

He yelped when Jimin got up from his seat and hauled him up to his feet in a tight hug, refusing to let go.

“TaeTae, I… TaeTae is my…”

Even if he was a bit confused, he waited until the other boy looked up at him and gathered the right words.

“I really really like you a lot, and your family, and everything we do together, no matter if I’m feeling small or not. I kind of want to stay here forever too, and I hope you don’t mind but I think I’m already a little bit in love with you.”

Jimin just said it all in one big breath, eyes wide as he breathed out, waiting.

Taehyung leaned down and kissed him right on the lips, quick as a spark going off.

His soulmate kissed back for all he was worth, pulling him in by the neck when he tried to stop at just one.

But they eventually had to come up for air, and as they stared at each other, panting, they both had to laugh.

It was as if they were inexperienced teenagers who had just discovered what the heady feeling of euphoria felt like.

When Jimin buried his face into his neck and clung even tighter to him, he smiled and began running hands through soft black hair.

“Thank you for taking care of me, Taehyung.”

And when he felt small teardrops soak into his clothes, he just started humming, continuing until the other boy wetly chuckled and gave him a smile.

“You always know just what to do.”

The wolf shook his head.

“It’s because you’re easy to love. I want you to be happy.”

Jimin seemed to glow in that moment, softly smiling with wet cheeks.

“I am.” Saying that, his human took his hand and pulled him up, leading him into the living room and settling on the couch, tugging insistently until Taehyung came to lay on top of him.

The black haired boy lightly laughed and smoothly wrapped his arms around the wolf’s neck, pulling him down to rest on his chest.

“Let’s stay here, for a little while.”

Taehyung relaxed, breathing out a sigh as he heard Jimin’s soothing heartbeat against his ear.

Closing his eyes, he dug his fingers into the other boy’s shirt.


Later, when they were asleep, curled into each other, Jungkook stumbled into the living room only to smile fondly when he saw the two of them.

Exiting and then returning a moment later with a blanket, he spread it out over them.

‘I feel like I’m going to get cavities from the two of you.’

The beta silently laughed to himself as he turned to quietly walk into the kitchen for a drink.

‘Sleep well.’

Everyone would be here, guarding their two pack mates and making sure nothing disturbed their dreams.

Smiling, Jungkook leaned up against the couch instead of going back to his room as originally planned.

Breathing out contently, he relaxed.

He’d stay here for a little while, wrapped up warm in the quiet and sleepy atmosphere that surrounded the living room.

It was all too easy to close his eyes and surrender to the simple happiness that was being around his family.

Chapter Text

It was evening, and time for Taehyung and Namjoon to go patrolling. Usually, the rest of them would be content to leave things to the two of them, but tonight Hoseok had told both betas to shadow them, just in case.

For the past few days, he thought he’d smelled the faint hint of another wolf at the edge of their territory. Of course, it could have just been someone passing by, and they hadn’t dared crossed the boundary, but…

He just wanted to be sure that this wasn’t a threat to his pack, whatever it was.

The two alphas had silently agreed to stay inside the house, guarding both it and Jimin.

He was the most vulnerable member of their family, though Hoseok didn’t make the mistake of underestimating him. He’d survived for who knows how long out on the streets, after all.

Still, if a wolf ever thought to come after him… Humans were naturally slower and had much dimmer senses than their kind.

In their other form, Jimin would be easy prey.

Mouth pursed in a serious line, he stepped up to his soulmate and tightly hugged him.

“Be careful, okay? I just have a feeling…”

Namjoon kissed him and smiled reassuringly, tangling their hands briefly before heading to the door.

“Don’t worry about us. If anything does happen, we’ll call.”

The other omega wrapped their human pack mate in an embrace, doing his best to make him laugh but only getting a weak smile for his efforts.

“Taehyung, promise me something.” Jimin whispered into the wolf’s ear, stomach flipping upside down with nerves.

“Promise me that if you’re ever in trouble, you’ll call me.”

Taehyung paused, a hesitant expression on his face.

The human pulled back and stared at the other resolutely.

“Promise me.”

And as if the wolf knew that his soulmate wouldn’t be letting go of him until he did, he finally nodded, burying his nose into black hair.

“I promise, Jimin.”

And then it was suddenly time to go.

The four of them each gave one last look before transforming and running out the door, already in the mindset of a hunter.

Just like that, the three of them were left there.

Closing the door, Seokjin nodded at the other alpha and then smiled, gently taking hold of their human’s hand.

“Why don’t we go lay down?”

Hoseok took Jimin’s other hand and they both pulled him into Taehyung’s room, arranging themselves on the bed on either side of him.

They laid in silence for a few minutes, the black haired boy curling into them as close as he could and frowning.

“I’m worried.” It was said quietly, like Jimin was afraid of bringing those words to life.

Jin carded fingers through their human’s hair gently, trying to put him at ease.

“I am too. I always am, every time someone goes out. You just have to believe that they’re strong enough to beat whatever life throws at them.”

Jimin sighed and rested his head between the two of them.

Hoseok cuddled closer to the human, throwing an arm over him to place a hand on the other alpha’s side.

“They’re strong alone, yeah, but when they’re together, they’re truly something to witness. So try not to worry so much, alright? Everything’s gonna be fine.”

Jimin smiled gratefully at the both of them and relaxed a little.


Meeting eyes over their human’s head, he and Jin gave each other silent thumbs ups, relieved to have calmed the other boy at least a bit.

As the three of them laid together, Hoseok smiled softly.

‘You idiots better not get hurt.’

Taehyung sniffed at the ground, growling when he caught the faded scent of another wolf so close to the boundary between their territory and neutral ground.

Whoever had been here earlier was gone, and it made him dig his claws into the dirt of the forest floor.

They hadn’t crossed into his pack’s land, but they’d skirted the line as close as they could go.

Shaking his head restlessly, he met Namjoon’s eyes and followed behind him as they started heading back home.

There wasn’t much they could do about this, not until that wolf stepped foot in their territory.

If they did, well… Taehyung bared his teeth in a grin.

He would be glad to dispose of them before they even got the chance to think of harming his pack.

Scenting Yoongi and Jungkook trailing close behind, he knew that the two betas would chase down the intruder just as ferociously as him.

As for Namjoon… Taehyung’s eyes gleamed in the evening dusk.

The other omega would be the first to rip out the throat of anyone stupid enough to challenge their claim of this land.

So even if he was a bit restless, he did his best to not worry.

The four of them would know when someone trespassed, and they would protect their pack.

It was as simple as that.

Hoseok grinned as all his wolves returned, shaking their fur out before shifting into their human bodies.

He smelt no blood, and the tension he’d been carrying ever since they’d gone out disappeared.

As Namjoon explained their findings to the alpha, Seokjin and Jimin smiled and pulled their soulmates into a hug.

“Jimin!” Taehyung shouted happily, picking the human up and twirling him around, acting as if they hadn’t seen each other in days.

The black haired boy cheerfully laughed.


Yoongi snorted at the two of them and leaned back into the arms his soulmates each had around his waist.

“I’m glad you’re both okay.” Seokjin sweetly smiled at both betas, eyes bright.

Jungkook leaned up to kiss him, then down for Yoongi.

With his soulmates’ lips and hands on him, the black haired wolf sighed contently and started tugging the two of them to their room, ready to go to sleep.

“We can kiss more in bed, let’s go.”

Jungkook and Jin traded fond, exasperated looks and trailed after him.

Everyone else soon followed suit, and as Jimin laid down facing Taehyung, he intertwined their fingers.

Slowly leaning in, he nuzzle their noses and then buried his face in the other boy’s neck.

“I was worried, you know.”

The wolf cradled him softly.

“I’ll always come back for you.”

Closing his eyes, Jimin airily giggled as he squeezed their hands.

“Is that a promise?”

Taehyung hummed, nodding, making his human giggle even more as he felt the vibrations.

A comfortable silence passed over them for a few minutes, and it almost seemed like Jimin was asleep until he spoke up once more.

“Good night.”

Taehyung smiled.

“Good morning.”

The black haired boy didn’t stop laughing at that for a while, eyes crinkled up in mirth as his wolf held his shaking body.

Panting a little, Jimin eventually managed to speak, although a few giggles still escaped here and there.

“Good morning, Taehyung.”

They both went to sleep with smiles on their faces.

Chapter Text

Jimin woke to the sound of his soulmate’s soft snores, smiling as he sat up and gently pried the arms around his body off.

Staring at his wolf, he quietly chuckled at the way Taehyung was in his sleep, mouth hanging open and fingers slightly twitching. He couldn’t resist pressing a kiss to the other boy’s forehead, heart twinging fondly.

Sighing happily as he got up to stretch, he looked out the window to see that it was still a bit dark out, barely early morning.

He slid a hand through his hair as he quickly changed out of the clothes he wore to bed last night and instead into a loose shirt and some sweatpants, both of them probably Taehyung’s.

‘I don’t think he’ll mind, though.’ Jimin grinned to himself as he remembered the star struck expression his soulmate had sported when he’d first worn his clothes.

The fabric was well worn and comfortable against his skin, and it felt a little like the other boy was hugging him.

He probably had the dopiest smile on his face as he stood there; he wasn’t even going to pretend otherwise.

Deciding to leave before he did something silly like crawling back into bed and wrapping himself up in Taehyung, he lightly giggled and headed for the kitchen, being careful not to trip in the darkness.

After catching himself from tripping a few times, he’d somehow made it in one piece.

Putting his hands on his hips, he beamed.

‘What should I make?’

He wanted to make breakfast for everyone this time, wanted to see their surprised faces as they walked in only to see table already full of food.

He wanted to do something for them all for once.

The whole pack had been nothing short of wonderful to him, always doing their best to make sure he felt safe and happy.

Jimin’s eyes crinkled up into a smile.

This time, he was going to be the one taking care of them.

He wasn’t the best cook, but he tried his best and improvised on some things, not sure what to do at certain parts.

But in the end, he was proud of himself for managing to make three whole plates filled with fruit topped pancakes, two others with eggs and toast, and even a huge plate for sausage, just in case.

Setting jam, peanut butter and syrup on the table next to everything, he hoped that everyone liked it.

It’d taken a while to make, and by now the sun was rising.

“Breakfast is ready!” He shouted, figuring even if it was earlier than they were used to, they wouldn’t want their food to get cold.

Maybe he should have waited a bit longer to fix breakfast, but he’d just been so excited.

Besides, as they all slowly stumbled into the kitchen, confused at hearing their human yelling, Jimin grinned and laughed loudly at how shocked they became when they found the table.

“Surprise! I made breakfast!” He threw his hands up, bouncing on the heels of his feet.

The wolves soon came alive, all traces of drowsiness gone as they each wound an arm around him or kissed him or patted his head as they eagerly sat down, enthusiastically thanking him.

But it was Taehyung who cheerfully grabbed his hand, sitting and then beckoning him with warm eyes.

His heart did a little flip, and he smiled softly as he sat in his soulmate’s lap, arms settling themselves around his waist lovingly.

Looking up, he found the rest of the pack staring at him and Taehyung with happy eyes, and he fidgeted shyly with his wolf’s fingers, ears pink from how adoringly they regarded the two of them.

He still wasn’t used to how they made him feel wanted, like he belonged.

Tucking his head under his omega’s chin, he coughed and tried not to let their stares affect him so much.

“Um, let’s eat?”

And just like that, he watched as his wolves all started to pile food on their plates, looking ravenous.

He could feel Taehyung’s arms move against him as the brown haired boy grabbed food for the both of them, all on one plate.

Feeling a little off balance as the other told him to pick out what to put on the pancakes, he reached over and picked up the peanut butter and raspberry jam to spread it on them.

“Is that what humans normally put on pancakes?” Jungkook curiously asked, his body leaning over to try and look closer.

As the others all echoed the question, Jimin airily laughed.

“No, this is just how I like to eat them. Most people just put syrup on theirs.”

Chaos soon broke out over the table as the wolves all decided to try all three toppings of peanut butter, jam and syrup on their pancakes.

It was an absolute mess, everyone yelling and bickering playfully, and yet Jimin had to smile in amusement.

A pair of lips softly kissed his neck.

“I’m hungry.”

Giggles fluttered out of his mouth as he cut up their pancakes and turned to bring the fork up to Taehyung.

Deep brown eyes smiled at him as his soulmate demanded to be fed, hands gently squeezing his waist.

“What about me, Taehyungie?”

The omega chuckled and kissed him on the lips, cheekily grinning.

“You can live off my kisses, can’t you?”

Jimin kissed back, feeling immeasurably fond of the boy he was sitting on.

Sighing out as he brought another piece of food to the other’s lips, he toothily smiled.

“I can sure as heck try.”

Taehyung briefly and sweetly pecked his lips.

“I’ll give you so many kisses you won’t know what to do with them all!”

He entangled their hands together and then teasingly pressed his mouth to his wolf’s nose, smirking at the whine he got in return.

“I’ll keep them all with me, of course. All your kisses are mine!”

They both giggled together at their silly conversation, too enamored with each other to notice when everyone else finished eating and watched them, grinning.

The two of them flailed when another body unexpectedly climbed on top of them, all three of them wobbling dangerously in the chair they were sitting in.

Jungkook cackled and wove his arms around them snugly, preventing them from escaping.

“I’m here to steal your kisses! Soon, they will no longer be in your possession!”

As Taehyung and Jimin squealed and wiggled away from the beta’s hands which were sneakily tickling them, Seokjin smiled fondly at the scene.

“Those three like to rile each other up, hm?”

Hoseok threw his head back and grinned around at his pack.

“Aren’t they adorable?”

Namjoon chuckled quietly while Yoongi turned to give the alpha an unimpressed look.

“They’re something, alright.”

Hoseok laughed, leaning into the other alpha.

“What are you acting all unaffected for? We all know how much you love us!”

The beta looked at them all with a glare, just daring them to elaborate.

As Hoseok opened his mouth and did exactly that, Namjoon fell back into Jin’s side with how hard he was laughing as the two of them watched Yoongi pounce on the other wolf, who was just grinning up at him playfully.

The alpha pulled the wolf on top of him into a tight hug, nuzzling against him.

“I love you too, Yoongi! You’re so cute and the perfect size for cuddling!”

The black haired boy’s pale skin was flushed red as he smacked the other on the shoulder repeatedly.

“Shut up!”

Namjoon chuckled, head nestled between Seokjin’s neck.

“Yoongi never learns, does he?”

Jin ran his fingers through the omega’s hair contently, feeling warm as he watched his family goof off.


Chapter Text

“You look very pretty, dear heart.” Seokjin smiled at him while Jungkook who was sat beside him clapped loudly and whistled when Jimin came out of the fitting room.

The two of them had each taken his hand and led him here to go shopping. Why he possibly needed more clothes, he didn’t know. But it wasn’t as if he disliked feeling so cared for, or the happiness he saw reflected in his wolves’ eyes whenever they provided for him.

They loved to spoil him, and according to the warmth coming from his chest, he didn’t mind one bit.

Jimin did a little twirl, laughing as the long and thin shirt spun with him. It came down to his thighs and he enjoyed the way it loosely brushed against his skin.

“You do too, Jin!”

The alpha chuckled, a fond look in his eyes.

“Thank you for saying so. You’re very sweet, Jimin.”

Their human beamed at them before rushing back into the changing room to try on more clothes.

Seokjin didn’t think he would ever tire of seeing how Jimin smiled so happily whenever anyone complimented him.

Their pack mate was so precious, so lovable. He deserved every single word of praise Jin could think of, and then more.

All he wanted was to bundle up their human in blankets of hugs and kisses and comfort, so that he’d never have reason to feel anything but good.

He wanted to do that with everyone in his pack. Wanted to make them smile and laugh for no reason.

He wasn’t even embarrassed to admit that he loved everyone in his family so much that sometimes it felt as if his heart would burst.

They were his and he was theirs, and there was nothing better in the world than the feeling of being together with them.

After all those empty years of wandering and wondering if he would ever even survive the next day, he was home.

Sure, he might have lost some things along the way, but he’d gained so much.

He’d found everyone and then they had all somehow glued him back together and made him feel loved.

Out of everyone in their family, Seokjin thought that he was the most grateful.

Grateful to have survived long enough to see them there waiting for him.

There had been times where he’d thought he would never be happy again, or that it was just better to give up already.

But they had reached out and embraced him when he confusedly asked why he was crying.

"What’s wrong with me?" He had been so bewildered, looking at them all with blank eyes.

Yoongi had stared at him fiercely, clutching at his shoulders.

"Nothing. You’re crying for what you lost, what you never got a chance to have. But listen to me, Seokjin."

His soulmate had glared sternly, looking so determined that he couldn’t have looked away even if he tried.

"We’re here, and maybe the four of us can’t be what you want. But don’t you fucking dare ever think that you’re not a part of this family."

And as he looked around and found them staring resolutely back, as steadfast and sure as when they’d first met, Seokjin broke down sobbing.

He burrowed into his soulmates’ sides as the rest of them laid a comforting hand somewhere on him.

"Don’t leave me."

His family had smiled and said never, too bad but you’re stuck with us, sorry no take backs.

"We love you. I’ll keep saying it until you believe it, and after that I’ll keep saying it. Because it’s true. You’re so loved."

Jungkook had reverently kissed his wet eyes and held tightly onto him as he cried.

He snapped out of his thoughts as his beta leaned in and brushed his thumb over his cheek.

“Hi, sweetheart.” Jungkook looked at him with such soft, warm eyes.

Jin let out a sigh and leaned into the hands that were now cupping his face gently.

He smiled and kissed the other sweetly.

“Hello, Kookie.”

They both chuckled, and then his wolf climbed into his lap, winding strong arms around his neck and smirking.

“Fancy meeting you here.”

He breathed out when the beta’s lips met his ear in a teasing whisper.

“What should I do now that I’ve got you right where I want you?”

Jin’s hands tightened their grip on his soulmate’s waist as he lifted him up and kissed him hard.

Resting their foreheads together, he smirked back as his wolf panted.

“You should know not to play with fire, Jungkookie. Or do you want to get burnt?” He lightly traced his nails over the other’s skin and chuckled when he shivered.

Just as he was about to continue, both their heads whipped up when they heard a cough.

Jungkook lightly blushed and Jin just smiled serenely as Jimin stared at them, amused.

“Sorry for interrupting, but I tried on everything we picked out and I’m ready to buy some of them now. Is there anywhere else we’re going to?”

Lacing their hands together and then each grabbing one of Jimin’s as well, the three of them walked over to the register.

“Yes, we were also planning to shop for some food and things for you when you’re feeling small.”

Their human pack mate averted his eyes shyly for a moment but then looked back up with an excited grin.

“Really? Let’s go then! I already have some stuff in mind.”

They both laughed at the feeling of small insistent tugs pulling at them to go faster.

As Jimin eagerly dumped everything on the counter to be paid for, Jungkook caught him staring and returned it, eyes gleaming.

‘Later.’ His soulmate mouthed, playfully tilting his head.

Shaking his head in exasperation, Jin smiled.

His soulmate never backed down from a challenge.

And when Yoongi became involved…

Well, the results were always interesting.

“Jin! Kookie! Hurry up!” Big brown eyes looked at them pleadingly while Jimin pouted.

Just one look and he could tell.

Squeezing their hands gently, Seokjin tilted his head and waited.

Their little one lit up and grinned at them.


The beta leaned down to nuzzle his nose affectionately, the both of them relishing in the little giggles that bubbled up.

“Such a good boy.”

Jimin squealed and threw his arms around the both of them in a hug.

“Love you!” And then their little pack mate kissed everywhere he could enthusiastically.

Turning to see an identical fond and adoring expression on his soulmate’s face, Jin laughed happily as he picked up the other boy, Jungkookie’s arms winding around them both.

Squished between the two of them, Jimin wiggled contently when they began to press soft little kisses all over him.

“We love you too, Jiminie.”

Black hair soon turned messy as their human rubbed against them, probably trying to imitate what he’d seen them do to each other when they scented.

Jimin’s eyes crinkled up cutely as he smiled.

“How much?”

Jungkook smiled back.

“Too much to measure.”

And when they left the store, laughing and still holding hands as their little one excitedly babbled, Seokjin passed by some people who had judging looks on their faces.

He bared his teeth at them in the facsimile of a smile and gleefully watched them pale and turn away.

They weren’t even fit to look at his family.

Eyes turning soft as he looked back to the two of them, he waved their joint hands together just to make Jimin giggle and Jungkook grin.

He’d protect them all.

Chapter Text

“How about this one?” Jungkook held out a baby blue sippy cup with little stars printed on it, Jimin’s eyes sparkling as his mouth opened in awe.

The human took it and ran his fingers all over it, fascinated.


He and Seokjin smiled fondly as they watched the black haired boy gently shake it up and down, big brown eyes crinkled up adorably.

“You want that one? Well, pick out a couple more so it won’t be lonely, okay?” His soulmate patted Jimin on the head as their little one gasped excitedly, hugging the cup to his chest.

As a few moments passed and their human pack mate just looked more and more indecisive, Jungkook decided to just grab a few and present them to him.

“Do you like any of these, Jiminie?”

The other boy toothily grinned as he bounced, reaching out for a green one with little stegosauruses on it and hugging it along with his other cup.

He laughed and put back the rest he’d gotten, smiling when he heard a small giggle.

“One more!” He turned back and held up a finger, their little one automatically copying it and holding up his own finger before looking up at the shelves determinedly, as if he were on a mission.

The two of them watched as he suddenly lit up, quickly snatching a pastel pink cup patterned with hello kitty.

Their human turned around and flashed them a bright smile, arms full of his sippy cups.

“They’re friends!” Jimin happily exclaimed, coming over to snuggle into their sides.

His soulmate ran his fingers through their pack mate’s hair contently.

“Guess what, dear heart? We’re about to go pick out some more friends.”

Jungkook put a hand to his mouth to hide his smile as the other boy’s eyes shined and he let out a little happy noise.

It was heartwarming to see Jimin’s eyes go wide from wonder and then turn to tightly bury himself against them in a hug, enthusiastically thanking them.

Pressing a kiss to his forehead as Seokjin took his cups from him to hold, the beta felt warm.

He would buy all the stuffed animals in this store just to make Jimin smile.

“Well, what are you waiting for? These guys are looking lonely.” He playfully picked up their human and set him in front the plushes, wishing he could just bottle up the sound of tiny giggles.

Their little one wasted no time as he immediately found one, pulling down a cute, fluffy wolf and grinning.

“He’s like you!”

Jin smiled and his eyes softened as the black haired boy cuddled it close and kissed it.

“Yeah, like us. And I bet he’ll protect you just like us too, huh?”

Jimin nodded happily as he looked down at it, running fingers through its soft fur.

He felt his chest tighten and wondered if his pack would ever just stop for a moment to let him recover from the overwhelming joy and love they made him feel.

Probably not. But how could he even mind when they took his hands and smiled at him?


Jimin tugged at him demandingly and he let himself be led to the coloring books and crayons.

As the other boy peered around, his soulmate kissed him, and he melted into it, as he always did.

“My darling.” Seokjin whispered it against his lips, like it was a precious secret meant to be kept close.

His heart sped up and he laughed, drunk on happiness.

Hands came to rest on his waist and his mouth turned up when the two of them slowly started to sway.

Resting his head on Jin’s shoulder, Jungkook closed his eyes.

“Yeah?” He softly breathed out, relaxed.

And even though he couldn’t see it, he knew his soulmate was smiling.

“Nothing. I just wanted to hold you.”

The beta only hummed, an easy silence falling as they continued to rock.

The only thing that could have made this moment better was if Yoongi were here, right in the middle and tangled up with them.

But their second soulmate would be waiting back home, ready to welcome them into their bed and cuddle with them, even if he’d never admit it.

Yoongi would probably say something along the lines of, “You two are suffocating me.” All while he was snuggling closer.

It was endearing, and made him smile just thinking about it.

Their soulmate may try to present himself as aloof or indifferent, but the whole pack knew that he was actually the opposite.

Yoongi cared so much for all of them. He was the one who had, in the beginning, taught them how to truly be a family.

He had patiently sat beside each and every one of them in silence after nightmares, not saying anything but staying there with them until the sun rose.

He’d forced them all to go hunting with him until he was satisfied they’d be alright on their own, smiling at them proudly when they worked together to bring back their first kill.

His soulmate shouted at them angrily whenever someone came home injured, but then would drag them into the bathroom and treat their wounds quietly with worried eyes.

Yoongi took care of them all in so many different ways. It left Jungkook continuously in awe at how strong he was.

It made him want to be better, try harder.

He knew Jin felt the same. His alpha would always cut in with a gentle smile whenever Yoongi became too tired or anxious over making sure everything was alright.

Jin would then lift their soulmate up and carry him to bed, paying no mind to the halfhearted complaints they’d hear.

And after their soulmate fell asleep, the two of them would do their best to keep everything running in his place.

The rest of the pack would all smile and help out in their own ways, wanting to make Yoongi relax when he woke up.

The thankful gummy smile they all got when the beta got up made everything more than worth it.

Jungkook leaned up and kissed Jin softly.

“I love you.”

His alpha cupped his face and repeated it, adoring.

Jimin soon came back carrying his coloring books and crayons, beaming up at them.


Jungkook intertwined their fingers loosely.

“We just have to get a few more things and some food, then we can go home.”

Their little human wiggled excitedly.


Seokjin chuckled as they walked to where the bath toys were located.

“I bet he’s not going to let go of you once we get back.”

Jimin grinned, not looking like he minded the thought of that at all.

Chapter Text

As the three of them walked back home, laden with bags and laughing, Jimin didn’t even have time to be surprised as he was suddenly pushed behind Seokjin.

Jungkook moved in front of them, growling as a group of people prowled closer.

They were grinning and their eyes sparkled maliciously when they landed on him. Jimin felt a chill run through him as he gripped Jin’s shirt tightly.

“What’s going on?” He whispered as quietly as he could, body stock still.

The alpha didn’t take his eyes off of any of them as he softly whispered back.

“Jimin, stay behind me. Everything’s going to be okay.”

The group smirked at seeing Jungkook, and before Jimin could even blink, they pounced.

The beta snarled loudly and punched someone straight in the face, a loud crack ringing out as another one jumped on his back and wrapped hands around the wolf’s neck, only to be quickly bucked off and kneed in the stomach.

But there were still three more, and they swarmed Jungkook as their allies got back up, baring their teeth in ugly smiles.

The one that had a broken nose leered at the beta, paying no mind to the blood steadily dripping down his face.

“This one’s got a little fight in him, eh? Wonder how much you’ll have left after we take your human.”

Jimin inhaled sharply as one of them punched Jungkook, the wolf’s head turning to the side. He jerked against Seokjin’s back and tried to run to the beta, but was held back.

The alpha grimaced harshly, gripping his arm.

“You can’t, Jimin. They’ll hurt you.”

He knew that. He did, and it scared him. But he didn’t want to just stand here while one of his wolves got assaulted.

He tried moving again but the hold on his arm was too strong. Frustrated tears started to appear in his eyes. He understood that Jin was protecting him, and that he would probably make all of this much worse if just rushed in, but it was still horrible to be able to do nothing.

He was the reason why Seokjin wasn’t over there helping the beta fight, and it made him dig his fingers into the fabric in front of him.

Jungkook’s head snapped back up and he glared as he sank blunt teeth into the arm of someone who thought she was safe to corner him.

She screamed as he refused to let go, no matter how much they beat on him.

Jungkook only let go when his head was kicked, lolling to the side and mockingly snapping his blood stained teeth at them as he stared with smirking eyes.

“I’ll kill you.”

Broken nose, who seemed to be the group’s leader, yelled out in anger.

“You bitch! We’ll see who’s laughing when your precious little human is dead! Get him!” Four of them ran towards the two of them, and Jimin shakily released a breath as sweat dripped down his forehead.

Jungkook tried to run after them, but the rest of them surrounded him as he growled furiously.

The two of them were on their own right now, and it seemed Jin realized it as well by the way he quickly shoved Jimin towards the way to their house, eyes gleaming dangerously at the enemies in front of him.

“Go!” The alpha barked out, barely blocking the group from reaching their human pack mate.

He hesitated, eyes wide as he stared at two of his wolves fighting. For him, and for the pack.

He didn’t want to run away and leave them to fend for themselves. This was a life or death situation, and he didn’t know what to do.

But Jin glared at him fiercely, snarling as someone got in a lucky punch on him.

“Go, Jimin!”

With tears in his eyes, he turned and ran, only then noticing the crowd of people ogling and standing there watching with shocked expressions. It would only occur to him later that this was the reason why no one had shifted into their wolf bodies, not even the ones that had attacked them daring to risk it.

He could hear someone calling the police and Jungkook growling threateningly as he broke through the clump of people surrounding him briefly before being closed in on again.

But he didn’t have time to curse at the people standing on the sidelines, doing nothing to help.

Jin had told him to run, so he would. He had to get back home, where everyone else was.

Jimin ignored the panic racing through his veins and went as fast as he could.

He had to hurry.

Breathing harshly after running for what felt like hours, he didn’t slow down as he came upon the forest that led to their house.

And just as he was about to cross it, a hand gripped his arm in an unforgiving grip.

Another group snuck out, grinning at him just like the first had.

Jimin came to the conclusion that they were smarter than they looked, sending one group to ambush the three of them in town and another to hide out on the edge of his pack’s territory, just in case they had actually managed to escape.

He briefly remembered hearing Hoseok and Namjoon discussing something about the alpha catching some sort of scent at the fringes of their land.

And their omegas and betas had come back that night from patrolling to say that nothing had dared stepped foot over their territory.

‘No,’ Jimin thought, ‘they’d just camped out near here and waited for an opportunity. I bet they stayed just far enough away for my wolves not to find them.’

Eyeing the group that surrounded him menacingly, he knew he had no chance of escape.

So he screamed as loud as he could, louder than anything he’d ever been in his life.

“Help! Taehyung!”

A man hissed and grabbed him, wrapping a hand over his mouth as he struggled.

Biting down hard and tasting blood hit the back of his mouth, he heard a lot of yelling going on around him.

“Knock this fucking kid out!”

In the back of his mind, something eased. If his pack hadn’t heard him screaming, they surely had heard all the noise this group was making.

They’d come to investigate and find his scent and be able to trace it back to Jungkook and Seokjin.

They’d find his scent and be able to track him down.

‘All I have to do is survive.’ Jimin bit down harder and glared at the people around him, not even registering the noises of pain he was causing.

He imagined his pack’s smiling faces before him and took comfort from them.

Then a sharp blow to his head made everything fall dark.

Chapter Text

When Jimin came back to consciousness, he found himself laying in a bare room, one of his kidnappers standing across from him, expression bored.

They met eyes and he looked away, feeling anger well up in him when the other chuckled.

He didn’t appreciate being taken from his family. He didn’t like how this group had hurt Jin and Jungkook.

He hated the fear hanging around his neck like a noose, slowly choking him.

Jimin glared at the wolf and practically spit the words that fell from his mouth like poison.

“Why did you take me?”

He got a smirk in return as the other relaxed against the wall.

“Cause you were an easy target. Just a poor, defenseless human who has no chance of fighting back. If we got you, how would those other bastards react? Would they try to save you, or would they just let you die?”

His kidnapper laughed cruelly, eyes shining as they bored into him.

“Either way, in the end we’ll be taking your pack’s territory for ourselves!”

Jimin clenched his fists and dug his fingers into the skin of his knees. He ignored the red indents that his nails made and grit his teeth.

‘I see.’

These wolves had done all of this for territory. They planned to use him as bait to force his family to give up their home.

He just couldn’t understand the spitefulness. Why would they take this route, instead of simply finding somewhere else or even talking to his pack about it?

But just by looking at his attacker’s gleeful eyes, he knew he would probably never understand how people could be so cruel just for the sake of it.

“What’s the matter? You’re looking kind of angry! I wonder how long that’s going to last you.” The wolf just kept cackling, hand holding his stomach.

Jimin said nothing, hands shaking slightly.

The other slowly came over and grinned down at him before suddenly kicking him in the stomach, faster than he could blink.

His eyes widened and he fell on his hands, coughing and spluttering as he tried to breathe through the pain.

“Don’t get too cocky, yeah? You’re just a human. I bet those bastards only keep you around as a pet.”

The wolf bared his teeth at him in a mockery of a smile before turning to walk towards the door.

Jimin shakily crawled to his feet and slowly wobbled after his kidnapper, breathing heavily.

“What else could you possibly be good for? So just sit tight in here and be a good-“ The other was cut off abruptly before he could open the door as hands wrapped around his neck in a chokehold.

As his attacker struggled in his grip, flailing and trying to buck him off, Jimin just held on tighter.

Just as he thought that the other would fall unconscious, he was suddenly backhanded across the face and knocked to the ground.

Crying out in pain, he quickly got to his feet again, clutching at his eye.

Deep growling filled the air as a huge wolf pounced on his body and tried to bite him.

Sharp teeth tore at his skin as he protected his face and neck, desperately struggling. It was only when he felt a sharp pain running through his shoulder did he finally find an opening.

Jimin snarled as he shoved his fingers straight into the wolf’s eyes, making him yelp and immediately back off.

Panting wildly, he took the opportunity for what it was and wound his hands around the other’s neck once more.

Panicking at being unable to see and rapidly losing air, it didn’t take long for the body underneath him to go limp and fade into unconsciousness.

He kept his hands there for a few moments more before he was absolutely sure, heart beating fast.

Scrambling away from the body, Jimin gagged, closing his eyes.

He was terrified and furious and disgusted, and he didn’t know what to do. He gasped out his breaths, faintly trembling all over.

‘I want to go home.’

He allowed himself a few minutes to calm down, remembering how his pack hugged and kissed and smiled at him.

He remembered Taehyung and how he made him feel safe and warm and happy just from being with him.

Jimin opened his eyes and tore off a piece of his shirt, mentally apologizing to Yoongi. He tied it around his bleeding shoulder a bit shoddily, but it held and that was all that mattered.

There wasn’t much he could do about anything else, so sucking in a deep breath of air and exhaling, he silently made his way past the knocked out body on the floor and to the door.

His hands stopped shaking as they rested on the knob. His eyes sharpened as he put his ear to the door, hearing nothing.

The only reason he’d been able to knock out the wolf he’d been in here with was because he’d been severely underestimated. Otherwise he would have never been able to overpower the wolf, in either body.

The door being unlocked was yet another sign that this group didn’t think very highly of humans. Still, it was all to his advantage if they thought him incapable of escaping.

But Jimin knew that he wouldn’t get another chance like he had earlier. The only way he would be leaving this old abandoned house was if he stealthily snuck out, avoiding every single person he came across.

Easier said than done when everyone inside was a werewolf and would no doubt be able to smell him and the blood smeared on his skin.

‘Maybe…’ He looked back to his sleeping assailant.

Hurrying back over and stripping out of his outfit to change into the wolf’s, he used his to now wipe off as much blood as he could, hoping that these stolen clothes that hung off of his frame would be enough to hide his scent.

Wrinkling his nose up, Jimin coughed.

Well, they certainly smelled as if they’d never been washed, so hopefully this would actually work.

He crossed his fingers for luck and steadied himself against the door. This half-cocked plan was all he had, all he could do.

‘I can do this.’ Narrowing his eyes determinedly, Jimin silently slipped out into the hallway and hid, observing the voices all coming from downstairs.

It sounded as if everyone was already foolishly celebrating their victory of acquiring his pack’s territory.

Slowly and carefully creeping down the stairs towards the back door, he froze as the very last one creaked as he stepped on it.

Adrenaline singing through his veins, Jimin moved faster than he ever had in his life, crouching down behind the couch they were all sitting on or against as a few heads turned.

Heart in his throat, he didn’t dare to breath as they faced away again and went back to laughing.

He bit the inside of his cheeks and gradually started to move towards the one thing separating him from his freedom.

Curling a hand over the doorknob, he turned it only to find it wouldn’t open.

Forehead wet with sweat, Jimin bit his lip and turned to face the only other exit in the house.

The front door, where everyone was facing.

Feeling his stomach drop, he scanned everything he could see for something, anything he could use.

‘There has to be something! I’m so close!’

Wasting no time in moving inside the kitchen, he quickly searched the cabinets and drawers, finding only bare wood.

‘There’s nothing.’ Closing his eyes briefly, he grimaced.

Frustrated tears welled up as he heard the loud laughter of his captors.

Angrily swiping an arm across his eyes, he slowly made the trek back upstairs, this time being careful not to step on the creaky one.

Creeping into the room across the one he’d first woken up in, Jimin gently shut the door behind him, locking it for good measure.

He’d thought of this in the back of his mind earlier, but pushed it aside for obvious reasons.

But now it seemed that this was all he had left.

He swallowed and unlocked the window, pushing it up to look down at the ground that seemed so far away.

Luckily, there was a tree right in front of the window, its thick branches letting him breathe.

He ran a hand nervously through his hair and then delicately crawled through, maneuvering so that he was sitting on the outside of the windowsill.

Standing up slowly, he exhaled.

‘Don’t look down.’

This was just like the times where he’d sleep in the park, he told himself. It’s easy, just take it slow and… jump!

Palms sweating, he gripped tightly to the branch he was hanging on by, ever so slowly inching towards the trunk.

There was a terrifying moment where he almost slipped but he managed to hold on.

Muscles straining, he let out a silent sigh of relief when he made it.

‘Come on.’

Jimin’s heart beat got faster the closer to the ground he got, until finally when he was on the ground, it felt as if it was going to burst.

His mouth opened in a silent gasp as he took in the fact that he was outside, that he’d actually escaped somehow.

Clenching his fists, he took off running.

He didn’t know where he was or where he was going. He just ran, as fast as his tired and dehydrated body would allow him.

His injuries ached and he was equal parts scared and determined.

He was also very pissed off, but the only thing that was good for was giving his legs the energy to keep going.

Jin had told him to run, so he would. He would.

Panting harshly, he glared out at the air in front of him.

‘I’m coming home.’

That was a promise.

Chapter Text

Taehyung snarled as he viciously punched one of the wolves they’d caught. One of the group that had taken his soulmate.

A sharp crack rang through the air along with whimpers of pain.

He glared, baring his teeth as he dug his nails harshly into the other’s neck, uncaring of the blood running down his skin.

“When I’m done getting my Jimin back, I’m going to kill you and all your friends. I’m sure my pack will be glad to help. You’re going to regret taking a member of our family.”

His pack were growling along with him, guarding the rest that they’d rounded up so as not to lose them.

They had all heard Jimin’s scream, and had immediately shifted into their faster forms to hurry to him.

But when they’d arrived here, all they had found were faint scent traces. Where the others couldn’t make out which way they went, he and Namjoon could, and they followed one of the trails to town only to find Seokjin and Jungkook fighting it out with other wolves, humans gawking and pointing their phones.

They’d jumped in, of course, and with them all working together, it was child’s play to subdue and drag the few attackers they hadn’t knocked out back into their forest.

The alpha and beta both looked worse for wear, bloodied and bruised, but they still filled the pack in on what happened.

It wasn’t long before they figured out that another group had ambushed their human pack mate here, and taken him.

They had all been livid. How dare these miserable excuses for wolves lay a finger on Jimin, their sweet little boy?

But it was Taehyung who had howled with rage, body shaking and eyes gleaming from it. He ached to take his claws and fangs and rip out all of their throats, wanted the threat they represented gone.

But he hadn’t. He’d restrained himself and only broken a few of their bones, telling himself that they could wait a little longer.

The most important thing was to find Jimin, and then sweep him up in a hug and never let him go.

Feeling his eyes start to wet at the thought of finding his soulmate hurt or worse, he threw the wolf he was holding roughly onto the ground and walking to his pack.

Namjoon subtly brushed up against his side and Yoongi briefly put a hand to his shoulder. It didn’t make his eyes any drier but it did make him feel a bit better, knowing that his pack would be there with him.

They would all be searching for Jimin, even Jungkook and Jin, who had only glared when it was suggested that they stay back and bandage themselves up.

The six of them would be more than enough to handle anything that came their way. They were sure to rescue his soulmate. They had to.

‘Please be okay. Please, Jimin, just wait a little longer. I’m coming for you.’ He grit his teeth as his eyes stung hotly.

Turning around one last time, he gave a smirk to the beaten and bloody wolves on the forest floor, brown eyes shining cruelly.

“Run. I dare you. It’ll be fun to see how long you last before I catch you on my claws.”

They all paled and said nothing, turning away to avoid looking at him.

Taehyung laughed low and sharp in his throat before shifting with the rest of his pack, wasting no time as they followed behind him and Namjoon as they tracked Jimin’s scent.

Their usual light and teasing barks and yips were nowhere to be found as they ran. Instead, all of them were silent and tense and it only made him more uneasy.

‘Jimin.’ His gut twisted and turned in knots, worry a painful weight in his stomach.

They ran for what felt like hours until he eventually caught the scent of one of those wolves, weak scent of his soulmate laid under it.

He yipped and everyone froze behind him, silently taking up positions.

Moving forward with Yoongi and Jungkook at his side, he growled threateningly as a figure almost ran right over them in their hurry.

But it only took a second for him to stop growling and rush forwards in surprise, small hands catching him and burying themselves in his fur as the owner embraced his body.

Even with those horrible smelling clothes the other boy had on, he would recognize his soulmate anywhere.

“Taehyung. Taehyung, it’s really you. Thank goodness…” Jimin’s arms wrapped around his neck and clung to him tightly, tears running down his face as he mumbled.

He hugged back as much as could in this form, scenting the human’s neck and gently licking him in comfort.

The rest of the pack all rushed forwards at the same time, and their boy soon found himself surrounded by six huge fluffy wolves who were all licking and nuzzling and trying to get closer to him.

Laughing tiredly, Jimin smiled and ran his fingers through everyone’s fur.

“I’m so glad I’m home.”

Taehyung’s eyes watered once again and he felt his heart twinge.

How could his soulmate just casually say it like that, when he was already so emotional?

Touching his nose to the other’s skin, he stayed there and just breathed for a few moments.

“Oh, Jungkook, Jin!” Jimin’s throat vibrated against him as the black haired boy gasped, worriedly reaching out for them.

As he softly touched their wounds, so delicately it could barely be felt, he looked down and frowned to himself sadly.

“I’m sorry.” It was a quiet whisper, but they all heard it. Taehyung’s heart ached for his soulmate, for the guilt that was in his voice.

Jungkook whined as his ears folded back, moving closer to nuzzle their noses together. Jin’s eyes were soft as he shook his head once before resting it on their human’s chest.

Jimin quietly started crying again, looking completely exhausted.

They all curled up around him, blanketing him in their warmth and hoping that he took comfort from them.

It wasn’t very long at all before he fell asleep, sucking on his thumb gently.

Hoseok barked and, once he had their attention, tilted his head back towards the way they came.

It took less than a minute to transform and scoop up his little soulmate in his arms, taking great pleasure in removing the clothes the other boy had on and wrapping him up in his jacket. He grimaced at the strong smell of blood coming from the other’s shoulder, leaving the makeshift wrap where it was. It made him restless to go back, wanting to heal Jimin’s pain as soon as possible.

Still, Taehyung looked down at his soulmate and smiled in relief. Even if there were still some things that needed to be done, Jimin was back safe with them where he belonged. The rest could wait a little longer.

Five wolves walked along with and watched over the two humans that were among them as they made the trek home.

Of course, as they made it back to their territory, they found the group that had kidnapped their pack mate gone. It didn’t really bother anyone, though.

They had all the time in the world to make good on Taehyung’s promise, time that they would now spend cuddling and reassuring Jimin.

Now that they had made it back home safely, the others shifted back as well, groaning and sighing as they stretched.

Hoseok smiled now that everyone was okay and held up a finger before running out of the living room and into the bedrooms.

“Ah! Hold on! I know just the thing that’ll help!”

Their alpha’s bright mood made the rest of the pack smile as well, relaxed by how easily he made the atmosphere warm and comfortable again.

‘You’re really our mood maker, huh, Hoseokie?’ Taehyung chuckled, previously anxious body now calm.

He would always be thankful for how the alpha made them all smile just by being himself.

Jungkook and Seokjin stumbled into the bathroom to treat their wounds, Yoongi worriedly trailing behind them like a duckling, wringing his hands.

His fellow omega leaned against him and fondly ran a thumb over Jimin’s cheek, eyes gentle.

“I’m so relieved he’s okay, that he found us. I don’t want to think about what would have happened if he hadn’t managed to escape.”

Taehyung softly smiled, not caring about the blood that stained his shirt as Jimin rested against him, mouth wide open.

“He’s strong, isn’t he? Our Jimin.”

Namjoon’s head rested on his shoulder as he breathed out a sigh.


Later that night, after tending to his soulmate’s wounds with the help of Jin and Yoongi, everyone curled up on the mountain of pillows and blankets Hoseok had excitedly thrown on the floor, Taehyung and Jimin curled up together in the middle with the rest of the pack encasing them in warmth, well protected.

Safe with his family’s arms and legs and hands resting somewhere on the both of them, Taehyung smiled and pressed a kiss to Jimin’s forehead.

“I love you.” He whispered it sweetly, closing his eyes.

“We love you too!” Hoseok suddenly exclaimed, making him snort and giggle.

He saw Jungkook blow him a kiss from the other side where he was laid hugging Yoongi to his chest with Jin running hands through both of his soulmates’ hair, humming.

Taehyung blew one back, immediately burying his face in Jimin’s hair, big grin overtaking his face.

His family was the best.

Chapter Text

Jimin took a breath and exhaled, leaning against Taehyung who had him in his lap, arms woven around his stomach.

The rest of his pack all sat around the two of them, offering reassuring smiles.

Intertwining his fingers with his soulmate’s, he did his best to go over what had happened the day before when he got kidnapped.

Averting his eyes from Jungkook and Jin as he went over how they were attacked in town and how in the end he ran, Jimin startled slightly as a hand gently tilted his face up.

“Jimin. You did exactly as I said. All I wanted was for you to escape, and I couldn’t be prouder.” Seokjin smiled softly at him, thumb wiping over his suddenly damp eyes.

Jungkook crept closer and pulled him into a hug.

“I protected my pack, so please don’t feel sad. I’d gladly do it all over again if it meant keeping you safe.”

He clung to the two of them, smile wobbly but it was still there. Even if he still felt a bit guilty about it, he knew that everyone would tell him similar things, and his chest felt warm.

Wetly laughing, he smacked the both of them on their chests and pouted.

“You idiots, that doesn’t make me feel any better! Next time, don’t get hurt!”

Relaxing as the pack grinned and chuckled around him, he settled back into Taehyung and continued after a few moments.

Feeling a light kiss being pressed into his hair, he sighed.

“Then, I woke up in an empty room…” He told them about the wolf that had been with him, about how angry and afraid he had been after he’d been taunted and then kicked.

The air filled with growls at that, and the corners of Jimin’s mouth curled up as his soulmate tightened his grip around him.

“Yeah, he was a real piece of work. Which is probably why I don’t even feel bad about choking him out when he turned his back on me.”

He grinned at the stunned looks he got after saying that, amused.

Taehyung smothered his smirk into the back of his neck as the rest of the wolves all started cheering and laughing, proudly praising Jimin, whose eyes only brightened even more.

Jungkook peppered little kisses all over his face, and he couldn’t help but start giggling as Namjoon scooted closer and ruffled his hair.

“Our Jimin is badass, huh?” Yoongi flashed him a grin as he blushed, embarrassed at the words.

Hoseok clapped enthusiastically. “He is!”

Their human hid his face in his hands, flustered as they all loudly stared agreeing.

He could feel the vibrations as his soulmate chuckled deeply behind him.

“You’re amazing, darling.”

Jimin could feel his face flush even deeper at that, his heart combusting.

‘Kim Taehyung, one of these days you’re going to kill me.’

Whining, he waved his fist in the air madly, desperately trying to get everyone to settle down so he could just move on already.

Seokjin pecked his cheek teasingly before they all let their human pack mate go on, a cute little huff sounding out and making everyone smile.

“He got out of my hold and we fought. I have some bruises from it, but in the end I managed to knock him out. And then I escaped that house and met back up with you guys.” Jimin blurted it all out at once, hoping if he sped through it no one would ask any questions.

Before any of them could open their mouths, Taehyung nuzzled his neck and beat them to it.

“How did you escape?”

He squirmed nervously as five pairs of curious eyes turned to look at him.

“Um, well, I mayhavejumpedoutawindow. It really wasn’t that bad, I’ve done it before!” He squeaked in surprise as his soulmate lifted him by his hips and turned him around to face him.

Deep brown eyes stared at him seriously for a minute, making him fidget.

Suddenly, he was pulled into an embrace, his wolf gripping at his shirt tightly.

“Jimin. Next time you get done kicking some ass, please don’t jump out a window. My heart can only handle so much.”

He reached up and tangled his fingers gently in the other boy’s hair, chuckling.

“I’ll try my best.”

Jungkook scooped him up in a bridal carry like he weighed nothing, face stoic.

“I’m never putting you down again.”

Staring up at the beta, who looked as if he had witnessed something truly horrible, Jimin burst out laughing, clinging tight to a strong neck.

“Jungkookie, your face!” He threw back his head and snorted, tears of mirth building at the corners of his eyes.

Namjoon chuckled, standing up to grin at the both of them.

“You don’t think he’s serious? He’s not going to be letting go of you anytime soon.”

As Hoseok came over and back hugged the omega, he playfully smiled.

“We’re all going to be coddling you, sunshine. I hope you don’t mind hugs and kisses!” The alpha screwed his lips up cutely and blew him one.

Jimin giggled happily from the wolf’s arms, shaking his head.

Taehyung got up and climbed up the beta’s back like a cat, clinging to him and smiling cheerfully.

“Carry us, Kookie!”

Jungkook just smirked down at him as if to say, ‘This guy.’

Jimin squealed excitedly as the other boy carried the both of them around like it nothing, not even looking winded. His soulmate let out a loud whoop, eyes sparkling as he started urging the beta to go faster.

Yoongi smiled contently at the scene, glad that their little human was looking better and enjoying himself again.

He’d been a bit worried when they first found him and Jimin had looked half out of his mind with exhaustion and fear. But it relieved him to see that he was laughing again after a good’s night rest and the pack’s comfort.

It’d probably take some time for him to completely heal from the experience, but that was okay. Yoongi and the others would be here to help him when he needed them.

All they wanted was for Jimin to be happy.

“You look lost in thought.” Namjoon smiled at him, dimples showing.

The beta chuckled and ran a hand through his hair, eyes fond.

“Just thinking that we’ll be fine as long as we have each other.”

The other boy took his hand and pressed a kiss to it, grinning at him.

“Careful now, Yoongi. Your sweet side is showing.”

He blew out a breath and cocked a hip, scowling.

Ah, this was why he never said stuff like that. His pack was always teasing him!

“Shut up, Joonie. Respect your elders.”

All he got was a laugh for his efforts and he rolled his eyes as he reluctantly smiled.


The omega took his hand in a loose hold, playfully swinging it back and forth.

“For you? Always.”

The laughter of his pack mixed and blended with his, making his heart feel warmer than it had any right to be.

Yoongi grinned.

He might never say it out loud, but he really loved these idiots of his.

Chapter Text

“So what are you going to do about the wolves that attacked us?” Jimin asked, laying on top of Taehyung and looking down at him curiously.

His soulmate brushed a stray hair out of his face, hand trailing down to cup his cheek.

“Would you be mad if we killed them?”

He flopped down with a groan, nuzzling into the other’s warm neck and making arms come up to embrace him.

“No. That’s weird, right? Aren’t you supposed to feel bad about stuff like that? But the thought of them being gone is just a relief.” He puffed out a sigh.

His wolf hummed, fingers sliding under his shirt and idly tracing patterns into his skin.

“I don’t know. Is it wrong to want to protect the ones you love? When someone tries to kill you, isn’t their life yours?”

Jimin squinted his eyes, deep in thought.

The omega gently used his nails to scratch down his back, sending shivers through him.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen some stuff, after being on the streets, but… I don’t know, it’s just weird how calm I am at the thought of murder.” He closed his eyes and listened to the steady pulse of the heartbeat below him.

He felt Taehyung kiss his head lightly and couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s alright to be confused, you know. You’re not used to our kind’s ways. Take as much time as you need to figure out things.”

Breathing out contently, Jimin buried himself deeper into the other’s neck.

“I know. When you take care of those guys, I don’t need any details, but… just make sure they won’t hurt anyone again, okay?”

Taehyung rubbed his neck slowly, almost making him purr.


His wolf’s smile could he heard in his voice, and Jimin just floated there in the easy atmosphere with him for a moment.

He should probably be freaking out or disgusted at the thought of murder, but how could he be when it meant that he and everyone else would be safe? He didn’t even feel guilty.

Those people had attacked him and his family, been fully prepared to kill them and steal their home. He felt a sharp swell of anger deep in his stomach just thinking it. How dare those wolves even try?

As far as he was concerned, that group would only be getting what they deserved. Fair was fair after all. And didn’t their attackers know that you shouldn’t provoke predators who would love to bite back?

His wolves had sharp teeth and wicked claws, just like in those fairytales he used to cling to when he was younger. They could easily tear prey apart.

Did it make him a bad person to smile at that and feel safe? Well, if it did, he didn’t much care. He was right where he wanted to be and he was happy.

Taehyung started humming, his deep voice lulling him into a dozy state between awake and asleep. The beat of the other’s heart and the vibrations against him were like soothing waves.

They lazed there together on the living room floor for a while, blankets and pillows still strewn messily in a nest.

“Jimin!” He didn’t even startle as Jungkook flopped down to join them, curling towards the both of them.

Opening his eyes, he turned his head only to be met with a grin as his soulmate chuckled.

“Hi, Jungkookie.” Yawning, he wiggled his fingers in a little wave.

A nose nuzzled against his cheek as dark eyes looked at him adoringly.

“You’re still sleepy? Even after breakfast?”

Jimin slowly slipped off of his soulmate and instead splayed out between the two wolves, immediately finding himself surrounded by warmth as they cuddled up close.

“Humans don’t heal as fast as wolves, Kookie.” Taehyung laid an arm on their human’s stomach and intertwined his fingers with the beta’s.

He lightly laughed, smiling as his chest warmed from being caged in by their bodies.

“I’m still pretty tired. But everyone’ll take care of me, right?”

Giggles poured out of him as the beta pressed feather light kisses to his face, ticklish.

Taehyung joined in as he watched Jungkook mercilessly tickle their pack mate, beaming when his hands found a place on the black haired boy’s stomach that made him squeal and kick his feet.

They stopped after a few minutes when Jimin started wheezing, red in the face and cheeks wet from tears of laughter.

Jungkook tangled all of their legs together and tapped him on the nose teasingly.

“We’re always going to take care of you, Jimin. You’re our little pack mate.”

He pouted, huffing and smacking the beta on the chest.

“I’m not little! You’re just tall!”

Taehyung smirked and climbed over him to flop down, making him exhale in surprise.

Playful brown eyes stared at him as his soulmate refused to move.

“You’re tiny, Jimin. Absolutely precious.”

As Jungkook burst out laughing, eyes screwed up and head thrown back, he gasped.

“Traitor! I never thought you of all people would turn against me, Tae!” He whined and squirmed, but the other boy didn’t even budge.

A boxy smile was flashed at him and he did his best but failed utterly at not smiling back.

“Sorry, you’re just too easy to tease. My Jimin.”

His cheeks lit up hotly and he shut his eyes, flustered as his wolf leaned down and nuzzled him lovingly. Taehyung tried to get him to open his eyes by whispering little words of praise into his ears, but they stubbornly stayed closed as he breathily giggled.

Jungkook suddenly swept his soulmate up into his arms, spinning the omega around as he yelped in surprise.

“Let’s get him, Jimin!” The wolf started at him mischievously and he smirked as he got up and the two of them attacked Taehyung with kisses, making him shriek and flail around.

“Revenge!” He yelled, tickling the other boy’s stomach.

His soulmate squealed and wiggled so much that Jungkook had no choice but to drop him, the omega not wasting the chance as he turned to them and grinned, flexing his fingers.

He and Kookie met each other’s eyes in identical looks of, ‘Oh no.’ They screamed, breaking into laughter midway through as they ran, the other hot behind them and playfully growling.

“I’ll get you!”

As Hoseok wandered into the living room and observed the three of them chaotically running around, he put a hand to his mouth and laughed.

“The three youngest are so energetic.”

His eyes widened as they heard him, slowly walking towards him with gleaming eyes and toothy grins.

He cursed inside his mind and broke out into a run, immediately tripping over a blanket on the floor and causing the three of them to fall on top of him in a dog pile.

Groaning, he tried to wiggle out from the mass of limbs trapping him.

“This is what happens when you encourage them, sunshine. They turn into little monsters and drag you into their pace!”

Jungkook and Taehyung giggled, the sound making him smile fondly.

“They’re terrors, I tell you! Terrors!”

Jimin chuckled, shaking his head as the two of them met eyes and started laughing all over again.

“Want me to rescue you?”

“Please.” Hoseok grinned, reaching for his hand.

He took it and somehow managed to untangle the both of them as the omega and beta laid on each other, worn out from all the excitement.

The alpha didn’t let his hand go when they were free though. Instead, he tugged at it and flashed him a pair of bright eyes.

He squeezed back and followed, happy to go wherever his family went.

“Let’s have some fun!” Hoseok laughed and happily pulled him closer, winking and kissing him on the nose.

Smiling, he kissed the other on the cheek and let himself be led.

Chapter Text

Jimin clapped enthusiastically as he sat on the bed and watched Hoseok dance, the wolf grinning and exaggerating his moments goofily.

“Hobi!” He yelled happily, laughing as the other bowed before him as the song ended.

The alpha suddenly let out a playful roar and jumped on top of him, peppering his face with kisses as he squealed and tried to squirm away.

“Jiminie!” The other boy’s voice was teasing and silly as he whispered in the human’s ear.

He surrendered to the giggles floating up from his throat and buried his face into the crook of Hoseok’s neck, eyes crinkling.

The alpha laughed along with him and settled down on his side to look at him fondly, fingers gentle as they ran up and down his back.

They laid together in comfortable silence before Hoseok’s voice broke it, the other boy’s eyes turning serious.

“You know, I was really scared when you got taken. We all were. If something had happened to you, sunshine…”

Jimin reached out and poked the other on the cheek, smiling.

“I’m fine! I went on an adventure and escaped the dungeons of the bad guys! Wasn’t I super cool, Hobi?”

The human rested his head on the mattress and blew out a breath, giggling when it made a strand of hair on his forehead move.

“And I have Hobi and TaeTae and Yoongi and Kookie and Jinnie and Joonie to protect me! Cause we’re a family, right?”

Hoseok wrapped his arms around the black haired boy in a hug, softly smiling.

“Yeah, we’re a family, Jiminie. And we’ll always be here to take care of you.”

Snapping his head up, he grinned and gently head-butted the other.

“I’ll take care of you, too!”

“Is that a promise?” The alpha laughed happily and held out a pinky finger.

Jimin nodded and linked their fingers together, moving them up and down like a handshake.

“Thank you for taking such good care of us, then.”

He beamed at those words, chest warm and fuzzy. He was just so happy, here with Hobi, utterly relaxed and comfortable.

And it was in that moment that he realized the warmth coming from his heart was love, and he curled closer into the wolf’s chest, ear to his heartbeat.

A hand ran through his hair and he tucked his smile into the other’s shirt.

“Love you.”

Hoseok pressed his nose into his black hair and hummed high in his throat, a little like a bell chiming.

“I love you too.”

He didn’t know why, but his eyes stared tearing up then for some reason. Maybe it was because it was so soon after he got kidnapped and he was still a little bit worried, or it only just now sunk in how lucky he was to have this.

It was almost overwhelming, how much love he felt for these wolves. The fact that they had proved over and over how much it was reciprocated only made him more emotional.

He started crying, happy and sad and confused.

Hoseok cupped his cheek and tenderly tilted his head up, brows scrunched in worry. His thumb traced gentle circles on his skin.

“What’s wrong, sunshine?”

Jimin just broke at that, turning and burying his head into the alpha’s neck, helpless to stop the tears from leaving his eyes.

They stayed there like that for a while, the silence only broken by the sound of his crying and the soft noises the wolf would let out now and then as he rocked him slowly in his arms.

He sniffled, feeling bad for getting the other’s shirt all wet. Still, he wiped his eyes with both of his hands and looked up.

“I’m sorry, I’m just… all full. And I don’t really know how to handle that?” He waved his hands as he spoke, frustrated that he wasn’t using the right words.

He huffed and tried again, running a hand through his hair.

“This… All of you. Being so kind and accepting and… loving me.” He grabbed the other boy’s hand and started playing with his fingers.

Frowning, he stared into Hoseok’s eyes.

“I’m not used to this, you know. My parents never wanted a child, and I thought I was fine with that. I didn’t need them either. But then I met Taehyung, and everyone. And for once, I’m part of a family, and…”

Tearing up again, he glared down at his hands.

“It’s pretty fucked up that I don’t know how to deal with being loved, huh?” He chuckled self deprecatingly.

He was pulled into a hug and he clutched at the other boy’s back desperately.

“I don’t think I’ll ever forgive them for making me this way. For making me doubt the positive things in my life and making me think the bad ones are what I deserve. If they didn’t want me, why didn’t they just give me away instead of making me stay in that stupid house with them? They never even noticed me!” He started out whispering but towards the end was shouting, body shaking slightly in anger.

Hoseok just held him tighter, teeth grit and eyes shining as he refused to let go.

“I really, really love you guys.” Jimin softened after a few moments and slumped into the other’s arms and sighed, tired.

“Thank you.” His body curled even more into the wolf.

He felt tears land in his hair and he looked up to find the alpha crying silently. He stared at the other’s mouth set in a serious line and fierce eyes as they gazed back.

Hoseok placed his hands on the human’s shoulders.

“Don’t ever thank us for doing what any decent person would do and treating you like you deserve. You’re ours, our pack mate, our little brother. We loved you the moment you stepped through the front door!” The wolf choked up and was unable to say anything more.

Jimin smiled softly and knew he would be crying too if he weren’t so worn out, rubbing the other’s back comfortingly.

“Okay. I might forget that sometimes, so would you remind me whenever I have a bad day, please?”

Hoseok sniffled and yanked him closer.

“Of course! I have the superpower of making anxiety and worry disappear, didn’t you know?”

He laughed, tapping the wolf on the nose and making him smile back.

“You’re my angel, my hope!” He playfully kissed the other boy on the forehead.

Hoseok started giggling and dragged him down so that they could lay down, cuddled together.

“And you’re my Jimin!”

He smiled fondly, watching the other boy crack up.

“Yeah, I am.” He gripped Hoseok’s hand and squeezed.

As long as he had his family, he knew everything would turn out alright in the end. His wolves would protect him, even from himself.

And he would take care of them, too.

Chapter Text

“Namjoon!” Their human pack mate yelled with a grin, running over to the bed and peeking under.

He shot a grin back and quickly pulled Jimin under with him, delighting in the laughter he caused as he wrapped arms around the other.

They stared at each other for a few moments, smiles on their face.

“Found you.” Jimin whispered, eyes bright.

He chuckled and propped his head on his hand, their legs tangling together unconsciously.

“You won.”

It made his heart warm as he watched the happiness spread across the black haired boy’s face, having heard a little of the conversation between Hoseok and him. Well, they all had. It was hard not to, being wolves and all, along with how loud the two of them had gotten. Still, they all endeavored to respect each other’s privacy as much as they could and not bring whatever they heard up.

He’d been worried that Jimin might not be in the best of spirits after that, but it seemed that their human had decided to do his best to stay positive.

It still amazed him how strong their pack mate was, how nothing seemed to faze him for long and if it did, he attempted to solve it.

Like when he’d escaped from those wolves all on his own, or how he’d taken in the fact that Taehyung was his soulmate and not human, along with the rest of the pack. He’d been shy when he’d first introduced himself to everyone, but he’d never once looked at them in fear. In fact, it was much the opposite.

Taehyung had told them about how his soulmate had said he didn’t mind their attackers dying, and even if it barely fazed them, Namjoon still had to wonder on just what exactly their human had seen in his life to say that. For a human to think like that, something normal to wolves, was… Well, it didn’t exactly paint a very good picture of the kind of life he’d lived.

It made him want to snarl and snap his teeth when he thought of what their little pack mate must have been through. But he reminded himself that none of that mattered now. Jimin was safe and among pack, where they wouldn’t let anything hurt him.

“I’ve been thinking, and…” Their human hummed quietly, trailing off.

Namjoon snapped his attention back to the other boy, eyes curious as he waited.

Another hum was let out before Jimin brought his eyes up to meet his and tilted his head.

“I want to learn how to fight.” It was said firmly, as if it was something that had already been decided upon and he was just stating it to let the wolf know.

His eyes sharpened and he merely stared back as the black haired boy went on.

“The only reason I made it out of that house in the first place was dumb luck. If something like this ever happens again, I want to be ready. I don’t like hurting people, but… I’m not ever going to be so defenseless again.” Jimin’s fists were clenched and his eyes were fierce as they practically dared him to say no.

Inexplicably, Namjoon felt proud. This was their pack mate, their Jimin, and he was brilliant.

He smiled fondly and dipped his head.

“Your lessons will start tomorrow. I hope you’re prepared, because no one will be going easy on you.”

Jimin’s eyes widened and he looked at the wolf in faint disbelief.

He chuckled, dimples showing.

“What? Did you think we’d say no? When we’ll be teaching you how to protect yourself? Come now, love, you must know how thrilled everyone is going to be.” Especially Taehyung, he thought to himself. His fellow omega would be ecstatic that his soulmate wanted to learn. Once Jimin was up to par, he already knew that the wolf would be bugging the boy to spar with him every day.

Everyone would be glad once they knew. It could only be a good thing if their human pack mate learned how to defend himself.

They wouldn’t have minded if Jimin hadn’t wanted to, would have understood, but it was definitely a relief. None of them wanted a repeat of when he’d gotten kidnapped.

A pair of arms wound themselves around his neck as the black haired boy buried his head in his neck.

“Good. Because if you had said no, I would have just flashed my puppy dog eyes at TaeTae.” The human smirked at him, eyes sparkling mischievously.

“I’m a little scared at how devious you are, Jimin.” He sighed, smiling.

The other boy giggled, his whole face lighting up.

“You should all be very afraid! I have Taehyung wrapped around my finger.”

You have all of us wrapped around your finger, he didn’t say. He wanted to wait as long as possible until Jimin discovered that none of them were able to deny him much of anything. Who knew what the boy would do with all that power?

‘Probably ask for cookies for supper.’ Namjoon ran his fingers through black hair, eyes soft.

They’d been introduced to the human dessert when their pack mate had made and eaten a whole plate of them, rolling around on the floor and groaning from how full he was. Since then, they’d forbidden him to make cookies by himself. It was just too dangerous. Well, that and they all wanted some too.

“Yes you do. But Taehyung has you wrapped around his finger as well, doesn’t he?” He grinned as Jimin blushed a pale pink and nodded, his eyes averted as he smiled.

It was cute, observing the easy love between the two of them. The way they smiled just from the thought of each other, how they always ended up laughing when together, the way they took care of each other…

They may have thought they were bring subtle, but Taehyung and Jimin were anything but. The whole pack always rolled their eyes and smiled at their soft and sweet atmosphere, a little bubble inhabited by just the two of them.

“I really love him. He’s special.” Jimin grinned toothily, blush deepening.

He lightly chuckled and intertwined their fingers, swinging them back and forth slightly.

“Yeah. You make each other happy.”

Their human nodded, but then stopped and shook his head, eyes softening as they looked up at him.

“He does, but so do all of you. I’m happy when I’m with everyone. When I’m with Taehyung… everything feels right.”

He pressed a kiss to the other’s forehead, smiling happily.

“We’re happy with you too.”

Chapter Text

Yoongi held Jimin’s hand in his, smiling at the look of fascination as the human peered around at all the flowers they passed.

He’d wanted to show their pack mate one of his passions, and had asked if he’d wanted to help pick out a new flower to plant in the front yard. Big brown eyes had sparkled excitedly, and it was all the answer he’d needed.

It was nice, being out in nature together, the silence comfortable between them. He briefly closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of the forest, relaxed as he let Jimin drag him from place to place.

The sound of birds chirping could be heard as the other boy opened his mouth in surprise whenever he found a new flower, looking so amazed that he couldn’t help but laugh.

Jimin turned back to look at him and laughed too, eyes crinkling up in a warm smile.

He quirked a brow teasingly and the other squeezed his hand and pulled him along again, stopping as he stumbled upon a mass of beautiful white trilliums, reaching out to pick one.

He gently grabbed the human’s hand before he could and shook his head when brown eyes gazed at him curiously.

“These flowers are very fragile. If you pick one, the rest of the plant will die. So let’s find another one to take home, alright?”

Jimin’s mouth parted as he looked back at them, and then he bended down to smile sweetly at the trilliums.

“Sorry. Grow up big and strong, okay? I’ll come visit you later!”

‘This kid.’ Yoongi watched fondly, feeling warm all over. Their pack mate really was something else. It made him want to do something foolish like start running and then pull the other boy into a game of tag. It was that kind of unrestrained happiness.

Shaking his head, he chuckled as he was tugged after Jimin, their hands swinging between them.

He couldn’t believe how soft he’d gotten, just from being around the other. He could just hear his soulmates in his mind, saying something like, “Oh, sweetheart, you’ve been this way from the start.”

That was a lie. His soulmates lied all the time, and never even felt bad about it when he called them out on it. They would just gang up on him, the fuckers.

Jungkook would instigate the whole thing of course, because he was a little imp, no matter how sweet he may have seemed. The beta would smirk at him and cup his cheek as he spoke.

“You’re really cute, you know that Yoongi? So precious, and all ours. It makes me want to eat you up.”

He would always flush deep red, cursing his pale cheeks for giving him away. And then, like a bloodhound, Seokjin would pounce on his weakness as he scowled and tried his best to look unaffected.

“I bet you taste sweet, Yoongi. Like chocolate. Won’t you let me have just one bite?” Jin’s fingers would creep down to hold his waist while he looked down at him with gleaming eyes.

And then Yoongi’s face would combust and he’d fluster, glaring and cursing the two of them left and right.

But both his soulmates were literally the devil, and they’d softly hold him and press kisses to his face until he calmed down, and then the both of them would start kissing each other more firmly, until he got tired of waiting and yanked them down onto him.

Two pairs of wicked eyes would grin down at him, and he wouldn’t even have it in him to feel regret when he was being kissed within an inch of his life, hands roaming all over his body and teasing him.

He felt his ears redden as his heart skipped. Damn his soulmates! They made him suffer through this feeling even when they weren’t here. Unbidden, a smile stole over his face, stomach fluttering as he thought of them.

Jungkook and Seokjin made him fall in love with them all over again, every time.

“Ooh! This one! Can we take this one, Yoongi?” Jimin tugged at his hand insistently, beaming.

He abruptly snapped out of his thoughts, cheeks a light pink from embarrassment as he was caught spacing out. Coughing awkwardly, he looked down and found a stunning purple violet.

Smiling at the other, he nodded, and not even a second later was bombarded with a hug.

“Let’s hurry, then! I want to help you do it!” Lighthearted laughter filled the air and the beta sighed, exasperated at how energetic the other boy was.

“Alright, now watch closely…” Yoongi knelt down and carefully showed Jimin how to dig up the plant, going slow and impressing the importance of getting the roots as well.

After they were done, he let his pack mate carry it, the other grinning at he looked at it and held it gently to his chest.

“I can’t wait! I bet he’s going to look so good next to all the other flowers!” Jimin excitedly chattered on as the two of them walked back home, making him smile.


They soon exited the forest and settled down in the front yard, the human watching his movements closely as he dug out a spot for the violet, not too close to the other plants.

“Wanna put it in while I pat down the dirt?” He asked, already knowing the answer as the other boy’s fingers wiggled.

Jimin took it and delicately planted it in the hole he’d made while he filled it with soil, making sure it was in good and firm. It only took a minute or two, and then they leaned back and observed the new flower, now home next to the others.

“They look so pretty…” Jimin breathed out, content to just stare at them all.

The two of them sat there and viewed the flowers for a while happily, the breeze feeling good against their skin as the sun shone down on them. It was peaceful, sitting together and just being.

Eventually, Seokjin popped out the door and smiled, holding out a few bags.

“Look what I found!”

Jimin gasped as he looked at them, eyes big as he reached a hand out for them, fingers wiggling as he bounced up and down.


Jin laughed, pulling out sippy cups and a stuffed wolf and handing them all to their human, making him squeal as he hugged them to his chest.

“Was it still there when you went to town? I thought…” Yoongi tilted his head, not wanting to say it on account of Jimin.

His soulmate grinned as they watched the other boy happily playing with his things, cute little noises filling the air as he marveled over them.

“No, I had to go back to the store and buy them again. Don’t tell him, alright?”

He nodded, hiding a smile behind his hand. Jin suddenly turned to him and grinned, holding up a bag for him to see.

“I also bought some other stuff that we forgot last time! Food, other necessities and… Jiminie! Look what I have for you!” The alpha called out, taking out and hiding something behind his back.

Their pack mate perked up and hurried over, clapping his hands as he looked up at the wolf with a big smile.

Jin playfully shook his head and mimed opening his mouth, eyes sparkling.

Jimin obeyed, and that was when a pale pink pacifier was placed in his mouth, making him let out a curious noise as he tilted his head.

Big brown eyes looked up at Seokjin as the alpha smiled encouragingly.

“Go on, dear heart.”

Yoongi grinned as Jimin started sucking slowly at first, then faster when he discovered that he liked it, throwing his arms around Jin in a hug, saying thank you.

“You’re welcome, Jiminie. I’m glad you like it.” His soulmate ran gentle fingers through the black haired boy’s hair.

His heart felt warm as he watched Seokjin take care of their pack mate, so damn fond. The two were adorable together and make his chest feel as if it were going to burst.

“Let’s go inside, yeah?” He asked, getting up and heading for the door, the sound of his family’s footsteps behind him.

He and Jimin settled on the coach, curled up together as his soulmate went to put up the things remaining in the bags.

Their human contently sucked on his pacifier, leaning his head on Yoongi’s shoulder.

He smiled and kissed the other boy on the head, closing his eyes and relaxing back into the soft cushions.

With the little breaths being puffed out against his neck, it didn’t take very long at all for him to doze off, the human a warm weight against his side.

Before he slipped off to sleep, he heard the deep rumble of Taehyung’s voice saying something, and Jimin giggling, before his side became empty and a blanket was thrown over him.

He sighed and burrowed down into it, happy as he heard Jin start gently humming from another room.

“There’s my little Jiminie! I missed you all day!” Taehyung cheerfully grinned at his soulmate as they laid on the bed, reaching out to pick him up and arrange him on his stomach, relishing in the little giggles he caused.

A small hand bopped him on the nose and he laughed as brown eyes crinkled up into a smile.

“Was with TaeTae earlier!”

He hummed and brought a finger to his chin, as if he was deep in thought.

“You were, you were, I remember… But I forgot that I still have more kisses to give you!” He attacked his soulmate’s face with affection, holding him still and not letting him escape as he squirmed on top of him.

“TaeTae!” Jimin shrieked with laughter, and leaned down to start kissing him as well, making the two of them break out into an all-out kisses war.

It was brutal and long fought, but eventually a cease fire was called and they laid there panting, grins on their faces.

It took a few minutes for them to be able to look at each other without breaking out into giggles, but they eventually managed.

“Oh, your pacifier fell out. Here.” Picking it up off the bed and placing it back in the black haired boy’s mouth, he smiled fondly when the other began sucking immediately.

Taehyung wound his arms around his soulmate in a gentle hug, expression warm.

“I miss you whenever we’re apart. But when we’re together, time doesn’t matter. I feel like I can do anything with you here. So don’t stray too far, okay?”

Jimin toothily beamed back, snuggling into him happily.

“TaeTae is the sun! My wolf!”

He smiled, eyes soft as he stared into big brown eyes.

“That’s right, baby. I’m all yours. Forever and ever.”

His soulmate giggled and held out a pinky towards him. He linked it with his own, shaking them up and down.

He gently kissed Jimin on the nose, giggling himself.


Chapter Text

Taehyung giggled, hiding his face behind his hands and peeking out to smile at his soulmate every few seconds.

Jimin laughed and clapped, eyes crinkled up in an expression that was one of his favorites. His human was just too cute!

“Since I’ve been deprived of my Jiminie for ages…” He dramatically sighed, trailing off, giggling once more as his human softly hit him on the chest and toothily grinned.

“Why don’t we do something fun, just the two of us?” He spread his arms out to the side and cheerfully smiled, as if saying, ‘Ta-dah!’

The black haired boy threw himself onto the wolf, limbs wrapping themselves around him in an octopus hold, almost making him topple and fall over the side of the bed.

He righted himself just in time and managed to stay upright, laughing and soon standing while carrying his little soulmate.

“I’m excited too! But what do we want to do? There’s so much, it’s hard to choose!” His eyes shined as he bounced Jimin in his arms enthusiastically.

The other boy looked up at him and patted his cheek gently, tilting his head.

“TaeTae meet TaeTae?”

He frowned in confusion, pausing. How could he meet himself? Unless his soulmate was talking about the multiverse theory… Could it be that his daydreams of stumbling upon another him were finally coming true!?

He turned gleaming eyes to meet big brown ones, grinning.

“Where might I find the individual known as TaeTae?”

His soulmate laughed and pointed at him, and he teasingly bopped the other on the nose. He had to admit that he’d walked right into that one, but it didn’t bother him one bit, not when Jimin looked so amused.

“Not me, sweetheart! The other TaeTae!” He ran fingers through soft black hair, heart warm as the human started pushing into his hand.

Jimin snuggled into his neck and pointed to the pile of things he’d made Taehyung go back to the living room and get after he’d whisked him away from the coach.

His soulmate had been very insistent that the sippy cups and stuffed wolf come along with him to the room, running his fingers over them excitedly and playing with them when he brought them. It had been adorable, and he’d had to clench his fists from the overload of cuteness.

But as he walked over to them now, he found that he suddenly understood. He picked up the plush wolf and handed it to the boy in his arms, who held it up to his face and giggled.

“TaeTae meet TaeTae!”

He softly smiled and took a little paw in his hand, shaking it up and down.

“Nice to meet you, TaeTae. Take good care of my Jiminie for me, okay?”

The stuffed wolf’s nose was slowly pushed up so that it could touch his, and he nuzzled against it while chuckling.

“He says he will. What a nice wolf!”

Jimin brought the wolf to his chest and hugged it, little giggles escaping from his mouth. He felt his chest constrict from happiness. The sound of his soulmate’s laughter was something that immediately made his life ten times better, just from hearing it.

“Love you!” The other boy leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, causing him to do the same.

“Love you too!” He beamed, spinning around just to make Jimin squeal as he became dizzy.

Slowing down after a minute, he stumbled a little before making his way to the kitchen.

“It’s time for something to eat!” And it was time to try his hand at making food for his soulmate again, this time with the ingredients Jin had bought. Furrowing his brows in determination, his eyes shone.

He would make a meal worthy of a king!

“Help! Jiminie, what do I do!? What the heck is shortening for!?” Taehyung’s eyes were wide as he looked at the rapidly melting goop in the pan, hurriedly turning the heat off and throwing in some shortening to hopefully fix the mess, whatever shortening was in the first place. It looked vaguely helpful; that’s all that mattered.

As it just got worse, he pouted and trashed what was now his second attempt at vegetable soup. He didn’t know why, but his soulmate loved eating healthy stuff, whether he was big or small. Even if it made him stick his tongue out, he’d still wanted to be able to make it for him. But at this rate…

Lowering his head, he frowned sadly.

“I’m sorry, Jiminie. I really tried my best, but I just don’t get it. I’m really bad at cooking, huh?”

He looked up as he felt a small hand bonk him on the head, his human shaking his head.

“TaeTae makes the best sandwiches! Jinnie always uses jelly, and never cuts the crust! He says it’s good for Jiminie.” The other boy scrunched his face up cutely before smiling reassuringly and taking his hand.

“TaeTae’s food is Jiminie’s favorite!” And then his soulmate pushed him back into the kitchen, grinning and demanding peanut butter and jam sandwiches, “With the flowers and shapes!”

Taehyung grinned and got to work, hands confidant as he went through motions he’d done before.

Maybe he wasn’t the best cook yet. But that just meant he needed to practice. If he tried again later and got Jin to help, maybe the third attempt would fare better. Cooking felt like playing tag blindfolded, running and running towards a target he might not even find.

If there was one thing he could make and be proud of, it was the sandwiches that Jimin loved. One dish out of thousands that he had perfected, and maybe he shouldn’t feel so happy at that thought. He had a long way to go, after all.

But Taehyung didn’t mind. Like his soulmate had said, his sandwiches were the best. As long as the other boy wanted to eat them, he’d make them happily.

Setting the finished plate in front of Jimin, he smiled and plucked a flower one for himself, laughing at the affronted look he got in return.

‘I’ll make you something really amazing next time. Something else that I can be proud of.’

Pausing before he was about to eat, Jimin beamed at him.

“Thank you, TaeTae!”

He hummed and nodded, kicking his feet back and forth, observing how the black haired boy no longer ate quite so fast anymore.

“My good boy.” He leant over and planted light little kisses on the palm of his human’s hand.

Jimin giggled and after he was done lavishing him with kisses, took the hand and pressed it to his lips, then blowing him one.

He mimed opening his mouth and catching it, snapping his teeth playfully.

“TaeTae silly!”

The wolf grinned and stole another shape to eat while Jimin wasn’t looking, eyes mischievous.

“The silliest!” He agreed as he propped his head on his hand and fondly watched as his soulmate turned betrayed eyes to him.

“TaeTae why?” The black haired boy let out the cutest little whine, and he couldn’t help but steal another one right in front of the other, making him puff out his cheeks.

“Cause they’re tasty.”

Jimin swept an arm over his plate and pulled it closer to himself, glaring.

Taehyung laughed and leaned across the counter to reach for yet another, only to instead ruffle his human’s hair at the last second, relishing in the surprised squeak he got.

“I won’t take any more, darling. On one condition.”

Big brown eyes looked at him doubtfully, still not letting go of the plate.

He smiled even wider and poked his own cheek, leaning down.

“Kiss me.”

Jimin smiled back, soon forgetting all suspicion as he pressed his lips to Taehyung’s cheek once, twice, thrice, then leaning back and tilting his head.

He chuckled and gently started massaging the back of the other boy’s neck, a noise not unlike a purr filling the kitchen as the human closed his eyes contently.

“My little Jiminie.”

His soulmate leaned into his hand and made a happy noise, utterly relaxed in the warm and soft atmosphere.

“My TaeTae.”

‘Yeah.’ He thought fondly, smile adoring.

‘Let’s keep going for a long time, and even longer after that, alright?’

They were just two people who had found happiness in each other. Forever didn’t sound like a myth when he thought of them together. It sounded like a quiet and sure promise, like rain on a sunny day.

It sounded perfect.

Chapter Text

“We can’t start teaching him when he’s so small…” Hoseok trailed off, watching as their human pack mate smiled and played with his wolf plush, off in his own world with his soulmate gazing at him fondly.

Jungkook nodded, little giggles making his eyes soften when he hear them.

“He’s never stayed like this for so long, has he? Over a day? Taehyung said he even woke up feeling little this morning.”

And it wasn’t a problem, it was just that they needed to track down those wolves who had escaped, and fast, before their scent trail faded. They were cutting it close as it was, but with Taehyung and Namjoon’s sharp noses, they should be fine. Still, he knew that they all would have felt better hunting them down knowing that Jimin knew at least a little to protect himself, at least the very basics.

But they weren’t going to force him to be big, not if they didn’t have to. When he was like this, Jimin was more relaxed and free, and it would be cruel to deny him a part of himself. It would be like asking someone to live without a few emotions, because you still had the rest of them, right?

No. Jimin was Jimin, and he would be big when he wanted to. No one would take that away from him.

“Me and Seokjin will just stay here with him again while the rest of you hunt them down. We should be alright.” Hoseok smiled, but Jungkook could tell he was nervous at the prospect of having the majority of the pack away, with only two to defend their most vulnerable member.

The kidnapping incident had shaken them all up. But the alpha had probably taken it worse than he first thought, if he could see the mix of frustration and anxiety in the other’s eyes. Hoseok, along with Jin, kept the pack together. They made sure nothing was wrong, that everyone was happy, and they also frequently took the lead in matters.

To someone like Hoseok, he must have felt guilty when Jimin was taken, would have felt like it was his fault. The other wolf had always been sensitive, but what with everything that had happened, he hadn’t even noticed…

‘I’m sorry, Hoseok.’ Jungkook grabbed the other wolf’s arm and leaned against his side.

“It’s not your fault.” He saw the alpha tense up, not looking at him, letting silence seep in between the two of them for a few moments.

The arm in his grip broke away as the other boy turned his back to him.

“But I’m the alpha. I’m supposed to keep the pack together. Shouldn’t I have been able to do something when one of our members got kidnapped?” Hoseok’s voice was quiet but rough with anger directed at himself, his fists clenched.

“How is it not my fault when I couldn’t do anything to save him?”

He stood there just staring at the other’s back, silent. Then, after a few seconds, he walked over and quickly turned him around with his hands on the alpha’s shoulders.

He was met with a glare, and he didn’t waste any time to pull him into a tight hug.

“Hoseok. You can’t always prevent us from getting hurt. Stuff’s going to happen and sometimes it’s going to be bad. But you’re not the one responsible for getting us into those situations or whatever. We’re a pack. We all go together.” Jungkook smiled sadly as he felt nails clutch at his shirt and he pulled back slightly to cup the older boy’s cheek.

“I’m really bad at words, but I’m trying to say that you’re being an idiot and you’re not doing this alone. We’re here, too. Lean on us.”

Hoseok chuckled and sighed out a breath, one that sounded like it was a long time coming. Jungkook made a note to himself to keep a sharper eye on the other wolf from now on. Even their mood maker could feel down, and it had been stupid of him to not remember that.

Well, from now on he’d make sure that his alpha was doing okay. It was the least he could do for someone who made him smile.

“Sorry. I know it’s not my fault, it’s just… I get like this sometimes. Like if I’m not smiling or making someone else happy, everything’s my fault. And I know it’s not true, I know it isn’t! But…” The wolf frowned, eyes frustrated.

Jungkook intertwined their fingers and squeezed gently, smiling reassuringly.

“Yeah, I know. It’s okay. I’m here.” He continued holding him and softly uttering comforting words until he slowly slumped against him, tired smile on his face.

“You’re the best alpha we could ask for. Take care of us so well, you’re amazing, Hoseok. We love you so much.”

As he ran his fingers through the other’s hair, the most precious little squeaky giggles muffled themselves into his chest.

“Jungkookie! Stop!”

He got his arms under the other boy and lifted him up, grinning as he saw the happy smile looking back at him.

“Not until you admit that you love us too!” He quickly spun around, Hoseok’s limbs wrapping around his body like a vice as the alpha yelled.

It wasn’t long before he caved, and Jungkook smirked at his victory.

“Okay, okay! I love you all!” Hoseok pouted at him as he said it, corners of his mouth quirking up.

He reached around to teasingly tug on the other wolf’s ear.


Hoseok sighed exasperatedly before opening his mouth to yell loud enough for everyone in the house to hear.

“I love you all!”

Smiling, he leaned down to kiss the alpha’s forehead, laughing when Hoseok kissed him back on the chin.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” He let the other boy down, putting a hand to his back as he stumbled slightly.

His pack mate looked at him with a soft smile, leaning in to nuzzle against his cheek.


Seeing Hoseok smile like that, it made his heart constrict and warm. Everything was alright, as long as his alpha smiled happily.

Which was why he would be the one staying home with Jimin and Jin tonight. No matter how much he may have wanted to get his revenge on those assholes, he knew it would help Hoseok to go hunting and release all of his anger and frustration on the ones who had caused him to feel this way in the first place. Maybe then he would be able to relax.

But if he just came out and said it, the other boy would just refuse. So he’d wait until it was time later tonight and tell him then, where he’d make sure he wouldn’t have the time to talk his way out of it.

Jungkook was going to help Hoseok if it killed him. Though, the alpha would probably be the first one to try once he went through with this, he thought with a chuckle.

Besides, any time spent with Jimin and Jin was time well spent. It’s not like it was going to be some kind of hardship on him. The three of them would probably have fun, in all honesty.

Taehyung looked at Jungkookie, who had a smirk on his face. He laughed to himself, figuring that the beta had something planned for later that would be fun to witness.

“Fight?” Jimin stared at him with big brown eyes as he mimed punching the air with a small hand.

He cheerfully smiled and scooped his soulmate into his lap, bouncing him.

“Not today, sweetheart. You’re too little!” He lightly tickled his human, giggles drifting through the air sweetly.

He waited a few minutes until the both of them settled down, expression serious as he looked at his soulmate.

“And we’re going to be hunting those big meanies that kidnapped you tonight.” As Jimin hid his face in the omega’s neck nervously, he gently hugged him.

“Don’t worry, baby. Jinnie and Hoseokie are going to be with you. They won’t let anything happen to you.” His voice was soft.

Jimin peeked up and snuggled into him even more.

“TaeTae and everyone be safe?”

Taehyung cheerfully smiled and kissed the black haired boy on the nose.

“Together we’ll be as safe as we can be, I promise.”

His soulmate smiled back and relaxed, fingers meeting his.

“Good! Kick their butts, TaeTae!”

He laughed and pressed another kiss to his soulmate, this time to his forehead.

“I will. I’ll show them what happens when you mess with our Jiminie, ferocious and deadly!”

They grinned at each other as Jimin cheered his agreement, throwing his arms up.

‘I’ll rip them apart for daring to touch my pack.’ Taehyung’s eyes gleamed in anticipation.

Chapter Text

“You four be careful, alright? I know those wolves won’t be much of a match for you, but blunt knives can still catch you unawares.” Hoseok fretted, wringing his hands together as he paced with a nervous energy.

Their other alpha and human pack mate were cuddled up together on the couch, Jimin asleep with his head resting on Jin’s shoulder, softly sucking on his pacifier.

And as Namjoon opened the door, Taehyung right behind him after pressing a kiss to his soulmate’s forehead, he knew it was time.

Jungkook waited until Yoongi left too, and then he sneaked up behind Hoseok and pushed him outside, locking the door quickly.

His soulmate tilted his head at him curiously, but he just shook his head, smiling at the yelling he could hear from the other side.

“Jeon Jungkook! Let me in right now! If you don’t… If you don’t then I’ll never massage you again, you brat!” Hoseok banged against the door, voice both exasperated and frustrated.

He chuckled and leaned into the wood, eyes soft with affection.

“Sorry, Hoseokie, but you’re just going to have to take my place tonight. Have fun, okay?”

A frazzled noise could be heard as the alpha realized that they couldn’t stick around any longer. It was time to hunt.

“Just you wait, Jungkookie! After I come home, we’ll see who’s laughing then!” And after the other boy had proclaimed his threat, the sound of rapidly disappearing paws could be heard.

He laughed to himself and went over to settle against Jin’s side, lacing their hands together happily. Sure, he might not have gotten to go with the others, but when he was here curled up with his soulmate and Jimin, he found that he didn’t mind. Besides, he was sure Hoseok would get enough revenge for the both of them.

Taehyung eyes gleamed wickedly as the four of them came upon the scum that had attacked their family, still pathetically clinging to each other in a group, as if that would save them.

“Did you forget what I said?” He shifted back to his human form as quick as a blink, slowly stalking forward as the fur of his pack mates brushed the back of his legs.

They all quivered before him, eyes wide, and one opened their mouth to probably stammer something that would only piss him off even more, so he ran his sharp claws through their throat before they could.

They choked, the noise something that scraped unpleasantly at his ears as blood dripped down his hand.

He withdrew his fingers roughly, uncaring of how the wolf howled in pain, shakily pressing their hands to their throat in a vain attempt to stop the bleeding.

“I’ve finally caught you. Now struggle.” Taehyung smiled cruelly and tilted his head as someone started breathing hard and tumbled to the ground, crawling desperately in their fear to get away.

She was the first to get caught in Hoseok’s fangs, the alpha sinking his teeth down deep to the bone, high pitched and frantic screams of agony ringing out, causing the rest of the group to unfreeze and shift into wolves, scrambling in a panic.

Of course, Namjoon and Yoongi cut them off, snarling and teeth snapping at anyone who got too close. The two of them actually bit a few unlucky ones, frantic whines sounding out and adding to the chaotic din.

The group of wolves foolishly ran back towards him, looking for a way out past him. With a deep chuckle, he shifted again and faced them, mockingly barking.

Cornered, their eyes looked everywhere for some kind of exit, something that would allow them to escape, but it was futile.

His three pack mates slowly sauntered up behind the group, leaving the dead bodies of those they’d killed behind them, the scent of blood so sharp he could almost taste it in the back of his mouth.

Baring his teeth, he shot forward right as Namjoon sunk his teeth into their prey’s leg, locking him in place as deadly claws raked across his face.

He could see from the corner of his eye Hoseok tearing out the throat of someone viciously while Yoongi growled as he caught another one by the arm, shaking his head back and forth and shredding skin.

He grinned as he yanked his teeth out of the person they were currently embedded in and tackled one trying to escape with his whole body, slamming into them hard enough to hear something crack.

He went straight for the jugular and tore it out, life soon fading from their eyes as hot blood sprayed everywhere, but he was too wild to care.

They had hurt his pack, had taken his Jimin. And he was going to kill them.

Taehyung fell upon yet another wolf, claws making quick work of her as the sounds of his pack snarling and bones snapping filled the air.

It wasn’t long before more than a dozen dead bodies laid at their feet, all sporting gruesome and bloody wounds on their bodies. Of course, the four of them had plenty of scratches and bruises, but nothing serious. He reflected that this group really had underestimated them terribly, even after watching them for who knows how long.

He panted and spit out the blood in his mouth, scrunching his nose up in disgust at the taste. It really wouldn’t be soon enough before he could wash it out.

Their alpha barked, and they all turned to see him with shining, satisfied eyes. Then, he started howling as loudly as he could, the rest of them joining in seconds later.

It was a warning, to any other packs that got the bright idea of sniffing around their territory. ‘We will kill you just as we have killed these.’

‘We will hunt you down and rend you limb from limb. Stay away.’

Taehyung figured with how the scent of death was permeating the air so close to their territory that they wouldn’t be getting any other unwanted visitors any time soon. Really, the howl was probably overkill.

All of them still pushed their voices as loud as they could go, letting their rage and pleasure of eradicating a threat be heard.

All he could feel was a dark satisfaction in his stomach at the thought of other packs being too afraid to use their side of the forest to travel. Maybe now he wouldn’t have to play nice with other groups that only wanted to speak to his family so that they could try and steal one of his pack mates.

He detested the politics their society was seeped in, but hopefully now that they’d defended their territory those buzzards wouldn’t come skulking around anymore. It was a pain being an omega and having to be the one that talked to them!

Teeth shining in a grin, he trailed behind Namjoon as they headed back, atmosphere light with their victory.

They’d actually used a loophole to kill these guys. Normally you wouldn’t find a pack being so aggressive to a group that had technically only bruised and scraped a few members of their pack up, hardly an injury to wolves like them. Added to the fact that it would be hard to prove if they’d trespassed into their territory or not, most packs would have just opened talks between themselves to settle the matter and see if they can somehow benefit, either by trading members or coming to a compromise.

It was disgustingly hypocritical, but most high ranking packs looked down on killing other wolves. That is, unless they stood to gain more from it. Then they’d send their omegas and betas to do all the dirty work while the alphas sat back and smiled.

It made him curl his mouth into a scowl. The bastards this society was made up of only wanted to talk and talk and talk, not taking any action even when it was needed. They snapped up any advantage they could find and hoarded it to themselves, stagnating in their territory like rotting fish.

They were wolves. They were supposed to be families, not the broken and worn out husks of packs he’d seen all too often.

Taehyung knew that a lot of them would look down on his pack if they ever came across them, but he really couldn’t give less of a fuck.

They could all choke and die on their hypocrisy and lies.

Shaking his fur out angrily, he continued walking with his pack mates on the path home. A shoulder bumped into his, and he turned to head to find the pitch black pelt of Yoongi.

The beta swatted at his nose and he yelped in surprise before barking out a little laugh and nosing against the other in thanks.

The other wolf nuzzled back and settled into a rhythm beside him, warm fur a comfort as it brushed him.

Jungkook’s dark brown form sneaked up on his other side and stayed there, the two of them boxing him in between them.

Flicking his ears, he chuffed.

Whatever. All that really mattered was that they were almost home. He didn’t have the time to be brooding, not when he would be seeing his Jimin soon.

He felt his tail start to wag enthusiastically, and his eyes warmed.

He really wanted to cuddle up with his soulmate as soon as possible.

Chapter Text

Taehyung stepped up to impatiently knock at the door, smiling as it opened up to reveal his soulmate who was just as eager, his big brown eyes crinkled.

“TaeTae!” Just as his human was about to jump on him, Jimin paused and stared at him, eyes wide.

He cocked his head curiously before realizing. He was absolutely covered in blood, standing before his little one.


He frowned in dismay and turned to… to do something, anything to make his Jimin not stare at him like that. Like he was afraid.

But before he could even take a step, the black haired boy ran to wrap his arms around him and nuzzle into his stomach, fingers gripping tight.

“TaeTae hurt?” He felt a wetness soak through his shirt, and he hesitantly put a hand on the other’s back, rubbing up and down.

When he stayed silent for a few seconds too long, their pack mate tilted his head up and the sight of watery brown eyes broke his heart.

Seeing Jimin cry made him want to as well, made him want to cry in his place.

Letting out a shaky breath, he cupped the other boy’s cheek, thumb wiping away tears tenderly.

“Oh, baby. I’m not hurt, I promise.” His soulmate’s face scrunched up and his eyes filled up again, a wail piercing the air.

Taehyung noticed the rest of his pack as having moved inside to give them space, and in the back of his mind he thanked them. His family was wonderful, but this was a situation between him and his soulmate. It was odd, but the thought of anyone else being here in this moment struck him as uncomfortable.

As Jimin sobbed into him, hiccupping, he gently lifted up his little one and rocked him, burying his nose into soft black hair.

“I’m sorry I scared you. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He repeated it over and over, whispering it softly, afraid that he’d made a mistake.

He’d never forgive himself if Jimin was scared of him, if those eyes looked at him like that again. His soulmate was a precious gift he was lucky to have in his life, someone who was so, so important. He didn’t know what he would do if he fucked it all up.

‘Jiminie…’ He didn’t even notice that he was crying until a small hand reached up and wiped them away, the other boy’s expression worried.

“TaeTae didn’t scare me. I was scared of you being hurt, you big dummy.” His shoulder was smacked gently and then he was pulled down so Jimin could plant a kiss on his nose.

“Oh.” Was all he could say, sniffling and feeling a bit silly.

“I’m always gonna love you, TaeTae. No matter what.” His soulmate stared him straight in the eye, not even flinching as he took in the sight of blood all over the wolf.

Taehyung brightly smiled, tears running down his cheeks as he wetly laughed.

“Okay. I won’t doubt you anymore, Jiminie. You’re clearly brave enough for the both of us.”

The human giggled, leaning up to pat his face as brown eyes sparkled.

“I’ll protect you, TaeTae! So you can smile.”

Now it might have just been his bias talking, but really, after that who wouldn’t say that his soulmate was the best? He made no effort to try as he spun around with the other, feeling lightheaded from happiness as they laughed loudly.

Stumbling as if drunk and giggling lightly, he laced their hands together and squeezed.

“My hero.”

Jimin burrowed into his side and grinned, face flushed.

He teasingly tugged on the other boy’s ear, smiling at the whine he got in response as they slowly made their way inside, taking their time in heading to the living room.

“Guess what?” His little one looked at him curiously, tilting his head.

Heart twinging, his eyes shone fondly as he swung their intertwined hands between the two of them.

“I kicked those meanie wolves’ butts so hard that they’ll never hurt anyone ever again.”

Leaning down to kiss Jimin on the head, he tightened the grip he had on the hand he was holding.

“You’re safe, sweetheart.”

His soulmate didn’t say a word, just squeezed back as hard as he could, eyes turned down.

But Taehyung could see the smile curling at his mouth, the tension that suddenly disappeared from his body. Jimin might have tried to convince himself that he was fine, that what happened was over and had no effect on him now, but that simply wasn’t true. He’d been kidnapped from his family and injured by total strangers, somehow having the strength of mind to escape all on his own and then smile at them all.

Even now, with the news of them having been dealt with, he knew that there was still some places in Jimin that needed healing. Little scratches and tears that his soulmate probably didn’t even notice, that would take time to mend themselves.

And maybe he’d carry the memory of that experience with him for the rest of his life, and wake from nightmares every now and then, or shut down some days as something reminded him of it. Maybe Jimin would get frustrated at that, at not being able to gloss over it like he wanted.

It was alright, though. He wouldn’t go through it alone. Jimin had a whole family ready to support him, whenever he needed it.

So Taehyung smiled cheerfully and laughed, running and tugging at his soulmate, a surprised yelp ringing out behind him.

“Hurry up, slowpoke! If we’re fast maybe we can sneak some cookies before bed!” As they careened into the living room where the rest of the pack was, Seokjin raised an eyebrow.

“I heard that. What have I told you before?”

He grinned and whistled, looking off to the side.

“I don’t know, I forgot.”

As the alpha began to get up, face unimpressed as the others all laughed, Taehyung dragged the black haired boy up to their room, flopping down and rolling around on the bed in a flurry of giggles.

Propping his head on a hand, he gestured dramatically, eyes twinkling.

“Did you see his face? He was ready to tell me!”

Jimin sprawled over his body contently, laying down and closing his eyes as he yawned.

He tenderly brushed through his soulmate’s hair before reaching around wildly for a minute before lighting up in victory.

“Here you go, baby. Sweet dreams. I love you!” He pushed the pale pink pacifier to his little human’s lips, then leant down and pressed sweet kisses to cheeks that were getting plumper as time went on and their owner ate regular meals.

A small hand softly clenched at his shirt, wrinkling the material.

“Love you, TaeTae…” Jimin muttered it quietly and then lost the fight against sleep, sucking on his pacifier.

Sighing happily, he laid back and closed his eyes as well, his soulmate a lovely warm weight on his stomach and chest.

No doubt that Jimin would want to check on the others in the morning, to make sure that the three of them were okay. For right now though, he wanted to be selfish and keep the other boy all to himself for a little while.

Just until morning.

Chapter Text

Hoseok hissed slightly as his soulmate applied antiseptic to his skin, having already thoroughly wiped him clear of blood earlier.

All he’d wanted to do was head straight to bed and cuddle up with his omega, but Namjoon had insisted, even though his scrapes and bruises would just heal by morning. It wasn’t like this was necessary, so then why…?

Swinging his feet lightly as he sat on the bathroom counter, he frowned and felt his eyebrows scrunch up in his puzzlement.

“Are you feeling better now?” Namjoon didn’t look at him, only continued to fix his small injuries, a smile on his face.

He huffed out a breath and leaned back slightly, smiling too. It just figured that his soulmate would have noticed. Someone else might have wondered why the other boy hadn’t confronted him about it, but he just felt appreciative at the thought of Namjoon giving him the space he needed to work it out himself.

The two of them never really talked things out like this among themselves. They just stayed beside each other, ready to hold each other’s hand or just sit there in silence.

He had never been good at this sort of stuff, no matter what his pack said. Sure, he felt emotions more strongly than most people, but he was terrible at figuring them out. He cried too easily over the smallest of things and could turn from happy to sad in the blink of an eye. It was honestly exhausting sometimes, with how much his emotions flipped flopped.

Thank the stars for his soulmate. He didn’t know what he would do without Namjoon there, a firm hand at his back or the warm smile that never failed to energize him. The mornings where he’d wake up and just want to close his eyes and go back to sleep again, thinking that he wouldn’t be able to get through the day…

Those were the mornings when Namjoon would press gentle kisses to his lips until he made him smile, cupping his cheek.

“Good morning, Hoseokie.” And then something in his chest would deflate to manageable levels, and he would be able to laugh and get up to tackle life again, hand in hand with his soulmate as they stumbled into the kitchen.

Feeling the sting of the disinfectant, his lips turned up in a small smile.

“Yeah. I’m doing great. I guess kicking those guys’ asses really helped, huh?”

Namjoon hummed, the sound making him want to close his eyes and fall asleep right then and there, no matter how hard the counter he was sitting on was. He’s sure he could make do if only the omega continued.

A few minutes passed in the sort of calm silence that enveloped the late night when everyone else had already gone to bed. Or should he call it the early morning?

He opened his eyes slowly as he felt hands on his legs, finding his soulmate kneeling before him treating his cuts with such a soft expression that it made his heart skip a beat.

“You know, you don’t have to do this. I’ll be good as new in the morning.” He said it quietly, not wanting to break the quiet atmosphere.

Namjoon chuckled and looked up at him with soft eyes.

“I want to.”

‘Oh.’ Hoseok grinned giddily to himself as his soulmate took care of him, making sure no cut or injury was left untreated. It wasn’t long before he was done, and as he stood up to stretch, he let out a groan.

“Ah, my back hurts.”

The alpha lightly laughed before scooping him up in his arms, wobbling slightly as he took a step. It didn’t matter that his soulmate was taller and heavier than him, he was determined to carry him!

“I got this, babe.” He told himself that the out of breath tone to his voice was sexy.

Hands reached out to grip his shoulders as a chuckle met his ears.

“Be careful in the dark.”

It took some maneuvering, but with his omega guiding him, they somehow managed to arrive to their bedroom without tripping over anything along the way. Miracle or not, he still let out a cheer as he flopped down on the bed, making the other boy draw in a breath from surprise.

He nuzzled their cheeks together in apology, smiling when a kiss was pressed to his lips. He leaned in for another, this time deepening it as he found himself on top of his soulmate.

He pulled back slightly but found himself yelping as Namjoon tangled fingers in his hair and yanked him down for more, making him let out a little whine in response. He could feel the smile against his lips and it only made him want to chase the taste of them more.

The hand in his hair pulled again, sharply, and he sunk down on his partner’s chest, panting and boneless as his body relaxed at the sensation.

“We should probably go to sleep, huh?” Namjoon sheepishly laughed, his cheeks red, as if he were an inexperienced teenager and was unaware of what he did to Hoseok.

He buried his head in his soulmate’s neck and softly bit the skin, grumbling.

A finger made him tilt his head up and look into the other’s eyes, which were gleaming now and making his heart beat faster in his chest.

“Believe me, Hoseok. If you weren’t injured, I would have made you beg for it. Be good and maybe next time I will, hm?” And with a sweet kiss to his forehead, Namjoon smiled and closed his eyes, ready to go to sleep.

Laying there on top of the other boy with wide eyes and flushed cheeks, Hoseok wondered if his soulmate liked to torture him. Liked teasing him like this and leaving him with just enough to leave him fantasizing about… things.

He silently squealed, palms to his face as embarrassment rose up in him. He told himself that now really wasn’t the time to be thinking of… certain things, and turned to snuggle into the omega’s side.

A warm hand lazily wound itself around his body, and he huffed, leaning into it.

“I hate you.”

Namjoon just laughed as the alpha plastered himself to his body, nuzzling against him contently.

“I love you too, Seokie.”

And with a happy sigh, the omega slowly drifted off to sleep, his soulmate beside him.

He absently wondered if Hoseok would plan out revenge on him tomorrow, but then thought better of it when he remembered Jungkook. The beta was going to get pranked. Hard.

Seokjin would sure have his hands full if Hoseok managed to rope Taehyung or Yoongi into it. Then again, maybe Jungkook would enlist someone’s help as well?

He smiled to himself. They’d just have to wait and see.

Chapter Text

“Hoseokie, please! Stop!” Jungkook was flailing wildly around the floor as the alpha tickled him mercilessly, barely managing to get out the words from how hard he was laughing.

“I said I’d get my revenge, didn’t I? You brought this upon yourself, my cute little pack mate!” Hoseok grinned, eyes bright with mischief as he trapped the other wolf under his body.

The beta tried to snark back, but collapsed in a fit of giggles as fingers slyly found his weak spots, the boy above him soon joining in.

“They look like they’re having fun.” Seokjin smiled, amused as he watched the two from the kitchen table, still eating breakfast.

Most of them still were. It was Hoseok who’d rushed through his meal and then pounced on Jungkookie, paying no mind to the grumbles he got in return as the beta complained that he wasn’t done eating. Somehow, the two of them had ended up wrestling with each other on the floor, loud and warm laughter echoing through the entire house.

Jimin didn’t mind in the least, though. It felt nice to just eat together with his pack, their noise like a soothing background track as everyone all smiled, comfortable.

“Jungkookie never stood a chance.” Namjoon laid his cheek in his palm, eyes warm as he smiled and watched the both of them.

As slow content conversation drifted through the air, he felt his soulmate nudge him and looked only to find playful brown eyes staring back.

‘Oh no.’ If Jimin knew Taehyung at all, he knew that the other boy had just thought of something terrible and was about to drag him into the mess. The incident involving oil and a curtain still haunted him sometimes at night, keeping him up and forcing him to wonder silently, ‘Why tassels?’

That look meant Serious Business. It meant that he would probably regret whatever plan his soulmate had concocted deeply, but he still smiled back as he sighed in resignation. Sometimes it was easier to just go along with Taehyung, and this felt like one of those times.

‘Besides, I already know this is going to be fun.’ Might as well enjoy it then, huh?

“Yeah?” He tilted his head as his voice came out quiet in a whisper. Of course, everyone in this house would be able to hear him no matter what, but it was the thought that counted.

Taehyung’s fingers closed around his wrist in a firm grip, the wolf beaming at him in excitement, eyes practically sparkling.

“Let’s help Hoseokie out, hm? I have an idea.”

Jimin chuckled as he watched his soulmate bounce in the chair he was sitting in, reaching a hand out to brush a few stray hairs out of his face.

“What are we going to be subjecting poor Kookie to?”

Soft giggles escaped Taehyung’s lips, and the sound made his eyes crinkle up into a smile. His chest felt full just from hearing them.

“We need to go to town to get something. Can I count on your help, Park Jimin?” The fingers still wrapped around his wrist now slid down to intertwine with his in a loose hold.

He bowed his head slightly, hiding the fond smile on his face.

“Of course, Kim Taehyung.”

And with that, he was pulled by his whirlwind of a soulmate out the door and through the woods, headed for the streets leading to town, but not before Jin pressed some money into his hands with amused eyes as he observed the omega’s happy grin.

“Don’t let him spend it all in one place, all right?”

He might have once tried to give it back, or protested, but this was his pack. If they wanted him and Taehyung to go out and have fun, who was he to argue? His pride could go suck it for all he cared.

He didn’t think he would ever stop feeling so warm at how they all took such good care of him, though, and wrapped his arms around Jin in a tight hug.

“Thanks.” He said, knowing by the way the alpha’s arms tightened around his body that he heard everything else he wasn’t able to put into words.

“Anytime.” Jin replied quietly, and from the smile on his face and the look in his eyes, he was being nothing but sincere with his statement.

And before Taehyung could impatiently drag him out the door, the alpha ran a hand through his hair and pressed a kiss to his forehead, murmuring a soft, “Be safe.”

With a laugh, he gestured to his soulmate whose hand was practically glued to his, his soulmate soon hurrying him up with a groan.

Before the two of them had stumbled out the door, he’d managed to see Seokjin with a hand over his mouth as he smiled to himself.

As Taehyung ran excitedly through the forest, making him pant as he was pulled along, he reflected that at least this was good exercise. He really wasn’t in the best of shape, not as much as he like to be anyways. He remembered the days where he’d be able to run a mile and hardly break a sweat with longing.

Running had really been one of the only things he’d had, way back when. He’d started by leaving his parent’s house at night, whenever he got too caught up in his own head or the crushing silence, hoping that maybe they would notice. Maybe they would worry over what he was doing and then scold him when he got home.

Of course, they didn’t. But he still went out and ran whenever he could, an angry teenager that channeled all of his frustration and unhappiness into just moving his legs. It kept his mind quiet, at least.

And then one day he’d looked around and decided for himself that he really didn’t want to stay in that lonely house anymore, with parents who hardly realized that they had a son. So he’d slipped out, backpack full of food and all the cash he’d managed to save, and he’d run away.

Life on the streets was both easier and harder compared to how he’d been living before. He had to constantly be on alert from the police or other homeless people who wanted to steal from him. It was hard to find food, and most of his days were spent skulking through restaurant garbage bins, but he was free. The silence that came from being by yourself was different from the one he’d felt bearing down on him in his parent’s house. It was somehow easier to accept.

He’d spent his days and his nights running, and maybe he hadn’t been happy, but he had been content with the life he’d made. He hadn’t expected things to be sunshine and roses. But now…

“Taehyung, do you think we could go somewhere soon, just the two of us? Somewhere that’s a bit far?” He looked down at their hands that were laced together tightly as his soulmate gradually slowed down and turned to look back at him, eyes curious.

“Sure! Where did you want to go?”

Jimin was positive that the other boy hadn’t even thought as he’d answered, so quick was the reply. He smiled and squeezed his wolf’s fingers.

“It’s a secret! But it’s a place I’ve been wanting to see again for a long time, a really special place. Do you want to visit it with me?”

Taehyung’s whole face lit up and he nodded before tugging him into his side for a hug, nose coming down to nuzzle against his.

“I’m excited! I really want to see Jimin’s favorite place!”

It just figured that his soulmate would know without having to ask how important it really was to him. Sometimes it felt like Taehyung could read his mind, so clever when it came to reading between the lines.

He grinned and tilted his head up to meet the other boy’s lips in a quick kiss, smiling when a whine was let out as he pulled back.

“Come on. Don’t we have a prank to plan on Jungkookie?”

His soulmate pouted and crossed his arms, making him giggle.

“I’ll kiss you as much as you want when we get home, okay?”

Taehyung was suddenly all smiles once more, causing him to shake his head in exasperation at his dork of a soulmate.

“What are we waiting for then? Come on, Jimin! Let’s go!” His wolf tugged at him persistently, and with a light laugh he acquiesced to the other boy’s demands.

“Alright, alright. Slow down, baby.” He froze in shock at what just tumbled from his mouth, watching as Taehyung slowly flushed a bright red, staring at him with wide eyes.

A few seconds passed as they just silently looked at each other, Jimin feeling his own cheeks darken before mustering up all of his courage and continuing.

“Can you be a good boy for me?” He screamed in the back of his mind, so embarrassed by the fact that that had just come out of his mouth. His palms started sweating.

Taehyung kept staring, mouth now hanging open, the perfect picture of shock.

Jimin was about to do something rash, like speak up again, when his soulmate suddenly sauntered closer, eyes dark.

It was his turn to be surprised as the other boy placed hands on his hips and smirked down at him, tongue flicking out to lick his lips.

“I can be a very good boy, but only for you, sweetheart. Would you like that?” Taehyung purred out the words and leaned in even more, until the tips of their noses were barely touching.

“Want me to be your good boy, Jimin?” He blushed hotly at that, eyes unable to leave his wolf’s. His heart beat rapidly and he swallowed, watching gleaming brown eyes follow the motion with interest.

“Please.” He whispered, and that was all it took for Taehyung to meet him in a rough kiss, nails digging into his hips and making him silently gasp.

His soulmate greedily tasted him, tongue moving against his as he was kissed again and again, the sounds the two of them made filthy.

Jimin panted and watched with hooded eyes as a trail of saliva connected them as they separated, whole body feeling hot. Taehyung looked somehow worse than he felt, lips bruised a bright red from all their kissing and his skin flushed red as he stared at him with dark, dark eyes.

“No more kisses until we get home.” He tried to say it firmly, but knew it was a lost cause when his soulmate only tilted his head and smiled.

“Whatever you say, darling.” Feeling his heart race at the look the other boy gave him, Jimin took his hand and resolutely made for town, suddenly feeling as if he’d created a monster.

As Taehyung hummed behind him, deep voice causing a shiver to dance across his skin, he just knew that he would have his hands full later.

But for right now, he focused on getting to town, cheeks still burning.

‘Give me strength.’ He sent out a plea to anyone who happened to be listening and dearly hoped that he’d make it through this day alive.

Chapter Text

“What’s that?” Jimin’s soulmate tilted his head as he tugged on his hand, voice curious. When he looked towards where Taehyung’s eyes were planted, he was a bit taken aback.

His wolf seemed fascinated by a lingerie store, and a rather fancy one at that. One full of lace and ribbons. Sometimes he forgot that the two of them truly were different species, but then it was times like these that reminded him.

“It’s women’s underwear.” He said patiently with a smile, paying no mind to the people that stared at them as they stood in front of the store. He wondered if he would have been this brave even half a year ago, and found himself answering no. It was amazing how much he’d changed in so short a time; how happier he was.

Taehyung’s eyebrows scrunched up. “Other people don’t wear it? Why? It’s so pretty!” His voice rose excitedly at the end of his sentence, causing an older woman to look at them both with wide eyes.

Jimin paused for a moment, then smiled, tugging the other boy’s hand up to place a soft kiss on it, relishing in the half-wheezing, half-cough the lady let out as she rushed past. He looked around at the rest of the people who had been staring at them, and they all either averted their eyes or suddenly found themselves in a hurry to go someplace else.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that only women can wear it. It’s just that it’s made according to a woman’s measurements, and some people find that it doesn’t fit them, or they don’t like how it feels.” He found his hand being squeezed before Taehyung went back to looking, only letting out a hum in response.

He observed the slightly wistful look in the other boy’s eyes, how he seemed to hold himself back from going in. Whatever the reason his soulmate had for looking so bittersweet, it was his job to make him feel better. After all, the two of them were in a relationship, right? Well, they hadn’t put any labels on it, but Jimin knew romantic affection from platonic, and the two of them lavished both on each other whenever they could.

Truthfully, he liked not having a name to put on their relationship. It was just them and whatever they wanted to be together. It would feel kind of weird to call Taehyung his boyfriend. The word just didn’t encompass all of what they were.

Shaking his head slightly with a light blush, he pushed all thoughts from his mind and instead started dragging his soulmate into the store.

“Jimin?” Taehyung questioned, voice surprised as he turned to look at him with puzzled eyes.

He smiled back, eyes crinkling up as they entered. “Didn’t you want to try some on at least? Don’t worry, we don’t have to get any if you don’t want.”

Before his wolf could manage to protest, Jimin saw him stop and spin around, taking in all of the different kinds of fabrics and designs, mouth open in awe.

With a slight giggle, he grinned and gently went with him around the store, stopping every now and then as he got distracted. It was really cute, and made him hide the grin on his face with a hand.

But when they stumbled upon a set of a pastel pink bra with matching panties, all covered in delicate swirls of lace, Taehyung actually gasped, eyes wide. He tilted his head fondly before looking through the tags and hangers, managing to find one that he was sure would fit his soulmate a minute later. He handed it over with a smile, reaching up nuzzle their noses together when the other boy gaped at him as if he were some miracle that had somehow ended up in his life.

Jimin understood. Sometimes he felt like that about Taehyung too.

“Now, let’s find something for me!” He was starting to get excited now too. He’d never done anything like this before, never thought to. But now Taehyung was here with him, and it made him want to discover how he would look in something as pretty as lace.

Whenever the two of them were together, it made him want to just dive in and explore life, knowing his wolf was right behind him.

As he searched for something blue while humming, Taehyung spoke up a bit hesitantly.

“I think you’d look good in this.” And he pointed to a matching gown and sleep shorts, each of them a pale pink, fabric looking like velvet. Walking over, he confirmed that they were indeed just as smooth as they seemed, picking one out that would fit him and then taking back his soulmate’s hand. He led them up to an employee and asked for a fitting room, and soon enough the two of them found themselves standing there and staring at each other.

“Let’s get changed, huh?” He smiled and started undressing, not even bothering to turn around. This was Taehyung, and he could look all he wanted.

The other boy did look, eyes dark and intense as they focused on the way Jimin slowly stripped, running his own hands over his body before tilting his head playfully.

Until eventually he was down to just his boxers, and with a laugh he observed the way Taehyung’s skin slowly flushed.

“Hand me mine, please?” Jimin asked with an innocent smile, and he swore he’d never seen his soulmate move so fast before.

Laughing lightly, he leaned up and pecked him briefly on the lips, pulling back before the other boy could move in for more.

“Thank you.”

He put on the shorts first, something simple that barely took a second. Then, the gown. Taehyung took it from him and moved behind him before he could even begin.

“Let me.” His wolf’s deep voice caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand up, and he held out his arms silently, rolling his head to the side and closing his eyes as the other boy gently touched his skin, running fingers down it.

The feeling of Taehyung putting the gown on him caused him to smile, his chest warm. After it was done, he was suddenly spun around to face him, hands finding their way to rest on his hips.

His soulmate looked at him with soft, soft eyes, and his heart felt as if it would beat right out of his body. A happy smile was on his lips and he practically glowed.

“You’re so beautiful, Jimin. So, so beautiful.” He found himself threatened with little kisses to his forehead, quiet ‘I love you’s’ being whispered against his skin.

It was so sweet, and Taehyung made him feel so loved that small tears dotted the corners of his eyes, feeling so unbelievably in love with the man in front of him. He wrapped his arms around him with a laugh and never wanted to let go.

“Silly. You still haven’t tried on yours yet.” But Taehyung didn’t want to let go either, at least not until he was bribed with a kiss, and even then he whined.

Still, Jimin was impressed with his soulmate’s speed at getting dressed, and then he found himself just generally in awe of Taehyung in his entirety, of how ethereal he was while wearing lace. The pastel bra stood out against his tan skin, and he could only imagine how he would look with the panties on to complete the look.

Jimin stepped closer to cup his cheeks, smiling at how warm they felt. His wolf stared at him with brown eyes that were a little bit hesitant, a little bit unsure.

The sheer vulnerability he was being trusted with almost caused him to let out a breath, but instead he knocked their foreheads together gently, leaning in just a little to press his lips softly against Taehyung’s in a feather light kiss.

“You’re lovely, so lovely, baby. Inside and out. You always make me want to try harder, do more. I’m pretty sure you already know, but I’m really, really in love with you.”

Taehyung yanked him into another kiss with a hand at his neck, and Jimin surrendered willingly, smiling into the mouth that met his. Even if it was frantic and a bit rough, like in the forest, something about it was different too.

Taehyung kissed him fiercely, pouring every ounce of emotion he had into it while gripping at his hair tightly, accidentally tugging it sometimes. Every time they broke apart for air, his wolf surged back in, ready for more.

Jimin groaned, the sound ringing throughout the tiny dressing room they were in. Thoughts of other people hearing and coming to check on them didn’t even cross his mind. Even if they did, he probably wouldn’t have stopped anyway.

He slowly trailed a finger up Taehyung’s throat, feeling it swallow against him before tilting the other boy’s chin up slightly. The two of them met eyes, and he smiled at what he found there. Love, desire, impatience, need…

“Slow down.” He said, slowly leaning up to kiss his soulmate again, but this time he was the one to lead the pace. Every time the other boy would push against his mouth for more, he would only smile while denying him, causing Taehyung to emit a frustrated growl.

Jimin giggled and nipped at his nose, leading the wolf into a playful mock fight where the victor was whoever found the other’s lips first. Needless to say, his Taehyung won by a landslide.

“We should probably get out of here before someone walks in on us. Did you want to buy anything?” He yelped as hands suddenly slid further down and he was lifted up, a face burying itself into his hair.

“Yeah.” It was quiet, but he could hear the smile in the other boy’s voice. His eyes softened and then they both changed back into their regular clothes. As he got out the money Seokjin gave him to pay with, he found himself staring at more than he originally thought. More than enough to get whatever they wanted and have some left over after, even.

Briefly, he pondered how exactly Jin had acquired all of this. He didn’t work a job, did he? Did he steal? It wasn’t like Jimin was a stranger to that sort of thing, but still… Jin didn’t really seem the type. He put it to the back of his mind to ask about later and handed over the correct amount to the cashier.

He only realized Taehyung was having a conversation with her when he found himself still holding out his hand.

“And that’s why you should never wear high heels when you’re drunk.” She laughed to herself, his soulmate nodding along seriously.

“Hanbyeol’s still an asshole. I can’t believe she just left you there!” Taehyung’s eyebrows were furrowed, his mouth in a slight frown.

The clerk smiled at him, ducking her head down. “Yeah, well, she apologized later.” Jimin had the feeling there was more to that story, but he cut in with a cough, laughing lightly when the both of them jumped slightly at the sound, whipping around to face him.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but…” He tilted his head towards the customers in line behind him, and the corners of his lips turned up as the girl blushed bright red, embarrassed.

She rushed to complete their transaction, flustered. “I’m so sorry, sir! I’m always blabbering on like that! Please excuse me!” He shook his head as he took the bag from her, eyes crinkled up.

“Don’t worry about it. Thank you for being so kind to my Taehyung.” He bowed his head to her, and smiled as she stammered, his soulmate reaching across the counter to shake her hand enthusiastically.

“It was nice to meet you, Ayeon! I hope things work out between you and Hanbyeol!” The wolf grinned cheerfully, his brown eyes warm.

Ayeon lit up at that, standing up straighter and smiling back, nodding. “Nice to meet you too, Taehyung! I hope you come again, and maybe next time I can help you pick out something!”

They both waved a goodbye as they exited the shop, the girl waving back shortly before she was swamped with customers. Jimin grabbed Taehyung’s hand and held it, swinging it slowly between them as they walked.

“She was nice.” His soulmate stated, expression relaxed and open.

He hummed, watching a bird as it flew overhead.

“She was. We’ll have to come back soon, hm?”

Taehyung breathed out a content sigh and squeezed his fingers. “Yeah.”

The two of them walked leisurely to their next destination, their sides brushing with every step. He didn’t know exactly what his wolf had planned for the prank on Jungkook, but if every trip into a store ended up like that one, he looked forward to it.

“Where to next?”

Taehyung turned to him with an excited grin as he bounced on his feet.

“Wherever there’s hair dye!”

Jimin couldn’t help it. He laughed, chest warm and fuzzy from the pout on the other boy’s face. It just figured that his soulmate would have thought up something like this.

“Okay. I know just the place.” He grinned, thinking of all the different colors there were to choose from. He wondered which one Jungkook would look the worst in?

He couldn’t wait to find out.

Chapter Text

As the two of them walked out of the beauty shop, Taehyung now carrying another bag that was full of a bright neon red hair dye and also a few bottles of nail polish. His wolf had been enamored with the concept of painting his nails when he’d explained it, and had insisted that they try it together. And even if he’d never worn any, the bright smile that had been flashed at him was all the reason he’d ever need.

He’d laughed when his soulmate had picked out a clear one full of confetti and then a bottle of pretty light blue. When Jimin had been urged, he himself had chosen a modest pale pink, unable to fight off his smile at the sight of it.

It was odd, how excited he was just at the thought of them painting their nails later. He’d never really had an interest in it, but now that Taehyung was looking at everything with shiny, sparkling eyes, he wondered if perhaps that wasn’t the case after all. Maybe he’d had a burgeoning interest in things like this for a while, and maybe it was just society and the way it looked at people that didn’t conform to its ideals of normalcy that had stifled that. Made him hide it away deep in the back of his head until even he couldn’t find it.

It really was dumb, now that he thought about it. Who was someone else to say what he could and couldn’t wear? How he looked? His interests?

The most important thing was his own happiness. Screw anyone who thought to tell him otherwise, or tried to change him.

If he wanted to go out to town while wearing a dress, he could. And sure, he knew he’d get looks from people and maybe even words besides, but that didn’t matter when he had Taehyung and everyone else. He already knew that they wouldn’t care what he wore or did, as long as he was safe and happy.

‘Maybe next time, I will.’ Wear a dress, that is. Even as his stomach fluttered with butterflies at the idea, they were mostly excited ones, the nerves not bubbling up. Because he knew that Taehyung would be there, right beside him. Ready with a smile to put him at ease.

Slowly reaching over, he gently intertwined their fingers and started swinging their hands through the air.

“Can I take you somewhere?” He asked it out of the blue, surprised himself as the words came out of his mouth. But then he realized that he didn’t want this to end yet. This afternoon that was just for the two of them.

Looking down at the ground with a soft smile, Jimin missed the fond look the other boy shot him as he stepped closer, causing their sides to brush against each other and touch.

“Sure.” He could hear the smile in Taehyung’s voice, and looking up, he found two warm brown eyes staring back. His cheeks lightly lit up with a flush as he turned and pulled his soulmate along.

He just walked for a while, no destination in mind. He didn’t know what he was doing and almost wanted to ask out loud if the wolf had any places he wanted to go. But he was glad he didn’t when he caught sight of a cute, small shop just a few steps down the way.

Grinning, he turned to face Taehyung and with a playful tap to his nose, disentangled their hands.

“Stay here for a second! Close your eyes, okay? I’ll be right back!” And before the other boy could even say anything in response, Jimin pressed a brief kiss to his lips and then spun around and headed for the little flower shop, not even bothering to check if Taehyung had listened.

Of course he had. His soulmate loved surprises.

He didn’t even have to debate between all the different flowers, was ready to tell the sales clerk which ones he wanted for his bouquet. Flashing a quick smile as he paid, he quickly dashed back outside and to Taehyung, hiding the bouquet behind him as he told the other boy to open his eyes.

As he revealed the flowers, he saw his wolf’s eyes widen with surprise as he stared at him. Expression soft, he moved closer until they were almost chest to chest, the bouquet between them.

With a slight blush taking over his cheeks, he slowly pointed to each flower and explained why he chose it. Even if it was embarrassing, he wanted to make sure Taehyung understood this. It was important that he knew.

“These are daffodils, for joy and happiness, and new beginnings.” He didn’t dare look the other boy in face, heart already beating out of his chest.

“Orange lilies, for passion.” His voice got softer and softer as he went from flower to flower, feeling both giddy and nervous.

“Hydrangea. Heartfelt emotions.” He smiled as he felt hands come to rest on his waist, fingers digging into the fabric of his clothes tightly. Still, he didn’t look up and kept going.

He giggled a little as he caressed the petals of the next one. “Gerbera, for cheerfulness!” It was the perfect flower for his Taehyung, and he knew he’d had to include it the moment he saw it.

The other boy laughed too, as warm and exuberant as always. Jimin’s eyes crinkled up just from the sound of it.

Then, he swallowed as he came upon the last one. A single flower, right in the middle of the bouquet just as he’d requested. Even if he’d said it before, it still felt like it was the first time as he gently picked it out and tucked it behind Taehyung’s ear.

“Purple lilac. First love.” He smiled widely as his soulmate’s eyes widened once again, fingers gripping at his waist as if it were a lifeline.

Jimin reached out and softly dragged the other boy in with his hair, meeting him in a delicate, tender kiss. They didn’t linger too long, however, and as he pulled away, he softly thumbed at the tears gathering in the corners of Taehyung’s eyes.

“Why are you crying, hm? I still have to take you on a date today.” His words came out hushed and absolutely fond, as if he were conveying a secret.

“A date?” Taehyung tilted his head and smiled back, pulling him closer for a hug.

Jimin basked in the feeling of the warm arms surrounding him and hugged back, utterly content to stay there.

“Yeah, a date. Our first one!” He lightly laughed and buried his head into the crook of Taehyung’s neck, grinning happily.

A nose pressed itself into his hair and a deep voice rumbled out, making him just want to curl up in it forever.

“As long as you promise not to make me cry again.”

He breathed out a content sigh as the two of them just stayed like that, wrapped up in each other’s arms. The best place to be.

“I’ll try my best.”

He was going to take Taehyung on the absolute best date ever, mark his words! He wanted to make him smile and watch him as he became fascinated with the food on menus. Wanted to laugh with him as they goofed off.

He wanted to remind Taehyung how much he loved him, again and again. Until they both met each other in a kiss and then walked home, hand in hand.

‘Prepare to be wooed, Kim Taehyung!’ He smiled to himself as his eyes shined. He was going to spoil the hell out of his soulmate and no one was going to stop him.

Chapter Text

Jimin squeezed Taehyung’s hand tightly as he watched his soulmate gaze around in fascination, an awed smile on his face. The blue light fell across his face softly, and it made Jimin wish he had a camera. If only he could capture this moment and keep it with him in a pocket or in frame, pulling it out whenever he wanted to remember it.

But he didn’t have a camera, and so he devoted himself instead to memorizing each and every inch of the expression on the other boy’s face. The way it changed whenever a fish swam by, how warm brown eyes lit up excitedly at the sight of a sting ray…

He already knew this, but Taehyung was really beautiful. It made his heart swell with fondness as he observed his wolf enthusiastically reading the pamphlet they’d been given, wide boxy grin showing every now and then as he found something that matched what he’d read.

They’d been here for over thirty minutes already, just standing and watching the fish, but truthfully Jimin could do this all day. It wasn’t an exaggeration for him to say that there was no place he’d rather be, just holding hands with Taehyung and smiling at his happiness.

It felt as if the two of them were alone together in this aquarium, a bubble around them filled with warmth and intimacy. As he felt fingers twitch against his, Jimin softly laughed and tugged the other boy over to the seat a little ways from the tank.

Tangling their legs together comfortably as they settled, he and Taehyung caught each other’s eyes and smiled. He didn’t know why, but a warm, bubbly feeling rose up inside his chest at that moment. Maybe because it was only now sinking in that they were actually on a date. Just the two of them.

“Are you magical, Jimin?” Taehyung’s voice was hushed and his eyes wide, the blue light reflecting off the glass and falling over them both like gentle waves.

He couldn’t help but laugh, reaching out to poke the other boy on the nose when he started pouting. Sometimes his soulmate was too adorable.

“Nope, I’m just a regular human. No supernatural powers to be seen.” He found himself grinning as he was pulled into a hug and tucked up against Taehyung, the wolf’s body enveloping him like a warm blanket.

“I think you’re lying. And if I say you’re magical, you’re magical. Okay?” His soulmate’s teasing voice washed over him and he smiled when he heard a little huff. Looking up, he was bombarded with the image of Taehyung’s cheeks puffed out as his eyes shone with laughter.

Jimin reached out and cupped those cheeks in his hands, leaning in to press a gentle kiss against his wolf’s forehead. Barely a second later, he found himself being nuzzled, and he swore he could hear Taehyung softly growling, the sound similar to purring.

Listening closely, he giggled as he realized that was basically what it was. Now with a lapful of affectionate and happy Taehyung, all he could do was nuzzle back, breathily laughing whenever a kiss landed on his face.

Even after he was freed from Taehyung’s clutches, the two of them didn’t so much as move an inch. They just sat there silently for a few more minutes, hand in hand as they watched all the fish swimming by.

After they’d had their fun at the aquarium, Jimin had decided to take his soulmate out to lunch, finding the perfect little restaurant that wasn’t too crowded but still looked nice. In fact, it might have been a little too fancy for just a casual first date, but he figured that as long as they had the money he might as well make good on his promise of spoiling Taehyung.

Pulling the door open for the other boy, he smiled softly as his soulmate sniffed the air and then turned to face him with sparkling eyes.

“We’re really going to eat here?”

He lightly giggled and nudged his wolf inside, following at his side soon after. An employee quickly asked how many for their party and where they would like to sit.

“Two. And a place that’s quiet, please.” He flashed a sweet smile and took out some cash, handing it to the waiter nonchalantly. As the poor man just about tripped over himself at the amount he’d been handed, Jimin couldn’t help but smile. That had felt strangely good.

The waiter held up a hand and with a wide-eyed look on his face, explained that he’d be back shortly. A few minutes later, the two of them were bring ushered upstairs to a table with a fine white tablecloth and a room that was utterly devoid of any other people.

He heard Taehyung gasp at the view outside the window, the mid-day sun gently falling over what looked to be a small, elegant garden complete with both flowers and a little man made stream, a turtle lazing on a rock near the water.

“Please take as long as you need to decide, and simply signal me if there’s anything else.” With a bow, the waiter took his leave, and the two of them sat down, identical smiles on their faces.

He laid his head on a palm and watched with soft eyes as Taehyung started excitedly gesturing to the turtle, voice loud.

“He’s so cute! Right, Jimin?” A wide boxy grin greeted him, and he was helpless to do anything but reach across the table and kiss him, his heart feeling like it would combust from how much he loved this absolute dork.

Pulling back slightly, he touched a finger to the other boy’s chin and lifted it up slowly, forcing their eyes to meet.

“He really is.” He said it while looking straight at Taehyung, and he knew the meaning wasn’t lost on his soulmate when he saw shy red bloom across his cheeks and dust the bridge of his nose.

Smiling wickedly, he licked his lips, taking immense pleasure in the way his wolf tracked the motion with dark eyes.

“I’m getting hungry. Let’s decide what to order, hm?” He’d never seen someone open a menu so fast in his life, and he lightly giggled as the other boy suddenly became fascinated with pictures of steak.

Reaching over, he gently turned the menu right side up and smiled sweetly as Taehyung buried his head in his hands, emitting a kind of choked squeak.

“Baby.” He breathed out, tilting his head fondly. As two brown eyes slowly peeked out at him, he felt his own crinkle up in happiness.

“Let’s order together.”

Even if Taehyung was embarrassed, he still smiled softly when he voiced his agreement.

Chapter Text

Yoongi softly hummed as he flipped a page in the book he was reading, fingertips tracing over the petals in the illustrations. The house was quiet, both of his soulmates and Hoseok having shifted and gone chasing after each other in the woods to goof off. Well, and probably patrol while they were at it. But mostly to have fun.

They’d asked him if he’d wanted to come, but he’d declined, finding the soft cushions of the couch too tempting to pass up. With the way the blanket he’d stolen from Taehyung and Jimin’s room fell across his body, he was pleasantly warm and content to stay there for the rest of eternity.

‘Who knows where Namjoon is.’ The omega had stayed home as well, only smiling and saying that he had something he wanted to get done today. Whatever that could mean. Sometimes the things the other wolf got into made him wary of finding out.

‘Probably just another list of things he wants to discuss about his new book.’ Turning another page, he smiled. If that was the case, he looked forward to it. He and Namjoon could spend hours together talking about any number of things, especially if it was something they were interested in.

“Foxglove…” He mumbled, eyes lighting up as he read. His thumb brushed against the green of the stem, and he breathed out a content sigh. This was what he loved. Just laying somewhere, warm and safe as he soaked in the quiet. Even after all the years he’d spent with his pack, with his family, he’d never really shed his love for the soft stillness that only came about when he was alone.

Most of the time, his family was loud. Really loud. And that wasn’t a problem, at least he didn’t think so. It was just that sometimes all the noise and motion got to be too much, and so he would go walking out the front door, a frown on his face and anxiety making him itch, one of his flower books clutched tightly in his hands. Sometimes, he would ask Jungkook and Seokjin to come with him.

And those were the times he was reminded of fondly as he flipped through his book, a floaty feeling of happiness rising as he snuggled deeper into the blanket that smelled of his two younger pack mates. Laying here, it was as if time had slowed down and enveloped him gently.

He closed his eyes and relaxed, book resting half open on his chest. He didn’t know how long he was asleep for, but when he woke up, it was to the feeling of a parched throat. Bringing a hand up to drowsily rub at his eyes, he grimaced as he forced himself to get up from the warm and snug nest he’d made of the coach. Much as he’d like to fall back into sleep, he knew his throat would only annoy him and prevent him from settling.

Grumbling to himself, he trudged into the kitchen and headed for the cabinet to get a glass. Only, as he reached for it, he sleepily bumped against another. He didn’t have time to react as it tipped over and fell to the floor, shattering.

He stood there staring at it for what felt like forever. Or maybe it was only seconds. All he knew was that he’d just broken one of Seokjin’s dishes. One of the special ones that he and Jungkook had spent forever deciding on before buying it together and giving it to their soulmate as an anniversary gift.

Seokjin loved these dishes, used them whenever he could. And now he’d gone and ruined the whole set because he hadn’t been careful enough. Guilt rose up in him, thick and heavy as it pooled in his throat. It tasted like something he’d never get out of his mouth.

‘I’m so stupid.’ He clenched his hands tightly, nails digging into his skin as he just stood there, shards of broken glass scattered around his feet. He couldn’t bring himself to look away even as a part of himself desperately wanted to.

‘What if Seokjin sees?’ And with that, suddenly he couldn’t breathe. What would happen once his soulmate saw what he’d done? What would his second one say? In the back of his head, he knew that of course they wouldn’t care. That they would love him no matter what. But right then, he couldn’t help but imagine otherwise. All the times they’d held him and whispered that he mattered, that he was so, so important to them… Suddenly he couldn’t hold onto those memories so tightly now that they weren’t here with him.

A soft, sort of hiccupping gasp left his lips, but he could barely hear it past his own heartbeat that filled his ears. He had to lean on the counter when his legs started trembling.

He wasn’t crying, but he desperately wished he was. It would have been easier. Exhaling shakily, he pressed his forehead down onto the cool kitchen counter.

“Yoongi?” A soft voice called for him, and he spun around with wild eyes, finding Namjoon staring back with a hand outstretched and a worried expression.

With a noise that was half scream, half growl, he practically rushed to his pack mate, steady hands already there to catch him. It was this that let him bury his face in the other wolf’s chest and breathe.

“I messed up, Joonie. I broke Jin’s glass. The special one! I broke it.” He laid his head flush up against where he could hear a strong heartbeat, it giving him the strength to somehow not fall apart. Well, more than he already had.

A gentle hand slowly came to rest on his head and then trailed down across his back, rubbing. It only made him cling harder.

“Oh, Yoongi.” His name was breathed out so softly it made his teeth grit. He looked up and already knew he looked like a mess from how Namjoon’s eyes darkened.

“I’m horrible.” He choked out, trying to turn his head away but a gentle hand held him in place. A forehead delicately knocked against his own as he closed his eyes stubbornly.

A wet chuckle met his ears as arms wove around his back and tugged him into a hug. He leaned into it, warmth seeping into his skin as he did.

“I’m sure your soulmates would agree with me when I say that you are the furthest person from horrible I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, Min Yoongi.”

He opened his eyes and found warm, steady brown staring back. His chest twinged as he hugged back tightly.

“I know. I know, I do, it’s just…” He breathed out in frustration and settled instead for just resting his head on the other’s shoulder.

Namjoon hummed softly, never once letting go. “Yeah.”

They stayed like that for a while longer, until eventually he stepped back and looked back at the mess of broken glass. He stared at it silently for a few seconds, and then a warm hand grabbed onto his.

“Let’s clean this up, okay?” Namjoon smiled at him, and he felt his lips twitch back. He nodded.

It only took them a few minutes to clean everything up, all of the shards swept up and in a pile. Just as he was about to put them in the trash, his pack mate spoke up.

“Wait. I think we can fix this, judging by the size of the broken pieces…” Namjoon observed the glass silently and then turned to him with smiling eyes.

“Yes, we should be able to fix this! Do you want to try?” As he looked at the excited expression the other wolf didn’t even try to hide, he giggled softly and intertwined their fingers.


And that was how the two of them ended up splaying across the living room carpet, a flat blanket spread beneath them, pile of glass shards in the middle. Yoongi smiled and leaned into Namjoon’s side, warm and safe. Able to breathe.

When the others returned home, his soulmates immediately bundled him up in both of their arms and refused to let go of him. Not that he minded.

“My darling. My precious, precious darling.” Jin pressed numerous kisses to his lips, smiling when he tilted his head for more.

Kookie nuzzled his nose and leaned in to kiss him as well, eyes bright as they looked at him.

“We’re not putting you down, you know?”

Yoongi huffed, but didn’t even bother hiding his fond smile. His two loves knew him too well anyway.

“Good.” And he closed his eyes as he exhaled, the sweet sound of their laughter teasing his ears.