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Who Tells Your Story

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It was no surprise Stiles opened his window to find a really shitty day. Really, it wasn’t. Today Stiles was going to get a tattoo. He wasn’t exactly scared. Well, he did hate needles, but he had thought this through and he was as ready as he would ever be.

Of course, never in a million years had he thought he was going to walk into the hottest man alive when he arrived at the studio. Stiles had been a fool to think this Saturday was going to be just like any other.

Instead, there he is. The guy that almost makes Stiles turn around and walk away. The man just stood there, wearing a tight black t-shirt, checking something on his phone before lifting his gaze to look at Stiles. The guy actually gave him a welcoming smile. Oh, boy. Stiles. Was. Damned.

Two seconds later and the guy’s phone was in his pocket and Stiles had all of his attention. Stepping out from behind the counter, the man, who was clearly the owner of the studio, offered a hand for Stiles to shake. Stiles did, almost feeling like his skin was going numb. The guy looked exactly like what Stiles’ thought a tattoo artist should look like, and yet, he looked better.

Gosh, get your shit together.

“Hey, do you have an appointment? I’m Derek” Derek seemed to be perfectly comfortable with his body. And what a body! It was clear to see just how many hours the guy spent at the gym.

“Errr… yes, at 10:30” Stiles checked his watch, watching as Derek walked back behind the counter to check what seemed to be a schedule.

“First timer?” Derek raised an amused eyebrow at him.

“That obvious, huh?” Stiles chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck, unaware Derek had both his eyes on him, biting down on his lip, resting one of his arms on the counter.

“Don’t sweat it, here” Derek reached for a pile of paper, picking one sheet, sliding it across the counter with a pen on top “I need you to fill this out for me, just basic information, since this is your first time here. For your next tattoos , it won’t be necessary”

Stiles nodded, settling his backpack on the ground. He folded up the sleeves of his hoodie so he could move more freely.

“Oh, I don’t think I’m ever gonna get other tattoos” Derek smiled, resting on both his elbows.

“That’s what every first timer says” he said, with a tone to his voice that told Stiles he’d come back “So, do you have any drawings of what you want? I can draw some things if you still haven’t decided”

“I do, actually, though I’d like to hear what you think” Stiles reached for the drawings, setting them in front of Derek.

“What kind of birds are these?” Derek asked.

“Nightingales” Maybe it was the way Stiles’ voice cracked, Derek knew this was very important to his client.

“Black and white or colorful?”

“Colorful, in shades of blue, please”

“Sure, no problem” Derek grabbed the drawings “Where do you want them?”

“Shoulder blades” Stiles played with the zipper.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a few minutes”

Indeed, it only took Derek a few moments to draw the perfect representation of what Stiles wanted. It was the look in Stiles’ eyes that told Derek he had nailed it.

“Like you pictured?” Derek asked with a grin.

“Well, yeah... just a hundred times better” Stiles whispered, smiling.

Stiles took his hoodie and shirt off, sitting on a chair with his back to Derek. Derek started, grabbing the page Stiles had filled, checking some stuff on it. By the looks of it, he had been trying to understand Stiles’ name.

“So, to spare me the embarrassment of mispronouncing your name and you the annoyance of going through this for the millionth time, is there something else I can call you?”

“Stiles works just fine” Stiles laughed.

It takes Derek a few minutes to get the tattoo gun ready. Upon seeing it, it became real for Stiles. The thought of that thing near him…

“Not big on needles, huh? And you decided to get a tattoo? Do you know how many needles are on that machine?”

“Can you… please, not talk about that…?” Stiles smiled nervously “It’s the sacrifice one’s gotta make for the art, right?”

Derek knew there was more to it. After so many years in the business, he just had a sixth sense for this type of things. But he doesn’t ask. He doesn’t talk about needles, or ask what brought him to the studio. Derek just lets him know he’s ready to start and then there was silence while he worked.

Stiles started talking about thirty five minutes into the session.

“I became an orphan this year” that was his opening line. Derek stopped for a second, looking up, knowing Stiles couldn’t see him. Derek knew there was more to it “My father died in a car crash five months ago, while on duty, my mother a couple of years before” Stiles knows Derek is listening, and also knows Derek probably hears this type of things all the time, but, now that he started, he can’t seem to stop “My mother was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and committed suicide. My dad was the only family I had left and I thought it’d be better if I turned all of this mess into something good, or, at least, as good as it could ever be, you know?”

Derek knew he didn’t have to say anything. Stiles didn’t want to hear he was sorry. Derek understood him. But the idea of letting this awkward silence settle seemed unnerving to Derek, so, before he could stop himself, he starts talking. Like he had never talked to a client before.

“Oh, I know. I lost almost my entire family in a fire that burned my house to the ground when I was fifteen. Only me and my sister made it because we weren’t at home that day”

Stiles kept quiet, waiting to see if there was more.

“You got nothing on me”

“What do you mean?” Stiles couldn’t turn to look at Derek.

“The fire that killed 13 people in my family was set by my psycho killer of a girlfriend, at the time”

Derek stopped the gun when Stiles gasped.

Unlike what most people did, Stiles didn’t ask any questions. He rests again, taking a deep breath. Derek then knew Stiles was also tired of people and their questions, so he asked none.

After three hours, they were done. Stiles was surprised at himself for not passing out or complaining about the pain. Or worse.

“Okay, we’re done”

Derek sounded just as tired to Stiles as he felt. Stiles stood on shaky legs and made his way to the mirror. Derek stood there, helping him see the tattoo perfectly. And they were beautiful.

Stiles’ breath caught in his throat and he had to focus on breathing so he wouldn’t cry. Stiles didn’t think Derek would ever understand what these nightingales meant to him.

“Thank you…” Stiles whispered and Derek knew he meant it. Derek smiled, watching what seemed to be a hypnotized Stiles staring at the tattoos in the mirror.

“You’re welcome” Derek threw away the gloves “Now, here’s what you have to do: no bathtub, no pool, no ocean for, at least, a whole month, hear me? Keep it wrapped if you have to wear uniform, or something like that and you should be fine”

Stiles knew the drill, but hearing it, now, made it complete. It was finally over.

After paying and thanking Derek other five times, Stiles left, feeling like a complete different person. Derek stood there, still baffled that he had revealed so much of himself to a complete stranger, but, hey. It’s not like they were ever going to see each other again. Right?

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They meet again at the supermarket. Derek guides his cart into one of the aisles, those junk food ones, unable to stop himself from laughing upon realizing Stiles is there, unable to reach what he wants.

Stiles turns to look at whoever is clearly laughing at him. Stiles rolls his eyes when he notices it’s Derek. He fights the desire to smile at seeing Derek again, such a feeling he hadn’t experienced in a while.

“How old are you, ten?” Stiles says, pointing to what he wanted “You gon’ grab it for me or what?”

Derek laughed harder, reaching out for the Nutella Stiles seemed very happy to be holding.

“Oh, so I’m the child now? Don’t tell me you still eat Nutella sandwiches during recess”

The face Stiles made told Derek he had scored big time. Derek couldn’t remember the last time he had laughed like this. And actually mean it.

“Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me” Derek failed to contain his smile when Stiles looked at him like you wouldn’t believe “My sister’s coming over for dinner tomorrow night with my niece and I have absolutely no idea what to cook for a eleven year old”

“Not too close?”

“No, we are” Derek smiled “She’s like my own child, but we haven’t seen each other in a while and I want to remind her I’m still cool”

Stiles laughed.

“Oh, that’s easy” Derek raised an eyebrow “Follow me”

Stiles led the way to the next aisle, indicating Derek should cook spaghetti and tomato sauce.

“There’s no mistaking with this one” Stiles assured him.

“Thanks” Derek sets everything inside his cart “And you, what are you shopping for?”

“Oh, just a few things, I completely forgot the Nutella for this recipe I wanted to try. I was in class today and my friend started talking about this Nutella cookbook and the thirst for it hit me like a brick. I still haven’t gotten the chance to get myself a copy of said cookbook, though”

“So, you’re in culinary school?”

“Oh, I wish” Stiles filled his cart with a few vegetables and fruits “I’m double majoring, actually”

“Gosh, busy, huh?”

“I guess you could say that” Stiles smiled “I’m majoring in Screenplay writing, also with some emphasis in directing techniques and... acting, from the New York Film Academy”

Needless to say Derek was stunned.

“I don’t strike you as a writer? Probably because of the hyperactivity. It’s normal to think hyperactive people can’t be writers”

“And you act too?”

“I’ve had a thing for the cinegraphic arts my whole life and, to be a good screenwriter, a good director and a good actor, I wanted to be able to have my way in all three areas”

“I feel so incredibly talentless right now” Derek joked.

“Are you kidding me?! I couldn’t draw even if it would save my life!” Stiles laughed “I’ve seen your work, you are incredible! How did you get into tattoo?”

“My dad, actually, hated tattoos” Derek shrugged, watching Stiles “Being the oldest boy in the family, I was always pressured to follow in on my father’s footsteps”

“What was his profession?”

“He was a Wall Street businessman”

“Economics, huh?”

“So not my thing, right? Believe it or not, I actually started to attend business school. It wasn’t until I was almost two years in that my sister encouraged me to switch majors to visual arts. Then I spent two years in Spain, working on my masters in tattooing”

“There actually is such a thing as a masters in tattooing?”

“Yup, I have a degree I can show you”

“I’ll hold you to that”

“And how are the tattoos healing, speaking of which?”

“They’re good, surprisingly” Stiles turned around, pushing his jacket down his shoulders, revealing a tank top that showed Derek just a lot of Stiles’ back. Not that Derek was complaining.

After concluding their grocery shopping, both Derek and Stiles head to the cashiers, Stiles having stopped for a small cup of coffee that he had already finished.

“It was nice seeing you again, Stiles” Derek says after they’re done paying for their groceries.

“Lemme know how it goes with your niece, through I’m sure it’ll be fine”

“How am I supposed to do that if I don’t have your number?” Derek said, hoping Stiles wouldn’t mind or remember Derek could very well check the file Stiles had filled out days before.

All Stiles did was smile. He grabbed a small notebook from his messenger’s bag (hey, writers need to be always ready) and wrote down his number with a sharpie.

“You’re not going to be one of those guys, right?”

Derek knew exactly what Stiles was talking about.

“No, I’ll call” Derek put the piece of paper in his front pocket, next to his phone “I’ll let you know how it goes”

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“It worked”

It took Stiles only three seconds to know who it was.

“I told you it would” Stiles answered with a smile.

Derek called the following night. His sister and niece had left around ten after an evening of good food and laughter and Derek, after having maybe an extra glass of wine, decided it was still a time reasonable enough to call.

“No, but like… it worked” Derek huffed “And to think I was nervous”

“I tend to know what kids like”

“How so?”

“Back in my hometown, my best friend had two younger siblings and they made leaving all the much worse, you know? They were the sweetest and I loved them like my own”

“You’re not from New York?”

“Well, yes and no” Derek heard Stiles laugh “I’m from Beacon Hills, California, but after my mom died, the city was just too small for me and my dad, so he transferred to NYC”

“What did he do?” Derek sat in one of the chairs in his dining room.

“He was the sheriff back in BH, became a detective here” Stiles said “First Vice, then Homicide”

“Wow…” Derek knew then Stiles’ dad had meant a lot to him “He must’ve been like, the man”

Stiles laughed.

“Yeah, he was certainly the man”

There was silence. Not an awkward one, just… silence. They weren’t used to opening up, but it felt good. It felt right.

“I didn’t wake you up, by any chance” it wasn’t really a question, since Derek had heard Stiles typing through the phone.

“No, not at all. I’m in my flat, writing” Derek hears Stiles opening the fridge “Well, if you could call staring at a blank page in your computer screen for the past two hours writing, then I’m doing very well”

Derek laughed, moving to start the dishwasher. It was time to organize the mess he had made out of his kitchen.

“Whatcha writing about?”

“I’m halfway through the second season of this television show I’m writing for college, but I’m blocked and everything I normally do to get back into writing mode isn’t working”

“Well, maybe you should… I dunno, maybe write something in a different format, not an episode, but maybe a chapter? Or a song?”

Stiles remains silent for a few seconds. Derek can only describe it as this being Stiles’ brain working really quickly, inspired by something Derek had said.

“That’s actually… not a bad idea…” Derek remained silent as he heard Stiles start typing again. They both stay on the line, Derek almost in a trance, hearing the constant typing on the other end.

“Did it work?” Derek whispered, not wanting to interrupt Stiles.

“Well, yeah… thank you” Stiles sighed, seeming satisfied.

“You’re welcome” Derek went to his bedroom “I’m going to take a shower and crash. See you around?”

“Yeah, see ya around, Derek”

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If Derek didn’t know better, he’d say Stiles was completely insane.

There was a massive crowd in Central Park, what sounded like a group of people proclaiming something in ancient English. Derek thought about just passing through, but then he caught a glimpse of a hoodie he’d recognize anywhere.

So, for the first time in his New Yorker life, he stopped to watch what seemed to be a reenactment of some sort. And Stiles was right in the middle of it, screaming something at the top of his lungs. The whole thing didn’t last long and soon it was over. The group finished, laughing and bowing to applauses, hi-fiving each other.

Then Stiles saw Derek standing there and smiled. A smile that told Derek he was fucked . Derek was utterly fucked because, for some Goddamn reason, that smile took his breath away and it had been a long time since someone had been able to do that to him.

“You weren’t lying, after all” Derek joked, seeing Stiles walking towards him, out of breath. Stiles shrugged, smiling, perfectly happy.

“So, what brings you to this side of town?”

“I’m supposed to pick up some things I ordered for the studio, but I apparently arrived too early. I decided to walk a bit, then I saw you and your group of shenanigans. Is this your class?” Stiles laughed, throwing his head back.

“Yup, we were doing Henry V”

“Shakespeare, right” Stiles smiled wider.

“Not a literature fan?”

“Quite the opposite, actually. I love to read, I just didn’t recognize that’s what you were doing” I was too busy watching you…

“We’re doing Hamilton after lunch”

“What’s that?”

Stiles’ face told Derek he had messed up. Pretty bad.

“Oh, nothing, just the most brilliant thing ever written since Shakespeare”

“How come I’ve never of it, then?”

“Have you ever heard of a little something called Broadway?” Stiles pointed to a big ‘Wicked’ sign, just across the street.

“Never been?” Derek spoke apologetically.

Stiles gasped, hand in chest in complete outrage.

“Are you free tomorrow night?”

“Yes?… I suppose I am”

“Good, meet me in Time Square at 7:30”

“Well, I guess I’ll be there”

“You bet your ass you will” Stiles tried to look serious, but there was a smile already showing on his face.

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The next day, Derek checked his phone to make sure he wasn’t running late. Stiles hadn’t mentioned how hard it was to park around said Broadway Avenue.

Derek had spent most of the day thinking about what tonight meant. Was this a date? Didn’t seem like it. Derek was 99% sure Stiles was gay, but the guy was so Goddamn energetic it was hard for Derek to read him. For the first time in his life, Derek had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Then Derek saw Stiles standing there, his hands in his pockets, actually wearing a blazer and a shirt. The guy seemed to be exactly where he belonged: going to watch a musical, one he seemed to know very well. Hamilton . It sounded familiar, for some reason.

When Stiles turned around and he saw Derek walking up to him, Stiles couldn’t help but smile. Derek looked like he was walking into a trap. Stiles pulled out two tickets out of his pocket, greeting Derek with a soft punch to his arm.

“Derek Hale, I’m about to change your life”

Derek thanked him. Derek wanted to pay him back the money from the ticket. Derek had researched, he knew how expensive they were, but Stiles wasn’t having it.

“Don’t sweat it” Stiles shrugged it off, asking Derek about his day.

“It was great, actually. All the new equipment is working perfectly, today was one of the busiest days of the year so far” Derek and Stiles were standing in front of each other, each resting on the metal barriers keeping the line in order “What about yours?”

Stiles didn’t have a chance to respond. They heard a gasp coming from behind them, a girl stood there. She looked at Derek like he was the freaking sun, walking up to him and standing way too close for his liking.

“Oh, my God! You’re Derek Hale, the tattoo artist! Can I get a picture with you?!”

“Well… sure” Derek looked at Stiles, the kid almost bursting into laughter.

After the girl left, Derek took a deep breath. The line started moving and only then did Stiles begin to laugh.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were such a celebrity?”

“I don’t think I am one, I mean…” Derek shrugged.

“Has this happened before?” Stiles spoke, handing the clerk their tickets, handing Derek his back.

“Well, not like that, but yeah” Derek took out his phone, setting it on silent mode “Normally people just come and tell me they have gotten a tattoo with me or congratulate me on an award or something” Derek looked at Stiles, only to find the kid was already looking at him “Some walk up to me and just start telling me the stories behind their tattoos”

“How so?” Stiles asked when they sat. Stiles always felt this buzz whenever he sat in that theater. There was just something about it. Maybe it was because it was Hamilton, because he knew every word. Because of Derek…

“They walk up to me and tell me they got a quote tattooed, or a face or some art that represents a person they lost, a obstacle they’ve overcome, a fight they’ve won” Derek looked around, seeing how packed the house was, and how beautiful it was. How Stiles looked like he was sitting in his own living room “It’s the best part of my job”

“You must’ve heard many, then”

“Many, yes” Derek sighed “But some stay with the artist, you know? This lady once told me she had lost everything she had ever owned when there was a hurricane and her house was flooded” Derek gave Stiles a look “And… as you know, there was no way I couldn’t relate to that”

Stiles nodded, knowing he didn’t have to ask, because Derek would tell him.

“When you told me about your parents… I don’t go around telling my story to just anyone, but… Let’s just say I know what it’s like to lose the one thing that matters most to you”

“I’m glad you did, I was really nervous” Derek smiled “So, this is your first Broadway musical, so I feel like I have to warn you about a few things”

“What, I’m not going to get robbed or anything, right?” Derek joked and Stiles rolled his eyes, with a smile on his lips.

“No, nothing like that. This is Hamilton, the hottest ticket on Broadway right now. This isn’t just any audience, this is an audience that’s going to sing along, laugh and cry and I’m proud to say I will be one of them, so please, don’t use anything you see from me in here against me once we’re out”

“Can’t promise you that, now you just made me very curious”

Then the lights went down and Stiles smiled like a kid in a candy store.

“Well, brace yourself” Stiles turned to the stage “Your life will not be the same after we’re done tonight”

The curtain opened and literally every single person stood, applauding like they had just seen the greatest magic trick of all time. Derek didn’t want to stand out, so he joined in. People seemed to be so excited, Derek couldn’t understand what all that fuss was about.

Just as one of the actors on stage was opening his mouth to sing… well, not sing, the people in the audience started to… whatever that was… along with him. Stiles included.

“How does a bastard, orphan,

Son of a whore and a Scotsman,

Dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot:

:In the Caribbean by providence:

:Impoverished, in squalor:

:Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?”

Stiles was happy. And he laughed when he saw just how lost Derek looked. It wasn’t until they were halfway through the opening number that Derek understood. He moved closer so Stiles could hear him.

“Wait… are they rapping ?!”

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“Stiles, I gotta hand it to you, that… was unbelievable! Gosh, now I really wish I had stayed to watch you in Central Park yesterday! They were rapping about the Revolution! Who wrote that?”

“Remember the actor who plays Hamilton?” Derek nodded “He did”

“You’re telling me one single human being wrote all of that?” Derek couldn’t wrap his read around the fact he had just watched a Broadway production full of people rapping and singing about the Founding Fathers and the Independence of the United States.

“Yup, and his name is Lin-Manuel Miranda” Stiles spoke his name like he was worshipping a God “He’s like, my idol. I have many when it comes to movies, but in theater, it’s gotta be him. Last year, Hamilton was nominated for 16 Tony awards! No other musical has ever had that many nominations, it’s like… so surreal to think only one brain came up with all of that… makes me feel normal” Stiles huffed, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“What do you mean normal?”

“Well, Lin’s a writer like me. He started writing when he was seven, like me. He reminds me it’s okay to pick up a pen and write down what you’re feeling and, if you make it relatable to people or if you have some sort of profit, great, but if you don’t, at least you can be sure you will be a better person for trying”

“I guess that’s why I love this musical so much. Alexander Hamilton got the job, the nation, the girl just by writing. He wrote his way out of a terrible situation, which is what I’ve been trying to do for the past decade”

“That doesn’t make you abnormal” Derek knocked shoulders with Stiles “We all deal with our shit in different ways. You write, I draw, some people work out, some people sing, some people paint. It’s what makes us human”

Stiles nodded, knowing Derek was right. Derek watched Stiles closely. Stiles was unlike anyone Derek had ever met. Stiles was just plain happy all the time, despite having one of the shittiest pasts Derek had ever heard about. Derek wished he could be more like that.

Derek walks Stiles home, after walking down the streets as slowly as they could. After talking and talking and talking, they arrived at Stiles’ door.

Stiles grabbed his keys, turning to look at Derek.

“So, from 0 to 10, how good was tonight?”

“12” Derek said with no hesitation and Stiles just laughed. The good kind of laughter that shows in your eyes, this sparkle of happiness Derek had never thought he could cause someone.

“I’m going to make you a list of musicals you need to watch” Stiles opened the door, standing there.

“At this point, I’ll do anything you tell me to” Derek whispered, not a single drop of hesitation on his voice. His deep green eyes looking into Stiles’ hazel ones.

Stiles smiled, his hand rubbing the back of his neck. But Derek didn’t look away. If anything, every second he spent looking at Stiles made him want to see more, learn more.

“Did that come out wrong? Too soon?”

Stiles remained silent, pondering how he felt about it. And, truth be told, there was no question there.

“No” Stiles smirked “Not one bit”

Stiles stepped closer to give Derek’s cheek a light kiss, feeling the man’s hand hold his wrist.

“When can I see you again?”

“I have quite the busy few days coming up, actually” Stiles spoke, feeling Derek’s thumb stroking his skin.

“What about Saturday? I will be speaking at a tattoo exhibit”

“I have classes until 11:30, unfortunately”

“The exhibit is for the weekend, my panel isn’t until 7 pm. Maybe we could… meet for lunch, I can pick you up”

“That sounds great” Stiles smiled. Stiles couldn’t believe a man like Derek freaking Hale was chasing after him.

“Text me the address?” Derek gave his hand a kiss and Stiles nodded “Night”

“Good night”

Stiles watched until Derek was out of his sight, then he closed the door, allowing his back to rest against it. That night had turned out better than Stiles had expected.

Chapter Text

Stiles couldn’t help but think those three days had dragged, more than usual. He loved his classes, his classmates, even his professors, but meeting Derek that Saturday had gone to the top of his list of favorite things to do.

If people noticed he had dressed better on Saturday, they chose not to mention anything. Surprisingly, the morning passed in the blink of an eye. Derek texted saying he had already arrived and those last five minutes were terrible. Stiles almost ran down the hallways to the main entrance. Seeing Derek there, resting against his car… Oh, boy!

It was quite the chilly day, winter almost upon New York. Derek wore a leather jacket, his boots brand new. Derek gave Stiles a large smile and Stiles hated not being able to see Derek’s beautiful green eyes behind those sunglasses.

Derek was never one for small talk. I guess you could say it runs in the family. Cora didn’t like talking if she didn’t have something to say so Derek was used to being around people and not talking, but Stiles… Stiles had endless things to say and he seemed to be excited by each and every one of them, so Derek paid attention. Maybe it was Stiles’ voice or the way he seemed to really be passionate about what he was talking, Derek couldn’t say for sure. He just knew that, for Stiles, he’d talk.

Stiles and Derek had lunch at a local sushi restaurant. Stiles had been very happy to find out Derek loved Japanese food just as much as he did. They had laughed and talked for about two hours. Stiles had asked if Derek really didn’t have to be at the convention, but Derek assured him it would be fine.

“So, tell me more about this exhibit” Stiles turned to look at Derek, even though the seat belt was probably making it uncomfortable.

“Well, every year, this exhibit brings people from all over the country and I dare say world. I’ve attended for the past six years, I think. It’s massive, really is and for some reason they asked me to speak there today”

“That’s awesome, I mean, this is all because of your work”

“I know it is, I’m incredibly flattered” Derek stopped at a red light “I just hate public speaking” Stiles smiled. Stiles was a Junior and, for the past three years, he had forgotten what it was like to meet someone with stage fright.

“Think about it, you’re talking about something you are great at, they wouldn’t ask you to do it if you weren’t, everybody who shows up is there because they want to hear what you have to say”

“And that’s what freaks me out”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to worry about pleasing them” Stiles cleared his throat “It’s not like they are expecting you to do a magic trick or anything. They want to know about your techniques, your history with the art” Stiles watched as Derek drove into a freaking convention center, where what looked like millions of cars were already parked.

“True” Derek showed a identification and three security guards guided him to a parking space. Once out of the car, Derek handed Stiles one of those identification cards that he could put around his neck. It was a VIP pass, Stiles noticed.

“Wear it at all times, it gives you access to the backstage, where I’ll be. I want to show you around my studio’s stand, we’ve been planning it for some time now”

“Who’s taking care of it if you’re here with me?” Stiles asked as they followed another security man. They were led into a dressing room, where Derek seemed to already have a few of his things.

“My staff is there” Derek answered “People come here to get tattoos, buy material, meet us. I remember my first time here, it was surreal”

“That guy is going to follow us everywhere?”

Derek looked at his own shoes, embarrassed and Stiles couldn’t help but smile. Derek knew he was hot, he knew that. But he had no idea just how adorable he was.

“It gets out of hand, sometimes” Derek looked away “Most of times” Derek whispered that last bit, but Stiles heard it.

“So you are a celebrity!” Stiles laughed, hugging his coat. The conditioning there was really strong.

There was a knock on the door and Derek gesticulated for Stiles to walk out of the dressing room.

“Well, just stay close, okay? I don’t want you out of my sight”

Stiles didn’t think Derek had given much thought to those words, but it didn’t mean Stiles loved them any less. Derek led the way, apparently not needing the freaking body guard. But, as they approached the convention area, and started making their way past the stands and people started recognizing Derek, there were girls screaming, people taking pictures.

Other people from the security staff made a circle around them, as Derek smiled and waved at people. Some even let out their hands so Derek could shake them or hi-5 him. Derek seemed used to it, but was constantly looking at Stiles, to make sure he didn’t get lost in the crowd.

In one of those many times Derek turned around, he lost Stiles among the people. When Stiles reemerged, Derek let out his hand for Stiles to take. They walked hand in hand all the way to the stand.

Stiles noticed, during their walk there, that there were all types of tattoos affictionates. People covered in tattoos, piercings, some not so much. It was nice, the place was packed, but still it was nice to think all those people had come together to spend a day praising a art format.

There were posters of Derek’s panel on the walls, giving a time and place. Stiles made a note to photograph one of those before he left.

“Here” Derek waved at the people one last time, before walking into a stand where only people with appointments were allowed in. It was comfortable inside, with plenty of places to work, but also to hang out and have a few drinks. The mess outside seemed to die down a bit so Stiles finally started breathing again. His hand was still in Derek’s, as he guided him inside.

“Celebrity” Stiles whispered, resting his forehead against Derek’s shoulder. Stiles felt Derek chuckle.

“Here, there are some people I’d like you to meet” Derek let go of Stiles’ hand so he could walk in first. Stiles walked into a room with a total of nine people there, six guys and three girls. There were clients there, getting tattooed or pierced “Stiles, meet my crew”

Stiles smiled as everybody turned around to say hi.

“These are Isaac, Boyd, the twins Aiden and Ethan, Jackson and Danny” Derek pointed at everyone as they waved. The ones who were busy could only smile and say hi, the others came and shook his hand “The ladies Kira, Malia and Lydia”

The girls were nice. They were all very welcoming and made Stiles feel comfortable. He had never had a hard time meeting people, but it was a lot nicer when they made it an easy job.

“There are drinks in the fridge if you want anything” Derek said, throwing his jacket on the couch “I have an appointment right now, it’ll be quick, and then I’ll show you around, how does that sound?”

“Perfect” Stiles smiled “Just so you know, this is pretty much like Broadway, you know”

“And how’s that?”

“What? A huge group of people get together to celebrate art? Doesn’t that sound familiar?”

“True, very true” Derek laughed, kissing Stiles’s temple before walking off to talk to his client. Stiles sat and started talking to everyone. They asked lots of questions and Stiles was laughing in the matter of minutes. Apparently, they talked about anything other than tattoos and piercing. Stiles guessed that, since they worked with it every day, they didn’t really want to talk about it.

“Okay, I gotta ask, is Stiles your real name?”

“No, Gosh, no” Stiles joked “My family is Polish so I have a Polish name, but it is so awful, I just tell people to call me Stiles”

“What is your name? Now I’m curious” Lydia asked.

“Oh, I’m not telling” Stiles laughed “It starts with M, I’ll give you that”

“You’re no fun” Stiles smiled.

“I’ve never been accused of that before”

It took Derek 45 minutes to finish his tattoo. He met some people, drank some water. It was nice to see that Stiles was getting along. Those people were like family to him, so it was only fair that they met Stiles.

Derek showed Stiles around the stands, always with someone asking for a picture or saying hi. Derek took his time, introducing Stiles to some new art formats, some people he had met along the way. It was nice to have Derek all to himself for a while. They got to talk and laugh. Derek even bought Stiles a caramel apple for dessert.

Soon, it was time for Derek’s panel. Derek was growing more and more nervous as the hour approached, it was clear for anyone to see.

“Did you prepare anything? For your panel, I mean”

“Well, not really” Derek checked his jacket in the mirror “I was told it would be a Q&A? So I thought I didn’t have to”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine” Derek smiled.

And Stiles sat there. He sat there and watched as Derek laughed and answered every question. Stiles couldn’t understand how someone could be so handsome. Derek was just one of those people who could light up the room and that’s exactly what he did during his hour on that stage.

When he walked out, there were many people congratulating Derek, Stiles walked a bit to the side. When Derek finally reached Stiles, he stopped in front of him with a large smile on his face.

“Wanna go for dinner?” Derek whispered so only Stiles could understand.

“Twice in a day? By all means, lead the way”

Chapter Text

Dinner was just what either of them could’ve expected. Derek and Stiles sat next to each other, eating french fries and having a beer together. All they did was talk. For a while, they talked about the convention. They talked about Derek’s crew, what Stiles had thought of them.

Stiles was sure that, if he tried to name all of them, he’d get some of them wrong, but it had been nice to be surrounded by a group of people that was so in sync and knew each other so well. Upon seeing them, Stiles had thought he’d feel alone, but he didn’t. Also, it had been nice to watch Derek working. He was so concentrated he didn’t even see Stiles had his eyes on him.

But they talked about other things as well. They talked about the first time they got drunk, their first day of school humiliations. Well, Derek wasn’t one to be humiliated easily, but he still had his fair share of embarrassing stories to tell.

Then, of course, they talked about their families. Stiles couldn’t help but feel Derek had suffered a lot more than anything Stiles had ever experienced. Stiles had lost his mother to suicide, yes, but before that, it just felt like it was a long time coming. Claudia had been losing her mind for months before she was found. Though losing his dad was sudden, Stiles knew his father was doing what he loved.

But Derek? Losing 13 people of your family to your crazy girlfriend is probably a lot more than anything Stiles could ever endure. And there Derek was. Alive and well. Well, maybe not ‘well’, but breathing. He kept going, which is lot more than what Stiles could say he’d do if he had been where Derek had.

Now standing in front of Stiles’ apartment building, just like a few nights before, they didn’t know how to say goodbye. They had had a great day and it was hard to find a way to put an end to it. They would see each other again, that was for sure, but it was the here and now that was hard to end.

A million things crossed Stiles’ mind. There was a lot he could do. But he didn’t move. He stood there, watching as Derek’s beautiful green eyes searched his for a solution. Neither of them wanted the night to end, but didn’t know if they were ready for anything else.

As it turns out, the rain decided for them.

In the blink of an eye, a lightning bolt cracked the skies of New York City as freezing rain started to pour over them. In the matter of seconds, they were both standing, soaking wet in the hall, laughing. Stiles rested against the wall, letting his bag fall to the floor.

Stiles closed his eyes, a smile on his lips. Derek stood right in front of him. In that moment, Derek wanted nothing more than to kiss Stiles. He had been wanting to for a while now, but he didn’t really know what do. Just like it was hard for him to read Stiles, it was hard to know what to do.

But Stiles eventually opened his eyes. And they just stared at each other. All they could hear were the water droplets hitting the floor, making small puddles around their feet.

Stiles couldn’t possibly explain what got into him. But he wanted Derek. Right then and there, like he had never wanted anyone. So, before he could over think things, Stiles grabbed Derek by the front of his jacket.

And then they were kissing.

And Derek didn’t pull away. On the contrary, Derek grabbed Stiles’ by the waist, pressing him harder against the wall. Stiles couldn’t help but moan, Derek smiling against his lips.

And just like that, they weren’t. Derek rested his forehead against Stiles’, breathing harshly, just as much as he was.

“Do you wanna… come in?”

Derek was fucked. So fucked. For Stiles. Derek would have never kissed like that. Or said yes to ‘coming in’. But there was something about Stiles that made him want to go against the things he’d normally say or do, so that’s why he’s in the elevator, his hand in Stiles’.

Once inside, Derek took his jacket off.

“I don’t do this, you know? Kiss, come in”

Stiles said nothing, standing there after dropping his things on the floor by the couch, watching, waiting to see what Derek would say next.

“But I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a while now”

Stiles allowed Derek to pull him in, his arms coming to rest around Derek’s neck. It just felt right. It felt right that they were together in that moment. Nothing was wrong with the world. The sky seemed to be falling but not even that worried them.

Stiles’ place is huge, that’s the next thing Derek noticed. Once Derek had the chance to take a better look, he realized a college undergrad couldn’t possibly afford such place, even if Stiles had a part-time job.

“Now this flat is nice”

“Pretty cool, huh? I haven’t been living here very long” Stiles checked to see if the door was locked “When my dad passed, I got a lot of money because he got killed in action”

Stiles sighed.

“I thought, I’m gonna save it, you know? But I couldn’t continue living where I used to live with him. So I donated most of his things, sold his old place and bought this one”

Again, Derek didn’t ask questions. He just said yes to some water, looking around. There weren’t many things in his place that had survived the fire. Hell, there was nothing . But Derek had bought some things over the years that remember him of his family. But Stiles’ place was different. Those were his father and mother’s things, real memories.

“So this is where you write?” Derek asked, finding lots of paper on the coffee table.

“Gosh, that is such a mess” Derek laughed “No, I actually have a desk for that, but sometimes I like to look out the window when I’m out of ideas”

“Yeah, but it’s your mess, a writer’s mess” Derek laughed “I’ve never seen a writer’s mess before, if that makes any sense”

“It does, actually” Stiles said, hanging his and Derek’s coats by the door “I wonder what is a tattoo artist’s mess like?”

“A lot worse, I assure you” Derek sat on the couch “When I’m at home or bored at the studio, I like to sketch using different materials, different kinds of paper”

Before Stiles could sit next to Derek on the couch, the artist helped Stiles sit on his lap. Stiles laughed, caressing Derek’s hair.

“Got anything I can read?”

“Well, I got nothing printed and my computer is in my room, but, if you’re interested, I have a copy of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in archaic English”

Derek threw his head back, laughing, a sound that shook his body. Stiles liked it when Derek laughed. It was nice to know Stiles could make someone feel comfortable and carefree.

“Why am I not surprised?” Derek kept his head rested as he watched Stiles. He was so handsome, that was all Derek could think of “Don’t tell me you have memorized it?”

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,

To the last syllable of recorded time;

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more” Stiles smiled at the way Derek was looking at him.

“It is a tale,

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing” Derek spoke the last sentence along with Stiles, the boy smiling wider.

“Macbeth, Act V, Scene V” Stiles spoke with pride.

Derek held Stiles by the neck, pulling him down for a kiss. Then one kiss turned to another, and another, and another. They’re hips start moving, grinding against each other.  Stiles moved his hands to help Derek out of his shirt and fuck!

Derek was even hotter without a shirt on, Stiles hadn’t been wrong. But, unlike what Stiles had thought, Derek’s skin was smooth, perfectly intact . Not even a single tattoo, not one .

“A tattoo artist without any tattoos?”

“On my back” Derek spoke, moving to kiss Stiles’ collarbone and pectoral.

“What is it?”

“A Triskele”

“The Celtic symbol?” Stiles’ voice came out muffled.

“Long story” Derek didn’t have to say anything else “I’ll tell you, I just… really want you out of these jeans…”

Stiles laughs, giving space for Derek to open his jeans, pushing the fabric down his legs. Derek let out a tiny moan when his hands came into contact with Stiles’ warm skin, squeezing the strong flesh.

They laughed because they both had butterflies in their stomachs. The feeling of holding someone they actually cared about in their arms. Stiles had never felt like this towards someone. Things had been building up ever since the supermarket.

The first time they met was pure. There had been no intentions there, just two strangers using those hours to open up and talk about their stories. Never had they thought they would be in a situation like this.

Derek reached for his wallet, getting a condom out. It wasn’t long until Derek sat back, letting Stiles reach for his left hand. Gosh, those eyes…

Derek watched as Stiles brought Derek’s hand to his mouth, picking his middle and ring fingers, sucking on them. Derek threw his head back, watching as Stiles’ cheeks hollowed, a moan escaping his lips.

Derek didn’t need Stiles to tell him what to do next. Stiles stood on his knees, as Derek placed his hand in the perfect pace. So Stiles could ride his fingers. It was messy and quite fast, neither of them ready to undergo a long foreplay session.

And so they’re having sex on the couch. And it’s amazing. Stiles loves the way Derek is tightly gripping his thighs, his eyes closed, kissing Stiles’ skin, as far as he could reach.

Until the moment Stiles’ stopped. He rested his hands on the couch behind Derek, breathing heavily. Derek opened his eyes, Stiles was sure his hands gripped him even tighter.

“What is it? What happened?”

“My legs are tired” Stiles laughed, a clear sigh of relief escaping Derek.

Derek stood up, surprising Stiles, who let out, first a small scream, then a moan at how good Derek’s dick felt inside him in that position. Derek found his way to Stiles’ bedroom, settling the man on the bed. Derek crawled up on the bed, Stiles’ legs soon around his waist.

In the blink of an eye, Derek was back inside the heavensent warmth of Stiles’ ass, now it was his turn. His turn to make Stiles feel good, to take control and show Stiles that waiting paid off.

Derek held Stiles’ hands above his head, their fingers intertwined, their mouths against one another. It didn’t take long before they were both frantically chasing their orgasms. Derek hid his face in Stiles’ neck, letting the sounds of their breaths and of his dick slamming into Stiles wash over his brain like a wave.

And then they were cumming and Derek let go of Stiles’ hands, holding on to the sheets instead.

It took them a moment to catch their breaths again. Derek got rid of the condom, lying down next to Stiles, who turned to look at Derek. It had been a long ass day and they were both tired. Sex, obviously, being the best sleeping pill possible.

So, for the first time in decades, Derek allows himself to just pass an arm around Stiles and stay . Actually stay for once. Stiles smiled, sighing, already closing his eyes.

It was then that Derek knew Stiles was different. Stiles wasn’t just a pretty face, followed by a very nice ass. Stiles was… well, Stiles . And Derek knew, he just knew he was making the right move by staying.

Chapter Text

Stiles woke up to his phone buzzing on the kitchen counter. He was so pleasantly sore, the last thing he wanted to do was deal with the outside world. But the buzzing kept going, so he stood up, leaving a kiss to Derek’s temple, once he was lying on his belly, grabbing his robe from the bathroom and making his way to the kitchen silently.

It was a colleague, asking about a project due for the following day. Stiles had already finished it, so he didn’t have to worry it, but Alana definitely had. Stiles answered her questions, moving on to getting some breakfast done.

While the coffee brewed, Stiles took his time to tidy up the living room, folding their clothes. Stiles checked his material from his Saturday classes, to see if there was anything he had to get done for Monday. There was nothing major, so he left everything on the coffee table and went to get some french toast done.

Derek woke up about fifteen minutes later, completely lost until he remembered he had stayed over at Stiles’. The bed was very comfortable and Derek considered sleeping some more, but then he smelled coffee brewing and avocado toast. Then he heard Stiles on the phone.

Derek then realized every single article of clothing he had been wearing was in the living room. Well, they had had sex. There was nothing wrong in Stiles seeing Derek naked, right?

Upon entering the kitchen area, Derek noticed Stiles had his phone between his head and shoulder, getting some toasts on a large plate. Stiles turned to look at Derek when he heard his belt buckle. There was a smile on Stiles’ face, he gestured he’d finish with the call in a minute.

Then Derek’s phone rang. It was Aiden, the guy had already sent two texts and now was calling.

“What’s up?”

“What’s up? Bro, you and Stiles disappeared last night! We’re gonna get together for lunch, wanna come?”

Derek turned to look at Stiles, seeing him set the table with jelly and juice. Derek had never woken up to something like this. Something that felt right, not awkward at all. Stiles smiled at him, turning to turn off the coffee maker. Derek knew then he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Thanks, but I already have a date”

Derek left his phone next to Stiles’, now on silent. Stiles had all his attention. Derek not only was greeted by breakfast, but with a kiss, fingers through his hair, a gentle hand on his skin.

“Morning” Derek whispered “I could try to describe how hungry I am, but there aren’t words” Stiles smiled, sitting next to Derek “Everything smells delicious…”

Chapter Text

“So, I do remember you promising to tell me what your tattoo was all about” Stiles spoke, watching as Derek raised the mug of steaming coffee to his lips.

“Right” Derek set the mug down, grabbing the hand that Stiles’ had on his thigh, caressing one of the knuckles slowly “It’s nothing major, really… you see, my family used to live isolated from the rest of the world, in a preserve upstate. It was cold most of the year, but we loved it. Because, it was during winter, that we could see them…”

Stiles rolled his eyes at Derek’s failed attempt to create suspense.

“See what? Tell me” Derek smiled.

“The wolves” Stiles arched his brows “Beautiful, majestic, white furred creatures, they used to walk past the house every few days, we’d feed them, watch them, some of us even played with them”

Stiles could’ve asked, but he didn’t. There was this nostalgic look on Derek’s face… a good look, one caused by remembering a good memory, fondly. Stiles feared that, if he asked, that look would turn completely around.

“Many generations of the Hale family lived in that house, so some of them took it to studying these creatures, befriend them, care for them, if needed. Eventually, my great-grandfather drew our family crest, using a Triskele, based on wolves’ Alpha, Beta, Omega dynamics”

“It basically means we have to keep in mind that nothing in life is forever, that even if you’re the Alpha and are at the top of your game, you can always fall and become an Omega, if it makes any sense. It could mean anything to you. Cora likes to say it represents  past, present and future. There’s this old riddle that goes: Three things that cannot be long hidden…”

“The sun, the moon and the truth” Stiles answered in a whisper before Derek could, making the man smile.

“The sun, the moon and the truth. My mother liked that one better” Derek was silent for a moment “After they passed, my sister and I got it tattooed”

“It does, it does make sense” Stiles smiled, letting his fingers go through Derek’s hair. They don’t talk about it again. They sit together on the couch and just chat. The rain was still pouring outside so Stiles made sure Derek’s jacket was dry, hanging it in the laundry room.

No subject was off limits for them. They talked about everything and anything. From pets they’ve had to places they’d like to visit. It was a day filled with laughter. Eventually, Stiles remembered he had some things he needed to get done for college, so Derek decided it was his time to go, as well.

They agreed to see each other again. Soon. Derek left, but not without giving Stiles the kiss of his life. Stiles finally understood what people meant when they said ‘swept off my feet’.

Derek didn’t want to go, but he had a busy day ahead and he wanted to give Stiles some peace and quiet. His time in college, though fun, could’ve been put to better use had he been in a quieter dorm room. Derek had memories he would never trade for anything in this world, but he hadn’t gotten even close to his full potential.

So Derek left, leaving a Stiles, wearing nothing other than an oversized sweater and socks, weaving him goodbye at the door. Derek texted when he got home, to let Stiles know he had survived the flood that was New York City and to wish him a good night.

It was easy to fall asleep that night, for the two of them. And they very well knew why.

Chapter Text

“I’m outside”

Stiles looked down at his phone as his class had just wrapped. He had been stuffing his laptop back into his bag when his phone rang. It wasn’t the first time Derek texted him. There had been a text waiting for him when he woke up, something about going for a jog and missing the french toast Stiles had made. It was sweet and proof Derek was a completely adorable dork and it made Stiles smile like a total idiot.

Stiles arched his brows, speeding down the hallways to get to the main entrance, finding Derek there, just like that Saturday, resting against his car. But, this time, there was a smile on his lips, a sexy smile, his perfectly green eyes hidden by his dark Aviators.

Stiles crossed the street with a smile almost cracking his face in half, he was so happy. Derek caught Stiles in a hug, both his arms around the younger man’s waist. Stiles threw his arms around Derek’s neck, their lips meeting instantly. Derek smiled against Stiles’ mouth, his arms holding him tighter.

“Hey…” Stiles whispered, his forehead against Derek’s, his eyes closed, completely content in the chilly New York air.

“Missed you…” Derek whispered back, sighing upon capturing Stiles’ perfume “My 'busy’ day turned out to be quite boring at the shop and I decided I wanted to spend the afternoon with you”

“Good, because I missed you as well” Stiles reached for Derek’s mouth, letting the older man open the door for him. Stiles thought about asking where they were going, but he found he didn’t care. He was just glad to be there.

Derek got inside the car, turned on the radio, tapping the wheel along with the beat. Derek was happy and it was good to see him like that. Relaxed, without a care in the world.

Derek went into an underground garage, parking the car with such skill Stiles could only ever hope to achieve someday. The place was massive, with at least 200 parking spots.

Derek let out his hand for Stiles to take and he did so, gladly. Stiles wasn’t a big fan of elevators, but said nothing. Especially when he realized Derek lived on the 17th floor. There was no way in hell Stiles would’ve survived that many stairs.

And then there was Derek’s flat. Or mansion , if Stiles was being exact.

Modern, yet cozy. That was it. Those were the best words Stiles could find to describe the place. He couldn’t help but let his face show how hypnotized he was by the apartment.

“Liked it?” Derek asked, helping Stiles out of his coat, hanging it. Stiles could only nod “My sister designed it a couple of years ago”

Dude ” Stiles allowed his hand to caress the fabric of the couch “I already know she’s fucking awesome...”

“That she is…” Derek smiled, headed to the kitchen “So, how was your day?”

“It was good, extremely busy morning” Stiles sat in one of the stolls, gladly accepting the bottle of Coke Derek gave him “How was yours?”

“Well, I was supposed to have three big tattoos today, but one of the girls I was tattooing was feeling a  lot of pain, so we decided she should return another day” Derek shrugged, letting Stiles know it happened quite a lot “How are the nightingales, by the way?”

Stiles turned around, feeling Derek approach him. Stiles unzipped his hoodie, letting it fall to his elbows. Stiles closed his eyes, holding back a moan when Derek’s warm hands touched his exposed skin, caressing him. Stiles smiled, groaning when Derek leaned in to give the tattoos a light peck.

“They’re perfect, huh?”

“Perfect…” Stiles agreed, leaning back into Derek’s strong chest, the taller man passing his arms around Stiles’ torso, his chin resting on the top of Stiles’ head. But not for long.

Derek moved to plant light kisses down Stiles’ neck, his soft lips making Stiles’ eyes flutter shut, a soft smile on his lips. But before Stiles could get comfortable, Derek turned his stoll around, Derek coming to rest in between Stiles’ legs.

Stiles’ hands reached for Derek’s waist, his hands finding their way under his shirt, as Derek held his face in place. Now it was Stiles’ turn to smile into the kiss.  

Stiles stood, his hands tugging at Derek’s coat, the man letting his arms fall so Stiles could undress him. Their lips never parted. As soon as the coat was out, Derek pulled Stiles closer. It was unbelievable how Derek couldn’t seem to get enough of Stiles. And Stiles was more than willing to give Derek anything he asked for.

Then Stiles reached for Derek’s belt and the man smiled, feeling Stiles mouthing down his neck. As Stiles knelt, Derek took his shirt off. Stiles smiled up at him, a cocky grin that told Derek what was to come would be memorable.

And it was. It fucking was.

Stiles took all of Derek into his mouth, the man reaching for the countertop, his eyes rolling back so far Derek thought he had seen his brain.

“Fuck, Stiles…” The boy kept going as if he had been licking his favorite popsicle. Derek groaned multiple times, his toes curling inside his shoes. His fingers held Stiles’ hair tightly, but not to a painful point. There was nothing sexier to Stiles than seeing Derek come undone like that “Stop, for the love of God, stop…”

Stiles stood, only so Derek could, once again, lift him off the floor. Derek never thought kissing someone after getting blown could be so hot, but there was something about the way Stiles’ tongue felt against his that just made Derek want more and more of him.

They fucked against the wall. Derek got a condom from his wallet, simply pushing his jeans down to his ankles, along with his underwear, releasing one of Stiles’ legs from his black pants. They didn’t have time to worry about getting Stiles ready. Stiles rested his forehead against Derek’s shoulder, letting the man know if he was uncomfortable. But he was craving Derek so much there was no pain, none. There was only Derek. Derek kissing him, Derek slowly fucking him senseless, Derek groaning lowly in his ear.

In the matter of minutes, Stiles had been reduced to a moaning mess, holding onto Derek for dear life. Derek held on to the wall, his rock solid stomach rubbing against Stiles’ hard dick. Derek wasn’t gonna last long and there was no way in hell he’d leave Stiles behind.

Derek wrapped a hand around Stiles’ dick when the boy started orgasming. Stiles went from moaning to screaming at the touch, biting lightly the soft skin of Derek’s neck. Derek came hard, with Stiles’ hole clenching around him like a vine.

“I don’t think I can stand up right now…” Stiles huffed, his eyes closed “And I don’t mean it as a bad thing”

“That was hot, huh?”

“Yup” he said, popping the ‘p’.

“C’mon, let’s prepare you a bath” Derek said, hugging Stiles close to his chest, carrying the boy to the bathroom, only putting him down when the water was in the perfect temperature. Stiles was sure he had fallen asleep on Derek’s lap, not letting him go.

“Come in with me...” Stiles slurred his words.

“I will, just lemme throw this away” Stiles didn’t have to open his eyes to know Derek meant throwing the condom away. Derek got inside the tub behind Stiles, the boy already half asleep “Come here, I gotta keep your tattoos out of the water” Derek was thankful for the warm water, resting his head on top of Stiles’, ready for a nap himself.

Chapter Text

All the lights will guide the way

If you get to hear me now

All the fears will fade away

If you get to hear me now


Derek woke up to Stiles singing in his kitchen. Hadn’t Derek been extra sleepy, he’d wonder how was it that Stiles could be up and singing at such an ungodly hour. The boy’s soft voice took over the room, the lyrics travelling to Derek’s ears like a lullabye.

Stiles prepared breakfast while dancing around a bit. Cooking was always a lot more fun if he danced, his food tasting better, for some reason. His hips swayed slowly, his eyes closed as he sang, mixing the ingredients for his pancakes.

Derek wanted to just sit and watch, but touching those hips was much more delicious an idea. Stiles smiled around the words, letting the bowl on top of the counter before turning. The words died when Derek swallowed them, the tattoo artist moaning upon slowly releasing Stiles’ delicious mouth.

“I can totally get used to this” Stiles smiled, moving to let Derek see what he had been working on.

“Get used to me or the pancakes?” he said with a smile.

“You, definitively you”

Stiles’ heart skipped a beat when Derek looked him dead in the eyes when saying those words. Those green pools, his shirtless chest, his powerful, yet delicate hands on him. It was a good way to start the day, indeed.

Stiles gave Derek another kiss, his hands massaging the taller man’s shoulders a bit, squeezing his pectorals lightly before moving away from Derek's inviting embrace.

“Imma finish these, you set the table?”


Derek’s phone rang while he sat the plates down. He picked it up, watching Stiles struggling to find glasses. Derek signaled the cupboard before holding it against his ear.

It was Danny, inviting him and Stiles to dinner. Derek promised he’d ask Stiles, gladly allowing himself to bask in the feeling of actually sitting beside someone he cared about. They had done it before and yet it still felt new to Derek, the fact that he craved Stiles' company. Derek would’ve never let Stiles into his home had he not been extremely bewitched by the boy’s everything.

But he also wasn’t about to push Stiles into doing this, being in a room full of people he didn’t know very well. He didn’t want to put Stiles in a difficult situation.

“Danny called, wants to have dinner tonight. Do you have any plans?”

“Nope, not really” Stiles thought about the day ahead of him “I have only two classes in the morning, I should be free by 11”

“Well, I can pick you up for lunch, we can go to that japanese place we liked and if you want, you can come hang out at the shop before we go to dinner, if you don’t have anything to do in the afternoon”

“I’d love to”

“But…?” There was more to it, Derek could feel it.

“But… are you sure you want me there? They want me there? I don’t want to be in the way of you having a good time with your friends”

“Jeez, babe, of course I want you there” Derek put Stiles’ hair back in place “I… when the guys met you… I still haven’t heard the end of it…” Derek smiled fondly at Stiles’ arched brows “You’re the first person I ever introduced them to, there… I said it”

“Really?” Stiles whispered.

“Well, yeah… I don’t really let people into my… life, really, but you… you’re different and they saw that…”

Stiles didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know what to do. Derek looked him dead in the eyes the whole time, his hands on Stiles’ thighs, squeezing them every few seconds, a silly, fond smile on his handsome face, his cute bunny teeth making Stiles’ heart beat faster.

“They want to get to know the guy who broke through my walls”

Stiles could only kiss the man. Holding Derek’s face, kissing those lips like Derek had the last air supply left on earth.

“I never had a man look at me the way you do” Stiles rested his forehead against Derek’s “I’ll be with you, today, tonight, tomorrow, any day” Stiles said.

“You don’t have to worry about making them happy” Derek said, getting a piece of pancake with lots of syrup on it and feeding it to Stiles, kissing his Maple Syrup lips right after “I’m happy with you, it’s all that matters to them”

Derek set the dishwasher while Stiles got ready to leave. He dressed in the same pair of jeans but stole a sweater from Derek’s closet. He’d go home for a quick change of clothes in between classes, freshen up a bit. There was no way he’d meet Derek’s friends wearing a two day old pair of boxer briefs. Derek smiled, recognizing the sweater Cora had gotten him the year before. Stiles looked good in it, despite it being extra large on him.

Derek gave Stiles one hell of a kiss goodbye, leaving the poor kid breathless. Not that Stiles was complaining, really.

Chapter Text

Stiles had been able to shower in between classes, feeling refreshed right away. He waited for Derek for only five minutes, the man picked him up right on time, always a gentleman. They parked outside the Japanese restaurant, getting a table further back. They ordered their favorites, smiling at each other when the waiter left them.

“So, many tattoos for today?” Stiles rested his elbows on the table, his head in his hands as he stared fondly at Derek.

“You know what, I have absolutely no clue” Derek smiled, pulling his phone out “I was very distracted this morning, I forgot to check”

“Yeah? Were you in good company?”

“Oh, hell no, he was a handful, so demanding, having amazing sex with me and then staying over, singing in my kitchen the next day, making pancakes, horrible person that one”

Derek’s smile grew even wider when Stiles blushed.

“Truth is, he can come back anytime” Derek whispered “I doubt I’ll ever get enough of him”

“Good, since I’m so demanding…”

Stiles laughed when Derek touched his hand, holding his fingers in place, leaving only their thumbs out, deciding it was the perfect time for a thumb war.

They played around a bit, laughing. Nothing really needed to be said.

“Okay, so lemme see if I remember all of their names” Derek nodded, almost sure Stiles wouldn't remember all of them. But again, Stiles was used to memorizing lines, so… “Aiden and Ethan, the twins, Jackson, Danny, Isaac…, Lydia, Kira, Malia and Erica…?”

“Don’t forget Boyd, Erica's boyfriend” Derek smiled “But yeah, that’s it”

“That is one big crew you have”

“Well, I got two parlours so I needed the extra staff” Derek shrugged, letting go of Stiles’ hand when their food arrived “Two years ago I decided to expand, but I knew I couldn't be constantly going from one shop to another, so I hired more people and that's how I met all of them, most through conventions, like the one we went to, others were recommendations”

“That is nice, having so many people around you”

“You have a lot of people around you, I saw it that day at the park”

“Well, we 'work’ together when we have to” Stiles made air quotes “Yeah, I mean, we have fun and all, and what you saw at the park was legit as hell, I’m just saying that, when the show ends, we all go our separate ways” Stiles shrugged, choosing what sushi he was going to try next.

“That's messed up”

“That's show business” Stiles smiled “I don't really believe that, once actors are famous they suddenly aren't friends with anyone, you know? But on the first day of college, first class of the day, our teacher made sure we knew we were all rivals, that we were competition”

“Okay, so really fucked up, then”

“Yeah, you could say that” Stiles laughed. There was something so entertaining about seeing Derek curse, having an easy conversation, that made Stiles happy.

They ate in silence for a bit, they even argued about paying for the food. Derek was faster, he had his wallet out before Stiles could even see how much their food had cost. Stiles was ready to argue, saying he could pay for his own food, thank you very much, but the smile on Derek's face was too much, he couldn't even form a coherent sentence. So he let it slide. This time.

Arriving at the shop was fun. Everybody came to say hello and soon Stiles has been kidnapped from Derek. Stiles had already been there, but now he was given a proper tour of the place. He was given coffee, and he sat to chat with the whole crew, the conversation only being interrupted whenever a client walked in.

Stiles got to learn more about them, which was nice. Stiles wasn't used to having people being so nice, but he had already figured out that, amongst this group it was a safe place. They laughed and talked for three hours before Stiles stood up, stretching his legs for a bit.

He looked out the window, watching the rain pour outside on a very shitty winter day in NYC. He checked out the stores on the other side of the busy street. There was a small book shop Stiles hadn't seen before. And there, by the window was the Nutella cookbook he so desperately wanted. With a smile on his face he turned to the group.

“I’m gonna go check that book shop across the street, can I get you guys anything? I can stop somewhere before coming back”

“I’ll come with you, I was just about to start my break” Kira said, standing up, getting an umbrella.

“So was I” Boyd said, making his way towards the door. Stiles gave Derek's cheek a kiss before making his way outside. Derek followed him until he lost sight of the boy going inside the bookshop, laughing with Kira and Boyd.

“So, Stiles, huh?” Derek turned, finding his whole crew looking at him, even Aiden, who had a client. Derek could feel his cheeks going crimson red, looking down “Oh, hell, he’s blushing, it’s happening, oh, my God, it’s happening, everybody stay calm, this is not a drill, I repeat, this I not a drill!” Jackson screamed, causing everyone to laugh. Derek rolled his eyes, smiling fondly at his team.

“We’re happy for you” Danny spoke, nudging Derek's side lightly “He’s really great, passionate, funny, dedicated, seems to really like you, if the way he looks at you like a lost puppy is anything to go by”

The crew laughed again, proceeding to talk about their dinner that night. Ten minutes later, Stiles, Kira and Boyd walked back in, laughing. The rain had gotten worse and apparently Kira had broken her umbrella, trying to open it when there was too much wind.

Stiles had protected his bag as well as he could with his coat, wiping at it with his hands. There was a large smile on his face when he looked at Derek, pulling a plastic bag of some sort out of his normal school messenger bag.

Derek smiled, reaching for the book Stiles had just bought.

“So this is the famous cookbook you wanted so badly” Derek said, flipping through the pages, reading a couple of recipe names.

“Finally, I found it” Stiles laughed “My collection is complete”

“What was that one recipe you wanted to make? Back in the supermarket?”

“Nutella and Oreo cheesecake”

“That sounds sexual, almost” Ethan said, making everyone laugh.

“We could try and make it tonight at my place” Lydia stood up, reading along with Stiles the ingredients “Well, you could, I am a disaster in the kitchen, but I have all of these things at home, so, if you're up for it”

“Yeah, that’d be great, actually”

Derek kissed Stiles’ forehead, going to check on a client that had just walked in, happy to see the boy feeling so at home with his closest friends.



Dinner started pretty late. Boyd, Danny and Ethan were responsible for the food and Stiles and Derek were responsible for dessert. Well, Derek mostly helped out, Stiles did all the work.

But still, they laughed. Stiles even allowed himself a beer or two. He wasn’t much for alcohol, but he was intrigued to find out Derek wasn't a drinker. No one offered him any and he made no mention to pour himself anything. Stiles wasn't going to ask, since it was pretty clear there was more to it.

Lydia and Malia fought over what kind of music to listen to, while Jackson and Aiden set the table. Kira and Erica had made a run to the store, to buy a couple of things that were missing, here and there, like extra napkins and more Oreos.

By the time they were mostly done with their tasks, just waiting for the food to cook, they all sat down on the two couches that dominated the living room at Lydia's, Stiles right next to Derek, resting against him. Derek kissed the top of his head once every four minutes, making Stiles smile, look back and plant a kiss on Derek's mouth.

Everybody else just sat there, talking shit and having a great time. Stiles was asked if he had any other tattoo plans and he answered he would, surprisingly, be open to the idea, if he came up with something.

“Told you” Derek had whispered in his ear. Stiles could hear the smile on Derek's lips.

They all talked about their days, their projects for the rest of the week. Derek remained quiet, just enjoying the chatter that filled the room. For a very long time he avoided situations like this, where he could lose this many people he loved at once. Again.

But today it was different. It was relaxed. Safe, even. Stiles was there, his team was there. His family. So he took a deep breath, and smiled, joining in, he even cracked a few jokes, here and there.

They had dinner about forty minutes later, but that didn't mean their talk slowed down and got any quieter. Stiles and Derek mostly communicated through stares, smiling when they couldn't understand what the other had been trying to say.

After dinner, which was delicious, they had dessert. As Lydia served everyone, Stiles finally let his eyes rest on the piano that he had made a poor job at noticing. Stiles hadn't played in a very long time, dreaded coming near one, even. He even had rejected a scholarship to study piano at Juilliard, he was so scared.

But there was something about that night that made him feel brave. So he sat down on the bench, unaware of Derek's eyes on him. He lifted the lid, feeling the keys under his fingers. Slowly, calm. Natural.

The second he closed his eyes and added more pressure to his hands, the melody flew out of him like he had never stopped playing, like his darkest demons didn't live within the scales of that magnificent instrument.

The conversation died down when the familiar tune started flowing through the room. Suddenly, it all had been forgotten. There was only Stiles, sitting there, with his eyes closed, looking like he had just come down from Heaven. And Derek felt breathless. With emotion, the kind he had never believed he could feel again.

Let me tell you what I wish I’d known

When I was young and dreamed of glory

You have no control

Who lives

Who dies

Who tells your story

Hamilton. Of course. Derek smiled. He wasn't sure if he should near Stiles, so he didn't. He sat on the couch, his eyes fixed on the boy who wasn't even looking at his own hands. Time seemed to slow down.

And when Stiles opened his eyes, he was suddenly brought back to reality. His head snapped to look at everyone in the room, looking at him like he had just performed a magic trick.

Derek looked like he was about to cry, but had the biggest smile on his face. Everyone else was just baffled, impressed to say the least.

Instead of allowing the silence to drag, Stiles cleared his throat, cracking his fingers smiling when Derek approached him.

“Any requests?”

Chapter Text

Stiles played for another forty minutes before stepping away. Nobody really asked questions, just worrying about drinking and having a good time. Derek sat there, watching Stiles. The kid seemed to be perfectly at home, with all their eyes on him.

“Why didn't you tell me you could play like this?” Derek asked, smiling, kissing Stiles’ cheek.

“My mom was a piano teacher” Stiles said, standing up “I stopped after she died”

“Why go back tonight?” Stiles held on to Derek's hand tightly.

“Because of you” Stiles smiled, blushing, looking down “I felt safe for the first time since she died, here, with you by my side”

Derek took a step forward, holding Stiles's face in between his hands, kissing his lips sweetly. They sat back down on the couch, Stiles's legs on top of Derek's.

“She was a magnificent player, Mozart style, you know?” Stiles rested his head on Derek’s shoulder “She had students come to the house and she'd teach them for about an hour, an hour and half. When I didn't have homework, I’d sit by the door and just listen to her”

“When I was eight, I decided it was my turn to learn” Stiles shrugged “She was calm and she made it simple for me to understand the scales and everything. You know me, hyperactive as hell and she never once got angry whenever I got distracted”

“She sounds like a great mom” Derek whispered “And woman” Stiles nodded, refusing to say anything else. He needed a second to recollect himself and Derek gave him that.

“My mother wasn't a big fan of art, but she never denied us anything, if one of us wanted to learn a new skill. It's hard denying your kids something when you have 9 children”

Stiles huffed, his eyes going wide.

“Damn, 8 siblings” Derek smiled, nodding “What was that like?”

Stiles wanted to take it back immediately. He closed his eyes, turning to look at Derek, ready to say something like 'it’s none of my business’ or 'You don't have to tell me’. But Derek beat him to it.

“Crowded” he smiled fondly “Laura was the oldest, then me and Cora were pretty much the same age, only 11 months apart, trust me, she reminded me of that every chance she got” Stiles smiled, allowing his fingers to go through Derek's hair “Sad part is, I don't really remember much. I just… I guess I blocked a lot of memories after the fire. Everything reminded me of them, of our house. I…”

“I knows, I know” Stiles said, shushing Derek “It was the same after my mom died, I saw her everywhere”

“I can't imagine what you went through” Derek rested his head against the couch “Yeah, I came home one day and they were all gone, but you had to watch”

Derek didn't have to elaborate on it, Stiles knew he didn't want to say it, he didn't have to.

“My dad tried to sugarcoat it, tried making it seem like it was normal that she wasn't playing piano anymore, or that she had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. He made it seem like it was unavoidable that I was going to lose her”

Stiles appreciated the steady hand Derek kept on him.

“But, at first, the disease took some time to settle in, so she had ups and downs, days where nothing was wrong, the next she had a break down. And then it happened all at once. She got worse and worse by the day, dragging me and my dad down this hole of misery everyday. And then it was over. The hospital called. She had found a way out of her room and had jumped” Derek closed his eyes at how clinically steady Stiles’ voice was. There was no emotion as he told the story, but there was so much pain in his eyes Derek knew just how much he had suffered “She stole a pen and wrote her note on the wall of her hospital room that I was the reason she was going to do it, that I had turned my dad against her”

Derek wanted Stiles to stop talking. He could see just how much it hurt him to talk about it, but now that he had started Derek was happy to know the whole story. He felt like Stiles trusting him enough to know the one memory that still haunted him brought them even closer.

“Then my dad started drinking. There were days he made a scene, screaming at the top of his lungs just how much he hated me. I don't remember exactly how he got himself out of that, I just know we suddenly were alone and decided that leaving California was what was best for us. It was magical for a few years and then he was gone too. I got a call one morning and just like that, I was making funeral arrangements. He never came back, he didn't walk through the door with curly fries and a six pack, he never cleared out the dinner table he insisted on using to go through his cases. It was like the time just… stopped.”

Stiles remained silent for a few moments, resting against Derek.

“I’m sorry I brought it up”

“No, don't be” Stiles touched his face, smiling “If anything I’m just surprised… I… never told anyone any of this before”

“I’m glad you did” Derek rested his forehead against Stiles’ “You can tell me anything”

Stiles kissed Derek's forehead, allowing the silence to take over. But then they were brought back to reality by the buzz of everyone storming back into the room.

“Sorry to interrupt, love birds, but we want to play something, anything”

Stiles shrugged.

“So long as it's not a drinking game, I’m down”

They settled with Uno, finishing the cheesecake and moving on to ice cream. Derek tried the cheesecake since Stiles had been so excited about it and noticed he had to stop eating, it was just too good. But Stiles brought the spoon to his mouth and Derek allowed Stiles to feed him a couple of spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream, smiling whenever Stiles kissed him right after. Derek allowed himself to forget how much extra time he was going to have to spend at the gym in order to get to see Stiles smiling at him.

They called it a night by 3 a.m. Derek and Stiles said their goodbyes and left, thanking everyone for a great time.

“Do you have plans for tomorrow?”

“Nope, I don't have classes or anything else”

“Wanna stay over?” Derek asked, smiling when Stiles nodded. The boy fell asleep around twenty five minutes into the ride back to Derek's apartment.

Derek gave himself a few minutes to just let the day sink in. He had had a good day, he had enjoyed himself. Stiles was taking over his heart like a thunderstorm and Derek didn't mind. Not one bit.

He could see Stiles felt the same, but it was still surprising to Derek he had any love left in his heart to give. If only Cora could see him now. Derek knew Stiles would meet her sooner or later and he was sure Cora would like him, his niece too, he just knew Cora would tease him about the silly smile on his lips for the rest of eternity.

Chapter Text

Derek was right, Cora saw right through to him the second she walked into the coffee shop that Tuesday morning. She stood by the chair for a second, just staring at her big brother.

“You look different” she stated, dropping her bag on the floor, sitting across the table from Derek.

“I feel different” he said, calling the waiter so Cora could order “How’s my niece?”

“No, no, no” she said, leaving her phone on the table “We’re still not done talking about you. What's her name?”

“His name is Stiles” Derek rolled his eyes when his sister arched her brow suggestively, a smile on her lips. Derek knew it was useless not to tell her.

“I can't remember the last time you went for a guy!” She said teasingly. Derek remained silent while she ordered.

“I didn't plan on it” Derek shrugged “He came into the shop one Saturday, I gave him his tattoo and we just kept bumping into each other, first the supermarket, then Central Park”

“Okay, spill, what’s he like?”

“He’s so handsome, Cora” Derek said, hiding his face in his hands for a second “He’s sarcastic as hell and snarky and hyperactive, but he’s incredibly creative”

“Sounds nothing like your type” she said with an amused smirk.

“Right?” Derek looked his sister in the eyes “He's studying to be an actor, among other things”

“Actor? That's new” she said, sipping her latte.

“But he’s so much more” Derek looked out the window “This past weekend I found out he plays piano, like plays piano, he doesn't even have to look, I… was mesmerized by him, I can't explain”

“Does he know about our family?” She asked seriously “I’m asking because you clearly like him, like, like him”

Derek nodded for a few seconds.

“I do like him a lot, Cora” Derek left his empty cup on the table “I told him the day we met”

Cora choked quickly on her coffee. Derek laughed, moving on to defending himself.

“I didn't think I'd ever see him, okay?” Cora started laughing “But I bumped into him at the supermarket and he helped me pick what to cook that night for you and Little and then at the park where he was with his class, performing Shakespeare”

Cora settled, watching Derek with close attention. This was the Derek she never thought someone else would get to see. This Stiles sure made her brother come back to life.

“While I was tattooing him, he started talking about his family” Derek rested his elbows on the table “His mother had a degenerative disease that drove her to suicide when he was just a child” Cora arched her eyebrows and Derek nodded “His father died seven months ago, on the field”


“Yup” he sighed “Homicide detective”

Cora nodded. She knew Derek would continue when he was ready to.

“So I told him, it felt right” Derek shrugged “And he didn't ask questions, so I didn't either. He told me the whole story this weekend and all I did was bring him home”

“Bring him home?” Cora repeated, asking the waiter to bring her a slice of cheesecake “That was fast”

“It happened when it felt right, you know?” Derek arched his brows at her order “He’s… becoming my everything, and I tried not letting him get under my skin that quickly, but I couldn't... help it”

Cora's cheesecake slice arrived a moment later and Derek watched as his sister grabbed her fork, seeming incredibly delighted. There was something in the way she looked at him.

It only took Derek five seconds to understand it.

“Wait, hold up” Derek pointed a finger at his sister, smiling when she started laughing “Are you... pregnant?”

“Took you long enough, big bro”

Derek stood up, engulfing Cora in his arms, knowing his sister was happy.

“I didn't know you and Will we're trying for another baby”

“We weren't” She smiled “But it happened and honestly, I miss the time Little was, well… little”

“Have you told her?”

“Not yet” she sighed “I was hoping you'd say yes to being there when I tell her” Cora kept eating the slice “Will and I know just how much she loves you”

“Of course” Derek smiled “I don't know how I could help, but sure”

“How about dinner? You, me, Will, Little and Stiles?”

Derek rolled his eyes, trying not to let it show just how nervous the idea made him.

“I’ll check when he’s available and I’ll text you” Derek sighed, knowing he’d never leave the coffee shop without a dinner date to introduce Stiles to her.




“My sister wants to meet you”

Derek said, hearing Stiles drop something like a book on the other end of the line, a gasp and curse following.

“Okay, I mean, yeah... sounds good” The kid stuttered, laughing.

“You sure? You can say no” Derek closed his eyes, hoping Stiles wouldn't say no, he didn't want to have to face his sister if he didn't want to go.

“Of course I'm sure, I just… you just caught me off guard, that's all” Stiles sat on the couch “I just… I’m too much sometimes, you know? I just… really want her to like me”

“Babe, she’ll love you” Derek laughed “Besides, I’m gonna be an uncle again, so we have that to celebrate”

“Really?!” Derek could already picture Stiles going from completely slacking on the couch to full on paying attention “That's great! Oh, God! I love babies”

“Well, then you'll be glad to know my niece is very easy won over” Stiles laughed “I mean, she’s six” Derek smiled fondly “Also, there's a detail”

“What's that?”

“Cora asked for my help telling her daughter about the baby” Derek rested his head on his hand, his elbow on the counter “She obviously doesn't know where babies come from so Cora wants to tell some kind of story”

“Does Cora happen to know I’m a great storyteller, since I’m… you know… an actor?”

“She does know you're an actor, so she specifically asked me to ask you if you’d like to have dinner with us tomorrow night, and help tell my niece she's going to be a big sister”

“I’m hella down” Derek laughed “Cora and I’ll come up with something. Should I bring something? I should definitely bring something, to dinner, your niece and the baby, Gosh, hold on, I gotta make a list”

“Stiles, you don't have to” Derek said with a large smile, able to picture Stiles standing hurriedly from the couch.

“Yes, I do” Derek heard Stiles open a drawer “First of all, I’m meeting your sister, who probably already interrogated you about me, so… good impression and all that, second, you got a six-year-old niece, so, stuffed animals are in order”

“How did you know she's into stuffed animals?”

Derek asked, his brows arched even though Stiles can't see him.

“She's six, Derek, of course she likes stuffed animals” Stiles thought for a second “Any specific kind?”

“Wolves” Derek breathed out, like he had just revealed a big secret.

“Family crest?” Stiles asked, scribing down 'Toys R Us’ on the list.

“Family crest” Derek smiled. Of course Stiles remembered.

“How far along is your sister?”

“She said a month and a half” Derek heard Stiles write that down to.

“What about dinner?”

“Actually, I can help you with that” Stiles hummed, waiting for Derek to go on “Remember the Oreo cheesecake? Well, cheesecake is kinda Cora’s go-to pregnancy food, so you’ll definitely score a homerun with that recipe”

Stiles laughed, writing it down on his grocery list.

“Will you help me again?”

“Are you inviting me over, mister?”

“You can bet your heaven sent ass, I am”

Derek laughed, almost dropping his phone at that. He took a deep breath, erasing (trying to) all the dirty images his brain decided to conjure up.

“Will you come over tonight?” Derek hummed in agreement, making Stiles laugh "Pizza?"

“Jeez, you're gonna get me fat” Derek groaned, like he actually had a problem with it.

“I’m sure I can help you work those calories out” Stiles brought his voice down to a whisper “In all kinds of ways”

“God damn it…” Derek breathed out, eyelids fluterring shut as his hand squeezed the phone tight. 

“See ya, babe” there was a hint of a smile on Stiles’ voice, telling Derek he knew exactly what he was doing to the artist.

“You fucking tease…” the line went out and Derek had to readjust his pants under the counter, a smile on his lips.

Chapter Text

Stiles welcomed Derek to his apartment with a very long kiss. Derek had gotten a rather dirty text from Stiles merely minutes after ending the call. Derek had been smiling down at his phone when Lydia showed up behind the counter, teasing him. Derek couldn't blame her, he probably had the biggest grin on his face.

Derek stopped by the grocery store on the way over to Stiles’, buying some wine and dessert. Stiles had gone into a fifteen minute rant about why Nutella was waaaaay better than peanut butter and moved on to feed it to Derek with a spoon, straight from the bottle, Bottle? Is this a bottle? Cannister? No, bottle. Bottle works better, laughing and kissing in between each spoonful.

So Derek decided to restock, buying a couple more. Derek had gone running that morning, before going to meet Cora, using the time to just shut everything out. Obviously, everything except Stiles, who had a way of never leaving his thoughts.

Not that Derek minded.

Before Derek could knock, Stiles opened the door, resting against the threshold, a smile on his face.

“You didn't have to buy anything” Stiles said, right before letting Derek press him against the open door, kissing the lips he had craved all day.

“You did run out of Nutella last time I was here, so…” Derek reached for the Nutella inside the bag, showing it to Stiles. The younger one threw his head back, laughing. He passed an arm around Derek's shoulders, his hand in Derek's hair, a smile on his lips “You're awesome, thank you” He said in between kisses.

“There's more where that one came from" Derek showed what was inside the bag, hearing Stiles gasp “I do appreciate you saying yes to dinner tomorrow"

“A thank you would've done it, but I do love Nutella, so…” Stiles said, bringing Derek down for another kiss “Thank you”

“You're welcome, baby”

Derek shut the door once Stiles made his way to the kitchen to pop the bottle of wine Derek had brought. Derek set his phone on the counter, finally forgetting about it.

Stiles slid a glass of wine into Derek's hand, clicking it with his own, them taking a sip while looking at each other. Stiles set his glass on the counter, turning to go back into the kitchen, but Derek didn't let him.

Stiles smiled, allowing Derek to bring him closer to his chest, moaning at how warm Derek felt. Stiles hugged Derek's shoulders, glad to feel Derek's stubble against his skin.

When Derek moved his hands down to Stiles’ ass, the boy yelped, laughing. Stiles tried to move away, breaking the kiss, almost melting when Derek groaned, complaining.

“Derek, no… I already ordered the pizza, not now…” Stiles moaned when Derek pressed a kiss to Stiles’ neck, nuzzling slightly with his nose.

“Fine, but once we're done with dinner, you're not escaping me”

“I’m not trying to, but I don't want to traumatize the poor kid” Stiles laughed at Derek's frown “I’m all yours, but I’m also starving, I was knees deep in homework I completely forgot to eat”

As if on cue, the intercom buzzed. Stiles turned back to flash a smile at Derek's growl, not even bothering to answer, just buzzing the pizza kid in.

Derek was looking at the few pictures Stiles had on the wall while the kid answered the door. Derek tried to pay, but Stiles didn't even let him reach for his wallet, going on and on about how expensive Nutella is.

But Derek couldn't help but hear Stiles’ conversation. It was clear Stiles ordered a lot from this pizza place, since he greeted the boy by name. Derek ignored the pictures, just listening. If the kid wasn't so lost smiling like an idiot at Stiles he would’ve noticed Derek, his crush obvious. Derek smiled to himself at how oblivious Stiles was, just paying and thanking, always with a smile. Poor kid indeed, Derek thought.

“You know the kid’s head over heels in love with you, right?”

Derek asked, his glass of wine back in hand. If anything, he was amused. Derek was by no means confident, but be was aware of Stiles’ feelings for him, no words needed.

“Wait, is that… jealousy I hear on your voice?” Derek knew Stiles was teasing, leaving the pizza on the counter and coming to stand in between Derek's legs, since the taller man was sitting on the couch’s armrest.

Derek rolled his eyes. There was a little tug in his chest, he couldn't lie. When Derek didn't answer, Stiles smiled, running his fingers through Derek's unstyled hair.

“I’m yours, babe…” Stiles held on to the strands, Derek moaning lowly when Stiles pulled his head back, lowering himself to leave a sloppy, wet kiss on his mouth.

Derek chuckled when Stiles made his way back to the kitchen, grabbing plates for them, pouring more wine. Stiles didn't say it to reassure Derek. He simply stated a fact. And Derek liked it.



“Tomorrow I’m gonna go shopping” Stiles announced after a few moments of silence once they were done eating. If Stiles weren't hyperactive as hell, Derek would've given up trying to understand how Stiles could be so damn fit when we ate as much as he did “I already ordered your niece’s present…”


“... Sarah’s present then I’ll shop for Cora”

“I can come and help before we go to dinner, help you out”

“That'd be great” Stiles said, smiling. The boy yawned when Derek touched his hair, caressing his scalp.

“Why don't you go ahead and take a shower, huh? I know you're tired, go to bed. I’ll clean up and join you”

“Nope, if I’m am doing all of that, you’re coming with”

Derek didn't resist when Stiles stood up, both of them cleaning the dining table, headed to the kitchen. They cleaned up in minutes, Derek gladly taking Stiles’ hand and letting himself be guided to the bathroom.

The room was nice, bright and organized. But Derek didn't pay attention to it much longer. Stiles took off his shirt, leaving it on the floor, moving on to remove his jeans. Stiles, upon noticing Derek was just watching him, came to hold the hem of the man’s shirt, Derek removing his own jacket. The pile of clothes grew until they were both naked.

Derek hugged Stiles from behind, nuzzling his neck, smelling him, kissing him there while the shorter one got the water running.

“Gosh, you're so tense…” Derek whispered, the sound going straight to Stiles’ dick. Derek let his hands roam free, relaxing each tense muscle they found.

Stiles let his hands find Derek's thighs, squeezing the hard muscles under his fingers. Derek bit his neck slightly in return, making Stiles laugh.

They helped each other shower, all in between kisses and touches. Once outside, they took their sweet time drying themselves out, not even bothering getting dressed.

Stiles felt his dick grow harder the more Derek watched him. It was useless ignoring just how much they craved each other. Derek was more than okay with just letting Stiles sleep, but he couldn't keep his hands off of the boy once he touched him.

Stiles let Derek put him on the bed, glad to just rest back and let the artist kiss him. Everywhere . Stiles was so hard Derek moved right down to pay full attention to his dick.

Derek sucked at his index finger for a minute, taking Stiles’ cock into his mouth to the hilt while using his hand to spread Stiles’ legs ever more. Stiles threw his head back at how warm Derek's mouth was.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Stiles snapped his eyes open when Derek slid a finger into his hole, pressing it in deep, missing his prostate on purpose “Derek… Fuck, Der…”

Derek's cock was throbbing with all that dirty talk. He desperately wanted to touch himself, but gave Stiles his full attention. He knew it wouldn't be long now.

Derek pressed his finger against Stiles’ prostate, the boy crying out at the lighting bolt that rushed through his veins. Stiles’ moans got louder the closer he got and in the matter of minutes Derek felt hot cum spurring against his tongue, swallowing all of it, getting his finger out to hold Stiles’ hips down.

“Fucking hell…” Stiles ran his fingers through his hair, wasting no time to sit on the bed, not letting Derek get too far. Holding onto Derek's hips, Stiles swallowed Derek's throbbing cock into his mouth, feeling it against the back of his throat.

“Jeez…” Derek let his eyes roll to the back of his head, his hands fisting Stiles’ hair softly. The boy bobbed his head, not letting Derek go when he bent forward, cumming deep inside Stiles’ mouth.

Stiles felt Derek's thighs shaking from the force of his orgasm. Stiles cleaned him up, smiling when Derek cursed under his breath, still not ready to open his eyes or trusting his legs not to give out.

Stiles kissed Derek's abs softly, always watching the tattoo artist breathe, in and out. Then Derek finally opened his eyes, looking down at Stiles, letting a smile take over his face.

“That was so fucking hot…” Stiles whispered, reaching for Derek's hands, tugging at them.

Derek got the message and soon they were under the covers, snuggling up to each other. Stiles hid inside Derek's chest, happy to finally be in bed, the aftershock of his orgasm making him drowsy.

“How many classes do you have tomorrow?” Derek whispered.

“Four” Stiles whispered back, barely conscious.

“Have lunch with me? Can't go shopping with you though”

“Pity” Stiles sighed “I’ll take whatever time I can get with you”

“Gosh, Stiles…” Derek breathed him in “I’m just a call away, baby”

Stiles smiled, soon letting darkness wash over him, sure Derek would hold him through the night.

Chapter Text

Derek woke up to his phone ringing in the kitchen. Stiles groaned when Derek moved to stand, trying to make him stay. Derek smiled, kissing the boy’s neck, whispering he’d be back. That was before he saw the time.

“Shit…” he cursed under his breath, picking the call up “I completely lost track of time, I’ll be there as soon as I can”

He didn't let Jackson say anything, just hanging up and going back into the room. Derek laughed at how cute Stiles looked, the boy's hand reaching for Derek.

“Sorry, babe” Derek grabbed the covers, pulling them, exposing Stiles’ body, who just complained at sudden gush of wind “Stiles, we overslept, it's almost 9”

“What?” Stiles rested on his elbows, squinting his eyes to look at the phone Derek was holding. 8:49 “Shit, shit, shit…”

Stiles stumbled into the bathroom, Derek hot on his heels.

“Aren't you late for the shop? Do you have a client? I gotta run, I can't…” Derek held Stiles's face in between his hands.

“Babe, just get dressed. I got nothing for the morning, I’ll drive you to school. I’ll go get something for you to eat, just get ready”

Stiles nodded, moaning into Derek's mouth. Derek helped Stiles clean the bathroom floor, dressing again. He knew he'd have to change clothes before going to work, there's just no way he’d go unnoticed wearing the same clothes as the day before.

Stiles put on the first clothes he found that matched. He took Derek's jacket to the living room, getting his school material ready. He made sure to grab the paper that was due for that day, kissing Derek when the man slid a mug of coffee into his hand.

“Take a breath, I can drop you off in five minutes, your first class doesn't start for another fifteen, right?” Stiles nodded, checking the clock, smiling happily when Derek rested his forehead against his “Morning…”

“Good morning…” they shared a coffee flavored kiss, Stiles downing the rest of the cup, feeling better immediately.

“Ready?” Derek asked, car keys in hand, door already open. Stiles quickly went through his material, nodding when he concluded he had grabbed everything.

True to his word, Derek dropped Stiles off exactly five and half minutes after they left Stiles’ apartment. Stiles grabbed him by the back of the neck, smiling into their heated kiss.

“Don't do that to me…” Derek whispered against his mouth. Stiles laughed, kissing Derek one last time, grabbing his bag.

“See ya tonight?”

“5:30 sound good?” Derek asked, turning the car back on.

“Perfect” Derek sighed into Stiles’ last kiss, laughing when he got a wave goodbye before Stiles ran inside.



Derek took a shower and changed clothes. Sighing, Derek walked into the shop. Malia called, said he had a tattoo scheduled to start in the next forty minutes, so he had to run.

“There he is!” All heads snapped at him and Derek rolled his eyes “And he’s two hours late” Jackson laughed, earning a ruffle to his hair by Derek's large hand.

“Forgot to set the alarm” Derek shrugged, hanging his jacket.

“Right” Malia wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, dragging the vowel.

“Stiles is meeting my sister tonight” Derek dropped the bomb, hearing everyone gasp as he sat by the counter, checking the name of his next client. When he looked up, his staff was looking at him like he had a penis drawn on his face “What?”

“So it's serious, then? You two?” Asked Kira. Derek nodded, thinking back to the way Stiles had laughed that morning on the way to school “We’re happy for you, Derek”

“Thanks, K” Derek smiled, fist bumping every body on his way to his work station. He got it all ready, going back to the front of the shop to wait. Derek sat, checking his schedule for the afternoon when the girl, Jessica, walked in, gasping loudly upon resting her eyes on Derek. Derek looked up, fighting, then, the urge to roll his eyes.

Derek was fairly used to people having that kind of reaction, but that didn't mean he liked it or felt flattered by it. Stiles had blinked twice and gotten himself out of it, had acted like himself despite clearly feeling attracted to Derek. Had treated him like any other person.

It was fine really, looking at him. Derek didn’t mind it as much as he once did. Problem was, the girl just stood there, by the door, gaping at him. Derek wasn't embarrassed by her reaction, but it was getting old. If anything, he was annoyed. He sighed slightly to himself. It was going be a long session, Derek knew.


“Yeah! That's me, sorry” she blinked, looking up to his eyes. She smiled brightly, clearly over the top. Derek gave her the form and a pen, normal protocol. He politely asked what she’d like to tattoo and the girl, who was clearly way too young to even consider Derek as a possible partner, made sure almost all her skin was showing when she signaled between her shoulder blades, moving her hair to reveal how open her shirt was under the coat.

Derek told her to sit by his station, turning to his team. Everybody was on the verge of bursting into a collective laughter, all their eyes on Derek. Their boss just rolled his eyes at his crew, connecting two fingers to his temple, making a pulling motion.

It was hell for someone like Derek. Derek loved peace and quiet as he worked and the girl wouldn't stop talking, about anything in particular, Derek's silence not seeming to work to get her to shut up. Derek didn’t mind chatting, especially if the person said something intelligent. Let’s just say Derek was thankful the tattoo wasn't big. Derek found himself thinking of Stiles, knowing he was probably headed to his second class of the day.

When it was over, both Derek and the girl, Jessica, Derek told himself, stood so she could see the finished work. She was clearly impressed, but Derek just couldn't believe what he saw. Through the mirror, he witnessed what could only be called a wicked grin find its way to her face.

She turned around and, before Derek could do anything to stop her, threw her arms around his shoulders, bringing him down to her level. Derek closed his eyes, not moving until she sighed, realizing she had no effect on him. Those were the longest five seconds of Derek's life.

Jessica tried one more time. Derek had to give her kudos for her persistence. She decided on writing her number on a piece of paper and sliding it to Derek across the counter.

Derek found himself grabbing it, huffing. He let the piece of paper slide through his fingers, finally looking at the girl.

“I’m seeing someone” Derek sighed, laughing with her next answer.

“I can do better than her” she said, biting her lip, a strand of her curled around her finger as she let her eyes run down Derek's body again.

“Him” Derek whispered, feeling surprisingly victorious when her face fell “And I seriously doubt that”

“You’re gay” she stated it as a fact, throwing her hands up in surrender, exasperatedly "Of course you're gay"

“I’m bi” Derek rested his elbows on the counter, watching the girl turn back around to look at him “I just don't like it when people throw themselves at me. Plus, I do have a boyfriend”

Derek turned around, making his way to his station, beginning to get it cleaned, taking a deep breath. Boyd rested against his working table, crossing his arms. Derek looked at his friend over his shoulder, huffing at him.

“What was that all about, huh?”

“Girl kept throwing herself at me” Derek threw away the material, balling up the paper towel and throwing it into the trash can, hearing Boyd laugh.

“She's hot” he said, matter of factly, eyebrows arched at his boss.

“Yup” Derek popped the 'p’, kneeling to grab the tap he had just dropped. Derek turned to look at Boyd, feeling his phone vibrate against his thigh “But she was no Stiles”

Boyd smiled, watching his friend get the phone from his pocket, smiling at the text. Stiles was now going from one room to the other, complaining about how boring the next teacher was.

“You got it bad, my friend” Boyd teased, laughing “You love him, don't you?”

Derek didn't have to think before answering. He quickly texted Stiles back, sighing and sitting on his chair. Derek ran a hand through his hair, looking up to Boyd.

“I love him” Derek opened his hands, in a gesture that said 'Can you blame me?',  as if there was no other way to say it, no better way to explain what he felt for Stiles. Boyd smiled, looking down at his feet then back at Derek.

“How does that make you feel?”

“Horrified... ‘cause my heart is in his hands” Derek felt his phone vibrating again, but didn't look down at it. If it was anyone else asking him these questions, Derek would've told them to just fuck the fuck off. But this is Boyd, who was the best listener out of all of them. Boyd cared for Derek, simple like that “But it makes me feel warm all over” Derek smiled, getting another text.

“He’s not Kate” Derek nodded, looking at Boyd.

“He looks at me like Kate never did” Derek sighed. It had never gotten easier to open up, but he knew that whatever he said wasn't gonna leave those walls “She said she loved me, over and over and a part of me never really trusted that, though I wanted to believe she did. Stiles never said these words to me and yet all I have to do is look him in the eyes to know he loves me too”

“He doesn't do a very good job at hiding it, dude” Boyd teased “And I don't think he’s trying or even wants to hide it” Derek looked up when Boyd rested his hand on his boss' shoulder “You deserve to be happy, boss. Cora's gonna love Stiles, so will Sarah, don't worry about that”

Derek thanked him, slapping his ass to get him back to work. Derek huffed when Boyd went to hug Erica from behind. There was a time Derek was jealous of them, of what they had. Back then, Derek didn't think he’d ever meet someone like Stiles.

Looking down at his phone, he found two texts from Stiles. Opening them, he smiled.

Damn, can this class drag any more?  I wish we had had more time this morning. I had plans for you. All sorts of plans.

Derek groaned, closing his eyes. Leave it to Stiles' to get his dick throbbing in his jeans with a couple of short sentences.

Stop sexting me, S. Focus on the boring teacher. 

Derek laughed when the reply came within the second. Clearing Stiles still had his phone in hand, waiting to see what Derek would say. 

Is it working?

Derek rolled his eyes, smiling.


Derek moved to go back to the counter, knowing everyone would be busy and someone needed to be there. His phone buzzed.

Liar .

Derek knew he shouldn't text, should let Stiles focus. But he couldn't. Derek quickly typed a reply, stopping himself, but sending it anyway.

Fine, maybe a little. But we have all the time in the world. Focus.

'Focus’ was underlined twice. Derek could almost hear Stiles’ eye roll. No other texts came, though, so Derek counted it as a win. He’d love nothing more than to let Stiles make him all hot and bothered with mere words, and Derek knew Stiles could very well do that, now just wasn't the time. Derek couldn't find it in him to relax.

Derek sighed. It was only eleven am. It was going to be a long day.

Chapter Text

Stiles stared at the text, rolling his eyes, stuffing his phone back into his pocket. Focusing was hard when he had Derek taking over his every thought. But Stiles managed, he always did. Stiles smiled brightly when his teacher asked the class to write about someone who had recently walked into their lives.

So Stiles wrote about Derek. Wrote about how they met. Stiles kept the details to himself, choosing to write about how Derek made him feel instead. And just like that his class was over, every moment spent with Derek on his mind. His last class of the day passed by just as fast, though Stiles could already feel the anticipation of seeing Derek.

Derek came to pick him up, his car parked across the street, like it always was. Stiles frowned, walking down the steps with his eyes on the man resting against the Range Rover. Derek seemed tense, his eyes on the ground instead of looking for Stiles’. Derek had arms crossed, the man not moving even when Stiles neared him.

“Is everything okay?” Stiles asked, his fingers going through Derek's hair.

“With us? Yes. My morning was just… awkward” He answered, leaning into the touch.

“Wanna tell me about it?” The actor whispered, his thumb caressing the frostbite on Derek's nose.

“Yeah, let's just get to the restaurant first, it's freezing out here”

So Stiles suggested they went to an Italian restaurant instead, to eat some pasta and enjoy their fireplace. Derek grabbed his hand and it wasn't until they sat that Stiles saw the man relax a tiny bit.

“Okay, spill, you’re worrying me” Stiles said, leaving his bag untouched on the chair next to his, watching Derek look for the right words.

“Malia... texted me after I dropped you off, turned out I did have a client this morning. I wasn’t late or anything. Teenage girl, first tattoo, small, nothing serious”

Stiles couldn't shake the feeling Derek was going to confess to doing something he shouldn't have. And it made him feel uncomfortable and confused. Stiles looked down at his hands, resting on his lap, doing his best to speak without that horrified look on his face.

“What? You hit on her or something?” Stiles spoke, a slight joking tone to his words.

“What? No, of course not” Stiles finally started breathing again when the idea seemed to really piss Derek off “Why would I when I have you? No, I didn't hit on her”

Stiles smiled at his words, reaching across the table to grab Derek's hand. Derek seemed to remember how to inhale after Stiles intertwined their fingers. Stiles told the waiter that was coming over to their table to give them a minute.

Derek looked Stiles in the eyes and suddenly what had happened was obvious.

“But she hit on you” Stiles sighed when Derek nodded, his eyes not meeting the actor's “Can't say I blame her”

“What?” Derek looked at Stiles through his lashes, seeming very confused. Derek had expected Stiles to get angry or something, but the seriousness of his voice left Derek baffled.

“Derek, I… the day we met, that Saturday… I would've done anything to get inside your pants had I thought I had the slightest chance at actually succeeding. You look like a fucking God, straight out of, I don’t know, some Narcissus shit, with your biceps and your Colgate smile... I never thought we would happen” Stiles shrugged at Derek's arched brows. If it were any other day, Derek would’ve huffed, chuckled even at Stiles’ words, but, in that very second, Derek realized something that bothered him a lot . Stiles didn’t think he was worthy of Derek.

“Why not?” Derek asked, already knowing the answer. Derek felt himself get angry, just angry that Stiles could even consider himself to be anything less than perfect.

“Look at me” Stiles whispered, stroking Derek's knuckles. Stiles held onto Derek’s hand as if the man would stand up and just walk out of his life, right there, a sad look on his handsome face.

“I am” Derek whispered back and Stiles snapped his head to look at the him “I have been hypnotized from the second I laid my eyes on you, damn it” Derek sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with his free hand, squeezing the one that was in Stiles’ “And I like what I see, Stiles. Your ivory skin, whiskey eyes, your lips… You smiled at me and I was sold. Anyone would be crazy not to want you”

Stiles didn't know what to say to that. No one had ever flat out admitted they found Stiles attractive before. Stiles wanted to pinch himself, wanted to burst like a firework, wanted to smack Derek right on the lips.

“This girl today, this Jessica, she was just like Kate” Stiles was brought back to reality at the mention of the name. It was almost like saying Voldemort in a room full of Harry Potter fans, it was sure to get some dark vibes going “She was beautiful and perfectly aware of it, kept showing skin and smiling like she knew I was mere seconds away from jumping her” Derek spoke, disgusted at the memory of that morning.

Stiles sighed, biting his lip to stop himself from cursing that bitch even more. He hated that a single person, a memory, had that much control over Derek. God, if Stiles ever got his hands on that woman…

“After all this time, I dealt well with the situation. And I know it's because I have you in my life. I felt nothing, not because I’m scarred for life, but because… of you”

“Why? Because I’m a guy?” Stiles arched his brow, Derek's green eyes making him feel naked under their gaze.

“Nope” Derek breathed out, like he was revealing a big secret “Because it's you. It’s you that I hold at night and it’s you I want to wake up to”


And just like that Stiles found himself looking at his to do list, zipping up his winter coat. After kissing Derek longly goodbye, Stiles watched the man get into his car, despite them arguing about leaving Stiles out on the street, without his car. After their little talk, they ate and enjoyed each other’s company, talking about dinner that night. Derek told Stiles about Cora, the things she liked, how their relationship changed after the fire.

Stiles made his way over to Starbucks, choosing where he’d go first. He still had an hour before his delivery from Toys R Us would be available, so he decided to go home and get his car. Stiles was gonna need it.

So, now at home, Stiles smiled at seeing his unmade bed. Stiles found he loved it when Derek stayed over. How could he not, really? He loved waking up next to the man, even when they had to rush out the door. It felt like Stiles was finally sleeping again, something that had proved impossible after his father died.

Stiles dropped his bag, checking the time. He wanted to be back by four, so he decided it was best to get going. Once outside, Stiles decided to call the print shop. When the person on the phone told him his order was ready to get picked up, Stiles smiled, making his way over.

“It's perfect…” Stiles sighed, a fond smile on his face.

“Hey, isn't he that tattoo artist? Derek…? Derek something” the guy said, helping Stiles wrap the picture in bubble wrap. If Derek had been there, Stiles could almost picture the blush that would take over his face.

“Hale, Derek Hale” Stiles smiled at the boy behind the counter “He’s my boyfriend, I wanted to surprise him”

“That's nice” the boy smiled “He'll be surprised, that's for sure”

Stiles paid and left. He crossed it off his list, taking the car to the giant Toys R Us. Finding a place to park was hard, since the place was attractive to tourists. Stiles smiled once inside. His hyperactivity was getting the best of him, his eyes being attracted everywhere. It was the stuffed animals section that brought him back to reality.

Getting the piece of paper out of his wallet, Stiles made his way over to the delivery area. There were a few kids there, waiting for their parents to pay for their new toys. And they gasped when Stiles was presented with a giant, 3 feet tall stuffed animal. A magnificent, realistic wolf.

Stiles smiled, having trouble holding on to it. Stiles signed for it, realizing the giant wolf probably wasn't going to fit in his car. Stiles laughed while stuffing it in the backseat. Sarah was going to love it, he was sure, if the kids’ reactions were anything to go by.

“Okay, so that's done” Stiles looked at his list “Now Cora and then grocery store”

Finding a gift for Cora was complicated. She still didn't know the sex, so that made choosing a single gift twice as hard. So Stiles found himself roaming around aisles, thinking and thinking. Checking the time, Stiles had been at it for twenty minutes and had come up empty.

Then he found the Holy Grail in the newborn section. Stiles smiled smugly to himself, going straight to the cashier. Stiles grabbed the bag, thanking the girl, knowing Cora would love the present. Stiles decided to buy something for Cora as well. What's the point of having money if he didn't spend it to make people happy.

Stiles bought some soap, some bath bombs and a large cannister of coconut oil. There's nothing like getting a massage when you're pregnant, that much Stiles remembered from when his friend’s mother was expecting. Stiles knew Cora would eye her husband immediately and that made him smile.

It also made him think of Derek. And that girl, Jessica. He couldn't lie and say he wasn't jealous. But he still felt warm all over at how Derek had kissed him. Derek was his, just like that. Stiles bought some chocolate scented massage cream and he planned on using it on Derek.

Soon it was time to go. At the grocery store nearest to his house, Stiles made his way around the aisles easily, having already memorized it. He bought everything for the cheesecake and some things he needed for himself. He also got wrapping paper. Lots and lots and lots of wrapping paper.

Once home, Stiles texted Derek to let him know he had made it safely. Derek texted back to say he was hating how the day was dragging. Stiles considered calling, but chose against it. He’d let it slide that he had gotten Derek something and he couldn't have that.

So he just reminded Derek they were just an hour and a half away from seeing each other again. Sitting on the floor, he decided to wrap the picture first. It was a rectangle, so it was going to be easier. Once he was done, he rested it against the window, admiring his work.

Moving on to the wolf, Stiles figured he should have gotten a box or something. Wrapping a box would've been easier. He did his best, sweating by the time the whole wolf was wrapped and Stiles had made it look decent. Sarah would rip it all off as soon as she saw it anyway, so Stiles told himself not to worry so much.

It was the picture that worried him. Three days ago he found the picture on his phone. A picture he had taken of Derek during his panel at the tattoo convention. Derek was smiling, looking out into the crowd, dazzling everyone who dared lay an eye on him. Stiles hoped Derek would like it. After everything that was said between them earlier that day, Stiles hoped Derek would understand what he meant when he saw the picture. The other presents were a walk in the park to wrap compared to the wolf.

When Stiles was done cleaning the floor, Derek knocked on the door. Stiles smiled, opening it, feeling his stomach get overtaken by butterflies, his knees going weak. Derek looked… ravishing. With a smile on his handsome face, he smelled heavenly, his leather jacket thrown over his shoulder.

Derek eyed Stiles from head to toe.

“What on Earth happened to your shirt?” Derek found pieces of tape on him, stepping into the apartment to kiss Stiles, wrapping his arms around the shorter man’s waist. Stiles touched Derek's hair, moaning into his mouth.

“I lost the battle with the tape, but I won the war with the wrapping paper” Stiles said, satisfied with himself.

Derek smiled bringing Stiles in for another kiss. Their bodies flushed against each other, their mouths colliding, hands roaming. But Stiles was sticky with sweat and it was clear Derek had just showered, so he placed his hands on Derek's chest, feeling it flex under his hands.

“Der… I’m all sweaty” Stiles moaned when Derek moved to his neck, licking it, taking his earlobe into his mouth.

“I don't care…”

Derek brought Stiles’ mouth back to his, the man smiling. Then, as Stiles kissed along his jawline, Derek saw something that grabbed his attention and he found himself asking about it before he could stop himself.

“That… is actually for you” Stiles turned to look at Derek, who had both his eyebrows arched almost up to his hairline.

“What?” Derek whispered, feeling Stiles’ hand grab his and guide him to the couch. Derek sat on the armrest, watching as Stiles brought the wrapped rectangle closer to him.

“A couple of days ago I came up with this idea and I got it done…” Derek watched as Stiles blushed , shrugging. Derek couldn't remember the last time someone had gotten him something “I just... after everything we talked about at the restaurant today… open it, just open it please”

Derek swallowed past the lump in his throat. The paper was beautiful and Derek found himself ripping it gently at one of the edges. Somewhere in the back of his mind Derek heard Stiles holding his breath.

Then Derek was staring at a picture of himself. Derek easily remembered the day, he even remembered why he had that smile on his face. It was a beautiful shot, really. Derek blinked and turned to look at Stiles, who had crouched down beside Derek's leg, looking at the picture instead of up, to the man’s eyes.

“I took this picture, at the convention” Stiles whispered, his hand holding onto the black frame, his thumb caressing the glass slightly “This day, this moment right here…” Stiles sighed, turning to look at Derek, who was already looking at him “Was when I fell in love with you”

Derek couldn't believe his ears. Stiles smiled, looking down and away from the artist.

“It's not like I could have stopped myself from falling for you, you know? All you had to do was smile at me. And then you actually turned out to be a nice guy, who understood and respected me and I just kept falling for you even more, day after day”

Stiles jumped slightly when Derek stood, moving to rest the picture on the chair by the end of the couch, turning to Stiles. Then Stiles was being brought to his feet and Derek was all over him.

“Stiles…” Derek said, his hands lost on Stiles, not being able to keep them in only one place. Derek then held on to Stiles’ face, looking into his eyes. Derek’s mouth opened and closed, the man unable to find the perfect words. Stiles smiled at the reaction, holding Derek's waist tightly “Fuck, babe…”

Stiles stood on his tiptoes, feeling Derek's tongue against his. Derek's hands were then on his ass, lifting him off the floor. Stiles yelped, holding onto Derek as they both fell on the couch. Stiles smiled, moving to look at Derek. What he didn't expect, as for Derek to be almost crying under him.

“I love you so damn much, Stiles” he spoke, like he was saying the sky was blue or that snow was white, like it was tattooed on him, like Stiles owned him “I love you, I love you” Derek whispered, over and over and over, against his mouth, his skin, his hands tightly on Stiles’ back and hips.

Stiles moved to kiss Derek's lips, his hands on both sides of Derek's head. They kissed for what felt like hours, both smiling, whispering to each other sweet words. Stiles pulled away so he could breathe but Derek didn't let him go too far.

“Your present isn't over yet” Derek groaned.

“You told me you love me, Stiles” Derek smiled at his boyfriend “What else could there be?”

“You’ll have to wait until we’re back from dinner tonight” Derek was about to protest when he witnessed Stiles’ eyes bulging “Fuck, dinner! I gotta get started on that cheesecake”

Stiles left one more kiss on Derek's lips, holding the man's hands and pulling him up. Derek laughed when Stiles went into his kitchen, slapping Derek's ass so he’d start crushing the Oreos for him.

Once the cheesecake was in the freezer, Stiles announced he was going to take a quick shower. They still had fifty minutes, but Stiles wanted to hurry. Derek gave himself a moment to let it all sink in. Then a smile found its way to his face. He couldn't help but feel happiness bubble up inside his chest. Derek could hear Stiles humming in the shower, recognizing the song. Hamilton. Why am I not surprised?

Derek texted his sister, letting her know just when he thought they'd arrive, grabbing himself a glass of water. That's when he noticed the packages. Derek allowed his eyes to bulge at the sight of what was definitely Sarah's present. Derek found himself smiling. That's probably where all the tape was from.

“What you smiling about?” Stiles came into view, wearing dark jeans and a dark winey red button down, brand new sneakers “I know I’m awesome and everything and I’m sure I surprised you…”

Derek rolled his eyes fondly, gladly letting Stiles pull him down for a kiss, breathing Stiles in, nuzzling his neck softly.

“I saw your… well” Derek pointed, smiling when Stiles threw his head back “Whatever that is”

“That is Sarah's wolf” Stiles threw the towel into the laundry room “It was stupidly hard to wrap, I’ll have you know”

“I believe you” Derek went into the laundry room, grabbing the same towel Stiles had just discarded “Com’ere”

Before Stiles could do anything, Derek threw the towel over Stiles head, rubbing it back and forth to dry out his hair. Stiles laughed, knowing his hair was sticking out in all directions.

“I don't want you getting sick” Stiles smiled, kissing Derek. Stiles checked the mirror, turning to Derek.

“How do I look? Will Cora like it?”

“Babe…” Stiles sighed.

“I know, I know” Derek smiled, grabbing Stiles coat and holding it open.

Stiles moved to get the cheesecake ready to go and Derek grabbed the presents.

“God damnit it, Stiles” Derek laughed, turning to look at Stiles who had called for the elevator “Do I wanna know how much money you spent?”

Stiles shrugged, hiding his smile.

“No, you don't”

The ride to Cora's house was nice. The radio was on, the streets were snowy and the night was starry. Derek had told him she lived a good half hour away from the busiest part of town. Stiles grew nervous by the mile, but Derek did his best to help Stiles relax.

When they pulled in front of a house, Stiles allowed himself to just gawk for a second. Derek pressed the button to let Stiles’ seat belt loose, the boy moving on autopilot.

“I already like your sister, D”

“I told her you liked her work with my apartment, she was very pleased to learn you like design”

“How could I not? She's clearly talented” Stiles turned to grab the cheesecake “I wonder what Sarah can do”

“Well, she loves dancing, but she's pretty good at drawing, which Cora hates, because, you know, that's my thing” Stiles smiled at how relaxed Derek seemed. This is his family and Stiles felt like now he was officially a part of it.

Then they left the car and stood on the sidewalk for a second.

“Breathe, Stiles” Derek whispered in his ear “It’ll be fine, you look hot, I love you”

Stiles closed his eyes at the words, turning to kiss Derek one more time before the man knocked on the door, which swung open within a heartbeat.

Chapter Text

Cora Hale was by far the prettiest woman Stiles had ever seen. Damn these Hale genes. Stiles could see the resemblance between the two immediately, the hair color, the chin, the green eyes, even their Goddamn smile was similar.

Cora Hale was maybe half an inch shorter than Stiles, she wore heels and a navy blue dress covered by a white apron that had two handprints on it, clearly from Sarah that read 'happy mother's day’. Cora first took a step forward to hug her brother, despite Derek's busy hands.

“Stiles, it's so nice to finally meet you” Cora said, with a welcoming smile. Stiles balanced the cheesecake on one hand, happy to return her tight hug “Derek's told me so much about you”

“I heard a lot about you too, specially about the new member of the Hale family, so I bought you a little something, to say congratulations”

“Thank you, Stiles, gosh, I can't remember the last time someone got either of us something” Stiles smiled at Derek.

“Funny, this is the second time I am hearing that today” Derek gave Stiles’ forehead a kiss.

“Let's just say Stiles gave me something too today” Derek winked at his sister and Cora just smiled.

“Derek also told me you have a special place in your heart for cheesecake so I made my specialty”

“Boy, I already love you" Cora said, passing an arm around Stiles’ shoulders “But you didn't have to, really”

They made their way inside and Derek let go of the bags, taking his coat off, then helping Stiles out of his. Cora caressed her arms, to keep warm. Derek then gave his sister a proper hug, a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m Polish, I don't go anywhere without bringing either food or gifts, it’s what we do” Stiles smiled “Especially not today”

Derek’s face went soft, hugging Stiles’ waist. Cora could only watch, with a smile on her face. Derek whispered something that made Stiles smile and the realization that Derek loved this man in front of her was enough for her to welcome Stiles into her family with open arms.

And so did her daughter.

Sarah came bursting into the room, her arms open to jump into Derek's arms.

“Hey, princess!” Derek held on to his niece, happy to be reunited. She hugged him tight, but her attention was soon Stiles’, once she laid her eyes on him “How are you? Good?”

“Yes, Der Bear” Stiles’ smiled fondly at Cora, who just nodded “Who’s this?”

“Little, this is Stiles, my boyfriend” Sarah's eyes bulged, but soon there was a smile on her face.

“Nice to meet you, Stiles” Sarah whispered, her eyes wide at Stiles. Cora grabbed the cheesecake, and Derek put Sarah down when Stiles grabbed the large package.

“It’s so nice to meet you, honey” Stiles smiled “Your uncle told me you like wolves, is that right?”

“I love them! They’re big, just like my family! Mama is my Alpha!”

“Right?! They are incredible, but you know something? I’m very happy that you have a big family. You see, I never had a big family, but your pack opened up for me and I am very happy. Have you ever felt happy like that?”

“I have…”

“Good! So, I just want to add to that happiness” Sarah's eyes bulged even more at seeing the package “Go ahead, open, it's yours"

When Sarah saw the wolf, she went nuts. Cora had her mouth covered in clear surprise. Will had joined them, completely lost but smiling at seeing his daughter happy.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Sarah yelled, dragging the wolf into the living room, leaving the grown ups in pure silence.

“I think you just stole my niece…” Derek whispered, turning to look at Will with a smile “Will, this is Stiles”

“Sorry, business call” Stiles shook Will’s hand, the man holding Cora's waist “I turned it off, I turned it off”

“Give it” she said, the man rolling his eyes fondly before handing the phone.

“House rules” Derek rolled his eyes, handing his phone too.

“Oh, it’s fine” Stiles smiled, handing his “Not for nothing, but that cheesecake really needs to go back to the freezer, before my creation gets ruined”

“Right! Come on in! Will, Derek, do you mind getting us something to drink? Stiles and I will be in kitchen when you're done” Derek squeezed Stiles’ waist, as to say ‘you got this’, and Stiles appreciated that, kissing the man’s cheek, but now he was a lot calmer, relieved everything was going fine.

Stiles followed Cora into the kitchen, happy to set the rest of the bags down. Cora went to check on the food, just to make sure everything was running smoothly before turning to Stiles.

“You know, I am happy you're here, I have never seen Derek like that” Cora laughed “He always thought he didn't deserve to be in love, no matter how many times I told him how stupid that was”

“Cora, I am deeply in love with Derek, I can't put it into words and I am a writer, believe me when I say it's bigger than me”

“I believe you” Cora smiled, watching her daughter in the living room for a second before turning back to Stiles “You got this look in your eyes when you look at Derek, it's that kind of look, you know? The same I saw between our parents, the same look Will had when Derek walked me down the aisle”

“Wait, hold up, Derek walked you? Actually agreed to give you away? Tell me you have pictures” Stiles said, glad to make Cora laugh.

“Oh, I do, I’ll show you everything” Cora smiled “I’m sorry about your father, Stiles, Derek told me”

Stiles was surprised at the sudden change. In all honesty, Stiles hadn't thought about it much. He had pondered going to visit his grave, but it was too soon.

“Oh… yeah, thank you”

“Sorry, I don't want to ruin our mood, I just…”

“No, no, no, it's okay. I knew you'd probably know everything, I just… Derek has helped keep it out of my mind, you know? It's been months and I… haven't really given myself time, I guess”

“Derek told me about the double majoring, risky” Cora said, smiling “I went through it myself, I know how you feel”

“Okay, before I bombard you with questions about Derek's apartment and ask for the Grand Tour, I’d love if you opened your gifts now, since Sarah is still hypnotized in the living room”

“Gifts? As in, more than one?”

“Well, I couldn't help myself when I saw it and I know it's good to be pampered, so”

“Very true” said Cora with a large smile.

Will and Derek returned, smiling. Derek hugged Stiles’ waist, kissing his cheek, letting the boy try his drink. Will stood next to Cora, watching as she opened the bag.

“The first one is in your homage” Stiles said, looking back at Derek.

“What do you mean?”

Their talk was interrupted by Cora's straight up hyena laughter. She had a hand on her belly, eyes closed as she shown it to everyone else.

Inside the bag there were two gifts. One was a beautiful, light pinkish summer dress. If she had a girl. The other a miniature leather jacket. Along with the latter was a tiny white tee that read: 'My Uncle Rocks!’

Derek smiled, feeling extremely pleased with himself. Will chuckled, pulling it completely out of the bag.

“That is perfection, thank you so much” Cora said, wiping the tears in her eyes “The dress is gorgeous, but now I really want us to have a boy”

“There's more where that came from” Derek groaned, resting his forehead against Stiles’ shoulder “I should take you to the store I bought these from, you’ll love it, they had all sorts of cute, funny clothes”

“Why do I feel like I’m about to be humiliated by my own family?”

Cora laughed even louder, going to turn everything off. Will folded the clothes neatly, thanking again for them.

“Well, let's eat, then” Cora asked for Stiles’ help setting the table “Derek? Do you mind going to get Little?”

Derek went into the living room, soon all they could hear was Sarah squealing in happiness. They all sat for dinner soon after, enjoying the moment to talk lightly and have fun. Stiles was happy to answer any questions about acting, even revealing he had an impressive repertoire of accents under his belt.

Will explained about his work briefly, but who stole the show for Stiles was Cora, who owned a design company. Stiles was happy to learn more about the job. He loved acting, but there was plenty of room left in his heart.

And just like that they were all in the living room. Sarah played on the floor, Cora and Will were on the couch. Stiles sat on a large chair, happy to squeeze in it with Derek. Derek passed his arms around Stiles, happy to just sit there, like nothing was wrong in the world. 

“So, have you thought about how to break it down to Sarah?” Stiles asked.

Cora sighed, watching her daughter. Will smiled at his wife, holding onto her hand.

“I guess we'll just tell her? Not explain, just tell. Make it upbeat and see what happens”

“Wanna wait or get it over with?” Derek asked, pointing at a sleepy Sarah on the floor, the girl already yawning.

“Sarah, baby, come here a second” Sarah followed the sound of her mother's voice, glad to sit on her lap “Daddy and I have something we want to tell you”

Derek smiled into Stiles’ hair when the boy intertwined their fingers. Derek kissed his temple, happy to kiss his lips when Stiles looked up at him.

“Daddy and I are going to have a baby” Cora whispered “And you will have a baby brother or a sister”

“A baby?”

“Yes” Everybody waited to see what Sarah would do or say, but she just got off her mother's lap, letting her ear touch Cora's belly “That's good news”

In the next few minutes, Cora and Will went to tuck her in, leaving Stiles and Derek in the living room.

“That went well” Stiles whispered.

“Do you wanna go? You sound tired” Derek nuzzled Stiles’ neck, the boy squeezing his hands.

“Long ass day” Stiles huffed “No, I don't wanna go just yet. I’m not exactly sleepy, just… tired”

Derek hugged Stiles tight, the boy chuckling.

“But I’m so comfy right now, it's definitely not helping my case”

“Wanna take a quick nap? Sarah likes at least two stories before sleeping, that gives you a good ten minutes”

But Stiles was already out. Derek smiled, adjusting Stiles’ neck so it didn't get stiff. Resting against Derek's chest, the boy sighed, holding on to the man's shirt. Derek kissed his forehead, fingers going through his hair.

By the time Stiles woke up, twenty five minutes had passed. He was still in Derek's arms, still in the chair, still in Cora's house. He sighed, trying his best to wipe the sleep off his eyes.

“Hey, there” Derek whispered.

“Had a nightmare” Stiles whispered back, feeling his back stick against his shirt, but glad he was warm in Derek's embrace “Nothing serious, just… came out of nowhere”

“We were just about to call you guys for dessert, did you fall asleep?”

“Yeah, it was a long day today, Derek let me nap for a few minutes. I could really use some sugar right about now, though”

They had dessert and said their goodbyes. Cora made Derek promise he wouldn't keep Stiles all too himself. Stiles smiled, his arm around Derek's waist.

“I don't know, Cora” Stiles whispered “I think it's me you should be worried about”

Derek smiled down at Stiles, his arm around the boy's shoulders, bringing him in for a kiss. Will chuckled, whispering something like 'I think Derek's got it covered’. Cora only rolled her eyes, whispered 'Ew, get a room you two’ before closing the door.

So there they stood, under the open winter sky, freezing, yet perfectly warm. Stiles had his hands under Derek's coat, happy to just rest back and moan into Derek's mouth.

“C’mon, let's go home”


Stiles smiled. Home sounded perfect.

Chapter Text

7 months later…

Stiles ran to Derek as soon as he held his diploma. Derek laughed, holding onto Stiles tightly, a hand on his back to keep him tight against his chest, the other on the back of his head, his fingers going through Stiles’ hair. Stiles sighed happily, unable to believe Derek was his, that he had finally finished college. Happiness flooded him like a tsunami and he couldn’t breathe, but Stiles didn’t care.

“I’m so proud of you…” Derek whispered against his ear, taking his earlobe softly into his mouth, sucking on it lightly, making Stiles shudder “I’m so fucking proud of you...”

Stiles smiled, pulling back to look at Derek. Stiles felt extremely hot in his suit, cap and gown and his shoes were killing him, but he was happy. Simply the happiest he ever thought he’d be.

“Thank you…” Derek ducked his head to kiss Stiles, holding him tightly by the waist. Stiles smiled into the kiss, knowing Derek had something planned for him. Derek had been extremely smug about his graduation present, keeping Stiles in the dark for months now.

Derek grabbed his cap, putting it on himself, ruffling his hair in the process. Stiles laughed, stepping back to take a good look at his boyfriend. Derek made a hand gesture, like ‘ta-da’, a smile on his lips that made Stiles’ heart skip a beat.

“It’s been years since I put one of these on…” Derek laughed, settling it back on Stiles’ head.

“It looks good on you, my old man” Stiles earned a slap to his ass at that, but damn, had it been worth it. Stiles had been trying to convince Derek to actually do something for his birthday, that was coming up. Derek kept repeating that having him there, with his friends and sister, would be more than enough, but Stiles knew Derek deserved to be celebrated, worshipped even. Cora agreed with him, which was more than enough for Stiles to bug the hell out of Derek. Derek still hadn’t budged, but he would. Stiles would ride the permission out of him, if he had to. He didn’t want to throw Derek a surprise party, he wanted Derek to be okay with it.

“Careful there, babe…” Derek whispered “I might forget all about your present and just take you home and fuc…”

“Are you kidding me? You’ve been keeping this a secret from me for weeks now, there’s no way you’re gonna keep doing this to me, no matter how tempting your proposition may be” Derek smiled devilishly, knowing exactly what that did to Stiles. The boy groaned, grabbing Derek’s hand and heading for the exit “Where to?”

“Restaurant” Derek said, slowing down so Stiles would turn to him “But first, I want a picture” Stiles rolled his eyes fondly at his boyfriend. Stiles grabbed Derek’s phone, opening the front camera. Derek passed his arms around Stiles’ waist, going straight for his mouth. Stiles smiled against his lips, hugging Derek’s neck with his free hand.

They took a bunch of pictures, laughing at the ones that looked horrible and blurred, smiling fondly at the ones that looked actually good. Derek gave Stiles’ hair a kiss, finally leading him to the car. Stiles felt giddy, knowing those pictures would end up on the walls of their home. And probably the parlour, along with Derek’s work.

Stiles had the best boyfriend, his partner in crime even. Derek took care of him, and Stiles did the same for Derek. They had each other’s back, growing to know each other more and more by the day, to a point their souls were perfectly aligned.

In the car, Stiles removed the cap and gown, straightening his suit. He didn’t look as good in a suit as Derek, who looked like fucking sex on legs , a God, standing there with his hands in his trouser pockets and a wide smile on his face, only for Stiles. But Stiles did clean up nicely. Derek had gone to the tailor shop with Stiles, choosing the clothes for him two weeks before and had clearly gotten all hot and bothered by the vision earlier that day, Stiles wearing a bespoke black suit, with a tight black shirt and a black tie. Derek had a thing for Stiles wearing black.

Stiles couldn’t wait to strip Derek of his dark navy blue suit. The guy was wearing a Goddamn vest , for crying out loud, his hair unstyled and Stiles knew that was because Derek loved it when Stiles let his fingers massage his scalp. Stiles let his fingers roam through his hair, down to the back of Derek’s neck, the man smiling, looking ahead. Stiles loved that Derek had worn the tie Stiles had gotten him for Christmas. Stiles had plans for that tie.

That Christmas had been interested. It was the first time in years Stiles had actual parties to attend. Cora had organized a nice early dinner, with a barbecue. Derek and Stiles stayed over, both waking up to breakfast and, surprisingly, a bunch of presents. Christmas shopping that year had been stressful, but worth the smiles. Derek had surprised him with tickets to all four days at Comic Con and BroadwayCon, which earned him a very enthusiastic blowjob in his sister’s bathroom.

“Your third present will call on Monday” Derek had tried every trick in the book to get Stiles to tell him what it was. But all Stiles did was smile and rest back as Derek ate him out or fucked him open nice and slow. He wasn’t going to spill it.

When Monday rolled in, Stiles found Derek sitting on the kitchen stall, staring at his phone. At exactly 9 a.m. his phone rang. Derek almost dropped his phone trying to get to it. Stiles only smiled, unable to keep it in as he watched Derek’s eyes widening, the man turning to look at him, baffled.

“Kat Von D?” Derek whispered once he hung up “You got Kat Von D to call me?” Derek left his phone on the counter, his eyes never leaving Stiles’ face.

“I know how much you love her and, when I heard a colleague of mine talking about this masterclass of hers, I pulled some strings, called in a favor or two and got in contact with her” Stiles explained, watching Derek near him. Stiles was standing by the couch, Derek still shocked “She told me she wanted to ask some other artists to come and talk and, when I dropped your name, she was more than happy to let the invitation be one of your Christmas presents”

Derek just watched him for a second. Then Derek had his arms around Stiles’ waist, lifting him off the floor. Stiles laughed, glad to let Derek carry him to the bed. Derek looked down at Stiles, a smile on his lips as he watched Stiles laughing.

“Thank you, Stiles” Derek smiled, grinding roughly against his boyfriend when Stiles passed his arms around Derek’s neck. They both moaned into a kiss, not pulling away after that and Derek made sure Stiles was reminded for a very long time just how grateful Derek was.

During the party with their friends, since it was Stiles’ first Christmas with them, the actor had laughed and laughed, tears in his eyes at finding out they had a tradition of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Some read ‘GANGSTA WRAPPER’, ‘I’M ONLY A MORNING PERSON ON DECEMBER 25’, ‘WHAT DID YOU GET FOR CHRISTMAS? FAT. I GOT FAT’ OR ‘ELF YOU’ and even ‘JOLLIEST BUNCH OF ASSHOLES THIS SIDE OF THE NUTHOUSE’.

“It was Lydia’s idea” Boyd said, clearly unhappy. Boyd wore the blue ‘GANGSTA WRAPPER’ sweater. Erica elbowed him, she clearly liked her ‘ELF YOU’, green and white one.

But Derek’s sweater was by far the best.

Stiles smiled, trying to hold back his laughs when he saw Derek. With his broad shoulders and huge biceps, the sweater clung to him like a second skin. It looked good on him. But it was the quote that made it all perfect. On his sweater, there was a tag that read ‘TO: HUMANITY FROM: GOD’. Derek had his face frowned, which caused Stiles to squeal with laughter.

“I… can’t” Stiles said, wiping the tears away “I don’t have words for this, I just know I love it”

Derek smiled, hugging Stiles’ waist.

“Don’t think you’re off the hook” Derek whispered, Stiles witnessing everybody smiling at him. Stiles knew then they had a sweater for him as well, smiling wide when he saw Kira getting a package from a bag at her feet, passing it along, all the way to Derek, who held it in his hands so Stiles could rip the paper “Know that I had nothing to do with this”

Stiles smiled when everyone complained, yelling that it wasn’t true. Looking back at Derek, Stiles laughed at finding a smile on his lips. Stiles left a kiss on Derek’s mouth before holding the sweater up.

The sweater was white, clearly way too big for Stiles and, in bright, bold, red letters, it said ‘SANTA’S FAVORITE HO’.

Everybody laughed when Stiles blushed, unable to hold in his laughter. Derek happily held Stiles against his chest, the boy in between his legs. Stiles only moved away to slide in on, over his shirt. Lydia stood from the couch, trying to get away from the sea of wrapping paper that was the floor of Jackson’s flat ,to get the camera ready.

“Okay, this deserves a picture, come on, everyone” Derek grunted, but a couple of days later, New Year’s already behind them, Stiles walked in to find the picture hanging from the wall in Derek’s working station, a copy of it on top of Derek’s fireplace as well.

And now, back inside the car, it was easy for Stiles to make plans. He was done with college, he already had meetings in about two weeks to get himself an agent, one agent in particular had wanted to sign hom as soon as his final performance for college was through, get started on auditioning, masterclasses and workshops. But he wanted to enjoy this time with Derek. Stiles still wanted to visit many places, both in the US and overseas and he wanted to do it with Derek.

“I can’t believe it’s over…” Stiles whispered, his eyes lost on the side of Derek’s face. Derek was letting his beard grow out, which had lead to a serious case of beard burn in a couple of places, not that Stiles was complaining. Derek smiled, reaching for Stiles’ thigh, squeezing it tightly, leaving it there, glad to feel Stiles pull at his hair slightly.

“Well, you were amazing last week” Stiles could feel his cheeks burning up “I still don’t know how you did it all, finals, rehearsals, graduation… I would’ve gone crazy”

“The sacrifices one makes for Shakespeare” Stiles joked, bringing Derek’s hand to his lips before he had to let go. Derek was driving but that didn’t stop him from kissing Stiles at every stop light “Truth is, I wasn’t that worried about the performance, you know? I got into college knowing it would come and when we settled on Macbeth, I relaxed” Stiles shrugged.

“Weren’t you nervous about all those agents?”

“I was scared shitless of them” Stiles said, laughing “But everything turned out fine” Stiles smiled at Derek from across the car, knowing the man couldn’t see him “More than fine”

“I still don’t understand this industry very well, but I’m pretty sure graduating college with an agent, a good agent wanting to sign you has to be more than just ‘fine’”

“It’s unheard of, actually” Stiles shrugged again “I guess I’m just that good” Derek laughed, parking the car. Stiles arched his brows at how packed the restaurant Derek had chosen seemed to be.

“That you are” Derek pulled Stiles in for a kiss, glad to hold his hand once they were both out of the car.

“Gosh, what is this fuss all about?” Stiles asked rhetorically, stopping dead in his tracks when Derek lead him to a giant side of the restaurant reserved just from them, apparently.

“You” Derek whispered against his ear.


Before Stiles stood… well, everyone. Derek smiled, proud of himself for the look of utter shock on Stiles’ face. He lead Stiles into the room, happy to let everyone hug his boyfriend, congratulate him, give him presents.

“You all knew?!” Stiles asked, causing everyone to laugh “And you kept it a secret?”

“It’s not like we had a choice, Derek threatened to fire us all if we said a word to you” Lydia winked at Stiles, who turned to look at Derek with arched brows.

“Derek couldn’t fire me, but he did threaten to reveal some embarrassing stories from our time in college” said Cora, who hugged Sarah to her chest.

“Okay, I did not threaten anyone” Derek passed his arm around Stiles’ waist “I just wanted today to go perfectly…”

And suddenly there was no one in the room with them. Stiles still held one of the presents he had just received, from Isaac maybe, turning to Derek, both his arms around the taller man’s shoulders. Derek smiled, his arms tightly around Stiles’ waist. Everybody moved to get drinks and sit, mumbling about how domestic they were.

“I had the best day, Derek, thanks to you” Stiles kissed the tip of Derek’s nose, smiling.

“Oh, it’s not over yet” Derek smiled at Stiles’ wide eyes “Don’t think I won’t get my fill of you tonight, but you deserve to celebrate” Stiles offered more of his neck when Derek moved down to kiss and lick at it “But it’s not over yet, can you stay awake for me?”

“Anything for you…” Stiles smiled, happy to kiss Derek once more “Thank you for this, for everything”

“Anything for you…” Derek smiled at how cheesy he sounded even to himself, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care. He was happy, Stiles was happy. It was all that mattered.