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Tony could hear the fight, sometimes distant, sometimes as if they were right in front of this room. He banged at the door of his cell, tried to open it but it was futile without anything he could use. It went on and on and finally, after what felt like hours, someone opened the cell and he saw Natasha.

“They have Clint!” He hurried over to the door and out onto a corridor. It looked like a war zone, dead bodies on the floor, bullet holes in the walls, blood and dirt and parts of Servo-Guards on the floor and the walls and... everywhere. But Tony didn't take the time to look at them. He ran out to see the other Avengers and the Fantastic Four still fighting against Doom's goons.

“He's gone, Tony,” Natasha was behind him. “The moment it was obvious that he lost he disappeared.”

“What?! No! Please tell me that's not true! Tell me you captured the brothers and Trickshot!” Tony grabbed her shoulders and shook her and she let him. She knew that he was distraught. He could hear the Hulk roar and smashing something similar to a quinjet.

“No, they have Clint, it's his brother,” he slumped to the floor. A team of medics came over and before Tony could react they had injected something into his arm and he saw the world go dark. The last thing he saw was Natasha nodding at them.



Tony woke in the infirmary, apparently on the helicarrier. He could hear the constant hum of the engines. When he opened his eyes he discovered, that he wasn't alone. Bruce sat in a chair, scribbling on his StarkPad.

“Bruce?” Tony groaned and the other man put the pad away.

“Hey, how do you feel?” He smiled and leaned forward.

“As if a freight train ran over me,” he mumbled and wiped his hand over his face. He looked down on himself. At least, they didn't take away his clothes for one of those ridiculous hospital gowns.

“Yeah, sorry for that. But you've been a little bit... not yourself.”

“Clint?” Tony swallowed and looked at his friend who shook his head.

“No. But we have the weapon. That's good. Hank, Reed and Jane are working with it and I'll be over as soon as Susan is here.”

“Susan? Why would Susan come over?” Tony furrowed his brows.

“She'll stay with you. Tony, Sharon found something. She, Natasha and Steve are... they are in Latveria right now.”

“Oh god, did she tell them?”

“Did who tell what?” Bruce was a bit confused.

“Trickshot. One of the guys who was with Doom was Clint's brother. Did Natasha tell them? I've told her. And Bruce, he knows that Clint is... is intelligent. What if he tells Doom? Right now he wants to raise him to be his personal assassin but what if he knows, that he can do so much more?”

“They will find him. And they will bring him back.”

Tony sighed and nodded. He looked at Bruce for a few seconds and then he swung his legs out of his bed.

“Whoa, whoa, what do you think you're doing?” Bruce wanted to stop him but Tony lifted his brow.

“Bathroom?” he said and pointed at the door.

“Oh... sure.” Bruce rose as well.

“And what are you doing?” Tony asked and knitted his brows.

“I'll accompany you.”

“I'm old enough to do this myself,” he muttered but Bruce didn't step back. “Fine,” Tony huffed and opened the door. But as soon as he was out on the corridor he started to run. And if he wanted to Tony could run very fast. Bruce needed a second and Tony used this and slithered around a corner. He opened one door and hurried into another room and then he held his breath. Two seconds later he heard Bruce pass the room he hid in, another, empty sick room. Carefully he sneaked out and left the infirmary. And now he couldn't repress a grin. Apparently Clint and his habit to flee out of infirmary rubbed off on him.

He left the room after listening if the coast was clear. No Bruce. But when he turned around a corner he heard the scientist come back and he slid into another room. And now he really couldn't repress a grin. It was the locker room. In one of the racks he found clean scrubs and white coats. With a shrug he changed, stole a pair of crocs – ugly but really comfortable he had to admit – and took the clipboard with the cleaning schedule beside the door. He also found some glasses.

He waited a few seconds before he went out onto the corridor. He could hear Bruce talk to someone but he didn't wait to take a look. He needed to reach the deck where his Iron Man suit was.

A few of the agents looked at him suspiciously but he ignored them. He remembered one of the things Clint told him. If you look like you belong there, no one will ask questions. And he was right. Tony made it to the right floor without getting stopped but when he activated the suit he heard someone arrive. Bruce.

“Tony, don't do that. Let Sharon, Natasha and Steve handle it.”

“I can't, Bruce. It's Clint. I... I just can't,” he said when he stepped into the suit and felt it close behind him.

“Tony, please...”

“I'm sorry. But I have to do this.” He went to the door, expecting that Bruce would try to stop him but after a second the man stepped aside, nodded and let Tony pass.

“Good luck,” he murmured and Tony patted his shoulder.

“Thank you.”

Two minutes later Tony was out on the flight deck and jumped. “Jarvis, next stop: Latveria.”