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What If

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1)So in this story Naruto is a girl named Naruko (not that Naruko).
The only other swap is that Hinata is a boy although there maybe more later.
2)ALMOST ALL CANON SHIPS WILL BE DESTROYED. Although Romance is not the primary focus of this story.
3)And while this will follow all the canon arcs there will be deviations.
4)Characters may seem a little out of character at first.


"Naruko Uzumaki."

"Sakura Haruno."

Please not jerk uchiha.
Please not-

"Sasuke Uchiha."

Naruko groaned out loud. Beside her she felt Sakura slump, Naruko was sure she wanted to be in the same team as the Hyuuga heir, her crush on him was anything but subtle.

It was one of the reasons Naruko actually tried to make an attempt to be friends with Sakura, she wasn't part of the whole Sasuke fan girl group but had something of a competition with her best friend over who could win the quiet Hyuuga's heart.

Not like Naruko would actually mind being friends with anyone. She'd accept a Sasuke fangirls offer at friendship in a heartbeat but taking into account that Naruko had time and time again announced her distaste and hatred for the raven haired Uchiha those offers were not exactly a common thing.

"Iruka Sensei!" Naruko started,"Why does an outstanding ninja like me have to be on the same team as that emotionless bum?"

It wasn't exactly a mystery who Naruko was referring to as an emotionless bum but she still made an effort to clear things up, just in case by pointing at Sasuke who sat next to her.

Her Sensei sighed,"We have to balance the teams Naruko. Sasuke was the first among the academy graduates while you were last."

Naruko turned red and dropped her finger.

"Tch." Sasuke said,"Just don't get in my way, dead last."

Naruko's eyes narrowed as she slammed her palms on the desk and turned to face Sasuke,"What did you call me?"

Sasuke turned to face her smirking,"Dead last."

"Why you-"

Before Naruko could finish Sakura beside her had stood up suddenly frustrated,"Will the both of you-"

She broke off when she took in the sight before her.

When Sakura had stood up she'd accidentally pushed Naruko towards Sasuke. Both of them had already been facing each other and when Naruko suddenly moved forward they ended up... well Naruko ended up kissing Sasuke.

Both Naruko and Sasuke stayed like that for a moment, their lips touching, wide eyed and horrified before they broke off and moved away from each other wretching.

"Eeeeeewww." Naruko moaned as Sasuke gagged.

Sakura sat back down in her chair her head in her hands, This is going to be a nightmare, Shannaroo!

"Well...Your Jounin teachers will be here soon enough."Iruka Sensei started with an awkward laugh,"You have a break till then."

He then quickly made a beeline for the door leaving the newly graduated ninjas to take in what had just taken occurred.

Lunch break was a nightmare.
Running from Sasuke's fan girls was quite a challenge especially when they were out for Naruko's blood.

It's not like she wanted to kiss him, dattebayo.

She finally found some peace and quiet on the roof. Naruko was used to eating lunch alone, she was usually ignored whenever she approached any of the students but being chased after with kunai's was another experience all together.

From her vantage point she could see most of the Academy grounds. She'd wanted to ask if Sakura wanted have lunch with her but before she could say anything the fangirl army had already started their hunt.

Maybe she would have said yes this time, they were in the same team now, Naruko hopefully mused, Maybe she'd invite her to have lunch with Ino Yamanaka too. Maybe-

She spotted Sasuke leaning against the window sill and Naruko's temper rose. It was all his fault that she'd lost her chance to eat lunch with Sakura and her friends.

His guard seemed to be down as Naruko quickly assessed the best possible course of action to get her revenge.

And then she leaped at him.

Sasuke Uchiha strolled through the gardens.
It was a pleasant day he supposed and he almost allowed a grin to take over his features but then quickly smothered it behind a blank expression.

After all an emotionless bum like him would never smile just because it was a nice day, the stick up his ass was far too uncomfortable for that.

"Ooh Sasuke-Kun!"

Sasuke nearly froze and then realised the fangirl army posed no harm to him, after all he was their idol.

So Sasuke turned around to start face the horde of girls who'd lined up behind him. Jeez, being good looking seriously made so much of a difference, dattebayo.

The plan was perfect. He'd behave like the asshole he really was and all of his followers would be gone in an instant.

That would show him to call her dead last, dattebayo.

"Hello rand-" Sasuke started but then suddenly stopped. Vomit rose to the back of his throat and suddenly he heaved.

"Ooh Sasuke-kun must be sick after that annoying freak kissed him." One of the girls supplied.

Annoying freak?

"Sasuke Kun!" Another one called out as he took off running as fast as he could with his hand on his mouth.

Dark hair gave away to bright golden tied into two ponytails just as the figure rounded the corner. The blue t-shirt turned into a loud orange and white outfit that couldn't be mistaken for anything but Naruko's pathetic taste in fashion.

Naruko barely had time to contemplate on her failure as she ran forward.
She nearly bumped into Sakura but rushed past her before the pink haired girl could say anything. After all Naruko was sure Sakura wouldn't be all too keen to be friends with her if she puked all over her shoes.


The real Sasuke on the other hand was lying tied up.

Naruko of all people had taken him by surprise and had tied him up.
This was a really bad day for him.

He struggled for some time but he got rid of the ropes fairly easily. Now to find that idiot.

He made his way to the garden where a crowd of girls were gathered murmuring.

"Ooh Sasuke-kun!" One of the girls waved as she spotted him,"You're back!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow although he already had an inkling of what was going on.

He simply sighed and asked,"Have you seen Naruko anywhere? It's time to go."

One of the girls scrunched her nose,"Naruko? Who cares about her?"

"Yeah." Another one agreed as Sasuke started moving ahead,"All she does is pick fights with you, Sasuke-kun."

"And then she's got the audacity to kiss you."

These people are extremely irritating.

"It's probably because of her upbringing." Another girl concluded,"Mostly because she doesn't have parents."

Sasuke stopped turning around.

Naruko didn't have parents?
So that meant she was an orphan..... like him.

"Yeah she's so lucky that way, she's all alone." The first girl supplied,"No parents getting on her case. Maybe that's why she thinks she can do whatever-"

"All alone." Sasuke muttered.

The girl stopped confused,"Huh?"

Sasuke looked at the whole bunch of them his gaze cold.

"The sadness of having a parent yell at you is nowhere near what she feels." He seethed.

"I-I didn't-" one girl stuttered but Sasuke cut her off with his icy glare.

"Get lost." He said before turning around and walking away leaving them behind.

What did they know about not having parents? He thought walking ahead towards class. He didn't particularly like Naruko's idiocy but he'd prefer it to people who made ignorant remarks carelessly.

"Oh Sasuke!" Sakura called out to him as she made her way towards him,"Have you seen Naruko? She looked pretty sick the last I saw her and I realised I had some medicine that would help."

Sasuke sighed, Naruko was a disaster.
But... she was all alone.
Like him.

Sasuke nodded at Sakura,"Let's go find her."