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Arthur Drabbles

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"Where!?" Jane hears the exclamation burst from her mouth unbidden, and there's a single moment in which she cannot believe what she's just said.

As Dr. Iris takes the caterpillar from the glass slide and releases it onto one of her office plants, Jane shares a glance with her husband. From the look in his eyes, he's barely hanging on; he wants to burst into laughter as surely as she does, and she's sure he can see the obvious tint of a blush coloring her cheeks.

Well, she thinks, let it never be said that I don't believe my kids.

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Something feels off the entire time that Francine is in the hair salon. She doesn't want to say anything mean in front of Muffy, but these prissy beauty people make her nervous.

The woman with the massive blonde hairdo looks at Francine's own hair like she has no idea what it even is, let alone what to do with it, and so Francine isn't the least bit surprised when the style doesn't come out at all like she'd been promised.

But it's what the woman says as they're leaving that hurts the most.

"If only she had hair like yours..."