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The "abduction" Of Kaito

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The emperor’s youngest son named Kaito is walking through the forest looking for beetles...Suddenly he sees a trail of dead plants… and dead animals that look like they are sleeping…This concerns him...


Most people are wary of this trail, His late grandfather the previous emperor warned Kaito to never follow the trail of death...Kai, either a brave boy or an idiotic boy, follows the death trail ...


Kaito reaches the end of the trail...He sees a boy in a black yukata sitting on a large rock who seems to close to his age…The mysterious boy surrounded by dead plants and skeletons of animals… This boy seems to be sad as he looks down his reflection on the small pond.…Kaito also notices that it’s all cold all of a sudden, it’s in the middle of summer...

He approaches the strange despite feeling ominous aura from this boy-in-black…Unknowingly to the young prince. He have met Kei, the god of rationality, sleep and death. Kei rules a kingdom beyond the living where the dead goes.

He is one of deities most humans are too scared to even speak a word about him unless they are either his followers or suicidal...

Many humans feared Kei even more then they feared Satou, the bloodthirsty god of war and chaos or Tanaka, the merciless god of vengeance ... all because Kei can’t touch mortal living things without killing them... He’s basically the personification of death itself, afterall ...


“Hey, are you ok?” asked Kaito.


Kei flinches and looks at Kai...looking surprised. His cold & lonely eyes are red and his shiny hair is black.


“Sorry if I scared you...Are you ok? I never seen you around here before” said Kaito in a smoothing voice.


When Kaito gets forward, the boy shook his head.


“Don’t you dare! If you know what’s good for you, you stay far from me” he warned coldly.


“Why is that?” said Kai as he walks closer.


Kei moves away from Kaito….causing more plants to died wherever his bare feet touch them.


“Mortal prince...leave me alone” said Kei moving farther as he could.


Kaito sees a single tear running down from Kei’s eye.


“It’s ok I just want to talk” said Kaito but he is confused on why this guy called him “mortal”.


“Just leave me alone! Kaito” said Kei in annoyance who didn’t look back.


Suddenly Kei feel a warm embrace around him and a tear comes out of Kei’s closed eye.


“Fool” whispered Kei.


...Suddenly Kei felt Kaito’s embrace gets tighter...His eyes widen...A normal human would have died by now if he touch him…


“Strange! This prince should had been dead ...unless... He's not of the imperial blood...” thoughted Kei in realization.


“Why are you sad?” asked Kaito kindly.

Warm golden eyes meet cold red ones…

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Kaito is going in the forest, following the trail of death to see Kei. Again…


Kaito is the youngest child of the imperial family. He is nice to everyone no matter who they are. Rich or poor, old or young, docile or hostile, clever or simple, men or women, healthy or ill, human or god. completely irrelevant to Kaito as well.


Most people love him for his kindness he shares while others sees his kindness as a weakness. As a prince, he was often guarded so that no one will take “advantage” of the prince’s naivety.


However, Kaito often sneaks out to visit the forest most people feared going in because of their fear of Death Trails


When Kaito was young, he was taught about the gods and goddesses except 3 certain deities most people are afraid to talk about...


However, he wanted to learned more about them but the priests and his family forbidden him from ever reading the 3 certain books, he isn’t even allow to know their names . One about the god of vengeance, another about the god of war, and 3rd about the god of death.


Kaito like many youth was also forbidden from ever visiting any of these shrines or the temples dedicated to these any of these 3 gods as well. Kaito only wanted to see what these 3 gods look like or finding out their names.



Kaito was dress in modest clothing so no one would recognize quickly and had his hood up to cover his golden highlights. He is also carrying a basket with rice balls and sushi inside.


When the prince found the death god, he sees that Kei is sitting on a large rock starting into the view of the sky...


“Why do you keep following me?” said Kei angrily turning his head to Kaito.


“Well you seem kind of lonely and you seem kind of frail so I also brought you food” asked Kaito holding up a basket to him.


Kei’s eyes widen and he looks away.


“I do not need to eat...and you should go back home, mortal prince… I’ll only bring misery to your family’s empire and everyone you love...” said Kei.


The prince sighs out of disappointment and concern, his legs are very tired so he have to rest them and he can’t just leave this miserable boy alone...


Kaito sighs “I’ll sit next to you since I just got here...”


Kei sighs “Fine you idiot...if you wish to stay, I will NOT stop you...but you are wasting your time trying to befriend me...I don’t deserve your kindness or love...”


"Here's some food in case you change your mind" said Kaito politely.


Kei gets annoyed by this hybrid's kindness...He is starting to get an idea on who is the real father of the youngest prince...especially these golden eyes...


Unknowing to them, Shinya is watching from the trees. His eyes glowing a golden color… When they stop glowing, they are red. He smiles gently.


“I think that can change, Kei...especially since Kaito have my blood” whispered Shinya kindly.


“Yeah maybe if he spend time with that jerk, he can be less of an asshole” said Kou next to him.

Shinya softly shushes him. “ They’ll hear us...and be nice

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For the past weeks, Kaito had been visiting the forest to see Kei without his family knowing. The death god had gotten used to the prince’s presence. They barely talk in the few weeks after they first met...They then start to talk more, little by little...usually about myths and science...thought each subject is a one-sided understanding…Kei had been trying to make Kaito get away from him for days...


Right now, Kaito is telling a very popular story.


“And then the god Kou turn into a songbird to have his chance with the goddess Izumi” laughed Kaito.


“He turned into a swan” said Kei rolling his eyes.


“Huh?” said Kaito.


“N-nothing” said Kei quickly since he doesn’t want Kaito to know who he is.


“Anyway so when he turn into a song bird, he sings to a window to Izumi’s temple... and he ended up annoying a cruel, sloth & vain nobel named Tosaki Yuu who throw a sharp arrow at was really painful for him….so as payback for injuring him so bad… Kou made Tosaki fall for a beautiful peasant girl with a rare disease...To save her, Tosaki went on various journeys with his 4 guards and Izumi on his side gathering ingredients for the cure…In the end he save her life but he was warned to never leave Izumi’s temple without wearing his special amulet to keep evil spirits away...” said Kaito.


“Actually the amulet was to keep Tanaka away...” said Kei.


Kaito’s eyes widen.


“Who?” asked Kaito.


Kei sighs “Didn’t you know about the God of Vengeance?”


“Yeah but I never learned the name” said Kaito.


“Here are the things you left out...Tanaka was after Tosaki because he accidentally killed a hunter in a fight over the last ingredient...the hunter’s daughter found him dead and she called out Tanaka to avenge her father...Izumi give him the amulet to allow Tosaki to travel anywhere without ever getting killed by Tanaka to this day...” said Kei smirking.


Kaito shows confusion on his face.


“You been telling me stranger versions of these myths… what’s up with you?” asked Kaito curiously.


“Don’t believe me?… why don’t you seek into the library at midnight and look into the 3 “Forbidden” books in the safe behind Okuyama’s statue?” said Kei smiling.


“Huh? How would I know if it’s true? And how did you know about that?” asked Kaito curiously.


“Check the locked safe behind that statue at find out secrets your family is hiding from you...there’s also a surprise in one of the books as well ...” said Kei smirking.

“If Kaito knows who I am … maybe he’ll leave me alone for good...” thought Kei.


Kaito thinks about the 3 forbidden books and wondered what information is in them...

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At midnight, Kaito is carrying a lantern as he slowly walk through the palace’s library filled with so much books and scrolls….most of all, darkness.


The child prince sees the Okuyama statue who is in his robes covering one of his legs and holding his walking staff. He is a unique god since he was one of the two only deities who is disabled. The other one was Jun who is blind without her specs but that is another story …


The prince takes a deep breath and gets on his knees bowing to the statue.


“Hello Okuyama…the God of Knowledge... This goes against my family’s wishes but I really want to see what are in those books forbidden for me to read… so I ask if it’s alright to move your statue to read the books...” asked Kaito looking down.


Unknowing to Kaito, Okuyama’s statue rolled his eyes…


Oh for Cosmo’s sake… humans had to stop acting as Kei doesn't exist… I understand about Tanaka and Satou... but Kei! These ungrateful cowards had got to accept that death is inevitable and that they are lucky to be mortal...Why did Shinya ever created them?!” thought Okuyama as he made his statue lighter…


Kaito hears a gentle echoing ring from the statue…He took it as a sign from Okuyama.


He moves the statue to the side gently, it surprises Kaito that the statue is lighter then it looks ... He sees a vault but there is a lock combination...Kaito sighs in disappointment…


He turn to go back when he sees a number code appearing on Okuyama’s pedestal.




Kaito checks the code and he unlocks the vault with it to see if it wasn’t Takahashi messing with him again. Kaito gasps excitedly when the vault unlocks.


“Thank you Okuyama! I owe you a favor I promise!” said Kaito happily bowing to the statue as he grabbed the 3 dusty books.

His kindness will be the end of him....” thought Okuyama as Kaito closes the vault and moves the statue back into place as if it was untouched...

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Kai looks at the dusty books and sneezes softly…. He blows the dusts off and wipes the leftover dust off…


“Ok…War... Vengeance...Death...” he read the title on each book cover.


The prince open the War book and when to the chapter to the information about the war god. He sees a drawing of an aged man in armor with strange weapons...his eyes are closed and he have a kind smile but Kaito feels something sinister in this man...


“Satou…One of the first generations of gods, he is the god of war, games and chaos. He is clever enough to know how to use anything as a weapon and strong enough to destroy mountains. He has been a great assistance to the other gods to defeat the yokai in the War of Gods and help many countries gain victory in wars before 8 of them become our empire...however, it doesn’t matter to him which sides wins or loses for he is very bloodthirsty...the more there’s bloodshed the more Satou is pleased. Whenever countries are at war, there are many violent human and animal sacrifices to appease Satou in order to win a war... most of the sacrificial humans and animals are forced to fight to death to receive Satou’s favor ...” said Kaito.


He gets shock about this new information, he has heard about sacrificial humans and animals but he never thought that they had to suffer for a god...Most live sacrifices have quick deaths as far as he knows.


“...Whenever there is no war, he’ll enjoy playing games with the other gods...sometimes with mortals if they are either brave or stupid enough to challenge him…Only one mortal man has defended him in a game, this man was a cynical and depressed seer of his city he uses his abilities to defeat him making the war god angry, to make things worst the seer stole one of Satou's weapons...this made him even more furious that he destroyed mortal’s entire city searching for the stolen weapon, it’s unknown what has happened to that seer, some say he kill himself, some say he walks the earth to this day, others believe that Satou has taken him to live in the sky empire with the other gods…”


Kaito turns the page.


“When Satou gets bored of the games, he will cause another war usually by attacking a god or demi-mortals since normal mortals would die too easily. The gods and goddesses sometimes had to imprison Satou to prevent chaos but chains and cages will not last as long as humans decide to have wars...When a deity sees Satou’s open eyes, that means he challenge that immortal to a fight... It is said that if a mortal sees Satou open his eyes...there is no hope for that mortal


Kaito shiver at the last part… He continues to read.


“Satou has three children, Okuyama, Takahashi and Tanaka”


“Once he was fighting a demon, the fiend stab him in the chest… Satou’s blood drops on Shinya’s sacred lilies… Next full moon, the god of life Shinya drink the nectar from his flowers as he often does, unknowingly drinking the war god’s blood as well...Days later, Shinya is with child again, a year later he given birth to Okuyama, the god of knowledge...Despite having a weak leg, he is fill with as much knowledge as the god of death...”


Kai’s eyes widen… "That's how Shinya got pregnant the second time?"


The prince keeps on reading wanting to know more.


“He’s rarely violent however at times he can be just as barbaric as Satou ...He cause a fatal plague in the lord’s estate when the vain mortal denies him hospitality just because of his weak leg, when a sly rich merchant who is cruel to the poor believes he is more intelligent than Okuyama himself, he puts special flammable powder everywhere in his home, a manservant set a flame to cook causing the entire mansion to burn to the ground , a mortal woman who visited him in his Mountain Library stolen one of his books and Okuyama punishes her by convincing Akiyama to flood her home village drowning her and her family, he also had drop a giant rock on Takahashi for constantly being a nuisance for him and the trickster god was crushed and trapped under for days until Kou uses his great strength to pick it up, and Okuyama painfully tortures the love god with exploding powder, acid or mercury each time Kou attempts to stab him with one of his arrows of love...”


Kaito’s eyes widen. “I didn’t realize Okuyama could be that bad...but that explains why he’s so important in wars...”


He keeps reading.


“When Satou was fighting with Akiyama the water god for the first time...a part of Satou’s rib fell into the sea , and as the bone floats around for starts to form into a boy filled with mischief and he lands onto a shore where he roams around the Music & Arts Village playing tricks on the villagers until Jun adopts him and names him Takahashi...However she can never get him to stop playing tricks, lying, or telling secrets or hurtful truths to every mortal and every god to the point of causing wars in the name of humor...making Satou very proud of him


“Ok...Takahashi is worst than I thought...well the peach doesn’t fall far from the tree I guess...” said Kaito as he turns the page.


“Satou had slept with a mortal country woman once, a farmer’s wife when a war has ended, despite knowing that the war god has slept with his wife, the farmer love and cared for the boy as his own, he was named Tanaka, he was a kind and helpful person to everyone in the village... one day Tanaka’s home village was invaded everyone Tanaka loves or cares for is killed or enslaved...the nobel Kai Keiichi who invaded the village made a grave mistake enslaving Tanaka… (For more on Tanaka read Vengeance)


Kaito closes the war book and looks at the Vengeance book with curiosity… He begins to open it.

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Kaito looks into the Vengeance book. He sees a drawing of an angry looking man in farmer’s clothing covered in blood and his left hand is holding a sickle covered in blood as well while his right hand is holding broken chains attached to the sickle…


“...A kurarigama ?” the prince murmured.


“Tanaka...god of vengeance, first god with a mortal mother. He is merciless when it comes to avenging the innocent or the just. He causes humiliation, despair and death on his victims. He punishes the wrongdoers by taking their lives or destroying anything valuable to them and what makes them happy or by humiliating them in the most embarrassing ways possible. When people call out his name to avenge them, he will arrive to his victims without any mercy... The only way for people to be safe from Tanaka’s wrath is if the person stays in any temple or any territory belonging to any god except Tanaka’s or the deities that sided with him, another way is if a god or goddess gives the person a special amulet...”


Kaito’s eyes widen when he remembers Tosaki’s amulet Kei told him about.


Tanaka wasn’t always the merciless god ...It begins after the War of Seas, Satou the war god come to a village on the countryside to rest where farmers and fishermen had happily welcome him for he had save their land from the enemy soldiers he killed earlier in the war...He lay with a farmer’s wife that night...Months later, she bore Tanaka, she love her son so much and the humble & forgiving farmer loved Tanaka as his own son for he was unable to have children himself...”


Kaito smiled “That’s kind of him”


“Tanaka had a peaceful and happy life in the country as the couple raised him, always helping everyone in his village, every villager is his friend, and unaware of his true parentage ...A Lord named Kai Keiichi and his men come to the village and took it over...Fields were destroyed, people who fought back are killed, and others are enslaved especially other boys close to Tanaka’s age...The farmer and his wife are killed... Tanaka was caught and enslaved for 10 years


The prince’s eyes show sympathy and keeps reading…


“Before Lord Keiichi invaded the village...he, the other noblemen, and the imperial family were listening to a seer who predicted that a farm boy whose mother is a mortal farmer and whose father is a powerful god shall become a god .. Lord Keiichi wish to control a god , now knowing that this rare hybrid will become a god, he wants to control this future immortal...In secret he had seen many men to invade his own farm lands searching for that boy for years...until finally they reach the last farm village where Tanaka along with the surviving villagers are enslaved into labor and experimentation...”


Kaito is starting to feel even worst for Tanaka…"...So Yuusuke is not the only one?" he said in surprise.


“After 10 years of humiliation, pain, fear, and despair...Tanaka sees a child crying out as a slaver whips him while laughing at the boy’s pain... Satou’s legendary chaotic power awakens in Tanaka… He breaks his chains, picks up a sickle and beheads the slaver on the spot, every slaver and slave looks in shock...not only at the scene but at Tanaka’s new form ...He no longer had the frail starving body of a slave but a body of a brutal warrior ...His glowing red aura is similar to that of Satou’s...the slavers attempts to stop him but Tanaka’s newfound power overwhelm them...Tanaka uses his sickle and broken chains against the slavers and guards, he uses their own weapons against them... The people who had witness Tanaka slain all the slaveowners and guards became inspired by him to fight back against their oppressors ...Blood marks their path to freedom ...except’s his destined path to eternal vengeance ...”


Kaito feels very uneasy but couldn’t stop reading. He was too curious about what is happening next.


“He and his new followers had slain every person loyal to Keiichi in their path toward the nobel’s home…At one point he stop so that his followers can rest, he guarded them as they sleep... he was confused that he wasn’t tired after nights without sleep …That night he was visited by Satou himself, Tanaka was skeptical knowing the war god’s reputation but never feel true fear around Satou which also confuses the farm boy himself ...Satou told him that he was impressed by hybrid’s actions so he offers his giving a vial of elixir made of Shinya’s sacred peaches ...”


Kaito’s eyes widen and stop there... Shinya’s peaches are ones of the food of the gods...It’s says that if a human eats the peach, the person will gain immortality...but for demigods like Tanaka... it comes at a great price ... Kaito had been told what happened to the demigod Yuusuke after he ate the peach ... for this reason Shinya’s fruits are heavily guarded...and many mortals died trying to steal from Shinya’s garden ...Kaito keeps reading despite feeling dread about the elixir...


“Satou told Tanaka to drink the elixir when he is about to fail to get his revenge and strongly suggests to tell no one about the elixir... …So Tanaka saved the elixir, when the sun rises he and his followers continue their journey to Keiichi’s home, they passed by Okuyama’s statue… He warned Tanaka that Keiichi and his surviving followers are recognizing them as a threat to avoid going to certain paths because there are traps and ambushes waiting for them...however the god of knowledge gave them instructions on how to get to Lord Keiichi without being noticed...Tanaka was skeptical about him at first until Okuyama reveal that Keiichi stolen a valuable scroll from his library and he wants Tanaka to return it to him and to kill the noble too …”


Kaito’s eyes widen. “Oh man…Keiichi got himself on thin ice...”


He keeps reading.


“Tanaka and his followers follow Okuyama’s plan...There was a giant yokai who is Keiichi’s guard blocking their way, and threatening them with death if they come closer...Luckily, Takahashi come to offer Tanaka his help, but knowing Takahashi’s reputation Tanaka was not sure about trusting the god of mischief…regardless, Takahashi come towards the yokai and tells him a long nonsensical story without an end which was irritating the yokai forcing the dark spirit to give up the post and leave...”


“Takahashi may be a nuisance but he can be funny at times...” said Kai laughing a little.


“Takahashi travels with Tanaka and his followers much to their reluctance understandably, he was in a form on a small monkey so Lord Keiichi’s followers don’t recognize him, when they successful enter Keiichi’s estate...Takahashi had been tricking the guards and servants to protect Tanaka and his army...”


“Is Takahashi helping Tanaka because he is his brother or some other reason?” thought Kaito.


Takahashi usually helps when an offering was given to him…so Tanaka was very skeptical


“Tanaka was filled with anger when he realizes how happy Lord Keiichi was the entire time he was suffering especially the upcoming wedding... He was about to use his powerful wrath destroying what Okuyama had planned...Luckily Takahashi who was gone for a few days come to inform Tanaka that he had found Okuyama’s scroll in Princess Naomi Li’s summer house which was an engagement gift to her... Takahashi wasn’t able to enter the place to steal the scroll back because of the protection charm against him and his powers every bride uses , so he return to Tanaka for help...Tanaka was skeptical but accepts Takahashi’s escort to the princess’s house...”


“... Cousin Naomi ?” muttered Kaito in shock as he turns the page.


“Tanaka was planning to kill the princess as a way to break the nobleman’s spirit...When he enters Naomi’s garden is where he found her crying...She did not wish to marry Keiichi, for she had continuous terrifying nightmares about him angering the gods … and she did not wish to be a part of it for she highly respects and fears the deities..., but her own family and even her father the emperor did not believe her…”


“Wow that was unwise of our family...” said Kai as he turns the page.


“Tanaka does not know what come over him but he was temporarily affected by Kou’s arrow ...the farmers’ son comforts the sad princess, ...and the spell from Kou’s arrow overwhelms him causing him to seduce her...She allows him to be with her for it is the first time she had ever been happy and they dance in the night until they gave into their lust... as she falls into her dreams after their night of passion...Tanaka fight off the love spell breaking it ... he did not understand why he had dare to deflowered Keiichi’s bride...but he regain determination & goes back to his vengeful path as he searches her entire home until he finally found Okuyama’s stolen scroll, takes it and leaves her home quickly before the guards could ever confront him about the amour with the princess...”


Why did Kou did that? and how did Tanaka fought the love spell ?” thoughted Kaito curiously since no one has fought off the love spell before...


“As Tanaka returns to his followers and Takahashi, he question’s Takahashi’s motives to help him, the trickster god laughs and whispers him a secret that made Tanaka scared yet furious …Okuyama himself arrives to receive the scroll and Tanaka asks Okuyama a question if he is truly human , the logical god looks at the god of mischief in anger ...and gives Tanaka an answer that did not satisfy him...


That is up to you ...”


He gives Tanaka the passwords to pass the guards, a disguise, and directions to Keiichi’s hideout...he also told him to make sure the noble dies a dishonorable death...”


“Oh man... Okuyama is just like my aunt...if she were way more deadly...what secret made Tanaka upset?” sighed Kaito rolling eyes.


“Keiichi was humiliated & disgusted when he found out his bride-to-be has laid with someone else...he would have kill Naomi if she wasn’t of noble blood… With Jun’s and Izumi’s protection, she escapes so that her family won’t force her to give up Tanaka’s unborn child...The wedding had been cancelled until they could find her...”


“....My older relatives were that cruel ? They said Naomi killed herself ... Poor cousin least the goddesses had saved you...” said Kai softly with a heartbroken look...


“Tanaka gain more followers from a nearby poverty-stricken town filled with Keiichi’s servants after they found out about his affair with the runaway bride...earning the servants’ respect for his bravery against their abusive master, they risked their lives bringing him and the former slaves into Keiichi’s palace to put an end to him once and for all...his followers fought Keiichi’s remaining minions and Tanaka use all his strength find the noble quickly before he escapes”


Kai feels a bit overwhelm and turns the page.


“Tanaka finds Keiichi, removes his disguise and repeats the question asking “who am I?” to the nobel...Keiichi was annoyed and gives the first strike, each attack given to Tanaka he did not fight back once...he only stands back up and repeats the question “who am I?”...Taking every hit and standing back up as if it has no effect ...when Keiichi finally answer his question with an insult, Tanaka attacks him angrily and continues to repeats the question...Tanaka have attacked every time when he is not satisfy with Keiichi’s answer...Tanaka was later weak from from the attacks from Keiichi and from using all his strength...Just before the nobel was going to use the final strike to send Tanaka to meet Kei ...”


“W-wait?...Kei?...I don’t get it...” said Kaito as he keeps reading.


“Tanaka drinks the elixir quickly without a second thought of the cost ….his body changes and illuminates....Keiichi look in horror, for Tanaka’s aura and bloodlust...are similar to Satou’s


“I have two fathers...One humble farmer with a caring wife whose lives you ended...another is a chaotic warrior filled with bloodlust...”


“The noble realizes his grave mistake for trying to find the new god ...He bows down begging for his life...however, Tanaka thinks of the cruel deaths of his peaceful neighbors, the suffering his followers went through... and the gruesome ends of the farmer and his wife...As his rage rushes under his skin along with the elixir...he uses his rusted sickle on the nobelman decapitating him...sending him to Kei’s home


“I still don’t get it...” said Kaito as he keeps reading.


“Tanaka suddenly feels a great pain causing him to fall to his knees...he suddenly realize...that the elixir is turning him immortal...a god...however his humanity is being destroyed, when he becomes a god he will lose his memories as a mortal ...he thinks quickly and he writes each message in three scrolls and put them on Takeshi’s statue…”


“Oh man... The same thing happen to Yuusuke ...” whispered Kaito in shock.


“The first message is to his surviving followers thanking them for being there for him through pain and torment just as he was there for them and that he couldn’t ask for better friends...he warned them that he is turning into a god and that he will no longer remember them...he begs them that unless they need his help ... he does not wish for them to see him as the monster he’s becoming ...”


Kaito feels bad for Tanaka and his friends...


“The second message was to Princess Naomi, asking her to forgive him for deflowering her when she was promised to someone else...he told her what was happening to him and that it is for the best that neither she nor their son should never see Tanaka for fear of what his true father will do to his child or his descendants ...his final words to the princess were that if she wishes for love again, to ask Kou to find a better lover for her and a better father for their son...”


Kaito sighs sadly, he can’t handle the feeling of that Tanaka had never meet his own child and vice versa...


“The final message was to Kei himself...”


“W-wait what?” said Kaito in shock as he keeps reading.


“He ask him to not let his parents know of his current status and to never allow them to see him if he ever visits his home...he believes it’s better that they never saw him as a chaotic god, he wants them to remember him as a humble farm boy...his final words as a human was”


“Even if I die as a human, it’s better to not let my parents see the blood on my hands...” ”


“...I’m really confuse about this...but I’m sure his parents would have accepted him as always...” said Kaito sadly.


“Tanaka runs all the way towards his birthplace through his agonizingly painful transformation, his home village was now a wasteland, he sits under the last living tree on the land and sleeps...dreaming about his days as an innocent farm boy with his loving parents for the final time…”


A tear fall from Kaito’s eye...


“When Tanaka wakes up...he feels only rage, fear and sadness...he does not remember his life before he was a god...he looks up and he sees Satou coming towards him on his steed with another steed which is a gift to Tanaka...The war god greets him as a normal father would to his son and the new god accepts the war god...Satou and Tanaka ride their horses together to the heavens where the gods and goddesses are celebrating the birth of a new god...”


Kaito looks down...he couldn’t imagine what would it be like to forget is very horrifying him...the fact that it had happen to Yuusuke and Tanaka…


"Why was Kei mentioned in this book?" thought Kaito.


He curiously look at the Death book, he closes the Vengeance book, and opens the third and final book.

Chapter Text

Kaito looks into the Death book and his eyes widen… He sees 4 figures wearing identical clothing...A skeleton, an aged man, a young man, and a young boy...all are holding the scythe between them... most of all...they looked similar to Kei...He also saw a four tailed cat at the bottom of the page.


“The four tailed cat ...just like the trails my grandpa told me not to family warned me not to follow this cat ...but I’ve never seen it so far...” whispered Kaito.


“Kei...God of rationality, sleep, dreams and death. One of the first generation of gods. His knowledge is as vast as his kingdom is filled with books, scrolls, riches and the dead …”


Kaito’s eyes widen and keeps reading.


“Like all gods he is a master of disguises as well, he often takes a form of a young boy, a young man, an elderly man, a skeleton, and a four tailed creature , His soft breath can bring sleep to mortals. If any living thing gets touched by him or anyone touched him, they shall die and forever be his eternal resident in his home...”

Kaito gasped.


“But I hugged him and touch his hand a few is that possible?” thoughted Kaito.


“If you see a trail of dead plants or animals among the forests, meadow, grasslands or anywhere with living is best to avoid them for you met Kei himself if you do...but if you were to visit him the fourth time, you must lived in his kingdom forever”


Kaito raised an eyebrow… “ I visited him more than that...that doesn’t make sense! ” thoughted the prince.


“If he visits you, it’s a warning because if he visits you the fourth time, he’ll bring you to his home and you'll stay for eternity...”


Kaito’s eyes widen… So far Kei didn’t visit him...


“If you see a four-tailed black cat or Kei himself near Reiji’s shrine or nearby any large body of water...Kei warning you that the flood is coming soon to bring souls to his kingdom...if you see either him or the cat near Takeshi’s shrine, dangerous winds will come soon…If you see him or the cat near Shinya’s shrine or Okuyama’s shrine...A plague will spread soon...”


Kaito’s eyes widen as he turn the page.


“During a war, it is likely you can see a glimpse of Kei…however, it is bad luck for a warrior to see Kei during a war, for it means that most his fellow comrades will died before the war ends unless the warrior could hide their thumbs before Kei stares into their is one of the reasons why Kei is in several paintings with Satou...”


Kaito turns the page and sees some pages filled with paintings of Kei in different forms and Satou. Some where he is following the war god bringing death among the soldiers. Some where he and Satou face each other, Satou was smiling while Kei is frowning...


“Unless you’re a follower, never invite or visit Kei’s priest or priestess for the 4th time...if you do, you will be sacrifice to Kei...”


Kaito gasps and keeps reading.


“Before Kei and Shinya exist, they were the most beautiful & powerful creature...the cosmic goddess’s favorite son... when earth was created the goddess split her son into two completely different beings and she gave them each a different roles, Shinya become the king of the gods & goddesses while Kei becomes the king of the underworld...Shinya was sad being separated from his other half but accepted it...but Kei did not ...”


Kaito feels that something bad will happen later in the story.


“Kei had been a nuisance towards Shinya since their separation...from manipulating the life god’s emotions to ruining Shinya’s works, many times Kei was trying to convince Shinya to fusing back into one being...But despite Kei’s actions, Shinya keeps his head up & manages to create all living things...the most important beings he created are humans...”


Kai turns the page.


“After a while, Kei and Shinya had a temporary truce...human deaths were keep to a minimum, until Shinya fell in love …”


“Yuusuke...” muttered Kai.

Chapter Text

“Yuusuke’s mother was Jun, Goddess of Travel, Discovery, Creativity and Innovation and his father is first human man Shinya made” said Kaito as he turns the page.


“Yuusuke often tells stories of the gods to other humans, when he isn’t telling stories, he explores after the world, Jun give him 2 rules of traveling


“Trust me, you will be safe wherever you long as you never read a single word from Kei’s books or scrolls in his kingdom and never have a taste of Shinya’s peach in his garden”


Kaito frowns at this.


“Yuusuke travel far until he reaches Shinya’s garden, he love the sight of the blooming flowers of different sizes, the brightly colorful trees filled with sweet smelling fruits and the lovely beasts enjoying their surroundings. He rests on the soft grass after a long travel”


“Yuusuke hears a soft yet energetic voice waking him, he open his eyes meeting Shinya’s purple eyes, Yuusuke was amaze of being greeted by the king of the gods himself and Shinya was always happy to have a mortal visitor and invites him in a humble house in his garden for supper” Kaito smiles as he reads about Shinya’s well-known hospitality.


“Over time, Yuusuke become friends with Shinya, Yuusuke often visits Shinya’s shrines, temples and Shinya’s other important places to see him and Shinya comes to him in person several times...their bond grow closer until their friendship became deep love... Kei was watching them with envy as he witness the two together, his other half with a mortal creature


“Kei come up with a very cruel plan to remind Shinya who his real other half is ...He comes to Yuusuke in a form of a four-tailed black cat ...inviting him to a party in the underworld and Yuusuke accepts following the cat into the portal to the land of the dead...”


“When Yuusuke enters the underworld, he was gently greeted by the spirits of the dead and escorted to Kei’s palace after the cat disappears , there was bounties of treasures and the library was endlessly filled with books and scrolls though he remember his mother warned him not to look into them


Kaito feels a strong sense of foreboding.


“Yuusuke approaches Kei’s large palace and while it’s very beautiful however it feels very gloomy...inside there is a lively party with so many spirits dancing, playing games and having a bountiful feast…Kei appears to Yuusuke now in his form of a young man, Yuusuke is kind to the king of the dead much to Kei’s annoyance”


Kaito frowns as he turns the page.


“Kei wants to kill Yuusuke off but according to his life glass there’s only two ways  and it is not his time yet ...but he remember that there are fates worse than deaths...” said Kai as he turns the page.


“When Yuusuke was about to leave the underworld missing the life above, Kei give a gift to Yuusuke, a book filled with knowledge of good and evil from his library...Yuusuke was skeptical as his mother warned him not to read anything from the underworld, however Kei was cunning…He whispers Yuusuke a cursed question unknowing to him Kei’s question cast a spell of curiosity on him...” said Kai as his eyes widen.


“The curiosity spell ...Gods and dark spirits uses that on humans and some humans with magical powers uses that spell as well. Sometimes that spell is used for a good purpose but many times it’s use with evil intentions ” thought Kaito as he continues to read.


“The next day, Yuusuke comes to Shinya’s temple again...Shinya notices sometime different about him when he look into Yuusuke’s eyes and the bag he’s carrying which he’s clinging too.

Shinya quickly takes the bag away from which Yuusuke begs to give it back.The life god realizes that Yuusuke is under the curiosity spell and he reluctantly restrained Yuusuke with vines. He looked into the bag and his eyes widen in horror when it’s one of Kei’s books . If Y uusuke reads that book, knowledge will spread around humanity and everything Shinya worked hard to create will be for nothing ….” said Kaito feeling a shiver down his spine.


“Shinya leaves with the book to hide it while his heart breaks each time he hears Yuusuke pleads. He comes back releasing Yuusuke but he demands to know where he put the book however Shinya refuses and while he’s relief that Yuusuke hasn’t look into the book, he knew that the curiosity spell will not wear off within 9 days ” he said as he looks at the next page.


“Shinya sadly had Yuusuke locked in a safe and comfortable room in his home. While the room is relaxing and lovely. It’s doesn’t help Yuusuke’s torturous agony. He couldn’t keep his mind off the book” said Kaito as he turns the page.


“It was the last day where the spell should wear off but unfortunately it is always the most agonizing pain when it’s on the 9th night ...However Kei is clever since he is a god of knowledge, he sneak into Yuusuke’s luxury prison and unlocks the door, he tricked Kou into shooting at Yuusuke and Shinya with arrows of lust as soon as they’re seen together” said Kaito in shock and keeps reading.


“Shinya, the ruler of the gods has succumb to the spell of lust for the man he loves mixed with how much he misses him, forgetting to protect Yuusuke from the book...and for only a few hours Yuusuke forgotten about the book as he and Shinya made love...however, once Shinya was sleeping, Yuusuke hears whispers from under the floor , he finds a trapdoor and opens it....” Kaito turns the next page.


“The book is inside, Yuusuke tries his hardest to not open it as he was only a moment away that the spell should be lifted but the curiosity overwhelmed him...He opened the look and begins to read it...the pain of curiosity was finally gone,...however it was replace by 2 different forms of pain... Guilt and Shame


“Shinya wakes up and covers his mouth in horror when he sees Yuusuke’s face filled with regret, suddenly horrible things comes out of the book… Chaos, wars, murder, rape, suicide, slavery, thievery, diseases, labor, pollution, corruption, deception, disloyalty, wrath, greed, lust, envy, vanity, jealousy, betrayal, guilt, shame, regret, sorrow, and other horrible things to come of Kei’s book ...most of all, Satou the god of war had finally awaken after being imprisoned for so many centuries !” said Kaito in shock as he continues the story.


“Yuusuke feels heartbroken for the first time in his life, the first human to feel sadness and regret...He ran away in despair before Shinya’s says a word, the life god was forced to stay behind to close the book to keep Hope inside...and he goes forth to find Yuusuke” said Kaito looking at the next page.


“Yuusuke was in the forest not caring of the danger he was approaching...he allow the poisonous snake demons to bite him, he was sure that Shinya will hate him for ruining humanity...Kei smiles as things are according to his plan especially since Yuusuke’s time was open him ...” said Kaito sadly.


“When Shinya finds Yuusuke, he was heartbroken to find him slowly dying, and whispers to him how much he loves him and how it wasn’t his fault for opening the book…Shinya then whispers to Yuusuke that he have two choices but explains that they’re difficult as he hold out his peach ...he wished to saved Yuusuke but it is up to him...” Kaito as his eyes widen reading the quote.


“You can stay with Kei with all your valuable memories of your loved ones and me but I will never come to visit you for Kei may imprison me and ruin the living world...or you can eat this fruit, be immortal like me but the transformation will be painful as you sadly lose all your cherish memories as a human...Whichever decision you chose, I will support it and will always love you”

Kaito already knows what comes next but reads anyway.


“Kei is there awaiting Yuusuke’s decision glaring at them. With all his remaining strength, Yuusuke embraces tightly and kisses Shinya deeply... “ I do anything to stay with you ….” whispered Yuusuke as he reaches to hold the fruit and begins eating it. Kei get shock, he did not expect Yuusuke to go through with this. After the peach is eaten. Yuusuke feels much worst pain he had ever felt in his life and Shinya comforts him as Kei watches them with envy. As Yuusuke is losing his humanity he apologizes Shinya for ruining humanity and to Jun for disobeying her rules, Shinya whispers


“I’ve told you, it’s not your fault ...and I do not blame Kei either...It was my fault for not protecting you and it was my fault for ignoring Kei since he’s my other half…I forgive you both!”


Kei’s gasps in shock when hears what Shinya said and goes away, Shinya follows Kei as he carries Yuusuke with him while giving Kei a gentle pity smile.... But Kei keeps leaving not looking back at them and vanishes into the Underworld not saying a single word to them. Kei had self-exiled for decades”


“Yuusuke lost his humanity along with his human memories… but his love for humanity, his parents and Shinya remained...Shinya takes care of Yuusuke and a year later...Jun decides to chose a few certain humans to become seers and oracles in special years to help humanity by foretelling prophecies, Shinya given birth to their daughter, a beautiful goddess of justice, loyalty and order named Izumi to keep humanity in order and keep the damages Yuusuke and Kei made in check and minimize them if she can since the damages cannot be undone especially now that Satou is free …” said Kaito as he turns the page.


“Kei was strongly convinced by Shinya to come to his wedding to Yuusuke, afterward he goes back to the Underworld, he wants to stay in the Underworld for longer but Satou and other violent gods won’t allow him to rest ...Shinya wants to spend time with Kei but the Death King had been avoiding him for several centuries” said Kaito feeling sad.


“Oh Kei...” he said and his eyes widen when he hears footsteps. He escapes out the window forgetting to put away the books. He gets on the bridge from the window and runs up the stairs to his bedroom.


He sighs in relief that he hasn’t been caught reading the forbidden books.


The young prince is in the forest again to see the Death God.


Kei who is still in a form of a boy close to the prince’s age, sighs in annoyance when he sees him. Kaito sits with Kei on the large rock.


“You are so persistent, mortal prince” said Kei.


“I’ve read the books...I’m not really scare of death, it’s a part of nature afterall...I still like you and we all made mistakes...” said Kaito.


“I knew you say that...but you do realize how much risk you’re putting yourself in right? Don’t you know about your prophecy...” said Kei.


“I know about the prophecy yes despite my family not wanting me to know, I know that I am fated to marry a god and my parents happily vowed to the heavens give me to the first god who desires to have me as his bride when I’m of age ... whatever happens to me...I’ll accept my fate as along as I’ll to be with you forever... You’re alone for far too long and if you decide to propose to me, I will gladly accept you as my husband ...but it’s up to you, even if you don’t accept me as a wife... I’ll still be your best friend” said Kaito smiling.


Kei blushes slightly and he have a small smile.


“You’re an idiot...” said Kei as he holds Kaito’s hand gently and slowly rests his head on Kaito’s shoulder.


Kaito smiles as his heart pounds with excitement and happiness.

Chapter Text

The imperial servants are surrounding the tub excitedly waiting and Kaito rises from the water. He rubs his bare body and the servants watches him in awe of his beauty and in agony of the knowledge that Kaito is destined to marry a god. It is often an honor when a god or goddess marries a human especially one from an imperial family.


The prince notices that his body feels strange as it grows. His voice gets deeper, he’s growing hair in areas where there wasn’t before, his young body gain well-defined muscles, & he have dreams that made his lower body parts feel good and the baths make him feel the same way as well.


Kei notices how beautiful Kaito is becoming but he won’t admit it to him or anyone. At least not now...


The prince gasped in pain feeling a cramp in the abdomen.


“Your nobility!” cried out a servant in fear.


The servants rush to check on him and supporting him to make sure he doesn’t fall.


“Oh by the gods and goddesses...” said another servant looking at the blood coming out of him.


“Wha...” said Kaito in confusing as he rubs his abdomen to sooth the pain.


He look down in shock seeing the blood, he checks between his legs feeling his vagina between his legs behind his penis, his eyes widen in surprise.


“I shall inform the Emperor and the Empress” said the young servant girl walking away awkwardly as she starts blushing.

“So... Shinya really is my birth father after all ...” said Kaito with a weak smile as he washes his bloodied hand in the water.

Chapter Text

Kaito have a secret that would shock every men in society.

He have a womb inside him. All Shinya's sons have the ability to give birth like the life god himself and every female creature on earth. Okuyama is the only son of Shinya who did not become pregnant ... yet . He’s been outsmarting Kou, cruelly fighting off the love god and focusing on his works...He’s not really a virgin for he had been around female kitsunes, snake women and other female spirits but refuses to be penetrated by men or male spirits knowing that he can become pregnant if he does and he even wears a hidden special belt that discourages unwanted suitors.


Anyway Shinya’s sons are quite rare demigods and are very special ones. Most gods would want them as brides or concubines, and they all have the most potential of becoming gods themselves as well as giving birth to a next generation of deities, spirits, or heroes .

Shinya always spend time with Kaito in various forms of several animals or people. He even breastfed Kaito when he’s a baby in his form of a royal wet nurse giving the prince semi-immortality and some life powers.

Shinya always tries his best to spend time with all his children.

The god king had laid with the Emperor’s 3rd bride before her wedding day. The Emperor was upset about the affair but was happy to adopt a demigod knowing that the king of gods is the father. He became happier when he hears from the oracle that Kaito is fated to marry a god, so happy that he vow to the heavens to give Kaito to the first god to desire him .

Kaito always knew that Shinya often visits him, didn’t not knowing the reason why... until he had eavesdrop on the Emperor, the Empress and the nobles excitedly discussing with the oracle Ogura about Kaito’s fate to be a god’s bride. Discovering not just his fate but his true parentage.

He was happy to know that Shinya is his birth father not because he's a god but because he was kinder to him then the emperor and even listen to the prince, something the emperor never did...

He does not know what to make of his fate, he was actually very scared but accepts it knowing that fate is inevitable, and he strongly hopes that he’ll love the god he marries.




Kaito comes to the pond in the forest to see Kei again. Kei is now in his form of a teenage boy, and a graceful one at that. He looks as if he’s the same age as the prince as well.


The prince notices how lovely the death god became, making Kaito blush deep at the sight of him.


“Hi Kei, you look very nice today” said Kai shyly.


Kei didn’t think he was beautiful for this appearance is his usual teen form but the prince’s compliment made the death god blush only a little.


“I’m basically the same, Kaito...I just can change my form to look older...and hello to you too” said Kei looking away from Kai.


“You were pretty then but you became much more beautiful in my eyes...” said Kaito blushing while laughing softly.


Kei rolled his eyes.


When the prince sits down next to the death god on the large rock. Kei hears a metal clink and he looks at Kaito.


“Oh, I see that you hear that ...well you see they discover that I have the potential to be a mother so they---” said Kaito blushing deeply.


Put the chastity device under your fundoshi ...” said Kei smirking finishing the sentence for Kaito..


“Yes...I really don’t mind but it’s really strange” said Kaito blushing


Most men wouldn’t be happy in your position ...”


Kaito hears the soft chuckling voice that wasn’t Kei.


He looks behind him and sees the god of messengers and thieves himself, Takeshi with a smirk on his face sitting on a thick branch with his wings folded behind him.


“Oh it’s you again… what is the message this time?” said Kei.


"You got two messages, one is from Eriko" said Takeshi.


Kei didn't bother to open it.


"For the 119th message is that if my priestess really wants to die, she have to be patient and endure her disease..." said Kei in annoyance. 


“Ok....the other one is from Kou again” said Takeshi rolling his eyes as he shows Kei, a scroll.


Kei didn’t bother to even look at it.


“Tell him that the prince and I are just friends ! If he tries to shoot me again, I’ll drag him down the underworld with me again!” said Kei angrily


“Did you call me friend ?” said Kaito happily.


Kei gulps nervously while Takeshi have a smug on his face.


“....Yes” said Kei awkwardly.


Now you owe me that feast Kei ” said Takeshi.


The death god sighs in annoyance that he have a companion & that he lost the bet with the messenger god.

Chapter Text

Kaito was a bit sad that he couldn’t spend time with Kei today, it was his older half brother, Watanabe’s birthday today.


The imperial servants had made Kaito’s bed for him,doing his hygiene and dressed him in his jinbei. Kaito secretly wishes that he could do those things himself but his mother tells him that it is tradition for the imperial family. The servants bowed to him after they tuck him in his bed, they put out all the lanterns and they leave the room.


Some minutes later, Kaito toss & turns in his bed, he had never had trouble sleeping before ... He have tried making himself comfortable by rubbing his feet together, counting, and turning his pillow but he couldn’t get a shut eye… suddenly he hears a window open...the prince knows that his servants locked in from the inside...


He feels a hand on his arm. He turns to see Kei standing next to his bed with an unfazed expression.


“Kei? Good to see you but what are you doing here? And how did you pass the guards outsides? You should probably hide before they come here” said Kaito nervously.


“Kai, you didn’t come today understandably it was the birthday of the empire’s I come visit you, it’s the least I could do since you kept visiting for the guards I wouldn’t worry, I make sure that everyone in this palace is asleep and the ones that decide to come close to here will sleep, if an earthquake were to happen they would never notice… the spell shouldn’t be broken until morning... and I can’t allow you to sleep just yet ” said Kei.


“I see, and that’s nice of you to finally visit me” said Kaito with a kind smile.


He mentally slap himself for almost forgetting that the Death God is the god of dreams & sleep as well. He is however happy that Kei is visiting him.


From now on, whenever you’re unable to visit me in the day, I’ll come to you at night ” said Kei with a soft smile.


Kaito feels deeply excited about this and says "Alright"

Chapter Text

The emperor is in Jun’s temple where her seer lives.


He is bowing to the bored man who is smoking his long pipe.


“Your Clarity Ogura...Kaito have been of marriageable age for months...why hasn’t any the gods chosen him yet? Doesn’t any god desire him?” asked the emperor.


Ogura chuckles as smokes comes out his mouth.


“He’s already desired….Your subjects’ eyes were not on the prince whenever he follows the trails of the End ...” said Ogura.


“Ogura I don’t understand” said the Emperor frustrated.


“He dreams longer than he should whenever he’s forced to stay inside those walls...” said Ogura as he puts the pipe back in his mouth.


The emperor’s eyes widen, Kaito had become sleepy during the day whenever he remains in the Palace in the previous day...


“What else?” asked the Emperor.


“The Son of Life plays among the dying and living fields with a creature... how many tails does that creature have? ” said Ogura smirking.


The emperor’s eyes widen.


“No!! NO NO NO NO!!! IT’S CAN’T BE HIM!!! NOT HIM!!!” said the emperor who is mixed with anger and fear.


“Too bad… any vows given to the Heavens can not be broken” said Ogura smirking.


Chapter Text

Kaito is among the meadow within the forest playing with a four tailed black cat with red eyes.

The prince is happily chasing the strange cat.


Among the grass, some of them are dying whenever the paws touches them while some are becoming healthy whenever Kaito’s bare feet touches them.


The cat then prances up to Kaito and he catches the cat laughing.


“Kei that was fun” he said as he pets the Death King’s cat form.


When the prince begins to sit down and puts Kei next to him. The god of death climbs to Kaito’s shoulder and nuzzles the prince’s neck purring.


Kei suddenly stops.


“Um Kei?” said Kaito confusedly.


“Your guards are here…” he whispered to him.


Kaito’s eyes widen and suddenly an arrow hit Kei.


“Kei!” shouted Kaito.


Suddenly samurais come out of hiding and some of them quickly surround the prince while others are pointing their weapons at Kei.


“Your young lordship, we have to bring you to your home immediately! It’s not safe here!” said the Shogun.


“Leave my friend alone, I’m fine!” said Kai angrily.


“Kaito it’s alright mortal weapons can never harm me... but they just disrespect me...” said Kei threateningly as he transform into his human form...he suddenly takes a form of an ominous skeleton causing the samurais to be on edge mentally.


“Kei please don’t hurt them…” said Kaito.


The skeleton sighs reluctantly and goes back into his teenage form.


“Fine but I won’t forget their mistreatment!” said Kei angrily.


“You should not have associated with him, young lord” said a samurai to Kaito.


“We can not allow you to leave the palace until you are married...until your wedding day, you’ll be heavily guarded now!” said the Shogun


“You’re only delaying the fate…” said Kei.


“Kei...I’m sorry that this happened” said Kaito.


“Young Prince please don’t speak to Death” said Shogun.


“Don’t apologize for your misguided emperor’s mindless subjects...” said Kei.


The Shogun glared at the Death God and many are furious as well.


“Kei, will you still visit” said Kaito worrying that Kei would have difficulty trying to visit him.


The Shogun stares at the prince in shock.


“I will...Even if mortals have the spirits to stop me in the real world...They can never stop me from visiting dreams” said Kei smirking.


Shogun gets even angrier.


“See you soon Kaito…and sooner then you think” said Kei as he disappears.

Chapter Text

Kaito is now currently locked up in the palace… He wasn’t allow to leave the place ever since they found out he had been spending time with the god of death and he didn’t hear the end of it from his half-brothers especially from Watanabe…The Emperor and his mother are worry that the young prince will die early...They can try to keep Kei at bay but they are unable to stop Kei from causing everyone to sleep nor can they keep him from visiting Kaito’s dreams for Kei rules over sleep as well…With Kaito’s permission, tonight is the night where the king of the dead will claim the prince’s body..


Kaito blushes deeply when Kei is on top of him face-to-face in the prince’s bed. Kei’s face is stoic but Kaito sees in Kei’s eyes that he’s happy and somewhat lustful. Everyone in the palace is under his Sleep Spell so that no one disturbs them for their special night.


“Kei...I won’t mind that you put a new life within me” said Kai smirking.


“That’s a nice offer...but not yet” said Kei as he touches his penis under his yukata and uses his power made him temporarily sterile .


While it’s tempting for Kei to have offsprings since heirs & more minions will make his role as Death much easier, he decides that he would not impregnate his lover until he can safely secure Kaito in his kingdom.


“So you sure you do not want to be a father?” said Kaito looking disappointed.


“I do want to but it’s not safe to make you pregnant in the land of the living with Satou out there” said Kei.


“What is going on with you and Satou?” asked Kaito with a concerned face.


Kei sighs as he whispers to his ear “It’s a long story and I will tell you about it tomorrow”


Kaito noticies Kei’s anguish look in his eyes.


Most humans think that Kei and Satou are friends; lovers even but it is not true… First of all, whenever Satou is involved in wars or causing chaos; those times are so much work for Kei...Second of all, Satou sees a lot of things including life itself as a game which often vexes Kei. Third and worst of all, Satou is obsessed with Kei, stalks him most of the time & several times he tries to sexually advance him which the Death King often rejects and escapes.


Kei knew that someday, he will not be able to escape from the War God. But at least his first time will not be with Satou...He is giving his virginity to the prince just as the prince will give his own to him...


“Alright then” said Kaito with understanding eyes as he strokes Kei’s cheek.


The King of Dead kisses the young prince deeply as he begins to remove Kaito’s jinbei.


“Would it hurt?” said the prince shyly.


“It will for a bit...but I will make it good for you” said Kei whom is blushing a little.


The Death God kisses the prince’s lips as he continues to remove the jinbei while exploring Kaito’s body as the prince softly laughs when it tickles in some parts of his body. Kei licks Kaito’s nipples and the prince moans softly. When he removes his sleepwear, Kei sees Kaito’s chastity belt.


Kaito blushes deeply as a lockpick appears in Kei’s hand and unlocks the belt. When he removes it from the prince, Kaito’s cock is slowly rising as his pussy is slightly wet.


“The emperor would be very furious” said Kai as he chuckling and begins to help Kei remove his yukata.


“Well people like them have no authority over beings like me ” said Kei smiling back when he’s fully naked.


The Death King begins to slowly lick at Kai’s holes very slowly which made the prince moan loudly. Kaito is relieve that everyone is under the Sleep Spell or he will be heard. Feeling his tongue in his ass and at his clit near the back of his balls making his hands cling to the sheets.


When Kei put his mouth on his cock, the sensations given to him clouded his mind as he feels the tongue against the slit, these are the best pleasures Kaito had ever feel in his life. Much better than his wet dreams. Unknowing to Kai, Kei is just beginning and they have guests watching them…


Kou’s miniature statue on the shelf next to the bed is smiling in a goofy way while a little bit blood is dripping from the nose. Takeshi’s miniature statue on the dresser with a stoic face and his eyes rolled in annoyance.


Kei wants to do it in private but he knew that he will need at least two witnesses to prove that he claim Kaito’s body and that the prince had given his full consent. Since Kaito is Shinya's Son, many gods would want to claim Kaito so Kei had to prove that he had Kaito first...


Kei gives Kou the “Be quiet or I’ll bury you 9 feet under... again” look and Kou’s mini-statue silently covers his mouth.


Kei begins to turn Kaito around and Kaito drools a little as he gets into a dog position and sticks his butt up in the air.


“I feel really left out….” thought Kou.