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Danganronpa 3: True Despair

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“Dammit!” Fuyuhiko Kurzuyuu’s voice echoed down the hall, followed by the sound of his fist connecting with the wall. It wasn’t the first time; his knuckles were already raw and bloody, smearing streaks of red across the wall with each blow. He was shaking with anger, with pure unhinged rage. Down the hall he could hear the murmur of voices, police officers and school security quietly talking about the situation. He didn’t know what they were saying. He didn’t want to.

She was dead. Natsumi was dead. He had only seen the body for a few moments before he had been dragged out of the music room, but the image was already burned into his brain. His little sister slumped over against the stage, unmoving, blood streaming drown her head. He was going to kill them. He didn’t know who had done this, he didn’t know how he was going to find out, but he was. And once he had, he was going to make them pay. He was going to kill them.

“Tragic, isn’t it?” His thoughts were interrupted by the voice of a girl, and the sound of heels clicking down the hallway. He looked up, and while he had never spoken to this girl before, he immediately knew who she was. Junko Enoshima. Her face was everywhere, plastered on magazine covers and billboards, showing up during commercials for makeup and clothing. Fuyuhiko was pretty sure Natsumi had owned her skin cream at one point.

“What the hell do you want??” he shouted back at her, infuriated by the fact that she just seemed so… Calm. Her tone of voice, the way she carried herself, it was as if she didn’t care about the fact that she was ten feet away from a murder scene. As if she didn’t care about the fact that his little sister was dead. He didn’t even know how she had managed to get in here in the first place, given that the whole building was supposed to be closed off at the moment. They had only let him in because the victim had been his sister.

“Wow, you’re not even trying to buck the whole yakuza stereotype right now, are you?” Junko huffed, crossing her arms over her chest and twisting her face into a slight frown. “I’m amazed you can pack that much anger into such a small little body. No wonder you’re so unstable.”

“If you don’t get the fuck out of here right now,” Fuyuhiko growled back, pointing a finger sharply down the hall as he spoke, “they’re gonna have two bodies to start investigating!”

“Scary,” Junko replied. “I know that’s not an empty threat either. Killing me would be pretty misguided though,” she insisted. “It wouldn’t bring your sister back. And it would ruin your only lead about who the actual killer was.” When Fuyuhiko heard those words he froze, eyes immediately going wide.

“I swear to god, if you’re fucking with me-”

“Oh come on, I’m not that evil,” Junko replied, rolling her eyes as if the accusation were particularly outlandish. “I can tell you’re already grieving. I wouldn’t show up just to make that even worse.”

“Then prove it,” Fuyuhiko demanded. “Tell me who killed my sister!”

“Jeez, you’re impatient, aren’t you?” Junko’s tone remained calm, casual, as if she weren’t talking about something as serious as murder. She talked about death the same way she talked about silly things like crushes. It was all the same to her. “It’s not really that hard to figure out though, is it? In fact, it should be pretty obvious.”

“If it’s so fucking obvious then quit wasting my time and tell me!” Fuyuhiko shouted back. If it weren’t for the fact that Junko might have been able to help him he would have already killed her. That was what he told himself, at the very least.

“Your sister had a lot of enemies you know,” Junko pointed out. That wasn’t much of a secret to anyone. Everyone who had so much as spoken to Natsumi knew that she was nothing short of a complete bitch. “I doubt that many people are gonna miss her now that she’s gone. Still, that doesn’t mean that most of them would be willing to go as far as killing her. Most people take that way more seriously than you do, you know.”

“I said to quit wasting my time!” Fuyuhiko shouted again, feeling himself get more and more enraged with every word that came out of Junko’s mouth. Suddenly he understood why he had never bothered to speak to this girl before.

“Jeez, I’m getting there, calm down,” Junko insisted, rolling her eyes. “She had a lot of enemies, like I said, but who was the one person she hated more than anyone else? You should know this one! After all,” she continued, an enormous grin starting to cross over her face, “you’re in the same class as her.” Once again Fuyuhiko’s body tensed up, standing there in shock as he realized what Junko was saying.

“Koizumi?” he asked, his voice suddenly quiet compared to how it had been before. “You’re telling me she did this?”

“Of course not!” Junko laughed. “That little shutterbug talks a big talk, but she wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’s not a killer you know, not like you and your hired sword.” Fuyuhiko felt a lump form in his throat when Junko mentioned that, knowing precisely who she was talking about. But how the hell had she learned about that in the first place? How did this girl know any of this? It didn’t make any sense.

“Her friend on the other hand,” Junko continued, glazing over that detail as if it were nothing to her. “That reserve course bitch… What’s her name again? Seto? Shito? Sato! That’s it!” she exclaimed. “So yeah, Sato did this. You can go get your revenge now!” she giggled.

“Why the hell should I believe you?” Fuyuhiko asked. He wanted to believe it, wanted to think that he knew who his sister’s killer was now, wanted to think that he would be able to avenge Natsumi. But even with rage threatening to cloud his judgement, he could still recognize that Junko’s testimony was hardly proof. Even if it did all seem to make sense.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Junko replied, seeming startlingly casual about that, given what a big deal she had made about this information in the first place. “It’s your choice. You can ignore me if you want to, and you can go the rest of your life not knowing who killed your darling little sister, knowing that they’re still out there somewhere getting away with their crime. Or you can listen to me, and you can get your revenge, and you can rest easy knowing that your sister’s been avenged. Up to you!”
Fuyuhiko was silent for a few long moments after that, contemplating the weight of the choice that Junko had given him. When he looked up to speak again she was already walking away, making her way back down the hall towards the stairs.

“Hey!” he called after her. “Why are you telling me all this? What's your goal?”

“Things were starting to get real boring,” Junko replied, back still turned to Fuyuhiko as she continued to walk away. “This murder is the most exciting thing that’s happened all year. I just wanna keep the good times rolling.” And with that she was gone from his sight, leaving Fuyuhiko to make his choice. No, there was no choice to make. He had already made up his mind.