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Jonathan wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans as he waited for her to answer the door. He had so much to make up for and didn't know how she would react to seeing him again.

When nobody answered he turned the doorknob and let himself in. He knew that it might be a mistake, but he had to see her and let her know how sorry he was.

He turned the corner and saw Lily sitting on the floor rocking herself back and forth. She had her hands over her ears and she was counting and he realized that he had already done the one thing that he promised himself that he wouldn't do again.

"I...I'm ssssorry," Jonathan stammered as he took a step closer to her.

"You're bad. You yelled at had a gun," Lily accused as she remembered being held hostage by Jonathan just six months earlier.

"I've changed...they cut out the bad," Jonathan said as he removed his hat and showed Lily the scar. Words got jumbled up in his head now, but he hoped that he had chosen the right words to let her know that she didn't need to be afraid of him any longer.

"They cut out the bad?" Lily asked as she stopped rocking and looked into his eyes.

"I had sturgery and now I'm different," Jonathan said as he took another step towards her.

"No,no, no, you're bad," Lily said over and over again as she began to rock herself again.

"I'm not going hurt you. I'm sorry," Jonathan said as he ran out of the house. "I'm sorry Lily," he whispered as he wiped a tear from his eyes. He didn't know how, but he had to find a way to make up for all of his past misdeeds.