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Got7 Smut: Random Role-plays

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Didn't I look so hot in the "Never Ever" m/v? *waggles eyebrows*

*laughs* You looked like a vampire, BamBam *pats shoulder*

Well, you looked like a dog with that collar...
*mumbles* A sexy dog with nice collarbones…

What? What was that, sexy vampire?

Oh, so now I'm a SEXY vampire...

A sexy vampire that would feed on your sexy collarbones.

Arf arf! *crawls on top of you and kisses your neck playfully*

*kisses your forehead*
Good boy.

*trails kisses down to your chest then looks up at you*
What should I do now, Sexy Vampire?

Do you prefer dom or sub, my sweet puppy?

sub *blushes*


*bites lip* What are you going to do now, Sexy Vampire?

*rips off your oversized sweater*
*yanks down your pants*
*flips you onto your back*
*nibbles on the sensitive part of your neck*

*gasps at the sudden contact*
A-ah, BamBam...

Oh, do you like that, puppy?
*moves left hand down to pinch your nipple*
*moves right hand down to steady your hips*
Do you want more, baby boy?

Y-yes Daddy. More, please.
*curls toes from excitement*

Then more you shall have.
*moves to bite your left nipple*
*uses thumb to wipe precum out of your slit and uses it for more lubrication to jerk you off*

Ah- y-you're so good.
*runs fingers through your hair and grips it, encouraging you to continue*

*continues for a few more minutes then pulls away and leaves*
*comes back holding a bottle of vanilla-scented lube and a condom*
Condom or no condom, baby?

no condom, just fuck me hard, Daddy.
*grins and bites lip*

*throws condom to the ground and takes off clothes*
*flops onto the bed and starts to grind on you*
Do you want prep...
*whispers* Or are you too needy for that, too, puppy?

Prep me please, just do it quick. Please, Daddy. I want more.

*coats fingers with lube out of sight*
*slams two fingers in with no warning*
*adds one more*
*brushes prostate*

*bites lip to hold back moans*

Oh... you're a vocalist in the bed too, isn't that right, baby?
*adds another finger and continuously hits prostate*
*kisses you to drink up your moans*
*grinds harder*

Mm... mgh! Right there! Please!
*digs fingers into your back*
*moves hips as well*

*pulls fingers out*
Beg for my cock.
I want you to beg.

Please, Daddy! I want your hard cock inside of me! I want you to fuck me! Please!

*slams in hard at the perfect angle to hit your prostate*
So tight for me baby.

Ah! BamBam! H-harder!

What was that?
*stops thrusting*
I couldn't hear you, baby.

Harder! Fuck me harder!
*whines at sudden end of friction*

HARDER you say?
*fucks you as hard and fast as humanly possible*
Is that good enough *grunts* for my puppy?
*deep growl*

*clutches your back*
*wraps legs around your waist*

Puppy likes this then, huh?
Puppy like scratching Daddy's back, huh?
Puppy likes being a cockslut, huh?
I love it- uh! - I love scratching Daddy's sexy back- mmnh! - And-I am your cockslut, Daddy. I want more.

Do you want to cum, puppy?
*tightly grabs your cock to stop you from ejaculating*
Or do you want Daddy to tease you until you pass out from overstimulation?

Make me pass out, Daddy.

*slows down and picks you up*
(don't ask how i know bambam is skinny as fuck and yugyeom is the giant maknae)
*continues fucking you and carries you over to drawer and gets out cockring*
*slips it on you and tightens it*

*pulls you closer*

*slams you against wall*
*fucks you not the fastest ever but seriously fucking hard*
*strokes the head of your cock*
Are you *grunt* SURE you don't wanna cum, puppy?
*raises one eyebrow*

Only if- mmhm - if Daddy wants me to. A-ah!

Daddy doesnt want you to cum just yet puppy, but Daddy knows something that you would love as much as orgasming right now...
*kisses forehead*
*speeds up*
(the speeding up is not it)

A-ah-ah! Wh- what is it, Daddy?
*bites lip and squeezes eye shut*

*slaps ass hard*
*pulls out*
*puts you on the bed on your hands and knees*
Count them.
*spanks you 30 times*

((moments after spanking))
30! Ahh!
*grips onto sheets*

*genuinely worried*
Are you okay, baby?
*rubs ass cheeks*
We haven't done this in a while…

N-no. It feels good.
*looks over shoulder smiling*
It feels good, Daddy

*runs to grab puppy ears and a cute vibrating butt plug puppy tail with remote*
*switches back into daddy mode*
Here's something else for you, baby boy.
*slips your ears on and shoves in the plug*

*jolts then moans*
T-turn it on, Daddy.

Oh, you want more, you puppy slut.
*turns it on lowest setting*

Mmmm... please... I want more
*lowers head onto the bed, panting quietly*

Well, since you said please...
*turns it up one more setting*
*rotates it, brushing all of the sensitive spots of your walls*
Does this feel better, baby?

*smiles and bites lip*
*arches back*
*rolls hips to gain more friction*

*grabs hips to stop you and turns off vibrator*
I need an answer before we can continue, sweetie-pie.

It feels better, please, turn it back on!

*tsk tsk tsk*
You are such a whiny slut...
But you are Daddy's whiny slut.
*turns it to highest setting and thrusts it hard, hitting your prostate*
*tightens the cockring*
*pumps your member*
Daddy's slut.

*grips tighter on sheets*
Right there, Daddy!
*puts hands on yours*
*jacks off with your hand*

*continues, but faster and harder*
Right HERE?
Is THIS what you're talking about, honey?
Do the vibrations feel good on your sweet spot, baby?
*turns it on to secret hidden setting that is so high that it's not supposed to be used*

*bites hand to try to stop moaning*

*removes your hand and tightens cock ring*
My cockslut wants to cum, now?
*thrusts plug harder and faster*
Beg for Daddy, sweetie.
Daddy can't let you cum unless you deserve it.

Ahh! Please Daddy! I-I won't be able to last any longer!
*moves hips faster*

If I let you cum, will you scream Daddy's name so that everyone knows that you are my little cockslut, sweetheart?
*speeds up thrusting*

Please Daddy! I have to cum! Ah! Fuck it feels so good! Daddy!

Oh, baby boy...
*loosens cock ring a tiny bit*
You're lucky...
*loosens it a bit more*
I'm feeling generous today.
*removes cock ring*

Ahhh! T-thank you, Daddy!
mmngh, fuck..

*sits you on my lap and strokes your hair*
You were such a good boy.
*puts you on the floor and stands up*
Now suck me.

Yes Daddy.
*pumps your cock*
*puts your cock in my mouth and sucks while bobbing my head*

Baby boy, you're so good.
*grabs onto your hair*
You're gonna make me-uhhh make *grunts* m-me...
*cums in your mouth*
Swallow for me, pretty boy.

*glides mouth off*
*licks excess off of lips and smiles*
Did you like it, Daddy?

Yes, baby.
*wipes sweat off of forehead*
You were perfect.
*picks you up, puts you on my lap and kisses you, not caring about tasting myself*

*bites your bottom lip*
*grinds on you*

*grinds back*
*stops kissing*
Does this mean there will be a second round, honey pie?
'Cause you know Daddy's always up for that...

yes, Daddy. I want more of your cock.
*kisses your jawline*

*cups your chin in my hands and pulls you away*
*looks down at you*
Is Daddy's cock your favorite?

*bites lip*
Mm-hm. Please give it to me Daddy
*makes puppy dog eyes*

*palms your cock*
*ghosts lips over yours*
Beg for me.

I want your cock, Daddy. Fuck me please. I need your dick in me right now. Please fuck me hard.

*points to my now hard dick*
See what you do to Daddy, honey?
*kneads your ass*
*strokes your cock slowly*
I'll fuck you in a moment.
I want to make this last without a cockring.
*kisses your forehead*

But I want to make you cum more than once.
You deserve it baby boy.

*licks lips*
Please make me cum, Daddy.
*snuggles into the crook of your neck*
*rolls hips*

*lifts you up*
*places you on my cock and watches you sink down*
Look at your little hole, just swallowing Daddy right up.
Does it feel good with Daddy inside you again?

*slowly glides up and down*
*bites lip*

*thrusts up hard*
I can't hear you if you mumble like that, puppy.

A-ah! Yes! It feels so good!
*grips your hair*

Good. Daddy *groans* Daddy wants you to feel good.
God, you're so tight.
*spanks you*

*nibbles at your ear*
*grips onto your back*

*spanks you again*
You really do have a spanking kink don't you, puppy slut?
*thrusts harder and faster*

Mngh! Yes! Spank me please!
*squeezes eyes shut*
*bounces on your dick faster*

*spanks you again*
I want you to cum handsfree.
*spanks you three more times*
I want you to cum from Daddy's spankings.
*spanks you really hard*
Show me how much you love it.

Ah, fuck!
*digs nails into your back*
I-I'm close!

So is Daddy...
*spanks you one last time*

Mmmmnh! Daddy! Fuck!
*cums on both of our stomachs*

*almost cums*
Shiiit, baby boy.
You almost made Daddy cum.
*pushes you onto your back roughly*
Daddy can't do that though, can he?
*bites your collarbone*
Daddy needs to make you cum again before he does that, right?

*tugs your hair*

*grabs your extremely over stimulated cock*
Then that is what Daddy will do.
*kisses forehead*
*grabs your legs and drapes them over my shoulders*
*nibbles your calves*
Mmm... puppy's legs are so nice.

Mmm, but Daddy's cock is better.
*looks up at you and bites lip*

God you're too sexy.
*thrusts into you hard*

Oh my god... mmm...
Harder Daddy....

*thrusts harder*
Any other commands, slut?

Ahhh... just... make me... cum... oh please Daddy, more!
*scratches your back*
Fuck it feels so good! Hmmm!

*grabs your dick and pumps it*

Yes! Ahhh!
*cums onto your hand*

((Jaebum from other room))

*purposely moans even louder*

*kisses your forehead*

*crawls off of your dick*
*excess cum drips down my legs*


*sits on your lap facing you*
*snuggles your neck*

*pulls you closer*
Well, I guess we better stop.
We don't want to ruin little "innocent" Youngjae.
*mentions that he and Jaebum are louder*