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Death Has a Name. Her Name is Clarke Griffin

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Just another day in Camp Arkadia a few miles inside the redwood forest of Northern California. The sun is shining, children are running around smiling and laughing, the training grounds are filled with campers eager to learn, and the streets hold the smiles of everyone who has made a family here. Nobody would think it was a dark day except for a small group of campers who were there are on that faithful day.

The day Lexa Woods left the only girl she ever loved in front of a cave full of monsters.

Here on this day Lexa, Anya, Lincoln, Indra, and Nyko all went to the farthest edge of lake and payed their respects to a large oak tree near the waters edge that stood in her memory.

The memory of Clarke Griffin. The same girl who sacrificed her life countless times for all of them during their mission only to give the ultimate sacrifice to save her friends and both camps.

Oh how that memory pained them all. To remember the moment the monsters came to take them out and hear Lexa made a deal to save only the Romans and leave behind those brave Greek campers.

Raven Reyes, daughter of Hephaestus, Octavia Blake daughter of Aphrodite, and Bellamy Blake son of Aphrodite. The group of Greeks never once bothered to contact any of them once they got out, despite the relationships that blossomed between the 2 groups. They only heard about their well being from a letter addressed to them, and the heads of their camp, from the camp director of Camp Polis, centaur Marcus Kane.

The letter vaguely talked about what happened to them when they returned, but it clearly stated that Polis would no longer even dare speak or very well breath the same air as a Roman. All ties they made with Camp Polis all those years ago were all but dead and even if a quest ever mentioned a Greek joining them, a greek never showed. A few did but only to come with a small group, beat the crap out of the Roman group, and leave. A few got a few goods hits from the Romans but mainly the Greeks would win seeing as guerilla warfare was there strong suit along with the inventions provided by Raven Reyes.

Things were anything but hostile between the camps but on a this day, both camps were quiet for the most part. Greeks came the first year of the anniversary and burned the entire western portion of the city with greek fire. They knew the attack was planned because nobody died, they avoided harming any young children, and their entire armory was raided during the attack.

Romans wanted to retaliate but Lexa's group had calmed everyone and convinced Titus and Nia from actually letting anything go out of hand.

The group now stood in front of the tree, placing flowers at the base of it, and the Greek banner of Hades, not the Roman banner of Pluto, wrapped around the tree trunk.

"In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey on the ground... May we meet again." Lexa recited while placing a bouquet of Astra double white ballon flowers down.

They were Clarke's favorite flowers and the poem was something her mom use to say to her when she was young.

Oh how Lexa hated how much she could remember from that happy beautiful blonde. She often wondered how someone so bright and hopeful could possibly be the daughter to the god of death, the most evil and darkest of all the gods. Hell, he was the one who put the oak here himself along with Poseidon and Zesus.

Lexa remembered the day he planted it. Dressed in a black suit with a silver tie, he would look like any normal guy mourning his only daughter, with blonde hair, a bit of a shaved beard, and blue eyes that were dull in comparison to Clarke's. The only difference was the seed he placed in the ground quickly grew into a large oak and his brothers both dropping the same bouquets of white flowers. Poseidon and Zesus nodded at their brother before leaving. Only 3 demi gods stood a good distance away but it was enough to see the look in Hades' eyes when his brothers left and all that stood were him and a large oak. Lexa stayed there with Anya and Lincoln for a good few minutes, holding Lexa back as she tried to run over there and yell at the lord of death to bring back his daughter, but her tears blurred her vision and the shaking of her hands and legs made that simple task seem damn near impossible.

Anya and Lincoln held her up to keep her from falling while her hand covered her mouth as she quietly wept in their arms. It was by far the saddest day for Lexa Woods. She was once known as the most stoic and fierce Roman demi god but after that day and every time someone mentioned Clarke or the day of the anniversary, she would come here and break down her walls like the blonde so easily did all those years ago. She remembered how Hades finally looked away from the oak and straight towards the group of friends with absolutely no emotion present in his face but his eyes told the same sentence over and over like an old military mantra.

This is all your fault.

Were what the eyes spoke so clearly he might as well have shouted it out in their faces and just like that the lord of death, the father of the girl she loved so deeply, who acted like the brightest star in the most darkest of places, left without a second glance.

Oh how she both hated and loved this oak. It served as the gods constant reminder towards the group to never leave your allies. The gods knew the tension between the camps was far to dangerous therefore they made sure the group of campers that would go after that group of ever growing monsters was going to be mixed. What they didn't count on was the group of monsters had paired up with a few demi gods who knew exactly how loyal Lexa was to her Roman friends and would sacrifice just about anything to keep them safe. Those demi gods were Cage Wallace son of Hermes and Carl Emerson son of Apollo.

Both were Greek and both had a hate for the gods no monster, titans, or demi god could ever match. They wanted to see the gods fall and demi gods rule. They only succeeded in causing the rip between both cultures to open even more that they were now on the brink of war and anything could send them straight into battle.

"She was the bravest warrior I ever had the honor of fighting alongside. We'll never forget her or her sacrifice." Anya now spoke up and placed a gentle hand on Lexa's shoudler.

Anya was about the closet thing she had to a sister seeing as she was her half sister as she was also a daughter of Minerva. Lexa never trusted anyone more than Anya. They met when Lexa was 5 and Anya was 7. Lexa being the newbie in camp who recently lost her parents and Anya being the toughest kid in their age group. Of course the 2 would bond and later spread into their other friends. Indra was next, being Anya's friend from the Mars cabin, then Nyko from the Apollo cabin, and finally Lincoln from the Apollo cabin as well. They were all close and were their own family in a sense after everything they've been through but today was the one day of the year Lexa would not care who you were, she just wanted to be alone her with the oak to cry and yell in frustration as the memories and feelings always came crashing down on her.

They all stood there for a minute or 2, saying a few words then giving her a moment of silence before leaving Lexa to her plans for the day. She was always grateful for how understanding they were but they would never truly understand the pain she felt for the smiling blonde she fell in love with 5 years ago.

Clarke Griffin, the girl who was stubborn as hell but could always manage to see the good in anything. She was a lovely ray of sunshine, blessing the earth with her presence each day she was on it and the days she was with Lexa were the happiest days that were ever to come for her. Once the group of friends were far enough to not here her, she collapsed onto her knees and wept at the base of the oak.

"I'm so sorry Clarke. For everything I did, for what I made you do, for the choice I made to leave you there all on your own just to protect my friends." She cried out wiping away some tears and choking back a few sobs.

"Oh gods, how I wish I could go back in time and change that entire scenario so that you could be here with me today, smiling, laughing, making fun of my stupid stoic demeanor like you use to. Just anything to bring you back into the land of the living." She cried out hoping somehow the blonde could hear her from the depths of the underworld.

She stayed there from 8 am to 6 pm, just in time for dinner then back to the oak for a final goodbye then off to bed only to wake up bright and early the next day as the stone cold Commander of the 5th legion here in Camp Arkadia.

Little did she know things were about to change for both the Greeks and the Romans and her prayers for the blonde each year to come back were about to come true in an entirely different way.

Far away, in the distance of the land of Camp Polis, 3 demi gods stood in the trees watching as Lexa said her final words then left the tree. 3 demi gods who were about to start something that would either bring the camps together to fight as a united front or tear them apart and give them the push to start the war of the century.

"May we certainly meet again Commander." A dark figure said before gesturing her companions to follow her lead.

Oh how things were definitely about to change.