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All's Fair in Love and War

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Hiro looked at the headline on his phone with malice.

Tadashi Hamada promises newest invention to be his best yet!

Hiro snorted before locking his phone and carelessly throwing it onto his couch. His apartment was simple enough. It had a living room that connected to the kitchen, making it all one giant room. The only way it could be differentiated was by the island/dining table in between the two rooms. Two hallways at the wall opposite to the kitchen led to the two master bedrooms. The two bedrooms were what sealed the deal on this apartment since his Aunt Cass could stay over whenever she wanted, though she has yet to actually come over. In fact, Gogo seemed to be the one who stayed over the most when they were working on their latest project. This place was great for two, but when Hiro was left alone, it was too empty for the young 19 year old.

That's probably why they call it 'living alone', he mused. He didn't want to move out, but he needed to. After his reputation started to grow, so did the amount of fans, paparazzi, and media officials that would stalk him. Eventually, it got so bad, he needed to leave home which left him in this empty apartment to wallow in his hatred and self-loathing.

I need a drink, he thought before he walked over to the kitchen. He stood right in front of his liquor cabinet on his tippy-toes, opened the cabinet door, and grabbed the first bottle his hand felt. Only when he brought his hand back down did he release a smile. His favorite brand of vodka.

He reached back up to take out five shot glasses before closing the door and setting his drink on the island. He sighed before uncapping the bottle and filling up each glass.

Stupid Tadashi, he growled in his head before dwelling deeper in his hatred for his rival. Hiro wasn't sure why Tadashi had even become his rival in the first place…

No. That wasn't right. He knew why Tadashi was his rival; the only thing he didn't know was why Tadashi wanted to be his rival, why he was dead set on upstaging Hiro in everything he did.

Whenever Hiro came up with a new theory in robotics, Tadashi had to disprove it. Whenever Hiro created a new law in science, Tadashi had to add something else to it. Whenever Hiro invented something, Tadashi had to invent something right afterwards that was revolutionary.

Such as this instance. Hiro had just finished his patent on a bike using Electro-Magnetic Suspension, something that had been under development for a while with the help of his friend Gogo, and no more than a week later, Tadashi had to go and announce his newest project: Baymax.

The worst part of it all, no one knows what Baymax does. Tadashi only gave a brief description saying, "He's a robot programmed with over 10 thousand medical procedures, but he's so much more than a robotic nurse."

"You'll just have to wait until my introduction presentation to see how he will revolutionize the world!" Hiro mockingly recited. And, just to add insult to injury, Tadashi had to announce his newest accomplishment during the night Hiro was being recognized for Best Achievement of the Year at this year's National Young Scientist Awards. He had beaten Tadashi, who was also nominated this year, but once again, Hiro was outshined by his arch-nemesis.

Taking his first shot, Hiro made a face before sighing harshly. It was a lot stronger than what he normally drank when celebrating, but tonight was hardly a celebration.

As he was grabbing the second shot, he heard knocking on his door and sighed frustratingly. Of course. The only time someone came to visit him is the same night he wanted to get shitface drunk.

Without setting his shot glass down, Hiro made his way to the front door. He grabbed the small stool near his door, stood on it, and peeked through the peephole. He almost fell when he saw the same person he'd just been thinking about.

Speak of the devil, Hiro thought. He audibly groaned but realized his mistake when Tadashi looked at the peephole. Hiro panicked before he remembered Tadashi couldn't see through. He almost relaxed until Tadashi spoke, "I know you're in there, Hiro."

Hiro then panicked. What should he do? He knows what he wants to do (ignore Tadashi and drink that whole bottle of vodka before drunk-dialing some of his friends and then passing out which makes him sleep in the next day with splitting headache that makes him cancel everything on his schedule that day), but he could hear Aunt Cass scolding him on how rude he would be leaving Tadashi outside, especially since Tadashi knows Hiro is there.

But it was Tadashi's cries of "You know, it was raining really bad outside, but I still came here to see you" and "I think I might actually catch a cold" that made Hiro unlock and open the door. He was met with a soaking, smirking Tadashi, still in his tux from tonight, who was practically radiating a 'Ha, I won' aura.

Of course he won, Hiro thought bitterly. He always wins.

Hiro glared at Tadashi. "What do you want?"

Tadashi raised an eyebrow before turning his attention to Hiro's apartment and back at him. Hiro understood what he meant, so he took the shot he was still holding on his hand and moved slightly out of the way to indicate Tadashi could come in.

Tadashi nodded politely before he mused, "Starting a bit early tonight, don't you think?"

Hiro scowled, instantly regretting letting him in. Damn Aunt Cass and her parenting ways. "Look at that, an adult is drinking shots. Someone call the cops," he sarcastically retorted, causing Tadashi to laugh.

Hiro's mood worsened. He didn't want Tadashi here. He didn't want him to laugh at what he says. He didn't want him in his apartment and violating his sense of privacy. He didn't want him here.

So then why did you let him in, idiot?

Hiro sighed. I don't know.

"What do you want?" He repeated, causing Tadashi's wandering gaze to go back to his short rival. Tadashi smiled.

"I couldn't drive in this weather, and you're apartment was the closest-"

"No," Hiro said while shaking his arms and head. "You are not staying here."

"Why not?" Tadashi asked, sadness present on his face. To anyone else, they would've caved into his cute puppy-dog eyes. Hiro, though, wasn't as heartwarming as everyone else.

"Because I don't like you!" Hiro exclaimed, causing Tadashi's façade to break and be replaced with an amused expression.

"Really?" He asked innocently, causing Hiro to scowl. "But I like you."

"Bullshit," Hiro immediately said afterwards, not even caring about what Aunt Cass would say about his language. "You know, this is not helping your case. In fact, I would love to kick you out right now."

Tadashi sighed. "I guess you can throw me back out into the rain and the flooding." His statement made Hiro laugh. "I'm serious. I really couldn't drive back in this weather."

"Yeah, sure," Hiro waved off. Tadashi just sighed again.

Tadashi went over to the window and opened the curtains just in time for a lightning to strike across the sky. Hiro's eyes widened, looking down at his window. The glass was a thick sheet of one-way plexiglass, so Hiro could look out but no one could look in. To be sure, though, he had hung a heavy brown curtain, so it was no wonder he couldn't see nor hear the storm outside. Still, Hiro couldn't believe how oblivious he was.

The rain was pounding against anything solid relentlessly with lightning (and he assumed thunder) crackling every now and then. The streets were flooding with a steady stream that went downhill throughout San Fransokyo. He saw Tadashi's car parked in the front of his building and how the water level had covered half of the tires.

He really couldn't drive in this weather. No one could.

Hiro closed the curtain and turned his attention back to Tadashi who was still soaked. His usually neatly combed hair was stuck to his face. What was once a structured jacket was now a limp weight draped on his body. The rest of his clothes were clinging onto his body like a second layer of skin.

Hiro cleared his throat. "You should probably shower. I might have some extra clothes that could fit you." Tadashi nodded before looking expectantly at Hiro. Hiro was confused for a minute before realizing Tadashi didn't know where to go. "Oh, umm, right. Follow me."

Hiro navigated to the guest bedroom with Tadashi following. Once there, he walked in, turned on the light, and looked at Tadashi.

"Um, so the restroom's there. There should be some toiletries. If not, just call me. Towels are in the closet, and I'll put some clothes on the bed," Hiro said. Tadashi nodded, and Hiro quickly turned and walked out.

Normally Hiro would question (or yell) at himself on his actions. Why did he let Tadashi in? Why did he let him stay? Why did he let him shower and stay in his guest bedroom for tonight?

Luckily, the two shots made him care less. He was nowhere near drunk, not even tipsy, but his usual quick, harsh, judgmental reasoning was nonexistent.

That, and he was distracted when his discarded phone started to ring on his couch. Sighing, he made his way over to the couch. He didn't really want to talk to anyone, but when he saw Aunt Cass's photo on his screen, he decided against pressing ignore.

"Hi, Aunt Cass," Hiro got out before he heard hysteric cries on the other end.

"HIRO!... are you... I heard... the storm outside... south... awards... staying out late... worried... you're safe... crash... drown... flooding... heart attack... lose you too..." He interrupted his Aunt at that point.

"I'm fine, Aunt Cass," he reassured, a small smile gracing his face. "I was at my apartment long before the storm started. In fact, I didn't even know there was a storm outside, but I guess that's what I get for renting a soundproof apartment."

He heard his Aunt sniffle. "I'm relieved," she confessed. "I turned on the news, and the first thing that comes up is the storm. It's raining up here, but apparently it's flooding down at your side?"

"Yeah, it's pretty bad," Hiro confirmed.

"Well apparently, it could've been worse if it wasn't for your idea to install the roadside tunnel system that leads to the purification center. Every station keeps on hailing your innovations as a life-saver," Aunt Cass said, making Hiro laugh.

"Any idiot could've come up with those ideas. It's just that I went through with it," Hiro elaborated, hearing a hum of agreement on the other line. "But hey, if it makes me seem even more of a genius and hero than what I really am, why deny it?" Both laughed for a good amount of time before it eventually died down. A loud crackle of lightning was heard, making Hiro jump.

"I heard that," Aunt Cass said. "I thought you said your apartment is soundproof?"

"It is."

They stayed silent for a few seconds until his Aunt spoke, "I know you're not a knucklehead, but I don't want you going out tonight."

This made Hiro roll his eyes. "Really? I was actually just going to walk to the gas station a couple blocks down because I need milk," Hiro joked. "Like you said, I'm not a fucking idiot. Besides, after seeing how Hamada is right now, I don't think I-"

"Hamada?" Aunt Cass repeated making Hiro curse. "Hey language!"

"Sorry," he halfheartedly replied, hoping it would make her go off on a rant about the importance of expressing yourself without using profanity and how ungrateful he is towards the English language by using that type of bad slang, but it seemed as if nothing was going his way tonight.

"Hamada as in Tadashi Hamada?" She asked again, making Hiro sigh.

"Yes, Tadashi Hamada." Hiro sat down on his couch, looking at the ceiling. "He was on his way home from the Awards tonight when the storm hit. He couldn't drive home in these conditions and somehow, he knew I lived close by, so he stopped by." Hiro stopped in his story, letting his mind finally question something about this situation. How did Tadashi know where he lived?

Aunt Cass, though, took this pause as the end and said, "But I thought you didn't like him?"

"I don't," Hiro answered. "But it's not as if I could leave him outside in this weather. I'm not that heartless, despite what everyone believes."

He heard Aunt Cass make some sort of cooing noise. "I can't believe my little man is being polite and humane! I raised you well!"

Hiro chuckled. "Yes you did, which means I can blame you for having someone, my rival to be specific, invade my privacy."

"I know. Even I haven't been to your apartment." Hearing those words made the happiness in Hiro's face vanish.

"Hey," he started before he was interrupted.

"I know, I know," Aunt Cass said. "You left because you had to, but I can't help it. I miss my little man being here."

Hiro sighed. "I miss you too, but I can't go back. Still, your place is the only place I consider home," Hiro confessed. "I promise to visit more often."

"You better," she teased, throwing them back into laughter and distracting them from their sad predicament. "I have to go. The Frankenstein marathon is about to start, and Mochi is getting pretty restless about not being allowed to sit on my lap."

Hiro laughed. "Ok then. Tell Mochi I said hi and to stay out of my room."

"Will do. Bye, my little college man."

"Bye. I'll visit you soon," Hiro promised before hanging up. He let out a frustrated sigh, dropping his phone carelessly on the couch. It bounced off and fell to the floor. He didn't care, though. If there was any damage, he could always have it repaired or even buy a new one.

However, Hiro jumped when he heard a voice say, "You should really take better care of your things."

Hiro turned around to see Tadashi standing there at the mouth of the hallway. Hiro almost forgot about Tadashi and was about to go off on him until he saw Tadashi's clothes, or lack of.

Tadashi stood there, completely naked save for a towel wrapped around his waist. Hiro took one look at his physique and instantly craved another shot of vodka. Of course he'd look something like that. Here Tadashi was, a 6 foot tall, muscular, strong, tan man, whereas Hiro couldn't even reach the peephole on his own door.

Yet again, another thing Tadashi beat Hiro in.

A scowl reached Hiro's face. Just what exactly was Tadashi doing prancing around his place half-naked?

"Why are you..." Hiro started before he realized he was supposed to leave clothes on the bed for him. "Right! Clothes!" Hiro said before walking towards the side of the apartment Tadashi was at, going through the other hallway that lead to his room.

Hiro unlocked the door to his room with his fingerprint, walking straight to his closet. He opened the double doors and walked in. Although his closet wouldn't be considered a walk-in, Hiro's small stature made the size of the closet considerably bigger, big enough to be a walk-in. He scowled at that.

He opened a trunk that was buried in the back, rummaging through its contents without paying much attention to them. If he did, then Tadashi would probably have to wait another half-hour for clothes. How long had he been talking to Aunt Cass anyways?

Once Hiro found an adequate size of shirt and sweatpants, he walked out of the closet and tried to make his way to the living room until he ran into a wall that wasn't there before.

What the hell? Hiro thought, bracing himself for the ground until he was stopped. He opened his eyes to see Tadashi's sculpted naked chest and immediately pushed himself away, a shiver running down his spine. It's bad enough Tadashi is staying over at his place; he didn't need to get close and personal with him.

He practically forced the clothes into Tadashi, saying, "Here. Go change back at the other room."

Tadashi looked at him. "What if I want to change here?"

"Well I want to kill you right now, but we don't get to do what we want to," Hiro scowled. Tadashi just laughed which made Hiro scowl even more.

They made their way back to the living room and over to the other hallway. Throughout the way, Tadashi analyzed the clothes. It was until they made it back to the guest bedroom that Tadashi decided to question something odd about the clothes given to him.

"No underwear?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't have any," Hiro spoke dismissively. Tadashi just shrugged.

"Then why don't you just give me some of your own?" He asked as if it was the simplest thing on Earth. Hiro rolled his eyes.

"Because I don't own any," he clarified, annoyance dripping in his tone.

"Oh, so you go commando?" Tadashi said, giving Hiro a look he didn't like. Hiro just slammed the door in his face and stalked back to the living room, trying to ignore the triumphant laugh muffled in the guest bedroom.

He walked to his kitchen where he saw three shots remaining. He quickly sat back on the stool and downed the other two, one after the other. It burned horribly down his throat, but he couldn't lie and say it didn't feel good. He was able to slow down a bit and think about what was currently occurring at the moment.

Tadashi was changing into his clothes in Hiro's spare bedroom after showering and will probably spend the night over at his apartment. Hiro slammed his forehead against the island. This was probably going to be the worst night of his life.

He raised his head and let it fall on the countertop, eliciting a loud thump. Of course, Tadashi seemed to have impeccable timing and spoke, "Ouch, even I felt that."

Hiro didn't have the energy to show his disapproval. Instead, he just lifted his head enough and grabbed the last shot. Before he could down it, though, the shot glass somehow was forced out of his hand and into Tadashi's. He just smirked as he drank the shot himself, making a face soon after.

"Ugh," he cleared his throat roughly. Hiro felt a small sense of accomplishment at his discomfort. "How could you drink something that strong?"

Hiro just shrugged. "I was a rebellious kid."

Tadashi grimaced. "I never was a fan of vodka."

"Then why take the shot?" Hiro exasperatedly asked. "It's just a waste of good vodka."

"Well it's not fun to drink alone." With that said, Tadashi grabbed the opposite stool and sat across from Hiro, holding out his shot glass. Hiro just sighed, before filling both his and Tadashi's glass. Tadashi held up his glass in between them. "To successful nights," he offered. Hiro just looked at him and downed the shot, not bothering to recuperate the sentiment. Tadashi gave him a look Hiro couldn't describe before drinking his shot at a much slower and gentle way than Hiro.

Their shot glasses were set back on the island, and Hiro started to refill them. "So," Tadashi started, "how come you were a troubled kid?"

"I'm sorry," Hiro spit out, "but that isn't one of the approved conversational topics." He quickly took another shot and refilled his glass.

Tadashi's eyebrows furrowed. "I just want to get to know you a bit better." Hiro snorted. "I'm serious," Tadashi insisted. "We've never had a good conversation, even though we're in the same field of work. I don't know why you don't want to."

Hiro almost laughed. "You wanna know why I don't want to?" He asked. Without waiting for a reply, he continued, "Because I don't like you!"

"But, as I've said before, I like you," Tadashi replied, smiling at Hiro. "And I think if you give me a chance, you'll like me too." Hiro did laugh that time. In fact, it was probably the hardest he'd laugh in a long time, maybe in his entire life even, and Tadashi didn't like it one bit.

Tadashi looked at the glasses on the island and asked, "You know what?" He didn't wait to see if Hiro would respond or if he even listened. "You're too sober for me right now."

"You can say that again," Hiro agreed as he started to catch his breath.

Tadashi nodded. "So let's do something about it. Let's have a little contest."

The word contest made Hiro take the bait. "What kind of contest?" He asked carefully. Tadashi smirked in victory. Time to reel him in.

"We each take a shot. Whoever drinks it the fastest gets to ask the loser a question," Tadashi explained. "Deal?"

Hiro didn't have much to think on. He'd finally beat Tadashi in something and get to discover all of his weakness. Plus, it would all involve drinking. How could he not agree?

"Deal," he agreed, setting up the shots in between them two. He filled them with the vodka that was one-thirds finished by now. How he was not even the least bit tipsy slightly troubled Hiro. Oh well, Hiro thought. I'm sorry for this, liver. As compensation, Hiro took out bottles of water for each of them.

"Ready? Set?" Tadashi started. He dramatically paused before saying, "Go!"

It was over in not even a second. Hiro slammed the glass back and looked at Tadashi, who had barely finished his. Hiro couldn't keep the grin off his face.

"A deal's a deal," Tadashi said, taking the liberty of setting up the next round. "Ask away."

Hiro had a million and one things he wanted to ask him, but he started with the one that bothered him the most. "How do you know where I live?"

Tadashi raised an eyebrow. Out of all of the things he could've asked, he asked that? A deal's a deal, he reminded himself.

"I got connections, Hiro," he said, not actually answering the question. Reasonably, Hiro wasn't satisfied and sent Tadashi a look. "And you might have came up in a conversation or two with Professor Callaghan."

Hiro let out a groan of frustration. Of course it had to be his "mentor" who gave away this personal information to his rival. "I should've known. He can't shut up about me."

Tadashi smiled. "Well he has a right to brag about you." Hiro didn't know if he should take that as a compliment or an insult.

"Wait, why were you even talking about me?" Hiro asked, a little peeved at the thought of himself being a topic of conversation between the two people he hated the most.

Still, instead of giving him a serious answer, Tadashi said, "Sorry. Only one question per win. It's the rules."

Hiro scoffed. "Fine. I'll just beat you again."

Tadashi laughed. "What makes you so sure about it?"

"Even though you might beat me at almost everything else, drinking is definitely my forte," Hiro said, not exactly proud at the rather true statement, but if it meant bragging to Tadashi, then he'll take anything he can get.

Tadashi clicked his tongue at him. "You'll be an alcoholic at 18 and die from liver failure at 25 on the road you're going."

Hiro smirked. "Well I'm 19 now and have yet to become an alcoholic. What does that mean for me?" With the rhetorical question hanging in the air, Tadashi motioned to the glasses.

Hiro nodded. "Ready?" He asked. "Go!"

Tadashi barely raised the glass to his lips when he heard Hiro slam his glass back on the table. Damn, he thought. But that was okay. It was all going as planned.

"Why were you talking about me with Professor Callaghan?" Hiro asked. Tadashi already expected it.

"Like I said," he started, making eye contact with Hiro, "I like you, and I want to get to know you better." Hiro couldn't hide or distract Tadashi from the blush that rose slightly on his face; despite being famous, he still wasn't used to attention. When Tadashi raised an eyebrow and smiled, Hiro wanted nothing more than to strangle him.

"Come on. Another round," he demanded; Tadashi listened obediently. This was definitely going as plan.

While Hiro was too busy gloating in his victories, he was ignoring the bigger picture. Tadashi's plan was to get him so drunk, he'd just blabber on about anything Tadashi asked. Although it might be off topic at some point and extensively weird (as any conversation with a drunk person would be), Tadashi knew he'd get nowhere with a sober Hiro. Thus, this plan came to be. The shower truly is the best place to think.

However, Tadashi did not think this through enough.

Round Three ended in Hiro's favor.

"Where do you get all of the funding for your projects?" Hiro asked.

Tadashi took a sip of the water bottle that was offered to him not too long ago. "Alastair Krei donates everything I need."

Hiro cursed. "Of course he does." They were practically rivals in every way.

Round Four ended and of course, Hiro won. Tadashi apparently had taken too long for Hiro and took the shot away, drinking down the small amount that remained.

"What is the thing you hate most about being famous?" The question caught Tadashi off guard for a second. He certainly wasn't expecting that.

"No privacy," he replied. "I hate it when you see some reporter hiding in your bushes just to get an interview or people off the street practically wrestling each other just to take a picture with you." Tadashi could barely finish the sentence. He was tipsy, without a doubt. He wasn't slurring yet, but a couple more rounds and he'd be drunk. So how was Hiro staying to levelheaded?

This was something Tadashi had failed to realize in the shower. Hiro had experience with alcohol ever since he was a 12, almost 13. By now, his tolerance was so high, Tadashi couldn't even imagine how much he could drink.

He needed to flip the tables.

Round Five ended, and Hiro was completely shocked when he lost.

To be fair, Tadashi did cheat by accidentally blocking Hiro from getting his shot, but technically that wasn't a rule, as Tadashi argued. Hiro practically sulked.

"So whose clothes are these?" Tadashi asked. All the air was suddenly sucked out of Hiro's lungs. He froze, unsure on what to do or say.

After a while of silence, Hiro choked out, "What?"

Tadashi frowned. "Whose clothes are these?" He repeated, not understanding how much clothes could affect a person.

Hiro didn't answer. Instead, he stood up, grabbed the bottle of vodka and dumped the bit that remained in the sink. He carelessly threw it to the trash can next to him, but it only hit the rim of the can and smashed into the floor. "Shit," he cursed, getting up and stumbling his way to the broom and dust pan. He didn't exactly feel like cleaning, so he just dropped the dust pan loudly on the floor, swept up harshly whatever glass he could get into the pan, and kicked the pan to the edge of the wall. Whether there was still glass on the floor or not didn't matter to him.

"You still haven't asked my question," Tadashi pointed out. Hiro threw the broom to the wall.

"And I never will," he replied.

"But you have to," Tadashi argued. "It's the rules."

"Fuck the rules. There's no more vodka anyways, so no more games either." Hiro had enough. He probably would've answered any other question Tadashi asked, but instead he just had to ask that one.

"Hiro, you're not playing fair," Tadashi whined, finishing down his bottle of water. Tadashi wasn't much of a drinker. He was always the first to get drunk around his friends, so he knew he was fighting a losing battle, but he was desperate enough.

"You never said we needed to," Hiro said, always finding some loophole to get out of things. "Now come on, you need to sleep."

Hiro walked over to Tadashi and put his arm around him, holding him up. Tadashi was particularly heavy (probably from all of the muscles, Hiro bitterly thought), but Hiro stood his ground and carried him across the kitchen. He only made it to the living room before Tadashi dozed off on him. His weight was too much for Hiro, so he just laid him on the couch; on his side of course facing the living room. A little vomit is better than dying.

But he would get rid of Tadashi this way…

Hiro tossed the idea aside. No. I'm many things, but a murderer is not one of them.

He sat down on the sectional next to the couch to watch Tadashi. As soon as he settled in, the power went off. Hiro cursed.

He stumbled back to the kitchen to get candles. Hiro usually didn't keep candles around (they reminded him too much of funerals) but right now, he was glad he had some and knew where they were. He couldn't remember where he abandoned his phone, so he was left in the dark without a flashlight.

Hiro grabbed the island to guide his way in the darkness. He flinched when he felt at stray pebbles of glass dig into his foot. Thankfully, the vodka numbed his senses a bit.

He walked into his cabinets and hit his knee. After a moment of rubbing the pain away, he kneeled down and fished under the sink. Finally, he found a couple of candles and a lighter. He placed them on the counter and lit five candles. He grabbed two and moved to place them in the living room when he bumped into something. His heart stopped for a moment until he was caught from falling.

"You really need to stop bumping into me," Tadashi hoarsely whispered, the smell of vodka evident in his breath. Hiro scowled.

"You need to stop following me around," Hiro said loudly on purpose. He felt a small sense of accomplishment when Tadashi put his hands on his head in pain. Hiro put the candles down, grabbed another water bottle from the cabinet below him, and tossed it to Tadashi. "Here. You'll need it." Tadashi quickly thanked Hiro before chugging half of it down.

Meanwhile, Hiro walked to certain places in the room with the candles. He quickly calculated where he'd need to put the candles in order to slightly illuminate the entire room while keeping certain areas brighter than the others. Once the candles were put in place, Hiro sat back on the couch, sighing. He was exhausted, and he still hadn't bothered taking off his dressy shirt and pants.

Tadashi sat next to him, causing Hiro to flinch slightly. He was too close for comfort, so Hiro moved to the edge of the couch.

Tadashi frowned. "I'm just tipsy, not contagious."

"Yeah, well I like my personal space," Hiro haughtily replied. Tadashi stayed quiet for a moment, and Hiro believed he won until Tadashi moved even closer to him and hugged him. Immediately, Hiro tried to fight his way out of Tadashi's hold but quickly found it futile. Still, it didn't stop him from trying.

"Dude, let go!" Hiro grunted. Tadashi was strong. Not only that, but his arms wrapped completely around his tiny frame, practically immobilizing him. Hiro, however, was never one to give up. He just tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but instead, they both went tumbling down to the floor. Hiro was too exhausted to try to recover. "Seriously, dude, what are you doing?"

"Hugging you," Tadashi said.

"Well no shit, but why?"

"Because I want you to get used to me," Tadashi answered. It was definitely not what Hiro expected.

With a renewed vigor, Hiro struggled once again out of his grip. "Dude, let me go!"

Tadashi held his ground. "I want you to get used to me because I promise you, we are going to be good friends."

It looked like Tadashi was winning until Hiro landed a sharp hit in his stomach. Tadashi immediately let go in pain, and Hiro took this opportunity to get out of the death grip and get back on the couch. Sure, he felt bad, especially since it was an accident and a low blow, but that was quickly replaced when he remembered how his personal space had been violated.

"I told you to let me go."

"I didn't think you'd hit me," Tadashi groaned.

"It was an accident." Hiro rolled his eyes. "Come on, you big baby. I barely even hit you."

Tadashi still remained on the floor, not moving or groaning any more but still in pain. "You owe me."

Hiro scoffed. "For what? Defending my personal privacy? You're lucky I didn't bite you."


Hiro was so close to kicking him again. Instead, he opted throwing a pillow, something less messy and more easier than trying to sneak a blow. Tadashi only laughed.

"Hiro, I promise you, you and I will be close," Tadashi promised. Hiro held back any snide remark that popped up in his head. "Better yet, we'll be best friends." Hiro did let out a laugh this time.

"Hamada, I can promise you, that'll never happen," Hiro reassured. "I hate you and you hate me. It's how it goes."

"Who said I hated you?" Tadashi asked, still on the floor.

Hiro looked at him. "I did. That's how it's supposed to go."

"Well, we both are known for breaking rules and laws, so that doesn't mean anything." Hiro was ready to pull out his hair.

"Why are you saying this now?" He asked. Tadashi stayed silent. "If this is your sick way of entertaining yourself, then please find someone else to preoccupy yourself with. I'm sure a member of your fan club would be happy to take my place."

"Hiro, I already told you I like you," Tadashi started. "A lot. More than you know. I just want to be your friend." It was Hiro's turn to remain silent, but his silence was soon broken.

"I don't believe you. And you know why I don't?" Hiro didn't wait for an answer. "Because we are rivals, Hamada, and rivals don't get along. Besides, I can guarantee you won't like me. I'm not exactly nice."

"Well, you're being nice right now."

"No. The only reason why I'm remotely pleasant with you right now is because I can't kick you out and have you fend off the storm yourself. Unfortunately, I was raised to not be an asshole. Don't confuse kindness with diplomacy." Hiro ranted. He practically wanted to punch the smile remaining on Tadashi's face.

"You like me, Hiro." Hiro was livid. "Or you'll end up liking me. And you wanna know why?" Tadashi asked, mocking Hiro. "Because I am a very charming person, and I plan to charm the living daylights out of you until you have no choice but to like me."

"I hate you."

"I like you."

Hiro had nothing else to say. Finding his phone in between the cushions on the couch, he checked the time and saw it was a little past two in the morning. Well, it looked like he'll just have to skip his plans of going to his lab tomorrow.

Without saying anything to Tadashi, Hiro grabbed the blanket he had at the edge of the couch and made himself comfortable, which was easy to do. The couch was more than big enough for Hiro's small frame. Despite not wanting to stay in the same room as Tadashi, Hiro couldn't trust he wouldn't do anything weird, so Hiro had to sleep on the couch. Tadashi could either sleep on the floor or on the sectional (although he doubt Tadashi would fit in it).

"Prepare yourself Hiro," Tadashi mumbled. He was getting sleepy.

"I could say the same to you, Hamada," Hiro replied. Oh yes, Tadashi better watch his back because this declaration of war will not be taken lightly by Hiro. He had a goal to dethrone the other Hamada, and it looked like now was the right time.